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FRACTIONS! Ms. Porcello’s Third Grade Classoom

Technology in the
Using technology in the classroom can
be very beneficial for students. While
most of our math will be done
physically out on paper and using
manipulatives, I believe that using
technology as a supplement to the
learning can be very effective for our

We have identified a number of

Welcome Parents & Guardians
applications on the iPad that can help
the students understand the idea of
fractions, allow them to practice
to our newest topic in 3rd Grade! problems in an engaging way, and lastly
test their newly learned knowledge.

We have recently started our unit on fractions in third grade These apps were chosen because the
and we are excited to start to develop an understanding of supplement that material we will be
covering in class extremely well. The
fractions with the students as we explore three main areas. First new concepts we present on fractions,
we will understand fractions as a partition in a whole, next we which include parts of a whole, using a
number line to represent fractions, and
will use the number line to represent fractions, and finally we equivalent fractions will be reinforced in
will start to explain equivalent fractions and compare fractions these age appropriate apps.
of different size.

Featured Apps:
Fraction Manip. Motion Math Equivalent Fractions
This app is an This app will This app is an
excellent way for the engage the excellent review of
students to start students, as it is a equivalent
understanding very exciting way fractions, once we
fractions as numbers to compare have

Featured Apps in the
These apps will be used in a variety of ways
throughout our fraction unit. We will be using them
for whole class instruction, with the teacher
presenting the app on a projector, in small group
activities, and individually at centers. Students will
also be given the chance to take home iPads to share
what we have learned in the classroom.

Fraction Manipulatives
This app does an excellent job covering the key concepts
will be going over as a class in an engaging way. This
allows the students to see that a fraction is a number that
compares a part with a whole. Each row represents a
whole split into a different number of pieces. Fractions
beside the wall show the number of shaded tiles (part) to
total tiles (whole) in each row. There is also a feature
where you can use the fractions as manipulatives to
explore equivalent fractions. To find fractions equivalent
to ½, drag The cursor to the end of one of the ½ tiles
and see what other
fractions represent
the same amount of a
whole. By first
showing the students
Motion Math these features, and
This app is a fun way for students to then allowing them
compare fractions, once they have already to explore, they will
be able to firmly
learned how to do so. They have to tilt the
grasp the idea of
iPad to make sure the dot lands in the fractions.
exact spot they want it to. This helps
students visualize what fractions look like.

Etiam quis tortor
This equivalent fraction game is a good way for
students to review this concept after they have already
learned how to do so. The cards can be dragged next to
each other so students are able to easily compare the
fractions and visually see if the fractions are in fact
equivalent. They are different levels, that gives the
students lots of practice to fully understand this