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NEMA ICs83 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504llB 600

NEMA Standards Publication No. ICs 3-1993


Published by

National Electrical Manufacturers Association
2101 L Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20037

01994 by National Electrical Manufacturers Association

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NEMA I C S t 3 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504LL9 5 4 7 =
ICs 3-1993
Page i


Foreword . . ...............................................
Introduction .............................................. ...ii

Part 1: 600 volts AC
Motor control centers rated not more than
1 General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-1
2 Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-2
3 Classification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-2
4 and Ratings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Characteristics 1-3
5 ProductMarking.InstallationandMaintenanceInformation ......... . . 1-5
6 Service and Storage Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-5
Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

7 1-5
8 Performance Requirements and Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-6
9 Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-9

Part 2: Medium Voltage Controllers Rated 2001 to 7200 Volts AC
1 General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.1
2 Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.1
3 Classification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-1
4 Characteristics
Ratings ............................ 2-1
5 ProductMarking,InstallationandMaintenanceInformation ......... . . 2-3
6 Service and Storage Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-4
7 Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
8 Performance Requirements and Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-5
9 Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-11

Part 3: AC General-Purpose Controllersfor Synchronous Motors
1 General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-1
2 Definitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-1
3 Classification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-1
4 Characteristics
Ratings ............................ 3-1
5 ProductMarking.InstallationandMaintenanceInformation ......... . . 3-1
6 Service
Conditions .......................... 3-1
7 Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-1
8 Performance Requirements andTests ....................... 3-2
9 Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-2

Supplement 1 Scope of the Indusuial Control and Systems Section . . . . . . . . . . . 5-1

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Some por- tions of thesestandards. equipment conforming with these standardsis properly selected and is installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and properly maintained.test. ICs 3-1993 Page ii FOREWORD This Standards Publicationwas prepared by a technical committee of theNEMA Industrial Control and Systems Section. One of the primary purposes of thisStandards Publicationis to encourage the production of reliable control equipment which.Environmentalconditions b.-`-`. investigation and experience by the members ofNEMA.`. in itself. thecus- tomary unitsare gradually being supplementedby those of the modernized metric system knownas the International Systemsof Units (SI).. conformance with this publication does not by itself assure a safe installation. such as electrical spacings and interrupting ratings. or performance specifications. Properly constructed industrial control equipment is. This Standards Publication is necessarily confined to defining the construction requirements in-for dustrial control equipment and to providing recommendations for proper selection usefor under nor- mal or certain specific conditions.. In this publication.. Replacement: The three parts of ICs 3-1993 supersede the following parts of ICs 2-1988: Part 1 supersedes PartICs 2-322 Part 2 supersedes PartICs 2-324 --`. Information is provided herein to assist users and others in the proper selection of control equipment. These standards are used by the electrical industry to provide guidelines for the manufacture and proper application of reliable products and equipment and to promote the benefits of repetitive manufacturing and widespread product availability... when applied properly. the installer and the user.S. per- formance and manufacture of industrial control equipment. This Standards Publication provides practical information concerning ratings.`.. Installation e. almost allof the itemsin this publication.. its Sections and Committees.Systemdesign c.``. contributeto safety in one way or another. the system designer.U. onlyone factor in minimizing thehaz- ards which may be associated with the use of electricity. Since any piece of industrial control equipment can be installed. This transition involves no changes in standard dimensions. When.```. its predecessors. operated and maintained in sucha manner that hazardous conditions may result. toler- ances. Publication. functions in accordance with these accepted standards. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.````. . The reduction of hazard involvesjoint the ef- forts of the various equipment manufacturers. Maintenance This publication is not intended to instruct the user of control equipment with regard to these factors except insofaras suitable equipmentto meet needs can be recognized in this publication and some ap- plication guidance is given.`--- Part 3 supersedes PartICs 2-325 In 1988. COPYRIGHT 2003.`. have a direct bearingon safety. however.Operatingpractices f. the hazards to persons and property will be reduced. however.`..`. Equipment selection and application d. They havebeen developed through continuing consultation among manufacturers.``. the In- dustrial Control and Systems Section is actively cooperatingwith other standardization organizations in the developmentof simple and more universal metrology practices. NEMA Standards represent the result of many years ofresearch. To continue to serve thebest interests of users of Industrial Control and Systems equipment. User=. construction.It was approved in accordance with the bylaws ofNEMA and supersedes the indi- cated NEMA Standard!.. The industrial control manufacturerhas limited or no control over the following factorswhich are vi- tal to a safe installation: a. unrevised portions ofall NEMA Standards Publicationsfor Industrial Controls and Systems (the ICs series) were reaffirmed. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. users and national engineering societies and have re- sulted in improved serviceabilityof electrical products with economies to manufacturers andusers.

`.```.`.`. 4 Characteristics and Ratings Descriptions ofthe kinds of ratings applicable to the productand tables of standard ratings for the product where they have been established. Proposed revisions to this Standards Publication should be submitted to: Vice President. They are revised frequently to reflect Users should secure the latestedi- user input andto meet changing conditions and technical progress.C... User=.W. 8 Performance Requirements and Tests The performance requiredto pass each design lest specified for the product.``. as well as production test requirements where they have been estab- lished.e. 3 Classification Product classifications where they have been established.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. tions.````. 7 Construction Marking... i. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. 6 Service and Storage Conditions A description of service and storage conditions for which the devices are intended. color coding and similar production requirementsto be incorporated into the prod- uct as manufactured. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 E 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504L2L L T 5 ICs 3-1993 Page iii NEMA Standards Publicationsare subject to periodic review. --`.. Engineering Department National Electrical Manufacturers Association 2101 L Street.`.. 5 Product Marking. Washington.. . 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.20037-1526 INTRODUCTION in NEMA Standards PublicationICs 3 are subdi- The standards pertaining to factory built assemblies vided into the following clauses: 1 General Referenced Standards scope Normative References 2 Definitions Terms which supplement theE E Standard Dictionaryof Electrical and Electronics Terms (Std 100) or assistin clanfying the product standard.`.``. N. 9 Application Information and performance considerations of importance to those who specifyor use the product. use and maintenance of the devices.the rules that the manufacturer follows in producing the product.. D... Installation and Maintenance Information Product informationto be provided to assist the user in the installation.-`-`.

`. User=.``. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. . ICs 1-1993 Industrial Control and Systcms General Requirements ICs 2-1993 Industrial Controland Systems Controllers.``..```.. Indicating Lights and PushbuttonStations ICs 6-1 993 Indusula1 Control and Systems Enclosurcs ICs 7-1993 Indusuial Control and Systcms Adjustable Specd Drlves Part 1: General Standards for Drive Converters.Three-phaseControllers. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. RatedNot More Than 2000 Volts AC or 750 Volts DC Part 1: GeneralStandards for ManualandMagneticControllers Part 2: AC NoncombinatronMagneticMotorControllers..`--- Part 3: NonmagneticMotorControllers Part 4: Overload Relays Part 5: DC General-PurposeConstant-VoltageControllers Part 6: AC CombinationMotorControllers Part 7: Magnetrc LightingContactors ICs 3-1993 IndustrialControl and Systems Factory-built Assemblies Part 1: Motor Control Centers Rated Not More Than 600 Volts AC Part 2: Medium Voltage ControllersRated 2001 to 7200 Volts AC Part 3: AC General-PurposeControllers for SynchronousMotors ICs 4-1993 Industrial Control and Systems Terminal Blocks ICs 5-1 993 Industrial Controland Systcms Control Circuit and Pilot Dcviccs Part 1: GeneralStandards for Control Circuit and Pilot Devrces Part 2: Industrial Control Relays Part 3: lndustrral Control Input Devices Actuated by Force.`...`.and Overload Relays. and Drive Systems Part 2: Loop Position andTension Control Drrve Systems Part 3: Wind and UnwrndDrive System Part 4: Variable-Frequency. Drives.-`-`. Contactors. Rated 601 to 7200 Volts ICs 8-1993 IndustridConuolandSystcms Crane and Holst Conuollcrs Part 1: General Standardsfor Crane Controllers Rated 600 Volts or Less AC and DC Part 2: Constant-VoilageDC MagneticControllers for Motors on Cranes Part 3: Adjustable-Voltage DC Controllersfor MotorsonCranes Part 4: MagneticControllers for AC Mound-Rotor Moiors on Cranes Part 5: Slatlc Controllersfor AC Wund-Rotor MotorsonCranes COPYRIGHT 2003.. ICs 3-1993 Page ¡v The standardsfor the products included withinthe scope of the Industrial Conuol and SystemsSec- tion are organized as follows: NEMA Standards Title Publication No..Three-phase Drives. 'lemperature and Pressure Part 4: Proximity Switches Part 5: Pushbuttons.````.. Selector Switches.`.Rated 600 Volts --`.RatedNot More Than 600 Volts Part 5: Adjutable-Voltage Packaged-Dnve Systems (Where DC Armature Power Is Obtained porn AC Lines Using Controlled Semiconductor Rectifiers) Part 6: Varrable-Frequency Drive System Rated Not More Than 600 Volts Using Semiconductor Power Conversion Part 7: Variable-Frequency..`.

`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.`.`.`.``. User=.````.```. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.`... National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.``.. ICs 3-1993 Page v Part 6: Crane andHoist Power-Circuit LimitSwitches Part 7: Heavy-Duty DC Magnetic Contactors Rated 600 Volts ICs 9-1993 Industrial Conml and Systems Power-CircuitAccessories Part 1: Electromagnetic Brakes Part 2: Resistors and Rheostats Part 3: Autotransformers and Reactors ICs 10-1 993 Industrial Conml and Systems AC Transfer Switch Equipment --`..-`-`.....`. ..

NJ 08855 IEEEC37.`. User=.... Rated Nor More Than 2000 Volts AC or750 VoltsDC ICs 2.50-1989*Switchgear .`.`.-`-`.O. 333 Pfingsten Road Northbrook. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 40 75 0 4 3 29 40 4 Part 1 ICs 3-1993 Page 1-1 Part 1 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS RATEDNOT MORE THAN 600 VOLTS AC 1 General 1.``.3-1989 Instructions for the Handling. Copies are avail- able from the indicated sources.`. American National Standards Institute 11 West 42nd Street New York.```.````.``. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.. . Contactorsand Overload Relays..3-1991 Maintenance of Industrial Preventive Controland Systems Equipment ICs 2-1993 Industrial Control and Systems Controllers. Operation.. Box 1331 Piscataway.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. Installation.`...Low-Voltage AC PowerCircuit *Also available from NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association 2101 L Street.199 1 Enclosuresfor Electricla Equipment (IO00 Volt Maximum) Underwriters Laboratories Inc. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.1 ReferenceStandards In this NEMA Standards Publication referenceis made to the following standards listed below. Nw Washington. andMaintenance of Motor Control Centers ICs 6-1993 Industrial Control and Systems Enclosures NEMA 250. DC 20037 ICs 1-1993 Industrial Control and Systems ICs 1..26-1991Methods of Power-FactorMeasurement for Low-Voltage Inductive TestCircuits --`. IL 6OM2 UL 845 (1988) Motor Control Centers Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 445 Hoes Lane P.09-1979 (R1989)Test Procedurefor AC Iligh-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis IEEEC37. NY 10036 ANSI C37.

or air circuit motor control center:A floor-mounted assemblyof breaker one or more enclosed vertical sections typically having h.`.3 NormativeReferences is used..4 Equipment tion unless equivalent protectionis otherwise provided.`. each protective relays.`. 60 hertz motor control centers rated notmore than 600 The disconnecting means and motor branch-circuit volts AC..````. Feeder-tap units future unit space:Unit space specified and equipped g.lOadS. manufacturer's standard drawingsizes. fusible switch. A motor control centermay contain any combination Two sets of externally operablecircuit disconnecting of equipment suchas the following: means.`.2 Scope a motor controller with associated auxiliary devices The standardsin this part applyto three phase 50 and when used. Two setsof externally operable circuit means. If the latter The definitions and standards of NEMA Standards an inverse time (thermal-magneticor dual magnetic) or Publication No. Control or lighting transformers a horizontal common power bus and principally con- 1.`. f. The motor controller includes motor overload protec- 1. or by suitable For the purposes of this part. with branchcircuit overcurrent protection.programmablecontrollers. device sym- bols. Reduced-voltage part-winding. ICs 1.. Lighting or distribution panelboards mounted in a single compartmentto form a dual unit. User=. Incoming-line equipment. Solid-state industrial controllers such as adjust.. control circuit fuses and auxiliary contacts tical buses connected to the common power bus. ICs 6 and portions of ICs 2 an instantaneous magnetic-trip-only circuit breaker. and identification and numbering designation.. the following definitions wiring..``. each with branch-circuit overcurrent protection and magnetic motor controller.may be e.-`-`. apply: standard drawings (motor control centers): Arrange- blank unit space:Unit space not equippedto accept a ment drawings and wiring diagrams prepared using future unit. control vertical sections..`--- able-speeddrives. overcurrent protection consistof a fusible disconnecting 1. nation motor-control units custom drawings (motor controlcenters): Manufac- b. may be mounted in a a. selector switches. wye-deltaor feeder-tap unit: A unit that includesan externally o p auto-transformer combination motor-control erable circuit disconnecting means and branchcircuit UNtS overcurrent protection. isolation switch. The foregoing equipmentmay contain such items as These units are mounted one above the other in the pushbuttons.```. it is either device or circuit breaker. . thus incorporated as an integral partof the aboveunits. Full-voltage multispeedcombinationmotor- turer's drawings made to meet user customrequire- control units ments. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. etc.2-1987 Guide for Application of Gapped Silicon-Carbide Surge Arrestersfor Alternating-Current Systems IEEE4-1978 Standard Techniques for High Voltage Testing IEEE 141-1986 Recommended Practicesfor Electric PowerDistribution for Industrial Plants IEEE 100-1992 Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms 1. to accept a future unit. indicating lights. extending the common power supply to the individual units. principally used for nonmotor d.. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.``. COPYRIGHT 2003. also apply to this part. combination motor-control unit:A control unit that includes an externally operable circuit disconnecting unusable unit space: Unit space notsuitable to accept means. --`. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0 5 0 4 1 2 5 840 H ICs 3-1993 Part 1 Page 1-2 IEEEC62. such as mainlugs. by stab connection. C. motor branch-circuit overcurrent protection and a future unit. Power may be supplied to the individual unitsby 2 Definitions bus bar connections. 250. The sections normally incorporate ver- transformers. Full-voltage reversing or nonreversing combi- single compartmentto form a dual unit. Special equipment assemblies taining combination motor-controlunits..

as selected by All circuit components within each unit shallbe fac- the purchaser. Special identifications for electrical devices motor control center subject to the design parameters of b.`. 3.1 and 3... Indicate terminal numbering designations With Type B control wiring the user connectsto unit NOTE-Where a cornbindlion schematic or wiring diagram. The manufacturer shallshall be provided only on ClassI motor control centers.1 Classes and Types control center.. With Typc A wiring user field wiring connects directly feeder-tap selected by vey the same information as drawingsprovidedwith the user. or C. I or Class II assemblies.. the 2. to device terminals internal to the unit.1.3. according to the following: terminals.3 shall be s u p plied with the manufacturer’s custom drawings and shall3. Special sizes of drawings Equipment described in 3. which are located immediately adjacent. For Type B-D.Motor control centers are Class I-S and II-S motor control centers shall be the factory wiredas either Type A.3CircuitWiring be designated as Class I-S or Class II-S. and master terminal boards (Type C b. and the location of the mas.2 Classes of Motor Control Centers custom drawings shall be provided in lieu of standard Motor control centers shall be provided as either Class drawings as specified by the user. tion motor-control unit. a. Special tcrminal numbering designations the manufacturer.With either class the user may Examples of custom drawingsare: specifythephysicalarrangement ofunitswithinthe a. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. the user connects directly to the ter terminal board if required (Type C wiring device terminals. NEMA ICS*3 93 6 4 7 0 2 40 75 0 4 3 2 6 787 Part 1 ICs 3-1993 Page 1-3 Classifications 3 that indicate factory interconnections within the motor 3. same as Class I and II m o m controlcentersexcept 3. Combina- units control system diagrams suppliedby the user. 3. or both.. consistingof drawings that: nal block in. Motor control centers are provided as either ClassI or 3.`. the user connects to a load termi- wiring only). and readily accessible.```. locations of incoming line as Type B-D or B-T.3.2.1Type A Wiring cal groupings ofcombinationmotor-control units. 3. b. 3. bottom of those vertical sections that contain combina- ingbetweenunits as specifically described in overall tion motor-control or control assemblies.2Type B Wiring a. additionallymodi- fied as specified by thc uscr.-`-`.B. tion motor-control units and control assemblies shallbe factory wiredto their master terminal blocks. c. . the unit. or adjacent to.3Class I-S & Il-S-Motor ControlCenters Class II assemblies. Type A wiring ranged in a convenient assembly. Type B user (field) load wiring for combinationm e identification of units and their location in the tor-control units Size 3 and smaller shall be designated motor control center. and for feeder-tap units.3. 1. Indicate electrical connections user connects directlyto unit device terminals.. mounting dimensions.2. terminal blocks locatedin or adjacent to each combina- for a unit is supplied showing optionaldevices.1ClassI-IndependentUnits 3. furnish drawings that include: 3. to the vertical only) wireway. Manufacturer’s standard diagrams for individ- ual units. Identify electrical devices With Type B load wiring for combination motor-con- trol units larger than Size3..`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.. available con- duit entrance areas. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Class I and II motor control centers.2. User=.2.`.`. For Type B-T.1. other units and electrical devices ar.2 shall be sup- pliedwiththemanufacturer’sstandarddrawingsand The drawings supplied by the manufacturer shall con- shall be designated as Class Ior Class II..1. the manufacturer shall provide dormation to indicate whichdevices are actually furnished.``.````. Overall dimensions of the motor control center. Equipment described in paragraph3.1Types of Wiring Class I motor control centers shall consist of mechani. In additionto the drawings furnished for Class I motor control centers.2ClassIl-InterconnectedUnits 3.``.`.2.2.3.the manufacturer shall furnish drawings --`. Each class may be supplied with with Custom Drawing Requirements standard or custom drawings.3 Type C Wiring Class II motor control centers shall be the same as With Type C wiring user (field) control wiring con- Class I motor control centers except with the addition of nects to master terminal blocks mounted at the top or manufacturer-furnished electrical interlocking and wir. tory wired.

to have a short-circuit rating greater than theshort-circuit 4.000 100. The short-circuit current rating of the bus struc.3 Continuous-Current Ratings of Buses ratings over 100..``.000 85. limiting the currentto 100.4BasisforShort-CircuitCurrentRating of Unit and Feeder-Tap Units Motor Control Centers Each combination motor-control unit and feeder-tap 4. The short-circuit current ratingof any installed b.````. Control Centers mum continuous-current ratingof 300 amperes..000 14.1O00.3) with a motor control 4. The rated voltage is the Examples of current-limiting means include current- voltage to which the performance characteristicsof mo- limiting circuit breakers. The lowest short-circuit current rating of any surge arresters) and shall notbe assigned a unit installed combination motor control unit short-circuit current rating.5.000 With Type C wiring. User=. 50.2Short-CircuitCurrentRating current ratingof any individual component as determined Unless a current limiting means is used in a series by design tests.5.000 30.. Part 2 of ICs 2. rating of thecurrent-limiting device and shall be selected bination motor control units shall be in accordance with from Table 1-4-1.800.``. and cur- tor control centers are related.000 motor-control units larger than Size 3. system in a motor control center.ooO Motor control center voltage ratings be shall in accord- ancewith ICs 1 and ICs 2. Vertical 4.000 4. .3 SeparatelyDerivedSystems short-circuit currentrating.3SeriesCombinationRating rating of the motor control center. combination (asdefined in 4.`. a unit does not affect the short-circuit current 4.`.`. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. obtained by adding an inter. NEMA ICS*3 73 6470247 0504327 b 3 3 ICs 3-1993 Part 1 Page 1-4 With Type C wiring. tive device shallnot be c o ~ e ~ t directly ed to the ture power bus (with the exception of lightning and b.4. and for feeder-tap 10. A series combination short-circuit rating is a higher 4.`. or higheras required bya particular application. 4.-`-`.000 42. the short-circuit current rating shallbe the lowest Protective Device of the following: a. current-limiting fuses.2 Combination Motor-Control Unit Ratings The series combination rating shall not exceed the The ratingsof magnetic motor controllersof the com.loadwiringforcombination Table 1-4-1 motor-control unitsSize 3 and smaller connects to master SHORT-CIRCUIT CURRENT RATINGS terminal blocks mountedat the top or bottom of vertical sections. c.000 units. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.. 1-4-1.`.1 VoltageRatings 25.4..4. A unit not containing any short-circuit protec- a.000 4CharacteristicsandRatings 22. the user connects directlyto unit device terminals. --`.OOO amperes. For motor control centers with short-circuit current 4.1AvailableShort-CircuitCurrent unit of a motor control center shall havea short-circuit The available short-circuit current is the short-circuit current rating..1 Ratings of CombinationMotor-Control 4.```.000 18.500 35. The available short-circuit A combination motor-controlunit shall be permitted current shall be expressed in rms symmetrical amperes.OOO amperes or lessis recom- tinuous-current ratingof 600. 4. Motorcontrol unit load wiring for these units RMS SymmetricalAmperes shall be factory wired to the master terminal blocks.5StandardShort-Circuit Ratings of Motor bus extensions installed in a section shall have a mini. rent-limiting reactors. nals plus motor contribution..4.000 65. The rating shall be selected from Table current availableat the motor control center line termi.2 Units Not Containing a Short-Circuit center. a current-limiting means The horizontal common power bus shall havea con..loadwiringforcombination 7. Absence of a short-circuit current rating on such feeder tap unit. 5.5. Motor control centers short-circuit current ratingare nal or externa1 current-limiting means in series with a not affected by units connected to a separately derived lower-rated motor-control center.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.. 1200 amperes mended.

removed as a unitforrearrangement. Within each section there shallspace be for horizontal 5. User=.000 1OO.``. test procedures.Installationand The function of a vertical section is to support the Maintenance Information vertical and horizontal buses.000 quency) c.phase.`.fre.4Rating of Bus Structure f.6 Range of Operating Voltage Clause 6 of ICs 1 applies. Service disconnect Access to eachcombinationmotor-control unit or feeder tap unit shall be provided by a single separate COPYRIGHT 2003. Requiredpowersupply(voltage. Wiring diagrams or tables.000 65..`. performance.`--- f.3 for recom- mended procedures in handling.-`-`.2 Handling. Requiredpowersupply(voltage.``. kVA.000 85 . National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.000 42. removal of the unit shall not leave the bus so e. and criteria described in 8.3.29 m)..3..`. Suitability to serve as service equipment The bus structure (horizontal and vertical bus) of a 5.3. vertical sectionor to the unit. 6 ServiceandStorageConditions 4. the units. NEMA ICS*3 73 = b470247 0 5 0 4 1 2 8 55T Part 1 ICs 3-1993 Page 1-5 Table 1-4-2 5. Amps..`.replacement or quency) repair. Enclosuretype 4.`.2 Wiring Space maintaining motor control centers. fie- 50. or 5.. the motor control center 7. kvar) of the unit makes its removal impracticable.2 a) shall be marked N/A on the unit. The rating shallbe selected from Table 1-4-2.1 PreventativeMaintenance covers. Short-circuitcurrentratingexpressed in rms be appropriatefor the short-circuitcurrent capacityof the symmetrical amperes separately derived system e.3.3 Marking and Labelling wiring between vertical sections at the top or bottom. 7.. d. Load (any of: H P . if applicable: 22. The rangeof operating voltageof a control center shall Construction 7 be in accordance with Part 1 of ICs 2 .````. See NEMA Standards PublicationICs 1.3UnitMounting ing information. Short-circuitcurrentratingexpressed inrms Unit doors shall be hinged and attached either to the symmetrical amperes. bus or power cabling shall be marked with a short-circuit All short-circuit current ratings shall be based upon rating the of N/A.5.2 Section(s) BUS STRUCTURE SHORT-CIRCUIT A motor control center(when all sections are of similar CURRENT RATINGS construction)or each motor Control center section (when rms Symmetrical Amwres the sections are not of similar construction) shall be marked with the following information.3MarkingException motor control center shall have a short-circuit current Motor control center sections no1 containing power rating. S e e NEMA Standard Publication ICs 2. Manufacturer’sidentity 25.000 a.```. or their location in exposed that accidental contact withit is hkely. installing. Manufacturer’s identity motor-control unit and feeder-tap unit may be readily applicable: Provisionshall be made so thateachcombination a. There shall be vertical wiring space within each section for wiring to the units...A unit subject to Lhe con.3 for general excluding floor sills or mounting channels.1 Units both. Where the door is mounted ditions in 4. Horizontal and vertical bus ampacity The short-circuit current rating for such a unit should d. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. kW. Installation.. the doors and 5. A vertical section is self-supporting when properly 5. Operation and bolted to the floor or otherwise secured. Nominal installed height is 90 inches (2. preventative maintenance instructions. . Exceptionsare permitted where thesize or weight C.phase.ooO b. These sections Maintenance may be assembledinto a group to which additional sections may be readily added. operating and7.4 Interlocking of Doors --`.1VerticalSection 5 ProductMarking. A motor-control unit shallbe marked with thefollow- 7.5.

`... 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.3 and 8. There is no dielectric breakdown between live parts of opposite polarityand between live parts and the enclosure. f. Those panels connected to the g. basic requirements for industrial control equipment for 8. Performance shall be acceptable if the motor control 7. The ground fuseis not opened.6 Control Circuit Protection center complies with the requirements inUL 845. The enclosureor a part of the enclosure hasnot secondary of such transformers shallbe protected for not been damaged or displaced to the extent that a less than the maximum available short-circuit current of live part is accessible. To parts of opposite polarity across surfaces-2 Each motor control center section shall havea short- inches (50. shall in- d. There is no permanent dislocation of the bus from the unit shallbe considered to be an exter.1 Tests a. Withstand Test vide the following minimum clearances: 8.````. style. Provision shall be madefor cation con&tions or under special conditions. where base that would impair the support of live parts. if speci- locking the disconnecting device in the open position fied..2 Test Methods into the enclosure whenthedisconnectingdevice is All design tests shall be made by the manufacturer closed. User=.3. model of motorcontrol centerto meet its assigned ratings tap unit. 8PerformanceRequirementsandTests ing deviceso that thedoor cannot be opened without first 8.5 Spacings in 8.7 Lighting Panel and Auxiliary Control Panel would impair normal insertion of a unit... bars or cable that would affect the normal func- nal source for purposes of overcurrent protcc. --`. Slab-in assemblies (if used) and vertical buses Where these panelsare supplied from transformers in at the pointof contact are in essentially the same the motor control center.. There is no cracking or breaking of aninsulating Lighting panels and auxiliary control panels.3 Horizontal Common Power Bus and powerbusandofthebusextensions in thevertical Vertical Bus Extension Short-Circuit sections. or be protected by. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. shall pro.Betweenlive parts and ground through air or 845. the transformer. control centers to substantiate the ratings assigned and Where required bythe particular application. using a three-phase power supply for the tests specified 7. on both the horizontal bus structure and vertical bus across surfaces-I inch (25. interlocked with its associated disconnect. Control circuits shall be protected in accordance Criteria for acceptable performancemay be summa- with Clause 7 of ICs 1. current at the protective device locationin the circuit.`.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.2PerformanceCriteria the rated voltage (See Clause 7 of ICs 1).4 mm) structure.the transformer primaries shall mechanical and electrical condition as before be protected for not less than the short-circuit rating of the test. rized as follows.. each disconnecting device shall be interlocked and to operate satisfactorily undernormal service appli- with its associated door. a deacti. h.`.are not contemplated in normal production. c. including stabs or bolted connectors. tests made to determine the Where two sets of circuit disconnecting means are adequacy of the design of a particular type. b.`.-`-`.3. a. There is no distortion of the vertical buses that 7. b. There is no damage dueto arcing. . protective devices having in- terrupting ratings notless than the available short-circuit e. tioning of the assembly. Topartsofoppositepolarity throughair-1inch Short-circuit current tests shall be conducted in ac- (25. A control circuit supplied by a source separate a. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 64702470504L29 496 ICs 3-1993 Part 1 Page 1-6 hinged door. vating means (defeater) shall be provided to permit entry 8.8 mm) circuit rating expressed in maximum rms symmetrical Spacings within units shall be in accordance with the amperes and maximum voltage.``. Design tests are those..4. Design testsare made only on representative motor when the door is closed.1 Design Test Concept opening the disconnecting device.. Protection C. clude.`. or mounted in a single compartment to forma dual feeder. the motor control center.```. connected directly to the common power bus.``. tion. Spacings of bare bus bars of the horizontal common 8.4 mm) cordance with the procedures and requirements of UL b.

The a.4.8TestCircuitCalibration requirements of UL 845.4.1 Tests thc unit. Stab-in assemblies(if used) and vertical buses cuits shall not be connectcd in parallel.4.`. motor control center line terminals short-circuited. There is no damage to a conductor or terminal connector andthe conductor has not pulled out Table 1-8-1 of the terminalconnector. It shall consist of three insulated conduc. each not more than 4 feet (1.````. There is no discharge of parts outside theunit.4. The unit disconnecting means and controller contactor shall be closed prior to the test. 8.. shall be determined by measuring the current with the rized as follows.4. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. User=.`--- d.`. The test circuit power factor shall b.6 Test Voltage and Frequency the compatibility of the overcurrent devices and other Units shall be tested at the three-phase60 hertz rated involved components suchas stab-in assembly line-side voltage of the motor control center in whichthey are to wiring.. The unit door or cover has not blown open and Short-CircuitCurrent Rating.-`-`. Maximum Power rms Symmetrical Amperes Factor.4.6 the test. of the motor control center in which the unit is tested shall 8.7TestCurrent maximum rms symmetrical amperes and maximum volt- The available short-circuit current at the line terminals age. the Each combination motor-control unit tested shall have motor control center incoming line terminals.Each feeder-tap unit shall have oneopen (O) test.000 30 e.4.22 meters) long and disconnecting means shallbe closed prior to the test. The 8.09. be in accordance with Table1-8-1. enclosure. the open-circuitline-to-line voltage immediately before Each combination motor-control unit and each feeder. except that an at the point ofcontact are in essentially theSame air-core reactor in any phase may be shunted by resis- mechanical and electrical condition as before tance in which the Voltampere lossis approximately 0.2 PerformanceCriteria be not less than the short-circuit current rating of the Performance shall be acceptable if the combination motor control centerin which the unitis to be applied. percent of thereactive Voltamperes ofthe air-core reactor in that phase.``.`..4 CombinationMotor-ControlUnitsand 8. nals of the unit.. door or cover and load-side terminals. Percent the operating mechanism for the disconnect and 10.4UnitFaultConnection operating coilof the contactor shallbe energized from a The fault connection shall be made at the load termi.. The tors. 14.9TestDutyCycle Units shall be tested while installed ainmotor control center section in a location as close as practicable U. Short-circuit current tests shall be conducted to verify 8. with ampacity appropriate for the maximum horsepower or maximum current rating of the unit. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 m 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504330 L08 m Part 1 ICs 3-1993 Page 1-7 8. TEST CIRCUIT POWER FACTOR --`.the test.ooO 50 the door interlocks shall permit the openingof the door.```.3Location of Units 8.. latedper ANSI C37.5EnclosureGroundCircuit Feeder-Tap Units Short-Circuit Interrupting The unit enclosure shall be solidly connected to the test Tests circuit conductor which supplies the center pole (L2) of 8. . Resistance and reactance componentsof the test cir- f. one open (O) test. The available rms symmetrical short-circuit current Criteria for acceptable performancemay be summa. C.. The disconnecting means is capable of being 22. motor-control unit or feeder-tap unit complies with the 8. separate source.. tap unit shall have a short-circuit rating expressed in 8. COPYRIGHT 2003.`. The test voltage shall be determined at the The short-circuit tests shallbe conducted in accordance line terminalsof the motor control centerby measuring with the procedures and requirements of UL 845. be applied. There is no dielectricbreakdown at theunit current shallbe determined at an instant one-half cycle at disconnectand the faultcurrent is interrupted by 60 hertz after the short circuit occurs and shall be calcu- the branch.4.000 and above 20 opened manually with normal operation of the operating handle..4. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.`.``.circuit protective device. Short-circuit current shall be initiated by random clos- ing of the test circuit.

-`-`. breakers shall be left in the tripped position and fusible disconnect devices shall be left closed a.```. at thelocation of the firstplug-in connector from the horizontal bus 50'C (90°F) c Plug-in connector to the vertical b u s 50°C (90°F) d. In this test.``.``. Horizontal bus 65'C (1 17'F) b. the unit branch-circuit protective device.10 Performance Criteria side of the disconnecting means from line to line After completion of the short-circuit test. the is acceptableif normal operationof the operat- unit shall withstand a dielectric test of twice ing mechanism will break the weld. c..`.````.`. In a fusible disconnect device. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584... Unit field terminals unmarked 50'C (90°F) e. the condition and from eachline to ground.. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.. The fault current shall have been interrupted by with the fuses leftin their holders. Immediately following the short-circuit test.`.. NEMA ICSS3 9 3 6470247 0504131 O Q Q W ICs 3-1W 3 Part 1 Page 1-8 8. contact welding b.4. Vertical bus. User=.`--- U Figure 1-8-1 TEMPERATURE RISE TEST COPYRIGHT 2003.`.. Unit field terminals use marked for with 75°C wire 65°C (1 17'F) (a) Horizontal B u s --`.`... rated voltage at 60 hertz for 1 minute on the line Table 1-8-2 ALLOWABLE TEMPERATURE RISE Degrees of Temperature Rise a. circuit of theunit shall be as follows. .

Types of combination motor-control units. unit may require repair or replacement. a. impedance (possibly current-limiting) feeders. Voltage as where the installation involves relatively or long high- Frequency 2. Under some conditions.`. Number of Phases methods may be unsafe. number and at the line terminals of the motor control center should be location of incoming cables.````...```. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.2 Application of Short-Circuit Current essentially the same mechanical and electrical Ratings condition as before thetest. etc. Size. Motor Control Center The maximum available current is taken as the sum of The technical informationfurnished to the motor con.) 5.. User=.`. It shall be computed as the sum of the short-circuit current contri- butions of the motors connected to the motor control 8. Requirementsfor bottom plates The currentthus determinedmust not exceed the short- d. Type cuit current contributionof the motors connected to the 2. Specialfeatures f.`. Clearance for door swing tion of these motors equals four times the continuous 4.. circuit ratingof the motor control center. etc. Service entrance requirements per Iocal codes.(In the absenceof more preciseinforma- tion.-`-`. those 3. short-cir- 9 Application cuit current as due to motors and concentrated at the 9. the short-cir- 4. when tested in accordance with UL 845.In such instances. Available fault current at the line terminals not diminishedby thefeeder impedance. The unit door must remain closed in its normal shall be the maximum available rrns symmetricalcurrent position and shall operate normally.. feeder-tap units. Some simplified methods of determining available short-circuit currents treat all contributionsU. A combination motor-controlunit or feeder-tap e. the maximum available currentof the transformer anda ml center supplier should include the following. or both) control center.`. h. Accessibility (front or rear.`--- opening of the door. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6470247 0504332 T B 0 Part 1 ICs 3-1993 Page 1-9 d.. in amperes permissible at its line terminals. as contemplated of the control center in rms symmetrical by the method. current rating. motor contribution based on the transformer continuous- plicable. as ap. for incoming line section e.1 Technical Information Needed to Supply a transformer terminals. Stab-in assemblies (when employed) and verti- cal buses at the point of contact shall be in 9. The motor control center short-circuit current rating g. type (aluminum or copper). Class and type of motor control center device andthedoorinterlocksshallpermit g. to be coordinated with step a COPYRIGHT 2003.`. main disconnect devices. the maximum available current b. Rating of power supply: Such methods are not consistently applicable for mo- tor control center installations. . cuit current within the control centers may exceed the peres predicted value because the Short-circuit current contri- butions of the motors connectedto the control centerare 5... Horizontal andverticalbusrating inam.or busway computed as the sum of the maximum available current c. aItlpeES In all circumstances.``. 1. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Enclosure: of the system at the point of connectiontheand short-cir- 1. Preferred layout of units --`. as indicated in Figure 1-8-1... including all other short-circuit current contributions of the supply The temperature rise above ambientof current carry- system at the point of connection to the motor control ing parts shall not exceed the values statedin Table1-8-2 center.5 Temperature Rise Test center and the maximum available current..Theoperating mechanism for the disconnect f.``. Restrictiononheight current ratingof the motorcontrol center. utilities. it is usual to assume that short-circuit the contribu- 3.

-`-`.....`. User=.``.. NEMA ICSW3 9 3 m 6470247 0504133 917 m ICs 3-1993 Part 1 Page 1-1O --`. ...`. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.`.```.`.`.. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.````..``.

shall not exceed the service-limit current rating of the taining oneor more medium-voltage components rated controller.2NormativeReferences whose full-load current exceedsthe continuous current rating given in Table 2-4-1. User=. vacuum. 2001 to 7200 volts.-`-`. The interrupting ratingof a Class E controller is ex- pressed in terms of the maximum symmetrical MYA 3.```. ICs 1 and ICs 6 also apply to this current. periods in normal service. whichthe controller may be ex- Part.. When controllers are operated above the continuous 3 Classifications current rating andup to the service-limit current rating.shall be in accordance with Tables 2-4-1 and that they operate only under the abnormal circuit condi- 2-4-2A and 2-4-2B. Class El controllers employ their contacts for both 4.````. short circuitsor faults exceeding operating overloads.``... 250. may require tions apply: special consideration. such as capacitors or transformers.Coor- enclosure and whether or not provided with running dination consists of setting or selecting thecharacteristics of the various protective devices in the controller such overcurrent (overload) protectionor other auxiliary de- vices.`. which They are capable of interrupting short-circuit faults the controller may be expected to carry for protracted beyond operating overloads. medium voltage: AC voltage in the rangeof 2001 to The ultimate-mp current ratingof overcurrent (over- 7200 volts.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. The continuous current rat- The definitions and standards of NEMA Standards ings shown in Table 2-4-1 represent the maximum rms Publication No.2 Basis of Interrupting Rating starting and stopping the motor and interrupting short circuits or faults exceeding operating overloads.73 x forthree-phaseappli- Ratings cations. when mounted in any type of coordinated to meet specific load characteristics. --`. .Table 2-4-2A lists intermpt- ing ratings of Class El controllers.1 Continuous Current and Interrupting phasefactor which is 1. the following defini. A Class E controller intendedfor use with nonmotor loads. pected to carry continuously without exceeding the tem- 2 Definitions perature rises given in Clause 8 of IC s 1. Class E controllers shall not be used withmotors 1. andoil-im- mersed magnetic controllers for service on voltages 4. tion for which theyare intended. temperature rises will exceed those obtained by testing 3.`.. in amperes..2 Class E2 Controllers (megavoltamperes)or maximum rms symmetrical fault Class E2 controllers employ their contacts for starting current and specific line-to-line voltage can interrupt it at and stoppingthe motor and employ fuses for interrupting the controller incoming line terminals. load) relays or of other motor protective devices used medium-voltage compartment: A compartment con. The symmetricalMVA rating is equal to the product 4 CharacteristicsandRatings of the rms symmetrical current that the controller can interrupt. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Table 2 4 2 B lists This part applies to AC general-purpose contactors and Class E magnetic controllers rated 2001-7200 volts.1Class E l Controllers the controllerat its continuous current rating... 4.2Service-LimitCurrentRating from 2200 to 6600 volts.the line-to-line open-circuit voltage.`. and a 4. 50 and 60 hertz. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. For the purpose of this section. three phase. class E controller: AC air-break.1. The service-limit current ratings shown in Table 2-4-1 represent the maximum rms current.1 scope controllers and contactors. NEMA ICSU3 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0 5 0 4 1 3 4 853 Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-1 Part 2 A 1 MEDIUM VOLTAGE CONTROLLERS RATED2001 TO 7200 VOLTS AC 1 General Table 2-4-1 lists continuous current ratings of Class E 1. in amperes.1 General 4. reversing and nonreversing duty.``..`. voltage and interrupting ratings of Class E2 controllers.3 Coordination within the Controller Continuous current and fault interrupting ratings of Class E Controllers should be provided with protection controllers for nonplugging and nonjogging..1.`.

15 times the continuous cumnt.ooO 280 or 350at4000V m m 3800 40o.O O or 50.m 320 or 4OOat46OOV 7200 7200 6200 40o. Table 2-4-2A INTERRUPTING RATINGS OF CLASS El CONTROLLERS Class E l Interrupting Ratings(Unfused)* Size of Three-phase Controllcr Symmetrical MVA Volts..O or 50. **To be specified by manufacturer.Amperes H2 25 or 50 ** H3 50 ** H4 60 ** H5 75 ** H6 Future t* * Class EI ratings may be specified from either column (2) or (3).``.`.oO or 5Oo.`..````.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. œHorsepower raMgs are Shawn only for reference..ooO la or 200atZ300V 5oOO m 3800 4 0 o. User=.`.`.oO 460 or 57Oat66OOV COPYRIGHT 2003..oO or 50. .`. Maximum Symmetrical* Minimum at Nominal UtilizationVoltage (1) (2) (3) (4) (9 (6) (7) m 2500 22m 4 o 0 O .. Table 2-4-28 VOLTAGE AND INTERRUPTINGRATINGS OF CLASS E2 CONTROLLERS Rated Insulation Range of Utilization Voltages atwhich Class E2 Interrupting Ratings(Fused) Voltage Interrupting Rating Applies Three-phase SymmetricalMVA Volts.-`-`. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.```. rmsAmperes(rms)..`--- * 1.``.. NEMA ICS*3 93 6470247 0504135 7 9 T ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-2 Table 2-4-1 CONTINUOUS CURRENT RATINGS OF CLASS E CONTROLLERSAND CONTACTORS --`..

power circuit fuses 5.```. BK. Volt-ampcrcrating or thccquivalcnt of any beyond thc controller load tcrminals operating coil circuit which rcquircs a remote 4. Number of phases C.`.1 General below the minimum intcrrupting current ofthc See ICs 1. Intcrrupting rating(MVA or volts and rms sym- limit of the controller metrical amperes) b. h.2. Powcr circuit fuses i x for Class E2 controller Contactors shouldbe sclcctcd to bc ablc to: J. Rcfer to the manufacturer for the currcnt rccommcndcd heater s i x for the circuit. as appropriate condition operates first. Contactors shouldbe sclcctcd to: 5.2 Precautions Power circuit fuses shouldbe sclcctcd to be ablc to: All maintenanccshouldbcpcrformcd by trained.1 Marking mendations. turc. cquipmcnt applicahlc to systcms ovcr 600 V o l k without damaginga fuse 5. should be such that the dcvicc in. and faultsoccurring at or m. Continuous-currcnt rating. using safcty practiccs and protcctive considcration given to inrush currcnt and time. b. an cnclosure providcd it is rcadily visiblc by opcning a limit currentof the controllcr door or rcmoving a covcr aftcr installation. a. Prcvcntcxccssivc hwting of branch circuit con. b. Continuously carry ovcrload relay ultimate trip current k. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504136 6 2 6 Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-3 The relationshipof individual dcviccs(of similar func.`--- a. Manufacturer’s name or trademark tion) to each othcr.-`-`.3 for prcventive maintenance instructions. Frequency RunningovcrcurrentprotectiveunitsforClass El controllers should be sclectedto: f.`.2.Opcratebeforeany fuse mcltsat all currents 5..3. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.opcrating 1.. Intcrruptnormalrunningcurrcnts. Prevent excessivehating of branch circuit con- ductors and connected load 5. Interrupt normal running currents and opcrating turcr’s recommcndation in the spccific instruction litera- ovcrload currcnts upto the minimum intcrrupt. Control voltagc ovcrloadcurrcnts. Class El or E2 controller.`. Prcvcnt continuous operation abovethe scrvice.2.``.`.2 Characteristics of Class E2 Controllers control dcvicewith a swlcd rating or more than RunningovcrcurrentprotectiveunitsforClass E2 125 volt-ampcrcs controllers should besclcctcd to: Marking is not rcquircdto be locatcd on the outsideof a. rmsamperes a.1 Characteristics of Class El Controllers a.``. Continuous-current ratingof horizontal bus sys- tem whcrc supplicd --`... with qualificd pcrsonncl.Installationand odically by performing a diclectric test across theopen Maintenance Information contact5 in accordance with the manufacturer’s recom- 5.2PreventiveMaintenance c.. Other mark- ings may bc uscd to mectothcr applicable requircrnents.`. test lcvcl b.. 4. Maxim‘um voltage ductors and conncctcd load 1.. Class E controllers shall bc legibly markcd with thc following: COPYRIGHT 2003. terminals corrcctivcaction. Catalog or manufacturer’s identification tended to protect against the abnormal lowest circuit C.3 Condensation Intcrrupt faults ator beyond the controllcr load If moisture condensation occurs insidc an enclosure.2. ing currcnt of the powcr circuit fuscs Vacuum intcrruptcrs (bottlcs) in a vacuum contactor should be chcckcdforadcquatevacuumlevel peri- 5 ProductMarking.3. Permit repetitive switching of the load. ..such as thc installation of a space Continuously carry ovcrload rclay ultimate trip hater. Prevent continuous operation above the scrvice g.4 Contacts a. should be takcn. User=.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.````. Continuously carry ovcrload rclay ultimate-uip Contact wcarallowance (overtravel) and contact currcnt spring prcssurcs should be chcckcd against the manufac- b.

or undcr-voltage re- bination with currcnt-limitingfuscs lcasc (two-wirc control). limit switchcs. --`.. closcd d. For Class El controllcrs.5 EquipmentProtection one of thc following: Mcdium-volugc ClassE controllcrs shallbe providcd a. Where a means for cicumvcnting the interlock de- scribed in 7. power circuit fuscs for mcans. Turninga knob.`. quircd to bypass the intcrlock. The degree of difficulty shall involve a minimum of two separate and distinct 7 Construction operations. Whcre the dynamic-brak- strength and contact wear.`. Prevent thc opcning ofa door to a mcdium-volt. 7. pushbuttons. The transformer and shall providc thc following fcaturcs: sccondary shall bc insulatcd from the primary a. are con- age compartment when thc isolating means is ncctcd.. diclcctric lated contactor or contactors. shall not be considered to Class E controllers shall be w i r d and assembled as providc the required degreeof difficulty. etc.3 Interlocking protcctive units Interlocking shall be providcd by mcchanical mans c.`.`. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. A minimum of thrce motor-running ovcrcurrent 7. NEMA ICS*3 73 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504337 5b2 ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-4 5. or the like. provi- connection to ground. tion. shallbc providcd to guard against crcatinga short intcrrupting faults cxcccdingopcratingover- circuit through arcs at thc contacts. totally-encloscd and self-supporting units. or remov- 7. ..Also. intcrlocking func. cg. complcte.````. it shall be mechanically further information on maintenance after a fault condi. some degree of difficulty shall be re- Clause 6 of ICs 1 applies.instantaneous-fault The revcrsing contactors of rcvcrsing controllcrs shall ovcrcurrcnt protcctionin each ungrounded con- be clcctrically and mcchanically intcrlockcd. the dynamic-braking contactor shall controller shouldbe inspected in accordancc with manu.Drawoutcontactor b. 7.1 General ing a singlc bolt.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. only....Primaryovcrcurrcntprotection for instrument c. forcgoing motor-running ovcrload protcction tions govcrncd by currcnt or vollugc scnsing.`.3(b) is providcd for inspection or mainte- 6 ServiceandStorageConditions nance purposes. suchm a n s shall have contact with sions shall bc madeto opcrate the controllersfor testing the baremetal of the pcrrnancnt portion of thc cubicle... of the control-circuit transformcr supplied with thc con- troller. with themcdium-voltageisolating means open. interlockcd with the related contactoror contactors. cxccpt for latched con- tactors in spccial applications c.```. Prcvcnt the isolating mcans from bcing opcncd and providcd with an ovcrcurrent dcvice in each or closcd unlcss all contactorsarc opcn ungroundcd k g to which control circuit devices.``. bc mcchanically or clcctrically interlocked with the re- facturer’s instructionsfor mechanical damage. Undcr-voltagc protcction. are supplicd ment of the controller is opcn e. For Class E2 controllcrs. User=.Thrce-polcisolatingswitch with thc following protxtivc f a t u m : b. Prcvcnt the isolating mcans from bcing closcd potential transformcrs whcrc such transformers when thc doorof any medium-voltage compart. b. loads.``. Whcrc required by the particular application.. Thc isolatingmans shall bc pcrmittcd to bc any 7. or moving a lever.. Whcn rc. the control Extcmally-operablegang-opcratcdmcdium-voltage circuit shall bedisconnectedfromthcnormalcontrol isolating means with position indication shall be included transformcrand connectedto a scparate sourcc of control and shall bc capableof intcrrupting thc no-load current powcr supplicd by thc uscr. ductor of thc power supply in addition to the quircd by thc particular application. A control-circuit transformcr providedwith pri- or by combination of mcchanical and clcctrical mcans mary ovcrcurrcnt protcction. or othcr f.3 Maintenance after a Fault Condition Where a dynamic-braking contactor of the normally- Aftertheopeningofanypowcr circuit fuse(s) b e opcn typc is uscd. means shall be providcd topcrmit locking the doors ofmcdium- voltagc compartments.-`-`. a.4 Arrangement for Field Inspection Conuollcrs shallbc provided withmcans for clcctrical Whcrc required for the particular application. Sce Annex A of ICs 2 for ing contactor is normally closcd. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Thrcc-polc isolating switch in mcchanical com.2 Power-Circuit Isolating Means The interlocking shall be so arrangcd for this test that power cannot bc applicd to the motor.

symmctrical short-circuit tcst current in each The test circuit shallbc capableof producing currcnts phase shall bc the AC componcnt as determined notless than thoseindicatcd in Table2-8-1from the by drawing thc envclopc of the current wave.828 as The test circuit shall be permitted to bc ungroundedor illusuatcd in IEEE Standard C37. ..4 Fault Interruption Test 2 1.1 Verification of Fault interrupting Rating lcss than the rated voltage of the controller when meas- Tests madeto verify the interrupting ratingof a Class ured in accordance with IEEE Standard C37.1. In order 8. and dividing them by The tests shall be made in accord.`. --`.6 8.`. thc leads bctwccn circuit. from the designconstants of the generator and the meas- ance with 8.1 FaultInterruptionTestCircuit to obtain the total r m s current specified.6 may The test circuit( s c c Figurcs 2-8-1and 2-8-2).`. MVA valueat least equal to thc intcrrupting ratingof thc bc and oscillograms shall Thc circuit shall tcstcd controller. DC component).2PowerFactor of FaultInterruptionTest volts. The power factor shall be determined ing of the controller.. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 W 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0 5 0 4 3 3 8 4 T 9 Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-5 8PerformanceRequirementsandTests The normal-frequency recovery voltage shall be not 8. neutral-grounded and include currcnt-limiting reactors.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.`.```.-`-`.1. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. and transformersin addition to thc gencrating cuitshallbcidentical to the calibrationtest system. Circuit ble. No capacitance shall be addcd troller. During the test..This MVAvaluc is bascdonthcavcragc bc lakcn to record thethrce line-to-line voltages symmetrical currentin thc thrccphascs (¡. Ratio of Total RMS Current in the Phase with the Maximum Size of Fuscs Uscd in T c s t x l a s s E2 control- DC Component to thc HMS lcrsshall bctestedwith fuscs of thehighest Time aftcr Initiation Symmctrical Currcnt of S hort C i r a it.1. or 6200-7200 volts.`.1.e.``.1.. In setting up the test circuit.09. Interruptingtests are intended to prove the intcrrupting 8. E controller shallbe madc over the rangeof 2200-2500 8.1 shall be used forthe test. priate method. omittingany to assure compliancc with8. scribed in 8. Controllcr Tcst Circuit-The controller test cir- resistors.. with thc bc ncccssary to use a largcr symmctrical com- controller short-circuited at its linc tcrminals. In 1. instant of initiation of thc short circuit to the instant of mcasuring thc pcak-to-peak valuesat the appro- interruption.. priate instant.o giving thc voltage and current valucsof the circuit anda dcscription of the opcration of the controller during and aftcr the tcst shall be prepared. 38W5000 volts.1 otherwisespecified in the following paragraphs. ured AC resistance and reactance of the remainder of the troller shall meet the performance requircmcnts of 8. Also. Corresponding to thc currcntrating for whichthe controllcris in- (Cycles at 60 herb) Interrupting Rating tended to be uscd. Grounding of Controllcr and Tcst Circuit-The Table 2-8-1 conuollcr structure shall bc grounded througha DC COMPONENT CONTRIBUTION 3-ampcrc fusc or smallcr of appropriate voltage rating.3 Fault Interruption Test Preparation performance of a given controller design and are not to Calibration of Test Circuit-Thc tcst circuit de- be considered productiontcsts.1.7.6. percent lagging. in the circuit.4Measurementsto Be TakenDuring the 1 I . National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. the test circuit shall bc capablc of Mcasurcmcnls of the currents shall bc made on producing in one of the lhrce phases a total rms current.and practicable so as to keep the capacitanceto ground at the the short circuit shall be interrupted by the con- controller terminals small.``.. as applica. User=. thc calibration oscillograms at each of the time including theDC component. shall bc poncnt than that corrcsponding to the symmct- capable of producinga thrcc-phasc short circuitwith an rica1 interrupting rating in MVA.exccptthattheshortcircuitshall be the reactors and the controllers shall be madc as short as placed at the load tcrminals ofthcconlroller.2 Measurcmcnls shall bc madc by oscillograph unless 3 1.1 through 8.1. withan availablc symmctrical short-circuit MVA The power factor of the tcst circuit shall not exceed 15 (megavoltamperes) atleast equal to the interrupting rat..not lcss than that shown in intcrvals spccificdin Table 2-8-1. from oscillograph records. the con. Data 4 or more 1.Thc available Table 2-8-1.or by anyother appro- and 8.````.

. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.`...`--- - .`.````.```.. rcsistors or transformcrs arc not shown) B = Conuollcr undcr tcst C = Main fuses (omittedin test of Class EI controllcr) D = 3-amperc 5000-volt fuse E = Current transformers (altcmatc location shown by dotlcd lincs) F = Oscillograph elcmcnls G = Currcnt shun& --`. Figure 2-8-2 NEUTRAL-GROUNDED SUPPLY TEST CIRCUIT COPYRIGHT 2003.-`-`.`.. NEVA ICs83 9 3 m 6470247 0504L39 335 m ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-6 .. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.`. User=.`..``.``. .. Figure 2-8-1 - - ~~ ~~ UNGROUNDED SUPPLY TEST CIRCUIT A =Power supply (current-limiting rcactors..

Impulse dielectric tests the on controller medium-volt- followed immediatelyby an opening. it is not to be in- following information: ferredthatthecontrollercanagainmeetits a. the of type syslem grounding..the test voltage from ing rated current at rated voltage for a limited Table 2-8-2 shouldbe at least 20 percent more than the time but not necessarily without exceeding the calculated worst caseof incoming overvoltagc.`. The test cycle of a ClassEl controller shall be three The impulse dielectric tesls are independent of the CO unit operations at intervals of 2 minutes.`.of two levels of surge voltage withstandability. This operation is desig. Manufacturers shallbe permitted to assign one The controller shall interrupt the short-circuit current. without damage. Incoming surge voltages shouldbe evaluated consid- tially the same mechanical condition as at the ering wave form variations and reflections. shallbe in substan. the thermal and electromag- diately following the short circuit netic effects imposed on it during the interval which the 3. then opening. . The choice between Level A and Level B is made by At the end of any test cycle. interrupting tests. the controller shall be in considering the likely degree of exposure to lightning the following condition: surge voltage. Voltage.if necessary. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.2.7 FaultWithstandability 2. and imme- except as noted in 8. The controller shall be capable of withstanding rated voltagein the open position and of carry.1. multiply the sparkover voltage of the surge arrester by 260 percent. age circuits shall be made with a full wave in accordance out purposely delayed action. between controller line and A Class E controller shall withstand.For Class E2 immediately before the short circuit is controllers the welding of contacts under the created specified test duty cycle shall not be considered afailure.``..`.``. Short-circuit currentin each line necessary for the contacts to remain closed dur- b. with the exception of the blow- ing of power circuit fuses. Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-7 Data to be recorded during the test shall include the near its interrupting rating. b. After a test cycle at or COPYRIGHT 2003. Currents through controller during thetest controller requires to open a short circuit on a system 8.ForClassE2controllers. and the type and location of anysurge arresteron the source side.-`-`.2 Basic Impulse Insulation Level (BIL) Tests stated intervals... For a proper protective margin. or any depends upon a combination OC good design practices other sealed type interrupter is not permitted. For approxi- beginning of the test. Basic Insulation Levcl(BIL) rating of a given controller 8.5. Replacement of a vacuum.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584..`. to inspect and. Measurements to be made in calibrating the test interrupting rating without minor repairs assuch circuit: the replacementof contacts. with the selectionof appropriate surge voltage protective 8. Line-to-line voltages (Vl) of all three sure and ground shall not have opened.6 (c).1 Class E l Controllers design and is notto be considered a production test. The controller. including anyDC component.1 ImpulseTestVoltage renew the fuses.6 InterruptingPerformance devices.`.1. during. 1.. and a controllernot is required to meet 8. CO unit operations separated by the interval required to 8.15 2 Class E2 Controllers the impulse dielectrictests after being subjectedto inter- The test cycle of a Class E2 controller shall be three rupting tests.5 Fault Interruption Test Cycle havingtheavailableshort-circuitMVA at which the A Class E controller shall be subjected to a test cycle controller is rated. V2. nated by the letters CO signifying closing. replace any Securing adequate insulation surge voltage protection renewable contacts. Measurements tobe made with the controllerin --`. with IEEE 4..```.. consisting of a specified number of unit operations at 8. Open-circuit line-to-line voltages of all A controller shall perform without the emission three phases by voltmeter or oscillograph of flame or oil from its enclosure. phases before the short circuitis created 8.1.1. User=. mating a worst case peak voltage.````.1. rated temperature rise.`--- ing the interrupting cycle. it is not 2. A unit operation consists of a closing. of thecircuit with. The impulse dielectric test is intended to prove the Random switching shallbe used. load terminals before. a. the circuit The 3-ampere fuse between Lhe controller enclo- 1.

themedium-voltage trolcircuit transformers. meter or meters shall be tested separately for dielectric Exception No.`..`. lers) and control circuit fusesin place. three more in thecase of anammeter. the flashover voltage. The flashover.````. the im- pulse voltage shown in Table 2-8-2 for Test 3 Between uninsulatedline parts of each medium- shall be applied in each phase individuallybe. or a similar device normally 8. circuit and the grounded metal parts with the controller contacts both open and closed C. three posi.`.``. 2-8-4 in the following cases: b.3 Power Frequency Dielectric Voltage contactor in the open position. flashover and the equipment shall be considered as hav- mating a worst case of incoming overvoltagewith resul. are to be disconnected forthis motor circuit fuses (in case of Class E2 control. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. Test 3: With the isolating means open.`. --`.. andlo00 volts plus twice rated tests shall be made. Peak Kilovolts Line-teLine T a t 1 and 2 Test 3* rms Voltage Level A Level B Level A Level B 2001-3600 30 45 33 49.5 66 P * See 8. other A Class E controller shall be capable of withstanding cipal circuits.`--- tant multipliers leadingto the selection of Level A and Exception No. User=. NEVA ICS*3 9 3 m h 4 7 0 2 4 7 0 5 0 4 1 4 1 T93 m ICs 3-1993 Patt 2 Page 2-8 Table 2-8-2 IMPULSE TEST VOLTAGE Controller Rating Impulse Test Voltage. ing successfully completed the test.2. including the meter face and zero adjuster. and between each principal electric circuit and all prin. with an applied potentialof l o o 0 volts during any group of three consecutive tests. . tive and three negative impulses shall be applied to each Where a controller includes a meter or meters.``. In each of these tests..the voltage-starting reactors and autotransformers and con- isolating means closed. such phase individually without causing disruptive damage or instruments shallbe disconnected from the circuit.2 Impulse Test Sequence Dry-type core and coil assemblies. COPYRIGHT 2003.3. A transformer.. such as reduced- a. the Across the open contacts of the power circuit test voltage shallbe the value specified for Tests isolating means 1 and 2. 1. Table 2-8-3 shows example calculations for approxi..2 for reductionof the test voltage where the isolating means has provision for automatically grounding its load si& when in the fully-openedposition. voltage circuit and all other medium-voltage tween the contactsof theisolating means across Circuits the isolating gap.```. voltage in thecase of any other instrument appliedat line stands all three of the second group of tests.. except that the impulse voltage for 1 minute without breakdown the applicationof a 60 need not be applied across the open gap of the hertz as indicated in Table essentially sinusoidal potential contactor. item c. mounted surge arrester.If flashover occurs on only one test voltage withstand. 8. Test 2: Test 1 shall be repeated except that the Between uninsulated liveparts of each electric contactor shall be closed. and the 8. Where the isolating means Between terminals of opposite polarity with the has provision for automatically grounding its controller contacts closed load side when in the fully opened position.2. If the equipment successfully with.3TestProcedure connected between lines of opposite polarity shall be The test samples shall be subjected to the sequence of disconnected from one side of the line during test be- tests described above. a coil.5 360-7200 45 60 49. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.2. the impulse test Withstand Test voltage shall be applied between each electric 8. Flashover may occur at an integrally Level B BIL rated equipment.1 General circuit and grounded metal parts. tween terminals of opposite polarity.. The test voltage shall be applied between live in the first group shall be considered as a random parts and the mounting panel.. test.. Test I : Withthe controller bus installed.`. 2.-`-`.

`--- 8. The cross-over point shallbe shall close successfully at85 percent of their rated volt.`.54 6. t Additional allowancefor temperature.6** x 1. ** Allowance for wavefront variations and reflected wave..2t BIL Arrester &V-rms) (kV Crest) &V Crest) @V Crest) Level Station 2. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.6 20 Level A (45KV) 2. operating be e n e r g i d at ratcd control voltagc coil shall untilconstanttemperatureisreachedandthentested Care shouldbe taken not to applya test voltage across immediately to demonstrate that full closure results when the open contacts of a vacuum interrupter that exceeds 85 percent of rated control voltage is applied. COPYRIGHT 2003..2TestProcedures For the testat 110percent of rated control voltage.6** x 1.````. humidity.``.3 Relation to BIL Rating has its primary winding connected to the controller sup- Power frequency dielectric tests are related to basic ply circuit.0 I Æ V CA ~ (45KV) Intermediate 4.20 10. A contactor thatis part of a class E controller shallbe 8. the manufacturer’s recommendation.o0 11.3.. aging.``.3 Level A 145KV1 Max.8 B (60KV) 4.6.0 44.54 Intermediate 9. relays and the total clearing time curves of the medium- voltage circuit fuses. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6470247 0504342 92T = Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-9 Table 2-8-3 EXAMPLE CALCULATIONS FORWORSE-CASE INCOMING OVERVOLTAGE V Line-to-Line = 4. User=. control voltage until constant temperature is reached and then tested immediately to demonstrate that full closure The controllershall be tested bymeansof a 500 results when rated control voltage is reapplied.4 16. For definition For the test at85 percent of rated control voltage.50 Distribution 17.. 8.5 Range of Operating Voltage Test capable of making and breaking the maximum current at AC contactors shall withstand 110 percent of their which the overload relays alone cause current intemp- rated volmgc without injury lo the operating coils and tion (cross-over current). . National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.6 Make and Break Capability Temperature tests shall be conducted in accordance 8.`. 4 Llghtnmg Voltage Arrester* x 2.3.16kV (Grounded System) Max Arrester Valu e of Arrester Dhcharge Discharge Cdumn Required Type of Continuous Voltage of Voltage No.1BasicRequirement with Clause 8 of ICs 1.```.1 Level 31 A (45KV) Distnbution 3 . See Clause 8 of ICs 1.. whose output is essentially sinusoidal and can be varied. the of the applied wave shapesee IEEE4.. the controller shall operate successfully at 90 impulse insulation(BIL) levels.0 28.0 32. Arrester Value of Arrester Discharge Discharge Cdu mn Required Type pf Continuous Voltage of Voltage No.. volt-ampere or larger capacity transformer.`.4 27. --`. percent of ratedprimary voltage. and contaminationof insulation.`. to avoid generating harmful x-rays.6 34..determined from the characteristic curves of the overload age.0 Level R (6OKV) * Typical data for selected arrester. Where the contactors of an AC controller are operated from the secondary of a control-circuit transformer which 8. 4 Equipment Lightning Voltage Arrester* x 2.0 39.4 Temperature Test 8.-`-`. the Test procedures shall be in accordance with Clause 8 operating coil shallbe energi7~d at 110 percent of rated of ICs 1 except for points of application (see above).`.0 Level 46.2 53..9 25.2t Arrester &V-rms) @V Crest) &V Crest) &V Crest) Level Station 4.50 15.

--`.6. without intervening maintenancc or amperes and less.8OverloadTest conducted in a single continuous test without intervening 8. The operations shall be 8. accordancewith ANSIDEE C37. The test may be conducted at a faster The test shall be performed at the rated maximum rate if agreeable to those concerned.Circuitcharac- 8. A new Class E contactor or controller shall be capable Thecontrollerstructureandenclosureshall be of mccting the short-time capability requirements shown grounded through a 3 ampereor smaller fuse of appro- below at 15 times rated current for 1 second and six times priatevoltageratingortheequivalent. voltage and a lagging power factor not greater than 0..``.-`-`. At Vdts (rms) (rms) the end of the tests: W lo00 volts + (2 x nominal voltage rating) a.1 and 8. the conditions for The open-circuit voltage of the supply circuit shall be not less than 100 percent of the rated maximum voltage of be the sameas for the overload test this test shall the controller.. the contactor shall be in substantially meansareemployed.4CombinedTest Open contactorsshall be mountedin an enclosure When the make and break test is combined with the whose dimensions shall be permitted to be approximately overload test.6.`. Except as indicated above. or the in accordancc with 8.. jected toLen make and break operations at the crossover A separate source of power may be supplied to the current or ten times the continuous current rating of the coils of magnetically operated devices.. and one operation per five servicing.themethodindicated in the same mechanical condition at the conclusion of the ANSI/IEEE C37. When combined with the make and break test minutes for contactors rated greater than 400 amperes. User=. but the This test shall be permitted tobe performed on normal-frequency recovery voltage shall be notless than a separate sample.conncctcd as rated currentfor 30 seconds..1OverloadTest Procedure-General maintenance or service. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. Any other openings.6.````. 8.6.. except intentional ventila- ground fuse shall not have opened..`. factor.`. described in 8. The contacts must be capable of being opened by normal operation. tion openings.2. the first ten operations shallbe performed 150 percent of the dimensions of the contactor. 601-7200 . The remaining 40 contactor shall be permitted to be mounted in an enclo- operations (without the contactor being serviced) shall be sure whose dimensions are representative of the size performed in accordance with8. A contactor shall be capable of malung and breaking The contactor shall be operated at the rate of one six times its rated continuous current for 50 operations in opcration per minute for contactors ratcd 400 a continuous test.8.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. The motor controller must be capable of with- 2000 volts + (2-1/4 x nominal standing the dielectric tests described in ICs 1.8.`. . with an ON time of not less than 0.```. ing applied dielectric test voltages except that theapplied The controller shall be mounted with the door or cover test voltage shall be two times the rated voltage.Whenoscillographic separate sample. voltage rating) b. The closedcircuit voltage is not specified. be shunted during these tests.2 Procedure For Class E2 controllers. and mustbe sup- Voltage Rating Test Voltage plied at a voltage sufficient to maintain the current. seconds.``.1 see 8.6.6. NEMA ICS*3 73 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504343 Bbb W ICs 3-1993 Pari 2 Page 2-1O Separate tesu shall be conducted to establish short- Table 2-8-4 time operating capability and short-time surge capability. shown in Figure 2-8-1or 2-8-2.26 shallbe used for determining power tcst as at the beginning and shall be capablc of withstand.8.09. contactor whichever is greater. shall be closed.`. POWER FREQUENCY DIELECTRIC The test current shallbe passed through the closed con- TEST VOLTAGES tacts for the specified period of time.35..4. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.7 Short-Time Capability actual service.8 enclosure in which the contactor will be mounted in 8. the power circuit fuses shall To determine compliance a contactor shall be sub. The closed. 8..3TestCriteria teristics shallbe determined using either laboratory type Whenthemakeandbreaktestisperformed on a meters or oscillographicmeans. or in combination with the the rated voltage of the controller when measured in overload test described in8.

resistors and transformersin addition to the gen- erating system. The starting current is determined from the sum of the The controller shall be operated at the rate of one impedances of Lhe starting reactoror resistor andof the operation per minute.`.2 Resistor or ReactorReduced-Voltage urement during the short-circuit calibration or. to be conducted in groups of five with 15 minutes maxi. In setting up thc test circuit.``.`. Where the reversing circuit arrangement is such that p = Transformer tap used (fractionof full both operating coils can be energized simultaneously. Typical methods of starting AC motors are shown in Reactive components shall be permitted to be paral.2.`.6 percent of the reactive volt-ampcres in the air-core reactor in that phase. 9. During each operation Starting (Figure 2-9-3) the ON time shallbe not less than four electrical cycles The starting current drawn from the line is before contact parting commencesas determined by os- cillogaphic or equivalent measurements. the controller shall be in substantially the Same mechanical condition The starting current is the locked-rotor current of the as at the beginning and the medium-voltage circuit fuses. from mctcr measurements at some lower current.2. 8.8. --`.2.1 Power Frequency Dielectric Test actors. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.3OverloadTestCriteria 9.2OverloadTestProcedure-Reversing The starting current taken by the motor is Controllers IXP For a reversing controller.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. the leads between the reactors and the controller should be made as short as 9 Application practicable so as to keep the Capacitance to ground at the 9.9. 8.8.3AutotransformerReduced-Voltage mum OFF time between groups. The starting current is equal to the locked-rotor current I at full voltage. matcly 0.. 1 except for points ofapplication which shall be in accordance with8. I X p2 + 0.2.. No capacitance shall be added in the Production dielectrictem on controllers shall be made circuit. Where: The ON time for eachtotal operation (forward opera- I = Locked-rotor amperes at full voltage tion and reverse operation) shall be as specified above..`.```. All or partof thelimiting impedance shall not have opened.`. the volt-ampere lossof which is approxi..1Full-VoltageStarting(Figure2-9-1) R = 167. with both coils energized simultaneously.25Im”is introduced to allow for transformer magnetizing current. For core reactor in any phase be shall permitted to be shunted additional information on controllers for synchronous by resistance.1. Figures 2-9-1 through 2-9-4.The“DC connected in parallel with resistance except thatan air.2 Determination of Motor Starting Current The starting current values for the various methods of The shunting resistance used with an air-core reactor motorstartingshown in Figures2-9-1through 2-94 having negligible resistancemay be calculated from the may bc determined as follows. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.. ten voltage) additional test cycles of operation shall he conducted Im = Rated full-load current of the motor..25Im) operation. The medium-voltage motor-circuit fuses shall be at power frequency in accordance with Clause8 of ICs permitted to be shunted or replaced with dummy fuses.-`-`. motors see Part 3.3.25 Im 8. by pro. motor connected for starting. An “ X ’ in the contactor leled if of the air-core type but no reactance shall be sequencechartindicatesclosedcontacts.4 Part-Winding Starting (Figure 2-9-4) At the conclusion of the overload test. where E is the voltage across the air-core reactor with current I flowing as determined by oscillographicmeas. The test 8. formula: E 9. 9. and the ground circuit fuse specified in 8. be permitted to be connected on the load side. The term “0.````. FIELD” shown applies onlyto synchronous motors.7. .. NEMA ICSX3 9 3 = 6470247 0504344 7 T 2 H Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-11 The controller shallbe connected as shown in Figure if used. Starting (Figure 2-9-2) portion. 9.. These operationsbeshall permitted motor under locked-rotor conditions.9 ProductionTests circuit shall be permitted to include current-limiting re. User=.``.1 shall 2-8-1 or 2-8-2.1 Typical Methods of Motor Starting controller terminals small. the ON period shall consist The autotransformer neutral current is of a forward operation immediately followed by areverse Ixp-(1xp2+O..

as installed..3..``.````.. motor acceleration time..see ANSI/IEEE C62. Lightning and switching surges 9. .i t . For information on coordination of FULL-VOLTAGE STARTING Basic Insulation Level (BIL) rating.1 Considerations 9. The anticipated connected load. --`.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.3 Coordination with Power Systems of abnormally high voltage surges of various origins. andmotor starting method (full-voltage or MOTOR t w I X reduced-voltage) d.`.3.`.2 Voltage Coordination With Upstream Devices The controller should have a continuous voltage rating at least as high as the highest system voltageto which it Figure 2-9-1 will be connected.3 Current Coordination With Upstream In applying medium voltage equipment consideration Devices shodd be given bythe user to coordination with upstream equipment.`. including. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.1. The range of system voltage to which the equip- system to which is it c o ~ e ~ t eFor d .2 andA N S I / I E E E Standard 141.`. power system integ- ment will be connected rity the overcurrent protection characteristics of the con- troller should coordinate with the upstream equipment.``.2.. should havea short-circuit rating at least as high as the available fault capacity of the a. User=... 9. For more (DC field is applicable only to synchronous BIL information on the application of surge arresters to motors. Upstream protection devices and settings .. Maximum available fault currentof the system at the point of installationof the controller c. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.DC FIELD e. NEMA ICS*3 7 3 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0 5 0 4 3 4 5 637 ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-12 b.`. but not limited to: The controller..3.) safeguard electric power equipment againstthe hazards 9. .-`-`.see 8.```. motor start- I CONTACTOR SEOUENCE ing and full-load currents.

``.`..```... NEMA ICS*3 93 6470247 0504LYb 5 7 5 Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-13 SERIES NEUTRAL PARALLEL RUN DC FIELD ... National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100...`.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.`.`..`.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003.-`-`.````. User=.DC FIELD CONTACTORSEQUENCE ICONTACTOR SEQUENCE I I CONTACTOR SEQUENCE 1 RUN Figure 2-9-2 REDUCED-VOLTAGE REACTOR OR RESISTOR STARTING (DC field is applicable only to synchronous motors.``.) --`. DC FIELD . .

`. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. DC -DC FIELD D CONTACTORSEOUENCE TACTOR START RUN ~ O P E N n W 4 S l T I O N l S A N D 2 S MAY BE CONTACTS OF SAME CONTACTOR Figure 2-93 REDUCED-VOLTAGE AUTOTRANSFORMER STARTING (DC field isapplicable only to synchronous motors..) --`...-L J c c 2s "S .`...`.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. NEMA ICSX3 9 3 m b 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504347 401 m ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-14 THREE-COIL TRANSFORMER SÇRIES FARALLEL CLOSED TRANSITICN OPEN OR CLOSED TRANSITION 2s : RUN .``.``. .-`-`.`..s - " FUN FIELD . User=...```.RUN TRANS- FCRUER mi - MOTOR -DC FIELD A L) DC FIELD B CONTACTORSEOUENCE CONTACTOR SEWENCE OPEN a" START TRAN.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. RUN rmm SlTlON T 1s x 2s i x x x - RUN RUN x x FCROPENTRANSITION 1SAND 2s MAY CLOSED TRANSITION BE CONTACTS OF SAME CONTACTOR TWO-COIL TRANSFORMER SERIES PARALLEL CLOSED TRANSITION OPEN OR CLOSED TRANSITION J .`.````.

`.`.`.. NEMA I C S t 3 9 3 rn 6470247 0504148 Part 2 ICs 3-1993 Page 2-15 1 -DC FIELD CONTACTOR SEOUENCE 1 2M Figure 2-9-4 PART-WINDING STARTING (DC field is applicable onlyto synchronous motors. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584...``. User=.-`-`.`..```.. .) --`..`..`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.````...``.

`--- COPYRIGHT 2003..-`-`.````... 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.`. ...```.. User=.`.`.``.`...``.. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6470247 0504249 2 8 4 ICs 3-1993 Part 2 Page 2-16 --`.`.

250. time-de- lay undervoltage protection shall be included in 7 Construction lieu of instantaneous undervoltage protection.`--- ductors are otherwise adequately protected. the following definitions ammeter. 6 ServiceandStorageConditions g. Alternating currentline ammeter The definitions and standards of NEMA Standards Publication No..Installationand f. ICs 1 and ICs 6 also apply to this d. When required by the particular application.````. winding of the motor without the use of brushes..`. required by the particular application. Provi- sionforconnecting one separatelymounted This part applies to AC magnetic controllersfor use START and STOP pushbutton station when re- with synchronous motors rated up to 7200 volts. When required by the particular application. When Clause 6 of ICs 1 applies.1 Scope grally mounted on enclosed controllers. In thecase of a separately excited machine.-`-`. 3 Classif¡cations Field loss protection is recommended for motors 3. e.``. field exciter:*The sourceof all or part of the field cur. Means to automatically disconnect the motor voltage synchronousmotor controllers. means which Part... b. the Each synchronous motor controller shall include the DC control bus supplying field excitation shall following components: have a suitable two-pole disconnect COPYRIGHT 2003. Means to protect thesquirrel-cagewindings For synchronous motor controllers rated2001-7200 during operationout of synchronism volts see Part 2.`. automatically applies field excitation at the proper time Definitions 2 e.. NEMA I C S t 3 93 h 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504350 T T 6 Part 3 ICs 3-1993 Page 3-1 Part 3 AC GENERAL-PURPOSE CONTROLLERS FOR SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS General 1 a. There are no standard ratings for low.`.```. Means to automatically remove field excitation to the synchronous machine field winding. and the branch circuit con- --`.3 for preventative maintenance instructions. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. User=. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. thus elimi.2 Normative References b. 5 ProductMarking. Instantaneous undervoltage protection. Necessary current transformers C. . the motor See ICs 1.`.. Means to protectthefieldagainstexcessive type exciters feedDC into the field winding of the motor induced voltage during normal operation out of via brushes andslip rings. 1. 7. apply: 7. Brushless type feed DC into the field countered.1 General h. from the line in case of pull-out. Unless integral to the machine.. when required by the particular application. synchronism 4 CharacteristicsandRatings d.``. field loss protection shall be included to discon- rent for the excitationof an electric machine. nect the motor from the line in the event of excitation failure.50 and quired by theparticular application 60 hertz. Three motorrunningovercurrent(overload) Maintenance Information protectiveunits unless themotor.1 FieldExciters provided with controllers arranged for re-syn- Synchonous motor field exciters are either of the brush chronizingwhenpull-outconditionsare en- or brushlesstype... control apparatus. protective functions for brushless exciter:* An alternator-rectifier field exciter synchronous motor controllers shall be as follows: employing rotating rectifiers with a direct connection a.`. Brush C.2ProtectionMeans (*indicatesdefinition form ANSI/IEEE Standard 100) Unless integralto the machine. in event of pull-out nating the need for field brushes. One START and STOP pushbutton station inte- 1. a DC For the purposes of this part.

.```. This shall charge means shall be permanently connected not hampr the conditionsof paragraph b). Dynamicbraking. Field dis.`. Means to re-synchronize in event of pull-out. When trp i ped. This part contains no performance and test require- mal conditions of operation and forall stops. Means to prevent restartingof the motor during 1 means.`.``. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. STOP switch. of this protective device and across the load side d. l may include following: the e.`. Dynamic-braking contactor(s) shall be nor.`.. ments CAUTION-Dynamic braking will be ineffective under conditionsof field failure. 9 Application c.`--- b. f. An exciter rectifier unit for the motor field. Provision for connectinga two-pole emergency This part contains no application information.`.3 Additional Features cycle has been completed and field excitation When required by the application additional features removed. and mechani.whenprovidedforemer.. shallbe effective under all nor.disconnecting an emergency stop until the dynamic-braking 7.-`-`.````. this switch shall COPYRIGHT 2003. NEMA I C S t 3 9 3 W 6470247 0504L5L 932 ICs 3-1993 Patt 3 Page 3-2 means and short-circuit protection... --`. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Mounting provision fora tapped resistor for the mally open and magnetically closed or normally motor field. h. .. open both sides of the controlcircuit. Drilling for exciter fieldrheostat a. closed and magnetically opened. callyormechanicallyandelectricallyinter- locked with theline contactor(s). g... User=. 8 PerformanceandTests gency stopping..``.

Industrial process rcgulation the software that is furnished with programma- c.. tional elements in such arrangements include.`. To start.Integrated mill control blc dcviccs for industrial control and systems d.pumps. h. stop and control the opcration of auto- on commercial voltages 750 of volts or Icss. they are connected. Motor controllcrs Devices. logging..and controls may be ar- normalandemcrgcncy conditions including ranged to include one or more feedback loops. tor powerconverters and inverters for adjustable chanical. Such equipment --`. t r o l and Systems cover the requirements for all industrial or control apparatus except as modified below. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 b 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504152 8 7 9 Supplement 1 ICs 3-1993 s-1 SUPPLEMENT 1 SCOPE OF THE INDUSTRIAL CONTROL AND SYSTEMS SECTION d. and lhe like. Func- pcak load shaving. and con- trols. utilization apparatus. scnsors.Energymanagement cquipmcnt e. To start.```. components and controlsso arrangcd are uscd b. Programs and rclatcd documentation making up b. gauging equipmcnt and computcr pcrscd power gcncration systems for cogenera- elements.. or electronic (except those devices intendcd speed drives. Computcr convol of machines d. including motors. To controlthemanagcmcnt of cncrgyunder These dcviccs. stop and control the function and o p grouped. are: put of data may or may not be in the fccdback loop. i.Mcdium-voltagecontrollcrs a. Operational amplificrs reverse.`. or stand-byelectric power. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. h. protect. IndustrialControl and SystemsScctioncquipmcnt g.products prin. but is not limitcd to. or rcgulation.. These stand. programmablecontrollers.`. stop.or trans- fer classes all loads ofprimary fed by or altcr- Encoders urces. butisnotlimited to. Emergency and standby powcr control c. Digitaldisplaydcviccs TheIndustrial Control and Systems Scction scopc g. and voltage. To automatically disconnect. and rail. Toprovidcsomemechanical movcmcnt Sensors through the action of magnets orsolenoids. such as: a.current. User=. stop and control lhc operation of cranes comprises. automatically regulated. or both. alternating current. direct current matic warchouses. componcnts. but not limitcdto. tion.. Computer elements for the readout. is rated not more than 750 volts DCor 7. Programmablecontrollers cipally used: i. me.`. Also includcd. Functional clcmcnts of systcrns. and which are intended to function f. stackcrs. a. Computcr clcmcnts b.opcralionalamplifiers.. and programming input and monitoring out.``. of powcr spccd by sensors such as for temperature.accelcratc.frequency apparatus. COPYRIGHT 2003. cornponcnts.dccclcrate.flow. Conml of the cogencration of elcclric powcr f.-`-`.. regulated.. mechanical. clectromc- and hoists. magnetic. stop and control Lhe opcration of AC motorsapplicdtofans. position and torque. tape readcrs. including controlof convey- and 7200 voltsor less. Analog-digital convcrtors and transducers specificallyincludes. and providing such functions as: specifically formarine auxiliaries and propulsion control regulatingspeed.200 vol&AC. To slart. power nate c. cmcrgency. way andrailroadlocomotion)which. connect. stop and control AC or DC adjustable The NEMA Standards Publications for Industrial Con- spced drives.Motor control ccnters in functions such as: c. j.en.. To start. serve to govern in some predetermined manner eration of machine tools. The equipmentis principally used in industrial appli- includingprovision for fccdbackcontrol of cations for the control. mine locomotive control apparatus. whether unregulated.individuallyor e. Rcgistcr and synchronizing controls f. whether electric.`--- and pressure.andblowers. Tostart.tension. ors.``. . 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. chanical and solid state dcvices.````. To controlgeneratorequipment used in dis- coders. including semiconduc- ards cover all devices. processing. includingfeedback the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which control and speed. or conml thc spccdof clcctric motors. To start.`.

the product scopesof other NEMA sections and plugging switches.. andterminalblocks and associatcd by-pass isolation switchcs which incorporate fuse holders. principally uscd in air conditioning. the Residential Controls Section of the types level switches. but are a. Control-circuit and pilot dcviccs including. domes. terminal blocks using.```. which functionas control whcn constituting part k. . but not limited Lo. and solderless c. Resistance dimmcrs. Rhcostatsandresistors dcvices used for the supervision.````. soldcr lug. Autotransformers and reactorsof thc type prin- Exclusions: cipally uscd in reduced-voltage startcrs Excluded from the product scope are: h. Programmable controllers and thcir accessories f. N E M A ICS*3 9 3 6470247 0504153 705 ICs 3-1993 Supplement 1 s-2 Man-machine interface dcvices 1. and comfort heatingof nonindustrial mas j.. Automatically rcgulatcd adjustable spced drive starting and running protection of electric mo. autotransformer dimmcrs..``. Relays and contactors nut.and solid-state (static) dimmer systcms --`. clutches. wrappcd terminations. temperature and liquid.`. diodes.Automatictransferswitchesandcontrollcrs.etc.speed switches. indicator lamps. Terminal blocks of the molded barrier or sec- Examples of Industrial Control and System products tional type and terminal strips used for the con- are: nection of conductors. systcms suchas: rolling mill drives..`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. slasher drives vices p. Solid-statelogicdevices Gaging equipmcnt m. timcrs.`.`. paper mill tors. c. magnetic and solid-state (static) start- not limited to. pressure wire connectors. Motors. refrigera- tion. including inherent overload protcctive de. pushbuttons. indicating a. reactor dimmcrs.. Spccificcomponcnts and systemscovered by (pilot)lights. drives.`. electrical and electronic circuits and equipment. pressure.-`-`.solcnoids.``.gencratorsandmotor-generators. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. b. n. AC and DC brakes. Automatic and manual tempcrature and humid- tic watcr pump pressure switches ity controls and panels that are in the scope of i. Manual..`. wire bind- ers and controllcrs ing scrcws.photoclectricrelays. of adjustable spccd drivcs. These include. vacuum. stud and b. Overloaddeviccsintendedprimarily for thc o.Drum switches fatures. Renewal parts for Industrial Control and Systcm machines products. Controlpanelsformachinetoolandsimilar j.. limit. tcstjdisconnect d. User=. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584. or control or command of industrial machines and processes g. and electrical op- erators c. quick connect...

5) Authorized Engineering Information Authorized Enginccring Information consistsof cxplanatory data and other enginccring information of an of NEMA Standardor Suggested Standard for Future informative character not falling within the classification Design. alternate dimensions satisfying the other provisions of the Standards Publicationmay be capablc of othcrwise equivalent performance.” Thcsc indicate the status of the standard. performance. Statements incor- porating other auxiliary vcrbs such as “should..`--- to eliminate misunderstandings between the manufacturer and the purchaser and to assist the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the propcr product for thcir particular needs.”or “Adoptivc Standard. These classesof standards are idcntificdin the forcword or throughout the text. Categories of Standards National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standards are of three classes. 3.. and the service for which theyare designed. which have received the affirmative voteof at least two-thirdsof the Subdivision votes castin the affirmative or negative: 1. which standard has rcceivcd thc affirmative vote of at lcast two-thirds of the Subdivision votes cast in the affirmativeor negative. which rclatcs to a product.” “Suggested Standard for Future Design. NEMA Standard. composition... Suggested Slandard for Future Dcsign.which is adopted in wholc or in part from thc standards of another organization.. . butwhich suggests a sound enginccring approachto future devclopmcnt. (Standardization Policies und Procedures. regional. process. process. (Standardization Policiesund Procedures.or procedure with reference to one or more of the following: nomenclature. 5) Identification of Status Standards in NEMA Standards Publications arc idcntificdas “NEMA Standard. safety. User=. The material identifiedas “Authorized Enginccring Information’’ is designated similarly.. and stiltus are set forth NEMA in certain clauses of the Standardization Policiesand Procedures manual and are rcfercnccd bclow: Purpose of Standards National Electrical Manufacturers Association Slandards are adopted in the public interest and are designed --`. their classification.which may not have been rcgularly applied to a commercial product. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100.-`-`.A statement incorporating the auxiliary verb “shall” indicates that compliance with a rcquircmcnt is mandatory for compliance with the standard.`. Adoptive Standard. NEMA ICS*3 9 3 6470247 0504154 641 = NEMA STANDARDIZATION BACKGROUND The purpose ofNEMA standards. or procedure commercially standardized and subject to repetitive manufacture. 2.``. p .” ctc. testing.. tolerances.````.```. Existence of a National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standard docs not in any respect preclude any member or nonmemberfrom manufacturing or selling products not conforming to the standard..``.`. Definition of a Standard A standard of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association dcfincs a product.. referto the authorized engineering information and not to procedures required for compliance with the standard.`. p. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.`. COPYRIGHT 2003. either domestic.” “may. operating characteristics. pp. rating. or international. 6) (Standardization Policies and Procedures. pp. I ) Dimensions Where dimensions are given for interchangeability purposes. (Srandardization Policies and Procedures. dimensions.`.

Firetrol. Inc.-`-`. Inc. Hingham. IL 60044 Toshiba International Corporation Hollister. User=. OH 441 17 Bussman.FL 33950 Giddings & Lewis.PA 15220 NAMCO Controls Fumas Electric Company An Acme Cleveland Corporation Zenith Controls. Stahl. Tulsa. IL 60656 Ft.. W1 53404 Signal Corporation Amerace Electronic Components Brooklyn. GA 30201 Challenger Electrical Equipment Corp. MA 01845 Westinghouse Electric Corporation Cary. PA 15238-0830 Company.`. WI 53215-1707 Reliance Electric Company USD products Cleveland. CO 80223 Turck.. Inc. CT 06062 Schaumburg. Wichita Falls. Raleigh.``. OH 44057 Texas Instruments.`.Lnc. Louis. NY 11208 Punta Gorda. Inc. Minneapolis.of Cooper Ind. Incorporated Batavia. Joslyn Clark Controls. Inc.`--- COPYRIGHT 2003. Plainville. Johnson City. WI 53204 Gettys Corporation Unit of General Racine. PA 17 11 1 Florence. Weymouth.. Automatic Switch Company Twinsburg. Honeywell. OH 44060 Chicago.`. Inc.``..`. IL. Fond du Lac. PA 15239-2982 Phoenix Contact. Elliott Control Company Lake Bluff. MN 55432 Louisville. 60067 Klockner Moeller Corporation Electrical Power Systems Inc. MO 63115 Square D Company Milwaukee. TX 75038-4312 Richmond. CA 95024-1329 Houston. . Inc. KY 41042 Hamischfeger Corporation Milwaukee. MA 01801 Lexington Switch & Controls Electro Switch Corporation Madison. Grand Island. MA 02703 Master Controls Systems.. 09/03/2003 22:00:15 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group at 1-800-451-1584.. Inc.Inc . IL 61032 Weidmuller Inc. TN 37601 Eaton Corporation Kllark-Stahl. MA 02189-2103 Attleboro. ~ NEMA ICS*3 73 H 6 4 7 0 2 4 7 0504355 588 H INDUSTRIAL CONTROL ANDSYSTEMS SECTION OF THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION ABB Control.. National Electrical Manufacturers Association Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100. Inc. TX 7704 1 Metron. I1 60609 --`. OH 44087 Florham Park. SC 29720 Siemens Industrial Automation. GA 3 1206 Madison. No. Hubbell Incorporated Macon.PA 19034 Russelecmc. Irving. Chicago. Andover. Franklin. Harrisburg. NC 27512 Pittsburgh. W 54936-1658 Pepper1 + Fuchs. IL 60173 AEG Automation Systems Corporation GeneralEquipment & Manufacturing Onan Corporation Pittsburgh. Inc. OK 7413 1 Woburn.. Emerson Electric Company Denver. Freeport. VA 23236 Modicon Inc. Alpharetta. MA 02038 R.```. I Hammer Cutler Products St. Inc. Washington. Inc.````.Inc.. NY 14072 Minneapolis. Div.`. Inc. Inc. NJ 07932 Halmar Robicon Group Pittsburgh. Inc. MA 02043 CEGELEC Automation Inc. Inc.of Honeywell) Entrelec. NC 27609 Lancaster.TX 76306 GE Omron Electronics. Inc. KY 40213 I Allen-Bradley Company OZ Gedney Milwaukee. Balluff. MC 55441-2656 Micro Switch (Div. WI 53216 Palatine. IL 605 10 Mentor. OH 44057 Siemens Energy& Autornation.