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Mercury Venus Earth Mars

Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial Terrestrial

Denser Denser Denser Denser
Smaller inner Smaller inner Smaller inner Smaller inner
planet planet planet planet
Has thin Mountains Mountains Mountains
hydrogen Rocky Surface Only planet to Rocky Surface
atmosphere (or Clouds of sulfuric have an Tallest volcano in
none at all) acid abundance of SS Olympus
Mountains Inner planet liquid water to Mons
Wrinkly surface Rotates support life Inner planet
because it cooled backwards Rocky Surface Might one day
very fast compared to the Inner planet support life
Scorching hot spin of other Perfect balance of Smaller than
days, freezing planets atmospheric Earth
frigid nights (retrograde gases support life Has ice caps like
Rocky Surface rotation) Almost 75% of Earth (frozen CO2
Inner planet Smaller than surface is covered and H2O)
Smaller than Earth in water Red soil due to
Earth Surface marked One moon large amount of
Cliffs by many craters iron oxide in
Surface marked No moons soil/rocks
by many craters Hottest planet Two moons
No moons Thick atmosphere
Smallest planet of carbon dioxide
and thick cloud
cover creates
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune
Gas giant Gas giant Gas giant Gas giant
Less Dense Less Dense Less Dense Less Dense
Has ring system Has ring system Has ring system Has ring system
Larger than Earth Is famous for its Light blue in color Green-blue in
Continuous beautiful rings Rotates or rolls color
storms of Larger than Earth on its side as it Dark colored
swirling, high Outer planet orbits the Sun storms in
pressure gas in Storms Retrograde atmosphere like
atmosphere H2, He2 rotation on Jupiter (Great
Icy cold slushy Over 200 Larger than Earth Dark Spot)
surface of Satellites Outer planet Larger than Earth
frozen/liquid No solid surface H2, He2 Outer planet
gases (H2, He2, 27 satellites 13 satellites
CH4) No solid surface No solid surface
Outer planet
Largest planet
Great Red Spot
63 satellites
No solid surface
Downgraded to dwarf planet status
Smaller than Earth
Outer planet with icy-rock surface
One moon
Rotates on its side
Retrograde rotation