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Blog Post 2 – The Undocumented: Illegal Immigrants


Thousands of people all over the world want to go to the USA in order to find good

job opportunities and make better life. However, it is too difficult for noncitizens to get visa if

they don’t have any skill or family that have already lived there. Therefore, immigrants use

alternative ways such as illegal immigration. Furthermore companies want to hire

undocumented residences more than legal residents. Because illegal immigrants work for less

salary and they are afraid of complaining when they are treated badly. Moreover, illegal

immigration has become more difficult, because the nation has increased security at its

borders and coyotes, people who smuggle Latin Americans across the US border, have died of

thirst, hunger, getting lost, heat or cold while trying to cross the border. In 2003, these

smugglers moved about 1 million illegal immigrants from nearly 10 countries across the

border. Besides, legal citizens think that illegal immigrants cause some problems; that is why

they want better control of the nation’s borders and the laws to punish companies which hire

illegal immigrants. In spite of the fact that illegal immigration is arguable issue, it will not

stop as long as there are more job opportunities in the United States.