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What Makes a “Good Hall Staff?

As members of a hall staff, we all have different ideas of the characteristics that make up a “good” staff.
The following task for our staff will help us - individually and as a team - decide what staff qualities are most
important to us. Hopefully, through discussion, we can come to a better understanding of what each of us
perceives to be qualities of a good hall staff, and use that information to work together as a productive
First, it is important for you to think about what you want to find working on this staff. Take some time to
rank your opinions as to the importance of each item to a “good” residence hall staff. (Rank the most
important item with “1” and the least important item with “15”)

Your ranking Team Ranking

There is a healthy and positive competitiveness among staff members.
There is an attempt by all to stick closely to the agenda of meetings.
The group openly accepts, welcomes and works through conflicts.
Each staff members has an opportunity for leadership within the staff.
Everyone is able to give and receive feedback.
The leaders suggests a plan for each staff meeting (structure, agenda, etc.).
Aggressiveness is allowed to be openly expressed within the group.
Informal sub-groups develop to accomplish goals of the staff.
Staff do not feel threatened to express positive/negative opinions.
The goals of the group are explicitly stated and understood by the staff.
Information is freely shared among staff members.
Staff members’ input is considered when decisions are made.
Attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of caring and support are expressed.
Spontaneity in staff meetings is allowed and welcomed on occasion.
The leader is given feedback on his/her leadership functioning.

When everyone has finished, take a large sheet of paper and draw a horizontal line across it. Number the
line (beginning to end) from 1-15. As a staff, try to arrive at a consensus for ranking the qualities of a good
residence hall staff. Plot the qualities along the line, using the bolded words of each quality. Take time to
discuss areas of disagreement. Challenge yourselves to come to a decision that will satisfy everyone.