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March 29, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Angela Jones, science teacher at El Capitan High School, and I am writing a letter of
recommendation for Eloisa Encenzo with regard to college scholarships and acceptances. I met
Eloisa in 10th grade when she enrolled as a student in my Microbiology course which is an A-G
approved science class in our CTE Biotech Pathway at El Capitan High School. In addition, she has
taken the Genetics course during 9th grade. I know Eloisa to be competitive, determined, and

Eloisa has excelled as a student academically and as an athlete. She has completed all of her A-G
courses, including 6 AP classes; passing all previous AP exams. She will complete the entire Biotech
CTE Pathway by the end of her senior year which has only been completed by 3 students previously.
In addition, she has participated in Softball for one year and Varsity Girls Tennis for 4 years. In her
spare time, she displays her love for classical music by playing the violin and piano. She is a member
of the MUHSD Orchestra.

Eloisa's’ academic goal is to graduated from UC Davis or UC Irvine majoring in the biology. Her
career goal is to become a general physician.

I recommend that you consider Eloisa Encenzo for all college scholarships and acceptances she
applies for. I believe she embodies all the characteristics of what you are looking for in a college
bound, well rounded, and cultured student.


Angela Jones 
Angela Jones, MAEd.
Science Teacher
El Capitan High School