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1The storage of chemicals in a laboratory is governed by

-the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance
the Import and Export Ordinance
+the Dangerous Goods Ordinance
the Radiation Ordinance

2Before using any chemicals that you are not familiar with, you should check for
their hazardous properties from:

the chemistry textbooks
+the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets
the encyclopedia

the dictionary

3What is the major route of chemical exposure?

4Which of the following chemical is highly corrosive and able to penetrate deep into
tissues and bones causing severe injuries?
Calcium oxide
Acetic acid
+Hydrofluoric acid
Calcium chloride

5Given the flash point data, which of the following chemical has the highest
+Acetone (– 20oC)
Benzyl alcohol (101oC)
Xylene (27oC)
Ethyl alcohol (13oC)

6Which of the following is NOT correct?
Hydrogen cyanide is a toxic gas
Chemical waste must be collected by a licensed collector
Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent

IV I. IV. I. II. +Chemical waste producers must be registered with the Fire Services Department 7Which of the following legislation prohibits the discharge of chemical waste or unwanted chemicals into the sinks or communal sewers? Control of Chemicals Ordinance -Waste Dsiposal Ordinance Dangerous Goods Ordinance +Water Pollution Control Ordinance 8Which of the following chemical may form unstable peroxide upon prolonged period of storage? ????++diethyl either -perchloric acid acetone hydrochloric acid 9Arrange the following procedures in a reasonable sequence to meet the situation of a fire accident in a laboratory: (I) Exit the building using the stair (II) Call the Campus Security Control Centre using the nearby emergency phone (III) Alert others to evacuate and close the door (IV) Sound the fire alarm by activating the break-glass alarm in the corridor I. IV +III. IV. II. III 10Which of the following is NOT correct regarding personal protective equipment? Goggles should be worn to protect the eyes against flying objects or chemical splash Face shield should be used along with goggles in situation where chemicals may splash onto the user’s eyes and face +Any respirators can be used for respiratory protection against all chemical vapors Suitable chemical resistant gloves should be chosen to protect the hands against chemicals . III. I II. III. II.

which of the following must be kept segregated from alcohol? ?????Acetone Nitric acid -Diethyl ether -All of the above 16Which of the following chemical is regulated by the Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance? .11Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the handling of highly reactive chemicals? Light sensitive chemicals should be kept in light-tight containers +Metal spatula should be used to handle peroxides Water sensitive chemicals should be kept away from water sources -Peroxide forming substances should be checked for the presence of peroxides before use 12Which of the following is NOT a proper enclosure for handling engineered nanomaterials which are liable to be dispersed in the air? A HEPA-filtered enclosure -A glove box A Class 2 Biosafety Cabinet An ordinary fume cupboard 13Which of the following is the best practice to avoid the dispersion of toxic mercury vapors? ????Put the mercury into a plastic bag Cover the mercury with a layer of water and seal the container -Put the mercury into a fume cupboard -All of the above 14Which of the following chemical is regulated by the Control of Chemicals Ordinance? Sodium chloride -Potassium chloride Calcium carbonate +Potassium permanganate 15Taking chemical compatibility into consideration.

instruction and supervision is required to be provided in the workplace -Safe systems of work are required to be maintained in the workplace It applies to all staff members of PolyU . Phenol Benzene Acetic anhydride +Hexachlorobenzene 17What is the minimum face velocity for normal operation of a fume cupboard ? 0.2 m/s -0.5 m/s 1.3 m/s ??????0.0 m/s 18Which of the following regarding Dangerous Goods (DG) Ordinance is NOT correct? ????The DG Ordinance is enforced by the Environmental Protection Department -The DG Ordinance requires that all chemical containers are properly labeled Compressed gases belong to Cat 2 DGs -DGs can be stored in a workplace provided that their respective exempted quantities are not exceeded 19The flammability of a liquid can be described by its: -vapor density boiling point viscosity +flash point 20Which of the following chemical is liable to be ignited when it contacts with water: hydrofluoric acid hydrogen peroxide benzene +sodium metal 21Which of the following is NOT correct according to the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance: +It applies to all students of PolyU Necessary information.

use the nearby emergency shower to wash your body for at least 15 minutes Laboratory hazardous wastes are kept separately in appropriate containers +An experiment involving heating of chemicals is left unattended overnight 23Which of the following is a form of non-ionising radiation? +Ultraviolet light X-ray Gamma ray All of the above 24Which of the following is NOT an ionising radiation source? X-ray diffractometer Radioactive substance Diagnostic X-ray machine +UV germicidal lamp 25 The Health and Safety Policy of PolyU ensures the health and safety of: its staff at work its students in the course of study the general public using the premises of PolyU + all of the above 26 Which of the following is NOT correct? Wet hands must be avoided when handling high voltage apparatus A compressor with air receiver must be examined periodically by a competent person +Machinery in a laboratory can be used safely without any guarding of the moving parts Always keep the laboatory clean and tidy 27Which of the following is NOT correct? Proper laser goggles must be worn during operation with a high power laser equipment. .22Which of the following is NOT a good laboratory practice? Use the emergency phone to report any laboratory accident to the Campus Security Control Centre In case of chemical splashes onto your body.

+A N95 mask can be used to protect against organic vapors X-ray machine users must register with the Health. Safety & Environment Office (HSEO) People with heart pacemakers must not stay very close to a nuclear magnetic resonance 28 Which of the following foot-ware is NOT acceptable in a laboratory? Leather shoes +Sandals Leather boots Running shoes 29 The Laboratory Safety Management Policy of PolyU provides a framework for managing laboratory hazard(s) arising from: chemicals biological agents radioactive substances +all of the above 30 To protect your hands against liquid nitrogen. you should wear a pair of: nitrile gloves disposable latex gloves +cryogenic gloves -neoprene gloves 207 Used needles and blades should be disposed of: in a carton box for broken glass in a chemical waste container +in a sharp container of suficient rigidity in any containers 208(bio2) Which of the following equipment is a source of strong magnetic field? +Autoclave Industrial X-ray machine Nuclear magnetic resonance UV germicidal lamp .

100 nm 1 .1000 nm 10 .210 (bio 310)Health and safety precautions in a laboratory should be primarily based on: culture and traditions of the laboratory international standards laws of Hong Kong +risk assessment 218 Which government department is responsible for regulating the Dangerous Goods Ordinance? +Fire Services Department Labour Department Custom and Excise Department Environmental Protection Department 221 Which of the following chemical is a confirmed human carcinogen? hydrogen sulfide sodium cyanide +benzene mercury oxide 226 Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to laboratory chemical safety? Using a polyethylene bottle carrier to carry a chemical reagent bottle from one laboratory to the other Keeping the sash of a fume cupboard as low as possible during work at the fume cupboard +Rolling a compressed gas cylinder from one laboratory to the other Always secure a compressed gas cylinder to a wall or other firm support 227 Engineered nanomaterials have at least one dimension in the size range of: 1 .10 nm +1 .1000 nm 229 Which of the following administrative office is responsible for managing the central chemical waste stores in PolyU? .

which of the following must be kept segregated from hydrochloric acid? +Sodium hydroxide Sodium chloride Calcium chloride Copper sulfate . The Management Information and Support Office The Facilities Management Office -The Health. Safety and Environment Office The Campus Development Office 330 Taking chemical compatibility into consideration.