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by Tanvi Patel, Grade 7
Art - Birdie
by Tanvi Patel Grade 7

Poetry - Blank Walls

by Sara Samaniego Grade 8

Stories - The Rise of a Hero

by Devin Fadden Grade 7
The Rise of a Hero
by Devin Fadden, Grade 7
-The Battle of Ypres -
-1916 April 26, 13:00 hours-
-Officer William Dorian-
Its been 16 weeks since Ive come to Ypres.
Although I havent seen a single German soldier, yet I feel like Im a prisoner of war.
My family is most likely very worried about me.
The artillery hasnt shot for three days, the gunfire has stopped, and I am the only one who is
not afraid to die for my country.
-April 27 12:35 hours-
Today the couriers brought thousands of letters to the soldiers.
Although most soldiers died in the last attack they still got letters every few weeks.
The families must not have got word of their deaths I said to my commanding officer.
I feel the need to punch you Officer Dorian. said Private Fredrick.
Why do you have that feeling!?! I asked loudly.
No clue why, just want to. he replied
-April 31 23:00-
We started the attack.
The soldiers on the other side are not that prepared for an attack.
Neither were we, al that we had were rifles and tanks.
Gunfire echoed throughout the battlefield,
The tanks were not able to find the correct targets and shot our own men.
My squad is made up of five men.
A sniper.
Three infantry.
Two cavalry.
And Me the Commander of these good men.
Although my men were some of the best, we were no match to the enemy.
Flares flying throughout the fields.
Then, gunfire was heard.
And I was the Target.
The bullet was aimed for my head, but it shredded my cheek.
William! shrieked my mother, What have you done!
I was remembering the time when I was four that I killed a small bird in my back yard.
I always thought that my mother was mad at me, but it was a man in a trench coat that was
the reason of fear for my mother.
I awoke from shock.
I was furious at the Germans.
I ran into their trenches and killed hundreds of people.
OFFICER WILLIAM DORIAN, boomed an unrecognized voice, COME TO YOUR
It was the general, he was above the trench I was in currently.
Then he was shot.
I run up the side of the trench.
And was shot once again.
-23 years later August 31, 1939-
I woke up in a prison cell, starving.
Although I was not able to eat the food there easily, I inhaled the food.
I was so warm it was like hot cocoa was poured down your throat.
Officer Dorian said an unknown voice.
The voice was like fire being turned to cold stone.
The food felt cold the second the person walked into the room.
The person was Adolf Hitler, the current German leader.
Hello, how are if I may ask?
Fine, I said in an angry voice, you?
Marvelous, if this is true, you killed 130 of my men in the Battle of Ypres, no? he asked.
Thats true. I replied
Weak men, cant kill a single British officer pity.
May I ask why youre here? I questioned Hitler.
To tell you that the second biggest war the world will ever see, is coming he said with an
evil smirk.
The feeling of dying came to me.
It hit me like a bullet, because there was one.
Gute Nacht Offizier*said Hitler in German.
Blank Walls
by Sara Samaniego, Grade 8
Blank walls are a clean slate,
An open gate,
A great debate,
Bare walls are a cause to cry,
A cause to sigh,
A cause to die,
Blank walls are a cool drink,
A bleached sink,
A murderous think,
Blank walls are a last breathe,
A mournful death,
A treacherous theft,
Blank walls are a gasp for help,
A broken yelp,
A sinning whelp,
Blank walls are a roomful of people,
A crumbling steeple,
An all too willful,
Blank walls are a hate too strong,
A thought too wrong,
A searing prong,
Blank stalls,
Blank halls,
Blank dolls,
Even if never want to,
Youll always have your blank walls.
by Griffin MacDonald, Grade

by Griffin MacDonald, Grade
Locks to Your Heart
by Griffn MacDonald, Grade 8
Commander Cody
by Mason Maymir

The Joker
by Declan Crowley, Grade 7
Beautiful Clouds
by Kedynce Hairston, Grade 6

Make a Wish
by Tanvi Patel, Grade 7
by Vicki Shen, Grade 8

Costa Rican Famous Volcano

by Sarah Coleman, Grade 7
by Isabella Santiago, Grade 6
by Emy McGuire, Grade 8
Soft silver slippery rain
Shining shimmering sheets
Quick quirky crackling rain
Dreaming daring feats

Light lacy lasting rain

Swirling sweeping prance
Jump joyful gentle rain
Crazy carefree dance

Fine finite fading rain

Gray graceful swan
Warm wishful wetting rain
Going going gone
by Emy McGuire, Grade 8
It was the musty odor
The sharpened scent of age
That drew me to the house
The old forgotten sage

Where memories grew rampant

And cobwebs filled the night
The silence never wakened
The stars burned ever bright

I wandered through the graveyard

And past the gnarled tree
Through the withered garden
Recollections came to me

I strolled down all the hallways

The places I once knew
All of those years ago
Where happiness once grew

How weird it was that I

Who walked these halls the most
Will walk them all again
But this time as my ghost
by Rewa Raizada, Grade 6
The first cry from a baby rings out in the sky,
With hopes in the heart rising very high.
In that life that you live there is much to learn,
Memories are the pages to turn.

Although times in life can sting your heart,

When you thought the decisions you made were smart.
The moonlight shining off your tears,
As you bleed out the worst of your own fears.

When your soul opening like a key of gold,

Is the time where happiness comes out and cannot be sold.
When the sadness and stress fly in the dark depths of contrite,
And then love and honesty take over with delight.

The feelings that run around in your heart taking their turns,
Will bother you in life throughout what you earn.
Such beauty we can see in a barren scene, Gods wondrous hand provides,
Appreciate the Earth we have, the wind, the rain, the tides.

At last comes the day when your heart is sore,

Which will soon, in your life, open another door.
When your eyes close forever, the life you held, will be seen never.
All the memories collide in your brain as you shake through the pain.
Then, you take your run, up the steps of heaven.
And all the thoughts you have deaden.

The life you hold is your golden streak,

So make the best of it, to the highest peak.
Ode To Laserred
by Saidee Geurts, Grade 7
My Laserred was so colorful
She was so happy
Maybe just maybe, Im not sure
Maybe She was a He
My Laserred, My Laserred
We loved her dearly
She jumped at night & laughed for day
Not frown upon her face
My Laserred was a splash
My Laserred was a sparkle
A sparkle of hope
Yet she left
She left me in the dark
My Laserred, My Love, My Hope
Now my Laserred, I hope for your return
Ok, now suck all that, cause as Dean would say
No Chickflick moments
Just give me back my pet
Ill stuff you in the TARDIS & well break the Time Lord Law
Well go back & save you my dear Laserred
The Seasons
by Saidee Geurts, Grade 7
Rain falls pound the ground
flowers jump from the brown dirt
flower gardens born

The sun heats the sand
The pool is as cool as ice
Whee, go the children

Warm air is now dust
colorful leaves fly from trees
branches with bare boughs

Snow and strong winds fall
freezing cold keeping kids home
crunch under my feet
by Saidee Geurts, Grade 7
Cute, Happy
Splashing, Playing, Swimming
Koi, Tetras, Incas, Shics
Slimming, Sucking, Slurping
Cute, Fun
Guitar Strings
by Audrey Springer
The world was once red and pink
but the air is now left a bitter blue
in the wake of their path

Trapped in a glass corner,

she sits
and she stays

And a kaleidoscope of misery

is twisted into the slope of a pointed nose
and pursed lips

But not even a person lasts forever,

and I can feel a thump in my chest
like broken glass

Yet, the world keeps spinning,

as does the kaleidoscope,
as does my head

Does the sun still shine?

Do scarred fingers still play guitar strings?
These questions plague sleepless nights

And so I am left a bitter blue

in the wake
of their path
The Boy Who Thought
by Adrian K
There once was a boy who THOUGHT he could
Climb up that mountain, he THOUGHT he would
But he only thought

So he started his climb up the treacherous trail

His clothes were soaked, his food was stale
But he only thought

He climbed up the mountain, grabbing every rock

Until he found a place where his hand would lock
But he only thought

He looked up and he saw the top

And he was so excited, he flew for the top
But he only thought

So he tumbled down
Just like a rock
He scraped his knee
And hit his head on a block
He fell and fell
Till he hit the ground
He crawled away
Making pain filled sounds
Because he only thought.
Sand Creek
by Emy McGuire, Grade 8
Im the girl who sits in the back of the classroom, the one who never gets called on,
the one who no one talks to. Im the one who works alone. Im Aiyana Chavez.
I sat in the back of the fourth grade classroom on the morning of November 29,
2015. Mrs. Mooney went through attendance, skipping my name, like always. She
passed out the history books, instructing us to turn to page 247. She forgot to give
me one, like always. I looked over Carolines shoulder, the girl who sat in front of me.
Page 247 was filled with an elaborate picture and the words, November 29, 1864: A
Day We Shall Never Forget.
The Sand Creek Massacre. Mrs. Mooney said solemnly.
I gazed at the picture. White men on horses were riding into a peaceful Native
American camp. A creek rushed behind the teepees. Several women with small chil-
dren peered from the teepees, looks of terror plastered to their faces. A young girl
stood by the river, her mouth agape with fear.
The Sand Creek Massacre was a very terrible event. Over a hundred people were
killed, most of them being women and children. Please read the paragraph under the
title and tell me who led the Massacre.
I didnt have to read the paragraph. I already knew. My hand shot up in the air. No
one else had finished reading. Mrs. Mooneyhad to call on me now!
She scanned the room, ignoring me, like always. I stood up, tired of being ignored.
After all, I knew more about this event than anyone.
Excuse me, Mrs. Mooney? I know the answer! The man who led the Massacre was
John Chivington.
No one even glanced at me. Frustrated, I sat down, gazing at the picture in Carolines
book. Caroline raised her hand.
John Chivington. She said after Mrs. Mooney nodded at her.
I scowled.
John Chivington was a Methodist Pastor in Colorado. He
I let myself doze off, ignoring Mrs. Mooneys lecture just like she ignored me. My fo-
cus was lost on the picture in Carolines book. She had turned the page in the history
book. As I scanned the page, my eyes locked on the picture in the corner. The picture
of the girl by the river. The picture of me.
by Miranda Schlobohm, Grade 6
Some things you think wont happen. You go around saying I live inland so I
wont be attacked by a shark, or in this case, we are pretty safe, so I wont ever
be in a car accident. After all, who could expect such a thing to happen? How-
ever, some things go wrong. Things turn the wrong way. On November 5, 2015
the unexpected happened. I was in a car crash.
There I was, heading to school, not expecting much except the usual drop-off.
In the car with me was my dog, Max and my dad. We usually drove to school
this way, so nothing seemed off. Then we got to Highlands Ranch Parkway.
About halfway through cars stated swerving to avoid a silver van who was
headed our way in the wrong lane. A red truck swerved left. A blue Toyota
swerved right. Now the silver car was straight ahead of us. My dad stomped on
the brakes hoping it would go around us. It never did. It came straight at us,
and I had pure terror. I put my backpack up, a useless attempted to block a ten ton
block of metal, hurling our way. CRASH!!!
The smell was terrible. My dog climbed over my lap and out into the street. The air-
bags were up and people were milling around our cars. My dog was running down
into the greenbelt, and my dad was partially passed out. I crawled out of the car and
onto the grass. I had to will myself to get up and go get Max. I ran down the sidewalk
asking people if they had seen my dog. Everyone was pointing at the greenbelt. My
dad got out of the crushed vehicles behind me and started running with me. I called
my mom. We never found Max until some lady called us, telling us she had him. In
the distance I heard sirens screaming at us, so we went back over to the grass. Some
policemen were asking my dad questions. A fireman called an ambulance.
KTV: The Legend of the Four Clans: Chapter 3
by James Heninger, Grade 7
Melodic trumpets played while the initiation took place. Everyone in the clan
watched as two others and I were part of the initiation, and I was going last. Ian had
already been initiated, so he didnt go. The first one stepped up to the Queen of the
White clan to be initiated. Jack Bonik, the Queen said. By the power invested in
me, I initiate you into the White clan. She then gave Jack a gem. Jack turned around
walked away, and everyone clapped, then he went to go hug his friend. The next
one stepped up. Avery Steffensen, by the power invested in me, I initiate you into
the White clan. The Queen gave Avery a gem, and Avery turned around, smiling.
Her smile is cute, said Ian. Yes, but it is my turn now. I said. Ian then said, Yep.
Good luck, I stepped up, and got the weirdest feeling, but it went away quickly.

You ready? said the Queen. Yes. I said. Kai Springer, said the Queen. I initi-
ate you into the White clan. I turned around and everyone clapped. I was the new
White clan member. In the middle of all the joy I was feeling, a loud, deep, raspy
voice spoke over her saying, Stop clapping. You know I am more powerful than
him. If Kai is going to be a Vampire, a true Vampire, he will have to face me. He will
never be a Vampire again! Everyone had a gem around their belt, except for Jack,
Ian, Avery, Shailey, and me. I wish I had realized this before. All the gems flew off
of everyones belt. Since everyones power relied on their gem, if it went away, they
would die! The ceiling broke off and all the gems flew out the room. A big gem hit
my face hard, and I blacked out.

In my dream, I saw many Red, Green, and White clan Vampires being tortured.
Vampire cities were burning, and the Red and Green chosen ones power was being
taken away, and given to a dark shadowy figure. I couldnt make out his face, but I
could tell he was part of the Black clan.

I woke up in a warm sweat. Ian, Jack, Avery, and Shailey wandered over the crum-
bled temple. I could swear the destruction covered at least a square mile. Ian was
near, but everyone else was at least 100 feet away. What happened here? I said. Ian
then said, After you blacked out, the building shook. When I looked up, I saw a big
flying saucer. It dropped down a net on everyone, except for us. It picked up every-
one. We tried to cut it, but it was made of Laser 10. It couldnt be cut. The building
shook so much, it collapsed.
We ran out just in time before it was destroyed, and watched everyone, including
the queen, fly away. It sounds like you made that up, I said. Remember when you
thought vampires werent real, but they were? Anything can happen. I then knew
that I couldnt argue. He was right.

Cmon. I want to show you something, said Ian. What is it? I said. He took me
to a house that was huge. Whos house is this? He took me inside. Tada! Ian
said when I entered his house. Wow! It is beautiful! I said. We are just here to
get some weapons, Ian said. What other weapons do I have built in, technically
speaking, I said. You had a power like the force from Star Wars, but you can only
summon objects with it, Ian said. I realized then I left my sword Ian gave me at
home. I had already shown my inner power, so I could do it. I stuck out my arm,
and thought of my sword. It took a couple of seconds, but it came very quickly
through the door, with the handle to come into the palm of my hand. The adven-
ture starts tonight. We will have a meeting with the rest of the White clan members.
Ian said. The adventure starts here. I said.

Almost packed? Shailey asked me outside the closed door. Almost done. I said.
Is Ian packed? Yes, We were going to go off soon. We were off to save not only
the White clan, but two other clans as well. Im done, I said. Alright, Shailey said.
Were off, Jack said. We walked away, with Shailey as our guide, because the has
been to the Black kingdom before. I look back at the White clan city. So empty, and
so quiet. I realize the White clan might be gone forever. If we stay alive, we will pre-
vail, and possibly destroy my brother, Dracula ll. If we die...
The Supermax: Chapter 1
The Free Fall
by Matthew Harris, Grade 8
First I saw darkness, I was being raised by a moving platform. I cant move, I try
moving my hand, to no avail. I hear metal boots clack against the platform. The
person walks up to me, bends down and attaches something to my arm. The object is
cold to the touch.

The boots walk away and the platform is raised. It keeps shaking, and i have no idea
where i am going. The platform reaches the top with a jolting stop. I hear it groan as
some sort of hinges opened. I can move now, i flex my fingers. The platform opens
and i am dropped. I open my eyes, darkness is a lot better than seeing the ground a
mile below you.

I feel the air grab me, pulling me down to its earthy clutches. I can hear someone
screaming. I realise its me. My throat quickly gets sore and I shut up. How do I sur-
vive this? I look down and realise Im wearing a windbreaker. I quickly take it off and
try to use it as a parachute. The air took it in its grasp and yanked it from my hold.
The jacket flew away. I see below me, 100 feet down that there is a giant lake, more
like a small ocean. I put my legs together and straighten out like a board. This should
be easy, just enter it and try not to die. Simple.

I see the water approaching. I put my hands to my chest and close my eyes. I enter
the water, hard. I go down at least 20 feet and feel like my lungs collapsed. I kick my
legs and force myself to the surface.I crawl to shore and hear boots walk towards me.
I look up at a group of 3 people, all carrying makeshift weapons. Their clothes leaked
of past colors and ripped in places. I see the leader, a girl no older than 14 with
smooth brown hair with blue highlights. She smiled, her dark brown eyes lighting
up. She turned to her side, where another person was. Inform the base. She said.
we have a newbie.
Adventure of the Khufu: Prologue
by Elise Skirde, Grade 8
There are three friends named Holly, Tyler, and Ezra. They decided that they would
explore the rainforest but little did they know that they would find a secret land.
But lets start from the beginning. It all started when they were kids, they met before
they can remember and have always been friends. They had grown a friendship that
would never break. On a warm September day the news said someone found a new
species in the rainforest and got millions. Holly decided that they should drive to the
rainforest and find their own species. They decided that they would give it a shot,
although Tyler wasnt sure that it was a good idea. They met up a few days later and
started their journey to the forest. Tyler was scared of the journey ahead, being who
he is. Holly and Ezra had to convince him that everything would be fine before he
would get out of the car. They grabbed all of their things and set off into the forest.

Holly yelled back at tyler to hurry up as they trudged through the dense forest. Once
the sun started to set they decide to set up camp. While Holly is setting up the fire,
Tyler and Ezra decided to set up the tents. They ate dinner and decided that Ezra was
on guard for the first night. Once everyone had food Ezra grabbed her swords and
stood guard for the night. That was the last moment of peace for the three of them
for a while

The next morning Ezra started the fire back up, then started to go over to wake up
Tyler and Holly. She noticed something in the trees, monkeys. That was where they
hung their food, once she got to the tree she realized that the monkeys ate all of their
food. She told Holly and Tyler about what happened. Holly wanted to go on, Tyler
thought that they should go back to the city to get more food and then they would
set off. Ezra made the final decision that they would continue their journey. Now
all that they have left is what is in their backpacks and tents. They started to pack up
once the sun hit their camp. That was when everything went wrong.
by Emi Cordova, Grade 7
Shes different!

Yeah, Haha look at her tied up.

Hey! Guys, I got the stuff.

Good job, boy.

I come into consciousness, and everyone is staring down at me. They all hold rocks,
sticks, and bricks. I had heard some of their conversation but, even though they
didnt say it, I knew I was going to be killed. I was different, the King got to say if I
were to die, and I knew I was of no importance to him. That didnt matter to me, I
didnt want to die. Looking up once more I see a boy about my age. He looks like he
could be King, with a crown and his outfit. He smiles, a childish smile, like hes hap-
py to see me tied up.

You were doing nothing wrong if I am correct.

Y-yes that is correct.

So then why is it you are tied up here. If you did nothing wrong then why do you
have to be in my presence as such?

A-ask them, they didnt tell m-me why.

He turns to the first person in the crowd.

What is your name mam.

My name is Sakura, your majesty.

So Sakura what is the reason this poor girl is tied up?

Shes different than us, we just thought that maybe we should show her to you first.

A man shouts from the crowd and walks forward to face the young king.

No, that is not the truth, we saw her as different knocking on doors to ask if any of
us knew of some gardens location. We got irritated, tied her up, and were waiting
your arrival so we could kill her. Of course she wouldnt take that stupid hood of hers
of so we dont know quite who she is.

The king turns back to me.

Im not going to ask you any questions because I would like to believe what you tell.
Of course that hood of yours must come of if we are to forgive you.

I will take it off for you but, I would rather take it off myself. Its the only thing re-
minding me of home.

Agreed, first I must untie you.

He walks over and unties the rope. I had taken off my cloak as promised. My hair
flowed over my shoulders and I looked at his face again. He gave me a face of sur-
prise. I couldnt quite tell if he knew me or not. When people said I was differ-
ent, they were indeed correct about that statement. I was half and half. My hand
twitched. People were staring at me in aw of the sight. The last of my kind. I was half
angel, half demon. You could see which side was which. My right side I had blood
red hair, my eye matched my hair colour. My clothes were black and they were torn
of sorts. My left side I had angelic white mixed with blond hair. My eye colour was
blue, and my clothes were clean, white, silver, and gold. I had wings. Had being the
key, because I lost them to try to fit in with the others. I hid my demon side with the
cloak. People always thought that both sides were the same because I only showed
the angel side. People would know I was demon and Id be dead if I wasnt smart
enough to hide it. The king first spoke up.

Thank you for, um, well, uh, taking off the cloak.

Dont worry, I know I am going to be killed.

The young lady Sakura spoke up.

Um, if I may speak, then, you are special, so am I, She sighs, puts down her item,
and creeps towards me, I want to stand by you, because, because I want to be seen
as normal by someone.
She takes her ribbon off. Pulling it out to reveal that she has cat ears. Sakura reveals
her tail. People start to walk over to me and reveal what theyve hidden from every-
one else for so many years. The young King actually looks at Me and the crowd that I
have around me.

Well, I sure hope you are a leader. You have got quite the following. I must know
your name.

My name is Luna Sol.

Contributors Notes

Sarah Coleman is a 7th grader at STEM, and she loves minecraft. She will help anyone that
needs help in school. She would love to help anyone that is feeling down or hurt. Sarah
loves to play lacrosse.

Emi Cordova is a 7th grader. She loves to play video games. Emi also likes to draw and
write stories. As well as she loves to cook.

Declan Crowley really likes animals and especially his cat Shadow. Declan likes to read
and write. And to finish it off, he is amazing at incredibly useless skills.

Devin Fadden is a 7th grader and loves to draw during his free time.

Saidee M. Geurts is 12 and a 7th grader at STEM School and Academy. She is a major
Super-Who-Lockian(Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes). She also has a 30
gallon aquarium because she loves fish, snails & everything aquatic. She also has one dog
named GingerSnap, one named Curly Sue, and one named Gizmo.

Keidynce Hairston is a 6th grader at STEM, and she loves cats. She also loves art and
Christmas. She is 11.

Matthew Harris is a 8th grader who loves hanging with his friends and video games.

James Heninger is a 7th grader. He has been making stories since 2nd grade, and he be-
lieves K.T.V. is his favorite.

Adrian K. is a 8th grader at STEM High and Academy. He has two pets, a dog named
Dido and a bearded dragon named Hiccup. He likes to play video games, as well as la-
crosse. He lives in a family of three with his sister and his mom.

Mason Maymir is a 7th grader at STEM. He likes to build stuff. His favorite subjects are
art, Star Wars, and video games. His favorite type of art is photorealism.

Emy McGuire is an 8th grader at STEM, and she loves rock climbing, acting, and writing.
She is currently writing a nanowrimo. Writing is most of her life and she wants to be a
published author before she turns 18.
Tanvi Patil is a 7th grader at STEM. In her free time she likes to take pictures of un-
usual things, or ordinary items. In addition, she likes to draw pictures of landscapes.
Tanvi likes to go hiking. She enjoys going to the beach (If in California, Florida, etc.)
Tanvis wants to be a director when she grows up.

Rewa Raizada is a 6th grader here at STEM, she enjoys playing volleyball, basketball,
and her favorite subject is math. She has just moved here from San Antonio, Texas
and now lives in Highlands Ranch. Her favorites colors are blue and white, and she
has competed in many contests such as the Battle of the Books, art, and swimming.
She loves traveling and visiting new places around the world, and also socializing
with new people in her life.

Sara M. Samaniego is an 8th grader here at STEM School and Academy. She enjoys
the Arts and aspires to become a film director in the future. Sara is the youngest of 6
kids and shares her trait of a knack for language arts and writing with them.

Miranda Schlobohm is a 6th grader at STEM. She loves to read and write. She also
loves to play with her pets, two cats, two rats and a dog. She is very happy that her
non-fiction story was submitted!

Vicki Shen is an 8th grader at STEM. She has been drawing for 6 years. Her hobbies
are ice skating, piano, and, of course, art. Her types of art includes sketching, water-
color, and mixed media.

Elise Skirde is an 8th grader who has been in the club for 3 years. She is 13 years old
and the only staff left form the first year of the club. She really enjoys the club and
thinks it is really fun. Enjoy reading the magazine!

Audrey Springer is a young author at STEM. Her favorite class is history. When not
at school, she can be found playing volleyball. She also loves playing and listening to
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