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Oriana Danby’s

I am happy and
full of life!
Ready for high Still going strong!
school :D 1 year down, 3 to
go :’)

Freshman Year Sophomore Year

Junior Year Senior Year

But I
made it!
A Little About Me
My name is Oriana Danby and I am in the Class of 2017
at El Capitan High School. I will be attending University
of Hawai’i at West Oahu next fall as a nursing major.

My family and education are what I value most.

I love hiking, exploring, travelling, the outdoors,
volleyball, fruit, Yearbook, card games, ping pong, and

I currently plan to become a nurse, but still am open to
other futures. It all depends on what I experience in the
upcoming year.
General Words of Advice

1. Work HARD. If you want to be successful, you’ll 6. Read outside of your required work. Open up
need determination and motivation. your mind and expand your vocabulary.

2. Challenge yourself, but find balance in your 7. Do community service out of heart, not for
schedule. hours. And do a lot of it.

3. Be kind and have respect for others. Especially 8. Get involved! Join a club, sports team, etc.
your parents. Have an optimistic, can-do attitude.
Smile. 9. Surround yourself with positive influences who
share similar goals as you. Look for real friends who
4. Get enough sleep and drink tea :). Mental health want you to succeed.
is just as important as physical health.
10. Stay focused on your long term goals. What are
5. Live clean. Don’t do drugs, drink alcohol, etc. Eat you doing all of this for?
healthy, drink water, and do exercise.
General Tips
● Take the PSAT your sophomore and
junior year, and SAT your junior and
senior year
● Learn Google keyboard shortcuts
○ Especially CTRL+F!!!
○ Learn how to split screen on a
○ It is so much easier to identify
plagiarized work than one might think
● Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Freshman Year
● Take classes at Merced College
● Take the PSAT
● Try new sports and clubs
● Establish good connections with
● Keep a good attendance and
behavioral record
● Focus on your education from
the start
Sophomore Year I’m a
now but still
● Take classes at Merced College
fresh man
● Take the PSAT
● Take advanced classes and AP Euro if
you can handle it
● Try to do well on standardized testing
● Don’t say the typical, “These freshmen are
so small!! What babies!” → you’re only on
your second year
● Maintain good relations with others and a
good reputation
Junior Year
MOST, so take this year seriously!
● Take the PSAT in the fall
● Take the SAT and ACT in spring
● Take as many AP classes as you
can handle
● Take classes at Merced College
● Start touring and thinking about
what colleges you’re interested in
● Start driving
Senior Year APPLY
- To TONS of scholarships
● Continue to take challenging classes
- To a dream school, a realistic
● Stay out of trouble
school, and a backup school
● Stay motivated
○ Think about your long term goals
- To a job and start saving now
● Enjoy your time now
● Create a game plan
● Take the SAT/ACT again if you want KEEP TRACK OF THE
to improve your scores
● Be realistic financially about college
● Take classes throughout the year at
Merced College
Options After High School
- Community College * Types of College Degrees:
- Four Year University **
- Associate’s *
- Graduate School ***
- Medical school, law
school, etc. - Bachelor’s **
- Trade Schools
- Internships - Master’s ***
- Jobs
- PhD ***
- Vocational Schools
- MD ***
- Many more...
My Future Aspirations
- Attend University of Hawai’i at West Oahu
for 2 years
- Transfer to UH at Hilo for remaining 2
- Earn BS of Nursing
- Start working at a hospital on the Big
- Become a travel nurse in the South Pacific
and other foreign countries
- Buy an eco-friendly house in Hilo, HI
Personal Goals

I want to travel.
● Freshman Year
My freshman year was mainly about getting used to a busy schedule. I


had classes that were a bit difficult for me, like college prep biology and

advanced english. I was attending Murrieta Valley High School, a bit
more academic-intensive school, so I had to quickly adjust to becoming
a student athlete.
● Sophomore Year
○ My sophomore year was the most personality developing of all. This
was the year that I opened up to others and stopped being so shy. I had
just moved to El Capitan, so it was an opportunity to start over and
work on my insecurities, such as public speaking. I tried new things, like
track. I’m thankful I was thrown into a very supportive environment as it
helped me to be more comfortable around new people.
● Junior Year
○ My junior year was again a developing year. I learned how to be more
comfortable and accept myself while taking challenging classes and
preparing for college applications. This was definitely the hardest year
to balance my academics, athletics, and other extracurriculars.
● Senior Year
○ Senior year started off quite simply - and honestly, it was not a huge
academic struggle. What I tried to manage this year was balancing all
the fun things I wanted to do with each other. I played volleyball in the
fall, coached a youth team in the winter, and assisted the boys team in
the spring. I did Yearbook for the last time, and was a part of ESA and
the recycling crew. I met a lot of new friends and this was my favorite
year by far.
Matthew 23:12
“He who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he
who humbles himself shall be exalted.”