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Thursday, March 30, 2017 Vol. 52, No. 45 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1
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Verona Area School District

Colorful connections Yes or No

Multicultural mixers aim to empower high school girls April 4 referendum
KATE NEWTON now in the hands of On the ballot
Unified Newspaper Group
the voters Question 1
Gathered in the K-Wing of Vero- SCOTT GIRARD
na Area High School on March 14, a What: New high school,
Unified Newspaper Group auditorium, building
group of students paused to giggle at
first when asked about the beauties renovations
Years of planning have
(they) portray in the world. Cost: $162.8 million
led to the upcoming Vero-
That giggling soon turned into Tax impact*: 42
na Area School District
affirming, rather than self-conscious,
laughter as the teenage girls went
referendum. cents/$1,000 of property
around the circle to share their own I
But over the 13 hours value
that will decide its fate on
am beautiful because statements.
Im beautiful because I am pas-
Tuesday, April 4, as voters
check three boxes labeled
Question 2
sionate. Im beautiful because I can
yes or no, those who What: Pool, athletic
accomplish great things. Im beau-
have been doing all of that competition fields at new
tiful because I challenge the statistics
planning will no longer high school site
and stereotypes.
have much say in its out-
And then, all together in a chorus Cost: $18.5 million
that rang throughout the large room: Tax impact*: 37
We v e n e v e r l o s t
I am beautiful, and I see you. cents/$1,000 of property
track that its always in
The students about 20 of them value
the hands of the voters,
ranging from freshmen to seniors at
superintendent Dean Gor-
VAHS and the Exploration Acade-
my had stayed after school to par-
rell said.
Either way, the district
Question 3
ticipate in a monthly Multicultural
will start a new project What: Recurring operat-
All-Girls Mixer led by school social
immediately planning a ing costs
worker Andrea Bonaparte and Lilada
major construction proj-
Gee, who works as a consultant on Cost: $2.3 million
ect or finding another way
equity and inclusion for the Verona Tax impact*: 58
to deal with the projected
Area School District. The program cents/$1,000 of prop-
began last fall with a goal to give erty value (beginning in
If the referendum pass-
students of color or anybody who 2020)
es, then we know that
identifies as a girl to come in and just
have a space to talk and learn about *Over current tax rate
different topics, including self-re-
Turn to Vote/Page 14
spect, healthy relationships and ways
the students can serve as leaders
through their education and future Spring election
careers, Bonaparte told the Press.
Sarah Useche, a senior at VAHS,
said she and several friends were
drawn to the mixers because they
District 2 race offers
had been tailor-made to empower
minority girls here in Verona.
Theres a lot of things going
Photo by Kate Newton
Ananda Mirilli, who serves as the family, youth and community engagement
coordinator for the Madison Metropolitan School District, poses for a picture with
referendum on council choice
around in our school where we attendees of the monthly Multicultural All-Girls Mixer March 14 at Verona Area JIM FEROLIE board president Dennis
dont necessarily have that mutual High School. Mirilli talked to the girls about her experiences being multiracial in Verona Press editor Beres decided not to run
her native Brazil versus in the United States, and how women of color can combat after new-
Turn to Mixers/Page 10 stereotypes depicted about them in the media and popular culture. While the entire Vero- comer Kris-
na Area School District tina Navar-
votes on the building of ro-Haffner
a new high school, voters announced
Main Street shutdown in District 2 of the city her candi-

Squeeze is on starting next week

will also get a chance next dacy.
week to show whether Voters
they agree with the Com- w i l l a l s o Gaskell
mon Council majority. have a con-
Incumbent Ald. tested race
JIM FEROLIE at least through the Hometown Days At the citys first preconstruction Scott Stewart, who was for the state
Verona Press editor Parade and Verona Area High School meeting Thursday afternoon with gen- appointed last spring after superinten-
graduation, parts of the east side of the eral contractor Parisi, the contractor an unexpected opening, dent of pub-
Beginning Monday, there will be no street including access to businesses reported it will start working north to faces challenger Sarah lic instruc-
parking on South Main Street for sever- will be compromised until the switch. south. Workers will dig up about one Gaskell, who was one of tion, with
al months. Thats not just vehicle traffic and park- block at a time, then reconstruct the five candidates for that incumbent
Traffic will shift to the west next ing; it means front doors, as well. sidewalks, terrace, curbs and street in open seat, in the April 4 Tony Evers
week, using the parking lane for south- Every business along South Main that order while excavating the next election. facing Stewart
bound traffic and the normal south- Street will have some limitations during block. No other local races are challeng-
bound lane for northbound traffic. That part of the full construction period, That means Avanti Italian Restau- on the ballot, though the er Lowell Holtz. At the
will continue until the full shutdown of which runs through September and will rant, Toot and Kates wine bar, Goochi Verona Area School Dis- county level, voters can
the road begins, around mid-June. go as far south as Verona Vision Care trict will have one new
Though the street itself will be open (320 S. Main St.). Turn to Main/Page 3 member, as incumbent Turn to Election/Page 3

Verona Press Meet Me At Tralee
Summer 2017
5410 Nobel Drive,
Fitchburg, WI 53711 Studio, 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Available 608.441.9999
2 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Country View stu-
dents spent some of
their lunch time on
Thursday, March 23,
and Friday, March
24, cheering for
their classmates as
they performed on
stage for the schools
lunch theater
event. The school
offers the opportuni-
ty for students to per-
form and invite their
parents for the show
once every couple of
months during the
school year.

Photos by Scott Girard

Fourth-graders, from left, Gayla Bullocks, Quiarra McKenzie, Azalea Rios-Easterling and Kameah Clermont perform a dance during Country Views lunch theater
Friday, March 24.

On the Web
See more photos from Country Views Friday, March 24, lunch theater
Emma Knoll

New Brunch a cover of

Roar by
Katy Perry.

Come in for Your Right, Talia
Gorgeous Smile Wagner, a
The right shade of teeth for you fifth-grader,
Healthy, invisible gums Sundays performs a
Central incisors identically shaped dance during
Upper teeth that follow your
starting April 2 lunch the-
bottom lip line 10:00 am-2:00 pm ater.

Beautiful tooth alignment

and symmetry
Making Verona Smile Since 1976!


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City of Verona

CDI, Liberty retail under review

JIM FEROLIE than the first floor. Glass, metal and
concrete are prominent in the facade,
Verona Press editor
On the agenda which is typical of a technology
The planned transformation of the park campus building. A much larger
southeast side of the city is continuing Cellular Dynamics Internation- industrial area is behind the facade.
with a review of two new buildings al site plan (approval) and certified The Liberty Park building, mean-
next week. survey map (recommendation) for while, is similar to two other build-
The Plan Commission will consid- ings along M. Theyre designed to
er approving site plans for the mas- 133,700-square-foot building at accommodate one or two restaurants
sive Cellular Dynamics International Verona Technology Park or similar facilities, along with sec- Photo by Jim Ferolie

ond-floor offices. Ruth Jensen, left, and Janeen Reuschlein, right, discuss
human cell manufacturing plant in Liberty Park Lot 28 site the local detours that will be available downtown during
Verona Technology Park and anoth- This particular building is 24,280
plan approval for two-story square feet and would be the fur- the planned shutdown of Main Street, which starts April
er mixed-use retail building across 3 on the east side and moves to the entire street in June.
County Hwy. M in Liberty Business 24,280-square-foot building thest east of the three. Its parking is
Those detours are shown on a map behind them at the
Park, just east of Old PB. The meet- planned to be shared with three other citys March 21 public information meeting.
ing begins at 6:30p.m. Monday in Goddard School expansion buildings and provide some relief for
the council chambers despite the next 6,390-square-foot site plan (ap- the new restaurant thats expected to
days election.
Elements of the CDI plan have
proval) and certified survey map go into the same building as Sugar
River Pizza, Nalah.
Main: Digging will go north to
already been before the Common
Council, which earlier this month dis- Rezoning of city land on West
The plan doesnt show the glass-en-
closed staircase the other two have south in one-block increments
cussed a plan to provide an unspeci- Verona Avenue and at 2760 North but is otherwise architecturally near- Continued from page 1 beginning April 20, at a loca-
fied and yet-undetermined taxpay- ly identical, with space for up to six
er incentive for luring the expand-
Nine Mound public hearings retailers on the main floor and modern
tion to be determined.
Poochi and other business- For everyone else, the city
ing business here after it ran out of Floodplain zoning amendment styling designed to evoke thoughts of held a more general public
es in that area will need to
room in Madisons Research Park. Verona, Italy.
But the commission will get a more
public hearing Other reviews Monday include an
use back or side doors or information meeting March
explore other alternatives 21, providing much of the
detailed look at the site plan for expansion of Goddard School, which same information, including
during the heaviest part
the 133,700-square-foot, two-sto- has already outgrown its 2-year-old maps showing detours, the
of work in their section
ry facility that would go east of the years. That addition would make it facility, a rezoning of city land along scope of the project, alter-
which likely will be a few
SAFC-Pharma plant on the far south- one of the largest buildings in the city, West Verona Avenue that was recently nate parking options and
weeks at a time, city pub-
east side of the District. after Epics Deep Space and Learning acquired from the state and a change how to access local business-
lic works director Theran
Those plans show a two-phase Center campus facilities. to the floodplain ordinance. es.
Jacobson told the Press last
approach to the construction of the The CDI building would be built About 25 members of the
facility, with the second phase adding into the side of the terminal moraine, Email Verona Press editor Jim Ferolie public attended and asked a
Its going to be acceler-
about 65,000 square feet in about four so its second floor is actually larger at handful of questions, includ-
ated, and theyre going to
move fast so they can get ing the loss of parking, the

Election: Stewart appointed last year over Gaskell, others in and out of there as quick traffic shift and the bum-
as they can to disrupt busi- pouts that will block parking
nesses as little as possible, in some places and prevent
Continued from page 1 that continuing to imple-
ment the downtown plan is
On the Web districts in Wisconsin.
Before he became state
he said.
He added that the northern
illegal traffic flow in the
parking lanes.
choose between a pair of important. See questionnaires from the District superintendent in 2009, end is the most congested Its not yet certain exactly
judge candidates, Marilyn School district 2 alder candidates, which ran in last Evers was a superintendent part for pedestrian move- what day digging will start,
Townsend and Jill Karof- weeks paper: in Oakfield and the Verona ments the area with build- but parking will be shut
sky, for the circuit court. In VASD, Navarro-Haff- Area School District. ings that come right up to the down as early as Sunday
ner will take over the seat sidewalk. night, and traffic and erosion
City District 2 that Beres has held for
Circuit court Jacobson has reached out control will be in place by
In the city appointment more than a decade. Karofsky and Townsend to businesses throughout Monday morning, Jacobson
process last spring, four A mother of three chil- elected as state superin- are running for Branch 12 the planning of the project, said. Access to businesses
tendent in 2009, won the and held a business public could be available for a few
alders voted for Stewart dren in the district, Navar- three-way primary race of the Dane County Circuit
and three voted for other ro-Haffner was among the Feb. 21 by a wide margin. Court. information meeting March days during setup.
candidates, including one 11 applicants for the open Judge David Flanagan 9, though it was sparse- Anyone with questions
Holtz took second place ly attended. The city and can contact Jacobson direct-
vote for Gaskell, who was board seats last year. Her o v e r f e l l o w c h a l l e n g - retired from the seat in
also a candidate for one children are in third, eighth er John Humphries, who July, and Gov. Scott Walk- contractor will also hold ly at 848-6801.
of two open Verona Area and 10th grade. ers appointed replace- biweekly business meetings, Email Verona Press editor
School District seats. I care deeply about this both have courted the more ment, Clayton Kawski, did tentatively scheduled for Jim Ferolie at veronapress@
conservative vote rela- not seek the seat in this 9a.m. every other Thursday
Since that time, Gaskell school district, and now tive to Evers.
has served on the Library that our experiences span The two challengers had
Board, and Stewart has got- all levels of VASD school- to deal with a last-minute Karofsky is the executive
ten his say on issues such ing, I think theres no bet- controversy in the week director of the Wisconsin Custom Designed & Built to Last!
as hiring a new city admin- ter time for me to throw before that election when Office of Crime Victim Lifetime Film Integrity Steel Warranty
Featuring Doors
istrator, deciding how to in my hat to serve on the Humphries revealed an Services, while Townsend
spend money in the citys school board, she wrote in alleged deal offered to him is a local attorney and has
first post-Epic TIF district a candidacy announcement by Holtz before he submit- been the Shorewood Hills Strongest Column
budget, whether to build a on Facebook in December. ted his candidacy papers. m u n i c i p a l j u d g e s i n c e in the Industry
community pool and sever- N ava r r o - H a ff n e r h a s 2012. Debt Free Since 1985
The deal would have had
al proposed large develop- served on site councils the winner between the two Builders Risk &
ments, including the Sugar at multiple schools, vol- offer the loser a job in his UNG assistant editor Full Insurance

Creek Commons rebuild of unteered in classrooms, administration. Scott Girard contributed to

West Verona Avenue. helped interview applicants this story.
Holtz is a former super-
Gaskell, a transportation for teaching and admin- intendent of three school VERONA, WI 608-845-9700
planner for the Wisconsin istrator positions and led 800-373-5550
Bike Fed, touts her expe- marketing and outreach
rience building consensus efforts for a charter school.
among people with var- She wrote in her ESTATE SALE - LOG HOMES
ied interests and her work announcement that the par- PAY THE BALANCE OWED ONLY!!!
with nonprofits as the key ents, staff and community Ever get a helping hand?
to her connection with vot- can be a team of limitless Why not give one?
ers. She has two children potential when they work OF ESTATE & ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT ON HOUSES.
attending New Century together for the benefit of Be a Foster Parent!
School, where she serves children.
on the site council. We have much to be
Stewart, a Realtor with proud of, yet plenty of
1)Model#101Carolina $40,840BALANCEOWED$17,000

extensive banking experi- room to grow in furthering Community Care Resources, Inc.
ence, cites his leadership the successes of students
roles in both working and and staff, she said. As a 866-776-3759
A Wisconsin Child Placing Agency
2)Model#303Little Rock $38,525BALANCEOWED$15,000
volunteer environments, school board member, I
including the Ridgewood would value the input of
Professional Tax Preparation 3)Model#403Augusta $42,450BALANCEOWED$16,500
Pool, where, he told alders VASD staff at all levels and
last year, he helped turn advocate for conducting Call now to schedule an appointment with an experienced tax professional.
around their financial sit- board business in a trans-
uation. He has two chil- parent way. Baker & Launder, S.C.
dren attending Verona Area Board members Russell
Make any plan design changes you desire!
High School and at one King and Meredith Sti- Dennis Baker, EA, CFP
point served on the Core er-Christensen, who were Comes with Complete Building Blueprints &

David Launder, EA, CFP Construction Manual

Knowledge Charter School appointed to the vacant
governing council. seats last year, are also run- Heidi Schultz, CPA Windows, Doors, and Roofing not included
Both candidates agree ning unopposed. NO TIME LIMIT FOR DELIVERY! BBB

A+ Rating
the city should not waver DPI
on its focus on industrial (608) 845-8787 | 351 Prairie Heights Drive | Verona, WI 53593
growth in the southeast and E ve r s , w h o wa s fi r s t
4 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Letters to the editor policy

Unified Newspaper Group is good or bad, with individual
proud to offer a venue for pub- businesses will not be printed
lic debate and welcomes letters unless there is an overwhelm-
to the editor, provided they ing and compelling public
comply with our guidelines. interest to do so. Letters that
Letters should be no longer urge readers to patronize spe-
than 400 words. They should cific businesses or specific reli-
also contain contact informa- gious faiths will not be printed,
tion the writers full name, either. Thank-you letters can
address, and phone number be printed under limited cir-
so that the paper may confirm cumstances, provided they do
authorship. Unsigned or anony- not contain material that should
mous letters will not be printed instead be placed as an adver-
under any circumstances. tisement and reflect public,
The editorial staff of Uni- rather than promotional inter-
fied Newspaper Group reserves ests.
the right to edit letters for Unified Newspaper Group
length, clarity and appropri- encourages lively public debate
ateness. Letters with libelous on issues, but it reserves the
or obscene content will not be right to limit the number of
printed. exchanges between individual
Unified Newspaper Group letter writers to ensure all writ-
generally only accepts letters ers have a chance to have their
from writers with ties to our voices heard.
circulation area.
Letters to the editor should This policy will be printed
be of general public interest. from time to time in an abbre-
Letters that are strictly person- viated form here and will be
al lost pets, for example posted in its entirety on our
will not be printed. Letters that websites.
recount personal experiences, Community Voices
Election letters
To read election-related letters submitted past the print dead-
Limiting screen time is an
individual family decision
line, visit

Send it in!
We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be every-
where. And we know you all have cameras.
So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think
the community might be interested in, send it to us and well use it if
O ne of my roles as a family
doctor is advice and
counseling for patients
and their families. A question
that parents often ask me is how
instead of using screens.
Its not only important to
spend an appropriate amount of
time accessing media and using
screens, but also to be safe while
the isolation that can result from
spending hours perusing news
sites or social media feeds.
One way to protect yourself
from this is by specifically seek-
we can. Please include contact information, whats happening in the much time their child should doing so. Cyber bullying and ing out uplifting news, which
photo and the names of people pictured. be spending on the computer or internet scams are unfortunately can help boost your mood. I
You can submit it on our website at, email to tablet. all too common. find that after reading about an
editor Jim Ferolie at or drop off electron- This issue has been evolving For this reason, another por- unsettling news event, I feel less
ic media at our office at 133 Enterprise Drive. Questions? Call 845- over the past 20 years, as screens tion of the AAP media plan hopeless if I also read a news
9559. of all sorts permeate our lives. reviews rules for digital citi- story about a way that people are
The increased prevalence of tab- zenship and digital safety, coming together to help or sup-
lets and com- which is an avenue for teaching port one another.
puters at home children about proper rules for Taking action in some way
and at school safe internet use. You can find when learning about a disheart-
has made a template for the family media ening event can benefit the com-
Thursday, March 30, 2017 Vol. 52, No. 45 screen time plan at munity and also assuage how
USPS No. 658-320 a point of con- Make no mistake, monitoring you feel about the event.
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices. cern for many screen time and Internet use is Monitor your social media
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, families and not just for kids. The AAP rec- habits and screen time carefully,
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc. physicians. ommendations and media plan and make a goal to intentionally
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
The Verona Press, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593. The Ameri- Ozbeki could easily be applied to all cut yourself off. You can use an
Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593 can Academy ages. app on your phone or computer
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday of Pediatrics I myself have had a harder which tracks time on certain
Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550
(AAP) used to have a recom- time than usual over the past websites, or have your friends
mendation for how many hours few months pulling myself or loved ones keep you account-
of screen time children should away from the computer due to able.
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892 be limited to, but that has recent- an onslaught of news stories. Another good suggestion is ly changed. Instead, they rec- Whether I am deliberately seek- to always try to turn off any
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper. ommend that families develop ing out the news or just checking screens (television, computer,
a family media plan, which a social media feed, it seems tablet, or phone) at least one
General Manager Circulation takes into account the needs of that every moment there is a hour prior to bedtime so that
Lee Borkowski Carolyn Schultz each member of the family. post about happenings across the it does not interfere with your The plan outlines screen free state, country, and world. sleep cycle.
News zones, screen free times, curfews I have been trying to bal- To answer my patients ques-
Sales Manager for screen time, all tailored to ance an appropriate amount tions, there is no clear answer
Kathy Neumeister Jim Ferolie
each family members health, of media consumption with a for how much time you or your education, and entertainment desire to stay up to date on the children should be spending on
Sports needs. This way, an older child latest news. I have also talked to screens. It is a family discussion
Jeremy Jones who needs to use the computer patients who have been strug- and individual choice to make,
Donna Larson for homework wont necessarily gling with the same issue. but hopefully some of these tips
Assistant Editor have the same screen time rules In patients with anxiety or and resources can be of value.
Classifieds as a younger child. depression, overconsumption
Scott Girard
Diane Beaman The media use plan also rec- of media can lead to worsen- Tina Ozbeki is a second-year ommends families discuss the ing symptoms. Mental health resident at the UW Health Fam-
Reporters benefits of decreasing screen can take a downturn by nature ily Medicine Clinic in Verona
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick,
Kate Froehlich time and consider what the fam- of depressing or discouraging with an interest in preventive
Anthony Iozzo, Amber Levenhagen, ily will have time to do together news stories or even just from medicine. Scott De Laruelle, Kate Newton

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Oregon Observer Stoughton Courier Hub March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Photos submitted Aiden Frey, at left, appears as Simba and Gabi Kiefert as Nala in Verona
From left to right, Denali Kraemer, Bella Becker, Grace DeCroix, Aaliyah Johnson and Aria Johnson are among Area Community Theaters upcoming production of Lion King Kids,
more than 120 students grades 3-7 to appear in Verona Area Community Theaters upcoming production of which runs Thursday, April 6, through Saturday, April 8, in the Verona
Guys and Dolls Junior. The show runs Thursday, April 6, through Saturday, April 8, in the Verona Area High Area High School Performing Arts Center. The play features a cast of
School Performing Arts Center. more than 70 children grades K-2, with a runtime of about 40 minutes.

VACT spring youth shows debut next week two showings scheduled for Satur- runtime of just over an hour, is a
Guys and Dolls, Lion day at 12:30 and 4p.m. Guys and condensed version of the 1950
King run April 6-8 Dolls will immediately follow, Tony Award-winning musical, If You Go If You Go
with performances at 7:30p.m. according to the news release.
KATE NEWTON Thursday and Friday, and 1:30 and Directed by Terry Dvorak and What: VACT presents Guys What: VACT presents Lion King
Unified Newspaper Group 5p.m. Saturday. produced by Elizabeth Kraemer, and Dolls Junior Kids
Lion King Kids features a cast it features more than 120 children When: 7:30p.m. Thursday, When: 6:30p.m. Thursday, April
Theater enthusiasts have sever- of more than 70 children grades in grades 3-7. Additional staff April 6, and Friday, April 7; 1:30 6, and Friday, April 7; 12:30 and
al opportunities to catch a double K-2, with a runtime of about 40 include costume designer Claire and 5p.m. Saturday, April 8 4p.m. Saturday, April 8
feature next week as Verona Area minutes. The musical is an adap- Johnson, co-choreographers Alys-
Community Theater performs its tation of the Broadway production, sa Dvorak and Maddy Friedman, Where: Verona Area High Where: Verona Area High School
two spring youth productions. according to a VACT news release, and stage manager Karen Clark. School Performing Arts Center, Performing Arts Center, 300
Lion King Kids and Guys and is directed by Missy Holcomb Ticket prices are $4.50 for Lion 300 Richard St. Richard St.
and Dolls Junior will run Thurs- and produced by Dee Baldock. King Kids and $6.50 for Guys Tickets: $6.50; available online Tickets: $4.50; available online
day, April 6, through Saturday, Mary Quade serves as costume and Dolls Junior. at or at the door at or at the door
April 8, in the Verona Area High designer, Katie Monk as choreog- For information or to purchase
School Performing Arts Center, rapher and Sara Ward-Cassady as advance tickets, visit
with Lion King Kids set for stage manager. Contact Kate Newton at kate.
6:30p.m. Thursday and Friday and Guys and Dolls Junior, with a

All reports taken from the man repeatedly asked for
USRWA talks spring migration April 5 MINI SToRAgE
5'x10' $38 Month
10'x10' $60 Month
log book at the Verona Police the phone before flipping off The Upper Sugar River bird identification, birding according to a news release. 10'x15' $65 Month
Department. employees and leaving. Watershed Association has hotspots in the area and how The event will also be 10'x20' $80 Month
begun a series of informal to best protect, conserve and live-streamed at, 10'x25' $90 Month

Feb. 2 Feb. 4 discussions with experts and improve bird habitat. and viewers can ask ques- At Cleary Building Corp.
4:36 p.m. Police received 4:02 a.m. A man was the public about important Cassini, who lives in Dela- tions. 190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
a report of a fight about to booked into the Dane Coun- watershed field, enjoys spending time Samantha Christian (608) 845-9700
happen in a stairwell at Ve- ty Jail for concealed carry of issues. with his family, bird watch-

rona Area High School, and a weapon and possession of The sec- ing, hiking, running and



an officer observed two stu- a firearm by a felon after an ond event in biking. He has a bachelors
dents preparing for a fight officer observed him walk- Conversa- degree in biology, a masters
on video surveillance. The ing on Hometown Circle. A tions about degree in environmental sci-
officer interviewed four stu- consent search was con- Conserva-
tion is next
ence and policy and Ph.D. in
zoology at the University of
dents two of which had ducted prior to giving the
already fought and the two
others who were allegedly
man a ride and a loaded .45
handgun was found.
week. Called
Birds, Birds Cassini
Wisconsin-Madison, where
he researched the endan- npl discount MAR. 31-APR. 2 ,2017
planning to. All four stated 10:35 p.m. Police re- and More
Birds, its from 6:30-8p.m.
gered Montserrat oriole.
A n d y i s p a s s i o n a t e
on one-day adult or military ticket ALLIANT ENERGY CENTER
they were only play fight-
ceived a report of a minivan
stopping near the woods Wednesday, April 5, at Wis- about education, especially 1919 alliant energy center way
in the 500 block of Cabrillo consin Brewing Company. with an emphasis on birds madison, wi 53713
Feb. 3 Court, where a man exited Birding expert Andy Cassini and their conservation, price includes tax & admission only. no monetary value. 1 coupon per customer
10:27 a.m. A man con- the vehicle and dug in the will talk about spring migra-
tacted the department for snow before getting back in- tion of waterfowl and war-
advice on a recent scam side. Both the caller and an blers for about 20 minutes with removable and virtually invisible
phone calls hed been tar- officer checked the area and before the floor is opened to Invisalign braces or Fast Braces
geted by. One caller had re- located two bags of suspect- the audience for questions
and discussion. short-term orthodontic treatment
ported to be from the IRS, ed marijuana, but no plate

you can have

and the other from the FBI; number for the van or other The conversations may
both said he owed $11,000 information was obtained. revolve around how to iden-
in taxes, and if he and his tify the birds that flock to
the woods, prairies, wet-
wife didnt pay, theyd have
their Masters degrees taken
away. An officer assured the
Feb. 6
12:30 a.m. After stop-
ping a 40-year-old Madison
lands and stream corridors
in our area, or even just to
your birdfeeder. Learn about
straight teeth by
the spring thaw
man it was a scam and no man near Melody and Park
action needed to be taken. View lanes for a defective
11:26 p.m. Officers re- stop lamp, officers found a
sponded to a report of an
odor of natural gas at Taco
runaway juvenile was in the
vehicle and he was released
If You Go
Bell. Firefighters checked to a guardian. A 19-year-old What: Conversations
the building and didnt de- Cottage Grove man, also a about Conservation:
tect any readings of natural passenger, was arrested for Spring Migration
gas, but the manager also possession of cocaine and When: 6:30-8p.m.
advised officers that just illegal narcotic pills, and was Wednesday, April 5
minutes before, a man had booked into the Dane Coun- Were offering a free thorough consultation*
been pounding on the back ty Jail. Another passenger, Where: Wisconsin
to determine an orthodontic treatment plan.
door asking for her phone a 21-year-old Verona man, Brewing Company, 1079
and saying he was lost. The was also booked into jail on American Way Call (608) 437-5564 to arrange
manager didnt open the a separate probation hold. Info:, contact your diagnostic appointment.
door and instead tried to Wade Moder at 437-7707 adno=508693-01
provide directions, but the Compiled by Kate Newton *includes photos, tooth models & an exam, a $250 value
6 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Coming up Churches
Progressives group April 26. information and how to spot the red flags All Saints Lutheran Church Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
The first class will teach attendees of a scam during an Identity Theft: Pro- 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Verona
Join the Our Wisconsin Revolution (608) 276-7729 Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
how to make an elegant brunch with tect and Prevent program at 9 a.m. Fri- a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
group for its first Verona chapter meeting help from Madeleines Patisserie pastry day, April 7, at the senior center. Pastor Rich Johnson
from 2-3:30 p.m. Saturday, April 1, at chef and culinary instructor Nancy Kol- Representatives from the Wisconsin Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m. St. James Lutheran Church
the library. berg. The class is $50 per person. Bureau of Consumer Protection will ELCA
Continuing the movement started by The Church in Fitchburg 427 S. Main St., Verona
The second class will focus on cheese explain different types of identity theft, 2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg (608) 845-6922
Bernie Sanders, OWR advocates for the and chocolate fondue and will be led by how to recognize it and how to prevent (608) 271-2811
Sanders agenda and supports progres- David Beach, former manager of the it including information about Fraud Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
sive candidates at all levels of govern- Melting Pot restaurant. Teams will cre- Alerts and Security Freezes. Partici-
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m. Narum
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-
ment. For information, visit ourwiscon- ate their own cheese blends followed pants will also be given brochures to take Fitchburg Memorial UCC day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8 or contact Steve Hingle at by sampling and wine pairing. The cost home. For information, call 845-7471. 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg a.m.-noon Wednesday is $45 per person. For information or to (608) 273-1008 Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
register, visit STEM Fair Sunday Worship: 8:30 and 10:45
Bucket list program Pastor Phil Haslanger a.m.
Kids and families can challenge their Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m.
Join the The Bucket List Adven- Gardening program brains through hands-on activities in sci- Salem United Church of Christ
ture Company (BLAC) for a workshop Good Shephard Lutheran 502 Mark Dr., Verona
Plan ahead now for homegrown ence, technology, engineering and math Church ECLA (608) 845-7315
on creating your own bucket list from tomatoes in the summer season during at the Navigant STEM Fair from 9:30 (608) 271-6633
10-11:30 a.m. Monday, April 3, at the a Growing Tomatoes in Dane County a.m. to noon Saturday, April 8, at the Central: Raymond Road & Whitney Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
senior center. program from 7-8 p.m. Thursday, April library. The event is organized by Navi- Way, Madison Laura Kolden, Associate in Min-
During the workshop, participants will Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m. istry
6, at the library. gant Consulting of Verona Staff. West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine Sunday School: 9 a.m.
look into their values and passions, plan A certified master gardener volunteer For information, call 845-7180. Mound Road, Verona Sunday Worship: 10:15 a.m.
their action steps and choose account- from Dane County UW-Extension will Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m. Fellowship Hour: 11:30 a.m.
ability partners so they can start living lead the program. Participants will learn Painting class Damascus Road Church West Springdale Lutheran Church
their list. For information, call 845-7471.
how to choose the right varieties, prevent Artists of all abilities can take an The Verona Senior Center ECLA
BPNN cooking classes and deal with diseases, start tomatoes acrylic painting class from 1-3 p.m. 108 Paoli St., Verona 2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
from seeds, and harvest and store toma- Monday, April 17, at the senior center. (608) 819-6451 Mount Horeb
Aspiring chefs can take two cook- toes. For information, call 845-7180., (608) 437-3493
The class costs $10 and all materials will
ing classes in the Prairie Kitchen at the be provided. Registration is required by Pastor Justin Burge Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Badger Prairie Needs Network, 1200 E. Identity theft program Monday, April 10. For information or to Sunday: 10 a.m. Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
Verona Ave., from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Get tips on safeguarding personal register, call 845-7471.
April 5, and 6-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Memorial Baptist Church Sugar River United Methodist
201 S. Main St., Verona Church
(608) 845-7125 415 W. Verona Ave., Verona (608) 845-5855
Community calendar Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.,
Pastor Gary Holmes
Thursday, March 30 St., E. Verona Ave., Redeemer Bible Fellowship 9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
6-7 p.m., North Main Street senior ing-classes 130 N. Franklin St., Verona worship.
Sunday, April 2 (608)848-1836 Sunday School available during
living development proposal presen- 6:30-8 p.m., USRWA Conversa-
2 p.m., St. Ambrose Academy tions about Conservation, Wiscon- worship. Refreshments and fellow-
tation, library, 220-7583 presents Hello, Dolly! ($12 adults, Pastor Dwight R. Wise ship are between services.
sin Brewing Company, 1079 Ameri- Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
Friday, March 31 $6 children/seniors), VAHS Per- can Way, West Madison Bible Church
7 p.m., Brett Schwartz and Liv forming Arts Center, 300 Richard Resurrection Lutheran Church 2920 Hwy. M, Verona
Rather, Tuvalu, tuvalucoffeehouse. St., Thursday, April 6 WELS (608) 845-9518
6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
com Monday, April 3 AARP tax services (by appoint- (608) 848-4965 Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
7 p.m., St. Ambrose Academy pres- ment), senior center, 845-7471 Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
10-11:30 a.m., Create Your List Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
ents Hello, Dolly! ($12 adults, $6 program with the Bucket List Adven- 4 p.m., Anime Club (grades 6-12),
Pastor Benjamin Phelps
children/seniors), Verona Area High ture Company, senior center, 845- library, 845-7180 Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Zwingli United Church of
School Performing Arts Center, 300 7471 6-7 p.m., Evening Caregiver Sup- Sunday: 9 a.m. Christ
Richard St., 6 p.m., PFLAG Mount Horeb Area port Group (refreshments 5:30-6 Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
p.m.), senior center, 845-7471 St. Christopher Catholic Parish (608) 832-6677
Saturday, April 1 meeting, Mt. Horeb American Legion St. Andrew Church Pastor Brad Brookins
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen Hall, 102 S. 3rd St., pflagmoho@ 6:30 p.m., Verona Area Commu- 301 N. Main St., Verona Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn. nity Theater presents Lion King St. William Church
Kids ($4.50), VAHS Performing 1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli Zwingli United Church of
org 6:30 p.m., Plan Commission, Vero- (608) 845-6613 Christ
na City Center, 848-9943 Arts Center, 300 Richard St., vact. Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
2-3:30 p.m., Our Wisconsin Revolu- org Fr. William Vernon, pastor (608)845-5641
tion meeting, library, ourwisconsinrev. Tuesday, April 4 Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Rev. Sara Thiessen
com 7-8 p.m., Growing Tomatoes in Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship
11 a.m., Lunch Trivia (RSVP for Dane County program, library, Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William,
7 p.m., Krause Family Band, Tuva- meal), senior center, 845-7471 845-7180 Paoli
Wednesday, April 5 7:30 p.m., Verona Area Commu-
7 p.m., St. Ambrose Academy nity Theater presents Guys and
presents Hello, Dolly! ($12 adults, 6-9 p.m., Brunch cooking class
($50; registration required), Bad- Dolls Junior ($6.50), VAHS Per-
$6 children/seniors), VAHS Per- forming Arts Center, 300 Richard
forming Arts Center, 300 Richard ger Prairie Needs Network, 1200
St., A Beautiful Life

Saddened by the loss of such a good soul. He was a

Whats on VHAT-98 man who had a kind heart and never tired of telling oth-
ers how good they were and how much he loved them
Thursday, March 30 Presentation 5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 10 p.m. School and enjoyed their company. He made his friends and
7 a.m. School Referendum 11 a.m. Verona 91-92 Football Referendum at Senior Center family want to be better persons simply by living up to
at Senior Center Boys Basketball 9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 11 p.m. Barbershop his high opinion of them. And on his deathbed, while
8 a.m.- Zumba Gold 1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 10 p.m. School Quartet at Senior Center we were lamenting his fate, he cheered us up, telling
9 a.m. Daily Exercise Football Referendum at Senior Center Thursday, April 6 us that he had a beautiful life, and that there was
10 a.m. Barbershop 4:30 p.m. Main St. 11 p.m. Barbershop 7 a.m. School Referendum nothing for him to regret. The only sadness for him, he
Quartet at Senior Center Memories at Historical Society Quartet at Senior Center at Senior Center said, was leaving his sweetheart of 25 years. He was
2 p.m. Zumba Gold 6 p.m. Streetscapes Tuesday, April 4 8 a.m.- Zumba Gold always thinking of others, right up to the end. We can
3 p.m. Daily Exercise Presentation 7 a.m. School Referendum 9 a.m. Daily Exercise all learn something from this man, who died just as
4 p.m. John Duggleby at 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys at Senior Center 10 a.m. Retro Swing Band he had lived, giving to others and building us up. He
Senior Center Basketball 10 a.m.- Zumba Gold at Senior Center truly lived a beautiful life, and we should all try to live
5 p.m. Sutter Brothers at 10 p.m. Main St. Memories 9 a.m. Daily Exercise 3 p.m. Daily Exercise in such a way that this might be said of us. A beautiful
Senior Center 11 p.m. Barbershop 10 a.m. Barbershop 4 p.m. John Duggleby at life indeed.
6 p.m. Salem Church Quartet at Senior Center Quartet at Senior Center Senior Center
Service Sunday, April 2 2 p.m.- Zumba Gold 5 p.m. Sutter Brothers at Christopher Simon
7 p.m. Senior Center 7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 3 p.m. Daily Exercise Senior Center
Update 9 a.m. Resurrection Church 4 p.m. John Duggleby at 6 p.m. Salem Church He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has
8 p.m. Daily Exercise 10 a.m. Salem Church Senior Center Service also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can
9 p.m. Safe at Home at Service 5 p.m. Sutter Brothers at 7 p.m. Senior Center fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Senior Center Noon - Streetscapes Senior Center Update
10 p.m. Main St. Memories Presentation 6 p.m. Resurrection 8 p.m. Daily Exercise Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV
at Historical Society 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys Church 9 p.m. Safe at Home at
Friday, March 31 Basketball 8 p.m. Senior Center Senior Center
7 a.m. John Duggleby at 4:30 p.m. Main St. Update 10 p.m. Main St. Memories
Senior Center Memories at Historical Society 9 p.m. Safe at Home at
1 p.m. Safe at Home at
Senior Center
6 p.m. Streetscapes
Senior Center
10 p.m. Main St. Memories
Support groups
3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys Wednesday, April 5 AA Meeting, senior cen-
Basketball Basketball 7 a.m. John Duggleby at ter, Thursdays at 1 p.m.

4 p.m. Sutter Brothers 10 p.m. Main St. Memories Senior Center


11 p.m. Barbershop 1 p.m. Safe at Home at Caregivers Support

5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Group, senior center, first
Football Quartet at Senior Center Senior Center 430 E. Verona Ave.
Monday, April 3 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys and third Tuesday, 10 a.m. 845-2010
8:30 p.m. Safe at Home at
Senior Center 7 a.m. John Duggleby at Basketball Healthy Lifestyles
10 p.m. School Senior Center 5 p.m. Streetscapes Group meeting, senior Call 845-9559
Referendum at Senior Center 1 p.m. Active Shooter Presentation center, second Thursday
11 p.m. Barbershop Training at Senior Center 6:30 p.m. Plan Commission from 10:30 a.m. to advertise on the
Quartet at Senior Center 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Boys Live Parkinsons Group, Verona Press
Saturday, April 1 Basketball 7 p.m. Capital City Band senior center, third
8 a.m. Streetscapes 4 p.m. Sutter Brothers at 8 p.m. John Duggleby at Friday at 10 a.m. adno=509310-01 church page
Senior Center Senior Center March 30, 2017 The Verona Press
Model UN
wins awards
at conference
Verona Area High School Model
UN students competed in the Model
UN of the University of Chicago com-
petition in early February. The group
represented two countries, Jamaica
and Lithuania.
Six students were recognized for
their work among more than 2,000
in attendance from across the United
Elisabeth Cartwright was named an
Outstanding Delegate for her repre-
sentation of Jamaica on the Economic
Commission for Latin America and
the Caribbean.
Maddie Vilker, Sigal Felber and
Evan Dove all won second-place, or
honorable mention, awards for their
work on various committee.
Carter Van Fossen and Jacques
Frank-Loron each received a third-
place, or verbal commendation, for
Photos submitted The team representing Lithuania was made up by, front row from left: Greta
The team representing Jamaica was made up of, front row their representation on the UN High
Commissioner for Refugees. Schmidt, Sigal Felber, Kathryn Porter and Katie Boucher; second row from left:
from left: Riley Scheer, Ali Buzza and Julia Pletta; second Meredith Conley, Hannah Sheedy and Irie Stein; third row from left: Christopher
row from left: Elisabeth Cartwright, Catalina Grimm and Queoff, Carter Van Fossen and Evan Dove; fourth row from left: Peter Barger,
Abby Davis; third row from left: Joseph Guy, Elyse Mancilla, Scott Girard
Will Cioci, Andy Knuppel and Brady Wagner.
Jacques Frank-Loron and Maddie Vilker.

Now borrow it back


The dancers wore traditional Tibetan dress during their performance at Badger Prairie Health
Care Center Saturday, March 25.
Photo submitted
Tibetan dancers
visit BPHCC
A youth group from the
Tibetan Language and Cul-
12 MONTHS 3.99% APR1

ture School, part of the

Deer Park Buddhist Center
Lawn Care and More!
in Oregon, visited residents


and staff of Badger Prairie
Health Care Center Satur-
(608) 273-1046 A low 1.69% APR intro rate for 12 months1, then
day, March 25. The group Relax and let us do your lawn. 3.99% APR variable rate after that1
performed dances in tradi-
Low closing costs2
tional Tibetan dress, which $10.00 FREE 1st Mow No annual fees or prepayment penalties
allowed those at BPHCC to
learn about the Tibetan cul-
Aeration For any referral that leads to a With any season mowing Option to lock in a low fixed rate3
ture. Get a healthier lawn today! season mowing contract. contract. New clients Only!
Expires 6/5/17
Expires 6/5/17
Expires 6/5/17
Tax-deductible interest4
(608) 273-1046 (608) 273-1046 (608) 273-1046
Come on in or jump online to set up an appointment.
And lets talk about all the things your money can do.
Verona Area Perform
ing Arttss Seri
nts 608-243-5000 | 800-236-5560

Classic Nashville
with Jason Petty
& IT.
Katie Deal OWN

Classic hits honoring the most

beloved country greats

NMLS # 449323 | Offer valid for Home Equity Lines of Credit opened 3/8/2017 5/15/2017 only. Offer is subject to change without notice.

Sat., April 22 7:30 pm

1 APR is Annual Percentage Rate. After the twelve-month introductory period the rate will revert to the floor rate of 3.99% or the Prime

Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin, whichever is higher. Your actual rate will be based upon your credit
worthiness and loan-to-value. As of 2/15/2017 the variable rate without the discount would be 3.99% APR (floor). The APR will not vary above 15%
VAHS Performing Arts Center APR nor below 3.99% APR. Prime rate as of 2/1/17 is 3.75%. Maximum LTV is 90%. Property insurance is required. Offer only applies to new Home
Equity Lines of Credit opened on or after 3/8/2017. Existing Home Equity Lines of Credit are not eligible for the introductory rate. 2 No or low closing
300 Richard St., Verona costs for new HELOC only. Appraisal fee and title insurance, if required, is an additional charge. The charge for an appraisal is typically $385 to $470,
the charge for title insurance is typically $325. 3 Lock in up to five fixed-rate amounts at one time. First rate lock is free, $35.00 for each additional. 4
Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest.
Tickets available at, State Bank of Cross Plains-Verona, Capitol Bank-Verona or call (608) 848-2787 adno=504845-01
8 The Verona Press - March 30, 2017

Support your favorite teams all season with this

guide to Verona Area High Schools spring sports
March 31 @ Milton 4:30 pm. April 4 vs. Mad. Memorial 5 p.m. March 17 UD Classic invite 4 p.m.
April 4 @ Janesville Parker 5 p.m. April 6 @ Madison West 5 p.m.
April 6 vs. Beloit Memorial 5 p.m. April 11 @ Middleton 5 p.m. April 4 vs. Beloit Memorial 4:30 p.m.
April 11 vs. Mad. Memorial 5 p.m. April 13 vs. La Follette 5 p.m. April 8 @ W/TFA invite TBD
April 13 @ Madison West 5 p.m. April 15 vs. Stevens Point (DH) 11 a.m. April 11 @ Madison Memorial 4:30 p.m.
April 15 @ Middleton 11 a.m. April 17 vs. Beloit Memorial 5 p.m.
April 18 vs. La Follette 5 p.m. April 18 @ Madison West 4:30 p.m.
April 18 vs. Madison East 5 p.m.
April 20 vs. Madison East 5 p.m. April 20 @ Sun Prairie 5 p.m. April 21 @ Sun Prairie invite 4:30 p.m.
April 22 vs. Arrowhead (DH) 10 a.m. April 22 @ Jan. Craig (DH) 11 a.m. April 25 vs. Janesville Craig 4:30 p.m.
April 25 @ Sun Prairie 5 p.m. April 25 vs. Janesville Parker 5 p.m. April 28 @ Badger invite 4 p.m.
April 27 @ Janesville Craig 5 p.m. April 27 @ Beloit Memorial 5 p.m.
May 1 @ Stoughton 5 p.m. May 2 @ Middleton 4:30 p.m.
April 28 @ Janesville Parker 5 p.m.
May 2 vs. Janesville Parker 5 p.m. May 2 @ Mad. Memorial 5 p.m. May 4 @ Chippewa Falls 3:30 p.m.
May 4 @ Beloit Memorial 5 p.m. May 4 vs. Madison West 5 p.m. May 12 Conference 3:30 p.m.
May 6 @ Mad. Memorial 11 a.m. May 9 vs. Middleton 5 p.m.
May 9 vs. Madison West 5 p.m. May22 Verona regional 4:45 p.m.
May 11 @ La Follette 4:30 p.m.
May 11 vs. Middleton 5 p.m. May25 Stoughton sectional 4:45 p.m.
May 16 @ La Follette 5 p.m. May 16 @ Madison East 4:30 p.m.
May 18 vs. Sun Prairie 5 p.m. June 2-3 WIAA D1 state TBD
May 17 Indian Trail (Milwaukee) 2 p.m.
May 18 @ East (Warner Park) 5 p.m. May 24 Regionals TBD
May 20 Verona triangular 11 a.m. May 26 Regionals TBD
May 23 vs. Sun Prairie 5 p.m May 30 Sectionals TBD
May 25 vs. Janesville Craig 5 p.m. June 1 Sectionals TBD

Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by:

Miller & Sons Supermarket Scott Stewart & Kathy Bartels U.S. Cellular

210 S. Main Street Verona 611 Hometown Circle

(608) 845-6478 adno=514037-01 (608) 512-8487 (608) 235-2927 (608) 848-7600 adno=514419-01


March 18 UD Classic invite 4 p.m. March 31 @ Glenbrook South 5 p.m. March 31 @ Notre Dame invite 9 a.m.
April 1 @ Loyola Academy 11 a.m. April1 @ Notre Dame invite TBD
April 1 Madison invite 10 a.m. April 13 @ Janesville Parker 4 p.m.
April 7 @ Wis. Dells invite 3 p.m.
April 4 vs. Beloit Memorial 4:30 p.m. April 13 vs. Oregon 7 p.m. April 18 vs. Beloit Memorial 4 p.m.
April 8 @ W/TFA invite TBD April 18 @ Janesville Parker 7 p.m. April 20 vs. Mad. Memorial 4 p.m.
April 20 vs. Beloit Memorial 5 p.m. April 21 @ Mad. East invite 1 p.m.
April 11 @ Mad. Memorial 4:30 p.m. April 22 Mad. East invite 9 a.m.
April 17 @ Madison West 4:30 p.m. April 22 vs. Mount Horeb 12 p.m.
April 25 vs. Mad. Memorial 7 p.m. April 25 @ Madison Madison 4 p.m.
April 21 Sun Prairie invite 4:30 p.m. April 27 @ Middleton 4 p.m.
April 27 @ Madison West 7 p.m. April 28 Verona invite TBD
April 25 vs. Janesville Craig 4:30 p.m. May 2 @ Middleton 7:30 p.m. April 29 Verona invite TBD
May 2 @ Middleton 4:30 p.m. May 5 @ Homestead 5:30 p.m. May 2 vs. Mad. La Follette 4 p.m.
May 5 @ Madison Memorial 5 p.m. May 9 vs. La Follette 7 p.m. May 4 vs. Madison East 4 p.m.
May 11 vs. Madison East 7 p.m. May 5 @ Nicolet invite 1 p.m.
May 12 Conference 3:30 p.m. May 16 @ Sun Prairie 7 p.m. May 6 @ Nicolet invite 8:30 a.m.
May22 Verona regional 4:45 p.m. May 18 @ Janesville Craig 7 p.m. May 9 @ Sun Prairie 4 p.m.
May25 Stoughton sectional 4:45 p.m. May 22 vs. Edgewood 7 p.m. May 11 @ Janesville Craig 4 p.m.
June 2-3 WIAA D1 state TBD May 23 vs. Waunakee 7 p.m. May 17 Conference 9:30 a.m.
June 1 Regionals TBD May 18 Conference 2 p.m.
June 3 Regionals TBD May 19 Brookfield tourney 1 p.m.
June 8 Sectionals TBD May 20 Brookfield tournament 9 a.m.
June 10 Sectionals TBD May 22 Verona subsectional TBD
May 24 Memorial sectional TBD

Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Sponsored by:

AJs Pizzeria Hughes Flooring Culvers of Verona


300 S. Main Street Verona 407 E. Verona Avenue Verona 430 E. Verona Avenue Verona
(608) 497-1303 (608) 845-6403 (608) 845-2010

DATE OPPONENT TIME Get sports scores/results and photos in
your weekly hometown newspaper
April 10 @ Stoughton invite noon
April 11 @ Mad. East/West 2 p.m.
April 17 @ Edgewood invite 12:30 p.m
April 20 @ Parker/La Follette 2 p.m.
April 22 @ SPASH invite 1 p.m.
April 26 vs. Craig/Memorial 2 p.m.
April 27 @ Morgan Stanley 12:30 p.m.
April 29 @ Morgan Stanley 10 a.m.
May 4 @ Sun Prairie/Middleton 2 p.m.
May 8 @ Beloit Memorial 2 p.m.
May 18 @ Big 8 (Evansville) 8:30 a.m.

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Hwy PD & Shady Oak Lane Verona
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(608) 845-9559
Jeremy Jones, sports editor Thursday, March 30, 2017 9
845-9559 x226
Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor
845-9559 x237 Verona Press
Fax: 845-9550 For more sports coverage, visit:

Girls lacrosse

Wildcats open season 2-0

The Verona Area High School
girls lacrosse team opened the
2017 season last week with two
Whats next
conference victories.
The Wildcats visited Sun Prai- Verona travels to Oregon at
rie March 21 and won 7-4 and 6p.m. Thursday.
then followed with an 11-2 win
March 23 over Madison West-
side at Gunflint Trail Park. Verona 11, Westside 2
Verona 7, Sun Prairie 4 Lois and Zahler finished with
four goals each in the win over
Freshman Paige Zahler led all Westside.
scorers in the win over the Car- Freshman Kiersten Pelletier
dinals with four goals and one and Khalid contributed one and
assist. Senior Makena Meyers, two goals respectively. Senior
junior Megan Lois and freshman Sigal Felber and Zahler each
Yasmeen Khaleed each found added two assists, and freshman
the net once to round out the Mackenzie Schmidt and Pelletier
scoring. each had one.
Sophomore goalkeeper Sofia Jeddeloh had seven saves in
Jeddeloh had five saves in the the win. Photo by Michael Felber
win. - article submitted Junior Megan Lois scores a goal against Madison Westside on March 23. Verona won 11-2.

Madison Capitols Archery

Corey, Geier lead U19
Capitols team to Nationals
Verona girls hockey team will be state, but much of the team
Area High playing at the USA Hock- is local: McFarland, Mid-
School stu- ey National tournament dleton, Madison, Sun Prai-
dents Tay- April 5-9 in Detroit. rie, Oregon and Stoughton.
tum Geier The team won the Corey is a senior this
and Maggie WAHA Tier 1 U19 girls year and has committed
Corey and state tournament earlier to play at Division I Ohio
their Mad- this month. State. Geier is a junior and
ison Cap- Geier Some of the players on has committed to St. Cloud
itols U19 the team are from out of State.

Submitted photo

On target
Verona siblings Mikaila (left) and Madeline Krueger have excelled at every level of archery
competitions. Mikaila won the 2017 Iowa Pro/Am and Cub Bowhunter Freestyle division
this year and Madeline finished fifth in the Womens Bowhunter Freestyle.

Shorts short
Whitmus tosses no-hitter for Edgewood College
Shannon to lead the Eagles to an coach a Verona Cougar
Whitmus, 8-0 victory. It was the 10U tournament softball
a junior at sixth no-hitter in school team.
Edgewood history. In addition, she works
Submitted photo College, Whitmus softball as an instructor teaching
Verona Area High School students Maggie Corey (above) and Taytum Geier helped lead the pitched her involvement goes beyond softball foundations and
Madison Capitols U19 girls hockey team to Nationals. The tournament runs April 5-9 in first no-hit- playing college ball, skills through the Verona
Detroit. Their team won the WAHA Tier 1 U19 girls state tournamnt earlier this month. ter March though. Recreation Departments
12 against Whitmus During the winter, she summer softball instruc-
Submitted photo Centenary is a pitching coach, and tional program.
University during the summer, helps
Taking bronze
The Verona Wildcats PeeWee B
team finished third at the state Submitted photo
Team members (front, from
left) are: Charlie Scadden, Cael
Pertzborn, Garrison Codde,
Elyse Ziegelbauer, Max Ahlman
and Logan Roth; (back) coach The Southwest Eagles U18
Jon Roessler, Ellie Osting, Tre hockey team team won the
Grignon, coach Beau Grignon, consolation championship
Noah Ehlenbach, Max Codde, last weekend at the state
Coach Scott Ahlman, Lars tournament in McFarland.
Brotzman, Joe Bakalars and
Kaden Krause.
10 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Mixers: Students have been meeting each month to talk about experiences
Continued from page 1 Sometimes, you cant
connection and power, so even imagine what
this is a place where it helps you could be until
us connect and feel more
empowered, she added. you see someone who
Its a nice time to spend looks like you whos
after school and talk about
the issues that are happen- doing it.
ing in our school and our
society and community, and Lilada Gee, VASD consultant
how we can help, and how
our teachers and leaders can asking them to share their
help us. thoughts on the frequent
Bonaparte and Gee host objectification of dark-
t h e m i xe r s t h e s e c o n d skinned women in the
Tuesday of the month, each media and popular culture,
time bringing in a speak- and how to combat it in
er all women of color their interactions with oth-
from outside the school ers.
district to share their How do you get to the
expertise and experiences process of loving yourself,
in that months topic with loving your hair, loving
the girls. your body and the differ-
Gee said she and Bona- ences you have? How do
parte were inspired to start you get to that space? she
the program as a way to asked the girls before hav-
bridge gaps after seeing ing them share their own
many students clustered declarations of what makes
and separated by their cul- them beautiful.
tural background while at And while Mirillis mes-
school, which was 67.7 sage resonated with the full
percent white in the 2015- Photos by Kate Newton group, her visit held spe-
16 school year compared Above, Sarah Useche (far left), Damitu Hamda, Naima Ahmed-Dukow and Daphane Castro (far right) listen as Samantha cial significance for junior
to 15.5 percent Hispanic Lovan shares her I am beautiful because... statement at the end of the mixer. Isabela Oliveira.
and 8.8 percent black. By The speakers are always
providing a safe space Below, from left, students Sabrina Melendez-Quinton, Alicia Ferguson and Jessica Yan get acquainted at the beginning of the
mixer. awesome, but I was actual-
for girls of all racial back- ly shocked today, because
grounds, they hoped to topics that will or already she (Mirilli) is actually
begin breaking down those do impact them beyond a family friend I havent
barriers and give the girls the hours they spend at seen in years, said Olivei-
a venue to both make new school each day. ra, who is also from Brazil.
friends and connect with T h a t s w h a t s k e y : Tw o m i x e r s r e m a i n
potential role models. Were not talking about before summer break, on
When were dealing things they have no con- April 11 and May 9, but
with girls of color who are nection with, its things Bonaparte and Gee are
in a predominantly white they experience and part of already looking ahead
school district, theyre not their narrative, Bonaparte to next year. They said
seeing a lot of reflection said. So its really good theyve been struck by how
of leadership of people to give them that space to the girls have been so eager
who look like them, Gee share and hear someone to volunteer their free time
explained. Sometimes, elses narrative, too. to participate in the mixers,
you cant even imagine Previous speakers who and hope they could find
what you could be until have stopped by the mix- the same enthusiasm from
you see someone who ers include Myra McNair, middle and even elemen-
looks like you whos doing a Madison-based marriage/ tary students if they could
it. family therapist and sub- replicate the program at the
Sharing narratives stance abuse counselor; a lower-level schools.
nurse practitioner who dis- I really firmly believe
While the mixers unfold cussed mental health issues candidate. community engagement multiracial identity and that if we diversify staff
within the walls of VAHS, with the girls; and Wanda A t t h e M a r c h m i xe r, coordinator for the Mad- upbringing in her native and leadership, that were
they aim to broaden stu- Smith, a community orga- Ananda Mirilli, who serves ison Metropolitan School Brazil. She then opened up helping both our white
d e n t s p e r s p e c t ive s o f nizer and Fitchburg alder as the family, youth and District, discussed her own the discussion to the girls, (students) and our students
of color see what the next
phase should be in society:

Want to
that they can be leaders
R OD DIO room

and leadership comes in all

T TU Bed
EN A , s

types, Gee said. It gives

S 3

me hope that you have
young folks who say, This

is important, and I show

that by showing up.

Softball? Contact Kate Newton at
Minutes walk to everything Join girls (grades 3-12) from the Verona
yet a country like setting. area to play softball this summer.
Heated Underground Parking Private Patio on Most Our season runs June through July. ALL
Spacious Townhomes Private Entrance EARS
Full Stainless Steel Appliances Fitness Center Up-coming activities:
In-Home Washer/Dryer Full Granite Kitchen
Clubhouse with Kitchen Pet Washing Stations Pre-Season Clinic - April 9
Fireplace & Grilling Deck On-Site Management Where: Verona Area High School Gym
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance When: 8:30-3:30 (assigned 2-hour age blocks)
Cost: $25 Advance/$30 Day Questions?
Skill Evaluation - April 23 Story Ideas?
Where: Verona Area High School Gym
Let us know how
When: 8:30-3:30 (assigned 2-hour age blocks) were doing.
Call For A Tour Visit our website Your opinion is something
we always want to hear.
608.729.9200 for more information and to access
Call 845-9559 or at
registration materials:
401 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona., WI
608.729.9200 WWW.VAGSA.ORG adno=504738-01
adno=509131-01 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press
Esther M. Whiting She was born on Feb. 26, touched. E. (Clarence) Bidwell.
1924, the daughter of Urban Survivors include her A funeral service was
J. and Bertha (Sauter) Kae- three children, Loni (Rich- held Wednesday, March 29,
gi in Woodford, Wis. She ard) Weber of Hillsboro, at Salem UCC. In lieu of

was married on July 17, Wis., Larry (Lynne) Whit- flowers, memorials may be &E
1944, to Roger L. Whiting ing of Blackfoot, Idaho, and made to Salem UCC, Vero- FREE OOLS
in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jane (David) Pulda of Mad- na Area Community The- Stock Book The Professional
Millie was proud of her ison; grandsons, Matthew ater or Verona Firefighters New Used Surplus Advantage...

Swiss heritage, was a long- (Amy) Pulda of Fitchburg Assoc. To view and sign MULTI-METAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER
time member of Salem and Daniel (Anne) Pulda of this guestbook, please vis- Pipe - Plate - Channel - Angle - Tube - Rebar - Bar Grating, Expanded Metal -
United Church of Christ in Eau Claire; step-grandsons, it: www.ryanfuneralservice. Sheet - Lintels - B-Decking - Pipe Bollards - Decorative Iron Parts
I & H Beams $3 & up per foot
Verona and active in choir Daniel (Cindy) Hansen and com.
and Womens Guild. She Eric Hansen, both of Boi- STAINLESS STEEL & ALUMINUM
enjoyed attending Verona se, Idaho; brother, Walter Ryan Funeral Home LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES ROOFING & SIDING
Area Community Theater (Berdi) Kaegi of Fitchburg; & Cremation Services New, Used & Seconds at 32 per sq. ft & up
Esther Whiting productions, Verona Area and many nieces, neph- Verona Chapel FABRICATION CRANE SERVICE STEEL PROCESSING
High School productions, ews, extended family and 220 Enterprise Drive 414 3rd Street, Palmyra 262-495-4453
VAHS sporting events and friends. 608-845-6625 adno=514866-01
Esther Millie Whiting, spending time with family She was preceded in
age 93, passed away Fri- and friends. She will leave death by her parents; her

day, March 24, 2017, after a a void in all the lives she husband; and sister, Helen
short illness.

Academic Achievements
Academic Achievements Maura Johnson, deans list; Bemidji State University
Garage Sales
run as space is available, and Allyson Keller, deans honor Verona
this list of honorees and grad- list; Karam Khateeb, deans Julie Touchett, deans list
uates is not complete. Due honor list; Jacquelyn Laitsch,
to the increased number of deans list; Olivia Lilly, deans UW-Eau Claire
submissions after spring and list; Ciara Lotzer, deans honor Verona
fall graduation times, there is list; Meng Lou, deans list; Molly Armstrong, deans list;

Saturday, May 13th

often a backlog in the follow- Alexandra Maas, deans honor Marissa Fahey, deans list;
ing months. list; Jihye Martin, deans list; Elizabeth Granick, deans list;
Note: If you have a non-Ve- Natalie Meicher, deans list; Megan Hanson, deans list;
rona address, but your child Ram Miro, deans honor list; Hannah Nybroten, deans
attended school in the Verona Danielle Murray, deans list; list; Ashley Seymour, deans
Area School District, please Beata Nelson, deans list; list; Kanu Shenoi, deans list; Your garage sale ad will appear in the
email ungcollege@wcinet. Aman Nihal, deans honor Joseph Stevens, deans list;
com for consideration. list; Jayne-Norah Ntambi, Melissa Tschudy, deans list; Great Dane Shopping News on Wednesday, May 10
deans list; Will Olson, deans Danielle Weaver, deans list
Semester/year honors/ honor list; Alexander Pletta, Fitchburg and in the Verona Press on Thursday, May 11.
grads deans honor list; Alexander Renee Gavigan, deans list;
Politowicz, deans honor list; Victoria Janikowski, deans

Noah Roberts, deans list;
Robert Schultz, deans list;
list; Courtney Lamers, deans
list; Andrew Moen, deans list; $
Tashi Atruktsang, deans
honor list; Kevin Barnett,
Alyssa Smith, deans list;
Carrie Snodgrass, deans
Jillian Moss, deans list; Anna
Myers, deans list
deans list; Jillian Berkan,
deans list; Hailey Boehmer,
honor list; Julia Stathas, deans Includes 15 words. Additional words 40 each.
list; Bridget Stern, deans UW-Stevens Point
deans list; Matthew Bowden, list;Megan Tabbutt, deans list; Verona
deans list; Claire Burke, deans
honor list; Valerie Burnett,
Taylor Teasdale, deans list;
Arthur Thao, deans list; Kevin
Carole Cole, honors; Samantha
E. Dingle, honors; Alyssa M.
Deadline to advertise your garage sale is
deans honor list; Rebecca
Cowan, deans list; Samuel
Douglass, deans honor list;
Thayyil, deans list; Jenna
Tipple, deans honor list; Luke
DuCharme, highest honors;
Maxwell S. Hankard, honors; Friday, March 5 at 12:00 Noon.
Carmichael Valmadrid, deans Katelin Jaggi, honors; Mason
Halle Dubois, deans honor list; Johnnie Wagman, deans W. Kuchenbecker, highest
list; Evan Fernandez, deans
honor list; Kelly Gavigan,
honor list; Ashley Zimdars, honors; Kate L. McClenahan, All ads must be placed by e-mail or in person.
deans honor list honors; Nika M. Wanserski,
deans honor list; Annelise
Gerhart, deans list; Alexander
high honors No phone calls please.
Oregon State University Fitchburg
Gidal, high honor roll; Bledat Verona Lukas A. Bieneman, high hon-
Gjinolli, deans honor list;
Melit Gjinolli, deans list;
Susan N. Burns, honor roll ors; Emily E. Kuchenbecker, Payment must be made at time ad is placed.
highest honors; Emily M.
Hannah Goldberg, deans Macalester College OMalley, honors
list; Michael Greer, deans Fitchburg
honor list; Natalie Grosse, Eliza Neidhart, deans list Luther College
deans honor list; Kaitlin Verona

Hackbarth, deans list; Zoe Iowa State University Peter Scott, deans list
Hansen, deans list; Carolyn Verona
Hasselkus, deans list; Nathan Aaron Gullickson, deans list Augustana College Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9am-3pm
Hofmeister, deans honor list; Fitchburg
Tyler Hongisto, deans honor Upper Iowa University Abigail Thomson, deans list E-mail:
list; Justin Huber, deans Fitchburg
list; Noah Huber, deans list; Jamie Suchomel, deans list;
Elijah Isenberger, deans list; Rupert Valentine, deans list
David Jin, deans honor list;

CALL NOW 1-800-661-2240 MANAGEMENT
Investing. Rollovers. Retirement planning. Trustee services. Your financial future is
important, and it should be in the right hands so you can reach your goals and develop
the security you need. Thats where State Bank of Cross Plains Wealth Management
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(608) 826-3570


Yeah, we can do that. adno=509139-01
12 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

NOTICE OF conducting the local and municipal can- School; district-wide capital and building
vasses pursuant to Wis. Stat. 7.51 and infrastructure improvements and repairs;
SPRING ELECTION AND 7.53(1). This meeting will be open to the and acquisition of related furnishings,
SAMPLE BALLOTS public pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.81-89. fixtures and equipment.
APRIL 4, 2017 Published: March 30, 2017 A no vote on Question Num-
OFFICE OF THE CITY OF VERONA WNAXLP ber I is a vote to deny the Verona Area
CLERK AND TOWN OF VERONA CLERK School District the authority to borrow
TO THE VOTERS OF THE CITY AND *** $162,760,000 through the issuance of
TOWN OF VERONA: LOCATION AND HOURS OF general obligation bonds for the purpose
Notice is hereby given of a spring of paying the cost of a school building
election to be held in the City and Town of
POLLING PLACE and improvement program consisting
At the Spring Election to be held of: construction of a new high school
Verona, on April 4, 2017, at which the of-
ficers named below shall be chosen. The
on April 4, 2017 in the City of Verona the and auditorium (performing arts center)
names of the candidates for each office
following polling place locations will be on district owned land; reconfiguration
used for the wards indicated:
to be voted for, whose nominations have LOCATION, WARDS
and renovation of the current Verona
been certified to or filed in this office, are Verona Public Library, 500 Silent
Area High School to convert it to the new
given under the title of the office, each Street Verona, WI 53593 (Ald. Districts 1
site for Badger Ridge Middle School and
in its proper column, together with the select district charter schools; reconfigu-
& 2), Wards 1-5
questions submitted to a vote, for a refer- Verona City Hall, 111 Lincoln Street
ration and renovation of the current Bad-
endum, if any, in the sample ballot below. Verona, WI 53593, (Ald. Districts 3 & 4),
ger Ridge Middle School to convert it to
INFORMATION TO VOTERS the new site for Sugar Creek Elementary
Wards 6-9 School; district-wide capital and building
Upon entering the polling place, a
voter shall state his or her name and ad-
ALL POLLING PLACES WILL OPEN infrastructure improvements and repairs;
dress, show an acceptable form of photo P.M.
and acquisition of related furnishings,
identification and sign the poll book be- fixtures and equipment.
fore being permitted to vote. If a voter is
If you have questions concerning In the event a majority of the elec-
your polling place, contact the municipal tors voting on Question Number I vote
not registered to vote, a voter may reg- clerk.
ister to vote at the polling place serving yes, the District will be authorized to
Ellen Clark undertake the school building and im-
his or her residence, if the voter presents
proof of residence in a form specified
111 Lincoln Street provement program described in Ques-
by law. Where ballots are distributed to
Verona, WI 53593 tion Number I and borrow not in excess
voters, the initials of two inspectors must
608-845-6495 of $162,760,000 therefor; if a majority
M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. vote no on Question Number I set forth
appear on the ballot. Upon being permit- All polling places are accessible to
ted to vote, the voter shall retire alone to above, the District will not be so autho-
elderly and disabled voters. rized.
a voting booth and cast his or her ballot
except that a voter who is a parent or
Published: March 30, 2017 A yes vote on Question Number
guardian may be accompanied by the II is a vote to approve the borrowing of
voters minor child or minor ward. An $18,520,000 by the Verona Area School
election official may inform the voter of *** District through the issuance of general
the proper manner for casting a vote, but EXHIBIT C obligation bonds for the purpose of pay-
the official may not in any manner advise NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ing the cost of construction and equip-
or indicate a particular voting choice. ping of a swimming pool, competition
Optical Scan Voting is Used in the VERONA AREA athletic fields and related facilities on the
City of Verona SCHOOL DISTRICT new high school site.
The voter shall fill in the oval next APRIL4, 2017NOTICE IS HEREBY A no vote on Question Num-
to the name of the candidate of his or GIVEN, that at an election to be held ber II is a vote to deny the Verona Area
her choice for each office for which he in the Verona Area School District on School District the authority to borrow
or she intends to vote. To vote for a per- April4, 2017, the following proposed $18,520,000 through the issuance of
son whose name does not appear on the Initial Resolutions and Resolution Autho- general obligation bonds for the purpose
ballot, the voter shall write in the name rizing School District Budget to Exceed of paying the cost of construction and
of the person of his or her choice in the Revenue Limit of the School Board will equipping of a swimming pool, compe-
space provided for a write-in vote and fill be submitted to a vote of the people: tition athletic fields and related facilities
in the oval next to the write-in line. On RESOLUTION NUMBER I on the new high school site.
referendum questions, the voter shall fill INITIAL RESOLUTION NUMBER I In the event a majority of the elec-
in the oval next to yes if in favor of the AUTHORIZING GENERAL OBLIGATION tors voting on Question Number II vote
question, or the voter shall fill in the oval BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED yes, the District will be authorized
next to no if opposed to the question. $162,760,000 to undertake the program described in
When using an electronic ballot BE IT RESOLVED by the School Question Number II and borrow not in
marking device (Automark) to mark an Board of the Verona Area School Dis- excess of $18,520,000 therefor; if a ma-
optical scan ballot, the voter shall touch trict, Dane County, Wisconsin that there jority vote no on Question Number II
the screen at the name of the candidate shall be issued pursuant to Chapter 67 set forth above, the District will not be so
of his or her choice for each office for of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obli- authorized.
which he or she intends to vote. To vote gation bonds in an amount not to exceed A yes vote on Question Number
for a person whose name does not ap- $162,760,000 for the public purpose of III is a vote to authorize the Verona Area
pear on the ballot, the voter shall type paying the cost of a school building and School District budget to exceed the rev-
in the name of the person of his or her improvement program consisting of: enue limit specified in Section 121.91,
choice in the space provided for a write- construction of a new high school and Wisconsin Statutes, by $2,289,747 for the
in vote. On referendum questions, the auditorium (performing arts center) on 2020-2021 school year and thereafter, for
voter shall touch the screen at yes if in district owned land; reconfiguration and recurring purposes consisting of opera-
favor of the question, or the voter shall renovation of the current Verona Area tional expenses for new district facilities
touch the screen at no if opposed to High School to convert it to the new site and grounds.
the question. for Badger Ridge Middle School and se- A no vote on Question Number
The vote should not be cast in any lect district charter schools; reconfigura- III is a vote to deny the Verona Area
other manner. Not more than five min- tion and renovation of the current Badger School District budget the authority to
utes time shall be allowed inside a vot- Ridge Middle School to convert it to the exceed the revenue limit specified in
ing booth or machine. Sample ballots new site for Sugar Creek Elementary Section 121.91, Wisconsin Statutes, by
or other materials to assist the voter in School; district-wide capital and building $2,289,747 for the 2020-2021 school year
casting his or her vote may be taken into infrastructure improvements and repairs; and thereafter, for recurring purposes
the booth and copied. The sample ballot and acquisition of related furnishings, consisting of operational expenses for
shall not be shown to anyone so as to re- fixtures and equipment. new district facilities and grounds.
veal how the ballot is marked. RESOLUTION NUMBER II In the event a majority of the elec-
If the voter spoils an optical scan INITIAL RESOLUTION NUMBER II tors voting on Question III vote yes, the
ballot, he or she shall return it to an AUTHORIZING GENERAL OBLIGATION District will be authorized to exceed the
election official who shall issue anoth- BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED revenue limit specified in Section 121.91,
er ballot in its place, but not more than $18,520,000 Wisconsin Statutes, by $2,289,747 for the
three ballots shall be issued to any one BE IT RESOLVED by the School 2020-2021 school year and thereafter, for
voter. If the ballot has not been initialed Board of the Verona Area School Dis- recurring purposes consisting of opera-
by two inspectors or is defective in any trict, Dane County, Wisconsin that there tional expenses for new district facilities
other way, the voter shall return it to the shall be issued pursuant to Chapter 67 and grounds; if a majority vote no on
election official, who shall issue a proper of the Wisconsin Statutes, general ob- the question set forth above, the District
ballot in its place. ligation bonds in an amount not to ex- will not be so authorized.
After Voting the Ballot ceed $18,520,000 for the public purpose LOCATION AND HOURS OF POLL-
After an official optical scan ballot of paying the cost of construction and ING PLACES
is marked, it shall be inserted in the se- equipping of a swimming pool, compe- Information as to the location of the
curity sleeve so the marks do not show. tition athletic fields and related facilities polling places is available in the District
After casting his or her vote, the voter on the new high school site. Office at 700 North Main Street, Verona,
shall leave the booth, insert the ballot in RESOLUTION NUMBER III Wisconsin 53593.
the voting device and discard the sleeve, RESOLUTION ALL POLLING PLACES WILL BE
or deliver the ballot to an inspector for AUTHORIZING THE SCHOOL DIS- OPEN AT 7:00 A.M. AND WILL CLOSE AT
deposit. The voter shall leave the polling TRICT BUDGET TO EXCEED REVENUE 8:00 P.M.
place promptly. LIMIT BY $2,289,747 FOR RECURRING If you have any questions concern-
A voter may select an individual to PURPOSES ing your polling place, contact the mu-
assist in casting his or her vote if the BE IT RESOLVED by the School nicipal clerk:
voter declares to the presiding official Board of the Verona Area School Dis- Ellen Clark
that he or she is unable to read, has dif- trict, Dane County, Wisconsin that the City of Verona
ficulty reading, writing or understanding revenues included in the School District 111 Lincoln St.
English or that due to disability is unable budget be authorized to exceed the rev- Verona, WI 53593
to cast his or her ballot. The selected in- enue limit specified in Section 121.91, (608) 845-6495
dividual rendering assistance may not be Wisconsin Statutes, by $2,289,747 for the
the voters employer or an agent of that 2020-2021 school year and thereafter, for Office Hours: Monday-Friday
employer or an officer or agent of a labor recurring purposes consisting of opera- 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
organization which represents the voter. tional expenses for new district facilities
The following is a sample of the of- and grounds. Patti Anderson
ficial ballots: The questions will appear on the bal- City of Fitchburg
Attention City of Verona Voters lot as follows: 5520 Lacy Rd.
The published sample ballot is for QUESTION NUMBER I Fitchburg, WI 53711
Aldermanic District 1. The candidates for Shall the Verona Area School Dis- (608) 270-4210
other Aldermanic Districts are on sepa- trict, Dane County, Wisconsin be autho-
rate ballots as you may only vote for the rized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of Office Hours: Monday-Friday
Alderperson that represents the District the Wisconsin Statutes, general obliga- 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
in which you live. The candidates for the tion bonds in an amount not to exceed
other Aldermanic Districts are as follows: $162,760,000 for the public purpose of John Wright
paying the cost of a school building and Town of Verona
Alderperson District 2 improvement program consisting of: 335 N. Nine Mound Rd.
Sarah Gaskell construction of a new high school and Verona, WI 53593
Scott Stewart auditorium (performing arts center) on (608) 845-7187
district owned land; reconfiguration and
Alderperson District 3 renovation of the current Verona Area Office Hours: Monday-Friday
Luke Diaz High School to convert it to the new site 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
for Badger Ridge Middle School and se-
Alderperson District 4 lect district charter schools; reconfigura- Vicki Anderson
Heather Reekie tion and renovation of the current Badger Town of Springdale
Ridge Middle School to convert it to the 2379 Town Hall Rd.
All other offices on the ballot remain new site for Sugar Creek Elementary Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
as listed. School; district-wide capital and building (608) 437-6230
Sample ballots and Aldermanic Dis- infrastructure improvements and repairs;
trict information for the City of Verona and acquisition of related furnishings, Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00 p.m.-5:00
may also be viewed on the City of Verona fixtures and equipment? p.m. and by appointment
All sample ballots are also viewable Shall the Verona Area School Dis- Julie L. Bigler
on the Wisconsin Elections Commis- trict, Dane County, Wisconsin be au- Town of Montrose
sions MyVote website at www.myvote. thorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 1341 Diane Ave. 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general Belleville, WI 53508
_______________________________ obligation bonds in an amount not to ex- (608) 424-3848
Ellen Clark, City of Verona Clerk ceed $18,520,000 for the public purpose
_______________________________ of paying the cost of construction and OFFICE HOURS: BY APPOINTMENT
John Wright, Town of Verona equipping of a swimming pool, compe- ONLY
Clerk/Treasurer tition athletic fields and related facilities
Published: March 30, 2017 on the new high school site? David Shaw
*** Shall the Verona Area School 7555 W. Old Sauk Rd.
District, Dane County, Wisconsin be Verona, WI 53593
LOCATION AND HOURS authorized to exceed the revenue limit (608) 833-5887
OF POLLING PLACE specified in Section 121.91, Wisconsin
At the Spring Election to be held on Statutes, by $2,289,747 for the 2020-2021 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00
April 4, 2017 in the Town of Verona the school year and thereafter, for recur- a.m.-4:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m.-12:00
following polling place location will be ring purposes consisting of operational p.m.
used for the wards indicated: expenses for new district facilities and
Location, Wards grounds? Maribeth Witzel-Behl
Town of Verona Hall, 7669 County EXPLANATORY STATEMENT AND City of Madison
Highway PD, Verona, WI 53593, 1-4 EFFECT OF VOTE 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rm 103
THE POLLING PLACE WILL OPEN The referendum election ballot will Madison, WI 53703
AT 7:00 AM AND WILL CLOSE AT 8:00 PM ask District electors to vote yes or no (608) 266-4601
If you have any questions concern- on the referendum election questions as
ing your polling place, contact the mu- set forth above. Office Hours: Monday-Friday
nicipal clerk. A yes vote on Question Number 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
John Wright I is a vote to approve the borrowing of All polling places are accessible to
7669 County Highway PD $162,760,000 by the Verona Area School elderly and disabled voters.
Verona, WI 53593 District through the issuance of gener- Notice of Meeting of the Local and
(608) 845-7187 al obligation bonds for the purpose of Municipal Board of Canvassers
M-F, 8 AM to 2 PM paying the cost of a school building and At the close of voting on Election
The polling place is accessible to improvement program consisting of: Day, pursuant to the provisions of Wis.
elderly and disabled voters. construction of a new high school and Stat. 19.84, the Election Inspectors will
_______________________________ auditorium (performing arts center) on convene as a joint meeting of the Local
Notice of Meeting of the Local and district owned land; reconfiguration and Board of Canvassers and the Municipal
Municipal Board of Canvassers renovation of the current Verona Area Board of Canvassers for the purpose of
At the close of voting on Election High School to convert it to the new site conducting the local and municipal can-
Day, pursuant to the provisions of Wis. for Badger Ridge Middle School and se- vasses pursuant to Wis. Stat. 7.51 and
Stat. 19.84, the Election Inspectors will lect district charter schools; reconfigura- 7.53(1). This meeting will be open to the
convene as a joint meeting of the Local tion and renovation of the current Badger
LEGALS continued on page 13
Board of Canvassers and the Municipal Ridge Middle School to convert it to the
Board of Canvassers for the purpose of new site for Sugar Creek Elementary March 30, 2017 The Verona Press
After an official paper ballot is
From LEGALS/page 12
initialed by two inspectors or is defective spector for deposit, and shall leave the ruary 25, 2017, was domiciled in Dane on behalf of Alan Halverson
in any other way, the elector shall return marked, it shall be folded so the inside polling place promptly. County, State of Wisconsin, with a mail- * Discussion and action re: New
it to the election official, who shall issue marks do not show, but so the printed After an official optical scan ballot ing address of 3020 Shady Oak Lane, Ve- driveway for Lot 3 of CSM 13919 on Sun-
public pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.81-89. a proper ballot in its place. endorsements and inspectors initials on is marked, it shall be inserted in the se- rona, WI 53593. set Drive submitted by Daniel and Kay
INFORMATION TO ELECTORS The elector may spoil a touch screen the outside do show. The elector shall curity sleeve so the marks do not show. 3. All interested persons waived no- McGrath
Upon entering the polling place, an ballot at the voting station before the bal- leave the booth, deposit the ballot in the After casting his or her vote, the elector tice. D. Natural and Recreational Areas
elector shall state his or her name and lot is cast. ballot box, or deliver the ballot to an in- shall leave the booth, insert the ballot in 4. The deadline for filing a claim Committee:
address, show an acceptable form of the voting device and discard the sleeve, against the decedents estate is June 22, i. Update on town hall landscape
photo identification and sign the poll or deliver the ballot to an inspector for 2017. planning
book before being permitted to vote. If Referendum deposit. If a central count system is 5. A claim may be filed at the Dane E. Ordinance Committee:
an elector is not registered to vote, an used, the elector shall insert the ballot in County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton F. EMS Commission:
elector may register to vote at the poll- the ballot box and discard the sleeve, or Street, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000. G. Town Chair:
ing place serving his or her residence, deliver the ballot to an inspector for de- Benjamin J. Schulenburg i. Update on finishes for new town
if the elector presents proof of resi- QUESTION NUMBER I posit. The elector shall leave the polling Probate Registrar hall
dence in a form specified by law. Where place promptly. March 16, 2017 ii. Update and possible action re:
ballots are distributed to electors, the Shall the Verona Area School District, Dane County, Wisconsin be After an official touch screen ballot Atty. Marilyn A. Dreger sale of old town hall
initials of two inspectors must appear is cast, the elector shall leave the polling 200 W. Verona Avenue H. Supervisors:
on the ballot. Upon being permitted to
authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, place promptly. Verona, WI 53593 I. Clerk/Treasurer:
vote, the elector shall retire alone to a general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $162,760,000 for the An elector may select an individual (608) 845-9899 J. Planner/Administrator:
voting booth and cast his or her ballot public purpose of paying the cost of a school building and improvement to assist in casting his or her vote if the Bar Number: 1001608 i. 2017 sat contract
except that an elector who is a parent or program consisting of: construction of a new high school and auditorium elector declares to the presiding official Published: March 30, April 6 and 13, 7. Approval of payment of bills
guardian may be accompanied by the that he or she is unable to read, has dif- 2017 8. Adjourn
electors minor child or minor ward. An
(performing arts center) on district owned land; reconfiguration and ficulty reading, writing or understanding WNAXLP Regular board agendas are pub-
election official may inform the elector renovation of the current Verona Area High School to convert it to the English or that due to disability is unable lished in the Towns official newspaper,
of the proper manner for casting a vote, new site for Badger Ridge Middle School and select district charter to cast his or her ballot. The selected *** The Verona Press. Per Resolution 2016-
but the official may not in any manner schools; reconfiguration and renovation of the current Badger Ridge individual rendering assistance may not TOWN OF VERONA 2 agendas are posted at the Town Hall
advise or indicate a particular voting be the electors employer or an agent of and online at
choice. Middle School to convert it to the new site for Sugar Creek Elementary that employer or an officer or agent of a REGULAR TOWN Use the subscribe feature on the Towns
On referendum questions, where School; district-wide capital and building infrastructure improvements labor organization which represents the BOARD MEETING website to receive agendas and other an-
paper ballots are used, the elector shall and repairs; and acquisition of related furnishings, fixtures and elector. TUESDAY, MARCH 7TH, 2017 nouncements via email.
make a mark (X) in the square next to The following is a sample of the of- Notice is also given that a possible
yes if in favor of the question, or the
ficial ballot: 6:30 P.M. quorum of the Plan Commission and/or
elector shall make a mark (X) in the OFFICIAL REFERENDUM BALLOT TOWN HALL/COMMUNITY Public Works, Ordinance, Natural and
square next to no if opposed to the April4, 2017 CENTER Recreational Areas, and Financial Sus-
question. Notice to Voters: If you are voting tainability Committees and could occur
When using a tactile ballot marking YES on Election Day, your ballot must be ini- 7669 COUNTY HIGHWAY PD, at this meeting for the purposes of infor-
device (Vote-PAD) to mark a paper bal- tialed by two election inspectors. If you VERONA, WI 53593-1035 mation gathering only.
lot, the elector shall obtain from the in-
spectors, the assistive device and any NO
are voting absentee, your ballot must be
initialed by the municipal clerk or depu- agenda
1. Call to Order/Approval of the If anyone having a qualifying dis-
ability as defined by the American with
audio or dexterity aids if required. On ty clerk. Your ballot may not be counted 2. Pledge of Allegiance Disabilities Act needs an interpreter,
referendum questions, the elector shall Referendum without initials. 3. Public Comment - This section of materials in alternate formats, or other
fill in the oval or connect the arrow next Instructions to Voters the meeting provides the opportunity for accommodations to access these meet-
to yes if in favor of the question, or If you make a mistake on your ballot comment from persons in attendance on ings, please contact the Town of Verona
the elector shall fill in the oval or con- or have a question, ask an election in- items not listed below over which this Clerk @ 608-845-7187 or jwright@town.
nect the arrow next to no if opposed QUESTION NUMBER II spector for help. governing body has jurisdiction. Com- Please do so at least 48
to the question. (Absentee Voters: Contact your mu- ments on matters not listed on this agen- hours prior to the meeting so that proper
On referendum questions, where Shall the Verona Area School District, Dane County, Wisconsin be nicipal clerk.) da could be placed on a future meeting arrangements can be made.
optical scan voting systems are used, To vote in favor of a question, make agenda. Mark Geller, Town Chair, Town of Verona.
the elector shall fill in the oval or con- authorized to issue pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, an X or other mark in the square next to 4. Announcements Ice Age Trail Posted: March 31, 2017
nect the arrow next to yes if in favor general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $18,520,000 for Yes, like this: x Community Event Published: March 30, 2017
of the question, or the elector shall fill the public purpose of paying the cost of construction and equipping of a To vote against a question, make an 5. Discussion and approval of min- WNAXLP
in the oval or connect the arrow next to swimming pool, competition athletic fields and related facilities on the X or other mark in the square next to utes from February 7th and March 7th
no if opposed to the question. No, like this: x 6. Reports and Recommendations ***
When using an electronic ballot new high school site? Persons with questions regarding A. Financial Sustainability:
marking device (Automark) to mark the referendum election should contact
i. Presentation of draft audit The 2017 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING
an optical scan ballot, the elector shall Dean Gorrell, District Administrator, via ii. Discussion of multi-year financial
touch the screen at yes if in favor of
the question, or the elector shall touch
YES phone at 608-845-4310 or email at gor-
iii. Discussion and possible action
for the Town of Verona will be held at the
Town Hall located at 7669 County High-
way PD (formally located at 335 N. Nine
Done in the Verona Area School District re: interim funding until sale of the old
the screen at no if opposed to the
question. NO on March30, 2017 town hall
Mound Road) on Tuesday, April 18, 2016
and begins at 7:00 P.M.
On referendum questions, where Thomas Duerst B. Plan Commission: Agenda items will include, but not
touch screen voting systems are used, Referendum District Clerk i. Discussion and action re: Land be limited to:
the elector shall touch the screen next Published: March 30, 2017 use application 2017-1 - dated 2/13/2017 Approval of minutes for the 2016
to yes if in favor of the question, or WNAXLP for property located at 1841 Range Trail town meeting
the elector shall touch the screen next submitted by Wendy Pacetti. The pur- Overview of the events and issues
to no if opposed to the question. QUESTION NUMBER III *** pose of the application is rezoning from for the Town of Verona
The vote should not be cast in any STATE OF WISCONSIN, RH-3 to RH-1 and RH-2 to allow for the Review of the 2016 Financial State-
other manner. Not more than five min- splitting of one parcel into three. A pre-
utes time shall be allowed inside a vot- Shall the Verona Area School District, Dane County, Wisconsin be CIRCUIT COURT, liminary CSM is also included.
authorized to exceed the revenue limit specified in Section 121.91, Discussion and potential action on
ing booth or machine. Sample ballots DANE COUNTY, NOTICE TO ii. Discussion and action re: Dane matters of interest to town residents (Dis-
or other materials to assist the elector Wisconsin Statutes, by $2,289,747 for the 2020-2021 school year and CREDITORS (INFORMAL County Ordinance Amendment 83 allow- cussions subject to a motion and second
in casting his or her vote may be taken thereafter, for recurring purposes consisting of operational expenses for ADMINISTRATION) IN THE ing for electronic signs in the A1ex (ag by Town residents)
into the booth and copied. The sample exclusive) zoning district
ballot shall not be shown to anyone so new district facilities and grounds? MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF C. Public Works:
Amanda Arnold
as to reveal how the ballot is marked. JO ANN BITZER i. Discussion and possible action re: Town of Verona
If the elector spoils a paper or op- 2017 road projects Posted: March 25, 2017
tical scan ballot, he or she shall return
it to an election official who shall issue
Case No. 17PR184
ii. Discussion and action re: Drive-
way permits
Published: March 30 and April 6, 2017
1. An application for Informal Admin- WNAXLP
another ballot in its place, but not more
than three ballots shall be issued to any NO istration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
* New shared driveway with 6803
Sunset Drive (new lot is lot 3 of CSM ***
one elector. If the ballot has not been March 31, 1930 and date of death Feb- 140036) submitted by Schwingle Builders

renew your
online! It only takes a few clicks to renew your newspaper subscription electronically with our secure site at:
14 March 30, 2017 The Verona Press

Vote: District tax rate would rise 79 cents if voters pass referendum
Continued from page 1
Enrollment projects
theres going to be three Building Capacity Fall 2016 2020 2025 2030
years of pretty intense
work, Gorrell said. If Country View** 536 426 782 991 1,236
it doesnt pass, we know Sugar Creek 504 493 408 401 389
theres likely going to may-
be be four years of pretty Glacier Edge** 427 579 268 247 233
intense work. Stoner Prairie* 489 476 602 663 678
The package is the third- New Century 104 118 122 122 122
most thats ever been asked
for on a single ballot in BRMS* 1,054 937 865 913 947
state of Wisconsin history. SOMS 726 510 703 826 877
The second-highest is also VAHS* 1,577 1,577 1,738 1,863 2,159
on the April 4 ballot, in the
Green Bay Area School Total 5,113 5,487 6,026 6,640
A successful referen- *Includes charter school housed within building
dum would vacate two old **2016 boundary update moved most new Glacier Edge-area students to
school buildings and con- Country View
solidate others, allowing for
one major redistricting in
the 2020 school year rather
than a series of incremen-
tal changes. The board saw What if...
how difficult and unappeal-
ing such changes can be Question 1 is approved but Questions 2 and
when it revised the Glacier 3 fail?
Edge Elementary School
boundaries to fix a space If Question 1 is approved, construction on the new high
crunch last year. school and auditorium would begin on schedule. The dis-
Overall people are want- trict would have the option to ask voters again in a future
ing something that is going referendum for money to fund outdoor athletic competi-
to be comprehensive and
last for a long time and not tion fields and a pool, and it would almost certainly hold
have to keep coming back another referendum by 2020 for operating funds. If no
for more, said board pres- new athletic facilities are built, student athletes would be
ident Dennis Beres. bused to current facilities at the districts expense.
The first question to vot-
ers would allow the district Questions 1 and 2 are approved but Question
to borrow $162.8 million 3 fails?
to build a new high school
and auditorium on a pair If Questions 1 and 2 are approved, construction would
of neighboring properties Graph courtesy Verona Area School District likely start on schedule, and the district would be expect-
acquired after a success- Without an approved referendums, the district tax rate will drop more than $2 per $1,000 ed to come back to voters for approval of the operating
ful spring 2015 referen- of property value. If the referendum are approved, the rate will rise 79 cents for 2017-18
dum. That money would through 2020 and then another 58 cents in 2020.
funds before the school opened in 2020.
also cover renovations to Question 2 and/or 3 is approved but Question
buildings around the dis-
trict, including repurpos- 1 fails?
ing the current high school If question 1 fails, the district would not use the au-
and Badger Ridge Middle
School for different grade thority to borrow for a pool and athletic fields or to sur-
levels. pass the levy limit, as the questions limit the use of those
The second is whether it measures. If Question 1 fails, the plan would not move
can borrow another $18.5 forward, and the board could consider coming back with
million to build competition
athletic fields and a pool
a different plan next year.
structure on the same site as All three questions fail?
the new high school.
The third asks to cover If all three questions fail, its likely the board would come
operating expenses for the up with an alternative option to bring to voters in a year.
new facilities especial-
ly maintenance. It would
allow the district to surpass
its state-mandated tax levy
limit by $2.3 million every
year beginning in 2020.
If all three pass, district Timeline
residents property taxes
will rise from their current 2006: Glacier Edge opens
level by 79 cents per $1,000 2007: Study projects enrollment could as much as double
of property value next year, to 9,000-plus within 20 years
and another 58 cents per 2008: Recession begins, slows down timeline
$1,000 of property value
in 2020. Neither number Late 2013: School board discusses land purchases in
reflects the true cost of the closed sessions
referendum, though, as tax- Feb. 2014: Future Schools Committee forms to discuss
es would drop by more than future buildings
$2 per $1,000 of property April 7, 2015: Voters approve $8.35 million in land pur-
value beginning next year if chases with 65 percent voting in favor
the April 4 measure were to
fail. April 27, 2015: District closes on Herfel, Erbach land
That drop, related to the purchases
closure of a large tax-in- Oct. 15 2015: District closes on West End land purchase
crement financing district, May 2016: District begins seeking feedback on building
has played a big part in the referendum; board and administration prefer new high
timing of the referendum. school by 2020
By keeping the tax rate flat Photo by Scott Girard
in recent years and timing Verona Area School District superintendent Dean Gorrell explains the tax impact of the April July 2016: Committee recommends a high school be built
the referendum with the 4 referendums to an audience of about 20 at the Fitchburg Public Library March 13. first
closure of the Epic TIF, the high school has not reached maintenance upgrades. The hoping that whatever deci- Aug. 2016: Consultants estimate $188-198 million cost for
board created a smaller tax its capacity for classroom districts three elementary sion people make, its with high school referendum
increase, which they hoped space, the common areas charter schools could then a full understanding of the Oct. 2016: District sends out survey on potential referen-
would be an easier sell to like the lunch room were move into the high schools information. dum
voters than having taxes not built with that same K-Wing building. All the board members
drop substantially and then capacity. The district has held 30 Nov. 2016: Survey shows support for new high school
have felt like if people building referendum
asking for a large increase VA S D s p l a n w o u l d external and internal infor- make an informed decision
one year or two later. phase out the use of the mational meetings on the and they vote for whats Dec. 2016: School board decides to split capital projects
Population projections Sugar Creek Elementary topic since late January, right for them, we under- into two questions
from district consultants School and New Century leaving Gorrell feeling stand that, he said. Jan. 2017: School board approves three questions for
show a continued increase School buildings, which great about the outreach April 4 ballot
to more than 6,600 students are the districts oldest process. Beres, who said Contact Scott Girard at
by 2030, with the largest (60 and 100 years, respec- hes cautiously optimistic Jan.-March 2017: District, school board members hold
increase at the high school tively) and would other- about a vote in favor, added and follow him on Twitter information sessions for staff, public
level. While the current wise likely require costly that board members are also @sgirard9. April 4, 2017: Election day March 30, 2017 The Verona Press
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Fri 5pm-9pm. Visit our website: www. Location: 239 Whitney St THEY SAY people dont read those little Monday for the Verona Press unless or call our office: Columbus, WI 53925 ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you? changed because of holiday work sched-
608-831-8850 920-623-1992 Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or ules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 835-6677. or 835-6677.
508 Child Care & Nurseries
Stoughton. All ages welcome. Lots of TLC Full/Part Time Positions Available
and fun educational activities. For more Increase Your sales opportunitiesreach over 1.2 million households! Drive Locally andWages
Excellent Support your Community
information call Julie at 608-719-9686 Advertise in our Wisconsin Advertising Network System. Badger BusTraining
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It For information call 835-6677. $150 Sign-On Bonus for Van Drivers
pays to read the fine print. CDL Program
Signing Bonusfor Qualified School Bus Drivers
SAWMILLS from only $4397.00- MAKE & SAVE MONEY with ADVERTISE HERE! Advertise your product or recruit an Positions
Paid Training and Available
Bonus to get in
your CDL

PAR Concrete, Inc. your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready
to ship! FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-
applicant in over 179 Wisconsin newspapers across the state!
Only $300/week. Thats $1.68 per paper! Call this paper or 800-
Full and and
Part-Time Verona
Positions Available
578-1363 Ext. 300N (CNOW) 227-7636 (CNOW) Apply Locally at: 219 Paoli St., Verona, WI
Driveways Call: 608-845-2255 or Go Online:
MOOSE LAKE COOP, Moose Lake, Minnesota seeking Our Sportsmen will Pay Top $$$ To hunt your land. Call for a
Patios qualified General Manager. Supply cooperative includes Free Base Camp Leasing info packet & Quote. 1-866-309-1507
Sidewalks convenience store light automotive repair, retail farm stores, (CNOW)
Decorative Concrete agronomy with annual sales of $7.5 million. Successful coop WANTED TO BUY OR TRADE

agricultural business management experience and strong

Phil Mountford 516-4130 (cell) financial background. Apply GUITAR WANTED! Local musician will pay up to $12,500 for or 320-219-0270. (CNOW) pre-1975 Gibson, Fender, Martin and Gretsch guitars. Fender
835-5129 (office) amplifiers also. Call toll free! 1-800-995-1217. (CNOW)
Oregon Manor, EOE, a small town
Annual Spring Consignment Auction LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS
opening for a Dietary Aide.
All phases of landscape installation including
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 9:00 AM brick/block & boulder wall construction.
1625 E Ormsby St Oxford, WI 53952 ~ Good driving record Apply online at
Looking For Good Quality Consignments ~ In-house training and outside classes available
~ Great pay, benets & bonuses or stop by 354 N. Main St., Oregon, WI

Farm & Construction Equipment, Hay & Forge, Tillage &


Work with fantastic people who take pride in their work.

Planting, Lawn & Garden, Recreational Vehicles, Skid Apply online at: to fill out an application. adno=513621-01
Steers & Attachments, Vehicles & Trailers.
Duane Dornacker: (608) 586-4646 or (608) 369-3256
Were Growing T hanks
Photos & Complete Listing:
to Our Loyal Customers! CITY OF VERONA
Auction Managed By: Powers Auction Service
2445 E Hwy 11 South Wayne, WI 53587
608-439-5761 or Equipment Operator
RIESTERER & SCHNELL INC. Line Cook The City of Verona is currently accepting
19TH ANNUAL LAWN & GARDEN Full or part-time, nights & weekends applications for a full-time Public Works
CONSIGNMENT AUCTION $11-$15/hour. Pay based on experience
Maintenance/Equipment Operator Position
to perform skilled or semi-skilled duties re-
Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 9:00 AM General Manager lated to the maintenance of Municipal Pub-
N2225 Hwy 15 Hortonville, WI 54944
Full-time, pay based on experience. lic Works, Sewer and Water Infrastructure.
Looking For Good Quality Consignments The position requires previous experience
Lawn & Garden Equipment, Construction Equipment, Full-time benets include:
Recreational Vehicles, Skid Steers, Trucks & Trailers.
in municipal maintenance or a closely re-
Paid Health Insurance
lated field and must possess a Commer-
* Accepting Consignments through May 3 * Life Insurance

cial Drivers License. The starting wage is

Mike DeBraal: (920) 585-6084 or (920) 757-6101 Disability Insurance $21.07-$23.49/hr depending on qualifica-
* 2 Auction Rings throughout the Day * IRA Retirement Plan tions and years of service. Applications will

Photos & Complete Listing: Time and Holiday Pay be accepted until 3:00 p.m., Wednesday
Auction Managed By: Powers Auction Service Free shift drink! April 12, 2017.
2445 E Hwy 11 South Wayne, WI 53587
608-439-5761 or For application, go to: adno=513256-01
16 The Verona Press - March 30, 2017



The MOST HD and FASTEST Internet

- 200+ HD channels available

- 60 Mbps of Internet Speed
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29 99

/mo each for
12 mos when

Plus FREE DVR service2

1-866-960-1735 | SPECTRUM.COM/SAVE
Stuck in a contract? We can help. Ask us how.
Offer good through 5/22/17, subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and have no outstanding obligation to Charter. 1Savings comparison
to TDS : Savings of $448.49 in the first year based on comparison to TDS TV Expanded with 100 MBPS Internet and Classic Unlimited Voice with HD and Wi-Fi ($142.25 mo.) = $1707.00/yr., per,
10/25/2016. Plan may not be an exact match. 2Bundle price for TV Select, Internet, and Voice is $89.97/mo. yr. 1; standard rates apply after year 1. Free DVR service is for 1 DVR for year 1; standard rates apply after year 1
(currently $11.99/mo.); install, other equipment, taxes, fees and surcharges extra; additional services are extra. 3DVR receiver ($6.99/mo.) required for DVR service and is extra. General Terms: TV: TV equipment is required
and is extra. Channel and HD programming availability based on level of service. Spectrum TV App requires Spectrum TV. or account log in may be required to stream some TV content
online. Apps are free with corresponding level of service. INTERNET: Available Internet speeds may vary by address. VOICE: Unlimited calling includes calls within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam & the Virgin Islands.

Taxes and fees included in the price. Money Back Guarantee: Restrictions apply. Go to for complete details. Services are subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, which are subject
to change. Services may not be available in all areas. Restrictions apply. 2017 Charter Communications