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Job Quiz Aptitude Health Science Careers - Interest Level: 92%

results: Math and Engineering Careers - Interest Level: 42%
Job quiz link Wellness and Athletic Careers - Interest Level: 33%
Natural Science Careers - Interest Level: 33%
Education and Training Careers - Interest Level: 33%

Goal setting: What are ● Get accepted into USC or any of my desire UC’s to
your goals for your pursue my interest of chemistry.
future? ● Acquire a B.S in chemistry along with finishing my
pre-pharmacy courses.
● Pass the PCAT.
● Attend a pharmacy school to acquire PharmD degree.
● Open my own independent pharmacy

Provide a brief Pharmacist in California
description of the job.
Include the Brief Description​: To dispense drugs prescribed by physicians
nature of the work, and to be able to explain the use and any other information
environment, the duties pertaining to the medication. Pharmacists can also guide
performed, physicians with selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects
responsibilities, average of the drug. They can work in pharmacies in grocery stores or
work week, etc hospitals. An average work week includes 45-50 hours.
Career exploration site 1
Career exploration site 2
Career exploration site 3

Describe key skills, skills and abilities:
abilities, and personality ● Social Skills
traits important for this ○ Be able to communicate and in order to teach
career. indv. About prescribed medication
○ Verbal and Listening Skills
● Problem Solving
○ Be able to analyze a situation and provide solution
through medication
○ Includes math
● Basic Skills
○ Reading, Listening, Analyzing
○ Paying attention

Personality traits:
● Concern for Others
○ Willing to explain and teach for the benefit of the
● Attention to Detail
○ Listen to specific details that will contribute to the
best decision
● Dependability
○ Confident in the decisions you make and facts you
● Self Control and Stress Tolerance
○ Being able to stay calm in situations
● Integrity
○ Being honest with indv. And providing relevant

What is the average or National: ​Hourly: $58.41
median salary Yearly: $121,500
range for this career
both nationally and
Local: ​Hourly: $70.11
Yearly: $145,800

What is the outlook for New job opportunities are ​less likely​ in the future. In the state of
the future of this career? California, there are average opportunities, which stands at 900.
Does research show This research shows that hiring will decline in the future.
growth or decline in

Describe the education In order to become a pharmacist, you must acquire a bachelor's
and training degree and then attend a pharmacy school to earn a Doctor of
required for this position. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. There is also a required license which is
Are there give after two exams.
any licenses or
certifications required?

What is your overall Pros:
impression of this ● Various work environments
occupation? ● Able to open up own business
● High salary
● Engaging with indv. In a manner of teaching

● Declining hiring rate
● Unsolvable Situations
● High Stress

After learning more ❏ still interested
about this career, are ❏ not interested)
you still
interested? Would this This career is a good match for me because:
career fit with the It falls into the medical field and I am set on an occupation within
lifestyle you want? Does this field. I will still be able to help individuals through the art of
it match your interests, medicine. I feel that i possess the social and problem solving
personality, skills and skills of this occupation.
work values?

List two occupations that similar careers:
are similar that you may 1. Medical Scientist
be interested in
researching. 2. ​Nurse