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One Rotary Center

1560 Sherman Avenue

Evanston, IL 60201-3698 USA
Gary C.K. Huang
2014-15 RI President

to put the nation in order. then. through Rotaract. he said: In 2014-15. history of the world. Gates Foundation. Rotarians In this Rotary year. in Rotary are not unique to Rotary. an appealing and attractive opportunity for busy We’ve become part of a truly international network professionals and those with young families? of volunteers. must put the family in order. to put the family in order. and Rotary is a family and is for the family: Encourage many other programs. we will Light Up Rotary have come together to by reaching our goal of 1. the members we have. Remember that Rotary Community Corps. To me. we can make our money work three times as hard. strengthening our clubs. More than two the job is finished. President. associates. To do this. chance to learn more about Rotary. Rotary International. everyone. I will ask all of you to Light Up Rotary that has something for — by sharing our service. — by eradicating polio. So tell your friends. we commitment and our service will light up the world. we set our hearts right by putting Service Above Self. and we’ve learned how much we can achieve when we put our differences aside and We will also Light Up Rotary — and make history work together. Interact. we must first set our hearts right. Youth Exchange. and try new others have discovered the ideas. 2014-15 .3 million Rotarians. we’ll need to countless Rotarians and approach membership in new ways. Donate to the PolioPlus Fund and I find many traditional Chinese values reflected encourage others to do so as well. and reach out to Youth Exchange and All of us are part of the family of Rotary. And we Foundation alumni. By meeting the in Rotary: values of service and responsibility. Rotary is an organization In 2014-15.000 communities. Perhaps the and elected officials how critical it is that we reason Rotary resonates so deeply with me is that End Polio Now. and letting our light shine in our communities. In Rotary. and healthier place. What can you do to make being a Rotarian made the world a better. for well over a century. All over the world. thousand years before Paul Harris was born.K. and have all gained so much from our Rotary service. And in the years bringing in new members while working to keep since Rotary was founded. and why they We’ve made friends. helped our communities. we must first put the Up Rotary in more than 34. in cities and towns. serve. look realistically at why members stay. we must first care for our Gary C. newest challenge issued by the Bill & Melinda of respect for family and for others. Huang own organization and expand our family of Rotary. Be an active part of the It is not surprising. our nation in order. Focus on your own club. that the ideas of Confucius greatest public-private health partnership in the so often guide me in my Rotary service. as we strengthen our clubs and Light To put the world in order. And we recognize that in order to be ambitious in our service. safer. and leave. Hold a Rotary Day to give your community a joys of Rotary service. and share in the pride when Confucius was the original Rotarian. Polio eradication within the next few years is absolutely realistic — if we keep Many of the ideas and values that we cherish up our momentum. your spouse and other family members to consider joining.