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Taking Male Enhancement Upscale: Powerful IMPRESS!

® Dietary Supplement
for Men Selects New York-Based Bactolac Pharmaceutical for
Pharmaceutical-Grade Manufacturing

MaxLabs US reveals Bactolac Pharmaceutical (Hauppauge, NY) to provide Manufacturing and
related technical services for the highly-anticipated “IMPRESS!®” brand supplement for men – a
new crossover product for the male enhancement category - A high-potency dietary supplement that
uniquely supports men’s sexual, mental and overall physical performance via use of
highly-standardized bioactive ingredients.

Washington, MI, March 29, 2017 --( Charles Kraft, R.N., MaxLabs US V.P. of Functional
Health relates:

The guiding statement for development of IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement reads - “No Compromises!
Our Customers Deserve the Best!” Men have had many choices of “male enhancement pills,” but most of
the “enhancement” has been entirely "sexual” in nature. Important, yes, but existing choices have ignored
other crucial factors that impact sexual performance including exhaustion, fatigue and anxiety.
IMPRESS!® supports all of these needs and can also curtail men's reliance on products like energy

IMPRESS!® delivers a U.S. patent-pending formulation composed of premium, name brand ingredients
backed by stringent testing protocols. Compare this to findings of a recent National Study that revealed
many popular sexual enhancement pills have serious issues including undeclared chemicals, fictitious
labeling, erroneous country of origin - all related to poor manufacturing quality. IMPRESS!® brings
much-needed discipline to this product category and delivers male consumers a product immediately
recognized as a superior value from every vantage point.

In terms of ingredient value, evidence-backed ingredient selection and use of standardized extracts,
IMPRESS!® is the strongest male enhancement. A comprehensive competitive analysis made it crystal
clear IMPRESS!® will be recognized as the most unique and exotic supplement to debut in the last ten
years. A contract manufacturer who simply “meets FDA guidelines” wasn't going to be satisfactory for a
project that's breaking new ground. We had to secure the absolute best and find a collaborative partner
possessing the expertise and technical resources that's also aligned to our pillars of “Innovation, Quality
and Value.” MaxLabs US found precisely that with Bactolac Pharmaceutical in New York.

MaxLabs US' competitive request for proposal (RFP) process evaluated dozens of manufacturers to
ensure IMPRESS!® would be produced in accordance with their exacting specifications. Bactolac was a
leading choice from the beginning based on their scale, experience, certifications and reputation for
quality. Ultimately, they were one of just three U.S. manufacturers who survived our selection process.

The real differentiator for Bactolac is their eagerness to embrace our extensive list of demands and
expertly translate them into a seamless manufacturing plan. Sophisticated equipment aside, MaxLabs
knows committed people make the real difference. Dr. Reddy (Bactolac CEO) has assembled an

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incredible team- experienced PhD-level scientists scrutinize every process and that's precisely the type of
added-value that cemented MaxLabs' choice. IMPRESS!® for Men is truly a “no compromises”
supplement and MaxLabs US selection of pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing by Bactolac is another
clear example of their commitment to taking male enhancement upscale.

Bactolac Pharmaceutical CEO Dr. Pailla M. Reddy states:

Bactolac Pharmaceutical's dedication to complete customer satisfaction has made us one of the most
trusted nutritional supplement companies for private label and contract manufacturing. All products go
through comprehensive testing to ensure safety, accuracy, consistency, and strict label adherence. In
review of our growing relationship with MaxLabs US, we recognize our shared core values and
dedication to customers as the driving force propelling MaxLabs to the top of their category.

Bactolac Pharmaceutical is proud to partner with this dedicated innovator to produce such a high-profile
brand as IMPRESS!®. A strong synergy has developed with MaxLabs US, that will continue to grow and
elevate the quality and value that we deliver our customers. The opportunity to work with a brand so
intensely focused on offering only the best, and highest quality products to their customers is an
outstanding honor. Here at Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc. we can agree with MaxLabs project statement,
“No Compromises! Our Customers Deserve the Best!”

About MaxLabs US
MaxLabs US designs and markets premium quality nutraceutical products for human use. With a business
model built on Innovation, Quality & Value, the company is led by a core team possessing over 75 years
of collective experience in business leadership, healthcare and medical devices. The new company is
focused on quickly establishing dominance over direct competitors and expanding its portfolio based on
market needs. IMPRESS!® for Men is their flagship product for the male enhancement category. Quality
assurance, testing, manufacturing and packaging of MaxLabs US products are proudly U.S.-based.
MaxLabs US is headquartered in Washington, MI USA.

About Bactolac Pharmaceuticals
Bactolac Pharmaceutical is a nutritional supplement manufacturer led by a team of experienced scientists
and pharmacists. Founded in New York in 1995, the company's goal has always been to provide
high-quality vitamins and supplements at competitive prices to help customers become successful in the
health and wellness supplementation market. A full-service health supplement manufacturer and vitamin
supplier, we offer everything from product manufacturing to product testing, packaging, labeling, and
distribution. These processes are all carried out in our high-tech, 350,000 sq. ft. facility which houses
innovative equipment and state of the art laboratories. This facility is cGMP certified and meets all FDA
requirements for nutritional supplement manufacturing. As a leading nutritional supplement
manufacturer, Bactolac offers customers a wide variety of nutraceutical capsules, sublinguals, soft gels,
liquids, chewables, tablets, and powders for private label manufacturing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These
products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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MaxLabs US
Charles Kraft, R.N.
844.MAX.LABS Ext. 4

Bactolac Pharmaceutical
Gregory Wenskus

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