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science 3

vocabulary worksheets

PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL . Circle the living things in blue and the non-living things in red. Match the words to the pictures. flower • bee • fly • mould • mushroom bird • pencil • wheat • bench 2. c) The and are fungi. 3. a) The . animals or fungi? Complete the sentences. the and the are animals. b) The and are plants.blogspot. Which are plants. Unit 1 Living things Name: Date: 1. KEY SCIENCE 3 2 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www.

Look at each picture below and write the name of the parts of the body. trunk or limbs? Cut out the parts of the body and glue them in the correct column. Head Trunk Limbs l e s f f k e h n h m e KEY SCIENCE 3 3 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. Where can you find these body parts: on a person’s head. Unit 2 The human body Name: Date: 1. .tercerodecarlos.

Look at the pictures and complete the crossword. Picture: KEY SCIENCE 3 4 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www.tercerodecarlos. Which body part belongs to each sense? Complete the columns with the numbers of the pictures. 1 N 2 3 A 1 S A 5 L 4 8 C A 4 6 V 10 7 I 8 T Y 9 3 10 7 6 5 2 9 2. Unit 3 The senses Name: Date: 1. Sight Taste Smell Hearing Picture: Picture: Picture: .blogspot.

b   9. v 10. Unit 4 The skeletal and muscular systems Name: Date: 1.tercerodecarlos. h 3. f 2. q 7.blogspot. a 6. Bones sternum jawbone radius ulna Muscles deltoid gluteus pectorals calf muscle Head Trunk Arms Legs KEY SCIENCE 3 5 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. f 11. 4 10 5 1 11 2 6 12 7 3 8 9 1. t 5. Now read these bones and muscles and write them in the correct column. r 4. j 8. Look at each picture and write the name of the bone or muscle. t 12. r .

tercerodecarlos. KEY SCIENCE 3 6 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. It is an 2 . Choose an animal. A 9 is an insect. b. It is a 4 . . Unit 5 Animals Name: Date: 1. read the sentences and complete the crossword. 1 c. Write sentences about your animal. It is 6 .blogspot. A whale swims with its 7 . A snake 3 on land. It is 8 . It is a 10 . e. A frog 1 with its legs. a. 3 10 4 P E a 8 b 5 2 c 9 S H P 7 S d e 6 V A U 2. An eagle flies with its 5 . Look at the pictures. Draw or glue a picture.

• A flower has . • Plants absorb and mineral salts through the roots. l w r s l ea w em s ds oo o y f u t ta ns 2. Find the missing letters and complete the words. Use the words to complete the sentences. A tree has a stem called a trunk.blogspot.tercerodecarlos. KEY SCIENCE 3 7 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. Match the parts of the plant to the words in the second column that are related to them. • Flowers turn into when pollen grains enter the . Unit 6 Plants Name: Date: 1.

a. X C D M A V D I P P D Z F K C aquifer E O S I S I C O R E N C O E E atmosphere S N N N E U R O P E W V O X M cloud S T Y M N T F N Z N G V T P I continent S I T O A Q U I F E R E E J N Europe S N I K O A T M O S P H E R E groundwater E E C A S N E J S F M T I T R island L N D E P H I E T N L P I L A mineral R T O C E A N R T W P O S E L ocean O A T L C N E T I E B R L R M quartz C P R O J C S N S D O P A T P rock K V M U L Q U A R T Z O N L N water vapour I T I D J S Q D E L E K D E E W A T E R V A P O U R M L Z I O S E G R O U N D W A T E R H 2. KEY SCIENCE 3 8 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www.blogspot. Draw the course of a river. Which word is a continent? 3. Is quartz a rock or a mineral? d. How many words have to do with water? b. Answer the questions with words from the wordsearch. Unit 7 The Earth Name: Date: 1. Find the words in the . What words have to do with air? c.tercerodecarlos. . Cut out the pictures and glue them in their correct places in the Solar System. Look at each picture below and write the name of the planets. 2. Unit 8 The Solar System Name: Date: 1. S E U S Me V J M N KEY SCIENCE 3 9 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www.

p 5. r 4. h 5 4 6 3 1 2 2.tercerodecarlos. s 2. 1. Unit 9 Landscapes Name: Date: 1. m 3. f l 6.blogspot. Look at the pictures and write the name. Which feature belongs to each landscape? plain • fertile lowlands • dam • summit • valley • hill river • mountain • lake • crop fields Mountain landscape Flat landscape river KEY SCIENCE 3 10 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets .

KEY SCIENCE 3 11 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. 3. Unit 10 Where do we live? Name: Date: 1. building • historic centre • industrial park • traffic light • traffic sign letter box • skyscraper • square • litter bins 2.blogspot. Circle the features you can see near your house in blue. a. c. b.tercerodecarlos. Answer these questions with words from the pictures. Which words are places people live or work in offices? In a or a . What do you see? Match the words to the pictures. Which are areas of a city? and .com . . . Which words are street furniture? . .

Look at each picture below and write the missing words: health. taxes. 2. schools.blogspot.tercerodecarlos. Unit 11 Local government Name: Date: 1. COUNCIL RESPONSIBILITIES CITIZENS’ RESPONSIBILITIES v in offer h m and build s elections care council make decisions stop at traffic create and maintain pay t follow the l l p KEY SCIENCE 3 12 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. parks. lights. Are these words related to city council reponsibilities or citizens’ responsibilities? Cut out the pictures and glue them in the correct . vote. law. mayor.

KEY SCIENCE 3 13 PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL vocabulary worksheets www. Unit 12 Work Name: Date: 1. Then match the jobs to the types of services they belong to. Which service would you like to work for when you are older? What job would you like to do? Draw yourself in your future job. Find the missing letters and complete the . b d iv r n r e tour m tr ns ortati hea h ed c i n co uni a ion our ali t tourist g i e tea er 2.blogspot.

Saturn. mushroom. d) flower. stem / wood. bird. radius. stomach. Sugerencias didácticas • Completan las palabras de vocabulario y luego usan estas palabras para completar el resto de la worksheet siguiendo las instrucciones. 6. en parejas o en pequeños grupos. flower / stamens. ear. summit. bee. leaves. 3. Neptune Unit 11 council responsibilities: build schools. 11. 5. pay taxes. Venus. Unit 4.blogspot. river. Pueden trabajar solos. 12. Unit 12)) Objetivos: Identificar vocabulario y usar esta información para completar frases y actividades. b) wheat. plain. 8. crop fields KEY SCIENCE 3 VOCABULARY WORKSHEETS. 2. Unit 11) Objetivos: Etiquetar dibujos de vocabulario clave y organizarlos en categorías para facilitar su memorización. bird. elbow Unit 8 Sun. Unit 8. fertile lowlands. mould. 1. citizens’ responsibilities: vote in elections. g) pencil. Jupiter. Uranus. lake. hill. mushroom Unit 4 1. Soluciones Unit 1 1. Mountainous landscape: mountain. mountain. Soluciones Unit 2 head: eyes. Both: river. Mercury. legs: femur. TEACHING NOTES CUT AND GLUE WORKSHEETS (Unit 2. offer health care. summit. blue: fly. ribs. h) bird. fruit. nose. 6. Earth. . • Los alumnos escriben la palabra debajo de cada imagen. 7. pectorals. fertile lowlands. gluteus.tercerodecarlos. c) mould. biceps. abdominals. mouth. heart. vertebrae. stop at traffic lights. i) mushroom 2. a) fly. follow the laws LOOK AND WRITE WORKSHEETS (Unit 1. Flat landscape: plain. a) fly. create and maintain parks. c) mould. b) wheat. Sugerencias didácticas • Repasar el vocabulario de las imágenes recortables si es necesario. pencil 3. triceps. 3. sunlight Unit 9 1. Pasear por la clase ayudando a aquellos alumnos con más dificultades. 2. KEY SCIENCE 3 VOCABULARY WORKSHEETS. 5. Unit 10. 9. arms: ulna. take decisions. flower. 4. radius 2. 1. e) bench. tibia. quadriceps. Unit 6. limbs: hands. 4. fibula. red: bench. flower. woody. jaw muscle. f) bee. femur. 10. trunk: sternum. TEACHING NOTES www. humerus. roots / water 2. kidneys. feet. head: jawbone. stamens. leaves / sunlight. calf muscle Unit 6 1. wheat. Unit 9. finger. deltoid. hill 2. trunk: lungs. • Recortan las palabras y las pegan en las categorías correctas. water. bee. dam. valley.

4 (nostril). It is viviparous. 2. teacher / education 2. 9. c) An eagle flies with its wings. letter box. Sugerencias didácticas • Completan los crucigramas y sopas de letras con el vocabulario de la unidad. It is an amphibian. h) building. Unit 5. b) A snake slithers on land. a) historic centre and industrial park.blogspot. c) litter bins. ocean. taste buds. Luego. pupil. 8. 4.Unit 10 1. 1. It is a herbivore. a) Five: aquifer. Model answer: I’d like to work in communication services. 6. nurse / health. cochlea. Unit 7 2. It is oviparous. b) traffic sign. e) A grasshopper is an insect. It is a reptile. journalist / communication. 8 (olfactory area). d) A whale swims with its fins. 2. 6 (tear gland).tercerodecarlos. Unit 7) Objetivos: Recordar palabras de vocabulario de forma lúdica para después usarlas para completar frases y actividades. iris. 3. c) mineral. tourist guide / tourism. 7. They can jump high. bus driver / transportation. b) building or a skyscraper. b) atmosphere. traffic sign. i) skyscraper 3. tear gland. Hearing: 3 (eardrum). WORD PUZZLE WORKSHEETS (Unit 3. Soluciones Unit 3 1. groundwater. Model answer: I like frogs. a) A frog jumps with its legs. g) letter box. 9 (iris). a) historic centre. TEACHING NOTES www. They’ve got strong legs. eardrum. d) industrial park. f) square. Pueden trabajar individualmente o en parejas. 7 (cochlea). nasal cavity. Taste: 2 (taste buds). d) Europe KEY SCIENCE 3 VOCABULARY WORKSHEETS. hammer 2. I’d like to be a journalist. olfactory area. 10 (hammer) Unit 5 1. c) traffic light. cloud. They live on land and in water. usan esas palabras para completar las actividades . nostril 5. 10. water vapour. litter bin Unit 12 1. Sight: 5 (pupil). e) traffic light. Smell: 1 (nasal cavity).

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