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Who Am I?

(speech outline)
Oriana Danby

“Drink from the well, replenish the well” - King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead.
This quote represents a common goal for many. When we are young, we drink from the well, or
the resources given to us, to nourish and grow. Once we are independent, we replenish the well in
surplus by giving back to the communities that raised us.
The message King Ezekiel promotes is similar to my personal mindset. I believe it’s okay to receive
help from others in your time of need, but it is then your duty to return that favor and provide help
to others.
As a Person

Both of my parents are immigrants, my dad from Canada and my mom from Samoa. They shared similar experiences, as
both were very poor growing up, but wanted to further their educations and become successful. With the help of family
members and close friends and a strong determination to make life better for themselves and their loved ones, my parents
both finished college and became nurses.
Their story is what drives me to seek success. My parents’ hard work made my sisters’ lives and my life easier than theirs; my
purpose for education is to the same for others. I hope to expand my educational opportunities and earn a successful career
so I can help out my loved ones and create a better future.

In my four years at high school, I’ve learned my strengths, weaknesses, and the extent of other abilities. I know I am a
punctual and determined worker, who strives to exceed the minimum and does things to my personal satisfaction. However, I
know I tend to lose focus on goals and need to renew my motivation from time to time. This weakness comes out a lot in
volleyball, for example; there are times where I let a negative environment overshadow and darken my aspirations. I have
learned to overcome and defeat this weakness by taking a minute to review my goals and all the sacrifices I have already
made to reach them, which helps me refocus on pursuing the outcome I long for.
As a Person (continued)
Volleyball was a big part of my life in high school, as it helped me to develop personally and play something I love.
I finally grew a spine thanks to playing sports. I used to be so timid and scared of others around me, even though I
towered over many, but volleyball forced me to speak up and work with strangers. I became stronger internally
and developed a resilient attitude; I learned how to pull myself back together and feeling defeated. Volleyball
taught me how to cooperate with people I disliked and contribute to a team. I’m grateful I was blessed with the
opportunity to be a part of a personality-developing experience.
Throwing for the track and field team was also another extracurricular activity that changed who I was; it was a
break from the stress of volleyball, but also pushed me physically to the limit. I was able to improve physically in an
extremely positive environment, even if it wasn’t the sport I liked; it helped me socialize with people I probably
never would have come into contact with, and experience different coaching styles.
The third most influential extracurricular activity was yearbook class. I joined yearbook because I was new to El
Capitan and figured it was the best way to meet people. I fell in love with the process of making the yearbook:
photography, design, journalism, and editing. It developed a more creative side of me and I got to contribute to
something very special to our school. I also learned how to comfortably speak publicly and lead a class; I am now
the Senior Editor of this yearbook.
As a Person (continued)

Most of my time in high school was dedicated to academics, athletics, and yearbook, but I’m happy that I had time
to squeeze in community service, as it is something I highly value. My community service hours mainly derived from
local events and various volleyball events, as I had to help out at tournaments for school, and coached a team at
Christian Life Center in the winter.
During the spring 2017 quarter, I helped Coach McCreary coach the boys’ volleyball program here.
My older sister, Tiare, works at Barnes & Noble as an event planner and cashier; I also volunteered at several of
her events, like Finding Dory or Harry Potter.
In the winter of 2015, my family and I travelled to Western Samoa for a family reunion. Hurricane season had just
passed and left many of the villages in chaos. We brought over clothes, food, toys, balls, and other thing to help
out everyone. This experience opened my eyes culturally and showed me the value of helping others.
My experience in Samoa was definitely the most transformative. I now would like to pursue being a travel nurse so
I can help out villagers in Samoa and other South Pacific countries.
As a Person (continued)

I have been fortunate enough to have had so many opportunities, but I am really proud of my grades. I have all A’s on my
transcripts except geometry in the spring semester of my freshman year. I exceeded the standards of all my state and national
tests and had a high enough SAT score on my first try to get into the college I really wanted.
Without the support of my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The immense amount of encouragement to succeed is the
key that keeps me going.
How Will I Get There?

My AP Language and AP US History exam results (and hopefully AP US Gov and AP Lit this year) allow me to skip several
pre-reqs, so I will have just a bit more space in college to pursue classes required for medical school, in case I change my
mind. I have already been accepted into University of Hawai’i at West Oahu and am currently working on applying to
scholarships so I can graduate with minimal debt.
In my personal life, all my extracurriculars have shaped who I am as a person and adapted my personality to face the
challenges in my future.
These experiences have helped me become more determined and resilient to succeed. Since I have moved around many,
many times in my life, I will be able to adapt more easily to any new environment or challenge thrown at me. The constant
change of living and my academic success have boosted my self-confidence, as I know I can achieve whatever I put my mind
I am currently trying to expand my opportunities by taking challenging yet enjoyable and beneficial classes. As a person, I am
trying to stick to my morals and be kind to others.

I will hopefully have my BSN and be a licensed nurse in 4 years.

I have academically set myself up for success and am mentally determined
to do the best I possibly can to achieve my goals.
It is time to put my hard work from these past 12 years to use and pursue
my dream. I am obstinate towards success, and will refuse to give up my
educational opportunities for anything.