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8th Grade Science Syllabus

Brady Rorex
8th grade science teacher
Whitwell Middle School
2016-2017 School Year

Course Description:
The following topics will be covered in 8th grade Science: Understandings about
scientific inquiry and the ability to conduct inquiry are essential for living in the 21st
century. Society benefits when engineers apply scientific discoveries to design materials
and processes that develop into enabling technologies. A rich variety of complex
organisms have developed in response to a continually changing environment. The
composition and structure of matter is known, and it behaves according to principles that
are generally understood. Various forms of energy are constantly being transformed into
other types without any net loss of energy from the system.

Homeroom Class Schedule:

7:45-8:00 Homeroom

8:00-8:20 AR

8:20-9:35 Science

9:35-10:50 SS (McDaniel)

10:50-12:00 Planning

12:05-12:35 Lunch

12:35-1:50 ELA (Stewart)

1:50-3:00 Math (Slatton)


SPI 0807.Inq.1 Design a simple experimental procedure with an identified control and

appropriate variables.

SPI 0807.Inq.2 Select tools and procedures needed to conduct a moderately complex


SPI 0807.Inq.3 Interpret and translate data into a table, graph, or diagram.

SPI0807.Inq.4 Draw a conclusion that establishes a cause and effect relationship

supported by evidence.

SPI 0807.Inq.5 Identify a faulty interpretation of data that is due to bias or

experimental error.


SPI 0807.T/E.1 Identify the tools and procedures needed to test the design features of

a prototype.

SPI 0807.T/E.2 Evaluate a protocol to determine if the engineering design process

was successfully applied.

SPI 0807.T/E.3 Distinguish between the intended benefits and the unintended

consequences of a new technology.


SPI 0807.5.1 Use a simple classification key to identify an unknown organism.

SPI 0807.5.2 Analyze structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations to predict

which populations are likely to survive in a particular environment

SPI 0807.5.3 Analyze data on levels of variation within a population to make

predictions about survival under particular environmental conditions

SPI 0807.5.4 Identify several reasons for the importance of maintaining the earths

SPI 0807.5.5 Compare fossils found in sedimentary rock to determine their relative



SPI 0807.9.1 Recognize that all matter consists of atoms.

SPI 0807.9.2 Identify the common outcome of all chemical changes.

SPI 0807.9.3 Classify common substances as elements or compounds based on their

symbols or formulas.

SPI 0807.9.4 Differentiate between a mixture and a compound.

SPI 0807.9.5 Describe the chemical makeup of the atmosphere.

SPI 0807.9.6 Compare the particle arrangement and type of particle motion

associated with different states of matter.

SPI 0807.9.7 Apply an equation to determine the density of an object based on its

mass and volume.

SPI 0807.9.8 Interpret the results of an investigation to determine whether a physical

or chemical change has occurred.

SPI 0807.9.9 Use the periodic table to determine the properties of an element.

SPI 0807.9.10 Identify the reactants and products of a chemical reaction.

SPI 0807.9.11 Recognize that in a chemical reaction the mass of the reactants is

equal to the mass of the products (Law of Conservation of Mass).

SPI 0807.9.12 Identify the basic properties of acids and bases.


SPI 0807.12.1 Recognize that electricity can be produced using a magnet and wire


SPI 0807.12.2 Describe the basic principles of an electromagnet.

SPI 0807.12.3 Distinguish among the Earths magnetic field, a magnet, and the fields

that surround a magnet and an electromagnet.

SPI 0807.12.4 Distinguish between mass and weight using appropriate measuring

instruments and units.

SPI 0807.12.5 Determine the relationship among the mass of objects, the distance

between these objects, and the amount of gravitational attraction.

SPI 0807.12.6 Illustrate how gravity controls the motion of objects in the solar system.

Classroom Procedures:

Enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly fashion.

Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before talking or getting out of your seat.

If you finish your work early, there is a collection of science journals that you can

read and describe the main points of the article of your choice.

If you need to use the restroom raise your hand and I will give you a restroom pass.

If I feel you are getting too loud I will clap twice, tell you to be quiet, and listen to me.

When finished with an in-class assignment, you will pass your work to the front of the

classroom and put it in the finished assignment basket.

Emergency Responses:

Fire Drill
1. Upon hearing the fire alarm, immediately stop what you are doing and listen for

teacher instruction.

2. Follow the teacher outside in a single file line without talking or running.

3. Stay in line and wait for teacher instruction.

Tornado Drill

1. Upon hearing announcement, immediately stop what you are doing and listen for

teacher instruction.

2. Follow the teacher to designated safe area in a single file line without talking or


3. Wait for teacher instruction.


1. Upon hearing code, immediately report to the nearest classroom without talking or


4. Remain calm and listen for teacher instruction.

Medical Situation

1. Upon hearing code, immediately report back to classroom.

5. If you are in the location where the medical situation is taking place, exit the area in

a single file line without talking.

6. Wait for teacher instruction.

Drug Dogs

1. Upon hearing code, remove your jackets and place them on your desk.

7. No one is allowed to exit the classroom after code is announced.

8. Stay in room and remain quiet until you are instructed to leave the classroom.


I respect each and every student, and I expect the same in return.

Students will be prepared for class everyday.

Students will do the their best on every assignment and test.

Students will make good decisions regarding behavior.

It is important that you understand the fact that what you learn this year are the

foundations that will prepare you for future education.

In addition to science, you will learn concepts that will effectively help you study,

work together, work independently, and be ORGANIZED.

Class Materials/Supplies:

Please see supply list


If you miss class, it is up to you to get your missing assignments. There will be a folder

provided each day with the assignments/work from the previous day.
Each student is responsible for completing all missed work

Test/Class work cannot be made up during class (Test make-up after school)

Students have 5 days to make up any missed work

I will warn you ONE time about your missed assignments, after that it is up to YOU.

After school detention will be given for any work that is not made up within the 5

days given or if no arrangements have been made to make up the work

Attendance is very important to student success. If you are absent, it is YOUR

responsibility to make up any work you have missed. Marion County Board policy

states that students have 3 days to make up missed assignments after an

EXCUSED absence. If you are absent, you can use the following resources to find

the work you have missed.

An assigned location for missed assignments in each 8th grade classroom.

Whitwell Middle School website. On the right side of the home page under heading

Classes and Teachers. Click on 8th grade. Click on teacher name. Click on

appropriate heading.

Ask a peer.

Grade Policy:

My grade percentages are based on the following:

Tests/Quizzes: 40%

Projects/Labs: 10%
Homework: 10%

Classwork/Participation: 30%

Bellringers: 10%

The following grading scale will be used:

A = 100-93

B = 92-85



F=69 or below


Rules: Consequences:

1. Be prepared and ready to learn. 1. Verbal warning/conference with

2. Listen and follow directions. 2. Check or note in planner
3. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect. 3. Loss of TGIF or other privileges
4. Raise your hand to speak. 4. Office referral
5. Use polite, appropriate language. 5. After-school detention
Please sign below and return by Friday, August 12, 2016. By signing below, you

are showing your understanding of the syllabus and rules. Please remember you

can contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Student Signature: _________________________________

Date: ________________________

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Email: ___________________________________________

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