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glorious to the story as it becomes their turn. perhaps the will work together to defeat the beast. noble. or foremost. although four or five daring of the brave. Then that night. of battles. The men in these tales player will be telling the part of one of were always brave. This document encompasses a story telling game. Each and honourful deeds. and to this person and his brave knights of the round table. and each player will add tales. and King Arthur's knights. this is a simple Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. Although the knights "As the tale was told. and swollen with the least three players. the old men told starting point. the goal being the always their honour came first and defeat of the evil monster of the deep. deeds done. whereby you the players Creating your Knight will work together . falls the duty of tracking each knights Of the treachery of Lancelot and the true "Honour" score as well as counting down heart of Gawain. Shuffle the deck before play and place it face down Introduction in the middle of the table.. The words honour. These tales were of great . and at times against Before play. Grand tales. One player will be nominated "Aye. there are many more the time until the beast is defeated. a pencil. their childish dreams To play the game you will need at would be strong. each player should create each other to tell a noble story of Knights a Knight character. strong. of quests and of honour. battling against evil in the land. as the score keeper. memory of the teller would slip and they also want to stand out amongst another kindly old man would speak up so their piers and gain the most glory and that the tale could be told. . Yet.The tale as told. Finally. you will need a standard deck always the tales of honour. would fall upon the ears of the youngsters and they're hearts would be filled with What you'll need wonder and delight to hear of such things. that they heard. glorious tales. some other evil. "In the days of yore as the children This game will present you with a gathered round the fire." of cards including two jokers. and the protection given by Each player will need some paper and their rulers. tales.. they would hear of King Arthur. the surety of great will be a better number.

all knights are united in pile. then they are to Face Self conscious some extent ostracised by all other players. and notes the matching Choose a name for your Knight. 2 Strong as an Ox Step 2 : Affinity 3 Clever Each Knight will have certain 4 Sly like a weasel affinities with other knights. or make up a name of your own. . The player to the left of the other players can see it at all times reader then takes their turn.process and is carried out as follows. Each game starts with a player Players should leave this card face up reading the scenarios introduction to the on the table in front of them so that players. Step 3: Notable Characteristic Each player draws a second card from Step 1 : Name the deck. however there may be minor disagreements or Play mechanisms strong friendships between knights. politics or military alliances. Should a 10 Penitent player draw a Joker. Players who draw black are likewise friendly to each other. Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. characteristic from the following list. favour. Each knights affinity is 6 Afraid only of failing decided as follows 7 Faithful as a dog Each player draws one card from the deck. Players who draw red cards are 8 Steady as a rock considered to be friendly towards one 9 Agile as a cat another. Joker Jester in training Knights from different affinities are The card is then placed in a discard not enemies. friendship. be it down 5 Shy of the ladies to blood. choose from the list of names in the Ace Fast as a Swift Appendix. Then the player to his left and so on. their servitude to King Arthur.

When the Quest Score reaches zero the quest is complete. The value of the to be completed by the knights (players). the most significant being the A player starts their turn by drawing a Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. All of the knights (players) The various card types have the will take part in completing the quest. The introduction will describe a quest card from the deck. Ace 1 Each players turn will reduce the Number As number Quest Score and gain Honour for the Face 11 knight. . Their story should take into account a number A Turn of things. following values each will have some part in its eventual success. The knight Joker 0 (zero) (player) who's turn it is when the quest Once a player has drawn their card is completed will get an Honour bonus. it is then discarded completed. they narrate a part of the story. card is added to the Knight's (players) It will also supply a Quest Score that Honour score and subtracted from the needs to be reached before the quest is Quest Score.

You can "The party of knights stream past the Inn then agree amongst yourselves on the foregoing the comfort of a bed and pushing narration. The bear off it's head.or … Score by an additional two points.. The other player might narrate. narration is as follows. The bridge has been washed away by the previous For example. you may offer your stronger "Queen" however. Alas when he swings. suffered a set back. and any card draw off it's head.. merely Assisting another player scratching it's fore-leg. ." If you share an affinity with the player Should the card drawn be a much who's turn it is. the sword and cleaves the bears head from its body." catches on a low hanging branch and the blow is weak when it hits the bear.." and seek a bed for the night. having drawn an Ace the nights storm.. An example has been advanced only a tiny amount.. something has got in Drawing an Ace means that the quest the way of the quest. but on seeing it his heart falls. "Lancelot charges at the bear with his In this way the effects of a Joker can sword poised for a mighty blow sure to lop be overcome. He turns to face the bears mate.. When you assist in this way. the player Knights assistance.." additional Honour and reduce the Quest .. Drawing a Joker at this stage of the In much the same way as assisting game indicates that the Knight has another player you can choose to hinder Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. on towards their destination right through you and the other player both gain an the night. significant advancement in the story..." .value of the card drawn.. .or.. must agree to your assistance... There is no option but to player might narrate. With a manly grunt he swings improved. travel on to the Brandywine bridge ten "The party of Knights draw up at an Inn miles distant." Hindering another player.or. it charges at him. "Lancelot faces the bear. but when he "Lancelot charges at the bear with his goes to draw his sword his belt snaps and sword poised for a mighty blow sure to lop the sword drops to the floor. Drawing a Face card indicates a "Lancelot leads the party to the bridge.

The player being hindered reduces the amount of honour he would otherwise have earned for the round by 1 point for each other player hindering him. so the change can only be In this way players can sometimes minor. player they will not complete the Quest. The When you hinder another player you mens morale is increased and they are left can insert text into the other players ready for a fight. player A only gains 5 honour Then player "B" decides to hinder points and the Quest Score is reduced by player "A". The amount taken from the Quest score for the round is likewise reduced.the player who's turn it is. it is more of an edit. but they have less respect narration. then player B loses 1 Honour point." Assisting. player "A" takes his turn and hindrance is if the player is about to draws a 4 of clubs. The only time a player can reverse the Let us suppose there are 50 Quest action of another player with a points left. prepares them for the upcoming fight but passes wind when half way through. but by hindering the following. "Lancelot stands before the assembled Suppose Player A draws a 6 of hearts. He change the narration to … prevent other players from completing "Lancelot stands before the assembled the mission on their turn and thus give men and gives a stirring speech that themselves a chance at the bonus." Each knight (player) that chooses to Hinder another knight loses 1 Honour point. ready for a fight. men and gives a stirring speech that Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. and narrates the complete the Quest. For example if player A draws a 6 of Hearts but player B chooses to hinder player A. His hindrance is only worth 5 instead of 6. Quest 1 point. . This is not a negotiation like for Lancelot. You can only prepares them for the upcoming fight. The hinder a player who does not share your men's morale is increased and they are left affinity.

. monsters.. it narration to. . overreaching. and rushes directly at the pirates.. There can be no clear straight When narrating. and rushes directly at the destination. love interests and so on. to run it through with the Lance." the challenge and come to a compromise … which means there is still one in the narration. triumphant return to the Kings Court. then this would be a case of troll. think the narrating player has At this point the player with the overreached the Quest points being greatest honour score gets to narrate the narrated. He points. The player has jumped and thereby completing the quest.and there are only 6 Quest points left.. Player B who happens to be next in Another example. This is a tricky and difficult thing to explain... narrates the following. introduce characters to the story. but When challenged for overreaching trips at the last second. If the knights find turn order could "hinder" and edit the themselves surrounded by 100 pirates. they get a bonus. They draw two or even hindering. and as Player B goes table may take part in the discussion. the lance plunging the players should discuss the virtues of into a tree. plot For instance if the game is just twists. would be overreaching to draw an Ace "Lancelot picks up the Lance blessed by of Clubs and narrate defeating all 100 Bishop Cathay. next he'll get to narrate the final turn! Completing the Quest Overreaching When a players turn completes the When a player is narrating. all the players at the Quest point left. forward examples as it's a sliding scale When narrating you are free to based on the story and the flow it has. the other players are cards and get to add the value of both able to challenge the narration if they cards to their Honour score. running it through with the Lance. assisting Quest. so beginning and there are 100 Quest his narration will complete the quest. troll. Then a player draws a 2 of hearts. and narrates that the party of Knights "Lancelot picks up the Lance blessed by travelled 100 miles and arrive at their Bishop Cathay. Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest." the plot too far for too few points.

A search for them was mounted by the land owners men but instead they found a monster. important guest. Not only Ox". Feel About the only thing you shouldn't do free to create your own scenarios. As his men were searching near this lake. unless they give you the Each scenario starts with 90 Quest nod. grabbed one of the men and dragged him down under the Scenarios water never to be seen again. group of Knights. In a forest which encroaches on his land is a small lake. always keep the round table after having heard a plea in mind not only the card drawn but from a distant land owner for help.There is really no restriction on what the form of the start of a story. The King has called upon the Knights of During your narrations. You can narrate the actions of the points + 10 for each player. or is narrate the specific actions of another even alter these to more suit your taste. what you can do with this game. He'd been losing sheep and cattle. then perhaps your knight will use that but a young couple from the local that strength during the narration. In fact the more players pick up the story from where you add the better the story is likely to scenario stops. such as when travelling or feasting but should avoid Scenario 1:The tentacled beast such things as stating another players Read the following to the other Knight throws a punch or insults an players. players Knight. Scenarios for "Of Knights Glory" take The land owner has begged the kings Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. For instance if you drew "Strong as an The land owner had a terrifying tale. Also if another player introduces a The following two scenarios are plot element such as those mentioned merely suggestions and do not limit feel free to include it in your narration. be. The you can add to the story. a massive pink coloured creature with tentacles forty feet long emerged from the water. your Knights "Notable characteristic". village had also disappeared. .

and that their leader be brought Alike license. and was downloaded from WikiCommons. to justice. Text and logos added. • Lamorak • Tristan Percivale Scenario 2 : The Sword of . You knights are • Kay charged with fulfilling the kings honour in • Bors de Ganis this matter. The • Safir bandits have formed an enormous group.favour to rid him of this beast. it must be imbued by the devils sorcery to Photo on the top of page 4 featuring a number be used in such evil works. and the king • Galahad has granted this boon. • Gareth • Gaheris • Bedivere Produced by Felbrigg Herriot for the 2011 RPG Geek 48-Hour RPG contest. Their Lancelot has been left off of this list as leader is reputed to bear a magical sword he was an honour-less traitor! No one and is undefeated in single combat. As should want to play him. • Ector de Maris Rogues from all over are flocking to the • Tegyr bandits banner. Lloyd Mackenzie and was downloaded from WikiCommons The photo of a knightly melee on page 8 was taken by Lee Hawkins. Baron Che de • Palomides Mile has requested the kings help. Knightly Names This document itself is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike • Gawain licence. or a Creative Commons Attribution license. Licensing and Attribution The king has ordered that the bandits be All of the following photos were used under either a Creative Commons Attribution Share dispersed.. for surely if it is magical by myself to remove an unsightly fence and emphasize the knight. of knights arrayed in blue clothing is extracted from a larger image taken by Lee Hawkins and downloaded from WikiCommons. and his sword locked in the Original cover photo by Chris Hartford. . proof of this he has already killed the local Sherrif and the Baron's Captain. It is the authors wish that you do not sell or • Geraint use this document in any commercial manner. Some minor editing deepest dungeon. but rather it should be given away for free. The photo on page 6 of a lone knight was taken Appendix by W. • • Lionel A troop of bandits have appeared in one • Lucan of the southern counties. downloaded from WikiCommons. There are at least one • Guinglain hundred and fifty of these thieves at large • Alymere in the forest on the Baron's land..