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Amy Bearden Y515

Zenan Kwan Financial Management for the Arts
William Petersen Professor Sommerville
Jane Rownd February 21, 2012

Revenue Manual – City of Fairfax Band Association (CFBA)


 Bequests: Refers to donations that were received by the organization by
individuals who planned gifts through their estate. In fiscal year 2010, these
donations were a significant revenue stream for the CFBA, generated from two
individual donors. This revenue stream did not exist prior to FY 2010.

 Individual Donations: Revenue produced through monetary gifts in the given
fiscal year from patrons and supporters of the City of Fairfax Band Association.
Certain gifts are temporarily restricted for funds and yearly scholarships such as the
NVYW Scholarship, Ray Abell Music Fund, among others. Other individual donations
are unrestricted unless otherwise noted. Subsets of this revenue stream also include
Board Fundraising and miscellaneous individual donations.

 Grants: Split into two categories, Foundation and Governmental:
o Foundation Grants: Revenue generated through grants from non-
governmental organizations during the fiscal year. Grants have been
received from various national corporations such as Target and Walmart, as
well as regional, state and local non-governmental foundations and
o Governmental Grants: Revenue generated through grants from federal,
state, and local governmental agencies through the given fiscal year.
Governmental grant support has been provided historically by the City of
Fairfax, Northern Virginia Arts Commission, National Endowment of the Arts,
Virginia Commission for the Arts, among others.

Other Income

  Membership Dues: Required of all participating members of the City of Fairfax
Band Association (CFBA). Payment is required annually based on the performing
ensemble that the member is assigned to. Membership dues are based on a
graduated system with the premier ensemble paying the highest amount of dues.

  Recording Sales: Revenue produced through the sale of CDs and other electronic
media recorded by the participating ensemble of the City of Fairfax Band
Association. CDs generally are sold for $15.00 representing a high margin of net
profit (based on recording and duplication costs). Recording sales are typically most
active on ensemble performance dates and are sold in the lobby of the performance

Performance and Program Service

 Ticket Sales: Includes both individual ticket sales as well as season subscription
ticket packages. Season subscription packages are normally discounted and
generally purchased at the beginning of the concert season. Individual tickets are
traditionally sold throughout the concert season with the majority of sales occurring
on the days of ensemble performances.