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sern0%7 PART |: PERIODIZING YOUR TRAINING FOR MAXIMUM HYPERTROPHY - Welght Gain Tip fr Hardgainess if MUSCLEMONSTERS Hh ‘TRAIN HARD |EAT BIG] GET JACKED PART I: PERIODIZING YOUR TRAINING FOR MAXIMUM HYPERTROPHY ‘Are you looking atthe world through a straw? et you are! | guarantee that you jump from one sexy new traning program to another in search of the ukimate workout for maximal gains. Im pretty confident you st routine, "best back workout ‘massive arms program. right arent? IW Lam correct you my friend, ae looking at the world through a straw What do I mean by this? Well ts pretty simple, You are looking at wnat’ right in front of you with no regard for the bigger picture. You have a laser focus on the here and row. Only looking fort without thinking what comes next most badass training session to annihilate your muscles | admire your hardcore mindset. The problem Is this won't get you the results you ‘This world through a straw approach means you violate mary of the underlying principles of taining, You just trash a muscle group without knowing if youve provided an appropriate growth stimulus, Without an overarching training structure ‘each session just becomes an exercise in achieving fatigue. Ifyou aren‘ providing your body with the signal to grow it wont, So, its vital to know when and how to make adjustments to maintain progress Don't worry. You are not alone. Most guys in the gyen do this. Hell, am even gully of having done this for far too long. There isa better way though. A way to guarantee that you continually and effectively provide a stimulus full ofthe key ingredients to ledge and a itl planning and t™m cause muscle growth, Alli takes is a itle kno here for you, {Boing to lay out all he detal hes Periodization means the logical organization and sequencing of taining with the purpose of causing maximal adaptation. For those of us purely interested in geting Jacked it means, planning sorne sort of methodical adjustments te training to