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Command Key

Unique Inputs
Game Pause Menu Escape
Game Save F2
Game Quit Alt + F4
Game Pause Pause
Game Screenshot PrintScreen
Game Fullscreen Alt + Enter
Game Switch Ahead G
Game Switch Behind Shift + G
Game Switch Picked Alt + G
Game Signal Picked Control + G
Game Switch With Mouse Alt
Game Uncouple With Mouse U
Game Change Cab Control + E
Game Request Control Alt + E
Game Multi Player Dispatcher Control + 9
Game Multi Player Texting Control + T
Game Switch Manual Mode Control + M
Game Clear Signal Forward Tab
Game Clear Signal Backward Shift + Tab
Game Reset Signal Forward Control + Tab
Game Reset Signal Backward Shift + Control + Tab
Game Autopilot Mode Alt + A
Display Next Window Tab Shift
Display Help Window F1 (+ Shift)
F1, Shift+F1
Display Track Monitor Window F4
Display HUD F5 (+ Shift)
F5, Shift+F5
Display Car Labels F7 (+ Shift)
F7, Shift+F7
Display Station Labels F6 (+ Shift)
F6, Shift+F6

Display Switch Window F8 0x42 Display Train Operations Window F9 0x43 Display Next Station Window F10 0x44 Display Compass Window 0 0x0B Display Basic HUDToggle Alt + F5 Alt+0x3F Debug Speed Up Control + Alt + PageUp Control+Alt+0x49 Debug Speed Down Control + Alt + PageDown Control+Alt+0x51 Debug Speed Reset Control + Alt + Home Control+Alt+0x47 Debug Overcast Increase Control + = Control+0x0D Debug Overcast Decrease Control + - Control+0x0C Debug Fog Increase Shift + = Shift+0x0D Debug Fog Decrease Shift + - Shift+0x0C Debug Precipitation Increase Alt + = Alt+0x0D Debug Precipitation Decrease Alt + - Alt+0x0C Debug Weather Change Alt + P Alt+0x19 Debug Clock Forwards = 0x0D Debug Clock Backwards - 0x0C Debug Logger F12 0x58 Debug Lock Shadows Control + Alt + S Control+Alt+0x1F Debug Dump Keymap Alt + F1 Alt+0x3B Debug Log Render Frame Alt + F12 Alt+0x58 Debug Tracks Control + Alt + F6 Control+Alt+0x40 Debug Signalling Control + Alt + F11 Control+Alt+0x57 Debug Reset Wheel Slip Alt + X Alt+0x2D Debug Toggle Advanced Adhesion Control + Alt + X Control+Alt+0x2D Debug Sound Form Alt + S Alt+0x1F Debug Physics Form Alt + F3 Alt+0x3D Camera Cab 1 0x02 Camera Three Dimensional Cab Alt + 1 Alt+0x02 Camera Toggle Show Cab Shift + 1 Shift+0x02 .

PageDown. Shift+Control+Down. Shift+Alt+Right. Shift+Right Camera Pan Up Up (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+Up. Shift+Control+PageUp. Shift+Control+Left. Shift+Down Camera Zoom In PageUp (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+PageUp. Control+Alt+Up.Camera Head Out Forward Home 0x47 Camera Head Out Backward End 0x4F Camera Outside Front 2 0x03 Camera Outside Rear 3 0x04 Camera Trackside 4 0x05 Camera Passenger 5 0x06 Camera Brakeman 6 0x07 Camera Free 8 0x09 Camera Previous Free Shift + 8 Shift+0x09 Camera Reset Control + 8 Control+0x09 Camera Move Fast Shift Shift Camera Move Slow Control Control Camera Pan Left Left (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+Left. Shift+Control+Alt+Right Camera Rotate Up Alt + Up (+ Shift) (+ Control) Alt+Up. Shift+Control+Up. Control+Alt+Left. Shift+Control+Alt+Down Camera Car Next Alt + PageUp Alt+0x49 Camera Car Previous Alt + PageDown Alt+0x51 Camera Car First Alt + Home Alt+0x47 Camera Car Last Alt + End Alt+0x4F Camera Jumping Trains Alt + 9 Alt+0x0A Camera Jump Back Player 9 0x0A Camera Jump See Switch Control + Alt + G Control+Alt+0x22 Camera Vibrate Control + V Control+0x2F . Shift+Alt+Left. Shift+PageUp Camera Zoom Out PageDown (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+PageDown. Shift+Control+PageDown. Shift+PageDown Camera Rotate Left Alt + Left (+ Shift) (+ Control) Alt+Left. Control+Alt+Right. Control+Alt+Down. Right. Down. Shift+Control+Alt+Left Camera Rotate Right Alt + Right (+ Shift) (+ Control) Alt+Right. Left. Shift+Alt+Up. Shift+Control+Alt+Up Camera Rotate Down Alt + Down (+ Shift) (+ Control) Alt+Down. Up Camera Pan Down Down (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+Down. Shift+Control+Right. PageUp. Shift+Alt+Down. Shift+Left Camera Pan Right Right (+ Shift) (+ Control) Control+Right. Shift+Up.

0x33 Control Bail Off / 0x35 Control Initialize Brakes Shift + / Shift+0x35 Control Handbrake Full Shift + ' Shift+0x28 Control Handbrake None Shift + . 0x27 Control Engine Brake Increase ] 0x1B Control Engine Brake Decrease [ 0x1A Control Dynamic Brake Increase . Shift+0x27 Control Odo Meter Show Hide Shift + Z Shift+0x2C Control Odo Meter Reset Control + Z Control+0x2C Control Odo Meter Direction Shift + Control + Z Shift+Control+0x2C Control Retainers On Shift + ] Shift+0x1B Control Retainers Off Shift + [ Shift+0x1A Control Brake Hose Connect \ 0x2B Control Brake Hose Disconnect Shift + \ Shift+0x2B Control Alerter Z 0x2C Control Emergency Push Button Back 0x0E Control Sander X 0x2D Control Sander Toggle Shift + X Shift+0x2D Control Wiper V 0x2F Control Horn Space 0x39 .Camera Cab Rotate Alt + R Alt+0x13 Control Forwards W 0x11 Control Backwards S 0x1F Control Throttle Increase D 0x20 Control Throttle Decrease A 0x1E Control Gear Up E 0x12 Control Gear Down Shift + E Shift+0x12 Control Train Brake Increase ' 0x28 Control Train Brake Decrease . 0x34 Control Dynamic Brake Decrease .

Control Bell B 0x30 Control Bell Toggle Shift + B Shift+0x30 Control Door Left Q 0x10 Control Door Right Shift + Q Shift+0x10 Control Mirror Shift + V Shift+0x2F Control Light L 0x26 Control Pantograph 1 P 0x19 Control Pantograph 2 Shift + P Shift+0x19 Control Diesel Player Y 0x15 Control Diesel Helper Shift + Y Shift+0x15 Control Headlight Increase H 0x23 Control Headlight Decrease Shift + H Shift+0x23 Control Injector 1 Increase K 0x25 Control Injector 1 Decrease Shift + K Shift+0x25 Control Injector 1 I 0x17 Control Injector 2 Increase L 0x26 Control Injector 2 Decrease Shift + L Shift+0x26 Control Injector 2 O 0x18 Control Blower Increase N 0x31 Control Blower Decrease Shift + N Shift+0x31 Control Damper Increase M 0x32 Control Damper Decrease Shift + M Shift+0x32 Control Firebox Open F 0x21 Control Firebox Close Shift + F Shift+0x21 Control Firing Rate Increase R 0x13 Control Firing Rate Decrease Shift + R Shift+0x13 Control Fire Shovel Full Control + R Control+0x13 Control Cylinder Cocks C 0x2E Control Cylinder Compound P 0x19 Control Firing Control + F Control+0x21 .

Control Refill T 0x14 .