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What is communication?

Message Receiver
How do we communicate?

Visual Impact 55%
3V Vocal Impact 38%

Verbal Impact 7%
Non-Verbal Communication
• Facial Gesture • Arms Gesture • Vocal
o Eye contact o Shoulder position o Speed
o Mouth posture o Arm rest position o Pronunciation
o Fidgeting o Handshake o Pitch
o Interaction w/ hand o Finger arrangement o Variation
o Face angle o Palm orientation o Vocal range
o Hair o Interaction b/w both o Pauses
hands o Fillers usage
• Torso Gesture
o Pointers • Feet Gesture
o Standing position o Legs position
o Straightness o Sitting position
o Footwear position
Objective for today!

1. Comprehend the significance of N-V communication

2. Explore means of N-V communication

3. Acknowledge interpretation of N-V signals accurately

4. Learn dos and don’ts in N-V communication
Concept 1: Human Animal
• Privacy

• Sizing up each other, ‘civilize-ly’

• Vigilant towards predator, friendly toward its kind

• Intuitively understand N-V communication
Concept 2: Personal Space
• Commuters in public transport

• Seating in lecture theatre

• Preferred seating location

• ‘Dinner table territory’
Facial Gesture

Eye contact

Mouth posture

Exposed face
Politician and Reporters
Arm Gesture

Hand clench

Hand grip

Arm barrier
Palm Gestures

Palm orientation

Handshake styles
Body position and orientation

Standing orientation

Sitting position

Sitting arrangement
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