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Purpose of the Gifted

Program & Models Elkins Pointe Middle School
Gifted Program Information

Gifted students need specialized educational experiences Can my child be tested before the start of the school year?
No, TAG teachers will begin the school year by completing the auto-
that support their development and potential.
matic screening process. Teachers are not contracted during the
The purpose of the gifted program is to support and ad- summer to administer tests for gifted services.
dress the unique learning characteristics, interests, per- Who do I contact for information about the TAG program at the
sonal needs and capabilities of gifted children. In the pro- school?
Adam Hardigree is the TAG Department Chair at Elkins Pointe. He can
gram, students are able to interact with other peers who be reached at
are on the same intellectual level. The program emphasizes
What are the benefits of the TAG program?
the gifted student’s need for interaction with intellectual
Talented and Gifted
Intellectually gifted and exceptionally creative students have unique
peers. learning characteristics, interests, personal needs, and capabili-
ties. The Fulton County Schools TAG program addresses these unique
characteristics and needs by providing an opportunity for gifted
Model-These goals are accomplished in middle schools by
providing advanced courses for identified gifted students
students to interact with intellectual peers as they participate in
classes that extend and enrich the basic curriculum. Through partici- (TAG) Program
by: pation in TAG classes, students will develop advanced research, ad-

 Increase and adjust the level of their learning with a
vanced communication, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills.
My child is excited, but anxious about the difficulty of TAG clas-
Testing & Eligibility
variety of teaching methods and differentiation ses in Middle School. What advice should I give to him/her?
Students should be encouraged to speak with their teachers if they
 Challenging instructional activities are designed to experience difficulties and take advantage of the support system
intensify and extend their particular interests and offered to middle school students. A transitional period is to be ex-
aptitudes. Identified gifted students are served based pected and parents can support the transition by providing a quiet
space and time to do homework and by assisting students in planning
upon their academic strengths and can be placed in up how to complete long-term assignments.
to four core curriculum areas—language arts, math,
If my child were determined eligible, how and when would his or
science and social studies. Educational experiences for her schedule change?
gifted students provide the additional variety and flexi- In middle school, gifted students attend one to four advanced content
bility necessary to adjust and extend the curriculum to courses each day. The exact courses for a student are determined by
past classroom performance, nationally normed achievement test
meet these individuals’ needs. scores, and teacher recommendations. Once determined eligible,
students will begin gifted services at the beginning of the next report
 Gifted students are placed in advanced content cours-
card period. In high school, gifted students have a variety of options.
es on the basis of achievement scores, past academic Options for the high school gifted student include seminars, individual
performance, and teacher recommendations. projects, select Honors courses for 9 th and 10th grades, Advanced
Placement courses, Directed Studies, career internships (11 th and 12 th
grades only), and International Baccalaureate courses.
Resources for Spanish speaking parents & guardians:
Testing Eligibilty
Referral Process

The Fulton County School System screens all students The gifted teacher must complete a Notification of Con-  A student is eligible for TAG if they have a quali-
for eligibility for gifted services twice a year. sideration of Gifted Services (parent consent to test) fying score in 3 of the 4 criteria categories
any time assessments are administered that are not (mental abilities, achievement, creativity, and
 Automatic Screening- identifies students who
score at specified levels on a norm-referenced part of a system-wide testing event. Parents must re- motivation) as long as one piece of the infor-
tests including, but not limited to: Standardized ceive, sign, and return the form before a student can mation is nationally normed. They may also
Acheivement Tests STAR Assessments Accel- be assessed. qualify for TAG services if they have a qualifying
eration Assessments Automatic Screening will be score in both mental abilities and achievement.
tested in September/October. All parents will be For more information visit:
notified of eligibility decisions in November. Observation instruments used in the gifted eligibility
process, such as rating scales do not require parental
 Classroom Screening - There is a two-week peri- permission. Data must be collected in all four assess- -Assessment/Curriculum-and-Instruction/Pages/
od in the winter to review all students. Classroom ment categories: Gifted-Education.aspx
teachers use the Characteristics Instrument for
Screening Students (CISS) to identify students with  After testing parents receive a copy of the eligi-
superior abilities in five or more of the following  Mental Abilities bility report.
areas: motivation, interests, communication skills,
problem-solving abilities, memory, inquiry, insight,  Achievement
reasoning, creativity, and humor.  If they qualify, a placement conference is
 Creativity

Students referred for testing
through the Classroom  Motivation
Screening process will be
tested within the time frame The gifted teacher
of January - March. If a stu- must follow the evalua-
dent qualifies for the gifted tion guidelines and
program, parents will be
notified. protocols provided by the Advanced Studies office.