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You are hired as a sales head for a pan India IIT JEE coaching class. Come up with a business
plan which focuses on targeting the relevant market, come up with the list of sales & marketing
initiatives you would undertake. Make assumptions where ever necessary - show a clear ROI on
the sales efforts vs conversions in term of increase in admissions.


PATHFINDER. quality students and star teachers are stolen by competitors. 3.Now it has student base of 500 (approximate) around all the four centers. new class centers started in Mumbai. 4.For new expansions they got funds of INR 8 crore from local businessmen. No. 5. AAKASH INSTITUTES.00. of Eminent Institutes:15 4. Market Followers: IITIAN PLACES. . Industrial Analysis: 1.The growth rate is exponential as a new player.000 6. of fresh students:8. 2.The initial investment was about INR 45 Lakhs funded by co-founders it selves. BANSAL. A 2000-crore Industry.00.000 5. 3. started two year back by Two FIIT-JEE trainers in Kolkata.Assumptions: 1. which are acquired by top level institutes. Bangalore & Chennai. 4. of repeating students:12. Base of Students:20. BRILIANTS 3. 2.The coaching class is a new venture. Average fee per year: INR 100k Competitor Analysis: 1. No. Highly competitive industry. RESONANACE. VIDYA MANDIR 2.00. ALLEN. No. Success rate depends on Student quality taken and mainly Star teachers. Market Leaders: FIIT-JEE.000 7. Place of Heaven: Kota.

Special Value Proposition (In house schooling facility) 2. Special prices Fee: Average INR 50k per year (which is less than others) . Productization of Services (For PAN India Students) 4. Create Niche Market by providing in School facility along coaching 3.Segmentation: Pedantic B2C B2B Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 cities cities cities Bangalore Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Hyderbad Upper Middle Lower Segment Segment Segment B2B Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Public Private schools schools >2000 <2000 Well Small new Students Students Established entrants Positioning: 1.

All these courses are available on online and app 2. based platform (compatible with all devices) 3. Door to door marketing.99.Marketing Mix: Product(Offering): 1. 6 month course. 6. Product offerings – different prices. (Bundle pricing model) Place (Go to market): B2B Collaborating with different new entrant private schools. B2C 1. Promotion in coaching centers. 2 year course offering. Mock test offering.999 B2B pricing:  Pricing based on volume.999 3-month quick revision course. (Product Line pricing) B2C pricing Integrated 5-year course INR 1. 1 year repeat course. 3 month quick revision course. INR 59. 4. INR 99. . Integrated 5 year course.999 Mock test offering INR 4. Price: Cost leadership strategy.999 1-year repeat course. 5. 2.999 6-month course INR 38.999 2-year course offering. INR 18.

2.Integrated Tablet with Study material:  Tablets will be provided to distance students 3. Build Referral System 5. 4. Flipkart to sell our customer service packages. Free Seminars 4. Sales Goal: 1. 2. 5. 6. Target is to acquire partnership of 1 crores. 5. Individual emails and class mails 3. Radio advertisement  Digital Marketing 1. watch-and-learn videos.  Specially designed for B2C and B2B. Internet Marketing. rich animations and interactive simulations. 2. Key Value Propositions: 1.Special Credit Facility service by partnering with Financial Institutions or Banks. Blogging. Toll-free and online customer support. Webinar session 7. Initiating new partnerships with other Private Schools in B2B for specialized coaching. YouTube. . Newspaper advertisement 6. Social media platforms: Facebook.In house schooling facilities License for CBSE 10+2 course. Banners 2.App:  The Learning App will make use of original content.Promotion  Traditional Marketing 1. A mobile App. Instagram. 4. Twitter.Productization of services:  Pairing up with Amazon. Increase sales from center students worth up to 2 crores. Pamphlets 3.

00.00.Financial Analysis: Cost Structure: Marketing Expenses: Banners 1.000 Total Expenses: Content Development 12.000 Toll-free and online customer support 4.80.000 HR Expenses: Faculty 4.000 License Fee 10.000 Miscellaneous Expenses: Operational Expenses: Mobile App Development 12.000 Pamphlets Interns 9.00.000 Radio advertisement 3.000 Administrative Support 2.000 Revenue Structure .000 ≈6.000 Room Rent

00.000 Expected Conversion Rate: 10% in IIT(assumed) ------------------------------------------------------x------------------------------------------------------------- .65.500*35.000 Profit: INR 99.000/School Total revenue: INR 7.000= INR First Year: Cost: INR from Student: Taking Buffer of 500 students Least revenue 1.000 Revenue: INR 7.000= INR 5.000 Average revenue /Year: INR INR Revenue from Partner School: 40*6.40.