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January 2011 to

December 2012
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W . F. G

T he year 2011, a promising
and a very happy new year for
human welfare foundation,
Gurgaon. A very happy new year in the
sense that the year 2011 was full of
Human Rights Watch for India in 1996. The
then deputy commissioner of Rewari
(Haryana) appointed Anil Gupta Engineer
(President of the foundation) as a member
of the district child Adoption Review
excitement and a big achievement, Committee, Rewari in the year -1996-97.
because of the fact that on 29th day of He worked as a social worker in the area of
September 2011, Human welfare education as well as for the social well
foundation was registered by the District being of the society. Thereafter the well
Register of Firms & Societies, Gurgaon, being of society in the field of education
Haryana, vide no DR/GGN/135 year 2011- and environment has been regularly
12 under Societies Act. 1860. Thus the continuing since the year 2004 till the legal
foundation came into being as a legal formation of the foundation dated 29th
entity with certain limitations under September 2011 i.e, date of registration of
societies act 1860. Further in this context the foundation under the Societies act
we would like to mention a brief history of 1860. In the process, in order to give a
the foundation as under :- practical shape to the foundation, a
The idea to form the foundation meeting was convened in its office, I-22,
came to the mind of the president of the Ground Floor, South City-II, Gurgaon on
Foundation during the course of his 12th February 2011 at 6 pm for the purpose
engineering studies in the year 1991. of formation of General Body and the
Since then he always used to feel to help Executive Committee of the foundation as
the poor needy People especially in the required for the purpose of registration
. field of education and social well being of under societies act 1860.
W . F. G
the society. During his professional life, he
started and continued social work with his
Human Welfare Foundation Gurgaon
l i m i t e d f i n a n c i a l re s o u rc e s a n d
I-22 ( Ground Floor),
South City-2, Gurgaon, Haryana, e-mail :
January 2011 to January 2011 to

A ll the members of the
foundation will constitute
the general body meeting
girls and handicapped children
in the field of education.

(3) Developing more friendly
going on in the following
Schools besides Basic
Education Centre Samaspur,
patient on the basis of the
application received by the
foundation. A meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 2.10.2012 resolved to
increase the strength of faculty members of the teaching staff, also
advised to open more new Basic Education Centers under able

of the Human Welfare Foundation. guidance of present faculty. In a week two days i.e., Saturday and Sunday
environment among students Gurgaon . eneral Body meeting and
classes are held for two hours at basic education centers Samaspur village,
of the Basic Education Centers meeting of the executive
The composition of the HWF Talent Search Test under committee and advisory
of the foundation.
executive committee shall Talent Development Programme of Board have been held from time to The month wise break up of students is as under.
(4) To encourage and cultivate the HWFG is also going on regularly in time. Till date, one General Body
be as unde r:- habit of reading and create the following schools : S.No. Month Total No. Girls Boys No. of Days
Meeting, 7 meetings of Executive
1) President general awareness about 1) Basic Education centre, HWFG of Students Attendance
Committee and 1 meeting of the
development taking place in Village Samaspur, Gurgaon Advisory Board have been held in 1 December 2011 13 2 11 2
2) Vice-President
the society by opening library (Haryana) the office of the foundation. We 2 January 2012 23 7 16 1
3) General Secretary at the basic Education Centers h ave co n d u c te d f i ve ta l e nt
2) Senior Secondary School 3 February 2012 23 7 16 3
started by Foundation. development programme test on
4) Treasurer Baskripal Nagar District: Alwar 4 March 2012 25 7 18 8
(5) Education and awareness (Rajasthan) different dates at our various
5) Executive members 3 to 16 centers. 5 April 2012 25 6 19 3
3) Girls middle School Baskripal 6 May 2012 29 7 22 4
In this way the foundation
N a g a r, D i s t r i c t : A l w a r The associated faculty
started its functions regularly 7 June 2012 30 4 26 4
initially in the field of education. members with HWFG are
A brief summary of 4) Vijay Public School, Baskripal
8 July 2012 35 7 28 6
We may add here that in the first mentioned below. 9 August 2012 59 17 42 7
instance the area of operation of
programmes and Nagar ,District: Alwar
activities which are going (Rajasthan) (1) Shree K.P.Sharma – Retired 10 September 2012 76 20 56 8
the foundation shall be the state of
Haryana and Rajasthan which may 5) Mona Lisa Public School, NEB- Educationist
on by the foundation is
be extended to other states as Alwar City (Rajasthan) (2) Shree Mange Ram – Retired The members of advisory Committee are as under.
given below :
A library is running Army Personnel 1. Mr. R C Gupta, Retired LIC Employee, Ajmer

A ims and objectives of the
foundation has been
mentioned in details in the
I n the month of December 2011,
a basic education centre was
started at Samaspur village in
Gurgaon and has been going on
successfully. In the month of
successfully in the middle school,
Baskripal Nagar, District Alwar
(Rajasthan). We are also providing
financial help in imparting
computer training to the poor and
(3) Shree J.P.Tiwari – Retired
Government Officer

(4) Shree Anil Gupta – Vice
President of Company
2. Mr. K P Sharma, Retired Educationist, Gurgaon
3. Mr. Mange Ram , Retired Army Personnel, Gurgaon
4. Mr. P. Tiwari, Retired Govt. Officer, Gurgaon
5. Mr. S. K Kaul, Retired Executive Engineer, Gurgaon
memorandum of Association of the December 2011 the strength of handicapped children especially (5) Shree R.C.Gupta – Retired LIC 6. Dr. R S Gupta, Retired Professor of BITS, Pilani, Gurgaon
foundation. student was 13 which increased to poor girls. Employee 7. Mr. Kashi Ram Sharma, Retired Educationist, Alwar
24 in the month of April 2012 and
The main aims are:- A sum of Rs.12,600/- has been
30 students in the month of June (6) S h r e e G o v i n d S i n g h 8. Mr. Tirlok Chand Sharma, Retired Govt. Employee, Alwar
paid as computer training fee to
(1) Making better use of the 2012. At present the number of Kavia, Jodhpur 9. Mr. Aditya Nath Jha, Social Worker, Gurgaon
two girls & one handicapped boy.
talents and time of children in student 40. 10. Mr. Sunil Gupta, Economist, Ajmer
Apart from this, a sum of RS (7) Shree Sanjay Dutt Purohit,
rural areas. 10,500/- has been paid as tuition Jodhpur 11. Mr. M B Lal ( CEO of Denfab Engineering Consultancy)
The following activities are
(2) To expand opportunities for fee to two daughters of a cancer

1 2
January 2011 to January 2011 to

Various activities at Basic Education Center , Various activities at Basic Education Center ,
Samaspur of Human Welfare Foundation Samaspur of Human Welfare Foundation
Gurgaon( Haryana). Gurgaon( Haryana).

Anil Gupta Engineer with
students at
Indoor Activities
Basic Education Centre
Samaspur Village, Gurgaon

Sweets being distributed to
students of
Basic Education Centre,
Samaspur Village, Gurgaon
Students taking part in ( Haryana) on the
study classes at Centre. occasion of 15th August 2012.
( Left to right teaching faculty
Mr. Mange Ram
Mr. K P Sharma
and Mr. R C Gupta)

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January 2011 to January 2011 to

Renewable Sources of Energy:

DONOR SPEAKS We need to devote some time to understand the Non
Conventional Sources of Energy as a responsible citizen
Mange Ram of country. Every citizen has some responsibility to make

I-22 ( Ground Floor), South City-2, Gurgaon, Haryana
(Retired Army Personnel) the atmosphere clean and free from pollution. Fossil
fuels also causes air, water and soil pollution, and produce
greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, e-mail :
whereas renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar

and hydropower, offer clean alternatives to fossil fuels.
have been supporting Human Welfare Foundation Gurgaon on regular basis and They produce little or no pollution or greenhouse gases,
found it is worthwhile because the kind of work HWFG is doing for the benefit of poor and they will never run out.
and underprivileged people. It is really appreciable. I am sure that their excellent
Now a days maximum countries currently relies heavily
projects will provide sustainable support to the poor. on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are
non-renewable, that is, they draw on finite resources that
I wish Human Welfare Foundation Gurgaon all the best. will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or too
environmentally damaging to retrieve. In contrast, the
many types of renewable energy resources-such as wind
and solar energy-are constantly replenished and will
never run out.
Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly
from the sun. Sunlight, or solar energy, can be used
directly for heating and lighting homes and other
buildings, for generating electricity, and for hot water
heating, solar cooling, and a variety of commercial and
Lalit Mohan Senapti industrial uses.
Fossil fuels also causes air, water and soil pollution, and
Working Professional produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global
warming whereas renewable energy resources, such as
wind, solar and hydro power, offer clean alternatives to

fossil fuels. They produce little or no pollution or
am very happy to be associated with Human Welfare Foundation Gurgaon, an greenhouse gases, and they will never run out.
organization working for Rural Children and underprivileged and as a responsible
Along with the rain and snow, sunlight causes plants to
citizen of India , I am pleased to share some responsibilities towards the development
grow. The organic matter that makes up those plants is
of community. Human Welfare Foundation executive approached me and explained the known as biomass. Biomass can be used to produce

objectives of organization. With this approach, I was very much impressed and decided to electricity, transportation fuels, or chemicals. The use of

W . F. G
work with them. biomass for any of these purposes is called Bio-Energy.

I am very proud that I have made small contribution which will help in a small way and

bring smile on the faces of rural children.

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