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Mark Levin Endorses ResortRelease.

com for Timeshare Cancellation

“If your timeshare doesn’t fit with your life do what thousands have already done and call my
friends and to cancel your timeshare today...they’re the nation's largest and
most trusted timeshare exit company!” - Mark Levin.

Rockford, IL, March 28, 2017 --(, a timeshare cancellation and transfer
company that has helped over 18,000 families successfully exit their vacation ownership, is proud to
announce their new endorsement by the world renowned #1 New York Times Best-Selling author & radio
host Mark Levin.

The new and exciting endorsement by Mark Levin reflects the no-nonsense approach that Resort Release
takes to cancel their customer's timeshares. As an advocate for his listener's rights and as a strict
constitutionalist it is clear to see why Mr. Levin's support for a company that fights for consumers to
legally and permanently cancel their timeshare contracts is such a perfect match.

Many timeshare owners feel they were scammed into a lifelong contract thus the need for pro-consumer
advocates such as Resort Release and Mark Levin.

Mark Levin is a highly successful author with a #1 New York Times best-selling book and one of the
most sought-after political commentators in the U.S & host of his very own talk show, The Mark Levin
Show. He has earned millions of dedicated followers from his expressive and outspoken approach on the
hottest topics revolving around America's political landscape. His words simply carry weight when
speaking about the problems affecting the American public today. One of those issues is the financial
burdens of timeshare ownership and the negative impact these perpetual contracts can have on families
for generations. His Resort Release reviews provide guidance for millions of timeshare owners that seek
to get rid of their timeshare ownership.

“If your timeshare doesn't fit with your life do what thousands have already done and call my friends and to cancel your timeshare today...they're the nation's largest and most trusted timeshare
exit company!” - Mark Levin

Timeshare owners all around the world have consistently looked for quality solutions on exiting their
legally binding timeshare contracts. Resort Release offers simple and effective exit services to timeshare
owners with a transparent, permanent and legal exit process. Resort Release has been the leader in the
timeshare exit industry for over 5 years and counting.

Resort Release's professional team of timeshare cancellation experts has helped relieve the heavy
financial burdens thousands of families in North America faced by divesting of their timeshares legally &
permanently. The Better Business Bureau has even recognized their stellar track record and performance
with their clients by awarding them with their prestigious accreditation and an “A+” rating. This
achievement gives Resort Release a gold standard backing as a trustworthy business partner to exit
owners out of their timeshares successfully.

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Resort Release is a private holding company with a focus on timeshare acquisition and cancellations.
They are known in the industry as a quick and affordable solution for any timeshare owner seeking to
help release themselves from their ownership obligations.

To learn more about Resort Release, Mark Levin, and timeshare cancellation services visit

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