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The Global Giving Movement (B2


A – Before you start
Answer the questions with a partner.
1. Are there many volunteer groups in your town or region?
2. What makes people volunteer to devote their spare time to others?
3. Have you ever done volunteer work yourself? If so, when? What kind of work?
4. Do you think it’s necessary to be part of an organisation in order to do things for others?

B – Read and answer
Read the main article and decide whether these statements are true (T) or false (F).
1. Joshua Coombes gives a free haircut to anyone who needs one.
2. He started his social media campaign after cutting the hair of a homeless man in London.
3. As it made him feel good, he decided to persuade others to do something for nothing.
4. Joshua takes selfies of himself with the homeless before and after the treatment.
5. The photos appear on Instagram with a short biography of the person.
6. Joshua thinks a good haircut is a morale-booster.

C – Listen and answer
N.B. This interview is graded as C1, so don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult. Try to understand the main
Read these incomplete statements. Then listen to the interview with Joshua Coombes, without
reading, and choose the correct answer.
1. Joshua says that, while he’s working on a person in the street, passers-by are
a) interested. b) shocked. c) indifferent.
2. The people being shaved
a) feel like a tourist attraction. b) smile at Joshua. c) enjoy being the centre of attention.
3. Many people react by
a) talking to the homeless person. b) giving the person money. c) doing both of these.
4. Joshua thinks that we can all do something to help others, no matter how busy we are.
a) True. b) False. c) He doesn’t say.
5. The most rewarding moment is when
a) the person thanks Joshua. b) the person looks in the mirror. c) Joshua sees the result.
6. Darrock, one of Joshua’s first ‘clients’ in Exeter,
a) is still living on the streets. b) is no longer homeless. c) has lost his girlfriend.
7. Darrock was once a drug addict.
a) True. b) False. c) Joshua doesn’t say.
8. Darrock’s life changed completely after
a) the first haircut Joshua gave him. b) his girlfriend had left him. c) he was filmed
for an advert

D – Listen, read and check your answers
Listen to the interview while reading the text.(If you did Exercise C, check your answers while

Hotel guests can use the beach facilities ________ _______ _______. (You may have to adapt the expression in some way. Part 4) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. The man said he didn’t know anything about the theft. He and a photographer friend got together to document his experiences. Do you know the names of any of them? 3. There are several charities that help the homeless. TEAMED He _________________________ photographer friend to document his experiences. 1. HAD They might not ____________________________ cut for six months. SPENDS He _____________________________ the streets of London carrying his backpack. HAD I ____________________________ attention for a very long time. F – Ready for the FIRST Certificate in English? (Reading and Use of English. 4. ALWAYS Approaching the homeless ____________________________. G – Talk about it In pairs or groups. IS Joshua ____________________________ profession. but we _______ _______ he was lying. started this initiative in 2015. who is also a musician. If you decided to follow his example and ‘do something for nothing’ what could you do that would be useful to others? . How useful do you think Joshua’s initiative is? 4. 6. 3. he usually hangs out with his ________ Joe. Example: Joshua is also a musician and he started this initiative in 2015. 2. Do not change the word given. change from plural to singular. WHO Joshua. The police are offering a ________ for information leading to the arrest of the bank robbers. 5. Use between 2 and 5 words including the word given. e.g. 4. 6. 2. Dan’s rarely at home on Saturday afternoon. It’s a very long time since people paid me this much attention. but she’s shy and she lacks ________.) 1.E – Learn it! Use it! Complete these sentences with words from the glossary. 3. During his spare time. 5. he walks the streets of London carrying his backpack. using the word given. Joshua cuts people’s hair for a living. Oscar Wilde’s long hair and ________ way of dressing shocked his contemporaries. Daisy’s very intelligent. 1. Joshua says it’s sometimes difficult to approach the homeless. says Joshua. Are there many homeless people in your town? 2. The last time someone cut their hair might have been six months ago.

T 4. teamed up with a 2. 5. could tell 4. haven’t had this much 6. b 6. T D – Listen. spends his spare time walking 4. have had their hair . a 2. c 3. He started it after cutting the hair of a man in Exeter. b 7. isn’t always easy 3. flamboyant F – Ready for the FIRST Certificate in English? 1. his home town. T 6. free of charge 3. c E – Learn it! Use it! 1. mate 2. 3. F – He gives free haircuts to the homeless. is a hairdresser by 5. a 8. reward 6. c 4. F – A photographer friend takes the photos. read and check your answers 1. 2. a 5.Answers B – Read and answer 1. confidence / self-confidence 5.

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