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Goal Sheet - Chapter 14&15 - The Spirit of Reform
American History 8th Grade

Directions: Complete each part of the Goal Sheet. Follow the directions for each part. The Goal Sheet is due
on the day of the Chapter 14&15 Test. (___________________)

Florida Standards:
● SS.8.A.4.8- Describe the influence of individual on social and political developments of this era in American history.
● SS.8.A.4.9- Analyze the cause, course, and consequences of the Second Great Awakening.
● SS.8.A.4.11- Examine the aspects of slave culture including plantation life, resistance, and roles in spiritual movements.
● SS.8.A.4.14- Examine the causes, course, and consequences of the women's suffrage movement.
● SS.8.A.4.15- Examine the causes, course, and consequences of literature movements significant to this era in American
● SS.8.A.5.2- Analyze the role of slavery in the role of sectional conflicts.

PART 1: Vocabulary: Write a complete definition for each term/concept. Be sure to include examples and
accomplishments when appropriate.

Term Definition

1. Revival

2. Utopia

3. Temperance

4. Normal

5. Civil

6. Dorothea
Dix (412)

7. Abolitionists

8. American
Society (415)

9. William
Lloyd Garrison

10. Harriet
Beecher Stowe

11. Frederick
Douglas (417-

12. Sojourner
Truth (418)
Name:_____________________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ________

Railroad (418)

14. Sufferage

15. Seneca


PART 2: Essential Questions- Write your answers in the space provided below. All answers must be in
complete sentences.

1. What was the effect of the Second Great Awakening?

2. How did Northerners and Southerners view abolition differently?

3. What was the main idea of the Seneca Falls Declaration?

PART 3: Document Analysis: For the questions below read the short passage and answer each question by
writing the letter that best answers the question.

“According to the European theory, men are divided into classes,- some to toil and ear, others to seize and
enjoy. According to the Massachusetts theory, all are to have an equal chance for earning, and equal security
in the enjoyment of what they earn….Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great
equalizer of the conditions of men.”
orace Mann

1. ______ Which describes the European theory according to Mann?
a. People in Europe are better than others
b. Everyone has an equal chance
c. Opportunity is determined at birth
d. Massachusetts has good laws

2. ______ According to Mann. what is the greatest cause of equality among men?
a. Education
b. Job security
c. Class at birth
d. Where you were born