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Situation No. 1.

It is a slow period at the restaurant when a guest arrives. There is only one steward on duty; he
is partially turned away from the main door, sorting through a stack of papers.

GUEST SERVICE (Says nothing, does not look up. Continues
AGENT (GSA): to sort through the papers.)

GUEST: (Doesn’t say anything either. Looks around and clears his throat a
couple of times and shifts his weight from one foot to the other.)
GSA: (Continues sorting papers, but looks up briefly) Help You?
Guest: I have a reservation ...
GSA: Name?
Guest: Anand.
GSA: Last or first name?
Guest: Last! A. Anand!
GSA: (Glances at the reservation book) Humm. We’ve got reservations for two
different Anands .
Guest: Arun Anand.
GSA: Shows him to the table, seats him, hands over a menu and goes back to
sorting the stacks of paper
Guest waits at the table drumming his fingers. The Steward picks up the pile of papers he’s been
sorting, takes them down to the other end of the restaurant. Guest drums his fingers on the
desk; looks at his watch.)

GSA: (Comes back) Sorry Sir, Are you ready to place your order?
Guest: Places the order and asks…How long will this take?
GSA: Well sir, this will take at least 30 minutes.
Guest: I understand, can you please ask the chef to make it fast? I have got a
meeting to go to.
GSA: Yes Sir.

Situation No. 2

Which way do you want it? GUEST: Well. yes. I’d like that Chinese. O.. Huh? what kind of vegetables come with it? ORDER CLERK: I don’t know.. please (pause) O. I’d like coffee.K... I am not too sure that I want the fish.. ORDER CLERK: Our special tonight is Kerala Fish Curry with rice and vegetables.. Thank you for calling room service (Hangs up phone..nine.. ORDER CLERK: One coffee. ORDER CLERK: O. is this room service? ORDER CLERK: Yes..ti. Mr.. Thank you for calling room service. GUEST: Fish.) Situation No.. He has got a lot of work to do to get ready for an important meeting in the morning.. GUEST: Beans huh? Is that plain rice? ORDER CLERK: I’ll have to check (muffled voices) you can get it either steamed or as rice pulao. what would you like? GUEST: Yeah. Satish.. ORDER CLERK: Chinese fried rice....K. Would you care to order anything else? GUEST: Well. and anything to drink? GUEST: I would like that with less oil.teen.... (ring. I guess I really didn’t want dessert anyway.. GUEST: I’d like that Chinese....One second. ORDER CLERK: Could you hold a second? Thank you (pause) GUEST: Hello. I will let you know if there is going to be a delay. it is. He decides to order dinner from room service. with papers and folders spread out on the bed and the table... yes. originally I was going to order the Chinese long will that take? ORDER CLERK: We will get it to you as soon as we can GUEST: How long is that? ORDER CLERK: It depends on how busy they are in the kitchen right now..) GUEST: Well.hello? ORDER CLERK: I am sorry.ring... Satish is in his room....It’s 7.m. let me check (muffled voices) beans. Room 219 ORDER: Sa.. We are catering a rather large party tonight and so we are running a little behind on room service.) ORDER CLERK: Hello? GUEST: Yeah...two. Mr. you see...(Hangs up phone.. GUEST: Hold it...00 but we are out of filet of sole.ring... 3 . ORDER CLERK: What’s your name and room number please? Guest: Satish. and dessert? GUEST: Coffee? .. the Chinese fried rice.K......

first of all that you waited seven weeks for them to come. Sudhakar works on commission. he needs room to set them up . He plans to see one customer the evening he arrives. and sales have been pretty slow recently. When the package did arrive. For this trip. and customers come there for the sales demonstration. His first customer is due to arrive at 7. Some had printed designs. At that point. Actually. and some didn’t -there was a quite a variety to choose from. Mr. He has never stayed with you before.the seams were coming apart on both of them.30.if you ordered three. Situation No. That was too good a deal to miss. At that point. Mr. It didn’t actually say that they’d guarantee to send the exact colours and size you ordered. and usually does most of his selling right in the hotels he stays at. Mr. Third. Mr. there was nothing in the catalog that said how fast they’d mail your order. In addition.the other one the next morning. Now suppose. He travels a great deal. And fourth. you noticed that both of them had seams that were coming apart.both about the mail-order company. Sudhakar’s plan was a little bit late-but he has managed to get to the hotel by quarter to six.or that they should be sure to send the right quantity. and has a confirmed reservation for arrival no later than 6. Second. And it didn’t really tell you what quality to expect.Suppose you received a mail-order catalog and saw some very nice looking tee shirt in various colors and styles. and about the tee shirts you had ordered.m. First of all. Either way. In order to demonstrate the computers he sells. you had certain expectations. But you are still disappointed. He called both of them before he left home. one was the right style and color. Sudhakar made reservation at your hotel. you would get a 40% discount. you would get 30% discount. but the hotel’s location is convenient for the two important customers he plans to see on this trip. Just for fun. 4 Mr. The two sales he hopes to make in your hotel are very tee shirt was the wrong size. the mail-order company was very slow in sending them to you. . you opened it up and found they had only sent you two tee shirts .so he usually asks for a suite. and keep Mr. you ‘d be pretty disappointed. Of course.00 p.if you ordered two. the other one was the wrong color. the order was incorrect. The other was the right size and style. and has appointments to meet both of them at the hotel. But the best thing was the price. Of the two that they sent. wouldn’t you ? Let us look at precisely why. He sets up his equipment in the living room. he hasn’t made a sale for the past five weeks-which means that there’s been no money coming in for more than a month. Sudhakar from making those sales. the order was incomplete-they only sent you two tee shirts. Sudhakar is a sales representative for a computer company.not three you ordered. so you sent away for three tee shirts. you finish the story. it was a lot less than you would pay in a store. but the wrong size. but wrong color. they weren’t very good quality. Now. He has asked for a suite. Sudhakar usually closes the deal over lunch or dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. let’s see how many ways we can break the unwritten contract.

He grabbed his overnight bag and sample case.quarter to six. and he had a 7. rented a car. and a good 50-minute trip to the airport.00. They must be short of help or something.. But he was seated in the back of the plane.. He was 700 miles from his next appointment. That was his wake-up call. he noticed there were some private taxis across the street.. The customer was not impressed with the figures. and the next person in line moved up to the cashier. and he found it hard to concentrate... It is only 8.00 PM he had two worries on his mind. He had a one hour flight before changing in Mumbai .I have got a better bid from Johnson & brothers.and he decided to take advantage of the breakfast served on the plane.. loosening his tie as he did so. with the vice president of ABC Manufacturing. and they were already calling his plane when he arrived at the terminal. The line seemed to be moving very slowly. GUEST SERVICE AGENT (GSA) Good aftern. but then he remembered where he was . No one was in sight. He paid the bill without question and went outside. He knew it would cost double. and began to feel a small twinge from his ulcer. There was an unexpected Rs. Hegde. By now it was 6. He kept glancing at his watch . but he finally made to the plane. but he didn’t want have any more time to wait around.about 3. finished packing. and one of them seemed to be having an argument with the cashier. In Mumbai.15 and he was only halfway to the desk. There were already 3 people in line. made a deal with one of the drivers. He looked around to see if there might be someone else who could help him check out. There was a brief burst of cheery music.. and he could see the line of people waiting for cabs. There was a squalling baby nearby. Finally the argument seemed to be settled. He a hotel room. and met his customer for lunch.. . and said “This really isn’t what I was expecting from your people. Hegde could feel his stomach muscles tightening . and went down to check . there was another waiting line at the security check station. He skipped breakfast. It was finally his turn . Hegde started to say hello. waiting to check in.00 /day hotel tax added to his bill.the last one on.out. and then the dial tone came on.3. He plunked them down on the desk and leaned on it.00 am. an hour late. He finally arrived at his destination.Situation 5 It was 5. Then he found a corner of the lounge and tried to go over the figures he was going to present at the meeting. Hegde finally arrived at the Hotel .and he saw what the other people had been arguing about. He reached over sleepily and picked up the receiver. but he was already tired. so he called ahead and said he would be late. he found there was a delay of two hours on his next plane. He gulped the food.15 plane to catch. Had he lost the ABC account at lunch? And would the customer he was planning to meet this afternoon also feel his prices were too high? There was a long line of people at the desk.ten to six. When he finally got to the desk. Another argument seemed to be starting! Mr. He glanced at his watch . there was a lot of road construction on the way. Of course. and got in line. he had his confirmation slip and his credit card ready. After about five minutes of waiting. Mr. and made the dash to the airport. Unfortunately. showered.. He had luncheon meeting at Delhi.300.00 am when the phone rang in Raju Hegde’s room. and it took the stewardess nearly 40 minutes to get to him.” When Mr.

she noticed that he had left quite a bit of the dosa on the plate. But I am afraid your room is not ready yet. HEGDE: I don’t care about your late check outs ! Look . because one of the buspersons was helping out in the kitchen.they couldn’t seem to turn the tables fast enough to take care of the crowd.Mr.they had one last meeting. and had left a better tip than most. Rajesh. I will talk to the manager. JANE : Good morning. Part of the problem was that one of the waitresses had called in sick . but she was also having to help bus tables.HEGDE: (Interrupting) Raju Hegde. Jane recognized one of her customers . she guessed. just about the time the next group would start arriving. and were leaving at noon. 6 Thursday was a rough morning in the coffee shop . Rajesh? RAJESH: I asked for crisp dosa. Orange juice & crisp masala dosa. He always had papers spread out on the table. And I would like some orange juice and a Crisp Masala dosa. Rajesh. although he had been at least a half hour earlier than today. It had looked crisp to Jane. Would you like coffee? RAJESH: (Looking up absently) What ? Oh.which meant one extra table for everyone else. HEGDE: Not ready ? It is almost 3. but she said anyway: .30 .30 PM GSA: I am sorry sir. and I need a room now. this was the last day of the Grain & Feed Growers’ convention .most of them people from convention. I have a reservation. Mr. GSA: Yes Sir. yes. On top of everything else. The hotel was expecting a 75% turnover of rooms that day. I have you down here. Jane was doing the best she could. There had been a line waiting to get in since before 6. She’d read his name from his badge the first day . we had some late check outs today. Mr. He’d been friendly both days. JANE: Was there something wrong with the dosa. Coffee. If you can’t help.I said I would be arriving early when I made the reservation. The coffee shop was full. When Jane went back with the check. Situation No. RAJESH : Dosa has to be crisp.getting ready for the meetings.he had been in for breakfast both Tuesday and Wednesday. JANE: Yes sir.

Of course. Would you like me to do that now? RAJESH: Never mind. he didn’t leave a tip.If you had just told me. just give me my check. I would have been glad to take it back to the kitchen. .JANE: I am sorry sir .