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ZXR10 8900E

Series Core Switch
Documentation Guide

Version: 3.01.01

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.....0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential ...................... Acquisition and Feedback .......... I Chapter 1 Documentation Library Structure............................................................................................... 2-1 Chapter 3 Issuance................... 1-1 Chapter 2 Conventions .................... 3-1 I SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1........................................................ Contents About This Manual .........................

0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . II SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1.

Acquisition and Describes methods for issuing and acquiring ZTE documents and Feedback feedback methods. acquisition. I SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1. usage. About This Manual Purpose This manual describes the structure. Issuance. 2. Intended Audience This manual is intended for the following engineers: l Network planning engineers l Installation supervision engineers l Device installation engineers l Commissioning engineers l On-duty personnel What Is in This Manual This manual contains the following contents: Chapter Summary 1.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . Documentation Library Describes the structure and types of the ZXR10 8900E Structure documentation. and the contents of each documentation type. and feedback for the ZXR10 8900E Carrier-Class Router (hereinafter referred to as the ZXR10 8900E) documentation. issuance. Conventions Describes conventions of symbols and command formats. 3.

0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . II SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1.

1-1 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1. Command reference Describes the functions. functions. hardware Product structure. and technical specifications. overview Hardware Provides hardware information of the ZXR10 8900E. and cables. description including the functions.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . Configuration guide Describes the procedure of fault management on the Operation network management system of the ZXR10 8900E. Chapter 1 Documentation Library Structure The documentation library refers to the technical documents delivered to users together with the equipment. Table 1-1 describes the documentation types in the library. formats. shelves. Installation and Initial configuration Describes the procedure of initial data configuration for provisioning basic service provisioning after installing the software and hardware of the ZXR10 8900E. structure. and handling management reference procedures for system alarms. Table 1-1 Documentation Types Type Sub-Type Description User safety Provides personal health and safety information that applies information when you work with the ZXR10 8900E. and instances Reference of Man Machine Language (MML) commands. boards. Hardware installation Describes the procedures and precautions for installing the hardware of the ZXR10 8900E. Fault Alarm handling Describes the properties. This chapter describes the documentation types and the documentation contents in the library. probable causes. parameters. including positioning. Product description Provides general information of the ZXR10 8900E. software architecture. and technical specifications of the cabinet. application scenarios. Safety System security Provides system safety information that applies when you information work with the ZXR10 8900E.

ZXR10 8900E Documentation Guide This page intentionally left blank.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . 1-2 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1.

menu options. function names. Warning: indicates a potentially hazardous situation. It may also refer to other related manuals and documents. dialog box names. Failure to comply can result in serious injury. Command Format This documentation library contains Man Machine Language (MML) commands. Chapter 2 Conventions Symbols This documentation library uses the following symbols: Symbol Meaning Danger: indicates an imminently hazardous situation. Note: provides additional information about a certain topic. input fields. Failure to comply can result in moderate injury. check boxes. equipment damage. option button names. window names. RF exposure hazard Symbol: Beware of strong electromagnetic field. 2-1 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1. and commands. Electrical hazard symbol: Beware of electric shock.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . drop-down lists. equipment damage. Bold Menus. Laser hazard symbol: Beware of strong laser beam. Failure to comply can result in death or serious injury. parameters. Heat hazard symbol: Beware of heat source or hot surface that can cause burns. or interruption of major services. Caution: indicates a potentially hazardous situation. whose typographical conventions are described in the following table: Typeface Meaning Typeface Meaning Italics Variables in commands. equipment damage. or interruption of minor services. or site breakdown.

[] Optional parameters.0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . filenames. 2-2 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 (R1. | Separates individual parameters in a series of parameters.ZXR10 8900E Documentation Guide Typeface Meaning Constant width Text that you type. {} Mandatory parameters. and function names. program codes. directory names.

0) ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . Feedback If you have any feedback about ZTE Chapter 3 to search and download ZTE documents. refer to “How to Obtain Documents from ZTE Technical Support Website”. The electronic user documents in the CD are in PDF or HTML l ZTE technical support website You can visit http://ensupport. please feel free to let us know by using one of the following methods: 3-1 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 ( l Customer service hotline You can dial the customer service hotline +86-755-26771900 and 800-830-1118 to let us know your Note: To log in to http://ensupport.zte. l Issued in Website: ZTE CORPORATION uploads the latest product manuals to ZTE technical support website ( You can receive a reply within two workdays. users can query and download the corresponding manuals. For details. you have to register an account. you can search and download ZTE documents. Acquisition You can acquire ZTE documents by using one of the following methods: l E-mail You can send your requirements by E-mail to doc@zte. After log in. On this website. Acquisition and Feedback Issuance ZTE documents are issued by using one of the following methods: l Issued in CD: A CD of electronic user documents is delivered with the equipment. Users can view and search for the desired document conveniently.

l You can dial the customer service hotline +86-755-26771900 and 800-830-1118 to leave your questions or 8900E Documentation Guide l You can visit ZTE Proprietary and Confidential . 3-2 SJ-20121213142710-001|2013-05-31 ( l You can send your questions or suggestions by E-mail to doc@zte. l You can contact the local ZTE office. You can receive a reply within two to score ZTE documents and leave your comments.