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Jazmine Hernandez timeline 8-3

12/06/02 12/29/06 My 4/14/07 I was 9/20/07 I was 4/18/08 My 11/27/08 My 12/8/11 I 12/13/11 It 6/9/13 My 4/8/14 I got 2/26/15 My
•i was born in nephew was overjoyed living in older sisrer yougest moved form was the first baby niece my first yougest niece
Logan, Utah borned and I when my Logan,Utah moced away nephew was Benson to day at my was born and puppy and I was born.
12/06/02 at found out little sister and we to Sidney, born on Sidney, new school in I was so named him Unlike her
9:30 a.m. I am how it was to was born. She moved to Montana Thanksgiving Montana and 3rd grade. I happy thath I Flash. I never older sister
the forth child.
have a was a little Benson,Utah. which I and we we left a day was scared to was going to knew what this one pays
younger doll and I I hated it thought was missed out on early and i face strangers have breed he was. attention to
sibling for the picked out since I left all where the food. didnt get a so pretended someone to me and
time. her close. my friends Hannah proper to be sick and teach to mimics me.
behind. Montana goodbye with it didnt work.
lived. my friends.

4/6/15 I dear 5/2/15 My 8/13/16 10/13/16 5/27/21 8/15/21 `5/27/25 10/17/32 12/15/38 6/5/43 7/27/49
friend of friend •I went to an •I am currently •I gruadute High •I go to collage •I have graduted •My name is •I have adopted • I have started •At age 47 I have
mine got me convience me amusent park in 8th grade School in and I live on and have major more reconized twins and they an new releses a flying
a jornual with to join the and I faced my and enjoy Skyview High. I campus. For my in engineering for my building are one year invention that car that runs on
My Plans for play. fear and went drawing and am going to an first year Im and building and more old. will change the polluted air. It
on a ride called music. I also like collage. going to people are world. If helps reduce
World Canniball the color undicided. coming to me. everything goes the air
domintion purple. right it shouls pollution.
and I put all be out in 3-4
mu ideas into