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As I enter into the practice of Medical Technology, I
 Accept the responsibilities inherent to being a
 Uphold the law and shall not participate in illegal
 Act in a strict spirit of fairness to all and in a spirit
of brotherhood toward other members of the
 Accept employment from more than one employer
only when there is no conflict of interest.
 Perform my task with full confidence, absolute
reliability and accuracy.
 Share my knowledge and expertise with my
 Contribute to the advancement of the professional
organization and other allied health organizations.
 Restrict my praises, criticisms, views and
opinions within constructive limits.
 Treat any information I acquired in the course of my
work as strictly confidential.
 Uphold the dignity and respect of my profession
and conduct myself a reputation of reliability,
honesty and integrity.
 Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory
science to promote life and benefit mankind.
 Report any violations of the above principles of the
professional conduct to authorized agency and to
the ethics committee of the organization.

.To these principles. I hereby subscribe and pledge to conduct myself at all times in a manner befitting the dignity of my profession.