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November 14, 2016

Let the Right One In – Oral Discussion

Something that you see in the horror genre is a divide between a
reality (Real reality) or an objective way that the universe is. And
the subjective reality.
People spend a lot of time denying the monsters reality, and try
to come up with another explanation for it.
The monster is there and is threatening. To destroy the monster
you have to understand it. It is sometimes possible to defeat it,
sometimes not
Reality itself is not accessible
The monster is the closest you can come to reality, and what the
world is really like
We cant truly understand reality
o Colour spectrum
o Have limitations and human beings
o Intellectual limitations
The delusion is that you could have X you want if you get rid of Y
or opposite, if we get rid of X we can have Y
monster is the explanation as to why we cant have nice things
Real reality “Reality”
Objective Where the monster subjective
In between the two
 Being something that  Fantasy is required
should exist but does to fill in the gap
 Monster is a real thing  People often believe
that exposes the gap they can pass
 Monster can also between the gap
represent a fantasy that gives you a
that fills in the gap sense of reality
o Social scenarios o Social scenario
o that you can
have a thing, if
only you could
get ride of the
 Hitler: selling the
idea that if we could
only get rid of
Jewish, we would
have a society that
 Stereotypes: if you

Serial killers are often described as being normal despite being a serial killer (living a normal life. and that somehow makes it worse. or that the monster destroyed the innocence. the death has no meaning. o Fantasy of innocent child that is corrupted by society. innocence and childhood was taken but strangely extended. If we were to just get rid of the monsters. Hakan is corrupting her. or to prove that innocence is fake and does not really exist. In horror stories its always horrible that there’s no innocence. Not going to be quick and painless. Have possibility of innocent child but never get that possibility o An innocent victim that is punished by contact with the monster Non innocent child reveals that child innocence is an imaginary thing  The monster reveals the gap and reveals that it is a senseless concept.Idea that something is preventing the love relationship In a normal social reality: innocent child  The monster prevents us from having innocent children. It proves the existence of an abnormality. Hakan is horrible because he is a serial killer. They are a monster. could get rid of what is being stereotyped. It does not really exist Is either there to prevent innocence or sustain that innocent is possible. She was corrupted or perverted: gender was altered. Unknown aspect of pattern. They seem normal. and she is corrupting Oskar. An innocent child is a social concept and is subjective and constructed thing. you can have your fantasy  Ex: romantic comedies . Example in book: serial killer. no suspicions) . its unnatural. you don’t see it coming. We sustain the possibility of innocent children. then we could have “a real child” In the horror story: monstrous child  The reactionary way to look at Eli is that she is corrupt and was a child that was corrupted and is a corrupted force. o How is being killed by a serial killer worse than death  they do it for fun. It is unexpected. She has become a monster.

she is literally buying his life from his veins  Only really thinkable and clearly an option when you are around poor people If someone came a Some people would rather use human blood other than animal blood It’s a normal capitalistic transaction but its for an abnormal thing Cant sell: don’t possess sell.  Stranger to him – makes it strange  Someone with money is exploiting someone who doesn’t (and needs it) o Instead of buying his life by working at a job for 50 years. he’ll be killed  If he were to refuse. Oskar is fantasy of escape. when in reality if he says no. ext. Eli is a rich person who is not pretending that she is not a monster. She is not bound to rules that others are bound to.  Theme of Story: o metaphorically the rich are vampiric exploiters of the poor. More worried about entering a normal economic relation with her. with or without his permission. Fantasy figure representing extreme worse of economic system. or just kill him. it would reveal the actual dynamic that she has come to take his blood. She would be compelled to stick to the fantasy scenario. Eli is providing fantasy revenge/escape that he cant provide for himself. She is his method of transgressing the system. organs  Eli is the nightmare monstrosity  Oskar has an attraction/repulsion to her – she doesn’t have the same anxieties that the other characters do. blood. She is not stuck in an economic situation that others are. make friends. than that she is a vampire it threatens his idea of having a stable place in society .empty gesture  Fantasy is that he can say no. possess Soul.  Buy blood. The fact that she has this wealth should isolate her from the people she is near/victimises.What forced choices are illustrated in the blood-buying scene? Or elsewhere in the novel. and is making friends with exactly the person she is going to fundamentally destroy. Her vampirism is connected to her strange class status/lack of class status. because of her super human abilities. He can leave the area.

Maybe you were never unique in the first place . and the double above ground who doesn’t have his coat torn o anxiety is a paranoid anxiety that there is a more true reality Doppelganger o Anxiety starts to develop is the question of which one of you is real o Is it true that only one of you is real? o The other you threatens to invalidate your own existence o Is a threat. So there is his brother with his red face down under the ground. They reveal fundamentally the nightmare of order. purest form of friendship in a capitalist system: paying for friendship. which makes her terrifying/dangerous for someone that Eli and is what allows her to surpass the economic system By being abnormal. tries to kill you or take over your life o Invalidates the idea of unique individuality . 2016 Double/ doppelganger double of another person o kills his brother. Anxiety over what is real/fantasy & illusion Friend who is replaced with a double monster that you cant see November 21. metaphorically speaking o Represents devilish figure that has a resemblance to you. and there is still a double of him above ground. it is abnormal but seems normal . goes back and sees his “dead” brother now still alive. and much of the friendship is trying to hide the way it works you cant be best friends with a billionaire – friendship is built on avoiding the idea of money Eli is a figure that is both monstrous and attractive to Eli. the vampires support the idea that normal exists.You can be replaced  We are never really there.

Common themes in horror . but are very much like fables o plot events tend to unfold as fable plot events do idea of transgression of sin/punishment ex) our neighbours house o neighbour turns out to be the monster nightmare o if father was not to return. they were to go to neighbours house o the neighbour is a monster force who is coming for them in the night because they did not go to him when they were supposed to fable explanation: because they disobeyed the father. An anxiety that reality is really an illusion . it has been a sin to not go there  they deserve to die by the hand of the neighbour because they disobeyed his father .what we take as reality. which should be torn should be dead but is not o shows how this is really not his brother Children fables: often horrific often have some sort of morality tied to them o carrol’s story might not have morality violates a distinction of what is real and what is seen to be real . is really not reality.there’s a more true reality Brother story: sibling rivalry biblical slain of the brother nightmare return of the brother story begins in a simple place. two brothers who are not alike has non-torn coat. the neighbour has become the monster  no real logic to it  its clear that something has occurred.