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ACTIVITY 9: Tunnel Play

 I wanted to incorporate an activity that requires full-body movements
 To provide a fun activity for the older infants that have high levels of

Learning Experience:
1. Provide multi-purpose activity for all students
2. Prepare an activity that can involve all students
3. Improve gross motor development skills

ELECT: 5.1 Gross Motor: Crawling
 Crawling on hands and knees
 Having a tunnel will provide practice for the infant in moving and fitting
into the space provided.

 Large Blue Tunnel

Who Myself and the infants
Where Carpet Area

 Clear the carpet area and place the tunnel down
 Have assistance from another ECE at either the entrance or exit of the
 Encourage children to come/go through
 Verbally encourage turn taking (i.e. “Let your friend go through first”)

Teaching Strategies:
1. Environmental Cues: Children learn from observing environment. They
recognize that the activity had enough materials for all of them to
2. Invitations: Motivates children to participate in the activity provided.

What went well…
 All students were interested in the large tunnel
 All were able to participate
What didn’t go well…
 Some babies went slower than others, making the other ones fairly
 Collision in the middle of the tunnel occurred frequently
Next Time…
 Provide more materials to advance tunnel play
o Such as a beach ball to act as a barrier to push through

 Adapted the tunnel using one of the straps so the tunnel would have a
turn rather than being a simple, conventional tunnel

 Use the tunnel for more than its purpose
o Use it as a ball shoot elevate the tunnel and have the babies
roll balls down