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The second month of college, Anisa and Tough start entering the practicum courses in the lab

at first they were surprised with the objects in the laboratory. they also tried one by one the
existing equipment, ranging from oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators, and
Anisa : Halo Tegar! 
Tegar : Halo Anisa, how was practice for today?
Anisa : It’s a little bit harder than last job, because we have to connect the Oscilloscopes,
Power Supply to electronics network.
Tegar : Yeah, you right! But combine all of them are awesome, we learn something from
that, right?
Anisa : Yeah, you are right! Eventhough it’s a little bit risky, if we connect it wrongly.
Tegar : Do you ever connect it wrongly?
Anisa : Yeah, at first I connected it wrong, the wave didn’t appear on the display of
Oscilloscopes, but fortunately I can solved it.
Tegar : Wow, but if the wave doesn’t appear it’s not too risky, cause we use low level
voltage, maybe we just broke the Oscilloscopes, hehehe 
Anisa : You are so funny! If we broke the Oscilloscopes it means that we have change it to
the new one, right?. I heard that this thing are so expensive.
Tegar : He’em, the price of Oscilloscopes around Rp4.000.000,00 – Rp8.000.000,00, Do
you have enough money to buy one of it?
Anisa : Wow, you are insane, I have to save my money for a year if I want to get it one.
Tegar : Just a year and you get Rp4.000.000,00 What are you doing in a year?
Anisa : I’m teaching in a course.
Tegar : Wow!!!, you teach electronics course for another students?
Anisa : No, I’m teaching for IX grade Junior High School Students, I only teach English
Tegar : Oh I see, I think you teach electronics course, by the way let’s practice for today!
Anisa : Come on! Hmm, what’s today’s job?
Tegar : Today’s job is making a Bridge Diode to direct the current from alternating to direct.
You know, it’s actually available on IC form.
Anisa : wow, really? So, making this job is useless, isn’t it?
Tegar : No, at least we can learn the theory and the basic so that we can learn the next easier.
Anisa : You’re such a wise man. But I’m sure that you’re not haha. Why are we keep talking
like this? Just go practice.

Anisa : wise man part two. then. But you know that not every business runs as we wish. Tegar : yeah. Maybe next day I’ll follow his path. But you know my condition. that’s cool! So you can learn the basic of business without have to study in business major. right? Haha. don’t you? Tegar : You know me so well. he is fasting. it’s not my real character. so he just stay in the laboratory while Anisa is buying some food on canteen. Anisa : Hey. Anisa : you are welcome. huh? Haha Tegar : haha. No pain no gain you know? That’s the price for being success. really? But I won’t make this laboratory dirty. Tegar : Aamiin. and heaven will belong to you. and money more! He is quite great on business. is that you? You’re really stranger right now! . Tegar : hey. the canteen already restock the salty biting! And it’s not too crowded but there are several food that already sold out. you do the penalty! Do you know that bringing food in a laboratory is prohibited? Anisa : oh. feed and harvest his farm. home is where you can be who you really are! Anisa : oh my God! Tegar. I know it. they ask for your food! Anisa : hahaha. it’s more valuable! Tegar : just don’t be like that! I am more me when I’m home! You know. Fortunately. Tegar! Look. But still you can’t bring your food here. He actually has several businesses such as helping him in his workshop. right? There are so many businessmen insolvent and lost everything because of their job. I’m helping my brother for his business. Today. Anisa : good luck. But I don’t know why I can be like this for today. Anisa : yeah.It’s break time. right? Tegar : yeah. I feel like stranger. Few minutes later. But not about Tegar. what’s your activity beside college? Sell or making something. Anisa : it’s okay! I’d rather talk to the strange you than the real you. Beside it will make the laboratory dirty. maybe? Tegar : hmm. Just be patient. haha. Look. Anisa : wow. that’s true. just tell me that you want it too. Anisa comes back brings her food. my favourite things are not sold yet. Everyone needs to fulfill their tummy. And by the way. Thank you for your wish. Tegar : Good then. I’ve heard it too. your food won’t last for a long time. I will throw the rubbish properly.

Tegar : Hey Anisa. right? Anisa : Absolutely yes.______.Lab has started. it very important for students to be able to apply in the world of work. and before practice begins. Tegar : Wew. . and where are your group mate? Tegar : Let me introduce to you. this is Verdian. Tegar : Just relax. I can handle it by myselft by the way. Tegar : Ha’a. all seem to be interested when carrying out the practice rather than theory in the classroom.. you bring Oscilloscopes by yourself?. it is so Thuglife. I think you are so unlucky be group mate with Tegar. how to calibrate this thing?. Tegar : Hm . eventhough they in fact are great people I think. Anisa : Just kidding. but she found it difficult. the person of my group didn’t come yet. right? Tegar : Yeah. but do you ever think why voltage have a peak? Can we climb it? There is two peak!. I need your help for doing job today. you are so strong women! Anisa : Yeah. there is another day if Allah gave you surely  Anisa : Where I must place the Red connector. Anisa : Why you singing? So annoying . you are so clever students. Tegar : You are so lucky!. be careful with that thing. and Yusa from famous High School in his town. Tegar : Help? Me? Are you serius? Anisa : Yeah. Anisa began to carry out the practice.. Volt Peak to Peak. Tegar : Wow!. maybe we can carry food supplies for 2 days to climb the peak hahaha. but now where are they? Hahaha. you know? My life be like huu yaaa huu yaa my life be like. come help me! If you are not helping me. the lecturer did not forget to remind you to wear a lab coat. yesterday I’m sleeping when the lecturer explain. nice to meet you. he is from Semarang. Tegar : Great on what? Anisa : I heard Rida from Acceleration High School Class. you know the price. Black connector? Tegar : Red connected with Port of 2VPP. students began taking the existing equipment in the tool cabinets. and still always pay attention to safety. come on Tegar. and Balck connected with nothing for calibrate. do you know what is VPP? Anisa : I know..__. Anisa : Do you think peak in Voltage same with peak on mountain? You are so adorable. Anisa : Yeah. perhaps a bit late. who is that? Anisa : Rida and Yusa. maybe I can’t finish this job today. Anisa : Hey Verdian.

Anisa : It’s 2 PM. They learnt so many things here. Don’t worry. do you bring wirst-watch? What time is it? I have to pick my sister up and helping my brother on his farmhouse. Anisa : Hey. Tegar. Tegar : yeah. Tegar : And never stop praying to God. don’t be like that! Be optimistic. I also suppose to go home. not really good yet not that bad. Tegar : how do you go home? Do you bring your motorcycle? Anisa : Do you forget that I can’t riding motorcycle? I already order the Go-Jek service. I have to go now. I’m so tired after jogging and teaching in the course. okay? Everything’s will be okay as long as we have good effort. Anisa : wow. that’s great! You really have a good starting point on this college. but I’m sure the rest of them have good marks. there is another 5 semesters left. lots theory and practical subjects. What time you have to pick your sister up? Tegar : oh my God! I have to pick up at 1 PM actually. Tegar! How’s your GPA? Is it good? Tegar : hmm. You have to go. Anisa. Anisa : Exactly! Tegar : hey. I’m sure that the next semester has several harder subjects. it’s okay. Anisa : yeah. right? Tegar : yeah. Anisa : yeah. mostly A mark. Good bye! Tegar : Good bye! .Days have passed by and the students have been through their first semester in Polines. but their journey doesn’t stop here. Why are you still here? Your sister is waiting! And my gojek driver is also coming. but it will be a little bit hard to maintain my GPA. Anisa : wah. I got B on rangkaian listrik subject. Tegar : I’m sorry I can’t take you home for today. Anisa : hey.

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