Fellows’ Charter

The Society of Arts (today the RSA) was founded in 1754 by William Shipley and called for
‘Members from all Ranks, Professions and Trades’ to come together to make ‘Discoveries,
Inventions and Improvements’ that would lead to ‘Undertakings for the Public Good’.

Today the RSA remains committed to enriching society through ideas and action, and stands for
the belief that everyone should have the freedom and the capacity to establish better lives for
themselves and a better world for others. This is based on our 21st Century Enlightenment belief

• Creativity - a reliance on enhanced human capabilities to solve problems
• Inclusivity - reaching our aspiration for a world free of deprivation
• Responsibility - a shared focus on creating a better world

In joining the RSA Fellowship I undertake to contribute to the continuing work of the RSA
through my Fellowship, my subscription and, where I can, by giving time, skills and resources to
improve and enrich society.

I understand that becoming a Fellow is a privilege and that I am an ambassador for the RSA. I
therefore undertake whilst I am a Fellow not to act in any way that brings the RSA into disrepute.
I agree:

• to further the charitable purposes and uphold the reputation of the RSA;
• to use the name and assets of the RSA exclusively for the RSA’s charitable purposes
and not to misrepresent the RSA, its activities, its endorsements, or the ‘FRSA’
• to observe the provisions of the RSA’s Royal Charter and Bye-laws and any
regulations made under them;
• to maintain the dignity of the RSA by conducting myself with honesty and integrity,
respecting confidentiality and treating those with whom I interact with courtesy,
dignity and respect; and
• not to engage in or support any form of harassment, bullying or unfair discrimination
on any grounds.

In the event that a complaint or grievance is raised about my conduct or a potential breach of the
Fellows’ Charter, I agree to follow the reasonable directions of the Nominations Panel. I
understand that if I breach this Fellows’ Charter, the RSA’s Charter or Bye-Laws, I could be
prevented from holding office within the RSA or be expelled from the Fellowship, at the
discretion of the Nominations Panel under Bye-law 13.8.