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High Voltage Technology

Electrolytic Tank

Group Members:
1- Ahmad Abid Bin Mazlan (A14KE0005)

2- Amirul Ammar Bin Mohd Azmi (A14KE0022)

3- Bilal Bin Draman (A14KE0032)

4- Hazril Bin Mahmud (A14KE0073)

5- Solahuddin Bin Uzer (A14KE0264)

Lecturers Name:
Dr Noor Azlinda binti Ahmad

Section : 01


1. The apparatus was set up as shown in the picture below.

2. The initial voltage at the electrode was recorded.

3. The circuit was turned on and the stopwatch is started at the same time.

4. The stopwatch is stop as soon as bubble was produced at the electrode.

5. Finally, step 3 and 4 were repeated by adding baking soda as catalyst.


No Gap Distance(cm) Time for the bubble to appear on Catalyst

1 6.2 1 hour 38min 33 sec -
2 6.2 1 min 18 sec /
3 14.2 3 min 32 sec /


Electrolyte used is distilled water. Theoretically, distilled water does not conduct any current.
However, in the result there are still some presences of bubbles at the electrode. This may due
to the distilled water are mixed with some tap water that are already present in the bow before
the distilled was poured. After a catalyst(baking soda) is added to the distilled water, only a
short time required for the electrode to produce bubble( breakdown). However, the time is
different for each distance between electrode, d. When distance is far, more time is needed for
the bubble to be produce at electrode, when the distance is reduced, less time is needed for
the bubble to be produced.


1. The type of electrolyte used will affect the time for breakdown to occur.

2. The further the gap between the electrode, the longer the time needed for
breakdown to occur.

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