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Why is homelessness a social issue and how can society fix this issue?

The way that society can fix this issue is going to be really difficult because there’s 100 millions

homeless people in the world. Some homeless lives under bridge and shelter there’s city that

are helping out people to find a safe place to stay warm and away to get robbed. They usually

stay in warehouse and some stay in hotel which it helps them a lot (Homelessness 1).


1 person or family are usually to become homeless sometime in their life because of the lack of

affordable of housing. When they don’t have a place to stay they usually sleep in their car,live in

tents and dying from the cold weather. Other reason why they become homeless is because of

war and natural disaster for example hurricane katrina made it worse because the number of

homeless was increasing even before the hurricane. Homelessness in america keeps growing

and growing, a project by father joe’s village is helping out the homeless by giving them a place

where to stay and to the people that have a really low-income most of the people that have a

shelter with father joe they usually struggling with chronic physical disabilites, substance abuse

and mental illness but the housing help them with medical and dental problem.