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Name of Lender or Servicer
Street Address
City, State and Zip
Re: Notice of Sale Under Power of property located at: (insert address)
PLEASE BE ADVISED that this letter shall operate as actual legal notice to
you of legal violations in regard to your ongoing, continuing attempts to conduct
an illegal non-judicial foreclosure sale of the above-referenced property. This
notice shall operate as actual legal notice to addressee of these illegalities. Should
you elect to go forward, you do so at your own risk with full knowledge of the
illegalities of which you are advised. Further, going forward will be considered as
an effort to unlawfully convert the property through the filing and recording of
false, fraudulent documents in the public records.
Be further advised that Georgia House Bill 985 as passed by the House and
Senate provides that it is unlawful to knowingly file, enter or record any document
in a public record or court of this state…knowing or having reason to know that
such document is false or contains a materially false, fictitious or fraudulent
statement or representation. Any action violating this law is considered to be a
felony punishable by one to ten years incarceration or a $10,000.00 fine or both.
You are so advised.
You are directed to comply with the legal requirements of the law and with
your fiduciary duties to all parties involved and with all due diligence
requirements. You must strictly comply with all provisions of the Security Deed
and the non-judicial foreclosure statutes, including the notice requirements of
O.C.G.A. 44-14-162.2.
You are legally notified as to the following legal violations:


constitutes use of a false. Any and all rights you may attempt to claim pursuant to the Security Deed are not legally valid or enforceable. Under the Act it is unlawful for you to collect a debt through use of a false. recorded in the public records. being the Security Deed. or should know. is illegal and unenforceable. 1692 et seq. which you know. Further. and that any pending sale be cancelled until said note has in fact been shown to the borrower. Demand is hereby made that you exhibit the note. Demand is hereby made that either you produce the original note or show the borrower your authority to make a demand for payment. As such. It is the intention of the undersigned to bring an action in 2 . You must Cease and Desist from your ongoing. You are herewith advised that you lack legal standing to enforce payment under said note or to foreclose the security interest. fictitious or fraudulent statements. fraudulent and fabricated documents. continuous violation of the law as set forth above. Further. because the filing and recording of the Assignment of Security Deed and the advertising of the Notice of Sale Under Power is an attempt to collect a debt. This in turn is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Your acts in advertising this property for a non-judicial foreclosure sale using false. it violates the provisions of House Bill 985 referenced above. Uniform Commercial Code. you will be held accountable. it does not confer legal standing to enforce payments under the promissory note or to foreclose the Security Deed.S. (FDCPA). fraudulent and fabricated document and contains materially false. Because the Assignment of Security Deed is a false. The advertised non-judicial foreclosure sale is therefore illegal and not in compliance with the law. Should you persist in this ongoing illegal conduct. is a false. UCC 3-501 requires a lender to “exhibit the note” when demand is made for payment and the borrower or borrowers demand to see the note.15 U. fraudulent and fabricated document. deceptive or misleading representation or means in the collection of a debt and violates the Act. The Assignment of Security Deed. Demand is further made that you cancel any advertised non-judicial foreclosure sale until authority to make demand for payment is made. deceptive or misleading representation or means in the collection of said debt. you are attempting to collect a debt which is not owed by the borrower. Also.C. UCC 3-501also requires a servicer to show authority to make a demand for payment if it does not own the note but is merely servicing it.

If foreclosure proceedings. the U. It is also the intention of the undersigned to file formal complaints with law enforcement and with applicable state and federal regulatory agencies for any and all legal violations. Civil actions shall also be filed against you in a court of competent jurisdiction for damages without further legal notice to you or to your client. including an action for treble damages and/or for punitive damages. given your knowledge of these violations and your willful disregard of the law despite having knowledge of these specific violations. for your violation of the Uniform Commercial Code. for your violation of Georgia House Bill 985. for Fraud and Misrepresentation. your violation of Federal RICO statutes. including the advertised non-judicial foreclosure sale. and with local law enforcement. the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Very truly yours.S. 3 . PLEASE BE GOVERNED ACCORDINGLY. formal complaints will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission. Attorney General Consumer Protection Office. for Wrongful Foreclosure. is not cancelled. the Department of Housing and Urban Development.Federal Court for your violation of the FDCPA. the Georgia Bar Association for any attorney involvement. and for other violations of state and Federal statutes. Name of Homeowner cc: conformed copies to all entities and agencies on the attached conformed copy list.