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Selling Activity

1. Select an item from the list shown in class to conduct your sales
presentation on.

5 points

2. Construct a customer profile
a. Geographic: United States; Urban Cities; California
b. Demographic – 30 years old and older; Income of $80,000+, College
c. Psychographic – Social class of middle to upper; innovative; Eco-

10 points

3. Research product features of your product and 1 other competitor.
Record findings in a table. Minimum of 5

Tesla Nissan Leaf
Feature Benefit Feature Benefit
Fully Electric No expense of Starting at More affordable
gas $30,000 for common
Range: 200-315 Longer without Range: around Smaller battery
miles charge 100 miles
Auto-pilot Reliable self- Fast charging Can charge fully
driving vehicle
Technologically Owner will Can be Cheaper
advanced always have the maintained by maintenance
newest regular auto costs
technology in shops
their vehicle
Federal and state Owners will Also receive Owners will
credits receive federal federal and state receive federal
and state credit benefits and state credit
for driving a zero for driving a zero
emission vehicle emission vehicle
20 points

4. Write at least 5 selling points for each product written into sentences with
function, feature, and benefit labeled. (SEE PAGES 301-302!!!)
a. Function is red
b. Feature is blue
c. Benefit is green
All Tesla models are fully electric, which allows the vehicles to run without an engine
and emissions, there for you to not have to worry about the expense of gas.

Tesla models have an outstanding range of 200 to 300 miles on a fully charged battery
due to our car battery being largest in the market, this allows for you to drive farther
without worrying about charging your Tesla every night.

Tesla is one of the only cars that can be considered a ‘self-driving’ vehicle, Tesla
engineers have developed innovative software called “Auto-Pilot”, and this allows the
driver to not drive the vehicle while on the road.

Tesla will always be technologically advanced due to their updatable operation system,
this always the owner to always be up-to-date with the latest technology available in

Tesla owners receive federal and state credits for being eco-friendly and driving a zero
emissions vehicle, therefore the owner will essentially get the car cheaper due to
annual credits.

2 pts for each (a,b,c) * 5 selling points = 30 points
5. Generate a QUALITY skit/role play going through the ENTIRE selling process
(ch12) – focusing heavily on the approach and presentation of product.
Create a script for your iMovie including the approach, presentation of
product, overcoming objections, and close.

Salesperson: Hi, my name is Brennan. Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, I have been doing my research about electric cars and I
would like to look at your Model S.
Salesperson: awh yes right this way. The Model S is one of my favorite cars
between its performance, efficiency, and technology.
Customer: Yes I am defiantly a fan of avoiding the expense of gas
Salesperson: All of our Tesla models are fully electric, which allow for our
car to not have any engine. Without an engine, you do not need gas and
there are zero emissions. So not only are you saving money, but you are also
saving our atmosphere from pollution.
Customer: Yes defiantly will be saving money at the pump, but Tesla’s are
very expensive compared to other electric cars on the market.
Salesperson: That is true, but Tesla’s carry a lot of value with being a
luxury car and the amount of technology in Tesla’s. Also Tesla owners can
receive federal and state credits
Customer: I did not know that
Salesperson: yes, federal and state tax credits are available for people who
drive zero emissions cars.
Customer: Well, that makes it easier on the financial side
Salesperson: So, now that we have established the financials, would you
like to drive off the lot with a new Tesla?
Customer: Yes, I think I could do that
Salesperson: Well, it’s been nice to do business with you. Follow me this
way to my office so we can sign some papers.
Selling Project Rubric
Name: _____________________________

Points Your points
1. Appropriate item from list is 5
2. Construct Customer Profile
 1 Geographic trait
 3 Demographic traits 10
 2 Psychographic traits
3. Research product features of your
Record findings in a table. Minimum 10
of 5 2 points each
 Basic 5 minimum
 Physical
 Extended
4. Research product features of a
competitor product
• Basic 10
• Physical 2 points each
• Extended
5 minimum
5. Selling points-feature, function, 2 pts each for
benefit is present and properly feature, function,
benefit = 6 points per
labeled. selling point.
=green 6
1. First selling point 6
2. Second selling point
3. Third selling point
4. Fourth selling point 6
5. Fifth selling point 6
6. Skit script - Includes:
 Approach 5
 Product/service presentation 10
 Overcoming objections 5
 Close 5
7. Skit Recording/Presentation iMovie
Student made an effort to produce 0 Did not
a movie of sound quality, with submit
limited background noise, actors 10 Poor
can be clearly understood, script is 20 Below
followed, and movie demonstrates average
the selling process. 30 Average
8. Appropriate use of technology –
Students are not using phones,
iPads, or computers for 10
projects/research/texting not
related to project. Earbuds are not
All or nothing!
Total 140