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Inglés II





Inglés II

 Understand dialogues related to the theme of the unit according to the labor
needs that may be presented to us in our daily lives, implementing our
knowledge acquired during our learning.

 To express themselves in written form using the corresponding communicative
functions and the technical vocabulary, with a linguistic correction that does not
interfere in the understanding of the language and with a greater wealth in the
Inglés II
1.) Stage 1 Fill in the form
Full Name: Jairo Andres Quintero Merchan
Age: 27
Ocupattion: Public Server
Marital Status: Single
What do you study: Telecommunications engineering
Free time activities: Listen to music, study and read.
Interest: Know about communication technologies.
Skills: Support and maintenance of computer equipment.
Work experience: Yes.
Years of experience: Three years as a telamatica and electronica technician.

Full Name: Michel Sebastian Vargas Martinez
Age: 20 years
Occupation: student
Marital status: Single
What do you study: Telecommunications Engineering
Free time activities: Soccer and to share with my friends
Interests: More knowledge about telecommunication
Work experience: Tecnico Sistemas, TV and internet assistant
Years of experience: 6 months

Ful name Diana Milena Hernández Pulido
Age 40 years
Marital Status Married
What do you study Food Engineering
Free time activities To read, cook and watch movies with my family
Interest To create a new producto in the food industry as the Ciruela snack
Skills I am fast, I like to work in group, I investigate, give ideas and solutions
Work Experience Office assistant
Inglés II
Years of experience Twelve years

Full Name: My name is Duvan Ariel Romero
Age: I am 29 years old
Occupation: I am a police professional
Marital status: I am single
What do you study: I am a student of Telecommunications Engineering
Free time activities: I like to play soccer in the lounge
Interests: My main interest is to finish my studies successfully
Work experience: I work in a company of digitacion of extracts banks
Years of experience: I have been working as a police professional for 8 years

2.) Stage 2 Writing a recommendation paragraph

Dear Mr. Cortez:

I would like to introduce Mr. Quintero.
He is an honest, charismatic and responsible person with his work activities, and has
extensive experience in the area of telematics and electronics so I consider that you will
be of great help in your company. I know that Mr. Quintero will be able to fulfill all the
tasks that you order, so I gladly recommend it.
I sign for the pertinent thing to the 14 days of the month of March of 2017, in the city of
Bogota D.C.

Duvan Ariel Romero
Student of IV semester of Telecommunications Engineering
Inglés II
Tunja, March 20, 2017

Commercial Manager Postobon S.A.

Subject: Recommendation.

I am writing to you in order to make a recommendation on Mr. Duvan Ariel Romero, who
has the abilities to perform well in the accounting field of your Company, taking into
account your work experience as an importer of bank statements. Its your
professionalism in the area of citizen security with 8 years of experience, hiring
responsible people and with capabilities that serve your company great use.


Student of Telecommunications Engineering
Cead Tunja
Inglés II
Tunja, March 22, 2017

Telecommunications Promoter

Subject: recommendation

I hereby submit to Mr. Jairo Andres Quintero, whom I have the honor to know since
January 1991 and have always seen him behave as a Responsible, Honest, Proactive
and Hardworking person, Mr. Laboro under my supervision during A period of three
years, as a TV and Internet Technician, and its development was very satisfactory for
both the company and for that reason, I have no hesitation in extending my
recommendation to you.
Manifest the above at your request, for the purposes that to the agreement and no other
particular to add, I remain of you as your server and secure server.

Best regards.

Michel Sebastian Vargas Martinez
Telecommunication technology
Cel 3212675664
Inglés II

Moniquirá, March 22, 201722

Engineer Elisabeth Mateus
Administrative Manager
Advisors of Tele informatic and Communications “NIVADI”
Street 137 No. 53-21
Subject: recommendation
Best regard
By means of this letter it is a pleasure to recommend the Mr. Michel Sebastian Vargas,
who worked in this company as Supervisor of Software Installations og Accounting
programs as XEO, SIIGO, CONTAPYME, in differents áreas of Bogotá and
Cundinamarca by ten (10) years. Mr Vargas during this time served as a person
responsability, demanding, friendly, worker, active, leader and he likes to work in a
Mr Vargas began to work in ths company as assitant on January 28 of 2010 an after of
three years was promoted as Chief Supervisor won on his own merit. He created a
antivirus of the program XEO that had been affecting several companies.
The reason for the retirement is that his wife was transferred it to the branch of the
Solidary S.A of Medellín
I know that Mr Vargas will cumply with all the functions assigned and will perform with
satisfactory results.
Any questions or concerns can be comunícate with me.


General Manager
Inglés II
Cell pone 321 3632784
3.) Stage 3 Select a role

Duvan Romero Compiler Creativity: I think of new ways and ways As for my weaknesses, I
of doing things because I consider that consider myself
there should be no limitations, but rather impatient, proud and
a little more than what already exists. distrustful, weaknesses
that I think I must
Persistence: I believe that you should destroy in my life in
always finish what you start even if there order to be a better
are obstacles. person

Kindness: I am a kind person because we
must do favors without expecting reward.

Humility: And above all humble because it
is preferable to let others talk about one
and not one of them
Jairo Quintero deliveries Entrance to the platform 3 times a week In occasions I lose
I analyze each point for a better retentive of the tasks
construction of the task given by the activity
I look for different ways of communicating guide
with classmates

Michel Vargas Reviewer Entry relevant to the platform. Different words
I analyze the rubric and comments of the
tutor for the work
I analyze properly and carefully
collaborative work to verify that
everything is correct.

Diana Evaluater I am aware of the platform and the I do not handle APA
Hernández contributions of the group references very well
I am an organized person
Inglés II

4.) Stage 4 Write a group recommendation for a job.

Moniquirá Boyacá, March 22, 2017

Mr Mario Latorre
Manager Accounting Department
Street 8 No. 98-05

Best regard
We are a group of five peoples with diferents specialized in the installation, management
and maintenance of accounting programs such as XEO, SIIGO, CONTAPYME. Our
team have two Telecommunications and Informatic Engineers, people very creative,
innovate in terms of technologies related with sistems and services of communications,
they are also experts in advising in projects related with differents electronic areas. We
also have a Sales Manager who is skilled in preparing sales plans and budget, is a
person who listens, cares about the customer, and is very competitive, responsible. The
accountant is a very person honest, correct, and organized and he is pending to enforce
and apply the rules of the organization. Finally the secretary, a people punctual,
hardworking, and he is punctual, is hardworking, pending of the agenda and is very
The whole team has ten years experience, we stand out for being demanding, we like to
work in groups, give solutions, we are leaders in the market, we have contacts and we
love our work.
Any concerns can be communicated with us.

CELL PHONE 321 3632784
Inglés II
Tunja, March 25, 2017

Laura Valbuena.
Structured Cabling Design and Installation.

I would like to inform you that I know in detail my work group, since with them we have
worked for several years, we like to work with dedication, each of us have our licenses
of network operators.
Therefore, I have no objection whatsoever in recommending it extensively, thanking you
in advance for the attention and facilities that you can provide. It extends the present for
the legal effects that the interested party agrees.

Michel Sebastian Vargas Martinez
Telecommunication Technology
Inglés II
Bogota D.C March 23, 2017

Telecommunication Manager S.A

Best regard

Dear Mrs. Andrea.
We would like you to take into account our team consisting of five people well prepared
to hold important positions and know that they will be very useful for the start of your
company where we will apply our experience to make your company one of the best in
this country. Mr. Jairo Andrés Quintero, has extensive knowledge in maintenance in
computer equipment with a total experience of three years, Ms. Diana Hernández with a
experience of twelve years in office assistance and archive management, Mr. Michel
Vargas is Systems technician and has worked in this profession for six months, Mr. Jairo
Andrés Quintero with a three-year experience as a telematic and electronic technician
and the one subscribed with an extensive knowledge in digitization of highly confidential
documentation, as well as an IV student Semester of Telecommunications Engineering,
so I consider that this team work will be very useful in different activities that your
company with the passage of time will require.

Thank you in advance for keeping in mind our team for the start of your company.


Student of IV semester of Telecommunications Engineering
Cel. 3102144489
Inglés II
Tunja 24 march of 2017

MR. Mario Latorre
Manager Accounting Departament
Street 8 No. 98-05

Subject: recomendatión.

Best regard, today, the present is to recomend to my workgroup that i will relate later,
bearing in mind that its staff professionals and with work experience, in the matter of
software, experience with banking movements. Of the previous, they have not received
any calls for attention from the companies involved.

They are honest working people who can be very useful for your company


Student of Telecommunications Engineering
Cead Tunja
Inglés II
5.) Stage 5 Let’s get that job – Conversation


Buenos días tutor y compañeros, continuando con la 5 etapa de la actividad
colaborativa que es una conversacion entre nosotros, adjunto mi aporte iniciando dicha

Companions much encouragement because this interview that we have with the Director
of Human Resources is very important for our membership as a group to this company.

Companions I think we have a small inconvenience with the vehicle and I want to turn it
off, they must be problems in the electrical system, what do we do?


Buenos dias tutor y compañeros, continuando con la 5 etapa de la actividad
colaborativa. continuo con la conversacion del señor DUVAN ARIEL ROMERO.

Hellow Mr. Duvan i dont believe to failureis electrical siystem, as I have, smell to gas, we
have to search a service stacion to fill the tank of gas. Companions, ¿ do you smell gas?


Buenos Días tutor y compañeros, continuando con el 5° punto del trabajo colaborativo,
continuo con la conversación de mi compañero.

Yes, Duvan has the reason I also perceive the smell of gas, although I do not think it is
gas shortage if not some escape that has this, we should go to a mechanic so I can
check if there is an escape, should we go?
Inglés II

Michel: Hello friends, ¿How are you?
Duvan, Diana and Jairo Fine thanks
Jairo: Do they have all the documents and recommendations)
Diana: Yes, all everything is in the folder and USB. We can go
Duvan: But we have to check the road crew.
Michel: Everything is complete I checked it this morning
Jairo: Oh my Gad, there is much traffic, we must take a detour to not be late for the
Duvan: Ready, I got out of the car and turn on the GPS y look at another route.
Diana: We have to take the exit ramp thai s in the next block and to get to the freeway
Duvan: An accident happened, an automobile had the brakes damaged and crashed
with asphalt the construction. Fortunately there are not serious injuries.
Michel: Thank a God, get in the car and let´s go.
Jairo: Be careful, there is a much fog and the traffic es heavy. Turn the lights and slow
Michel: Don´t worry. I am a very good driver.
Diana: Not bad because I know to drive car but I don´t have driver´s license and we can
stop a traffic policeman
Duvan: I don´t like to driver, it stressesme and it gives me a headache to see much cars
and traffic signails.
Jairo: Look there is a signal where indicates tha to 500 meters there is a railroad
crossing we must be careful.
Michel: Well, we have to be pendients for a gas station because there is little gasoline
Diana: Let´s take this stop and check the car
Jairo: Michael, we have a flat tire, we have to give it air.
Duvan: I do it. I know how to do it
Jairo: Well, how much gas do I make?
Michel. Fill it up and get in the car. Please friends, put on the seat belt
Diana: Michel, look there is a sign that says in construction, please right turn
Michel: Okay, Diana please give me money for to pay the toll
Diana: Should we stop for something hot Why do not we make a rest stop?
Inglés II
Jairo: I am agree and we take advantage this beautiful scenery.
Duvan: Thanks a God we have done well, we have some inconveniences but we have a
good map.
Diana: Slown speed, remember tha this road has a speed limit.
Michel: Don´t worry I know what I do. I dón´t believe the road closed. What will we do?
Jairo: Please,you reverse, left turn and we come to the interstate highway
Duvan: Be carefull please, because there is a danger signal.
Diana: They should put more warning signs.
airo: stop Mr Michel, I want driver, you should rest, we want to avoid an accident, I have
driver´s licence.
DIANA: thank you Mr. Jairo please can you drive slowly, this avenue have school zone.
Jairo: yes, I will do it, put on the seat belt, when we are leaving to school zone, I will
drive to speed of 60 kilometers per hour, by the fast lane.
DUVAN: we are on time for get to interview,
Jairo: take the entrance ramp, this route is faster.
Michel: caution Mi friend Jairo, to 1 kilometer there is pólice, we don´t want
Jairo: don´t worry, They were already on
DIANA: I´m watching the red light, This indicates the passage of the railway, Slow
speed Mr. Jairo
Jairo: I will take this intersection, for continue our destiny
Michel: There is a lot of truck traffic, by this Highway, to and continue where the railroad
Jairo: there is an accident, That car crashed with a bicycle
DUVAN: stop Mr Jairo, I’m going to call the pólice of mi phone.
DIANA: this accident hapened because the cyclist I do not use the pedestrian bridge,
and the car was speeding
DUVAN: no cell phone signal on this road. what do we do?
Jairo: take my cell phone, if it has a signal
DIANA: the police just arrived, let´s go, It's already getting late
Jairo: ready, the GPS don´t heavy traffic we will arrive at our destination, in 10 kilometer
Michel: Continue on this street turn right and park the vehicle in the garage
DIANA: we have arrived to enterprise, for our interview, good luck to all.
Inglés II

 Doing this job was very interesting since the proposed objectives were achieved,
which needed to remember verbs that we have been learning in our professional

 With this work we learned new vocal terms and some important tics that must be
taken into account for an ideal management in a language as important as today
is fundamental in our living as is English.

 We also learned the importance of working in groups since new ideas will always
come from different people.
Inglés II