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September 29, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

Jesus Rodriguez has asked me to write a letter of recommendation and I accepted
to do so without a second thought. It was a pleasure having Jesus in my​ ​AP United
States History class last year, 2015-2016, at El Capitan High School. Jesus is a
bright student who always gave his complete effort in anything he did in my class.
Jesus is very friendly by nature with a good sense of humor and seems to be liked
by all who know him.

Jesus would be an asset for a wide variety of employers. He is intelligent, an
excellent listener and possesses critical thinking skills to solve problems that arise.
He is also kind, mature and very helpful. Jesus is also punctual, has great
potential, and a people person.

Jesus’ moral character is above reproach. He exemplifies the values of honesty,
integrity and perseverance. He is a well-rounded person with the ability to perform
well in a wide variety of tasks. I strongly recommend Jesus to attend a university.


Jason Schneider 
Jason Schneider
El Capitan High School
Social Studies Department