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Original Product Proposal

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

This year in ISM, I plan to do a case study over an interesting
case provided to me by my mentor. By doing this case study I will gain
a greater understanding on how the legal system works as I will be
able to observe a case from start to finish. Along with gaining a greater
understanding of the legal process, I will be able to envision my life as
a lawyer due to the observation of the process of an actual legal case.
Doing this case study will further my study of Civil Law and help me
understand the legal process in my studies in the future.

Review of Skills and Research

In order to complete this case study, I must obtain the proper
skills and research. For skills, I need to remain patient, persistent, and
focused. Since this is a new experience for me I must be patient with
the fact that I may not understand all the vocabulary or concepts and I
must understand that it takes time and research to gain the
understanding needed for this project. Next, I must be persistent.
There is no doubt that this case is complex, hard to understand, and is
going to be a lot of work to analyze. I need to remind myself not to
give up on the tough days and remain persistent throughout the
process. Finally I need to remain driven. I need to stay focused, stay on
schedule, and stay motivated to complete this study. In order to do so,
I challenge myself to look at the bigger picture of what this case study
can accomplish in terms of my understanding of my topic of study.
Next, I must do proper research to fully understand the case I am
studying. I must look up legal terms, legal processes, and laws online
so I can understand the context and relation to the law this case has.
This will require time, effort, and organization. I will make sure I set
aside time to do this research so I can put in my best effort to the best
of my ability. I will also keep a digital folder along with a binder of my
work, so I stay organized and have resources I can use for the future.


Along with initially needing necessary skills to accomplish this
project, skills will also come from doing this project. I will be able to
understand how a case is conducted in the law field and be able to
understand what happens on a case-by-case basis. This will help me
understand the life of a lawyer and the process of a legal field. By the
end of this I should have a higher legal intelligence, greater legal
understanding, and be able to grasp cases in a whole new level with
my mentor’s guidance.


Before I can start, I need a plan of action. I am planning on
breaking this case study down by each material I am given. From each
material I receive I need to do five steps. I need to define and
understand the law terminology, look up and understand the laws,
analyze the context of this situation, understand what impact and what
area of the legal process this effects, and lastly I need to research any
questions I have and communicate with my mentor about my
questions/progress. I have documented each of these steps, when
provided a new source of legal material, below.

Steps after being given a source of Legal Material:

1. Defining Law terminology (define unknown law terms and
understand their purpose. Document each term and it’s definition for
a resource useful in the future)
2. Researching and Understanding Laws (research and understand the
impact of the law on this case. Document and and analyze the law
used to get a greater idea of the amount of laws involved in a court
3. Analyzing the material (In a detailed essay, analyze the purpose,
concept, and what I’ve learned about this piece of material)
4. Placing the material within the Legal Process (Look up and document
what step of the legal process this is at- add it to my timeline)
5. Forming Questions/Mentor Feedback (Form a list of questions and
research the answers to each one. Email the remaining questions
with questionable answers to mentor for clarification)


The most crucial part of this case study is the materials sent to
me from my mentor. The amount of materials will also be dependent
on the outcome of the case. Through Mrs. Roach, I will be able to
observe legal statements, evidence, and other sources of materials
critical to this case. This will significantly impact my case study.
However in terms of organization, I will need other things as well.
Organization is required to keep all of my documents in order that I will
inquire over the course of this project. I plan on keeping this project in
a separate binder from my portfolio and placing printed documents
that I create in this binder. Throughout the case study, this binder will
grow as the case moves along in the legal process. By keeping this
binder of all my materials, I will also have a tangible object of my
original work and a way to show it off on final presentation night. In
this binder I will need dividers and page holders for the documents
inside. This will require a small but affordable cost for this study.


The outcome of this product will be significant to my study of
Civil Law. This case study will represent the growth and expansion of
knowledge that I have gained in the ISM journey and provide as a
resource for my journey in ISM II. By the end of this case study, I will
have obtained a greater understanding of the legal field in a way that
will positively effect me in my path to law school and beyond. Although
this study will primarily be for my benefit, it’s relation to the world is a
big part of it’s purpose. I will be able to see what a legal court case
looks like in the real-world setting as I observe the legal process from
start to finish. Therefore observing this case will greatly increase my
understanding of how all parties feel in this case. Although this case
study will not affect people outside myself, this case will. With that
being said, I need to be mindful of the people involved and be cautious
of how approach the details of this case study. Since many details can’t
be shared, I plan on studying the case from an angle of it’s relation to
the law instead of it’s relation to the conflict. In conclusion, this case
study will be impactful not only for my ISM journey but also for my
future as it will provide me with understanding of legal terms, legal
actions, legal process, and overall a greater comprehension of life as a


This case study will be dependent on how many materials my mentor
gives me from this case and how long this case progresses. Therefore
my timeline/completion dates are subject to change at any point of
time. My current plan is to analyze each document I’m given by the
end of each week.


March 24th: Finish Analyzing the Counter-Petition
March 31st: Revise the analysis of the Counter-Petition

April 7th: Analyze the Settlement Agreement
April 14th: Finish & Revise the analysis of Settlement Agreement
April 21st: Start Assembling Final Product
April 24th-28th: Finish Final Product

May 5th: Start working on Final Presentation Night
May 10th: Continue working on Final Presentation Night
May 12th: Finish everything for Final Presentation Night
May 17th: Final Presentation Night