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GAME THEORY and Politics

Game theory is used to study strategic interactions. Whenever the choices made by
two or more individuals have an effect on each other's gains or losses, and

hence their actions, the interaction between them is game-theoretic in nature.
Game theory can be applied in a wide variety of political settings.

Game theory can be applied in a wide variety of political settings. For instance, in
elections, the policy platforms selected by political candidates are a strategic

choice that can bear heavily on the candidates’ outcomes—winning or losing. If
there are couple of parties are there in fray , what can be he effect of a strategic
decision taken by them on their as well as other parties .

Lets dig deep into this theory in context of UP Elections ,one of the biggest state in
India .

Last year amidst of Raju Vemula suicide , where being a Dalit he was able to garner
sympathy amongst the masses . Amidst that there was large clashes between the
Dalit and Hindu regarding the carcass of the cow . The Dalits became adamant and
was not eager to roll on . This event backfired BJP as there was large number of
clashes with the Hindus and Dalits and sometImes Muslims.This was a clear case of
ADVANTAGE BSP . It was DISADVANTAGE FOR BJP and SP and Congress were in
neutral .

Then Came DEMONETZATION , by Modi . Modi shook the core structure . Nobody
thought that It can happen in India which generally is very Corrupt country and this
exercise was bound to SHAKE all the corrupt and malpracticers as to say so . If u see
most of the people are lower or middle income class people . People of all salaried
class were all happy with this move as they had TDS where Tax where deducted at
source and there was not much they can do with it .Business class people where the
one who use to deposit the Sales tax in every quarter and that had a luxury of
MANIPULATING with taxes . Most of time they were cheating and showing FALSE
books of Accounts and were evading Taxes . I also belonged to that category and
people of my genre were happy . This EVENT exercised by Modi gave an EDGE to
BJP in the run up to the Elections .

BJP also had an instrument , the Union Budget which they failed to exercise . They
could have tried some freebies to UP considering the election was about to happen
very soon . As they had merged the Railway Budget also they could have benefited
they state which was going to Elections to gain some advantage . This would have
given an EDGE to BJP .

SP . If this vote splits between SP . They had to save some face and SP obliged . .e Mulayam and his brothers and then amonst the difference project Akhilesh Yadav as the Chief Minister who is not into all this bull shit which Mulayam and his brother used to do and he is a DEVELOPMENT PRO Chief Minister .He was projected himself as DEVELOPMENT PRO Chief Minister . Its TOUCH AND GO SITUATION and BJP has a slight edge garnering around 185.Muslim vote is an important equation in the UP Elections . Then the NAUTANKI of Mulayam Yadav . Congress were not gud enough to garner 10 seats and with this alliance probably they can be in double figure otherwise they would be DISTANT LAST with hardly any seats and their seats would have been in SINGLE DIGIT . The political Analyst or Poll strategist who is handling the campaign of SP directed Mulayam to CREATE a family fight amongst the brothers i.CONGRESS . There is a tie up between SP and Congress to garner Muslim votes and NOT LET IT SPLIT . As Congress were nowhere in the race .My take is that there is a fight between BJP and SP- Congress combine . These generally gave a good political mileage and most of the common people was not able to understand this POLITICAL GIMMICK .Congress and BSP then its ADVANTAGE BJP otherwise its ADVANTAGE SP.Congress . Lets see all what happens amidst all this political drama in one of the biggest state in a biggest democracy .e. In this event there is slight advantage to SP .200 seats . INDIA . This event help in some extent of consolidating the Muslim vote in one house rather then splitting i.