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Haylee Orosco

[1248 El Portal Dr.] [Merced], [CA] [95340]

T: [(209)628-0942]
E: []
Summary Throughout my years of schooling, I have been drawn towards a profession that
involves using my talents and developed skills to help others. During my coursework, I
discovered a calling towards the medical field. I am both self-driven and disciplined
and I also have a high degree of empathy which makes medicine a good fit. These
qualities have been honed during my work experience with non-profits, and I will bring
them to bear as part of my work for the hospital should you choose to employ me.  

Education El Capitan High School Merced, CA — 08/2013-current
● 3.00 GPA
● Relevant Courses: Human Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Health

Work United Way San Joaquin Valley, Merced, CA --- 1/12/2016-current
Experience Responsibilities and Accomplishments
● Coordinated volunteer meal preparations
● Assisted with vendor booths at trade shows
● Coordinated redistribution of community resources
● Managed volunteers during fundraising events

Skills Skill Category
● Mathematics
● Accuracy
● Problems Analysis
● Researching
● Interpersonal communication
● Knowledge of community

Extracurriculars ● Varsity Cheerleading, cheer squad 08/2013-present
and Related ● Drama Club 2015 

References Jacque Cooksey Tara Morgan-Ramirez
Cheer Coach/ SBO English Teacher
3105 G Street 3105 G Street
Merced, CA 95344 Merced, CA 95344
(209)261-3435 (209)617-1825