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The Mystic Realms-Wandering-Hero-Legend

Wuxia and Martial Arts Fantasy in the Sertorius Universe

Brendan Davis, William Butler and Dan Orcutt, with Michael Prescott
additional design by Steve Bowden, Zachariah Kennison,
Robert Rosenthal, Greg Taylor, Drew Tierney MAPS
and Ryan Turner
Robert Conley, Michael Prescott and Josephe Vandel
Brendan Davis, William Butler and Dan Orcutt
Mak Jo Si (
Nick “Zepo” Seidler
Mak Jo Si (
Jackie Musto (
Susanna Liang ( and Chang Yaoyuan
Jackie Musto
Craig Akers, Adam Baulderstone, Steve Bowden,
William Butler, Matias N. Caruso, Brendan Davis, John
COVER DESIGN AND “WANDERING Dee, Dan Orcutt, Ben Pew, Michelle Guertin, Peter
HEROES OF OGRE GATE” LOGO Nelson, Robert Rosenthal, Sabrina Schiavoni, Greg
Taylor, Drew Tierney, and Ryan Turner
Stephanie McAlea
Brian Isikoff, Charles McEachern, Ezequiel Davidovich
Drew Tierney Caballero, Zachariah Kennison, and Thomas Mauritz.
Nebcron Studios (

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We hereby give permission to reproduce the text of Chapter Three: Kung Fu Techniques of the Wandering Heroes
of Ogre Gate (only the text and only Chapter Three). We release Chapter Three: Kung Fu Techniques into the
public domain.

This book is dedicated to the memory of
William Butler (1967-2014).

PREFACE 21 Skills and Kung Fu Techniques 38
Sources of Inspiration 21 Open and Closed Skills 38
Historical Inspiration 22 Combat and Non-Combat Skills 39
In Memory of William Butler 22 Hardiness 39
Game System 23 Evade 40
Martial Arts 23 Stealth 40
Fate 23 Wits 40
Setting 24 Resolve 40
Book Overview 25 COMBAT SKILLS 41

Chapter 1: Arm Strike 41
1: Pick Race 28 Restraining 41
Optional Races 29 Throw 42
2: Pick Two Primary Skill Groups 29 Light Melee 42
3: Choose Sect and Sifu 29 Medium Melee 42
4: Choose Reputation 29 Heavy Melee 42
5: Allocate Martial Discipline Ranks 30 Small Ranged 42
6: Select Initial Kung Fu Techniques 30 Large Ranged 42
7: Select Skills 30 SPECIALIST SKILLS 42
8: Purchase Expertise 31 Medicine 43
9: Take One Combat Technique 31 Treating Wounds 43
10: Select Flaws 31 Diagnosing and Curing
Poisons/Diseases 43
11: Record Qi and Max Wounds 31
Assessing Kung Fu 43
12: Flesh out Your Character 31
Divination 43
Names and Homeland 31
Family 33 Meditation 44
Occupation 33 Talent 44
13: Purchase Equipment 33 Trade 45
RACES 33 Using Survival for Food and Shelter 47
Human 33 Using Survival for Travel 47
Hechi (Optional Race) 34 Ritual 47
Juren (Optional Race) 35 MENTAL SKILLS 47
Ouyan (Optional Race) 35 Command 47
Kithiri (Optional Race) 36 Persuade 48
Ego Personality Generator 37 Deception 48
SKILLS 37 Empathy 48
Target Numbers (TN) 38 Reasoning 49

Detect 49 Survival-Travel 57
Athletics 49 Athletics-Climb 58
Swim 49 Athletics-Leap 58
Speed 50 Athletics-Sports 58
Muscle 50 Swim-Diving 58
Endurance 50 Swim-Fast 58
Ride and Sail 50 Speed-Elude 58
Races and Pursuit 51 Speed-Initiative 58
Maneuvers 51 Speed-Pursue 58
Combat 51 Muscle-Break 58
KNOWLEDGE SKILLS 51 Muscle-Lift 58
History 53 Endurance-Exposure 58
Creatures 53 Endurance-Marathon 58
Places/Cultures 53 Ride-Maneuver 58
Martial Disciplines 53 Ride-Race 58
Institutions 53 Sail-Battle 58
Languages 53 Sail-Navigation 58
Religion/Gods 54 Command-Lead 59
Classics 55 Command-Extract 59
EXPERTISE 56 Persuade-Charm 59
COMBAT SKILL EXPERTISE 56 Persuade-Convince 59
Light Melee-Select Weapon 56 Deception-Denial 59
Medium Melee-Select Weapon 56 Deception-Disguise 59
Heavy Melee-Select Weapon 56 Deception-Tall Tale 59
Small Ranged-Select Weapon 56 Empathy-Emotion 59
Large Ranged-Select Weapon 56 Empathy-Intention 60
SPECIALIST SKILL EXPERTISE 56 Reasoning-Information 60
Medicine-Diagnose 56 Reasoning-Recollection 60
Medicine-Surgery 56 Reasoning-Wits 60
Medicine-Treat 56 Detect-Sense 60
Divination-Fortune Telling 57 KNOWLEDGE SKILL EXPERTISE 60
Divination-Will of Heaven 57 History-City/Topic 60

Meditation-Recover Health 57 Creatures-Specific 60

Meditation-Insight 57 Places/Cultures-City or Tribe 60

Talent-Perform 57 Martial Disciplines-SpecifIc Technique 60

Talent-Composition 57 Institutions-Formalities 60

Trade-Medium 57 Institutions-People 60

Survival-Forage/Shelter 57 Institutions-Symbols 60

Survival-Harvest/Fish 57 Language-None 60

Religion/Gods-History 60 Mindless Rage 66
Religion/Gods-Teachings 60 Object Obsession 66
Classics-Commentary 60 Personality Reversal 66
Classics-Rote Memorization 61 Pleasure Obsession 66
FLAWS 61 Rival Obsession 66
Awkward 61 Spirited Beast 66
Blind 61 Spirited Sibling 66
Blocked Accupoints 61 Supreme Vanity 66
Cowardly 61 Vile Heart 66

Fated 61 Arm Strike, Leg Strike,
Grappling and Throwing 67
Foul-Tempered 62
General Melee 67
Greedy 62
Light Melee 68
Hedonist 62
Medium Melee 68
Lame 62
Heavy Melee 68
Lazy 62
Small Ranged 68
Missing Limb 62
Chapter 2: RULES 69
Missing or Disrupted Phoenix Spirit 62

Secretly Evil 63 How to make a Skill roll 70

Sickly 63 Skill Ranks 70

Ungainly 63 Unskilled Rolls 70

Unintelligent 63 SKILL ROLLS 70

Weak-willed 63 Making Skill Rolls against
other Characters 70
White Hair 63
Making Attacks 70
Blood Lust 64
Setting the Target Numbers (TN) 71
Calamity or Curse 64
Penalty and Bonus Format 72
Demon Eyes 65
Deep Penalties (Optional Rule) 72
Demon Hair 65
Rolling 10s 72
Demon Hand 65
Rolling 10s for Target Number 10 72
Demon Skin 65
Capping the Numbers 72
Demon Tongue 65
Soft Cap and Hard Cap 73
Demon Touch Flaw 65
Empty Heart 65
Actions in Combat 73
Love Obsession 65
Turn Order in Combat 73
Lust for Divinity 65
Movement in Combat 74
Lust For Life 65
Attacking 74
Lust for Pain 65
Damage and Wounds 74
Magic Obsession 66
Extra Wounds 75
Memory Loss 66

Closed Damage Rolls 75 Sifu 84
Open Damage Rolls 75 Reputation 85
Lethal and Non-Lethal Attacks 76 Elements of Kung Fu 86
Max Wounds and Current Wounds 76 Martial Disciplines 86
Incapacitation and Dying 76 Disciplines and Imbalance Rating 86
Healing 76 Kung Fu Techniques 87
Special Actions and Conditions Gaining New Kung Fu Techniques 87
in Combat 77
Mastering A New Technique 88
Using Kung Fu Techniques 77
Obsolete Techniques 89
Prepared Strike 77
Creating New Techniques 89
Targeted Strike 77
Imbalance Points and Possession 89
Aimed Strike 78
Qi 90
Controlled Strikes 78
Increasing Qi and Advancement 91
Suicide by Kung Fu 78
Qi Duels 92
Maiming (Optional) 78
Disarming 79
Bonus Experience 92
Surprise 79
Spending XP 92
Mounted Combat 79
Advancement 93
Charging on Foot 79
Draining Skills, Defenses and Qi 79
Combat Conditions 80 AND IMMORTALS 93
Ad Hoc Combat Modifiers 80 Profound Masters 94
Cover 80 Immortals 94
Closing and Reach 80 Immortal Characters 95
NON-COMBAT RULES 81 Immortal Abilities 95
Attacking Objects 81
Lifting and Moving Objects 81
Travel Times and Encounters 95
Beast Strength 82
Carts, Horses and Boats 95
Environmental Hazards and Challenges 82
Fire Damage 82 SUBSTANCES 96

Illumination 83 Poison and Diseases 96

Suffocation and Drowning 83 Poison and Disease Table
Entry Format 97
Poisons 98
Failure, Success and Total Success 84
Herbal Cures 99
Non-Combat Modifiers 84
Longevity and Transformative
Travel and Encounters 84 Substances 100
Sects and Sifu 84
Cricket Fights 101
Sects 84
Armies and War 101

Combat Roll 101 Blasting Blade 110 Combat Rating 102 Blazing Net 110 Strength 102 Blind Strike 111 Pre-Combat Skill Rolls 102 Blood Letting Thorns 111 Calculating Casualties 102 Crack of the Hard Whip 111 The Crushing Lash of Chapter 3: Lady Plum Blossom 111 KUNG FU TECHNIQUES 103 Clutch of the Hawk 112 STARTING KUNG FU TECHNIQUES 104 Deep Biting Blade 112 The Four Disciplines 104 Deflecting Canopy 112 Dip of the Drunken Snake 112 PERFORMING KUNG FU TECHNIQUES 104 Dog Bashing Stick 113 Cathartic Kung Fu 104 Dog Lifting Stick 113 KUNG FU TECHNIQUES Double Thrust 113 IN THIS CHAPTER 104 Endless Arc of the Spear 114 Kung Fu Technique Entry Format 105 Fearless Reply of the Spear 114 Types 105 Fierce Strike 114 Counters 105 The First Fist of Yanshi 114 Normal 105 Fluttering Kicks 115 Stances (Optional) 106 Gust of the Fan Blade 115 Special and Combination Techniques 106 Guiding the Crashing Wave 115 SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 106 Grasp of the Python 115 Adaptation of the Maimed 106 Grudge-Bearing Sword Strike 116 I Am the Arrow 107 Hands of the Hawk Beak 116 Iron Spear of the Timeless Master 107 The Hidden Fist of Yanshi 116 STANCES (Optional) 107 Impact of the Falling Star 116 Dancing Hawk Sword Stance 107 Intercepting Arrow 117 Elephant Stance 107 Invisible Whip of the Spider Demon 117 Iron Foot Stance 108 Kick of the Golden Elephant 117 Lion at Rest Stance 108 Knock of the Meteor Hammer 117 Lurking Spider Stance 108 Lady White Blade’s Bursting Charge 117 Reclining Stick Stance 108 Lash of the Fly Whisk 118 Rising Dragon Stance 108 Master Teaches Student 118 Rising Swan Stance 108 Mighty Paws of the Lion 119 Twin Strike 109 One-Armed Strike 119 Stance of the Drunken Cat 109 The Perfect Block of the Raksha 119 Sword Stance 109 The Perfect Strike of the Phoenix 119 WAIJIA 109 Phantom Phoenix Sword 120 Arms of Silk 109 Rain of Arrows 120 Biting Blade 110 Ribbons of Steel 120 Blade of the Dancing Fox 110 Ringing Strike of the Hand 120 .

The Second Fist of Yanshi 121 Kick of the Swan 131 Skull Breaking Stick 121 Leap of the Swan 131 Slashing Blade 121 Pounce of the Lion 132 The Slicing Blade of The Second Tranquility of the Storm 132 the Flying Phantoms 121 Stealth of the Spider Demon 132 Somersault Strike of Swift Stride 132 the Drunken Monkey 121 Swift Pounce of the Cheetah 132 Spearing Blade 122 The Third Tranquility of the Storm 133 Spear Swipe 122 Tree Bounding Stride 133 Spear of the Infinite Emperor 122 Tree Bounding Strike 133 Spinning Back Kick 122 The Turn of the Zhen Bird 133 Spinning Steel 122 Weapon Stride 133 The Stern Rebuke of Heiping 123 Whirling Dodge 134 Strike of the Diving Falcon 123 NEIGONG 134 Stick of the Rebounding Dog 123 Absorbing Palm 134 Stick of the Rising Dog 123 Blade Pinch 135 Storm of Arrows 123 Blast of the Dragon 135 Storming Daggers 124 Breath of Fury 135 Storming Needles 124 Breath of the Lotus Petal 135 Stunning Stick Strike 124 Calm of Sunan 136 Swan Taming Strike 124 Cherry Blossom Palm 136 Sword Whipping Strike 124 The Choking Lash of Tai Lan’s Staff Strike 125 Lady Plum Blossom 136 Turn of the Caltrop 125 Cloud of Inebriation 136 Venom of the Fly Whisk 126 Croak of the Toad 137 Wall of Caltrops 126 Curing Palm 137 Weapon Hunts for Food 126 Eagle Descends Loudly 138 Whirling Blade 126 The Encompassing QINGGONG 127 Emerald of Sun Mai 138 Crawling Tiger 127 Ferocious Flower’s Storming Petals 138 Dance of the Bixie 127 The Fifth Fist of Yanshi 138 Dreaming Heavenly Splendor 127 Finger Flick 139 Drift of the Butterfly Fish 127 The First Song of Shan Lushan 139 Drunken Dodge 128 Flaming Dragon 139 Fearless Stride of the Sotrm 128 Flood of Wine 139 The Final Tranquility of the Storm 128 The Fourth Fist of Yanshi 140 The First Tranquility of the Storm 129 Gaze of the Lion 140 Flight of the Hawk 129 The Happy Strike of the Laughing Fox 140 Flying Swan Kick 130 Harmonizing Strike 140 Graceful Retreat 130 Heart Smashing Palm 141 Great Stride 130 Illuminating Ice Claw 141 Horizontal Sidestep 130 .

Iron Body 141 Finger of Supreme Annihilation 151 Iron Spirit 142 Finger of Supreme Compassion 152 Iron Spirit Resistance 142 Finger of Supreme Disruption 152 Iron Spirit Reversal 142 Four-Point Touch 152 Jade Rending Claw 142 Gallbladder Strike 152 Jade Maiden Strike 143 Heart Strike 153 Lashing Dragon 143 Infinite Counter of the Phoenix 153 Life Stealing Blue Claw 143 Inverted Three-Point Strike 153 Majesty of the Lion 143 Kidney Strike 153 Merciless Black Claw 144 Liver Strike 154 Merciless Thirst of the Root 144 Liver Stagnation Strike 154 Mountain in the Flood 144 Lung Strike 155 Naga Palm 145 Nine Divine Snakes 155 Palm of the Dragon 145 Phoenix Palm 155 Path of the Dragon 145 Phoenix Spirit Disruption 156 The Phoenix Dragon Strike 145 Phoenix Star Strike 156 Perfect Harmony of the Willow 146 Phoenix Star Reversal 156 Purge Affliction 146 Plum Blossom Palm 156 Purge Spirit 146 Sealing the Phoenix 157 Rage of One Thousand Sealing the Winds of Gushan 157 Grieving Widows 146 Strike of the Raging Tiger 157 Red Claw Strike 147 Three-Point Strike 157 Restoring Palm 147 Trembling Strike 158 Ringing Strike of the Divine Ram 147 Triple Yang Strike 158 Roar of the Lion 147 White Flower Palm 158 Shift of the Chameleon 148 PROFOUND TECHNIQUES 158 Stone Shattering Finger 148 Bloodless Sword Strike of Hen-Shi 159 Swift Rebuttal 148 Burning Array 159 Sun Mai Sword 148 Celestial Mind Technique 159 The Third Fist of Yanshi 149 Celestial Seal 159 Trapping Wind 149 Clouding Swords 159 Whipping Strands 149 Demon Strike 159 Willow 149 Dreams of the Infinite Sky Realm 160 Zhe Valley Blade 150 Fists of Flame 160 Zhe Valley Fist 150 Great Transference 160 DIANXUE 150 Hands of the Fire Shield 160 The Biting Grasp of King Viper’s Fiery Greeting 160 the Invisible Master 150 Mind Rise 160 Bladder Strike 150 Ride the Cloud 161 Calming Profundity 151 Roar of the Dragon 161 Clutch of the Timeless Master 151 Eight Divine Snakes 151 .

The Seven Sword Formation Natural Understanding 166 of Celestial Heart 161 Profound Awareness 166 Sleeves of Frost 161 River Reverses Flow 166 Thundering Palm of the Heavens 161 River Surges Forward 166 Wave of Frost 162 See without Sight 166 Weight of the Ox Tail 162 Sense Lies 166 EVIL TECHNIQUES 162 Signs of Fate 166 Cultivation of the Demon Moon 163 There is No Phoenix. The Festering Cleave There is No Dragon 166 of Marauding Dragon 163 Time Stands Still 166 Hand of the Hungry Ghost 163 Chapter 4: RITUALS 167 The Hidden Hands of the Shadow Puppeteer 163 Acquiring Mental Afflictions 168 Ruinous Array of RITES 168 the Armillary Sphere 163 Activation 168 Thoughts Bloom Into Ancestor Veneratio 168 One-Thousand Petals 164 Capping/Hairpinning Ceremony 168 IMMORTAL ABILITIES 164 Create Paper Talisman 168 Immortal Powers 164 Spirit Keeping 169 Create Spirited Entities 164 MAGIC 169 Control Wind 164 Binding Demon Ritual 169 Curse 164 Blazing Hands of Hen-Shi 169 Enchanting Whisper 164 Blood Offering for the Empathic Link 164 Demon Emperor 169 Incredible Strength 164 Blood Pledge for the Kung Fu Mastery 164 Demon Emperor 170 Timeless Dream 164 Celestial Spirit Ritual 170 Perfect Flight 164 Create Seal of Jiangnu 170 Perfect Hearing 164 Create Talisman of the Red General 170 Shape Change 165 Curse of the Spirit 170 Water Breathing 165 Draw out the Demons 170 Insights 165 Expulsion of the Malignant Adaptation of the Pure One 165 Winds 171 All Are One 165 Extract Phoenix Spirit 171 All Passions Blaze 165 Forceful Petition to the Awakening of the Resting Deity 165 Immortals 171 All Paths are One 165 Green Guardian 171 Butterfly Awakes 165 Harvest Qi by Blood 171 Detect Weakness 165 Heart Taking Ritual 171 Death and Life are the Same 165 Mind Illumination 171 Dew Upon the Lily 166 Paper Talisman of Curse Warding 172 Dissolution of I 166 Petition to the Five Ghosts 172 Illumination of the Golden Light 166 Ritual of the Boundless Dream 172 .

Ritual of the Boundless Perfection 172 Wines 184 The Song of Gu 172 Tea 184 The Spell of the Golden Fireball 172 Musical Instruments 184 Stop Transformation Ritual 172 Everyday Items and Materials 186 The Storms of Gushan 172 Alchemical Substances 186 Sword Ritual of Bao 172 Chapter 6: Tattoo of the Demon King 173 THE MARTIAL WORLD JIANGHU AND WULIN 189 Timeless Steps of Bao 173 MARTIAL SECTS 190 Wealth Attainment 173 Western Heavens 173 LOST SECTS 190 Zhe Valley Heart 173 ORTHODOX SECTS 190 Zun Demon Master Ritual 173 Dehua Sect 190 Zun Forest Shaping Ritual 174 Golden Dragon Sect 191 QI RITUALS (OPTIONAL) 174 Heiping Sect 193 Celestial Mind 174 Mount Hai'an Sect 194 Harvest Qi 174 Nature-Loving Monk Sect 195 Profound Binding of the Demon 174 Perfect Heaven Lineage Sect 196 Supreme Activation 174 Southern River Sect 196 Skin Transference of Plum Sun Mai Sect 197 Tree Temple 174 Tree-Dwelling Nun Sect 198 Chapter 5: UNORTHODOX SECTS AND EQUIPMENT AND GOODS 175 CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS 199 WEALTH AND CURRENCY 176 Majestic Lion Cult 199 Sample Wages and Salaries 176 Mystic Sword Sect 200 Starting Wealth 176 Purple Cavern Sect 201 Currency 176 Red Claw Gang 203 Taels 176 Temple of the Nine Suns 203 Strings of Cash 176 Zhaoze Sect 204 Coins 176 Zhe Valley Sect 205 Precious Stones 177 STRANGE CULTS AND SECRET SECTS 206 Weights and Measures 177 Demon Moon Cult 206 WEAPONS 177 Fists of Qi Zhao 206 Weapon Entry Format 177 Five Fingered Assassins 206 Weapon Descriptions 178 Pure Phoenix Sect 206 ARMOR AND SHIELDS 182 Society of Leather Shadows 207 Armor Descriptions 182 Zun River Gang 207 Shield Descriptions 183 Chapter 7: MOUNTS AND TRANSPORT 183 THE WORLD OF QI XIEN Transport and Combat 184 HISTORY. Naval Combat 184 CUSTOMS AND COSMOLOGY 209 FOOD. DRINK AND GOODS 184 THE CALENDAR 210 . RELIGION.

Social Institutions The Five Dragons and Practice 230 and the Five Phoenix 223 Books And Manuals 231 The Five Pairs And Their Associations 224 Imperial Memorials 231 The Bureaucracy of Heaven 224 Gazetteers 231 Daolin Deities and Spirits 224 Manuals 232 The Enlightened Goddess The Classics 232 (Xian Nu Shen) 224 Other Works 232 Hen-Shi 224 Xang 224 Family 232 Xing 225 Capping Ceremony And Hairpinnig 232 Heng 225 Social Class 232 The Immortals 225 Imperial Officials 233 The Eight Magistrates 225 Imperial Ranks 233 Mountain Gods 225 The Imperial Exams 233 Sunan and Bao 225 Zan Dao Exams 234 The Bold King 225 Military Exams 234 Divine Scholar Wu 225 Local Magnates (Banyan Region) 235 The Five Ghosts (Wu Gui) 226 Golden Medallions (Jin Pai) 235 The Heavenly King The Role of Clans 235 and Earthly Queen 226 The Calendar. Time and Astrology 235 The Twin Thunder Gods 226 Cities 238 Red General 226 Money Lenders and Pawn Shops 238 Supreme Judge Yu 226 The Dutiful Empress 226 Societies 239 Deities of the Seas 226 Restaurants. Pre-Historical Eras 210 CUSTOMS AND DAILY LIFE Historical Eras 210 OF QI XIEN 228 Filial Piety 228 RELIGION AND COSMOLOGY 219 Dehua 219 Veneration of Ancestors 228 Yen-Li 220 Elders and Seniority 228 Cult of Hen-Shi 221 Sworn Family 228 Qi Zhao 221 Fate 228 The Mandate of Heaven 221 The Code of the Wandering Heroes 228 Cosmology 222 Grudges and Revenge 229 Realms and Gates 222 Martial Contests 230 Spirit 223 Education. Wine Shops and Inns 239 Foreign Gods and Religions 226 Tea and Tea Houses 239 The Demon King 226 Food 239 Gushan 227 Security Companies 240 Vaagu 227 Brothels and Courtesans 240 Loma 227 Clothing 241 Majestic Lion Cult 227 Architecture 241 Hedra 227 Agriculture 241 Nua 228 .

Taxes 242 Dai Bien Forest 267 Weddings 242 Demon Moon Cult 267 Burial 242 Dehua Sect Temple 268 Banditry 244 Falls of Sura 268 Laws 244 The Five Peaks 268 Chapter 8: The Five Villages 268 PEOPLE AND PLACES 247 Fox Ears 268 IMPORTANT REGIONS The Fragrant Petal 269 AND POWERS 248 Golden Dragon Temple 269 Zhan Dao Empire 248 The Gui Tribe 269 Political Structure 248 Hai'an Sect Headquarters 269 Institutions of the Empire 250 Heartless Fortress 269 Imperial Succession and the Heiping Temple 270 Mandate of Heaven 250 Heiping Valley and Lake Liyu 270 Conflicts. Entrance 276 . Taxes and Bandits 250 Heiping Village 270 Religion 251 Hen-Shi Temple 270 Hai’an 251 Hin 271 Hai’anese Government Structure 252 The Hua Pi 271 Key Places in Hai’an 252 Iba 272 Hu Qin 254 Inn of the Emerald Monk 272 Dhamma 255 Jade Phoenix Temple 273 The Kushen and Kailin 256 The Jade Pit 273 Li Fan 256 Jia 273 The Suk 259 Jian Shu Forest 273 Yangu and The Chai Yun 259 Jin Yu 273 GAZETTEER OF BANYAN MOUNTAIN VALLEYS Kusha 273 AND LAKES 259 Lin Village 273 The Zun 259 Majestic Lion Cult Palace 274 Bamboo Cave 260 Master Shan's Villa 274 Bao Chun 260 Master Ta's Villa 274 Bei 260 Master Zui's Hut 274 Bouzhou 264 Mystic Sword Temple 274 Buak 264 Naam 274 Cave of the Emerald Monk 264 The Nusa 274 Cave of the Jade Butterfly 264 Owl Lake 276 Cave of the Raksha Clan 264 Owl Lake Villa 276 Celestial Spirit Temple 264 The Palace of Sunan and Bao 276 Cha 265 PURPLE CAVERN SECT Chen 265 HEADQUARTERS 276 Chengao 267 Map Key 276 Chrysanthemum Lake 267 1.

Springs And Library Entrances 291 17. Storage area 279 F. Palace Ruin 290 13. Tomb Of The Disciples 294 Purple Cavern Sect Members 282 10. The Library 297 Shrine of Xian Nu Shen 285 17B. Mural Chamber 293 23. Entry Way 292 19. Meditation Chamber 279 C. Library Record Hall 296 Rong-Yao 284 16. Tomb Of Three Sons 295 Red Claw's Pagoda 283 11. Vent 291 18. Chamber Of The Timeless Master 292 Training Area 280 3. Treasury 295 Red Mountain 283 12. Sliding Stairs 297 The Silk Tavern 285 18. Hall Of The Snake Demon 298 Statues of the Heavenly King 20. Purple Cavern Hall 278 Tomb of the Heavenly King 286 4. The Steps of Hypocrisy Tomb Of The Timeless Master Encounters 289 and Righteousness 278 Tomb Of The Timeless 9. Study 296 Shai Yu 284 17. Medicine And Storage 298 and Eartly Queen 286 21. The Cave of Infinite Calm 278 TIMELESS MASTER 287 7. Inner Quarters Entrance 279 G. Lady Plum Blossom House 280 4. Plum Blossom Lake 280 Chengsi “Stone Footed King” 292 21. Tomb Of The Hero Qian 20. Leaping Leopard 297 The Southern River Sect Headquarters 285 19. Cavern Intersection 278 THE TOMB OF THE 6. Toilet 279 B. Cliffside Passageway 279 H. Lady Plum Blossom’s 2. Holding Area 278 History 287 8. Gate Of The Vermillion Phoenix 290 12. Sealed Entrance Chamber 298 Temple of the Nine Suns 286 . Shrine of Sunan and Bao 279 E. The Cavern Wall 290 11. Audience Hall 278 Master Map Key 289 10. Upper Fortress Entrance 291 16. Whirlpool 281 8. Sliding Stone Door 281 5. Tomb Of Guo 293 25. Kitchen. Tomb Lady Cui 293 24. Cavern of the Jade Maiden 280 1. Timeless Way 291 14. Sheltered Cove 282 9. The Empty Tomb Of The 26. Tomb Entrances 291 15. Toilet 295 Red Mountain Villa 284 13. Courtyard Garden 278 A. Hall of the Thundering Blade 278 Ti Fan 286 3. Springs 295 Ro 284 15. Training area 278 Tomb of the Earthly Queen 287 5. Hall 295 Redi 284 14. Tomb Of Qixia 293 22. Falls Exit 281 6. 2. Boarded Path 281 7. Plum Blossom Tomb 281 Timeless Master 294 27. The Hall of the Four Gems 279 D.

The Gate Mechanism 301 Iron Sky Maiden 318 32B. Hall Of The Wooden Guardians 301 Green Guardian 317 29. 22. Storage Area 301 Horned King 318 32. Senior Grand Councilor Of Zhan Dao 307 Pei Xinyu 332 Cao Bai 309 Princess (Gonji) Sarnai 333 Compassionate Monkey 309 Qinwen Master Of The Seven Talismans 334 Dancing Hawk (Ta Jing) 310 Queen Ai Nu 334 Fearless Rival Of Dai Bien (Se Saniang) 310 Reckless Storm (Xue Guo) 335 Firelance Brothers (Ba And Ting) 311 Red Claw Demon (Mr. Queen Of Heiping Sect 327 Zun Forest 304 Madame Hamaya 327 Zun River Gang 304 Mak Ching Yuen And Lau Ching Sin 328 Zun Valley Villages 304 Master Emerald 329 Zun Villa 304 Master Shan 330 Chapter 9: Master Ta (Ta Kang) 330 NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS 305 Min 331 Abbess Xiong-Hua (Ferocious Flower) 306 Nergui Mogha 331 Bronze Master (Yue Tonghuai) 306 One-Armed Fiery Demon (Shang Pu. Jia’s Lair 300 Golden Roc (Yanshi) 316 28. Look-Out 301 Iron-Clawed Lion 319 The Tuodi 302 Jade Butterfly 320 The Witch of Zhaoze Zhou 302 Jade Priestess (Qixia) 321 Wu Pen 302 Jinghui 322 Xi 302 King Qiang Qing (The Green King) 322 Yipu 303 Lady Plum Blossom (Formerly Lady Sapphire) 323 Yuli 303 Lady White Blade (Dou Lei) 324 Zhaoze Lake and Zhaoze Island 303 Laughing Fox 325 Zhaoze Palace 303 Little Venom (Huo Ju) 326 Zhe Valley 303 Long Shu 326 Zun City 304 Lu Zhi. Tea Chamber 301 Headmaster Mu 317 30. The Wall Of The Timeless Master 299 General Dee (Iron Fisted General) 314 24. Shrine Of Shun 299 Goddess Of The Salt Wells (Nua) 316 27. Flooded Chamber 301 Heartless Dog (Xi Kang) 317 31. Shrine Of The Gentle Demon (Zhe Ling) Enlightened Goddess 299 Leader Of Zhe Valley Sect 315 26. The Chamber Of The Iron Spear 299 General Qiang 315 25. Formerly Named Cai Min) 331 Cai Yuanyu. Body Of The Timeless Master 299 Gal Ganbaatar Khagan 313 23. Red Claw) 335 The Five Immortals Of Red Shan Lushan Mountain Villa 311 Leader Of Zhaoze Sect 336 Frowning Eagle (Bang Run) 313 The Sisters Of Bone Kingdom 336 .

Spider Demon (Zhi-Zhu) 338 Chapter 11: Strange Phoenix (Sunan Nuan) 339 MANUALS AND OBJECTS OF POWER 385 Venom Of Zhaoze (Huo Si) 339 Belt of Mercy 386 Witch Of Zhaoze Zhou (Li Sou Chao) 340 Bi of the Iron Sky Maiden 386 Xun And Anzhi 341 Blue Thunder 386 Yang Tuo 341 Divine Seals 387 Zhehu. Illuminated 365 Two Spears of the Unfilial Son 394 Types of Gui 367 Wind Sabre of Sunan 394 Mountain Gods 371 CELESTIAL WEAPONS 394 Qi Spirits 375 Calamity Sword 394 . The Right Hand Dragon Manual 387 Of Yao-Feng 341 The Emerald Monk Statue 387 Zhou Gui And Chef Wu 342 Four Finger Manual 388 Chapter 10: The Heart of Yao-Feng 388 THREATS AND MONSTERS 343 Heavenly Pills 388 DEMONS 344 Horns of the Society of HUMAN THREATS 344 Leather Shadows 388 Rabble 344 The Immortal Killing Sword 388 Sample Masters 346 Jade Maiden 389 SECT MEMBERS 346 Jade Medallion of Xian Nu Shen 389 Dehua Sect 346 Jade Turtle 389 Golden Dragon Sect 348 Key of Yao-Feng 389 Hai’an Sect 348 The Lacquered Plum Tree Box 389 Heiping Sect 349 Manual of the Golden King 389 Majestic Lion Cult 349 Manual of the Jade Phoenix Sect 389 Mystic Sword Sect 351 Manual of the Red Lord 389 Nature Loving Monk Sect 351 Merciless Willow Manual 389 Perfect Heaven Lineage Sect 352 Ogre Mask 390 Purple Cavern Sect 352 Paper Talismans 390 Red Claw Gang 353 Phoenix Crown of Bao 390 Southern River Sect 353 Righteous Scholar 390 Sun Mai Sect 354 The Ritual Vessel Of Yao-Feng 391 Temple of the Nine Suns 354 Seal of the Demon Emperor   391 Tree-Dwelling Nuns 354 Sky Lantern of the Blue Heart 391 Zhaoze Sect 355 The Spear of Yao Yun 391 Zhe Valley Sect 355 The Sword of Time 391 Talisman of Bao 392 ANIMALS 356 Tea Bowl of Xian Nu Shen 392 MONSTERS 358 The Ten Talismans 392 Demons (Spirited Beasts) 359 Tripod Cauldron of Chezou 393 Demons. Celestial 363 Turquoise Necklace of Li Fan 394 Demons.

Romances and Combination Techniques 433 Historical Drama Series (by year) 403 New Rituals 434 TRUTHS OF THE SETTING 404 Chapter 13: Ogre Gate 404 ADVENTURE GHOSTS FROM Worlds Versus Realms 404 THE ASHES 435 INTRODUCTION 436 The Enlightened Goddess and Aetia 404 BACKGROUND 436 The Enlightened Goddess Was All 404 Su Long’s Astronomical Clock 438 Hen-Shi and The Enlightened Goddess 404 The Blue Dragon-Maiden Medallions 438 Who has the mandate of heaven? 405 The Plan 438 The Emperor’s Longevity 405 The Dragon Festival 438 Gushan 406 Mu’s Hired Heroes 438 Nua the Snake Goddess 406 Merciless Willow Manual 438 RUNNING WANDERING HEROES OF OGRE GATE 406 Report of the Phoenix Crown and Mystic Sword Sect 438 Gender Roles In Qi Xien 407 INITIAL SET-UP: THE INN OF The Role Of Fate 407 THE EMERALD MONK 439 Travel.Chapter 12: Tracking Sects and NPCs 432 THE GAMEMASTER 395 The Sect and NPC Map 432 WUXIA 396 NPCS and Encounters On the Fly 432 Elements of Wuxia 396 Npc Growth Over Time 432 GO TO THE SOURCES 400 CREATING NEW KUNG FU Useful History Books and other Sources 400 TECHNIQUES AND RITUALS 433 Film Suggestions (by year) 401 GM Created New Techniques 433 Wuxia Television Series 402 Characters Creating New Techniques 433 Xian Xia. Encounters And About Lady Tao and the Survival Skill Rolls 410 Emerald Security Company 439 The Bloodstained Underbelly Hooks 439 Of The Martial World 416 Arrival at the Emerald Inn 439 MANAGING PLAY 419 PART ONE: Make Combat Come Alive 419 THE ROAD TO CHEN 440 DESIGNING ADVENTURES 421 Ambush: The Firelance Brothers 440 Drama And Sandbox 421 Naam 441 Adventure Starting Points 421 PART TWO: CHEN 442 The Wuxia Dungeon 425 PART THREE: Traps 425 DEPARTING CHEN 449 Sample Traps 426 Encounter: Weng Zheng And Mystic Sword Disciples 449 Adventure Ideas 427 PART FOUR: THE RITUAL OF MANAGING THE CAMPAIGN 429 THE ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK 450 Expand The Campaign 429 The Attack On The Inn Of Campaign Backgrounds 430 The Emerald Monk 450 Table Of Future Events (Optional) 430 Adventure Aftermath 450 MANAGING NPCS 432 .

PART FIVE: NPCS 451 Underlings 454 Appendix One: TECHNIQUE TABLE 455 Appendix Two: KEY TITLES AND OFFICES 465 Appendix Three: CURRENT RULERS 466 Appendix Four: USING KUNG FU TECHNIQUES IN SERTORIUS 467 Method One: Martial Heroes As A Character Type 467 Method Two: Martial Heroes As Sertori 467 Method Three: Sertori Are Also Martial Heroes 468 Appendix Five: REALMS 469 Martial Hero Character Sheets 470 Profound Master Character Sheets 472 Immortal Character Sheets 474 NPC Tracker Sheet 476 PC Quick Reference Sheet 477 Lunar Month Calendar Pages 478 .

andering Heroes of Ogre topher Hamm’s Paper Swordsmen: Jin Yong and the
Gate was originally con- Modern Chinese Martial Arts Novel.
ceived as an entry in the
Books of the Archon That said, for those interested in such distinctions,
series for Sertorius. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is really a blend of
While the powers con- two genres: wuxia and xian xia. If wuxia is about
tained in this ruleset can Martial Heroes, xian xia is about Mythic Heroes,
be ported into Sertorius immortals and monsters. Wandering Heroes of Ogre
quite easily, Ogre Gate is Gate is mostly rooted in wuxia, but it does include
itself a new game. It began as a modest attempt to aspects of this other genre because of its strong
create a spell list modeled after wuxia movies and suitability to table top adventure. We have also in-
series, but it ballooned into its own thing. So this cluded other elements from Chinese folklore and
is a wuxia and martial arts fantasy variation on martial arts fantasy. This allows campaigns to span
the Sertorius rules system and a setting within the in flavor from Come Drink with Me to Journey to the
same cosmology.  West and A Chinese Ghost Story. Ogre Gate is fantasy
with an emphasis on chivalrous Martial Heroes.
What is wuxia? Wuxia involves wandering knights
or heroes who adhere to a code of chivalry derived For those seeking a pure wuxia experience, simply
largely from Confucianism and often use their powers treat the xian xia and other non-wuxia supernatu-
to protect the weak from the strong. While these are ral elements of the game as myth and legend that
key aspects, our interest in the genre is much less have no real bearing on reality. So the story of Sunan
academic, and far less concerned with pure authen- and Bao is merely a tale told by the fire, inspired
ticity or the history of the tradition. To us wuxia is by history but that never really involved a being
a genre set in historical China that involves honorable from another world or Ogre Demons. However we
warriors engaged in swordplay who can defy gravity, think the setting works best if you retain the xian
channel Qi energy and take out dozens of armed xia and other fantasy elements.
men. In a nutshell that is what we strove to provide
using a fantasy analog set in the Sertorius universe. 21
It is basically about kicking butt using fantastical SOURCES OF INSPIRATION
martial arts Techniques. We came to this as fans of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is inspired by wuxia
the genre, and that is the approach we took to our films and television series as well as martial arts
design. If you want to learn more about the wuxia fantasy. It leans heavily on shows like the Condor
genre in cinema we suggest reading Stephen Teo’s Heroes trilogy and films like Detective Dee or Butterfly
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition. For and Sword. It also draws on older movies like The
more information on wuxia literature see John Chris- Golden Sword, Killer Clans, The One Armed Swordsman

and A Touch of Zen. Our starting point for the wuxia In the GM section we mention historical sources we
genre is Come Drink With Me and the movies that found useful for those who do want to look at the
followed. Other early films starring Cheng Pei-Pei real history. This is a game book, not a history book
were particularly influential. Wuxia television shows by any stretch of the imagination. We encourage
from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China were players and Gamemasters with an interest in Chinese
also a major influence. culture and history to read reliable history books.
Ogre Gate is also indirectly influenced by wuxia novels
and stories. Many movies in the genre and a sub-
stantial number of the television shows are based THANKS
on the works of wuxia writers like Gu Long and Jin We received help from many people while designing
Yong (also known as Louis Cha). However these are Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate and owe them all a
not widely available in English, and mainly found huge debt of gratitude. This project was a bit unique
in the form of online fan translations. Our game is for us in that it attracted a lot of enthusiasm from
modeled after the visual interpretations of these people while we were working on it. Our readers
stories in film and television, but not the works (listed in the credits) played a huge role making this
themselves. There are some exceptions to this. a better game. Their feedback and support was in-
credibly helpful. Without that advice and feedback,
One literary source that strongly influenced Wan- this would have been an impossible task. We also
dering Heroes of Ogre Gate is Gu Long’s book The had help from people who are native to and/or fa-
Eleventh Son, which was translated into English by miliar with the culture wuxia arises from. We need
Rebecca Tai in 2005. It reads very well and did have to thank our friend Chang Yaoyuan for all his invalu-
noticeable impact on the design of the Ogre Gate able help explaining Chinese terms and concepts
setting. There are other books and translations that and helping us understand the culture of wuxia more
had similar influence, but generally speaking our thoroughly (he clarified a great deal and helped direct
interest has been in martial arts depicted on the us toward some very interesting sources). Susanna
screen, so Ogre Gate makes no claims to supporting Liang of Wuxia Edge gave us a lot of great feedback
the literary aspects of wuxia. and her website Wuxia Edge was a crucial resource.
Mak Jo Si of Chi in Nature LTD (Taoist Temple) pro-
vided us feedback on weapons, rituals, Taoism and
HISTORICAL INSPIRATION provided calligraphy art for the cover of the book.
The Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate setting is inspired RPGpundit helped direct us to key books on Chinese
by Chinese History, particularly by the Song Dynasty religion and magic. Ezequiel Davidovich Caballero
period (there are exceptions to this of course). While helped with transliteration of the Chinese terms,
we made a point of researching Song government, names, titles and words. Any remaining errors on
culture, and religion, we wanted the setting to be its this front are our own, of course, as Ezequiel was
own and, to a certain extent, timeless. Qi Xien has quite thorough. Zachariah Kennison helped us con-
its own cosmology and this demanded that we deviate siderably with pricing of equipment and general
from Chinese history. We also greatly simplified or rulebook review/feedback. We would also like to
altered many of the important historical details that thank Professor John Christopher Hamm who was
we did incorporate. For example, the Song Dynasty’s kind enough to answer some of our questions about
civil service was complex and nuanced, with many wuxia terminology and concepts.
titles likely being titular in nature and a number of
caveats to any category or grouping. The bureaucra-
cy itself was quite convoluted organizationally as IN MEMORY OF WILLIAM BUTLER
well. Rather than force Gamemasters to learn a During the completion of this project, William Butler
complex system of government, we reduced the passed away suddenly. A co-founder of Bedrock
complexity and changed it to better suit Qi Xien. Games, a devoted gamer, and a good friend, his touch
While this book draws on a lot of features of the was felt in every Bedrock product. Wandering Heroes
22 Song Dynasty, it should not be treated as a reference of Ogre Gate was just one of the many games he was
for this reason. Similarly we took liberties with the helping to develop, and is the richer for his insight
supernatural elements of the setting. Many monsters and hard work. His death was a shock to us all and
are based on Chinese myths and legends but still this project in particular was difficult to resume
unique to the Qi Xien setting. In some instances we without his presence. We hope the final product is
created new creatures to fit particular concepts. something he would approve of.

elcome to Wandering GAME SYSTEM
Heroes of Ogre Gate, a
game of gravity defying Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate uses a variation of the
Martial Heroes. Charac- Network System found in the Sertorius Fantasy RPG.
ters start as lowly mem- The Network System is d10-based and described in
bers of the martial world Chapter Two. This game is completely self-contained.
and roam the land per-
fecting their Kung Fu.
Some uphold justice in WHAT IS SERTORIUS?
the lawless shadow of a
corrupt empire, while others seek only to further Sertorius is our fantasy RPG set in the world of Gaman-
their own glory. Whatever path they take, to im- dria, in which the characters are all powerful spellcast-
prove their martial arts they must learn from and ers who are the reincarnated fragments of an ancient
defeat more powerful masters. Only then will their god. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate and Sertorius are
Kung Fu grow profound. part of the same cosmology and there are some tie-ins
between the settings. The Sertorius spell system is similar
to the Kung Fu Techniques mechanics of Wandering
MARTIAL ARTS Heroes of Ogre Gate.
Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a game of Martial You do not need the Sertorius rulebook to play Wan-
Heroes with legendary Kung Fu Techniques. These dering Heroes of Ogre Gate. The games are compatible
are abilities you acquire over time, through hard with some minor adjustments. Many of the rules,
work and testing your skills against other experts. equipment and monsters of Sertorius can easily be used
Each one is a unique martial arts Technique that in the world of Qi Xien if desired.
draws on Qi and enables characters to perform
feats not possible in our own world. They are in-
spired by the stylistic Kung Fu of wuxia films and
television series. FATE
Fate plays a major role in Wandering Heroes of Ogre
The terms Martial Heroes and Martial Experts are Gate. At first it was a small feature of the game but 23
frequently used throughout the book to refer to it grew into something larger than we intended. The
anyone who has Kung Fu Techniques and Ranks Will of Heaven is a powerful force in the world and
in Qi. Martial Hero is typically reserved for char- characters will sense its invisible hand in their lives.
acters that use their powers to help the powerless There are rules in the Gamemaster (GM) chapter for
and the downtrodden, while Martial Expert is handling Fate.
reserved for those who use their Kung Fu for less
altruistic reasons.

SETTING his iron grip. However two heroic lovers, Sunan and
Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is set in the world of Bao, emerged and they learned to use the Qi energy
Qi Xien, a place where a powerful energy blazes in that came with Yao-Feng. They developed the first
every part of nature and can be tapped by Martial Kung Fu Techniques and led a rebellion that drove
Experts to perform incredible Kung Fu Techniques. back the Demon Emperor and locked him in Yao
Characters live in a martial underworld beneath Gong Palace (Ogre Gate). When the war was over
the shadow of a corrupt and wicked empire. Their they sacrificed their lives to create a potent seal to
reality is one of bloodshed and martial sects where bind the palace and establish the Golden Guardians
reputation and loyalty are what matter. A noble few to watch over it. Many of their disciples did the same,
will rise above it all to become beacons of justice, transforming into lesser Golden Guardians to protect
aiding the downtrodden and protecting the weak the world from Yao-Feng’s return.
with their Kung Fu.
In the wake of this there was prosperity but also war.
Qi Xien is loosely connected to the Sertorius setting Despite the absence of Yao-Feng, the world was forever
of Gamandria. In its past, the world was barren of changed by the presence of Qi as demons and spirits
Qi energy, the barriers between the different realms entered the world freely and Martial Experts used Qi
were strong. It was a world created from a god’s to devise intricate systems of fighting.
disappointment with Gamandria and as perfect a
24 place as humans could ever live. But centuries ago Nearly 100 years ago the world experienced its great-
something from Gamandria broke through and up- est ruler: the Righteous Emperor. However his son,
turned the natural order of Qi Xien. This punctured the Glorious Emperor, followed him. The son lacked
reality itself and Qi energy came into the world for the father’s noble character and chose to emulate
the first time as the walls between realities cracked. the reign of Yao-Feng. Once again the world was
A great evil was at the helm of this invasion: Yao- plunged into oppression and many provinces rose
Feng, a powerful sorcerer who brought with him an up against the tyrant. Martial Heroes were united
army of Ogre Demons. Known as the Demon against him but he used ritual magic and converted
Emperor, he enslaved the world and all lived under many of them to his side, creating the Yao, a loyal

guard also known the Demons. The resisting prov-
inces all fell, except Hai’an, the last remaining outpost
against the rise of Zhan Dao, the Glorious Emperor.
Now most of the martial sects have retreated to their All of our books tell people to use the game
temples and villas in the Banyan region, a place just however they like. Once they buy it, it is
outside the emperor’s reach. Initially they worked their own to use in their own way. With
together in their continued fight against the emperor. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, this is even
Now, 97 years after the emperor’s reign began, they more true. Customize the mechanics,
are occupied with their own bitter feuds. develop house rules, do what you think
makes the gameplay better. Make new Tech-
niques, change existing Techniques, and
BOOK OVERVIEW tinker with core mechanics. Whatever you
think brings out better game play at the table
CHAPTER ONE: CHARACTER CREATION (page 27) that is what you should do. We have never
explains how to make a character and includes de- been interested in standardization and
scriptions of Skills, Expertise and Flaws. believe one of the things that makes RPGs
great is each group can adjust the system to
CHAPTER TWO: RULES (page 69) describes the game their taste. But Ogre Gate is built more on
system and includes explanations of important con- this principle than other games because it
cepts like Qi, Kung Fu Techniques, Martial Disci- is assumed that each group will create cus-
plines, Possession and Afflictions, Sifu, Sects, Rep- tomized Kung Fu Techniques as the game
utation, and so on. progresses.

contains all the Kung Fu Techniques grouped by
Martial Discipline category.

in the game. (page 385) explores the manuals and objects found
in the setting such as the Wind Sabre of Sunan.
CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT (page 175) explains all the Manuals are particularly important, as they are a
equipment and provides prices. It also includes in- key source of learning new Kung Fu.
formation on wages.
CHAPTER SIX: THE MARTIAL WORLD (page 189) provides the Gamemaster Section, but it is more than simple
your introduction to the martial world and its sects. advice on how to run a session. This chapter provides
crucial rules for managing key aspects of the game,
CHAPTER SEVEN: THE WORLD OF QI XIEN (page 209) like Fate. Gamemasters should become well acquaint-
describes the broad strokes of the setting’s history ed with Chapter Twelve.
and covers material like religions and the nature of
the world. It also addresses customs and important CHAPTER THIRTEEN: ADVENTURE—GHOSTS FROM THE
parts of daily life. ASHES (page 435) provides an investigative adventure
set in the city of Chen.
describes key areas of Qi Xien. It includes a detailed
Gazetteer of the Banyan Region.

provides entries for major NPCs in the setting.

includes threats and monsters characters will face
in Qi Xien. Here you will find entries on creatures
like Snake Demons, Hungry Ghosts and the Yao.


t is time to create your Martial Hero. This chapter
explains how to make a character and also describes
the Skill System. To make a Wandering Heroes of Ogre
Gate character use the steps below. After these steps we
go into further detail with Skills, Expertise, Flaws and
Combat Techniques. Additional rules of play are found
in the next section, CHAPTER TWO: RULES. While we
present character creation first so players can dive into
making characters, there are crucial concepts explained in CHAPTER TWO
and it is perfectly fine to read that chapter before this one if you prefer.
These chapters may also be read concurrently.

The character creation steps are guidelines. Some players may find it easier
to do things in a slightly different order and that is okay. For example, some
players prefer to take Flaws before selecting Skills, others like to take their
Expertise as they take Skills. We recommend reading through the steps and
trying it in the order presented first, and then adjusting based on what feels
right. The primary purpose of this organization of the steps is to introduce
key game concepts in a logical and incremental manner.

Do each of the following steps to make your char-
In order to help with character creation the acter. Following this section we cover the key
game’s primary mechanics are given here. aspects of character creation, like Skills and Flaws,
Some players may wish to read the second in greater detail.
chapter to get a better understanding of the
game before creating a character.
Core Mechanic: The basic mechanic of
Network is the Skill roll which is a d10-dice All characters are assumed to be human. However,
pool against a Target Number where you roll because individual campaigns may vary, this is the
a number of d10 equal to your Skill Rank first step of character creation. There are no Skill
bonuses, advantages, or disadvantages for being
1 and take the single highest result.
Skill Rank: Skill Ranks determine how many
Human. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, colors
and appearances. They can be broken up into various
d10 you roll to take an action. You have 0-3 linguistic and ethnic groups.
Skill Ranks. So a character with 2 Ranks in
Medium Melee, rolls 2d10 and takes only Gamemasters using their own wuxia setting may have
the higher of the two results when using a additional races available to choose from. We also
Kushen Sabre. A character with 3 Ranks in offer additional races unique to the setting, but these
Medium Melee would roll 3d10 and take the are optional if the Gamemaster (GM) wishes to take
single highest result. If you have 0 Ranks in a more fantastic approach to play. Note that the new
a Skill, simply roll 2d10 and take the single races included are not meant to reflect anything spe-
lowest result. cific in Chinese history, culture, or myth. They are
Target Numbers (TN): Target Numbers intended to help emphasize how strange places beyond
represent the difficulty of a given task. When the core region might seem to locals. They are inspired
you make a skill roll, it is against a Target loosely by the descriptions of far-off folk like the Three
Number. You must equal or exceed this Target Bodies People and the Long Shins People found in The
Number to Succeed. Target Numbers are Guideways Through Mountains and Seas (a book com-
either set by defense skills or determined by piled in its final form during the Han Dynasty). Rather
the GM. than simply copy the races described in the book, we
invented our own in the spirit of the text.
Success, Total Success and Failure: Skill
rolls can result in Success, Total Success (a
die comes up a 10) or Failure. On a Success
the skill works. On a Total Success it works
spectacularly. On a Failure it does not work
at all.
Damage and Health: When Combat Skill
rolls succeed you roll Damage against your
foe’s Hardiness. Typically, a Success does 1
Wound, while a Total Success does 2 Wounds.
Every character has Max Wounds. These are
how many Wounds you can take before be-
coming incapacitated. You can take up to
your Max Wounds in Damage, and then you
become incapacitated and begin to die.

28 Qi: This is your level of cultivation of the
energy that saturates the world of Qi Xien.
Qi energy can be harnessed to perform
amazing physical feats. As it grows, your
Kung Fu improves and your health increas-
es. When it reaches a high enough level you
can attain longevity.

Every character is affiliated with a sect and/or Sifu
Kithiri: This unusual race is found in the South. at character creation. It is from them that you learn
They look human, though their skin is the color of your initial Kung Fu Techniques. Sects are organi-
bronze. Their minds however are quite unique, con- zations devoted to a particular martial art, lifestyle
sisting of multiple splintered egos. or governing philosophy. Frequently they come into
conflict with one another. A Sifu is your martial arts
Hechi: A race of horned humanoids who can sense teacher. With the GM’s permission you can also have
truth and live beyond the Eastern Sea. learned your starting Techniques from an unusual
source like a manual if you do not want to belong to
The Juren: A race of four-armed giants who live far a sect or follow a Sifu.
to the North. They are known for their great strength
and dim intelligence. Sects and Sifu are fully described in CHAPTER SIX:

The Ouyan: This is a race of people with three eyes
who wear metallic clothing and can sense emotion
THE MARTIAL WORLD. Most characters are affil-
iated with a sect though you can choose to have only
a lone Sifu if you wish. Select from the following sects:
with their third eye. They rule the land of Naqan
from their mesa cities. ORTHODOX SECTS: Dehua sect, Golden Dragon
sect, Heiping Temple sect, Mount Hai’an sect, Na-
ture-Loving Monk sect, Perfect Heaven Lineage sect,
2: PICK TWO PRIMARY Southern River sect, Sun Mai sect, and Tree-Dwelling
All skills are divided into groups: Primary and Sec-
ondary. Your Primary Skill groups are the two areas UNORTHODOX SECTS: Demon Moon cult, Fists
you excel most at. You may shift course later in life of Qi Zhao, Majestic Lion cult, Mystic Sword sect,
but up until now, this is what you have spent the Purple Cavern sect, Red Claw Gang, Society of Leather
most time on or simply have the greatest aptitude Shadows (requires GM permission), Temple of the
for. Your Secondary Skills are skills you have not Nine Suns, Zhaoze sect, and Zhe Valley sect.
spent as much time perfecting.
If you are not affiliated with a sect, you must at least
In previous Network System products, Skill Groups select your master, called a Sifu. This is a specific
are determined by background. However, in wuxia person who is the source of your knowledge of Kung
anyone can be a hero, so background and social class Fu. Characters that belong to a sect simply use the
are not linked to Skill Groups in Wandering Heroes leader of the sect as their Sifu (though in actuality
of Ogre Gate. They may be a factor in how you shape they may refer to many senior members as Sifu).
your character, since social class and occupation are
important, but they have no mechanical weight. Keep in mind, this is just to get your character started.
While you may want to tailor your skills to reflect Over the course of a campaign you can learn from
your character’s social background, you are free to multiple masters and you can even leave one sect for
select what skills most fit your character concept. another if permitted. However such choices are not
always free from consequences.
Begin character creation by setting your Primary and
Secondary Skill groups. Choose which two of your
six Skill Groups will be your Primary Skills. You have 4: CHOOSE REPUTATION
12 points to spend in each of these Primary Skill Reputation is important and reflects your standing
Groups. In the remaining Skill Groups (Secondary in the martial world. Choose your reputation in two
Skills) you have 6 points to spend in each (see Step parts. The first is how your friends and allies view
Seven for Skills, which are impacted by this step). you, the second how your enemies and detractors
view you. A character listed as “Brave-Untrustworthy” 29
Scholar Option: If you want to make a character would have a reputation of being brave to one’s
that focuses on academics to the exclusion of other friends, but perceived as untrustworthy by one’s
things, you may do so by choosing Knowledge as enemies. This is described more fully at the beginning
your sole Primary Skill Group. This gives you 24 of CHAPTER TWO: RULES.
points to spend in your Knowledge Skills but only
6 in all other Skill Groups.

This is explained in greater detail nature of the genre. Players to create their own Techniques using these as models to fit their character concepts. Vengeful. Knowledge. They are advance in training. But as you Skills are how you interact with the world. Skills bestows 3 extra points to spend elsewhere. If you picked Skill Group. Disloyal. Techniques listed have zero Ranks in a discipline. We provide a martial disciplines produce your Imbalance Rating. then negative of the same reputation): Filial. Brave. we strongly encourage GMs and in CHAPTER TWO: RULES. Righteous. Calm. complete section of Kung Fu Techniques in CHAPTER Your Imbalance Rating equals your highest Martial THREE: KUNG FU TECHNIQUES. Skill points). Orthodox. This may purchase individual 30 creation. etc) to spend extra After you choose your You can take six (6) Kung points in another category (they can also spend them Primary Skill Groups. Cowardly. remaining Secondary Skill want. Unfilial. 6: SELECT INITIAL It is highly advisable to select a Counter as one of KUNG FU TECHNIQUES your Kung Fu Techniques. Here is the list of potential reputations (presenting a positive. At character cre. Players can sacrifice all their points in one Skill Group niques. Cruel. Pure. but given the Discipline Rank. Counters help you defend Kung Fu Techniques are the heart of the game. you cannot learn under your sect are freely available. After char. Kung Fu the Scholar Option. Neigong (internal by learning from teachers or manuals and require Kung Fu). Selfless. Gutting Combat to spend in each Primary lower. Mer- ciful. The number of points gained Skills. Unjust. 5: ALLOCATE MARTIAL DISCIPLINE RANKS 1 You have four categories of Martial Discipline and need to distribute a total of four Ranks among them (with between 0-3 ranks in each Discipline). These Ranks cannot adjust with time (except by use of specific abilities and powers). Your Ranks in the disciplines represent your inherent talents. You have 12 points must be at your Qi level or depends on the Category you choose. This list is not exhaustive. you Fu Techniques at character on Expertise if they wish or not use them at all). are the martial arts maneuvers you use to obliterate your enemies and overcome obstacles. Your Ranks in the can learn Techniques on your own. Untrustworthy. Specialist. Reckless. Shameful. Qinggong (lightness Kung Fu). you Techniques are acquired . acter creation. and your Techniques are quite basic. Characters known to use poison simply take Poisoner as their reputation for both friends and enemies. you used for everything from learn more and the Tech. Kind. Skills are described below in this chapter. Selfish. and Dianxue (pressure points). Truthful. If you spending Experience Points (XP). Occasionally you Techniques from that category. All Techniques is called Skill Gutting. Cautious. Unorthodox. Every character has four points to spend on disciplines at a cost of 1 point per Rank. Ferocious. Loyal. (Combat. Cunning. provided you are the Groups (for a total of 48 Players may also put their extra points back into the Gutted right Qi Rank. Trustworthy. At first you 7: SELECT SKILLS do not have that many. and 6 points ation you can take any while gutting Non-Combat or Defenses gives you 2 to spend in each of your Kung Fu Techniques you points to spend elsewhere. Skill Group. climbing walls to per- SKILL GUTTING forming Kung Fu tech- niques you have access to increase in power. The four Martial Disciplines are: Waijia (external Kung Fu such as weapons and fists). They against attacks.

and an additional 3 points to the third level. Bao. cumulative. Hai’an. . 2 Ranks in 11: RECORD QI AND Light Melee and 2 Ranks in Arm Strike. Hu Qin. 2 Ranks in Endurance and 2 you one free dot to add to your Defens- OPTION Ranks in Athletics. Delong. 1 2 2 3 3 3 6 *Cumulative Cost of Skills 10: SELECT FLAWS Flaws are character defects that give you extra Skill level. many as you wish. Guo. One Expertise costs a single Skill Point. Chun. Then you MAX WOUNDS might fill out your Physical skills by You begin the game with one level of taking 2 Ranks in Muscle. then 6 more 12: FLESH OUT points in Mental. Skill in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate starts with a Rank of zero and is raised by spending points. It needs to be emphasized acters. Consult with your Gamemaster to ing in different Skill Groups. So you can spend Wounds by 3. Buwei. The point used for an Expertise must belong to the Relevant Skill Male Personal Names: An. with the remaining point. if you have 6 points in Combat Chengsi. For example. Li Fan. and only spend 5. You might take Homelands: Chezou River Valley. Every level of CHAPTER TWO: RULES. Combat Techniques offer similar bonuses to Exper- tise but sometimes affect Damage as well. Fu. The Expertise are listed in this So. the Kushen Basin. Flaws are listed later in this chapter. This means if you pick Combat and Physical as your Primary Skill Groups. Suk. Chishi. This also gives IRON HEROES Swim. and You can also purchase expertise to compliment women traditionally combine their surname with their your skills.allows you to raise any Defense of your Defenses). You begin the game choice by 1. YOUR CHARACTER You may have unused points remain. of these categories (not six points Qi you acquire raises your spread across them). but you could not spend Skill costs are cumulative (see SKILL TABLE). NAMES AND HOMELAND 8: PURCHASE EXPERTISE Surnames generally come before personal names.acquire raises your Wounds by 2 and remaining Skill Groups (including erful and heroic starting char. and 6 points Skills. 2 Ranks in Qi and 3 Max Wounds. You would then es. it coSts 1 point to bring your Light Melee Skill from chapter after Skill descriptions. This is fine as these help decide your homeland. you could take an Expertise to spend in each of the other Skill Groups. or Zun River Valley. 6 points in Defenses. Every additional level of Qi you have 6 points to spend in each of your Use this option for more pow. For example. Every that point for an Expertise in Speed or Talent. you may spend 12 points toward skills in each of those categories. the Yan Gu Plains. occupation and points can be used to purchase Expertise. husbands (this is often hyphenated). Unless otherwise stated Thus it costs a total of 6 points to raise it from 0 to 3. costs an additional 2 points to raise it the next 9: TAKE ONE skill table COMBAT TECHNIQUE Every character gains a free Combat Technique at RANK COST TOTAL* character creation and the cost of acquiring them 0 1 0 1 0 1 after character creation is 12 Experience Points. Group. 0 to 1. Points at character creation. you might take 3 Ranks in Heavy Melee. Qi is explained in that this is six points to spend in each with 6 Wounds. the an Expertise in a specific weapon for example. Dai Bien. The Most Skills have 3 Expertise and you can take as cost to raise a Skill is the Rank desired. This is a simple 31 overview of some of the most likely possibilities: Expertise is specialized training in a particular use of a skill. each Flaw provides one Skill Point. etc. name. Anzhi. other important character details. Cong. Ba. Emerald Coast. It adds a +1d10 bonus to a given skill when used under the right circumstances.have 24 points to spend on Knowledges.

Cui. Huo. Ruomei. (Female). OUTSIDE THE EMPIRE Daniang. Chaghan MARTIAL NAMES AND NICKNAMES (white). Hooshal Zun River Valley: Gui (Zun Valley area). Jixuan. Se. Na. Yaoshi. moniker is selected by the people around you. (Male). Yongchoon (Male). your martial (yellow). i. tial characters. Zhu. Freakish Monk. Mochou. Nuan. Mongo (Silver). Ong (Male). Dancing Bixie. Shanhu. Hairless Rat. Qixia. You can either pick a martial (Smart). Pan. Chingis (Male). Begging Dog. Jade Nun. Chabi (Female). as these Zhe Ling. Borte nang. Bogol (Slave). Lei. Sunan.e. Samga (Female). (Female). Li. Kang. Feiyan. Ju. Unwashed Swordsman. Gil may ask to be called Iron Tiger but if your skills and (Male). Xian. Shen Foundational Names (can be combined to- Feng. Arslan (Lion). Leng. Tieqiao. Shizhong. Guozhong. Badai Ping. Clever Eagle. Sa (Female). Batu (Male). Mergen called martial names. Sung- or Silk Monkey. Nergui (Male). Toksuri (Male). Long. Nasan (life). gyeom (Male). Misaheun (Male). Dobun (Male). Lord Thunder. Pei. Yu. Wind Rider. Reckless Wanderer. people may take to (Female). White-Eyed Tiger. Chan. Burilgi (destroyer). Luo. Qi. Iron- 32 Armed Demoness. the Impaling Monk. Gerel (Female). Qui. Zhen’e. Khaishan (Male). Khulan 1 Shan. are quite common in Qi Xien even among non-mar- Min. Ping. Characters can also have normal nicknames. Erdene (Gem). Orqina (Female). Cheren (Male). Jing. Drunken Lion. Negan (one). Ziju. Mengwei. Golden Swan. Qian. Hui. Li. Qoyor (two). Lingsu. E’hua. Jade-Faced Uncle. Whirling Tortoise. Storm-Breathing Abbess. (male). Sarnai (Female). Geoseogan (Male). Falling Comet. Xiaofeng. name may change during the campaign to reflect your Kung Fu style and personality. Divine Phoenix. Jian Shu: Dou. Taejong (Male). Shimei. Maya (Female). Laughing Monkey. Yuancheng. (Male). Sun. Hyeok (Male). Galsuren (Male). Lord Demon Fist. Henglao. Seonhwa (Female). Hai. Cloud-Headed King. Miaohui. Horned Demon. Zhang. Little Tiger. Qui. Iron Tiger. Devil-Faced Toad. Ho’elun (Female). White Qilin. Nomolun (Female). Zhonggong. Gurban (three). Jungsai (Male). Sokhor (male). Chinua (Wolf). Bor (Grey). Ganbataar CLAN NAMES (by Region) (Male). Little Meteor Fist. Hogong (Male). Wan. Murdering Priest. Min. Lushan. Wei. Xiaolongnu. Sabre-Twirling Grandma. Broken Ogre. Guiying. Mengettu (Male). The Empire: Most of the above plus Ban. Old One-Tooth. Yusa (Male). . Forest General. Gal (flame). Shu. Two-Faced Venom. Yeke (great). They can all be changed to reflect the gender of a given character. Bakui (Male). Below are some suggested martial names. Xi. Li. Lu. Jiayin. Guanyin. Yang. Batu (Loyal). Fragrant Shield. Berude (female). Either way. CHARACTERS FROM CULTURES Female Personal Names: A’zhu. Shaonan. Ruang. Possible Martial Names: Abbot Firebrand. Ultimately this Yan Personal Names: Aerri (Female). These are merely examples to help you come up with your own. Hui. Songi (Female). Flying Scholar. Ouyang. Ting. Restless General. Mishil habits strain against this image. Tartu Dai Bien: Cai. Mofeng. Hu. Yao. Xun. Qara (Black). Chun. gether or with above names. Qara Chinua would be Black Wolf): Alt (Gold). Shria develop naturally over time. Zhen Liang. Characters are often known by descriptive nicknames Gan (Steel). Sadaham calling you something different like Wooden Tiger (Male). Staff-Bearing Abbot. Note that “uncle” or “aunt” in a name generally indicates a person who is older (elder is perfectly acceptable as an alternative). Tudochi (Male). Rong. Bao. Xue. Shisan. You Bidam (Male). Shen (Kushen and Kailin): Alaqa (Female). Iron Fan Auntie. Yegu (male). Ghoa (pretty). name when you make your character or allow it to Tolui (Mirror). Lian.

with light hair Exams after character creation. This has more to do with social class and your perceived standing in Qi Xien (in particular how people in the Zhan Dao Empire. Tolo. Within the Daolin there is great variety of appearance. Qeshar (Male). Harbeen (Female).Yan Clan Names: Bada. Suttho (Male). Uligai. Sai: Ai (Female). you will need to pass the Imperial people of Qi Xien are dark haired. into the Farmer occupation can test into the Scholar-Of. Maola. Talu. strangeness of foreign locations. Chiang (Male). Noot (Female). OCCUPATION Expertise. Khem (Female). however. Kharba (General). Druzeen (Female). Chamba (Male). . Sueang (Female). the people who live in the area of the Zhan Dao Empire and in the Banyan region. You may want to include some additional details about them as CHARACTER well such as where they live. Banmeung (Male). Im (Female). this means you are merely a student or born into a Subgroups: Daolin. Tauqra (Male). Hai’an. and mer. Phadaeng (Male). Balek (Male). FAMILY Be sure to include information on your family (there is a section for this on page two of the character sheet). Kaew (Male). Sura (Male). well-respected family (often with land and wealth) and are presumed to go onto the exams. and parts of the Banyan conceive RACES of different social roles). plus 2. chants (See SOCIAL CLASS in CHAPTER SEVEN for more details). While you can be born into a merchant family or family with notable scholar-officials in its ranks. their occupations and whether they are still alive. Sai. Ouy (Leader). Qalima (Female). your siblings. with northern- 13. Hirambi (Male). Khus. HUMAN there is some mobility between certain occupations as Advantages: None. Can (Female). Skills. If you take Scholar-Official at character creation. and so on. and Zun. In theory a person born being extremely rare. Wan (Female). Qal (Conqueror). Shen. Lithai (Male). Ong (male). Suwan (Male). artisans. Shinda. Name your parents. in practice this is often rare The dominant human group in Qi Xien is the Daolin. Generally the actual title of office. due to the inherent costs of studying for the exams. linguistic variety with many Daolin speaking Daoyun. Kangli (Female). There is also tremendous and another item. Cintna (female). Within the Dehuan system of thought that prevails in these regions people are grouped Human is the default of the setting but we do include according to four broad occupations (from highest to some additional optional races to help establish the lowest): scholar-officials. Hai’anese and Li Fei (which are related languages). Isaree (Female). Danai (Male). Sanee (female). In order to hold an Humans range widely in appearance. the scholarly exams are open to a number of different Penalties: None. Khus: Azamila (Female). Mogha (Priest). Gar-El (Male). farmers. Narga. PURCHASE EQUIPMENT ers tending toward lighter skin and southerners All characters start with a set of clothes. 1 Khus Titular Prefixes: Kas (Lord). Khuba (Slave). 33 ficial occupation. Gor-yaum (Male). groups. Yan. Flaws and Combat Techniques. one weapon tending toward darker skin. Wanyal. ELEMENTS This section of the chapter describes Races.000 spade coins. Gift: None.

They worship Gushan. They do not even need to understand with both). The Khus are a group of people that hail far from the West. The sense is keen enough that HECHI (Optional Race) they can tell what aspect of the person’s behavior Advantages: +1d10 to Endurance the deception relates to (actions. words. have broader features than the other groups and more frequently have light colored hair (though among the Khus this still remains rare). should feel free to give Hechi situational +1d10 -1d10 to Combat Skills bonuses to their Skill rolls (for things like Detecting Gift: Horn of Truth surprise attackers or similar circumstances). They are humanoid but seem . They speak Kushen and are mostly nomadic horse riders. once it is lost farmers and get along peaceably with the Daolin settlers. They find flattery insulting social conventions of the Daolin. prefer crimson-colored clothes. it can never be regained. They live among the Kithiri and speak Singh. etc). their culture is largely free of deception but semble the Daolin physically but their culture is predom. though have originated from the same area as the Kushen. This is a somewhat fluid designation what poor. and wear facial paints and tattoos. Some Zun are settled and while they freely give their trust. Horn of Truth: Hechi can detect when people are but later learns he is Daolin and decide for himself which lying by use of their horn. having shaggy white fur and a dun colored coat. For example a character could be raised by the Shen. 1 The Shen are the western nomadic groups that include the Kailin and Kushen. The Yan are known for their more most impressive feature is a long pearl colored horn egalitarian traditions. The Khus speak Khubsi. This requires no roll. The Sai are people who live in the South. They are rare in Qi Xien but not unknown and inhabit portions of the Kushen Basin. they regard the deity as female and erect statues in her honor. Both groups value turquoise. The Hechi are a race who lives far to the east on a massive desert island. The Kushen wear fur hats. that can change over time due to circumstance or revela- tion. They eschew many of the worst crime imaginable. The Khus can be dark or light skinned. For a Hechi. their clan names suggest they may ture is matriarchal. lying is the inantly influenced by Yen-Li. Because they can discern lies with little The Zun are the natives of the Banyan region. power. They re. The GM Penalties: -2d10 Penalty to Athletics and Speed. Their reflexes are also some- character belongs to. imposing a penalty to combat rolls. Their bodies are bulky Another important group is the Yan. some of them living a semi-nomadic way of back. These are the north. vaguely goat-like in appearance. The tribal Zun are hostile to Daolin. with women and men both holding that enables them to detect falsehoods. They prefer blue colors to the Kailin’s red. hide. which helps them survive in the desert. They feel it in the same way others might sense a 34 drop in temperature. others a settled way. Their bulk makes athletic feats difficult It is not necessary to record which subgroup of human a and reduces their speed. The Kailin wear their hair braided. effort. it is their greatest taboo. Both Chai Yun and Yangu are predominantly Yan. Hechi take a number of skill penalties due to their physical form. It simply feels the presence group he most identifies with (or if he identifies equally of deception. while others are organized in tribes living in the mountains and forests. Many come to Qi Xien for trade. and frequently braid their hair as well. Their life. in a land called Naqan. The Sai resemble the Daolin except their eyes are sometimes blue and their skin is darker (with the occasional child being born with amber or bronze colored skin). and they have something like a camel hump on their ern people. Yan people speak Yanli and while their personal names Hechi are organized into tribes and their social struc- are unique to the Yan. the language for this to work.

where they rule over the Khus from their Mesa-top cities. -1d10 Mental Skills. Third Eye: Ouyan can use their third Eye to detect emotions. they can sense it and know how intense the feeling is. Their skin is stone gray and their hair is usually white or black (occasionally both). If the reading is unlucky the couple are advised to remain vigilant and watch out for hardships.JUREN (Optional Race) Advantages: Beast Strength x2. but tall. worship fire and are constant- ly warring among themselves. This Gift: Third Eye only applies to skills where it makes sense. There is usually no need to roll for this. This Penalties: -1d10 to all Physical Skills does allow one additional Attack each round. . sadness. The Ouyan wear metal clothing. For example. 35 then a Detect roll may be called for. The Ouyan are slighter than the Muscle Boost: Juren gain one free Rank of Muscle Khus. and displaying it. as a form of nakedness. If a person is wearing enough metal to cover their body. a Juren could not make two knowledge The Ouyan are a race that live in the western land of rolls just because she has four arms. arms and legs. By the standards of Qi Xien. often in the form of scales or metallic threads for the less wealthy. Then they attempt to divine the future of the couple by reading the blood. If someone feels anger. The reason for this is that metal blocks the emotion reading ability of other Ouyan. Wits cost double and cap at 2 Ranks. The Juren worship fire and call their land Shiwa. and frequently have silver or grey and get up to four Ranks total. the Juren are barbarians. joy or any other emotion. hair. They regard emotion. Gift: Four Arms The Juren are giants with four arms who live in the far North. with their third eye enabling them to detect emotions. They see emotion as a radiant glow the way others might detect physical objects or odors. A Juren can Advantages: None make two Skill rolls simultaneously as a result. For the Ouyan. Muscle Boost. If it is dark or the person whose emotions they are trying to read is obstructed by something physical. then the Third Eye is unable to detect any emotion. The only limit to this ability is it that is inhibited by the presence of metal. They also have three eyes. and wearing a cap made of metal. They eat humanoids. emo- tions are meant to be concealed. The Juren have a tradition of ripping apart a four-limbed creature 1 (preferably a humanoid) on their wedding night as a sacrifice. Naqan. +1d10 to Damage rolls on Melee Attacks Penalties: -2d10 Speed. Four Arms: Juren have four arms and this enables OUYAN (Optional Race) them to perform multiple tasks at once.

times one ego manages to dominate the others and ly. Kithiri speak Singh and tend to favor democratic systems of government. This has a number of effects. Multi-Ego: Each Ego has its own distinct personal- ity and motivation. this is disruptive to their well-being. except that their skin is bronze in color with a vaguely metallic hue. Sometimes they pretend to be human. the Suk are controlled by an aristocracy of Kithiri. Kithiri are common in the South. Balancing the egos is very important to the Kithiri. Some- multiple egos. So a Kithiri can make a Reason Skill roll and When one or more of their personalities dominate. egos. Each ego is distinct but they all share the same memories and perceptions. and Wits. But this also has a number of implications as well. making an Endurance roll. Whenever a Kithiri experiences great time. an Empathy Skill roll as a single action. physical or emotional stress check to see if the egos ant at character creation and for advancement during become unbalanced by rolling 1d10 against the char- play is that Knowledge Skills cost them half the acter’s Resolve (examples of such stress include taking normal amount of Skill Points or Experience Points. If the result equals or beats the Resolve It affects any Skill roll that involves thinking alone. or. KITHIRI (Optional Race) Advantages: 1 Free Skill Rank in Empathy. and Persuade rolls against Non-Kithiri. then roll randomly to determine which per- This pertains mostly to Mental Skills and Knowledge sonality is dominant. Generally the egos function Flexible Mind: Because their mind is made up of collectively and agree upon courses of action. Penalties: -1d10 to Command. Deception. The player should play that EGO PERSONALITY TABLES TABLE I TABLE II TABLE III ROLL 1d10 ROLL 1d10 ROLL 1d10 1 Intellectually Curious and Inventive 1 Dogmatic 1 Zealous 2 Compassionate 2 Vindictive 2 Opportunistic 3 Social and Friendly 3 Pretentious 3 Manipulative 36 4 Defensive and Wary 4 Cowardly 4 Paranoid 5 Aggressive and Assertive 5 Violent 5 Cruel 6 Greedy 6 Thieving 6 Exploitative 7 Reliable 7 Obsessive 7 Anxious 8 Heroic 8 Reckless 8 Destructive 9 Moderate 9 Reluctant 9 Disobedient 10 Roll on Table II 10 Roll on Table III 10 Pure Evil . passing for Daolin or Sai. 1 The unique feature of the Kithiri is that their minds are made up of six personalities. the most import. though this is not universal. Kithiri can perform up to six mental tasks at a runs amuck. Gift: Flexible Mind Kithiri look human. each capable of thinking independent. score. Multi-Ego. Skills. and so on). 2 Wounds in a round. The egos can communicate inter- nally but express themselves as a single voice ex- ternally (though Kithiri use the pronoun “We” rather than “I”). For example. Reason. It causes them to suffer (see Multi-Ego below).

CHAPTER of inner conflict. . to characters in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. tive. Skills are how you interact with the world. While in this state Creation above (in Step number 7). combat in greater detail. This is not self-destruc. as if freed from years of confinement. sing. use Skills to attack. PRINCESS SAMGA. This sonality is desperate to enact some sort of scheme section includes descriptions of the Skills available or plot against the other egos. When you land a 10 result. The ego does not try to harm the character but rather assert itself. you roll 1d10 for each Rank you possess as a dice 37 pool and take the single highest result (if you have zero Ranks you roll 2d10 and take the single lowest result). This could result in extreme and unusual behavior for the character. If your single highest result equals or exceeds the Target Number or Defense Rating. When using Players can make up the six ego personalities or roll on the EGO PERSONALITY TABLES (pg 36) the skill. and so on. this is called a Total Success. Kithiri take 3 extra Imbalance Points TWO: RULES explains the basics of skill use and for Cathartic use of Kung Fu Techniques. meditate. This result is then compared to a Target Number (TN) set by the GM or against your opponent’s relevant Defense Skill rating. The SKILLS personality must be played to the hilt. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is a skill-based game. then the per. you succeed. The GM should determine what Skill costs are explained in the Steps of Character this is and explain it to the player. LENG AND WENG ZHANG personality for the full day. Characters If the result of the Resolve roll is a 10. EGO PERSONALITY GENERATOR HOW SKILLS WORK In each skill you have between 0 and 3 Ranks. 1 the wandering heroes set out on their first quest LEFT TO RIGHT: MIN. BEGGING DOG (SHU).

this is a success. SKILLS AND KUNG FU TECHNIQUES SUCCESS. not the default. if you want to use Dog Bashing Stick. If you get a OPEN AND CLOSED SKILLS result of 10 on a die. This is an optional method. Target Numbers One thing we occasionally do in our campaigns is allow are usually just abbreviated as TN and are a static players who have 2 Ranks in an open Skill from a given number you must equal or exceed to succeed on an category to roll at least 1d10 in all other open Skills action. and the result exceeds your expectations. camel (even though that normally requires the Ride: Camel Skill). then this is a Total Success. . this is a failure. This can also be handy for Survival. Additionally. When you meet or exceed the must make a Light Melee Skill roll. TOTAL SUCCESS Every Kung Fu Technique is associated with a spe. Target Number of a Skill roll. This is like Talent: Poison must be taken to use. For instance. Heavy Melee. the GM ranks Ride: Horse. This is described skills you simply take without further specifying a in more detail in CHAPTER TWO: RULES. If you roll under Skills are of two basic types: open and closed. the Relevant Defense for Empathy and Deception Skills. Total example. In other cases. These are called closed Skills. For in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate: Success. Skills when used and this sets the Target Number. So a Character with 2 or 3 are supplied by your defenses. such as combat. In some cases. Target Numbers from that same category. AND FAILURE cific Skill or Skill Group. can roll 1d10 when trying to ride a assigns the Target Number based on difficulty. Most the Target Number. Typical- ly this means the skill works as described. There Some Skills are rolled against character’s Defenses are still some exceptions though. For example. Sub-Skill. Anytime you use a Kung There are three possible outcomes with any Skill roll 38 Fu Technique. SKILLS DEFENSES COMBAT SPECIALIST Hardiness Arm Strike Medicine Parry Leg Strike Divination Evade Grapple Meditation Stealth Throw Talent (open): Wits Light Melee Trade (open): Resolve Medium Melee Survival (open): Heavy Melee Ritual (open): Small Ranged 1 Large Ranged PHYSICAL KNOWLEDGE MENTAL Athletics History (open): Command Swim Creatures (open): Persuade Speed Places/Cultures (open): Deception Muscle Martial Disciplines (open): Empathy Endurance Institutions (open): Reasoning Ride (open): Languages (open): Detect Sail (open): Read Script (open): Religion/Gods (open): Classics (open): TARGET NUMBERS (TN) Every Skill roll is made against a Target Number or OPEN SKILL OPTIONAL RULE in rare cases against an opposed roll. you Success and Failure. called a Relevant Defense and is detailed in the Relevant the GM should generally use her judgment to decide Defense Chart. Parry is the Relevant how much of the related skill (if any) would apply to Defense for most Melee Combat Skills while Wits is the particular situation. it requires the use of this Skill.

When an opponent lands a successful Attack against guage you are taking Ranks in (and you can take up you. Dying takes a number of rounds equal to your Hardiness score. Evade and Parry. 1 Other Skills are divided into Sub-Skills. and can be stopped by a successful Medicine or Meditation roll. opponent rolls a 10. These are called open Skills. Stealth. 6 for Stealth. equal or exceed on a Skill roll to harm you. meaning all successes are counted and Combat Skills and Non-Combat skills function a bit treated as Wounds. differently from each other. the Damage roll will COMBAT AND NON-COMBAT SKILLS be open. After char- RELEVANT DEFENSE CHART acter creation. After you have purchased your skills. Resolve and Small Ranged. Combat Skills are always rolled against your opponent’s Defenses (Parry or Evade). 1 Rank in “Language: exceeds your Hardiness. and need assistance to perform basic tasks like stum- nent’s Defenses (like Resolve. See Defense Skills reflect your character’s ability to CHAPTER TWO: RULES for more details. If you take any more DEFENSE SKILLS Wounds while dying. This means you are just barely conscious by the GM but in the case of certain skills by your oppo. To calculate your taking Wounds and to resist attempts at manipulation Hardiness score. Non-Com. In some instances. your Defense Skill Ranks to the base values to arrive Parry Grapple. Large Ranged. If the single highest result of the roll meets or Ranks in “Language: Daoyun”. Hardiness Damage rolls Each of your Defenses has a base value (3 for Hardi- Stealth Detect ness. You might take 2 score. Throw. ignored against threats like fire and disease. If you take further Damage. add your Rank to the base value.e. never exceeding 3 Ranks in a Defense Skill. When you take Ranks in Language you must specify the lan. giving you 0-3 Ranks in each one. It also indicates your Open Skills are indicated on the character sheet with ability to fight off infections and Poisons. but should be (though there are optional rules for Active Defenses). For example. “Command”. Language is an open Skill. Empathy sets the Target Number for any Attack or Mental roll against you. When you are Wounded enough that your Current then if successful followed by a Damage roll. Persuade Command. he makes a Damage roll against your Hardiness to three Ranks in that language). physical harm from attacks. or Wits). “Language:”. survive and resist assaults on their body or mind. This is the number opponents must Resolve Command. Leg Strike. never rolled Armor can add to your Hardiness. The Defense Skill Rating Wits Deception. When you HARDINESS select them. You add Arm Strike. bling about. you take an additional Wound (and other results of 10 add further additional Wounds). live after you start Dying. up to a DEFENSE SKILL SKILL maximum score of 10. except individual Defenses can be raised one point per level of Qi you possess. you must specify which Sub-Skill you are Hardiness is your character’s ability to withstand taking Ranks in each time. usually set capacitated. Characters use Defense Skills to avoid being hit. you take a Wound. or mind control. and Swim are examples of closed Skills. each time you gain a level in Qi you RELEVANT COMBAT/NON-COMBAT can raise one defense of your choice by 1. diness score sets the Target Number for any Damage Closed Skills. you are killed right away. you may raise one Defense of your choice by . “Trade:” and “Talent:”). 39 Characters purchase Defense Skills like any other. Heavy Melee at your Defense Skill Rating. Your Har- a colon (i. Defenses are all static. you begin to die. avoid The base value for Hardiness is 3. At character creation you purchase Defenses normally. on the other hand. If your Singh” and 3 Ranks in “Language: Yanli”. Medium Melee.e. Wits). 1 because all characters start at Qi level 1. do not end in a colon rolls against you and it determines how long you (i. “Light Melee” and “Empathy”). Light Melee. you become In- bat Skills are made against a Target Number. Wounds equal your Max Wounds. So Defenses improve as your Qi Rank increases. Ranks in Defense Skills can be purchased like Evade Thrown Melee others. They serve as Defense Ratings against enemy attacks.

(See the When you are trying to remain unseen. deception and your ability to conceal your true feel- ings. The base value for Parry is 3. opponents FLAWS entry in this chapter for more details on how 40 may make Detect rolls against your Stealth score to Resolve Tests interact with specific Flaws). so Attacks are less likely to strike. you succumb. *Specific Kung Fu Techniques may state exceptions to this rule. roll against your Hardiness. represents your ability to maneuver and position tempt or convince. Large Ranged RESOLVE and certain Melee weapons. Evade Resolve is how well you resist attempts to intimidate. duck and slip past potentially lethal strikes. Your Resolve score sets the Target Number against Command. he must meet or exceed your Wits score to succeed. The base value for Evade is 3. he does not detect you. When an opponent makes a Thrown or Ranged Attack against you. It is also used when Evade score sets the Target Number for any Thrown you select certain Flaws (see the Resolve Tests below). If he rolls under your Resolve. To calculate your Stealth Parry is used against Melee Attacks and represents score. result of 10). he must meet or exceed make a Damage roll against your Hardiness. Here is how a Resolve Test works: the Stealth is your character’s ability to remain unseen. Anytime you verity of the situation) against your Resolve score. His roll must meet or exceed your Parry score Attacks. Resolve Test: Some Flaws require Resolve Tests to avoid succumbing to them. these add additional dice to his 1 Damage roll. you are unaffected. add your Ranks in Stealth to its base value. score. If your opponent fails to meet or beat your Stealth score. To calculate your Wits score. If he scores any natural 10s (Total Successes). When an opponent makes a Command Evade score to succeed. Persuade and some supernatural Attacks. add your Rank in Evade to the base value. you succumb even more dramatically. see you. he then makes a Damage any such attempt to deceive or read you. Take attempt to hide or pass unnoticed. any natural 10s (called Total Successes) on his Attack roll. . they spot you and (if applicable) normal combat can begin. It represents your force of person- yourself. If he rolls a Total Success (a roll to see you. Your Wits score sets the Target Number for to succeed. The base value for Resolve is 6. they each get a Detect roll. It applies to Small Ranged. Deception and certain magical Rank. like bows. His roll must meet or exceed your vince you. On a Success. add your Rank in the Skill to the base value. If multiple opponents are present. Light Melee. It serves as your defense against: Grapple. Your ality as well as your inner resolve. your ability to deflect. he rolls the number of d10 equal to his High Resolve makes it harder for opponents to con- Attack Skill Ranking. PARRY The base value for Stealth is 6. Gamemaster rolls 1d10 to 6d10 (determined by the se- It is a passive Skill and not rolled. he rolls the number of d10 equal to his Skill against Empathy. To calculate your Evade score. add your Rank to the base value. add your Rank to the base value. The base value for Wits is 6. Your Parry score sets the Wits reflects how well you see through attempts at Target Number for any Melee Attack rolls against you. Medium WITS Melee. While reasoning handles making calculations When an opponent makes a Melee Skill Attack against or creating logical arguments. EVADE Evade is used against Thrown and Ranged Attacks. To calculate your Resolve score. Leg Strike. Arm Strike. this serves as the the single highest result and if that meets or exceeds Target Number for anyone who might make a Detect your Resolve. If any of them succeed. you must occasionally pass a Resolve Test to avoid any STEALTH temptations. then he can or Persuade roll against you. and you can gain surprise (which allows you a free Skill roll or Attack). when thrown. and Heavy Melee. Throw. If the single highest result meets or exceeds your Stealth. If he rolls your Resolve score. or Ranged Attacks against you. If he succeeds. this prevents surprise. Wits is a Defense you. To calculate your Parry When an opponent makes a Deception or Empathy roll against you. If you have a Flaw like Hedonist. those add additional dice to his Damage roll.

and disarm. palm strike and even When you Grapple someone with your bare hands. some basic throws and breaking free if someone else has restrained you. When using Leg Strike. roll against the tar- When using Combat Skills you roll them against get’s Parry. Your foe cannot move. or with one of the Arm Strike. or Throw Skills. though he can attack with small weapons like a dagger. On a Success you can roll damage against RESTRAINING their Hardiness as usual. pin. If you restrain a foe. roll against the target’s Parry. COMBAT SKILLS LEG STRIKE This is used to kick. have reach (provided it is kicking own. On a Success you can roll damage against Parry (in the case of Melee Attacks) or Evade (in the their Hardiness as usual. If you succe- fully strike your foe. then you roll Damage against the target’s Hardiness. ARM STRIKE This is used to punch. Your movement is reduced to five feet while . knee strike. and drop kick your Combat Skills in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate are enemy. you restrain your opponent. GRAPPLE This is used to restrain. elbow. Grapple. or in combination with a Kung Fu Technique (See and not knees) and take -1d10 accuracy penalty to CHAPTER THREE: KUNG FU TECHNIQUES). case of Ranged and Thrown* Attacks). This includes Here are descriptions of each combat skill: grappling techniques but also redirection. Leg Strike. you manage to grab and control their body. You can use these on their Muscle in Damage. If you succeed. 41 When using Arm Strike. Attacks made using this skill make a Grapple Skill roll against the person’s Parry have no reach and do Muscle -1d10 for Damage. Attacks made using Leg Strike generally do essential for Martial Heroes. score. 1 Yang Tuo prepares to defend a Temple of Hen-Shi. to head-butt your foe. Attack.

fans. LARGE RANGED You know to use larger ranged weapons effectively. you can deal On a Success. five feet away from you. In addition. When you If you rolled a Total Success on your initial Grapple attack with such a weapon. roll against Evade instead. apprenticeship or other effects). Gamemasters should pay close attention to the de- You know how to use light Melee weapons effective- scriptions of Divination and Ritual. and short bows. Your hammers. education. you must make a successful are throwing the weapon. Grapple roll each round. If you Throw: You throw your foe onto the ground up to are throwing the weapon. making a Grapple Skill roll against their attacker’s Parry (breaking free on a Success). iron hats. and sticks. Muscle against his Hardiness to see if he takes Damage. attacking. make a Heavy Melee Skill roll against your opponent’s Parry score. in addition to restraining your foe. If you To maintain a Restrain. roll Damage Dice based on the weapon against your foe’s Hardiness. Possession of the weapon transfers to you. roll against Evade instead. You know how to use mid-sized Melee weapons ef- nent whose Qi level is lower than your own). These include gentlemen swords (Jian). On a Success. If you choose. thunderbolt balls and halberds (Ji). fectively. Characters who are re. ballista. make On a Success you unbalance the target and place a Large Ranged Skill roll against your opponent’s them on the ground. make a Light Melee take your foe with you. This is used to throw and sweep your enemies. preventing your foe You know how to use heavier melee weapons effec- from moving. On a Success. 1 opt to perform one of the Restrain Maneuvers below: Disarm: You remove a weapon from your opponent’s On a Success. tively. as these are quite ly. When . roll Damage Dice based on the weapon strained can attempt to break free on their turn by against your foe’s Hardiness. On a Success. On a Total Success the person is conclusively thrown SPECIALIST SKILLS 42 or tripped and must use a Move and Skill action to Specialist Skills are used to perform complex tasks return to a standing position (in addition to the that require extensive training. hook swords and staffs (gun). Roll your Target’s Hardiness based on the weapon. When foe is pinned until you let them go. but takes an action to ready. roll Damage Dice based on the weapon Muscle+0d10 Damage to your target. meteor actions (including attempting to break free). HEAVY MELEE Pin: You gain complete control. make a Small Ranged Skill roll against your oppo- THROW nent’s Evade. inflicting one Wound. you can also Skill roll against your opponent’s Parry score. Breaking free MEDIUM MELEE from a Grapple takes up a Skill Action (it is a free action if you are trying to break free from an oppo. roll Damage Dice against the Target’s Hardiness based on the weapon. roll against Evade instead. SMALL RANGED Wound: You use an unarmed Technique to bring You know how to use smaller ranged weapons effec- harm to your opponent. These include butterfly swords. he lands on his back and must spend one move to get up (treat as prone position). important to the setting. lands on his back and must spend one move to get up (treat as prone position). ox tail daos. It functions like the Throw maneuver of the restrain rule except it is more effective. he against your foe’s Hardiness. make a Medium Melee Skill. These include bows. you you attack with such a weapon. daggers. you are restraining your foe. serving as something of a middle LIGHT MELEE ground between Knowledge Skills and Physical Skills. you attack with such a weapon. If you are throwing the weapon. fire lances. Skill roll against your opponent’s Parry Score. They tend to be Skills that involve both mind and body. Also of note are the Alchemy fly-whisks. nets. In addition. Wherever you go. When you attack with such a weapon. When you attack with such a weapon. grip. needles. crossbows. or taking physical skill tively. roll Damage Dice against the the ground up to ten feet away from you. These include hard whips (bian). or you throw your foe onto Evade. You can try to throw anyone as long as you are close These include the whirlwind catapult and triple bow enough to reach them (adjacent or within five feet).

to counter Poison. which you need to use with your vanced in Qi Xien after being honed and developed Medicine Skill for it to work. On a Failure. internal injury related to their meridians. a little more powerful than you”. On a Total Success. the character’s current Qi level and if the person has recently been drained of Qi or suffered any specific Diagnosing a Disease or Poison takes 1d10 minutes. These can be found. the target is stabilized. you accurately identify the should not give a specific number like “Qi 5” but problem. ently from this system (if so. Meaning. The Target person would be good at Waijia or Neigong. The Medicine Skill rep. For example. For proficiency in brewing herbal cures Tables in CHAPTER TWO: RULES. The pulse can tell you about the state of person’s Kung Fu potential and to sense things like their internal organs. external signifiers reveal they must feel the person’s pulse for at least a few the condition of internal organs as well. days. Medicine is highly ad. weeks. so you could gauge if a lowing method: Make a Medicine Skill roll. On Weeks for Lethality allows a Medicine roll every a Normal Success. but not all. The GM On a Normal Success. the target is stabilized and improves.sub-skill (under Trade) and the Poison sub-skill (under Success). re. allows one Med- TREATING WOUNDS icine roll every minute. of time (minutes. On a Total substance or antidote for the Medicine Skill roll to Success. they learn in very general terms the heart while the eyes reveal the state of the liver. Doing this they can make a Medicine roll the tip of the tongue can tell you information about TN 6. Many. etc. Likewise. the person Divination is a broad range of techniques used to stabilizes but continues to suffer the penalties asso. Diseases and Poisons kill characters in increments to diagnose and cure a Disease. You can make characters should also take Talent (Poison). the person ferent areas of focus. resumes or continues. Characters cannot be healed or created with the Talent: Poison Skill. pulse reading. a specific antidote. different martial disciplines. On a Success. Some diseases will also over the course of centuries. Medicine indicates proficiency with acupuncture. burning bones Medicine rolls to see if they recover (on a Total . If they succeed. future (as well as the past and present). meaning week. Note poisons usually require Medicine is a crucial Skill. is cured or fully recovered and the penalties associ- ated with the Disease or Poison go away (unless they MEDICINE are listed as permanent in the chart. seconds. purchased moving one Wound. Diviners ress). emotional state. Many Diseases and Poisons require a specific he does not die if he has started dying. illness (Failure). the Disease or Poison meaning they can be taken multiple times for dif. 43 Number for this roll is listed under the individual Poison and Disease entries in CHAPTER TWO: RULES as Medicine Skill TN and is the Target DIVINATION Number to stop the effects. Occasional- this way more than once a day (though they can be ly specific poisons or diseases will function differ- stabilized multiple times). they must continue to make regular draw on practices such as astrology. require specific remedies for treatment to be effective. this will be stated in the individual entry). The number of Medicine rolls you can make for a Disease is determined by the Lethal- ity increment in its entry on the Disease and Poisons 1 of cures. use the fol. toxins in their body. even be attempted. a Disease that lists Minutes under Lethality. To do this. one Medicine roll to recover per the increment of time identified in its lethality. However. even their internal injuries (loss of Qi for example). physical examination and application under Lethality. This can also be used similarly to assess a person’s potential in the To cure a Disease or counter a Poison. you diagnose the rather say something that the character would un- problem and gain a +1d10 on your roll to cure or derstand such as “You sense that Strange Phoenix is counter it. Specialist Skills are open. DIAGNOSING AND CURING POISON/DISEASE ASSESSING KUNG FU You can determine a person’s condition by taking Characters that know Kung Fu Techniques and have their pulse and examining their skin and external Ranks in Qi can use the Medicine Skill to assess a features. while a Disease that has Treating a wounded character takes one round. in which case they remain forever). It can be used to heal. resents training in healing Techniques and the ideas underpinning this tradition. hours. On a Total Success.) listed and to stop a person from dying. either interpret the will of heaven or see into the ciated with the Disease or Poison (it does not prog. remain stabilized (Success) or slip back into Talent).

al fate in their realm of inquiry for the coming year planet alignment. Though Divination is not an open Skill (any character with Divination knows Oracle Sticks: This is a practice common among the following Techniques) there are different Divina. Another use of Astrology is to assess a person’s Fate or personality. such as “Will we be victorious if • Brewing (Alcohol) we fight the Kushen today?” This does not need to • Calligraphy be phrased as a question. While shaking the cup. Heroes of Ogre Gate setting. also be used to find the ideal name for a newly born child. but perhaps most and interprets the flow of Qi over landscape in order importantly. which predicts a person’s person- Astrology: This involves assessing star alignment. for recovering and eliminating Imbal- to maximize health and spiritual benefit. Disguise and Snake washed. variation of this uses different configurations of ly consulted to determine whether a given day is phoenix and dragon symbols (usually represented auspicious for marriage or building a home. Below is a list of potential talents. or turtle shells. Matchmakers are common. It also is used for everything from finding an ideal camping used for staving off the effects of Qi Spirit Possession site for the evening to the best place and orientation (TN 7+Imbalance Rating). thievery and appreciating fine food. MEDITATION This is a basic skill for any Martial Hero. A success reveals a vague but accurate result. It is used Feng Shui: This is a form of geomancy that senses in many Kung Fu Techniques. Meditation is bad Qi flow. This can as rows of broken or unbroken circles). the diviner asks a question to the spirit or deity. Book of Fortunes. and a Total one falls out. not covered by the other Specialist Skills. general answer or statement. approves of the Emperor”. This is good celestial features (such as the appearance of omens) for helping characters figure out when they have to determine whether a particular day is auspicious acquired Fate or arriving at a better sense of their or inauspicious (or neither). Once the question is Most of these require at least two hours of effort (in rendered on the bone or shell. Yen-Li and Dehuan adherents where one inscribes tion Techniques and the user must specify which she numbers on 100 flat sticks after making an offering is employing for a given task. The sticks are then Divination rolls should always be made by the GM in placed in a tall bamboo cup which is shaken until 1 secret. The number then corresponds to a passage in the final section of the Success indicates a more specific and accurate result. Internal Alchemy and Cultivation. brewing children. the Kushen today” or “the Enlightened Goddess does But Divination is real and works in the Wandering not favor the Emperor”). The Diviner must also have and heated until it cracks. the Poisoning Talent Sub-Skill is uses turtle shells or bones. to knowing where to erect a Meditation to stabilize themselves when they are tomb for a relative. to a particular spirit or deity. a failure indicates an inaccurate result. The question needs to be somewhat specific. and many other methods. children and wealth. Because 44 Oracle Bones: This ancient divination Technique it is so vital to play. Characters can also use to build a new house. and other (or in relation to a particular challenge). on a Meditation Skill roll TN 7. for instance “the Enlightened Goddess . usually as a negative The effects of a Divination roll vary depending on or positive confirmation (“It is inauspicious to fight what kind of questions the person is trying to answer. It could also be phrased as • Cooking a statement. The matchmaker does not uncover specif. ics but gets a general sense of whether they will have future luck in happiness. The objects are first fully described after the list. but Gamemasters and players can elaborate or make new ones. Poison. Matchmaking: This practice predicts the future happiness of couples by comparing their days of TALENT birth and drawing on other fortune telling Techniques Talent is a Skill acquired through extensive training to determine their fate. and then the diviner must write a question Charming are also described in some detail. The crack lines reveal a the necessary materials available. which can cause health problems. A Yen-Li in the world of Qi Xien and astrologers are regular. This is quite important personal fate as it relates to a Fate flaw. It can be ance Points when you overexert yourself. and so forth. casting lots. to the Enlightened Goddess (or other deity) about a future course of action. This is primarily about avoiding dying. it is placed in a fire some cases much more). Unlike other Skill rolls. It includes ly used by families to find ideal partners for their such things as playing a musical instrument. create also used for certain abilities and rituals related to ghosts. days and years of birth.

Each Trade Sub-Skill is based around a partic- • Shadow Puppetry • Singing ular medium. On a Total Success. an individual snake will remain loyal. On a Failure. you create the substance desired. you repair/build the object in question. or rig it for Failure. These are the trade Sub-Skills: This is just for the disguise itself. snakes through various means. • Hawk Handling While some use music or other means in these efforts. meaning that each time you • Sculpting take it you must specify which Trade Sub-Skill you want. On a Total Success. It uses make-up. or another person). to use Alchemy to or Herbal Remedy). • Theft (lock picking and purse snatching) Repairing/building a simple object or device takes • Writing 1d10 days. repair • Tea Preparation or to modify existing structures or objects. then you accidentally in. the cure 45 works as intended and can be administered in con. It can make someone look the object accordingly. On a Normal Success. jewelry. On a Total Success. dice on your failed result. • Tattooing Trade can be used to build (or create). Variations on • Painting this talent are possible for different animals. On a Total Success. ture a substance through Alchemy. you do so at a much faster rate (hours instead of days). the Poison for the substance (you do still get a bonus from the is more effective than normal. the icals. Talent (Snake Charming): This allows one to control you make it in minutes instead of hours. you do so exactly like another person or like a member of the at a much faster rate (1d10 minutes). Resolve of a Snake. design. which is contrasted with Internal Alchemy (a process gested or inhaled enough of the raw components to that also attempts to achieve longevity but through suffer the Poison’s effects. Only Alchemy uses Expertise in this way. cloth. On a Failure. Divine Fire. Disguise (Talent): This is for putting together a dis- guise to change a person’s appearance (for yourself To modify an object or device. false hair. With the exception of simple requires a Talent: Poison roll (TN set by the Poison things like certain dyes and paints. Poison (Talent): This includes the art of creating and administering deadly Poisons. Creating a cure or salve meditation and cultivation of Qi). On a Total Success. When harmed by the raw materials. opposite sex. is similar to making a Poison. When using the Alchemy Sub-Skill to create chem- gress with a Medicine roll. takes 1d10 hours. you must have the relevant Expertise and any cure is so potent that it bestows a +1d10 to any Med. It can be used to make a to produce important chemicals like dye. this is mainly a matter of knowing how to handle • Instrument (simply name the instrument) and communicate with the snakes. If you roll all 1s on the used in this way it is usually called External Alchemy. Architecture and Engineering: You can devise plans for structures of impressive size. Poison or cure. If rolled against the you do not achieve the desired effect. Brewing takes at least an hour and ink. It takes 1d10 hours to manufac- icine rolls made while administering it. paint. Trade Skills can also be used to disarm traps 1 • Snake Charming of the correct medium. On a Success. on a Success it is non-hostile and . so its Lethality and Expertise). you must have the Expertise functions as desired. the Alchemy also is used to make longevity substances. and perfumes. • Dancing even friendly toward the Snake Charmer. It takes one hour to achieve and the result is the TN for Detect rolls to discern the disguise. Poison has no effect but the brewer risks being often using metals like mercury to prolong life. Once • Disguise charmed. as well as the art Alchemy: You work with minerals and other elements of brewing herbal cures. • Poisoning • Reciting TRADE • Scribing Trade is an open Skill. Characters use Trade to make or design things. To actively pretend to be another person one must use the Deception Skill. you adjust ing. necessary materials. On a Normal Success. Hawk • Poetry Handling functions like Snake Charming for example. Speed increase by an increment. On a Normal Success. the Poison create these substances. and so on. On a Success.

46 TRADE: FABRIC WILL ALLOW YOU TO WORK SILK . bowls and other such objects. Desert: The hot arid wastes. you select from the follow- ing list of Sub-Skills: Metal: You can shape steel and other metals. Paper: You know how to make and work with paper. similar material). to weapons. travel. You can create objects or structures. crops. This can also be used to make windows. and fire-building. this is often used SURVIVAL to make beads. Bi discs and similar objects. It can be used to plant and to make fine jewelry. bottles. where water is scarce. travel safely. cups. and water wheels. Glass: Somewhat rare in Qi Xien. Survival is your ability to navigate and find resourc- Hide: You know how to tan leather. chart a course across the sea. particularly navi- includes everything from harmless metal parts gating slums. You also know how to make lanterns (from paper and Mountain/Hill: The hills and highlands. es in the wilderness and to thrive in a given environ- ment (including cities). work with stone and concrete to create structures. locks. Fabric: You are a skilled weaver and understand the Stone: You know the craft of stonemasonry and can basics of fabric production. When you take Survival. It covers things like agricul- Jewelry: You know how to work with precious stones ture. Ceramics: You know how to work with materials Wood: You can perform carpentry to create wooden like clay and make porcelain wares. This is frequently used to disarm mechanical traps. and identify important plants. This Cities: For any large settlement. 1 Mechanical: You can create simple mechanical devices like automata.

To make a Command attempt. demons. you find no fish. also powerful and dangerous. although it also includes Civilized Rural 5 fishing and surviving in the open water. to threats and torture. roll against your oppo- nent’s Resolve. for many people. depending upon the circumstances. roll for the appropri- ate terrain against a Target Number set by the terrain. you reap an abundant yield at harvest. have the person with the Character’s Resolve or Wits Score (or in some cases highest Ranking make the roll. make a Survival Skill roll for the appropriate terrain ancestors and other magical forces respond to users against a Target Number set by the GM. When using Survival Skills for agriculture. you find food and shelter rituals take longer and this is stated in their entry). The Ritual Skill is When used to forage or find shelter (as well as water). of Ogre Gate is open. impeded or have an encounter. you can influence your Target’s behavior. On a Normal who perform Rituals correctly. Total Success. recitations and the creation of various focus objects or talismans. Rituals of some form. Unless otherwise stated Ritual rolls are TN 6. It includes a broad range of Techniques from aggressive shout- ing. Rituals Success. Ritual includes forms of sorcery but also more common rites such as ancestor veneration. On a Success. within their personal limits . socialize and sense things in your environment. On a Normal Success. you make it through in half the normal time (by short cuts and a bit of luck). charming and observant have high Ranks USING SURVIVAL FOR TRAVEL in Mental Skills. Forest/Frontier 8 Wilderness: This includes forests and jungles. On a Skill entries for details. Survival can also be used to track people and animals. For the purposes of fishing it can include rivers and lakes. bark commands at your social 47 inferiors or to intimidate the weak-willed. you find enough food or shelter for one almost always take at least an hour to perform (many person. The focus of Civilized Road 4 this Sub-Skill is navigation. but they are largely associat- you reap a good yield at harvest time. make a small profit. On a Total Success. On a Normal Success.Plains: The flat lands. Mental Skills reflect your ability to reason. The Ritual Skill in Wandering Heroes Success. This may be against a flat TN set by the GM or done MENTAL SKILLS as an opposed Survival roll. meaning you take it multiple times allowing for Ranks in individual Rituals (see When using Survival Skill to fish on a Normal Success. of available Rituals). Most Mental Skill rolls are made against another If traveling in a group. On a Failure. Checks COMMAND are made daily. Most religions have 1 a TN set by the Gamemaster. you catch enough fish to sell and Ritual separately. Those who are clever. Use this to order soldiers. you are lost. On a Failure. When using Survival to travel. Mountains/Ocean 9 USING SURVIVAL FOR FOOD RITUAL AND SHELTER These are a range of practices that involve mudra. Rituals in CHAPTER FOUR: RITUALS for a listing you catch enough to feed yourself and your family. However. You must take ranks in each On a Total Success. Road 6 Hills/Rural 7 Underground: This is used for underground struc- Coastal Waters 7 tures like caverns. It indicates how much authority you project. you against a TN set by the GM). See individual Mental manage to make it safely without getting lost. hourly or every twenty minutes This is your ability to get other people to do things. On a Total ed with Yen-Li. as spirits. The TN for traveling is set by the Terrain: Sea: This applies to oceans and seas. make a Survival Skill roll for the appropriate terrain against offerings.

Furthermore. On a Total Success. though. This skill is also used when you disguise you do not need to roll unless there is some doubt over yourself using the Talent (Disguise) Skill or in at. Persuade or Deception means. This is not a Mind-Reading Skill. But if they happen tempts to pass as being a different gender or social upon a group of bandits and demand the bandits step class (use the Disguise Talent for the initial change aside. you are not. this should always be reasonable and feasible within whatever conditions happen to exist. If the it also includes things like pretending to be someone Players walk into a tavern and buy a round of drinks. roll against your op. you can convince the target of something calls for Mental Skill rolls when they are appropriate. That is. While many their own lives but they will do what they can and even of these skills enable players to influence the behavior bend or break a few rules to appease you. EMPATHY you sense subtle signs that point to the target’s emo- This reflects how well you can read other peoples’ tions. They will not ruin Mental Skills should be handled with care. you are so convincing you get an automatic Success on your next roll for those To make an Empathy attempt. cessful Command. However. On a Normal Success. the GM Success. Only when there you convince the Target you believe you are telling is some doubt should you roll. you can influence a Target’s behavior MANAGING MENTAL SKILLS slightly beyond their normal limits. not the term behavior. ponent’s Wits. (they will do something they consider reasonable). If would have to be within the worldview of the person there is some doubt over the outcome the GM will ask you are trying to convince. To make a Persuade attempt. It can be used to decipher what cues the player picks up on and not simply give the motives of another character or to detect hostil. DECEPTION Persuade or Deception roll. reveal what the NPC or creature is thinking when this Skill is used. On a Normal Success. GMs should not you step closer to her”). a downward look. For havior. intentions or motives. should always You are adept at the art of persuasion. It can be difficult to know when to ask for a Command. the circumstances surrounding the characters. roll against your oppo- emperor and tell him to tell him to stand up to the Yangu”) but a Success does not automatically result in what the player desires (and slapping the emperor should almost nent’s Resolve. do not roll if the players are already being the target you are telling truth (or at the very least. commanding or deceptive. you convince Essentially. “I slap the 1 within that worldview to convince them of things. A GM can say what If used to assume another identity. whether they will get their drinks. then a Command roll would be called for. sensing social cues that point to the 48 person’s mood or state of mind. persuasive. On tion or thought reading. As a general rule. Rather the PC will see signs or . for a relevant Mental Skill roll. While be considered by the GM when he gauges what a suc- Command seeks to change peoples’ immediate be. but merely a stance. The GM has to the target to believe something that he is already decide how the particular NPC would react to a success- likely to believe with a little persuasion. their inherent disposition. of NPCs. On a Total ful Command roll in the situation. ponent’s Wits. do not roll if the players ask questions To make a Deception attempt. The GM should describe intentions or Emotions. On a Total Success. “She glances at the curtain behind you when Skill for interpreting social cues. such a request. and it is unlikely the bandits would respond to of appearance. you are so convincing a persuasive argument or issue a stern command. roll against your op- same observers. Again. that you achieve an automatic Success with the same Target on your next attempt. On a Normal Success. their positions PERSUADE in the world. and so forth). do so when the outcome is not clear or when the Player’s This is the art of lying and distorting the truth but actions fall short of his character’s Skill Rank. this players should simply state what they intend to do. a Total Success. however). On a Total Success. You cannot undo a person’s entire player. you seek to alter ways of thinking and long this reason. when they fail to make the truth). you achieve partial insight. symptoms of the NPC’s internal thoughts (a twitch. the GM should set the outcome. he is much less likely to believe. on a Normal this likely suggests but it is absolutely not lie detec- Success you remain convincing to observers. you convince never result in what the player desires). but you can work with a particular skill use (for example. or make requests that would reasonably get a result. A player can describe what he hopes to achieve worldview in a single Persuade roll. a list of things going on in the NPC’s head (for in- ity.

1 minutes. the distance in feet (so 20 feet for a running jump is TN master should set the Target Number based on the 10). then he catches up to him for grueling or involved kinetic activities. simply roll and When you attempt to perform a simple Athletic feat. climb or participate in sports. On a Normal Success. If the pursuer meets or exceeds the Physical Skills represent your fitness and aptitude roll of the person in flight. trying to flee rolls higher. but this is not always pieces of information. gather evidence and to spot Jumping: When you try to jump the Target Number is stealthy opponents. Detect involves all the senses and sometimes focuses on one of them. speed and other athletic abili. make a Detect SWIM roll against the target’s Stealth Score. For example. When trying to out-swim someone. the case. you would make an Athletics roll. you achieve your goal in an exceptional way or (if appropriate) gain a free Skill Action. you Swim represents your ability to tread water. you reach a valid con. of significance within an hour. For vertical jumps. On a Success.REASONING Most Physical Skills are made against a Target This is your ability to think logically and analyze Number set by the Gamemaster. distance between himself and the pursuer. For running long jumps. when trying to leap from one moving clusion/recollection in 1d10 seconds. the TN is equal to height multiplied Difficulty. Gamemasters can allow players to make Reasoning rolls when they fail to put together clues Physical Skills serve other functions as well. Your and can attempt to make a Restrain roll. On a Total DETECT Success. For example (in the same way Speed governs land movement). . You will not always need to roll for Physical acter’s memory recall and can be used for things like Skills. someone who uses Detect to taste a specially prepared You can swim 10 feet plus 5 feet per Rank of Swim. endurance. On a Total Success. At its core. If the person strength. meal at a restaurant and gets a Success might be able So. A character with 3 Ranks in Muscle does not recognizing a face you have seen only once before need to roll to lift a five-pound log. to check for drowning and to determine your move- ment speed in the water. On a Normal Success. but he may need or recalling the precise wording of a previous con. though in some cases it may make sense to employ opposed reasoning Skill rolls when two characters are pitting ATHLETICS wits against one another and it cannot be resolved in game through roleplaying. When 49 PHYSICAL SKILLS chasing someone in the water. It also represents your char. the TN is equal to half When used for finding clues or a search. make contested rolls in the same way. you find something of significance in minutes. adds to Damage rolls. the Game. taking away the element of surprise. then he creates substantial ties are determined by your Physical Skills. you reach a valid conclusion/recollection in 1d10 Athletics is your ability to do things like jump. versation. It is used spot the person. A person who feet in a round when in the water. you accom- plish the task without any problems. chases or races in water. Reasoning Skill rolls are usually against a TN. Muscle their characters may have stitched together. To spot someone sneaking or hiding. the find things amid other things. It should be used broadly and creative. On a Total Success. If the test of horse to another. It is used to search. and Speed sets your movement and Turn Order. In the make an Athletics roll against a Target Number event of a tie. make contested Swim rolls. reason is between you and another. scores a Total Success could potentially learn the chef’s You may occasionally need to make Swim rolls for state of mind while preparing the meal. you find something by 2. On a Normal Success. this is the ability to set by height or distance. ficulty of the task). Target Number equals distance in feet (with ten feet being TN 10). This reflects how well you observe your environment. For standing long jumps. Movement in the water is set by your Swim Rank ly to cover a wide range of possibilities. So to jump five feet in the air is TN 10. Characters use this Skill for Athletic feats not covered by the other Physical Skills. a Character with two Ranks in Swim moves 20 to discern the ingredients in the dish. neither side can claim victory (effective chosen by the GM (the number is based on the dif- stalemate or no clear winner). to roll if he wants to lift a 400-pound boulder. whoever gets the single highest result wins. for example. Whoever gets the single highest result out-swims the other.

add 1 to your Turn Order Score (so one Total Success is 10. Enduring harsh elements or running a long 10 Hurricane or Tsunami Rank 3 or lower distance requires an Endurance roll. make an En- of Ogre Gate. lowest. MUSCLE following round. If there is ever a tie. period. SWIM TN WATER CONDITIONS SWIM CHECK 3 Calm waters Rank 0 ENDURANCE 6 Rough Waters Rank 1 or lower Endurance represents your stamina and condition- 9 Stormy Waters Rank 2 or lower ing. The Target Number should be set by the Gamemaster. animal or vehicle. Therefore. On a If there is still a tie. Perhaps more important- avoid drowning). you stay afloat. It reflects how fast your reflexes are and durance Skill roll. they AND DROWNING in CHAPTER TWO: RULES). you stay afloat and do not need to make a check the determines how things unfold based on the results. break or (in which case you do need to make a Swim roll to throw objects for instance. The GM counts down from the highest number . On a Normal Success. With a Muscle Skill roll you can lift. Rank of Speed (so with 2 Ranks in Speed you can move 50 feet in one combat round). Its key functions active without resting. For speed in 50 water. every character would drown eventually. When two characters go at the same time. usually a number of d10 equal to your Ranks conditions before needing to make a Drowning check. in the skill. both characters go at the same Failure. SPEED Speed is a very important Skill in Wandering Heroes When pushing your body to the limit. Muscle represents your physical strength and has Even conditions that do not require a Drowning several important uses in Wandering Heroes of Ogre check for your Rank become dangerous after a while Gate. take Ride (Wagon) and assign the desired Ranks. For every Total Success after the first. So Your Speed Skill determines your Turn Order in your Swim Rank determines under what conditions combat. a character with Muscle Ranks in order to be used without penalties. So. Ride and Sail are two open Skills that can be taken multiple times for each type of vessel. you remain how quickly you can get around. if you know how to drive a Wagon you a Speed Skill roll and keeps their single highest result. To check for drowning. compare it to the Drowning conditions in the in Speed during a battle. characters with more Ranks in you must roll to avoid drowning. A Failure indicates your body must rest or pass out in a number of rounds equal to your Har- You can move 30 feet plus an additional 10 feet per diness (passing out lasts 1d10 minutes). when combat begins. everyone makes For example. Rank 2 Swim can spend two hours in open sea con. In addition. This is the skill to use when something might cause a character to collapse or pass out. So Muscle is a crucial Skill. A Total Success imparts an are to set your movement in feet during combat and automatic success for the same activity in the same to determine your Turn Order in Combat. When you enter Speed usually go before characters with fewer Ranks water. Turn Order proceeds from highest to the following lists (these are not exhaustive). WATER CONDITIONS AND DROWNING table to see if a roll is called for (or just use common sense). and you go on the round equal to your See the Swim Check column of the chart to determine Speed roll result. you begin to drown (See SUFFOCATION time. two total Each time you take either of these Skills select from successes is 11). each round. If you had to make a roll every time you set foot in SPEED AND TURN ORDER water. each declare their intentions and roll. For more detailed information on Muscle and lifting objects see LIFTING AND MOVING OBJECTS in WATER CONDITIONS AND DROWNING CHAPTER TWO: RULES. Your Endurance Rank determines ly. certain items require base Each Rank gives you one hour. and the GM 1 On a Success. and the person with the highest goes first. Sometimes you make a Swim roll to avoid drowning. On a Total Success. you often add your Muscle to Melee Weapon how many hours you can spend swimming in safe Damage. ditions before making a check. For Turn Order. make a Swim roll. Skill Ranks. compare Speed whether you need to roll to avoid drowning or not. use your Swim Skill instead (in water the rate RIDE AND SAIL of movement is 10 feet plus 5 for each Rank of Swim).

For more information on Performance Ratings and In most cases. Ship combat operates the same. War rules in CHAPTER TWO: RULES. time to time you will be called upon to do so. except the person coordinating the . On a Total Success. give chase. There are five basic levels of mastery (plus tial distance between himself and the pursuer (at two additional levels that are obtainable at the Pro- least his transport’s movement in feet). This is a contested roll between all 2 Ranks in a subject but you only have one) and you participants. Horse. This is an important cat- Rating (and many have something called a handling egory for anyone seeking to pass the Imperial Exams. sharp turns. when the information you are after is more ad- simply roll their Speed (listed in each entry in the vanced than your level of understanding in the MOUNTS AND TRANSPORT in CHAPTER FIVE: subject (i. This level of Total Success. For chases. For a Race. See their respective make as many rolls for them as with other skills. and Wagon. rider or captain makes attacks using his Ride or Sail against the other vehicle’s Evade Score. and Row Boats. maneuvers or move at the Handling Speed without making another roll for one round. you do not need to AND BOATS in CHAPTER TWO. The Ride and Sail skills can be used to evade. jumping. the subject and only know very basic things. escape dangerous conditions or avoid sudden obstacles. greater detail in CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT. attacks will occasionally use other skills like Large Ranged for ballista or cannons. Because knowledge is a reflection of 1 Handling Speeds of Vehicles see CARTS. This is explained in Sail: Barges. If the person ent Ranks signify in terms of your mastery of a running away rolls higher. subject. Junks.Ride: Camel. Always be sure to add in any relevant Expertise when gauging your level in a particular subject: MANEUVERS On a Normal Success for any Ride/Sail Skill roll. attempt to make an educated guess based on what wins that segment of the race. you must make a Ride or Sail Skill roll with a TN equal to the mode of trans- port’s Performance Rating. When you are racing vehicles or horses. it can be used KNOWLEDGE SKILLS to pilot or captain a ship and to navigate. HORSES what you already understand. then he creates substan.e. you can perform the subject. This functions the same as it does for characters using their Speed roll to race when on foot (See SPEED The only time you need to roll for knowledge is SKILL). Elephant. In the case of sailing vessels. Maneuvers 1 Rank (Novice): You are just starting to learn about include: exceeding handling speed. and cutting off. Anytime you try to perform a risky maneuver or exceed handling speed. or pulls ahead. speed). You have good general understanding of its 51 For combat on vehicles use the following rules. if you want information that requires EQUIPMENT). They include worldly knowledge All modes of transportation have a Performance and academic knowledge. The major topics. though you do not know the finer details. Knowledge Skills encompass the things you know and understand. you can exceed your Handling Speed understanding is called mastery. 2 Ranks (Student): You have spent a great deal of time learning about the subject but are far from a COMBAT master. Knowledge Skill rolls are made to de- termine whether you know a specific or relevant piece of information. Hardiness and deducts any Wounds from its Integrity. From entries in CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT as well. but often you can simply judge by your Rank if you know some- thing. 3 Ranks (Scholar): You have devoted yourself to the he rolls his vehicle’s Damage against the target Craft’s study of the subject and possess in-depth knowledge. You know the finer details but some obscure facts For ship combat we recommend using the Armies and elude you. On a you know (and when taking exams). the pursuer needs to meet or exceed the roll Therefore. On a Success. sudden stop. that round without making a Ride/Sail roll. It is primarily when you try to operate beyond RACES AND PURSUIT your Rank in a subject that a roll is required. found and Immortal levels). it is important to understand what differ- of the transport in flight to catch up. whoever rolls higher wins. you 0 Ranks (Untrained): You have no knowledge of maintain control.

In addition to being used for determining what you already know. and Places/Cultures (The Zun River Valley) When you attempt to use one of your Knowledge at 2 Ranks. If the information is deemed beyond that level. This reflects your ability to navigate is nothing recorded that exists in the world of man a subject and find the information you want quickly. Skills. for example. Places/Cultures (The Kushen Basin) at 2 Ranks. 52 the various celestial and demon realms. that information is not available. so you specify a 6 Ranks (Celestial Authority): Your knowledge on Sub-Skill each time you select one and take up to all earthly matters on the subject is complete but you three Ranks in it. there is no roll required. Expertise and three Ranks in a Knowledge (or when you become a Profound Master or Immortal). one provided above. You even know obscure tidbits that few have heard. All Knowledges are open Skills. but this is explained in the If you do not know something about it. to see if you know whether Zhen Birds are venomous.1 KNOWLEDGE WILL OFTEN SAVE YOU FROM THE DANGERS OF THE WORLD 4 Ranks (Master): This is only possible with an must roll to make an educated guess. There new knowledge. Knowledge rolls are made when con- 5 Ranks (Earthly Authority): Your knowledge of ducting research through texts or artifacts to obtain all earthly matters on the subject is complete. then you . the GM will decide what level mastery that information requires. Only a few you could take Places/Cultures (Chezou River) at 3 obscure details elude you. You can take each Knowledge also know information recorded on the subject in multiple times for different Sub-Skills. that you do not know about it. Ranks. If your Rank is that level or greater. You Languages follow a slightly different format than the are one of the world’s leading masters of the subject. chances are Language Skill entry. For example.

So. be taken multiple times. and monsters. armies or sects. and all charac. portant pieces of information. On a Normal Success. Keep in mind that you do not need to roll if the information you hope Each time you take this skill. however. and so on. Sects. It can regions in Qi Xien are: Chezou River Valley. and Li Fai are all related dialects of a broader tongue called Fei. Acquiring ranks in regions not relevant information about the region’s history. Hai’anese. On a Total Success. lore. behavior. LANGUAGES This represents your mastery of speaking different PLACES/CULTURES languages. rather than place. the Eastward Bound Invaders. food. Sub-Skills are by region. the should have a TN of 6. 53 It means you understand customs. The This reflects your knowledge of a region’s past. This Skill involves knowledge of places and cultures. Total Success. the Era of It should be based on the rarity of the Technique. various Kung Fu Techniques and the broad categories ical age. the Era of the Demon Emperor. Each time you take this Skill. you Normal Success. choose which Sub-Skill to know is within your level of mastery. On a Total Success. Jian Shu. for a broad historical period. you know Languages are quite simple and there are four basic an important bit of information about the region. the Imperial Bureaucracy. Target Numbers for When making a Creatures Skill roll. You are able to use the skill to This is your knowledge of animals. the Era of the Dutiful State. Qinggong. The institution Sub-Skills are: Criminal Underworld. On a Normal Success. This is your knowledge of the dif- the Era of the Thundering March. Suk. Insects. You can add This Knowledge Skill is for important institutions. On a Success. powerful beings identify Kung Fu Techniques within that Discipline. MARTIAL DISCIPLINES Each time you take this Skill. you want Ranks in. You can take it multiple times. ing of basic biology. diet. another level of mastery by selecting an Expertise It reflects your working knowledge of things like in specific creatures. History Sub-Skills are by histor. you creature. you want Ranks in. Hu Qin. etc. All Fei speakers can communicate The Gamemaster should set the TN for any Places/ with one another. On a listed here requires travel to them. Language can be taken multiple times. CREATURES Neigong. while an extremely rare Tech- Era of 100 Pieces. This Skill imparts understand. the Era of the Compassionate Daughter. and the Era of the Glorious Emperor (present age). traditions. Cultures Skill roll. if you have information about the place. you know multiple pieces of Rank. Humanity. the Era of the Five ferent martial disciplines. the Era of the Righteous Emperor. the Era of the Two Kingdoms. Religious Organizations. For example. you know Zun River Valley. the Emerald Coast. choose which Sub-Skill The Martial Disciplines Skill is your knowledge of you want Ranks in. You can use it to identify a Technique or school’s style. you know relevant information but can go a step beyond and make deeper connections. . Demons (includes Spirited Beasts). and Societies. 1 Kingdoms. The Sub-Skills are: Waijia. Daoyun. The TN for a Martial Discipline Skill is set by the GM. know several important bits of information. and Spirits (includes Ghosts and Undead).HISTORY Each time you take this Skill. the Era of the North. levels of mastery. When selecting this Skill take from the group of INSTITUTIONS broad classes listed below each time. choose which Sub-Skill Military Organization. Li Fan. something that is quite commonly performed ern Horse Riders. The Creatures Sub-Skills are: Animals. the GM should Institutions rolls should be set by the GM. It is an important Skill if you want to know a creature’s weakness or its key characteristics. Like other Knowledge Skills. the Era of the Great Emperor. the Yan Gu Plains. Dai Bien. It does not allow you to read scripts. you do not need to roll. ters start with 3 Ranks in their native language. nique could be as high as 10. To speak within the scope of your On a Total Success. and History Skill rolls. the The Gamemaster should set the Target Number for any Kushen Basin. you know a relevant piece of infor- know an important piece of information about the mation about the Institution. choose which Sub-Skill you want Ranks in. you know several im. though with some difficulty. The Historical Ages are: they belong to. Monsters. and Dianxue. On a set the TN based on difficulty. choose which Sub-Skill you want Ranks in. politics. Each time you take this skill. Hai’an.

dress. The great teacher. Religion/ 2 Ranks (average): You can communicate in the Gods is an open Skill so you take it separately each language but with some trouble. Gushan: This is the Suk wind god of the South. Each time you take the Religion Skill. trade. use the Ritual Skill. This must practices from other religions. For rites and tence in the language and speak on complex subjects. and so on. While they believe in *This script is a relatively recent invention. ulating the principles of the Perfect Realm (Wan Mei) and by following the will of Xian Nu Shen (the En- Singh (Sai): Spoken by some in the South. RELIGION/GODS sational phrases. It does not grant you the ability to commu. Li Fai. to make a roll (with a high Target Number). established it and its core belief is that the world of man (Qi Xien) is im- Li Fai (Feishu): Spoken in Li Fan and Hu Qin. It is both a faith and a philosophy. nicate and understand on a Success. Tradition. They acknowledge the existence This is your ability to read and write a language’s of Xian Nu Shen and her realms. You can take Ranks in multiple languages. River Fei to the Yu River. members of a sect and extremely difficult for out- siders to learn. you Sect Scripts: Each sect has its own script. 54 Emerald Coast. When relevant to the Banyan region are described in the choosing a language. nicate in a language you do not have. . select from the list below (script RELIGIONS AND PHILOSOPHIES section of is noted in parenthesis): CHAPTER SEVEN: THE WORLD OF QI XIEN. Social Order. These are fail to comprehend or communicate successfully. Propriety. ceremonies. a woman believed to be the daugh- ter of the Enlightened Goddess. Sai (Singh). There are also traces of it in the Banyan region for some reason. Groupings of languages have their own script attempt to discuss your plans to revolutionize the silk plus sects have secret scripts as well. but that we can aspire to perfection by em- spoken in the Banyan region. lightened Goddess). named Hen-Shi. spoken by the Khus. Yanzi* (Yanli and Kushen). Righteous- Yanli (Yanzi): Spoken in the Yan Gu Plains and the ness. just codes and symbols used to communicate with their own members. This is your knowledge about the different religious ingful sentences. you can commu. pick from one Daoyun (Feishu): The official language of the Zhan of the following or one of the less common entries Dao Empire. Yoshaic (Khubsi). 1 Rank in Daoyun and simply want to thank someone be taken for any language that you wish to be literate for being friendly. Cult of Hen-Shi: Some people venerate a figure Hai’anese (Feishu): Spoken in Hai’an and by the Suk. you can pass as a native speaker. you would need Language Scripts: Feishu (Hai’anese. Scripts are only taught to Here are the basic levels of language mastery. The major ones start with 3 Ranks in your native tongue. The core values of Dehua are Filial Piety. ideals her followers embrace. It represents your familiarity with the religion’s beliefs and principles. Loyalty. but in their view these script. and Wisdom. but cannot form complex or mean. Also perfect. allowing for different Ranks in different reli- gions. This Skill is useful for identifying certain re- 3 Ranks (fluent): You can communicate with compe. It simply allows Qi Zhao: This is an outgrowth of Dehua but blends you to understand the language’s letters. Always Qi Xien has many belief systems. practices in the world. Ac- cording to those who worship Gushan he is the supreme READ SCRIPT reality that absorbs all. are pale echoes of Gushan’s magnificence. Daoyun). She is known for her Khubsi (Yoshaic): A language from the far west compassion and mercy. 1 language 1 Rank (poor): You know basic words and conver. spoken by most people north of the from Chapter Seven (for example Hedra). Integrity. ligious practices. and When making a Language Skill roll. Dehua: This is the most traditional and widespread religion of Qi Xien. On a Failure. no roll is required. with just 1 Rank in the language. time. Kong Zhi. On a Total Success. Should you then in. Characters gain 1 Free Rank in their 0 Ranks: You cannot speak a single word of the Sects script at Character Creation. Kushen (Yanzi): Spoken in the Kushen Basin.

state of mind. Practitioners believe that the distinction such as applying heat to shells to create cracks. 55 Jiang Laozi to overcome more powerful opponents. make it seem that history had prepared for his reign. Scripture of Sun Mai: Technically this classic is not Book of Fortunes: This is a Dehuan book of divi. According to their system have been essential to maintaining a stable govern- ment. The text goes in and out of favor. While there are other Mei are guidelines for etiquette and proper religious works of note. much of it remains a reliable account of the CLASSICS Empire’s political history. all porous and interconnected. Righteousness. and the function of the state and its Exams and rose to prominence as a poet and historian. Like Dehuans they believe in Dao Huangdi’s son came to power he executed Fan the Perfect Realm (Wan Mei) but they regard it as one Qi and had his own court scholars revise the text to of countless worlds. It expresses the philosophical underpin- famous general during the Era of 100 Pieces and helped nings of Dehua. Their values can vary depending upon Book of Laws: This is a text explaining principles the lineage but often include Bravery. Qi Zhao holds that the perfect Realm is a Realm). . Yen-Li and Qi Zhao.similar core principles. It should be noted that This is your knowledge of the classic texts in Qi Xien. Propriety. written the Imperial Exams). This is believed to have been written in the Era blood of your enemies before you die. Fan Qi. The scripture of Sun Mai is a collec- It includes methods such as reading hexagrams by tionof 12 books that explains this idea and promotes drawing short and long stalks and arranging them dialogue. and though the text has been altered. its original the phenomena of Qi and its presence in Qi Xien. and pos. Sayings of Kong Zhi: This is another Dehuan book that contains dialogues between Kong Zhi and his The 26 Stratagems of Jiang Laozi: Jiang Laozi was a students. When Zhao including Sunan and Bao. these are the major ones. edge of similar texts on the subject. Innovation. Many practitioners of Qi Zhao also Dehua. unaltered versions of the book are still widely read The classics are the foundational texts of Daolin and studied in Hai’an. Glorious Histories: Written by the highly respect- Yen-Li: A system of folk beliefs that emerged around ed court official and historian. This means you must spill the Laws. This text Integrity. which between the Realm of Man (Qi Xien) and the Perfect can then be interpreted. partly due to its emphasis on rigid and un- The Majestic Lion Cult: This religion originated in compromising implementation of law. immortals and other beings Dao Huangdi. and uses 26 examples used by General Perfect Realm (Wan Mei) and improve. Passion. Only then will of the Great Emperor by Minister Guan Dao. Each time you take it. but it was based on the teachings of nation methods for determining the will of the a great Dehuan Scholar whose ideas developed into Goddess Xian Nu Shen (who dwells in the Perfect Qi Zhao. you take Ranks philosophy and religion in Qi Xien. observances meant to bring one in alignment with sessing a Rank in one of them reflects broader knowl. and Wisdom). a Dehuan text. The Rites of Wan in one of the following works. However. the Righteous Emperor. Truth and a healthy skepticism Sometimes it appears at odds with the tenets of of the Orthodox. yet some Dehuan scholars have synthesized hold Hen-Shi in high regard. title was The Righteous Histories. It also includes more ancient methods by Dehua. it lays by Dehua. to enter paradise one must be free of out. modeled on the blueprint contained in the Book of standing grudges. After his service. Dehua is an important Knowledges. They believe in a out some significant concepts and traditions that figure called the Majestic Lion. can be achieved here on earth by living in harmony with nature. it with their philosophy. that the Perfect Realm written by Li Zhongyan. The classics are all written in Daoyun. Social was written by Shang Fei who served under Jiang as a Order. in honor of Zhao titioners venerate spirits. debate. who carries souls to paradise in the afterlife. Shang Fei passed the Imperial social roles. The core teaching of Dehua is that all The text is about the importance of unconventional things should strive to align themselves with the tactics in war. they reject the path laid out into patterns. the Perfect Realm (Wan Mei). The book of Fortunes was Realm (Wan Mei) is an illusion. Loyalty. the Majestic Lion deliver you to Paradise. Kong Zhi. Individuality. This is an open Skill like all by its founder. Most imperial bureaucracies have been 1 of belief. the importance of soldier. its key moral principles (Filial Piety. and its some- the West but accepts much of the cosmology shared times cruel application by tyrants. Tradition. of state power and its relationship with the people. civilization and are important for anyone seeking official positions (memorizing them is key to passing Rites of Wan Mei: This is a Dehuan book. It is also used by some Yen-Li practitioners. leadership. meditation and clarity of judgment. Prac. bring the Righteous Emperor to the throne. This is a lengthy book.

you gain a +1d10 bonus to your Skill roll. To take an Expertise for Light Melee. You gain this bonus weapon from the Heavy Melee category from when you use a Skill and you have a relevant Expertise. MEDICINE-TREAT 56 You know how to treat illness and poisoning. you gain a +1d10 to your Attack roll. choose a You know how to perform surgeries. choose a 1 ARM STRIKE-NONE There are no Expertise for Arm Strike. choose a weapon from the Large Ranged category from CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT of this book. . choose a to Skills in the right conditions. Skill to arrive at a diagnosis. EXPERTISE Expertise in Combat Skills are almost always relevant to the weapon. You know how to diagnose illness. When you use MEDICINE-DIAGNOSE that weapon. You can take this for as many weapons as you like from this category. you gain a +1d10 to your Attack COMBAT SKILL roll. CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT of this book. When using your Medicine Skill to cure or heal. When tations. Consult each skill entry below for SMALL RANGED the available Expertise. When using your weapon from the Medium Melee category from Medicine Skill for surgical procedures. you gain a +1d10 bonus to your Skill roll. You can take this for as many weapons as you like from this category. you gain a +1d10 to your Attack roll. EXPERTISE HEAVY MELEE (SELECT WEAPON) Expertise cost 1 Skill Point and give you a +1d10 bonus To take an Expertise for Heavy Melee. To take an Expertise for Large Ranged. you gain a +1d10 to your Attack There are no Expertise for Grapple. When you use your Medicine from this category. you use that weapon. weapon from the Small Ranged category from CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT of this book. roll. choose a weapon from the Light Melee category from CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT of this book. you gain a +1d10 bonus to your Skill roll. Consult each skill entry below for the available Expertise. MEDIUM MELEE (SELECT WEAPON) MEDICINE-SURGERY To take an expertise for Medium Melee. You can take this for as many weapons as you like from this category. LARGE RANGED LEG STRIKE-NONE (SELECT WEAPON) There are no Expertise for Leg Strike. When GRAPPLE-NONE you use that weapon. When you use that weapon. (SELECT WEAPON) To take an Expertise for Small Ranged. THROW-NONE There is are no Expertise for Throw. Poison or Disease You can take this for as many weapons as you like by examining a person. SPECIALIST SKILL LIGHT MELEE EXPERTISE (SELECT WEAPON) Expertise in Specialist Skills vary considerably. such as ampu- CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT of this book.

but in most cases covers +1d10 bonus to your Survival roll when used for either anything considered preparation or composition. yourself and the world around you. you you gain a +1d10 to your roll. If you have Talent: Singing. ally applies to the performance of the skill itself. For example. When you make a Meditation Skill roll to gain an Insight. you gain a +1d10 bonus. and related skills. Mechanical: Locks. and related skills. Metal: Weapons. dye. 1 your body. TALENT-COMPOSITION SURVIVAL-HARVEST/FISH Like Talent-Perform. Rituals. SURVIVAL-TRAVEL You are a swift and able traveler. sails. chemicals or structures you wish to special. it refers to the act of singing. To be clear. In the case of Alchemy. you use Survival to do either of these things. It gener. rugs. Divine Fire (see Divine Fire entry in Equipment section). and related skills. Talents cover a broad range of Skills. So. and related skills. Any time Alchemy: Paint. waterwheels. it refers SURVIVAL-FORAGE/SHELTER to the act of poisoning someone. So. Anytime you make a Meditation Skill roll to prevent yourself from dying you gain a +1d10 bonus. 57 ize in. if you have Talent: Singing. and related skills. DIVINATION-WILL OF HEAVEN smoke powder (See entry in Equipment section). you could take Trade: Wood-Furni- ture and this would give you a +1d10 bonus any time you RITUAL-NO EXPERTISE make chairs. Ceramics: Pottery. wagons. houses. So the exact nature of this Expertise varies according to the spe. if you want to make Divine Fire. armor. you must have the Expertise before being able to use the Alchemy Skill to create that chemical or substance. The following are just examples. roads. canals. siege weapons. you can choose spe. the list of potential Trade Expertise is nearly limitless. Fabrics: Clothes. you would gain a +1d10 bonus when using the Skill to create a new melody. You are well trained in reading the will of heaven. gates. this Expertise accommodates You are a Master Farmer and Fisherman. of these things. MEDITATION-RECOVER HEALTH You are good at using meditation to calm and rejuvenate Architecture and Engineering: Buildings. understand- ing the present and uncovering the past. cific objects. woodworked items. thing simple like a common dye or paint. unless it is some. MEDITATION-INSIGHT You use meditation for deeper understanding of Glass: Beads. Wood: Furniture. When you make a TRADE-MEDIUM Survival roll to travel (particularly when rolling for When you take a Trade Expertise. but if you have the Talent: Poisoning Skill. past or substances (produces substances that prolong or present you gain a +1d10 bonus to your Skill roll. You are skilled at foreseeing the future. For External Alchemy char- Anytime you use Divination to obtain insight about acters should also take or research complimentary fate you gain a +1d10 bonus to your Skill roll. When anything considered a performance with your Skill. porcelain. external alchemy for longevity you use Divination to learn about the future. tables. and related skills. TALENT-PERFORM Stone: Walls. Anytime you do You are good at foraging and finding shelter. add a +1d10 bonus.DIVINATION-FORTUNE TELLING Fire. and related skills. an encounter). houses and related cific nature of the Talent Skill in question. There are no Expertise for Ritual. you must take Trade: Alchemy-Divine . stairs. longevity substances and trans- formative substances are each individual expertise. gain a +1d10 to your Skill roll. and gain a the precise Skill it applies to. Bi discs and similar objects. enhance life) and transformative substances (pro- duces substances that change living things).

and know how to pace yourself. +1d10 Expertise Bonus. Select multiple times for each mode of transport you possess. When using the Swim You know how to move fast on your horse or in a Skill to race or move quickly. PHYSICAL SKILL MUSCLE-BREAK You are good at breaking things. When using the Ride Skill to go fast. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. When using the Speed Skill to move fast. and react with perfect You are an adept navigator. When using the Swim Skill to dive into When using the Ride Skill to perform a stunt or unusual water. SPEED-INITIATIVE SAIL-NAVIGATION You have lightning reflexes. such as a running pursuit or race. When climb safely and efficiently. When using the Athlet. SWIM-DIVING RIDE-MANEUVER You are an experienced diver. MENTAL SKILL SPEED-PURSUE You are fast on your feet. apply pertise Bonus. ance Skill to endure the elements. apply your +1d10 Ex. ATHLETICS-LEAP ENDURANCE-EXPOSURE 1 You are adept at leaping over distances and heights. ATHLETICS-CLIMB MUSCLE-LIFT You are an experienced climber. SAIL-BATTLE When using the Speed Skill to escape pursuit. When using the Endurance Skill to run long event. apply You can command a crew in battle. Consult each skill entry below for the available Expertise. apply your Expertise Bonus. SWIM-FAST You are an experienced swimmer. ATHLETICS-SPORTS You are skilled at sports like Cuju (ball-kicking: ENDURANCE-MARATHON similar to football) or Chuiwan (ball-hitting: similar You can run at a steady pace when most others would to golf). When using the Muscle Skill to break Consult each Skill entry below for the available Expertise. Apply your Expertise timing in combat situations. When using the Athletics Skill to leap. pertise Bonus when using the Sail Skill in combat. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. apply your +1d10 58 Expertise Bonus. distances apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. and able to run more swiftly EXPERTISE than most. using the Muscle Skill to lift something. maneuver. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. When using the Endur- +1d10 Expertise Bonus. apply your ics Skill to climb. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. SPEED-ELUDE You move with cunning and make an elusive target. Select multiple times for each mode of transport you possess. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. under water. Skill to make a Turn Order roll. apply your You have experience in harsh environments. Apply your Ex- your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. from tables to re- EXPERTISE inforced doors. and know how to You are strong and trained to lift heavy objects. When using the Speed Bonus when using the Sail Skill to navigate. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. chariot. . and know how to dive You know how to maneuver on your horse or in a chariot. your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. something. When using the Athletics Skill in a sporting collapse. and know how to RIDE-RACE move quickly in the water.

. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. You are a charming person and use that to your advan- tage. use your Deception Skill to deny a fact you know to be true. apply your +1d10 You are adept at assuming alternate identities (in- Expertise Bonus to the Skill roll. When you 59 use your Deception Skill to tell a false story apply PERSUADE-CONVINCE your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. When you Bonus to the Skill roll. When you use your Persuade Skill to convince another person that EMPATHY-EMOTION your view is correct. When using your Persuade Skill to seduce or gain DECEPTION-TALL TALE favor with a person. apply your +1d10 Expertise did not do something you actually did. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. to convince someone you order someone around. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. COMMAND-EXTRACT DECEPTION-DISGUISE You know how to loosen a man’s tongue. cluding people of the opposite sex). When using Command to extract information. When you use your Empathy Skill to assess another person’s emotional state. PERSUADE-CHARM you gain a +1d10 bonus. You know how to convince people. This relies on initial use of the Disguise Talent. 1 COMMAND-LEAD DECEPTION-DENIAL You are a strong leader. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. You understand the subtle art of telling a tall tale and can convince anyone of anything. You read other people’s Emotions with ease. When using Command to You know how to deceive. Once disguised. if you use Deception to pretend to be another person.

KNOWLEDGE SKILL EXPERTISE LANGUAGE-NONE Knowledge Skill Expertise is generally a very spe. You gain a +1d10 to your roll if it’s related to this subject. but can vary from one Skill to the other. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. you gain a +1d10 bonus. apply your +1d10 Expertise Bonus. You gain a +1d10 to your roll if it’s related 60 to this subject. you select from one of the five senses: Smell. (you also know its general structure). Whenever you make an Institutions roll on the matter of the people DETECT-SENSE inside an organization. When you use your Reason. REASONING-INFORMATION You understand the principles of reasoned debate MARTIAL DISCIPLINES and know how to analyze information. Hearing. area. . you gain You understand the procedures. There are no Expertise for languages. EMPATHY-INTENTION PLACES/CULTURES You read other people’s intentions accurately and CITY OR TRIBE understand what makes them tick. standards or flags of involved in a Detect roll. When you take Expertise in Detect. Anytime this sense is the primary sense You understand the symbols. You gain a +1d10 to your roll when using it to analyze or interpret the text. Anytime you use INSTITUTIONS-FORMALITIES Reasoning to recall a piece of information. Taste INSTITUTIONS-SYMBOLS and Touch. cialized area of study. you gain a +1d10 bonus. you gain a +1d10 bonus. apply your You know the important people in an organization +1d10 Expertise Bonus. etiquette of an institution. 1 REASONING-RECOLLECTION You have an excellent memory. you gain a +1d10 bonus. When you (SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE) use your Reasoning Skill to form a conclusion from When you take an Expertise in a Martial Discipline. When you use A Places/Cultures Expertise indicates deep under- your Empathy Skill to decipher another person’s standing of a particular city or tribe inside a given intent. You gain a +1d10 to your roll for infor- CLASSICS-COMMENTARY mation related to this creature. an institution. select a specific Kung Fu Technique each time from the Relevant Discipline type. evidence gathered. rites. scriptures and beliefs of a religion. Sight. Anytime you make an Institutions roll on the matter of that organization’s REASONING-WITS formalities. Anytime you make an Institutions roll on the matter of that organization’s symbols. You know about the teachings. RELIGION/GODS-HISTORY You know about a religion’s history and gain a +1d10 HISTORY-CITY/TOPIC to your roll if it is related to this subject. CREATURES-SPECIFIC For a Creature Expertise. INSTITUTIONS-PEOPLE ing Skill to think up a solution on the fly. You are particularly skilled at interpreting passages and the many potential meanings and applications of each one. You gain a RELIGION/GODS-TEACHINGS +1d10 to your roll if it’s related to this subject. object or site inside a given area. You think quickly on your feet and know how to get out of tricky situation. You can also choose a particular topic. customs and a +1d10 Expertise Bonus. choose a specific type from its category. A History Expertise indicates deep understanding of a particular city.

CLASSICS-ROTE MEMORIZATION Mute Accupoint: Your accupoints of speech have
You are skilled at memorizing passages in the texts. been permanently blocked, leaving you a mute.
You gain +1d10 to your roll when trying to recollect
a specific line or paragraph. Great Dragon Meridian Blockage: Your ability to
channel your Qi energy is disrupted. Any time you
perform a Kung Fu Technique Cathartically you take
2d10 Damage. This bestows two free Skill Points.
FLAWS Wind Convergence Accupoint Blockage: This Qi
These represent physical or mental disadvantages, blockage in the head area leads to an inability to
defects of personality, and spiritual shortcomings. hear. It isn’t total deafness, but you hear only the
loudest of sounds. This imposes a constant -3d10
Flaws can be chosen at character creation or acquired Penalty to Detect Skill rolls where sound is the
during a character’s lifetime. Flaws, when taken
during character creation, each provide one free skill
point (in some cases they give you two points, and
primary focus (and a -2d10 when sound is relevant).
this is specified in the entry). Players can only take COWARDLY
two Flaws at character creation, but the Fated Flaw You value your own life and avoid risk at all cost.
(below) does not count against this total. Whenever you can, you stay out of combat and you
try not to expose yourself to danger. Any time you
encounter a potentially harmful threat, you must
AWKWARD make a Resolve test. If the GM rolls and meets or
You are off-putting to people in a particular way, exceeds your Resolve, you do what you can to avoid
such as arrogance, curtness or a stutter. Perhaps the threat. If he gets a Total Success, you become
you are an intentional jerk or maybe you desire to obsessed with the threat, believing it is everywhere.
be liked but make all the wrong moves. This could If the GM rolls under your Resolve, you are able to
be anything you like (foul odor, speech impediment, confront the threat, but are still afraid.
a constant sneer, and so on) whatever it is, this
imposes a -1d10 penalty to all your Persuade and ENEMY
Command rolls.
You have a long-term enemy who hates you. An
enemy is a fully fleshed out NPC (created by the
BLIND Gamemaster). Enemies are placed on the highest slot
Characters that are blind operate as if in lights-out of the Grudge Encounter Table (see GRUDGE EN-
conditions at all times. This imposes a -3d10/-3 to all COUNTERS in CHAPTER TWELVE) and never
Parry, Evade, Combat Skills, Relevant Physical Skills shift from that spot. If an enemy dies, it is replaced
and the Detect Skill (it is ignored when vision is not by a family member or another threat (the character
a factor however). This gives you two free Skill Points. is fated to be hounded by an enemy).

Accupoints can be blocked due to misuse of Kung Fate has singled you out for some purpose or reason.
Fu Techniques, poison and other ailments. At char- While some people are fated for greatness or destined
acter creation players can select Blocked Accupoints to find happiness and love, this is a flaw so it must
as a Flaw. In principle there are many different Ac- present difficulties for the character. The player
cupoint blockages possible in the setting. The GM is should not know what his fate is. This is determined
free to create them as needed. The Three Blocked randomly by the GM (See THE FATED FLAW and
Points is the standard however. THE ROLE OF FATE in CHAPTER TWELVE: THE
GAMEMASTER). When you are fated, your life will 61
Three Blocked Points: Due to blocked accupoints, be burdened by the weight of heaven. You will reg-
your body cannot create enough warm energy and ularly find yourself encountering things related to
you must absorb what energy you can from others. your fate. This can also be acquired after character
If you do not your body slowly freezes. A character creation in certain conditions.
with this flaw needs to drink human blood or take
-1d10 to all Physical Skills, freezing to death when The Fated Flaw gives you two free skill points and
reaching 0d10 in all. does not count against your Flaw total.

You are irritable and impatient. You do not suffer You are slow and do not engage your surroundings. This
fools and you are prone to fits of rage. When you is purely an issue of motivation and imposes a -1d10 penalty
do not get your way, or when people appear to be to Speed and Detect. This Flaw bestows 2 Skill Points.
thwarting your efforts, you must pass a Resolve
test. If the GM rolls and meets or exceeds your
Resolve Rating, you become verbally confronta-
tional and accusatory. If the GM gets a Total Success, You are missing an arm or leg (anyone missing just
you become physically confrontational. If the GM a hand or foot should take the Lame flaw). The penalty
rolls under your Resolve, you can bite back your for this depends on which limb you are missing.
emotions and remain calm. Missing Limb gives you 2 extra Skill Points instead
of the normal 1 for Flaws.

You lust for wealth and material gain. To obtain these
Missing Arm: You take a -2 penalty to Parry, and a -1d10
penalty to Arm Strike, Grapple, Throw, Athletics and
Swim. You cannot use weapons/devices requiring the
things you would lie, cheat and deceive even a trusted
ally. When the opportunity to gain presents itself, use of two hands, such as bows or heavy spears. Certain
you must pass a Resolve test. If the GM rolls and other Skills may be affected by penalties as well at the
meets or exceeds your Resolve, you take any non-vi- GM’s discretion. A character with two missing arms
olent action available to exploit the opportunity. If takes a -3 penalty to Parry, and a -2d10 to Athletics and
he gets a Total Success, you take any action (includ- Swim. Such a character would suffer any expected dif-
ing a violent one) to exploit the opportunity. If the ficulties or challenges in normal day-to-day activities.
GM rolls under your Resolve, you resist temptation.
Missing Leg: You take a -2d10 penalty to Speed, a
-1d10 to Ride, Leg Strike, Grapple, Throw and Ath-
HEDONIST letics. Certain other Skills may be affected by penal-
You have an insatiable appetite for physical pleasures. ties as well at the GM’s discretion. A character with
This is normally a specific vice, that you have diffi- two missing legs takes -3d10 to Speed and -2d10 to
culty resisting. For example, you might select wine Ride and Athletics, plus suffers the expected chal-
as the focus of your Hedonism. Food would be lenges to movement and transportation.
another choice. Sexual pleasures can also be the focus
if the game is mature enough to include such ele- Note: Broken limbs are treated as missing limbs until
ments. When in the presence of your vice, you must they are healed.
pass a Resolve test or attempt to partake of it. You
will not necessarily do anything harmful to others MISSING OR DISRUPTED
to indulge your hedonism but you might behave
recklessly in its pursuit or be unable to resist when PHOENIX SPIRIT
it is offered. When confronted with the source of You are permanently missing one of your original
your Hedonism, the GM will roll a pool of d10 against five Phoenix Spirits or it is disrupted (See SPIRIT in
your Resolve (the number would be based on the CHAPTER SEVEN). When this occurs it disrupts
degree of temptation it presents). If the GM rolls your personality severely. This can be taken at char-
under your Resolve, then you overcome your urges. acter creation but can also occur during play through
If he meets or exceeds your Resolve Rating, then you supernatural means.
give into your Hedonistic desires. If he gets a Total
Success, you suffer a prolonged episode where you When your Phoenix Spirit is disrupted or taken
must make an additional Resolve test each day in during play, you have ten days to resolve the problem
order not to seek out your particular pleasure. before it becomes a permanent condition.

62 This can be taken multiple times, each time you take
LAME it, choose from the following list for the affected
You are physically crippled in some way, such as Phoenix Spirit. When the Flaw comes up in play the
having poorly developed legs or arms. A character GM rolls a Resolve test and encourages the player to
may also take this when missing a hand or foot. This roleplay accordingly.
imposes a -1d10 penalty to a Physical Skill of your
choice and to one Skill of the GM’s choice (this skill Every human has five phoenix spirits, which are as
should be related to the condition). follows (note that Missing and Disrupted are two
separate conditions explained in each entry):

Phoenix Spirit of Anger and Hate: This contains SECRETLY EVIL
all your rage and passion. Without it you lose the You have a secret agenda of your own that is direct-
impulse to be righteous and affect the world in a ly in conflict with the rest of the party. This need not
meaningful way. You also lose the ability to hold be truly evil but it must potentially put you at odds
grudges or seek retaliation. When it is disrupted you with the goal of the party. Because the goals of the
are overcome with rage at the slightest provocation. party may not be known initially, this flaw can be
This is far worse than being ill-tempered, it is a sense- taken during character creation but detailed and
less and violent rage that lasts for a full ten minutes. played out in the first few sessions of the campaign.
This Flaw is worth 3 Skill points.
Phoenix Spirit of Happiness: This is where your
joy resides. Without it life is empty, and your de-
meanor grows cold. You may take delight in food or
drink, but your mind is never enthused by ideas or You may be physically strong, perhaps even a great
athlete, but your body is susceptible to illness and harm.
discussion with other people. When it is disrupted
it overwhelms you and you overflow with energy or
optimism. Literally everything, even a dangerous
Your Hardiness has a base value of 2. When exposed
to Poison or Disease, instead of increasing to base value
idea, seems like a good choice when your Phoenix 6, your Hardiness only increases to base value 4.
Spirit of Happiness is disrupted.
Phoenix Spirit of Love: This spirit contains all your
memories and attachments of love. When it is You are not adept at dodging or going unnoticed.
missing, you lose all love (both romantic and non-ro- This could be due to any number of factors, including
mantic) that you feel for anyone. When it is disrupt- physique or clumsiness. Your Evade has a base value
ed it overpowers the other spirits and you easily fall of 2 instead of 3 and your Stealth has a base value of
in love, becoming infatuated with anyone who gives 4 instead of 6.
you a kind word.
Phoenix Spirit of Pleasure: This is your attachment
Your memory is poor and learning new information
to the physical world and its enticements (music,
proves difficult for you. As a result, you take a -1d10
drink and flesh). When this is missing you lose all
penalty on all Knowledge Skill rolls.
interest in the pleasures of life. This is quite danger-
ous, as you will forget to eat or drink if no one
reminds you. When it is disrupted you are overpow- WEAK-WILLED
ered by a desire to satisfy your appetites. You are easily manipulated and intimidated by others.
As a result, your Resolve begins as base 4 instead of 6.
Phoenix Spirit of Sorrow: This spirit contains all
of your feelings of sadness and despair. Without it
you cannot feel loss, hurt, grief or longing. When it WHITE HAIR
is disrupted it overpowers the other spirits, and you Your hair is stark white. This could be for any number
sink into a deep depression, barely able to eat or act. of reasons but most commonly occurs after intense
grief or heartache. Because many supernatural crea-
SECRET tures are believed to have White Hair this causes
people to treat you with suspicion and fear. When
You have a terrible secret that, if discovered, would people suspect you of being supernatural this flaw
ruin your reputation and put your life at risk. This also imposes a -2d10 to Persuade but bestows +1d10
flaw must be taken with GM approval and tailored to Command as well.
to the character. It should be something significant,
like pretending to belong to a sect when you do not,
or masquerading as the opposite sex. Whatever the RANDOMLY ROLLING FLAWS 63
secret, it must be something that is a constant threat. If you would like to experience a more random
If the secret would only be discoverable once a month set of flaws for yourself, the RANDOM FLAWS
or once a week even, then it is not significant enough TABLE has been provided for you to use on page
as a Flaw. 64. Use two D10 as percentage dice to roll for
your results.

one must drink blood in by one increment (from
RANDOM FLAWS TABLE month to week to day). So the first time this is taken,
you have to drink blood once a month. The second
time, you must drink blood once a week. The third
1-5 White Hair
time you must drink blood once a day.
6-10 Weak-Willed
11-15 Unintelligent
16-20 Ungainly
21-25 Sickly You have been afflicted with something dark and terri-
26-30 Awkward ble by fate. Perhaps an evil star governs your life, or you
31-35 Secret
were cursed by a powerful artifact that imposes its will
36-40 Cowardly
upon you. Whatever the details you pay a heavy price
in your daily life as a result. However, the calamity or
41-45 Lazy
curse may have some small benefit (one that never
1 46-50
outweighs the cost). For example, perhaps you are cursed
to bring death and destruction to those you care about,
56-60 Greedy but the curse gives you a bonus of some kind when you
61-65 Foul Tempered strike out against those you hold dear (because it aids
66-70 Fated the curse in its purpose). As another example, you might
71-75 Enemy have some kind of internal sympathy for demons, one
76-80 Missing Limb that draws evil demons and spirits towards you, but also
81-85 Blocked Accupoints
alerts you to their presence, allowing you to detect such
things. With GM approval this can also be taken at
86-90 Blind
character creation as a normal flaw (worth 3 points).
91-95 Secretly Evil
96-100 Phoenix Spirit Disruption


DEMON FLAWS 1-10 Demon Skin

(OPTIONAL) 11-20 Demon Hair
21-25 Demon Tongue
Demon Flaws are for campaigns that reach the Pro- 26-30 Rival Obsession
found and Immortal levels of play. They are option-
31-35 Spirited Beast
al and will be expanded upon in the Profound Masters
36-40 Love Obsession
of Ogre Gate supplement. These are flaws that are
41-45 Demon Eyes
acquired by characters through the mastery of Evil
Techniques or as a result of evil actions. Anytime 46-50 Vile Heart

characters master Evil Techniques they take a Demon 51-55 Supreme Vanity
Flaw by rolling randomly on the Demon Flaw Table 56-60 Object Obsession
(see EVIL TECHNIQUES in CHAPTER THREE: 61-65 Lust for Pain
KUNG FU TECHNIQUES for more details). Note 66-70 Pleasure Obsession
that if you roll on the table and get the same or 71-75 Lust for Divinity
conflicting results, you can re-roll (at the discretion 76-80 Magic Obsession
of the GM). It is possible to get the same result more
81-85 Mindless Rage
than once and to simply intensify the effect each
86-88 Blood Lust
time (whether this is permissible is up the GM).
89-90 Empty Heart
91-92 Demon Hand
BLOOD LUST 93-94 Demon Touch
Your body requires blood to survive. Without it you 95-96 Lust for Life
lose your powers and begin to die. You must Drink 97 Memory Loss
a human body worth of blood a month or suffer 2 98 Personality Reversal
Automatic Wounds and be unable to use any Kung 99 Spirited Sibling
Fu Techniques. This can be gained multiple times 100 Calamity or Curse
and each time it intensifies, increasing the time frame

DEMON EYES wellbeing of others (no matter what their relationship
to you), but you also have no strong feelings of dislike
Your eyes take on a sinister appearance. This can
or hatred toward them. You can feign interest and
vary tremendously, being anything from a change
feign feelings, but doing so usually requires a De-
in color to a glow. Such changes are visibly unnatu-
ception or Persuade Roll.
ral and difficult for people to ignore.

DEMON HAIR You become obsessed with love for another, and also
Your hair changes drastically, its texture, color and are profoundly soft hearted in the presence of that
manageability all alter. Additionally, your eyebrows person. You can do them no harm and might even
and any facial hair you may have are similarly affect- risk your own life to protect them. In their absence
ed. Usually the effect is sharper or more wild looking. you suffer a -1d10 Skill Penalty as you yearn for their
It might turn stark white, or an unnatural purple. company.
Your dominant hand appears beastly and sometimes
acts on its own (3d10 Resolve test to resist). These You become obsessed with literally becoming a
actions will always serve to harm those loved or deity. Even attaining that lofty goal will not be
trusted by the demon hero. For instance, it may draw enough, and you will not rest until all other divin-
a weapon and strike at an ally, or it may refuse to ities are dead.
offer aid in a critical circumstance.
DEMON SKIN You need the Qi energy of others to survive. This
Your skin changes texture or color. Such changes are imparts the ability to Drain Qi energy through your
always clearly unnatural, and couldn’t be mistaken Arm Strike (1 Qi level per wound delivered) but every
for normal variance between peoples. For example, day you go without draining at least 1 Qi, you lose a
a person might develop a distinctly metallic hue to point of Hardiness for a week. This can be taken
their flesh with spiky bumps, or their skin could turn multiple times. Each time it increases the amount
ghost white and seem to flake away. of Qi you need each day by 1.

You become unable to speak the name of any righ- LUST FOR PAIN
teous deity, and you cannot tell a noble truth or a You depend on the suffering of others in order to
noble lie (3d10 Resolve test to overcome this effect). survive. If you have not caused enough suffering
You may only use your words to deceive and destroy. recently, your body begins to wither and die, you
Sometimes, no words come out, or words that have take 3 Wounds every day until you manage to inflict
the exact opposite meaning come out smoothly sufficient pain on another. The length of time that
instead (usually unbeknownst to you). this need is satiated depends on the nature of the
victim and the depth and kind of suffering inflicted.
DEMON TOUCH FLAW Torturing and killing an old or dying person might
bring a single day of respite, while a young person
Your touch is like poison to others. Based on what with a bright and promising future might last several
techniques you use and your personality, the GM days. Inflicting profound mental suffering is more
will assign a poison that your skin exposes people potent. Taking away something that a good person
to. Anyone who touches you, even through gloved loves the most in life may last a week, while breaking
hands, will immediately suffer the effects as the a good person’s will to live may last a month. Utterly
poison passes to them through glowing Qi energy. 65
breaking the spirit of a legendary righteous hero
may last a year or even longer.
You have no feelings and are incapable of forming
new emotional bonds. While this doesn’t seem like
much, others around you find it disquieting (even
other Demon Heroes). You have no interest in the

You have had a taste of true power, and it leaves you You become obsessed with a particularly powerful
wanting more. You become obsessed with finding and person in your life, becoming convinced that you
performing increasingly powerful Qi Rituals. Any day deserve everything they have more than them. You
that is not spent working towards this goal imposes a do everything in your power to stop that person’s
cumulative -1d10 skill penalty due to mental distraction. advancement in life, career, love, etc. Any day not
spent advancing this goal inflicts a cumulative -1d10
Skill penalty due to the mental distraction.
You forget who you are. Your mind is like an empty
sky and you have no knowledge of your past. At night SPIRITED BEAST
you may get images and traces of your history, but You begin to take on the appearance and form of a
these momentary flashes are meaningless to you. spirited beast (a demon) that suits your personality.
1 This cannot be reversed. People can tell you about
your personal history, but again such stories have
What this means is your body may start to resemble
a beast or animal. If this Flaw is taken multiple times,
no meaning. This may even cause personality then it intensifies, and you might change more phys-
changes, since it is as if you never experienced the ically and gain some of the creature’s natural abilities.
moments that shaped your personality.

MINDLESS RAGE You become joined as a sworn sibling of a demon
You are prone to outbursts of mindless rage in the pres- or spirited beast but your ties to the creature are
ence of specific triggers (determined by the GM at the much deeper than normal. Your fates are bound
time the Flaw is acquired). In the presence of the trigger, together in a unique way. One of two things usually
depending on how intense or noticeable it happens to arises when this event occurs: Either the fate of the
be, the GM rolls 1d10 to 6d10 against your Resolve. If the demon and the character are so entwined that the
result beats your Resolve Score, then you fly into a violent death of one can mean the death of the other, or
rage for 10 minutes (1 hour if the result is a 10). You attack they exchange essence and physical form. If the
anything that gets in your path. You cannot be reasoned former, then whenever one of the pair takes damage,
with. You do not recognize anyone or anything you the other takes half that amount as well. If the latter,
attack. During this time, your Muscle increases by +2d10 then they each gain something from the other, but
and all your attacks do 1 Extra wound. also permanently lose something as well (usually a
limb, sensory organ or other physical feature). The
relationship is immediately known to both the
OBJECT OBSESSION character and the demon.
You become obsessed with an artifact, personal object
or device. Whatever it is, you must have it, understand
it, and exploit its function. Any day you do not devote SUPREME VANITY
to obtaining and using this object, you suffer a cumu- You groom and worry about your looks to an
lative -1d10 Skill Penalty due to mental distraction. extreme. Anytime you are not dressed meticulous-
ly or any time you are in the presence of one who
is superior in beauty or handsomeness to you, you
PERSONALITY REVERSAL suffer a -1d10 Skill penalty due to the mental dis-
Your personality changes to become the opposite of traction this creates.
what it was before. This won’t necessarily make a good
man bad, or a bad man good (though it can make a
merciful man lose his compassion), but it will make VILE HEART
someone who valued family suddenly detest filial
66 Your heart is filled with loathing for the ones who
piety. Every aspect of your personality inverts.
should mean the most to you. Whether mother,
father, daughter, son, brother, sister or friend, anyone
PLEASURE OBSESSION for whom you’ve had strong emotional ties to in the
You are obsessed with an earthly pleasure (food, past, is now your enemy.
drink, flesh, and so on). If you do not indulge it
daily, you begin to die, suffering 3 Wounds every
day you deprive yourself.

COMBAT Outside Fighter: You know how to dance around
your opponent and keep them at a distance. If you

TECHNIQUES move your full movement before attacking, you gain
a +1d10 to your Damage roll.
Combat Techniques are tricks, styles and characteristics
that set you apart from others in your approach to fight-
ing. Every character gets one Combat Technique at GENERAL MELEE
Character Creation. After Character Creation, Combat
Techniques can be purchased at a cost of 12 XP. Blind Swordsman: You have learned to compensate
for your lack of sight during swordplay (and other
melee). By listening to your foe’s movements and
ARM STRIKE, LEG STRIKE, \ sensing vibrations, you are able to function without
GRAPPLING AND THROWING extreme penalties. If you have the Blind Flaw, your
penalties are reduced to -1d10/-1 instead of -3d10/-3.

Fists of Steel: Your fists fall like iron on your foes.
If you do not have the Blind Flaw, you can still take
this ability, but it only reduces your penalties by one
When making an Attack without a weapon, you do increment to -2d10/-2. So, an Illumination Penalty
not take a Muscle Penalty for being unarmed. of -3d10 becomes -2d10.
Inside Fighter: You hurt your foes by getting up
close and cutting down their reach. If you only move Drunken Fighter: This eliminates the penalty
five feet or less before attacking, you gain a +1d10 to to Combat and Physical Skills while drunk. Char-
your Damage roll. acters with this Technique must also have the
Hedonist Flaw.


Lady White Blade and her disciple stand against the Red Claw Gang.

One-Armed Swordsman: Through practice and HEAVY MELEE
determination you have partially overcome the limits
imposed on your swordplay (and other one-handed Hefty Crush: You can wind up and deliver a pow-
Melee) through the loss of a limb. Instead of -2 Parry, erful blow to an opponent. You take a -2d10 to your
you take -1 to your Parry. You must have the Missing Attack roll, -2 to your physical defenses, and in ex-
Limb Flaw to take this Technique. change, you do an extra Wound on a Successful
Damage roll. This only works with blunt weapons.

LIGHT MELEE Reach: You excel at fighting from a distance and
circling your opponent. If the target is 10 feet away
Counter: You know how to draw in opponents and from you, and your weapon has reach advantage,
set up counter attacks. If a foe hit you but failed to you gain a +1d10 to your Damage roll.
do Damage on their last Attack, you gain +1d10 to

1 your Damage roll.

Deflect: You know how to parry effectively against
Set-up: If you win Turn Order against an opponent,
you can take a +1d10 on your Attack roll against him
by choosing to go after him.
incoming blows. You gain a +1 bonus to your Parry
when you do not move.

From the Shadows: You know how to attack in the SMALL RANGED
dark of the night and gain a +1d10 to Damage in Dim,
Dark or Lights-Out Conditions. Accurate: You gain a +1d10 to your Attack rolls
against targets with cover.
Opportunity: You find opportunities to strike when
a foe gets in close enough to do you harm. This gives Bow Rider: You do not suffer the -1d10 penalty for
you a +1d10 to your Damage roll against an opponent firing a bow while on a mount.
who wounded you in the previous or current round.
Hawkeye: You get +1d10 to Attacks in Poor Illumi-
Quick: You are fast. If your Speed roll was higher nation.
than your opponent’s this round, you gain a +1d10
to Damage.


Counter: You know how to draw in opponents and
set up counter attacks. If a foe hit you but failed to
do Damage on their last attack, you gain +1d10 to
your Damage roll.

Deflect: You know how to parry effectively against
incoming blows. You gain a +1 bonus to your Parry
when you do not move.

Momentum: When you Wound a target, you gain
+1d10 to your next Attack. Cannot be taken with Press.

Press: You aggressively pursue and intimidate your
68 opponent with constant attacks. If you hit, but did
not Wound a target, you gain a +1d10 bonus to your
next Attack. Cannot be taken with Momentum.


andering Heroes of Ogre Gate uses the Network System, (also
used in Terror Network, Servents of Gaius and Sertorius).
The rules have been tailored to fit the demands of the wuxia
genre and our wuxia setting: Qi Xien. This chapter describes
the basic elements of the system.

Any time your character wants to do anything make a Skill roll using a pool
of 10-sided dice against a target number (TN). If you meet or exceed that
number, you succeed. Even you Kung Fu Techniques require the use of Skill
rolls to be performed. In this chapter we describe the basics of using Skills.

Number for such an Attack is the relevant Defense Rating of your opponent. This tool is meant to give the GM flexi. foe. To Succeed. HOW TO MAKE A SKILL ROLL SKILL ROLLS To perform any action in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate roll one to six 10-sided dice (or simply d10) and MAKING SKILL ROLLS AGAINST take the single highest result. attempting to breath water). or if using a Kung Fu Tech- unskilled or modifiers drop you to 0d10) roll 2d10 nique you may use additional Skills as well. re. that is a Total counters a specific Combat or Non-Combat Skill (it Success (a kind of spectacular Success). The GM always has the ability to say a skill roll DAMAGE cannot apply to a truly impossible situation (for On successful attacks. comparing it to a Target OTHER CHARACTERS Number to determine Success.  Current Wounds on the Character Sheet and char- acters become incapacitated when their Current Wounds equal their Max Wounds. that is a Failure. Large Ranged. successes as wounds. it functions 2 Skill determines how many d10 you roll. If you roll may also counter certain Spells or Monster abilities). Rating of your opponent. except a Damage the difficulty of the task or by the Relevant Defense roll against Hardiness follows any successful Attack. The Target Number is determined by either the same (with Melee Weapon rolls needing to beat the target’s Parry Score and Ranged Weapons needing to beat the target’s Evade Score). Wounds are recorded under bility during play to deal with edge cases. When one of these Skills is used against its counter- SKILL RANKS part. employing. See the RELEVANT DEFENSE CHART below. The Target and take the single lowest result. RELEVANT DEFENSE CHART 70 RELEVANT DEFENSE SKILL COMBAT/NON-COMBAT SKILL Hardiness Damage Stealth Detect Evade Small Ranged. Total Success or When you use your skills against other characters Failure. But some. If you succeed on your Attack roll. In such cases. In such cases you count all rolls). Your Ranks in the Defense Skill for Command. on a Total The GM can decide how many are required for Success you do 2 wounds (with 1 additional wound a given task (and can also decide if they need for every Total Success you get). Each Defense in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate corresponds to a type of Attack. FOR TRULY DIFFICULT TASKS Some things in life are nearly impossible. below the Target Number. Some damage rolls to be achieved in a single roll or in a series of are ‘Open Damage rolls’. Damage is usually determined by the weapon. If you get a result of 10. you roll damage against your example. Leg Strike. This can be raised or lowered by situational modifiers and Ex- pertise. This is described in greater detail in the combat section. MAKING ATTACKS UNSKILLED ROLLS When you Attack another Character you will use one If your Skill Rank is zero (either because you are of your Combat Skills. For example. On a Success you do 1 wound. It is a number of d10 rolled against Har- quiring multiple Total Successes is an option. For Attacks. Command . Deception Resolve Persuade. Medium Melee. Heavy Melee Wits Empathy. Resolve is the Relevant All actions are based on Skills. Grapple. the Relevant Defense Rating provides the Target Number. Throw. then you roll Damage against Hardiness (this is determined by USING TOTAL SUCCESSES either your weapon or the Kung Fu Technique itself). diness. Light Melee. Each Defense Target Number. you must meet or exceed the you roll against their relevant Defenses. times the GM needs to set a higher difficulty the Kung Fu Technique. Thrown Melee Parry Arm Strike. or special ability you are than a mere TN 10 affords.

She decides that this is a small tavern. Tasks that are extremely difficult. SAMMI (GM): You walk down along the up- per-mezzanine of the tavern to Zhi-Zhu’s door. But other tasks are more open to interpretation. are TN 9. Sammi is asking Such tasks have an effective Target Number of 1. When you perform such an action. a female member of the Tree-Dwelling Nun sect on a secret mission to steal 71 the Wind Sabre of Sunan from Purple Cavern sect. Every task has a Target Number (TN). such as spotting a friend in a Zhu’s typical snoring. Make a Detect roll. played by Greg. TABLE: SETTING TARGET NUMBER It is dark and you don’t see any light through the paper screen. Use the Setting Target Number table to arrive at a reasonable number. bed to catch Rong in the act. Challenging tasks. 4 PETER: I rolled an 8. like shoot. Do I hear anything? Things that are exceptionally hard to do are TN 10. TN DIFFICULTY 1 Routine Peter looks at his sheet and sees that he has two 2 Ranks in Detect. for example. like climb. Hard tasks like it a TN of 8. is sleeping in the adjacent room and has . treating someone poisoned with Zhen Bird Venom are TN 7. because Rong was behaving strange- this number to succeed on a Skill roll or Damage ly all evening. 6 but then it occurs to you that you don’t hear 7 Hard Zhi-Zhu snoring or rustling in her bed. What do 8 9 Extremely Difficult you want to do? 10 Some tasks have built in Target Numbers. A routine Skill should not require a roll (such as opening a normal door or making a light snack). Another member of the party. are TN 3. Peter to make a roll to notice the absence of Zhi- Tasks that are easy. When you Attack a foe with your sword. But before he did. so he rolls 2d10. the Target Number is your opponent’s Parry Rating. At first the room sounds clear. EXAMPLE: SKILL ROLLS Peter is playing Rong. Rong decides to sneak in and NUMBERS (TN) take the sword after everyone retires for the night. he also placed a roll. the GM must assign a Target Number to the task.SETTING THE TARGET the Wind Sabre. Rong works her way into a band of Purple Cavern Disciples and travels with them for several weeks before seeing an opportunity late one evening when they are staying at the Silk Tavern. are TN 5. getting an 8 and 3 Simple a 4 (taking the single highest result which is 8). You must meet or exceed on the roof. Other rolls in the game follow this same prin- needle trap laced with sleeping poison on Zhi-Zhu’s ciple. Zhi-Zhu. 5 Challenging SAMMI: Okay. ranging from Earlier Greg had passed Sammi (the GM) a note 2 to 10 (technically any task with a Target Number saying Zhi-Zhu climbed out the window and slept of 1 is an automatic success). PETER: I leave my room and walk to Zhi-Zhu’s 2 ing an arrow into a falling plank of wood. provided there is a chance of Failure or consequences for failing on the first try. very difficult thing to observe and therefore assigns ing a medium sized tree. door.

the Skill in question and the circumstances in which it is made. while 4d10L means roll 4d10 and take CAPPING THE NUMBERS the single lowest result. Success. so they are expressed as -1d10/-1 or +1d10/+1. So if you have a skill Rank of 0d10. the result is one extra tract from your Defense Rating. modifiers and Skill Rankings will not exceed this cap. then rolling a single 10 is treated as a Normal take you to 4d10 take the lowest. Ultimately. Wound against the target (for a total of 2 Wounds). This applies only to Damage rolls. Dice rolls are capped at 6d10 in 72 ROLLING 10s all circumstances. the product of a Total Success must make sense for what is happening and what Worst -3d10/-3 the character is trying to achieve. example. of the GM based on circumstances and conditions. Most Skill descriptions offer possible outcomes for Total Successes. Damage and get a single 10. This makes you as low as 0d10 (meaning you roll 2d10 and take combat more deadly but also more exciting. the single lowest result). penalties can bring may make a Damage roll to follow-up. so the GM has Awful -2d10/-2 freedom to adapt the Skill’s Total Success to the Bad -1d10/-1 situation. add 1d10 to the Damage roll. 3d10L means roll 3d10 and take the single lowest result. this can keep going down to 6d10 take the lowest. and is called a Total Success. You may always roll one addi- Deep Penalties optional rule is in use. etc. but that broken. then the next -1d10 would can be). you roll 2d10 and take ROLLING 10s FOR TARGET NUMBER 10 the single lowest result. to after the dice to denote “take the lowest”. each natural 10 lose from a modifier on your Skill roll. For see if you manage a Total Success. Rolling 2d10 and taking the single lowest result can be expressed as either 0d10 To keep Dice Pools under control. Gate can be applied to Defense Ratings or Skill rolls. or the like greater than normal success in Wandering Heroes of that explicitly state they allow the die cap to be Ogre Gate. The second result causes an additional Wound. For Non-Combat Rolls: For Non-Combat Skills such as Athletics or Medicine. Another -1d10 penalty brings If the Target Number itself for a Skill is 10 (and they you to 3d10 take the lowest. Gen- erally speaking. any natural 10s you score on your DEEP PENALTIES (OPTIONAL RULE) roll confer an Extra Wound upon your target before you make your Damage roll. better-than-expected results. when and if additional 10 result. except in rare cases involving Results of 10 on Skill and Damage rolls indicate exceptional abilities. but these are merely helpful CONDITION PENALTY OR BONUS guidelines. the result is two extra Wounds (for Penalties and Bonuses are applied at the discretion a total of 3 Wounds). The precise nature of a Total Success is de- pendent on the particular Skill and the circumstanc- TABLE: CONDITION MODIFIERS es. numbers and dice or 2d10. Kung Fu Techniques. PENALTY AND BONUS FORMAT Attack Rolls: For every 10 you land on an Attack Penalties and Bonuses in Wandering Heroes of Ogre roll. So. However. The rules below apply to Player Characters and Non-Player Characters. Defenses can never go above 10. Good +1d10/+1 Ideal +2d10/+2 Deadly 10s (Optional): This is an optional rule to Perfect +3d10/+3 make 10s on your Combat Skill roll more significant. Allow the skill descriptions to help but not Average No Modification hinder you here. effect varies depending on the kind of roll. These range from -3d10/-3 to +3d10/+3. an L is placed tional d10 if you score a Success against a 10 TN. you still In Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. To achieve a Total Success. a 10 result indicates 2 Use the CONDITION MODIFIERS Table for as- signing bonuses to rolls. in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate are capped. Using this option. If you roll two 10s. The For Damage Rolls: A successful Damage roll nor- first number indicates how many d10 you gain or mally inflicts one Wound. if you roll for number indicates how many points you add or sub. you must roll an For purposes of noting this in the text. . This always yields a special effect. For more realistic play. In addition.

change sacrificed for bonuses seen on the ACTIONS IN position (such as going from standing to prone). In most if there is a reasonable possibility or expectation of Failure cases this will be clear. take ACTIONS IN COMBAT Like many other roleplaying games. The character with the highest goes first. sometimes time is compressed Move: With a Move. add +1 to Defense there is still an absolute hard cap of 10d10. have those involved break the tie by rolling the GM should use common sense to determine when against each other once more (the winner going first. dice pools generally cap at 6d10. but gain a +1 to your Evade and Parry. round represents approximately ten seconds of time. In the event of a tie. A roll should only be made those translate into Skill Actions. You can also sacrifice your Move to gain a +1d10 bonus to 2 your Skill roll. a tie. add 1 to your Total (so a single roll in 15-foot-tall ocean waves. etc. No Move. Skill Roll: You can perform a simple Skill with your Skill roll. Never. a roll is necessary. during which each character is allowed to act. .SOFT CAP OF SIX. with no Skill roll. or Turn Order in combat is determined by your Speed an experienced Profound Master with four dots in Skill roll. This is not precise. Wandering one Move. Unless Skill roll and Move explicitly stated otherwise (such as through a Kung Fu Technique or special condition like Beast Strength). For every Total However. such as attacking. he has to roll against the four year old. or COMBAT Table). 73 his strength (operating under a -3d10 situational penalty). Even when special Move Twice. The GM’s role is to determine whether must make a roll every time. you may instead take two Moves. The number a stiff current while under crossbow fire. rolls at the beginning of combat. followed by the loser). no Skill roll. an unarmored character with two or three dots in Swimming does not need to make a Skill roll TURN ORDER IN COMBAT every time he steps into water higher than his head. Turn Order is set by Speed Skill retrieve a fallen weapon that is near you. pares their single highest result. while two 10s before the next patrol boat comes by. or to swim against gives you a Turn Order score of 11. HARD CAP OF TEN TABLE: ACTIONS IN COMBAT As stated. or to cross a calm lake 10 gives you a Turn Order score of 10. No Skill roll. Or you can sacrifice your Skill roll. add +1d10 to Skill roll under any circumstance do characters or monsters No Move. you can move 30 feet plus an depending on the exact actions people are taking. additional 10 for each Rank of Speed in a single Every round you can make a Skill roll (including round. Move and Skill roll you do not roll more than 6d10. no Skill roll abilities specifically allow you to exceed this cap. If the Profound you get indicates when you may act in the combat Master had been poisoned before the arm wrestling round for the remainder of the encounter (beginning contest. At the beginning of combat every charac- Muscle should not have to make a roll to defeat a four ter (and monster) makes a Speed Skill roll and com- year old child in an arm wrestling contest. (AND NOT TO PERFORM) A SKILL ROLL While these mechanics are important. add +2 to Defense roll more than 10d10. If there is still Whether or not a roll is required is a situational ruling. that same swimmer would have to make a Success after the first. One Move. If COMBAT you choose. When it isn’t use the above at the character’s level of Skill. A the Skill roll to gain a +2 to your Parry and Evade. compare Speed Skill Ranks. climbing a tree or using WHEN TO PERFORM Athletics to jump over a ravine. For instance. and was trying to win with the last shreds of with the highest number to the lowest). Finally you can forgo both Move and Heroes of Ogre Gate divides combat into rounds. In a round you can Move and perform a Skill roll. etc). Instead of actual movement you can do other Combat Skills) and perform a Move (these can be things for your Move such as draw a weapon. Moves. players can Just because a character performs an action that is focus on describing what actions they want to take covered by a Skill does not mean that the character in combat. material to guide your ruling.

If you use two moves in a round. For example a Jian sword is a Medium Melee on your Qi rating. Attack Skills operate like all other skills. you roll 2d10 against the Parry of your target when using the Jian. uses Storming Daggers against The Gentle Demon of Zhe Valley. ATTACKING she suffers Wounds. exceed the Defense.2 Abbess Xiong-Hua. When you Move. If you meet or ming or climbing they move 10 feet plus an addition. Player Characters who in individual Kung Fu Techniques). and therefore uses the Medium Melee Skill. When attacking with a weapon. Attacking in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is very then she begins to die. MOVEMENT IN COMBAT weapon. DAMAGE AND WOUNDS When your character is struck with a sword or hurt. you strike and can then roll al 5 feet for each Rank of Swim or Athletics (respec. When swim. you can Damage roll for every 10 result you landed. you miss. The Ferocious Flower. plus 10 additional the Evade of your opponent (unless stated otherwise feet for every rank in Fly). In Wandering Small Ranged Skill. Note that some creatures have a Fly Skill. Your Qi Rating determines your . Heroes of Ogre Gate characters move 30 Feet plus 10 roll the appropriate skill against the Parry (for melee) additional feet for every Rank of speed. If she takes enough Wounds. If you roll a Total Success add +1d10 to your tively). This func- tions just like Speed in determining their movement Ranged and Thrown Attacks are always made against when flying in combat (30 feet. Wounds are tracked on your simple. 2 Ranks in Medium Melee. fail to meet the Defense score of the target. you can travel the rate set by your while a Bow is a Small Ranged weapon and uses the Speed Skill (or in Swim Skill in water). Fly Skill (See Profound Heroes and Immortals for more information). If you move twice your normal rate that round. In most cases no Speed Skill roll is needed to move. So if you have to see who goes faster. Each weapon is associated with a Combat Character Sheet (under Current Wounds) and based Skill. Melee Attacks are 74 cultivate high enough Qi ranks can also gain the always made against the Parry score of your opponent. or Evade (for ranged) of your target. you roll a However in chases and races. opposed Skills are used number of d10 equal to your Ranks. Damage.

7. she her three Ranks in Speed she rolls 3d10 for Damage rolls for Damage against the target’s Hardiness. corners one in her audience hall and lashes at him playfully with her Fly-Whisk. Wounds. she suc- Max Wounds. naturally over time or through special healing Tech- niques (see Healing). even if the Damage roll fails). EXAMPLE: Abbess Xiong-Hua of The ed by the Damage roll. Dying characters lose their life in the number of rounds equal to their Hardiness score. So if you need a 6 to succeed this amount next under Current Wounds. So. If you gain surprise you always roll EXTRA WOUNDS Open Damage (even if the method of attack normal- Some Attacks do extra Damage to targets on a Suc. 2. when an ability does Extra Wounds you add the amount listed in the ability to the number of Wounds inflict. otherwise assume it is a Closed roll. Because Ba the target takes one extra Wound in addition to the has a Hardiness of 5. She is just . OPEN DAMAGE ROLLS Open Damage rolls are called for occasionally. write to the Wound count. When your Current Wounds equals your because her target has a Hardiness of 5. These are tracked as your Current rolls a 4. except you apply all Successes Wound. it inflicts two Wounds (and 75 two 10s inflicts 3 Wounds). she lifts a and take the single highest result against the target’s Jujube seed between her fingers and uses Finger Hardiness. following results: 9. 8. All other characters simply have one Max Normal Damage roll. you begin to die. you become incapacitated. 7 and 9. She After a successful Attack. A Fly- Whisk does Speed for Damage. any more Wounds.Max Wounds. eight and six are all equal to or greater than 5. She each 10 result. Mr. roll. On a Normal Success. If you take another Wound while dying you die instantly. striking true. results. Each time you take Wounds in combat. Here is how it works in more detail: Flick to launch it at his temple. usually 2 when using Kung Fu Techniques or when you have Martial Heroes (which all players are assumed to be) a tremendous advantage over an opponent (for start with 3 Max Wounds and gain 2 per additional example having surprise). and 6. you roll your d10 dice pool Angered by the disrespectful gesture. 2. which does the target’s Hardiness. They are trying to work roll. ly calls for Closed Damage). Unless otherwise stated. Ba only has 5 Max Wounds so this single seed EXAMPLE: Lady Plum Blossom is chasing two cracks him in the temple with devastating force. Kung Fu Technique. nine. The single highest result is a 9. On against her opponent’s Hardiness. she rolls Closed Damage rules each success counts as a Wound). For Closed Damage. the older brother. With 6 Qi target takes one Wound. If Kung Fu Techniques call for Open Damage. Of her 10 on your Damage roll. this will be clearly stated in the text. which is the total number of Wounds testing his defenses and not attempting a proper you can sustain before becoming incapacitated. Because she is a Success she inflicts 1 Wound (when using Open making a mundane Attack. This works just like a Rank of Qi. Individual entries may vary Tree-Dwelling Nun sect listens to the Firelance so be sure to read descriptions (for example some Brothers speak in her tent on behalf of their abilities do Extra Wounds with a successful Attack master. If you take ceeds and does one Wound. cessful Damage roll. you do two Wounds to your target. all of her results equal to initial Wound for the Success. All is going well CLOSED DAMAGE ROLLS until Ba. if you roll a single or over this amount inflict 1 Wound. make a Damage roll against is using the Technique Cathartically. For each result of 10. On Total Successes she inflicts 1 additional Wound for Damage (taking the single highest result). Red Claw. Her Attack strikes. A Total Success (a result of Ranks she rolls 6d10 Open Damage getting the ten) causes additional Wounds. seven. out an arrangement allowing the Red Claw Gang to pass safely through her forest. These heal and roll a 7 and 8. thieves who broke into the Purple Caverns. this means with Anytime a character succeeds on an Attack roll. She nearly incapacitating him. sneers when one of Most mundane forms of Attack use a Closed Damage her disciples offers him water instead of wine. the 1d10 Open Damage per Rank of Qi. meaning she does four Wounds.

Characters without Ranks in Qi. If you take one or more highest). then the Kushen entry). and Robert weapon does Damage normally and a person is playing Long Shu. Min goes first. The Gamemaster acters can take before becoming incapacitated. See CONTROLLED rounding hills. When have 0d10 in Speed. your Max Wounds. The news Wounded by a fist while Incapacitated is simply concerns the reputation of Princess Sarnai and the knocked out or dazed. When Incapacitated. to die. ly begin to pull at the rings. The Kushen set an Ambush in a cause death. Hardiness Score. This means Min sheet under Current Wounds (next to the Max Wounds goes first. you become Blossom to strangle four of the nearest soldiers Incapacitated. When the number of Current Wounds equals go last. you become Incapacitated. Ryan. Min has 3d10 Ranks in Speed. you are con. Max Wounds are the total amount of damage char- so Ryan rolls 3d10. Your Max Wounds is your Qi Level x2+1. but not dying. MAX WOUNDS AND CURRENT WOUNDS getting a result of 3. ad. GAMEMASTER: Descending from the sur- or exerting control on a strike). Inca- Cathartically to attack multiple targets. raise their sabres high and move toward you in unison. you’ll have to do it aid you can stumble about and do little else. themselves surrounded by 30 soldiers. which is a 2. scious but just barely clinging to awareness. The strands slacken and release. What do you want to do? INCAPACITATION AND DYING RYAN: I use Choking Lash of Lady Plum When you take enough Damage so your Current Wounds equal your Max Wounds. scores of 3. But a fist is Non-Lethal. simply means that the Ryan is playing a character named Min. With GAMEMASTER: Okay. This is recorded looks at the Kushen Soldier entry and sees they on your characters sheet under Max Wounds. So. with my fly-whisk. Make pacitation ends when you heal a Wound. leaving purple Faster Healing (Option): Instead of healing at a rings that glow and squeeze their throats. a blow from a Sword is lethal and anyone wounded by such a weapon while Incapacitated Lady Plum Blossom. Because Kushen Soldiers have Parry Wounds while dying. Dying takes a number of rounds equal to your Min has 2 Ranks in Light Melee so Ryan rolls 2d10. Kushen plan to kill the party before they reach Lady ditional Non-Lethal attacks beyond that point can Plum Blossom. However. Long Shu has 1 Rank in Speed so Robert rolls 1d10. Make Speed Skill rolls. their necks in its thick horsehair strands. Lethal. The rate of 1 Wound per Rank of Qi a day. followed by Long Shu. and Min and Long Shu soon find 2 Characters can always choose to make their Attacks non-lethal and fight in a controlled manner (for instance using the flat of a sword instead of the edge. They are traveling through wounded beyond Incapacitated by the weapon begins the woods to bring important news to their Sifu. GAMEMASTER: Okay. narrow vale. the rings will last for four rounds. the circle of Kushen Soldiers STRIKES (pg 78) for more information. So if you have a Hardiness Score He gets a 7 and a 2 (with seven being the single of 5 you die in 5 rounds. but are trailed by a group of begins to die. Martial Heroes men stop what they are doing and immediate- heal at a rate of 1 Wound per Rank of Qi per hour. LETHAL AND NON-LETHAL ATTACKS EXAMPLE: COMBAT AND Some weapons and attack types are tagged as being KUNG FU TECHNIQUES Lethal or Non-Lethal. Ryan scores a hit and the Kung Fu Technique works. you die. and anyone Kushen soldiers who want to stop them. Ryan. die. so she rolls 2d10 taking the you take wounds these are tracked on your character single lowest result. If you are Wounded beyond Incapacitated you begin to a Light Melee Skill roll. HEALING GAMEMASTER: Your fly-whisk lashes out in Characters heal 1 Wound per Rank of Qi they possess four angles at the targets wrapping each of a day. Starting next round you can make a roll against their Endurance . getting a 9. heal 1 Wound 76 a week.

But you got a Total Success. you do Non-Lethal Damage. you gain a +1d10 to your Damage roll. Roll 6d10. regardless of against the side of the mound. Kushen only have 1 for more precise Attacks. There succeed. A Targeted Strike imposes a -1d10 penalty to your Attack roll. Robert. 10. that enters the designated zone. You forgo your normal Attack to prepare that to the Hardiness of the Kushen. But he also got you to interrupt. you impale three target a vital area (such as the head or heart) and Kushen Soldiers on the tip of your staff. To perform a Kung Fu Technique make the Skill roll associated with it and compare that to the appropri- ROBERT: Are any of them clustered together ate Target Number (often this will be one of your enough that I could skewer them in a straight line? opponent’s defenses like Evade or Parry). Also because you got a Total Success. such as a hand forearms as you drive the men to their death or leg. a Muscle of 2d10 and the gun staff does 2d10 plus Muscle. Additionally the Technique Spear of the Infinite Emperor inflicts TARGETED STRIKE 1 Extra Wound when used Cathartically. In addition to these effects. When performed normally this means ROBERT: In that case I use my Spear of the Infinite Emperor Technique Cathartically to you exert minimal Qi to achieve your aims and there is no risk associated with doing so. You have SION and KUNG FU TECHNIQUES later in this Chapter for further details. There is no limit to how many times you can perform a given Technique that can deliver that kind of power. see if they suffocate. On a Total Success you gain GAMEMASTER: Because you are using Spear 0 points. 2. Together that comes to 7d10. Ryan you also take 2 SPECIAL ACTIONS AND Imbalance Points. CONDITIONS IN COMBAT ROBERT: Okay. such a strike at an anticipated target. 9. with one Attack. to make a Targeted Strike. any opponent Two Total Successes and gets to count both of those. Robert has 3 Ranks in Medium Melee. which is a 3. pro- in a line from the western slope. If you choose to GAMEMASTER: Okay. Your turn. On a Success you gain a number of points equal to your Imbalance Rating. weapon type. beats the Kushen Soldiers’ Parry scores of 3). he did Damage. so that spirit. make a Medium Melee more spectacular effects but at great risk to yourself. if you have a ducing the result described in the text. This allows Since 10 beats 3. waiting for a target He takes the single highest result. does that leave 26? USING KUNG FU TECHNIQUES GAMEMASTER: Yes it does. If is a course of hot red blood running down your you choose to target a non-vital area. even if it is not Two Total Successes will do 3 Wounds (1 for suc. but the Capping Limits mean you still roll 6d10 for PREPARED STRIKE Damage. you may ready a Robert rolls 6d10 and gets a 10. Technique but each one can be made normally or Cathartically. When performed 2 stab as many of them as I can in one thrust. blow as someone enters a door. This constitutes a Total Success roll result and your Imbalance Rating. and 8. so he nor- mally rolls 3d10. Skill roll for your gun (staff ). Once you reach 12+your Qi Rank in Imbal- of the Infinite Emperor you add +2d10 to the ance Points you are subject to possession by a Qi Damage roll. and compares to enter. view or into range. See IMBALANCE POINTS AND POSSES- adds another +1d10 to the Damage roll. For example. so he rolls 1d10 getting gain a number of Imbalance points based on the Skill a result of 10. You can ready Attacks before opponents come into you take no Imbalance Points. Cathartically you exert considerable Qi. If you meet GAMEMASTER: Yes. On a Failure because his single highest result is a ten (it also you gain points equal to your Imbalance Rating +2. Any weapon can be used 77 Wound so this is more than enough to kill them. ceeding and 1 for each Total Success). Targeted . The risk is represented by the acquisition of Imbal- ance Points. but Spear of the Infinite Emperor When you perform a Technique Cathartically you imposes a -2d10 penalty. so those guys are pre-occupied with the rings. 10. or aim your bow at a specific area of the battlefield. producing GAMEMASTER: Okay. there is a group traveling or exceed the TN your Technique is successful. your turn yet. for a total You can target vital and non-vital areas of the body of 4 to each Kushen struck.

If you are able their reputation or similar reasons. and it may have consequences down the road as duces a deadly outcome. or Kung Fu Technique even if the Damage roll pro. Strikes open up the possibility of special effects as skilled as her master. Therefore heroes MAIMING (OPTIONAL) learn to control their Attacks. is enough to kill Lu Zhi. These are not usually meant to be lethal and harming someone during a martial contest is considered dishonorable. Min has been catching up against certain creatures. For example. Though not 78 . AIMED STRIKE An Aimed Strike gives you a +1d10 to your Combat SUICIDE BY KUNG FU roll. Any person can successfully kill them- selves with their own Kung Fu Technique without In the martial world of Ogre Gate. reducing takes more Damage by being hit in the head. only delivering 2 Wounds. doing 4 Wounds. characters often rolling. a friendly contest with her Sifu. It is not easy to maim another person. Min is having many seek justice or revenge. but takes a full round to prepare. Techniques. This the extra Damage. enough to incapacitate. You decide to maim a person when you make avoid delivering a lethal blow with a mundane Attack an Attack. then you can do Attack. Any character with a In Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Lu Zhi. if a monster and has worn her down during the fight. Provided the Technique is in fact an Attack that delivers Damage. and Lu Zhi to 2 Wounds. For example. and rolls for Damage. All it means is the character can choice. You must spend Sometimes Martial Heroes take their own life to save one round aiming to gain this bonus. so Min controls her Attack. maiming is a Qi Level can do this. provided no one is making an effort to stop engage in light combat with one another to test skills them (in which case a contested roll may be required). or prove their worth. Characters can to aim without interruption. you can Attack with the choose to kill themselves using their own Kung Fu +1d10 bonus on the next round. when they do so there is no 2 CONTROLLED STRIKES need to roll. She delivers another powerful you successfully target its head.

If this roll is success- ful. chopping off their arm. Kung Fu Techniques (though they can still make 79 mundane Attacks). After base Ranks in your total calculation. unless otherwise stated prises another she gets a free action. you must move at least 20 feet in a straight succeed. The only exceptions are characters with . Anytime you are on a mount and your op. at a rate of one point per day. Charging requires you move at least 25 feet in a straight line toward your target and continue for the remainder of your movement in that direction after the Attack. Picking up a dropped weapon DRAINING SKILLS. or so forth). In order to perform make an Attack roll in the normal fashion. If you a charge. Such a person will mostly stare off into the distance and must make a Reason roll (TN 7) anytime he wants to communicate MOUNTED COMBAT or attempt a Skill. Finally. If your Attack would already do Open Damage. CHARGING ON FOOT You can use momentum to charge on foot and do more Damage to a foe. succeeds. Fighting from a mount supplies a few advantages in combat. This is usually the result of magic or a monster’s ability. no Skill Points in Hardiness still has three Hardiness Points to lose. A charge Attack adds +1d10 DISARMING Damage to your Damage roll. they each have a special effect: do so. Skill Points. anyone attempting it takes a -1d10 penalty to their Attack. Resolve: A character with zero Resolve is filled with ponent is not. Defenses and Qi can be drained or lost both temporarily and permanently. A character with the free action. you receive a +1d10 bonus to your apathy and has no desire of his own. This free action can be When Defenses are drained. you do an Extra Wound to your target on a successful Attack Qi: A character reduced to zero Qi cannot use any (provided you succeed in your Damage roll). To disarm. declare your intention the Bow Rider Combat Technique. to think or process information. Firing a bow from a mount is difficult to do. In and communicate fine but will respond positively to addition. your attempt fails and normal Combat begins. (blinding. Missing Limb. own. the opponent drops his weapon. If he gets a Total Success. The individual so affected should then take the relevant flaw (Blind. you use your mount’s Move in place of your any request or demand. make your Damage roll against the target’s Parry instead of his Hardiness. and so on). If he fails. They can talk Attack and your opponent takes a -1d10 Penalty. you may maim the foe as desired niques Cathartically.To attempt to maim a target. 2 disarm with a weapon not intended for that purpose but take a -3d10 penalty. to your Evade and Parry Ratings. then he uses that Wits: A character reduced to zero Wits is barely able as his Turn Order result when combat starts. you have surprise. therefore characters take succeed and if you get two Total Successes on your 1 Extra Imbalance Point when using Kung Fu Tech- Damage roll. At the moment surprise would Hardiness: A character reduced to zero Hardiness occur. If he roll TN 7 every hour or die. but imposes a -1 penalty Some weapons can disarm opponents. then you get a +1d10 to the total. rates when they drain). You make your Attack at a more of a challenge to smoothly channel Qi energy -1d10 penalty as per the Targeted Strike rules. and any Damage (many Kung Fu Techniques allow different recovery she rolls as a result (if it is an Attack) is Open Damage. the target makes a Detect roll against your is on the brink of death and must make an Endurance Stealth Rating. when you charge on a mount. When certain Defenses are brought To surprise a foe. normal Combat can begin. There are some limitations on mounted combat. Additionally it is to do so on your Attack. be sure to include the either a move or Attack/Skill roll (not both). When one character sur. Temporary SURPRISE Skill Point. If you while on a moving animal. DEFENSES AND QI is a Move. You can try to line and engage your opponent (Close and Reach rules still apply). explaining to the Gamemaster any important details of your plan. Defense Rating and Qi loss is returned Surprise is quite simple. simply declare that you intend to to zero.

which to the Attack roll. Prone position as needed. and Long some shields provide cover to Evade. The of cover: Slight. The moment in a combat round when characters engage is crucial and subject to bonuses/ penalties from a weapon’s reach. Awful -2d10/-2 A weapon’s length is important when characters close Worst -3d10/-3 in on each other. Cover gives you a +2 bonus to Evade against ranged Attacks. This reduces your profile and makes Attacks and to MODIFIERS you harder to hit with ranged weapons. An additional level person with reach disadvantage takes a -1d10 penalty of cover is provided by the Prone position. Slight Cover: Small objects such as tables or low walls provide Slight Cover. Reach. Reach Advantage/Disadvantage is based on your When applying the following bonuses from cover weapon. Having Slight Cover gives Weapons with long reach suffer a -1d10 penalty to you a +1 to your Evade against ranged Attacks. It takes one move to enter -3d10 to +3d10. This modifier only lasts the one round improves your chances of avoiding ranged Attacks when characters close in on each other. It should be noted that reach categories: No Reach. You have reach advantage when you are at least one category higher than your opponent. If Ideal +2d10/+2 prone and one move to leave prone. Standing behind a corner or crouching behind a mound are examples Sometimes the conditions of the battlefield will matter. When you step in to COVER attack with a melee weapon so that you and the other Cover improves your defenses against ranged Attacks character are less than five feet apart the person with and provides a bonus to Evade. of Full Cover. Normal Reach. Weapons are marked with the following remember the capping rules. Having Full Cover gives you a +3 to When Players seize the high ground or opponents devise Evade against ranged Attacks. Having Medium Attack). the GM can assign ad hoc combat The Prone Position: One can simulate cover by lying modifiers to TABLE: CONDITION on the ground. with Long Reach weapons gain a +1d10 bonus to their people or carts provide Medium Cover. an ambush in a narrow passage. Medium and Full. There are three levels reach advantage receives a +1d10 to his Attack roll. applicable he can 2 also bestow bonuses to De- Good Neutral Bad +1d10/+1 No modifier -1d10/-1 CLOSING AND REACH fenses ranging from -3 to +3. On the round you take reach advantage you cannot move after attacking. COMBAT CONDITIONS Full Cover: Objects that cover three quarters or more AD HOC COMBAT MODIFIERS of your body provide Full Cover. These CONDITION BONUS OR PENALTY bestows a +1 Bonus to Evade against ranged Attacks can range from Perfect +3d10/+3 but a -1 penalty to Parry. but makes you easier to hit with a melee weapon. This effect other Skill rolls can combine with other types of cover. attack an adjacent foe the round after closing in (and foes with No Reach who are adjacent to characters Medium Cover: Medium objects such as waist-high walls. TABLE: ATTACKING OBJECTS TN EVADE COMPOSITION HARDINESS INTEGRITY 1 Cannot Miss Fragile 1 1 2 Large Stationary Thin Wood 2 2 3 Medium Stationary Thin Stone 3 3 80 4 Small Stationary Thin Metal 4 4 5 Large Moving Thick Wood 5 5 6 Medium Moving Thick Stone 6 6 7 Small Moving Thick Metal 7 7 8 Large Fast-Moving Reinforced Wood 8 8 9 Medium Fast-Moving Reinforced Stone 9 9 10 Small Fast-Moving Reinforced Metal 10 10 .

moving 3 Ranks 300 150 or fast-moving (with stationary objects being easier 4 Ranks 400 200 to hit). or move it a bit.400 8 225 450 900 1.). Deduct an additional point 3 Muscle.000 10 275 550 1100 1. but if he for every 10 result you get. roll your Rel- evant Combat Skill against this number to see if you hit. you must make a Muscle make a Damage roll and compare the single highest roll against the appropriate TN from the BASE LIFT result to its Hardiness. and stationary.000 1. Every object in Wandering Heroes position column. If this succeeds.200 1. encounters something heavier.700 9 250 500 1000 1. The Hardiness of the object is deter- ATTACKING OBJECTS mined by its mass and composition.650 2. identify the type of object it is in the Com- other characters. The object’s size and speed 0 Ranks 50 25 (if it is moving) are the primary factors.500 2. medium or large (with larger 2 Ranks 200 100 objects being easier to strike).000 2. anything greater than that. roll Damage against its Hardiness.000 1. Objects are 1 Rank 100 50 identified as small. TN 3 for 600 pounds.400 1.200 2. TN 4 for 750 OBJECTS CHART: pounds. Score.750 3. functions like a character’s Max Wounds and is de- termined by the composition of the object.000 2. To lift If you succeed on your Attack roll against an object.250 1. your Ranks in Muscle. If the object is held by another. Target Number: This is the number you must roll TABLE: BASE LIFT to strike or Damage an object. he needs to roll to lift it (using the chart you can see this would be TN Here is an overview of the ATTACKING 2 for 450 pounds.500 3.350 1.250 2. can easily deadlift 300 pounds.750 2. To find its Har- You can Attack and Damage objects as you would diness.300 . Use the ATTACKING Integrity: This number is the amount of Damage OBJECTS TABLE (pg 80) to calculate the Target the object can sustain before breaking. then use the Parry Rating of the wielder instead as the TN for your LIFTING AND MOVING OBJECTS When lifting an object take its weight and compare 2 this to your base lift. Your base lift is determined by Attack roll. These determine the difficulty of Attacking and Damaging them. When attacking an object. This means a character with Rank 1 point from its Integrity. and use the corresponding number of Ogre Gate has an Evade Rating and a Hardiness in the Hardiness line as its Hardiness Score. Objects have an Evade Rating based on their size and movement. A Large Moving object has an effective Evade 5 Ranks 500 250 score of 5 for example. etc.200 1.500 1.200 81 4 125 250 500 750 1. 6 Ranks 600 300 * This is the amount for each TN increase.050 1. You can lift this amount a few feet off the ground. Integrity Number in such cases.800 2. MUSCLE RANK BASE LIFT 50% INCREMENT Evade: This sets the number you must roll to strike (POUNDS) (POUNDS)* an object with your Attack.500 5 150 300 600 900 1.600 2.NON-COMBAT RULES Hardiness: To break an object. you deduct AND TN TABLE. TABLE: BASE LIFT AND TN MUSCLE RANK/BASE LIFT (POUNDS) TN 0d10/50 1d10/100 2d10/200 3d10/300 4d10/400 5d10/500 6d10/600 1 50 100 200 300 400 500 600 2 75 150 300 450 600 750 900 3 100 200 400 600 800 1.100 7 200 400 800 1.800 6 175 350 700 1. drag it.

while an Elephant has Beast Strength (×10) meaning its base lift is mul- tiplied by 10 (so an Elephant with 4 Ranks in Muscle 70 feet is 6d10 Open Damage plus one Extra Wound. and similar hazards. you lift far greater amounts of weight than their Muscle suffer a Damage roll based on the length of your Ranks would normally allow. on a Total Success you reduce the Damage by 2 Wounds. Some monsters.000 pounds (200 × 20=4. So. the char- SIZE BURN/DAMAGE Beast Strength (×2): This creature multiplies its acter is burned. You always multiply this number fire) against the by the creature’s Base Lift for the purposes of lifting victim’s Evade Rating. you reduce your Total BEAST STRENGTH Damage sustained by 1 Wound. capping at 6d10 once lift by a number listed in parenthesis depending on you reach 60 feet. a fall of 30 feet is 3d10 Open Damage. When a character catches on fire. So an Ogre Demon with four take burning Damage each round but at a reduced Ranks in Muscle and a sword that does 3d10+Muscle. round. The environment . Use the following chart: Falling down a deep ravine can be more deadly than facing a powerful Kung Fu Expert. rolls a number of d10s (determined by size of the tiplier for its Base Lift. Here are some examples: Success. its size. Anytime a character is exposed to flame. Candle/Lamp 0d10 base lift times 2. its base Damage each House fire 4d10 lift is 2. So a conditions. Just like a Forest Fire 5d10 weapon. a house fire that 82 rolls 7d10 for Damage (3d10+4d10=7d10). its base lift is 400 pounds (200 × 2 = 400). On a TABLE: FIRE DAMAGE and moving objects. You may make an Athletics Skill roll during a fall to reduce the Damage. When this occurs. Fire character with Rank 2 Muscle can throw up to 200 Damage. so if it has 2 Ranks in Muscle.000 pounds (200 × 10=2. This allows them to Falling from heights can kill you. burns a character for 4d10 Damage and ignites him (by rolling a Total Success on the initial burn roll). Beast Strength multiplies base ten feet and is Open Damage. Beast determine how many Wounds it causes. A fall from 80 feet is 6d10 Open Damage plus two lifts 4000 pounds instead of 400). On a Total Success. so if it has 2 Ranks in Muscle. fire rolls Conflagration 6d10 Beast Strength (×20): This creature multiplies its d10s against the base lift by 20. This is a TN 8 Athletics roll. This allows them to do more with their Muscle Score and lets them exceed dice caps FIRE DAMAGE on Damage rolls for Physical Attacks. This can be ex. he continues to ceeded up to 10d10. Some creatures in the game are designated as having Beast Strength. For every ten feet after that you the size and power of the creature. The Damage for a fall is 1d10 for every for beasts of burden. the character also Torch 1d10 catches fire and Campfire 2d10 Beast Strength (×10): This creature multiplies its continues to take Bonfire 3d10 base lift by 10. Extra Wounds. When you fall. rolls 3d10 Damage the next round. immortals and animals that are FALLING DAMAGE much bigger than the standard Races have a special designation of Beast Strength. This is a Closed Damage roll. Rate of -1d10 each increment. Illumination.000). the GM with a number in Parenthesis. he can be When a creature has Beast Strength this is expressed burned and catch on fire. so take only the single highest Success and include any 10 results to In addition to improving a creature’s base lift. its base target’s Hardi- lift is 4. but you can never exceed this number. This is often the case descent in feet. ness. AND CHALLENGES Characters face threats not just from enemies. The Damage Strength allows it to exceed the capping limit on roll of the fire is set by its size as well. For example. So a fall of ten feet is 1d10 Golden Maiden of Buwei has Beast Strength (x2) Open Damage. followed by 2d10. ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS 1d10 and finally 0d10 (after which it burns out). You can also throw anything that matches your base also makes everyday tasks easier or harder by its lift. pounds but no more. so if it has 2 Ranks in Muscle. but The Burn and Damage roll of fire is determined by also from the features of the world they inhabit. A fall from 60 feet is 6d10 Open Damage. On a Success. the take one Extra Wound.000). This section covers Falling Damage. A fall from 2 meaning her base lift is doubled. which serves as a mul. Damage rolls for Physical Attacks.

this means that Before making a Non-Combat Skill roll. When you are blind. Once you are able to it to see you. Note: In combat. The Endurance roll is at TN 1+4 per target’s Stealth. Effectively. such as Endurance roll every round to avoid losing con. This also provides a +3 exploration. Objects like torches and candles can nullify having been Incapacitated). Sometimes. DROWNING ferent levels of Illumination handled in the game. make an Target Number. these possibilities but are not intended to constrain or limit role-playing. you start to suffocate/drown. table for the conditions and the character’s Swim Rank to see if a Swim roll is necessary and what the TN should be if it is. Check the Water Conditions and Drowning -1d10/-1 Penalty to affected Skills. 3 Calm waters Rank 0 6 Rough Waters Rank 1 or lower Non-Combat Skill rolls function just like Combat 9 Stormy Waters Rank 2 or lower Skill rolls. you suffer a as above. roll a number of d10 equal to your Skill Rank and take the single SUFFOCATION AND DROWNING highest result. breathe. On a Success you remain con- . you Attack the outcome is a foregone conclusion or obvious. This helps the GM to set the TN and gauge TN rises to 5.ILLUMINATION scious. you pass out and begin to die You need light to see your opponents. When the outcome is uncer- tain or when the action involves an amount of risk. if of Ogre Gate. TABLE: WATER CONDITIONS you will likely be asked to make a Skill roll. previous round without air to remain conscious (to a maximum of TN 10). Suffocation and Dying stop. This provides +1 to Stealth. then compare that against the GM’s When you cannot breathe for any reason. you describe your actions to the GM you swing your short sword at a foe standing next and he determines the outcome. Situations where there are lots making your Swim Skill roll. Illumination Penalties are reduced When you try to do anything in Wandering Heroes by one on Skills used against adjacent targets. If you fail the Swim of shadows. So. Walking in the woods by moonlight or strolling through a building with a NON-COMBAT SKILLS single candle at night are examples of Dark Illumi- nation. despite the presence of a light source. and the Detect recover (you take no Wounds for suffocation despite Skill. to swim well enough to keep yourself afloat by not ment is illuminated. In dark environments you suffer -2d10/-2 to Non-Combat Skills are a key part of the game. Drowning begins when you are in the water and fail Dim: It is dim when three quarters of the environ. or Wits. Detect. Non-Combat Skills offer a way to explore to Stealth. Relevant Physical Skills. will simply state what happens and there will be no need to make any rolls. and you Combat Skills. While Combat is essential to at this level. On the second round the do. These are the dif. This also provides +2 to Stealth. he at -2d10 instead of -3d10. Roll Endurance qualify as dim. Characters also gain Stealth Bonuses from poor Illumination. Illumination affects Parry. state what the victim automatically remains conscious on the your intentions are and what it is you are trying to first round of suffocation. then to 9 on the third (going to 10 on Success or Failure. In Lights-out conditions you suffer any RPG. so are political intrigue. Resolve. Illumination Penalties. In such environments. the fourth round). Just like AND DROWNING you have Skills that allow you to attack enemies in SWIM TN CONDITIONS ROLL REQUIRED IF Combat you also have Skills that can be used to in- teract with the setting in a variety of ways. Evade. investigation and -3d10/-3 to affected Skills. you effectively operate Kung Fu Techniques). 2 Dark: It is dark when only one quarter of the envi- ronment is illuminated. A few Non-Combat Skills. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate most Skills are not Combat-related. and they are extremely important Lights-out: This is total darkness with no light (though some are still used in Combat for certain source. When you want to use a Skill. except most are rolled against a Target 10 Hurricane or Tsunami Rank 3 or lower Number chosen by the GM (rather than a Defense Rating). On a failure. One common cause of suffocating is drowning. roll. In affected Skills. and they need (see Dying) unless you get air. when to you in the total darkness (lights-out). Persuade or Deception are rolled against your 83 sciousness.

They can resemble anything from a mil- achieved everything you were trying to do (within itary order. Sects are very important in the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate setting. to a faith or gang. By taking the Sifu of a particular 84 from -3d10 to +3d10 and -3 to +3. Total Success means you rolled a 10 on your Non-Com. course. The outcome of your Skill Neutral No Modifier roll determines which of these categories your actions Bad -1d10/-1 falls within. but it matters in the setting. Failure means you rolled below the Target SECT Number and did not achieve what you were trying This is the martial arts school or sect you belong to. The result is you are unable to read his expressions for any helpful clues and do not sense THE MARTIAL WORLD his intentions. ing on the situation. There are some exceptions to this of Condition Modifiers Table as a guideline for assign. Characters start . Awful -2d10/-2 When you make a Non-Combat Skill roll. Failing to do so can lower your reputation and even turn allies into enemies. It also means you SECTS AND SIFU achieved what you intended. reason) and more. Success means you rolled even It provides access to allies. find the Worst -3d10/-3 single highest result. ENCOUNTERS. Char- NON-COMBAT MODIFIERS acters do not have to belong to sects if they do not Non-Combat modifiers to Skills and defenses range wish. You acteristics. There may be times when the whole party’s survival Perfect +3d10/+3 hinges on a single Skill roll. Sifu. and additional ben- with or above your Target Number (though not a 10) efits. The GM has great flexibility de. Good +1d10/+1 Success. TRAVEL. to do with the Skill. and Total Success. but do not roll any 10s. Use the sect as well. you make an Empathy roll to decipher ROLLS SECTIONS. These can be applied sect. Sur- Failure occurs when you roll below your Target vival Skill checks and Encounters are described in Number or below your target’s Defense Score. achieved everything you were aiming for and more. Most sects have rules and principles their members are expected to obey. SIFU A Sifu is a person you learn Kung Fu from and have a teacher-disciple relationship with. an academy. a school. identity in the martial world. There are three possible Ideal +2d10/+2 outcomes with any Non-Combat Skill: Failure. Going from place to place in Qi Xien can be danger- ous and requires Survival checks. A Total Success means you rolled a 10. The sect you belong to forms a central part of your termining what a spectacular success means depend. AND KUNG FU Success occurs when you roll equal to or greater than your Target Number (or the Defense Rating of your target). If it is equal to or TRAVEL AND ENCOUNTERS 2 greater than your Target Number. There are no mechanical benefits to the Skill. It CHAPTER TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER in the means you did not achieve the result you desired. To sum up. FAILURE. Sects are described in CHAPTER SIX: THE ing such bonuses and penalties. it is a Total Success. AND SURVIVAL SKILL For example. that attempt is a Failure. it is a Success. These are martial organizations. Travel times. This is a spectacular success. but most do. MARTIAL WORLD. you effectively make yourself a member of the ad hoc by the GM or based on conditions. And if it is a result of 10. often with special missions or even religious char- bat Skill roll. A sect gives the character access to specific Kung and basically achieved what you set out to do with Fu Techniques. a guard’s intentions and roll lower than his Wits Score (a Failure). If it is lower than your Target Number. and being part of a sect. SUCCESS AND TABLE: CONDITION MODIFIERS TOTAL SUCCESS CONDITION BONUS/PENALTY Gauging Success for Non-Combat Skills is critical.

As the campaign pro- ing the student of a particular Sifu. in others they CHAPTER SIX: THE MARTIAL WORLD. and learn from them. These reflect values of the Xia code but also 2 social convention prohibits or discourages becom. Uncle or similar labels may known actions your character performs.the game with a Sifu (either created by the GM or and the martial world. It is even possible to be the the second is how you are viewed by your enemies. but it REPUTATION also helps the GM know how Non-Player Characters Reputation is a tool intended to help both players (NPC) might react to your character. It is assumed that starting characters are if the masters of a prestigious Sect believe a Player skilled enough to venture out on their own with their Character’s blatant lie about his childhood). general traits or behaviors. . not to surprise or trick players. At character creation select from the list below for both friends and foes. (both have advantages and disadvantages) but the It is also meant to help guide the GM’s judgment in details should be discussed by the player and Gam. It helps you under- stand your place in the world of the Jianghu. particularly when will be opposites or simply different. Sifu are described in In some cases these could be the same. expected to train with or perform duties for their Reputation consists of two parts. Reputation is a role-playing tool. disciple of multiple Sifu. In such instanc. But they would periodically be ters can cultivate reputation through actions. certain social situations (for example when deciding emaster. be applied. The goal what Techniques are available to the character at of tracking reputation is to make the actions of the character creation. Having a repu- 85 Bronze Master betrays Heiping sect. The firSt is how you Sifu. As you adventure you may encounter more Sifu are viewed by people who admire and respect you. Reputation and GMs navigate the honor system of the Xia Code should always be viewed in context. This is meant to be light and chosen from the Ogre Gate book). This establishes unobtrusive. Note that in some cases. gresses your reputation may change due to publicly es. Your Sifu may be alive or dead characters matter in the setting and have an impact. terms like Auntie. characters will use other language to describe their teacher. Charac- master’s blessing.

time. First it affects will alter how people view him (even specifically how many Imbalance Points you gain when using identifying what change will occur). and Dianxue (pressure points). Anyone known for poison use will be widely spirit. • Kind-Cruel • Loyal-Disloyal When you use Kung Fu Techniques Cathartically. Simply spend these at a one-to-one fore he selects Truthful/Ferocious as his reputation. tation for cruelty for example could be good or bad de. Kung Fu Techniques Cathartically. Kung Fu Techniques Reputation can change over time. • Orthodox-Unorthodox you gain Imbalance Points. as he adventures he finds himself in a example you could take 2 Ranks in Qinggong. The GM should decide when this is appropriate ELEMENTS OF KUNG FU and should not set out to punish players for being “bad” or reward them for being “good”. As an However. then surprise a player with a Reputation change. The • Filial-Unfilial lower your Imbalance Rating. a character with the Truthful reputation among his enemies would probably benefit and receive a +1d10 These reflect your innate talent for different aspects of Kung Fu: Waijia (external Kung Fu). 1 Rank number of situations and eventually breaks his word in Waijia and 1 Rank in Neigong. • Too Reckless-Cautious The primary purpose of Reputation is to aid interaction • Trustworthy-Untrustworthy between Player Characters (PC) and NPCs. This changes discipline will affect your ability to use Techniques from his reputation from Truthful to something else that category. Your Ranks in a given several times in very public displays. If a player is about to perform an action that will clearly DISCIPLINES AND IMBALANCE RATING affect his Reputation. Martial Discipline Ranks cannot adjust over feared but also considered highly dishonorable. but for treating his enemies fiercely. Because these reflect your natural aptitudes. Untrust- you cannot learn any Techniques in that category. (lightness Kung Fu). 2 or a hindrance in a given situation. includ- Gaining reputation for Poison is a somewhat special ing things like body-type. . and case. 86 • Ferocious-Calm If your highest Rank is a 1 in Dianxue (or any other Discipline) then your Imbalance Rating is a 1. etc. Second it helps establish the TN for Meditation rolls related to Qi Spirit Possession. So if your (AND THEIR OPPOSITE) highest Martial Discipline Rank is a 3 in Waijia (or any other Discipline) then your Imbalance Rating is • Brave-Cowardly a 3. People understand how their actions Your ranks in the Martial Disciplines help set your are likely to be viewed. The amount of points you gain is determined by your Imbalance Rating • Poisoner and the result of your Kung Fu Technique Skill roll. they are fixed (they can be adjusted by specif- ic Kung Fu Techniques and abilities in the game). If you have zero Ranks in a Discipline (whether that something else is Cunning.. Wuji are divided into one of these four disciplines each. it is fair for the GM to inform him that his character is aware that taking the action Imbalance Rating does two things. cost. depends on the circumstances). If your highest Rank is a 2 in Neigong (or any • Cunning-Truthful other Discipline) then your Imbalance Rating is a 2. with each point providing a single Rank. So the GM should not trap Imbalance Rating. It is simply about whether a particular reputation would be useful MARTIAL DISCIPLINES Characters all have Ranks in four Martial Disciplines. There- Martial Disciplines. Your Imbalance Rating is equal to LIST OF REPUTATIONS your highest Martial Discipline Rank. is young wandering hero known for being true to You have four points to distribute as you wish in your his word. • Pure-Shameful pending on the circumstances (a character known to be • Righteous-Unjust Cruel would likely be believed and heeded when she vows • Selfish-Selfless to rip out a person’s eyes if they mistreat her friends). but it also • Vengeful-Merciful can provide a small circumstantial bonus or penalty (generally +1d10 or -1d10) to things like Mental Skill rolls. For instance. worthy. Qinggong bonus when trying to give his word to a sworn foe. For example. internal strength. The honor code of the Xia is not mysterious to anyone in the setting. the better. Neigong (internal Kung Fu).

. If you have an Imbalance Rating of 2. your TN is 8. 87 Lady Plum Blossom answers General Qiang’s request with Lash of the Fly Whisk. which gain new Techniques start by finding teachers to is the required level of Qi you must possess to use instruct you or by looking for manuals. Imbalance Rating of 3. the rulebook and spend Experience Points (XP). may be willing to train you. The TN for Meditation Skill rolls to stave off Qi Spirit Possession At character creation you start with 6 Kung Fu Tech- is TN 7+ your Imbalance Rating. Kung Fu Techniques are described more completely in CHAPTER THREE: KUNG FU TECHNIQUES. You can also increase its effect by using it Cathartically. If you fail (this is stated clearly in each Kung Fu Technique you gain a number of points equal to your Imbalance entry). To riors. If you gain too many Imbalance Points you mastered a Technique you may use it anytime you risk being possessed by a Qi Spirit. It is not enough to simply look through Techniques that set them apart from everyday war. Each Kung Fu Techniques identifies a par- Rating +2. Imbalance Rating sets the TN for the roll. your TN for such rolls is TN 10. These must be your Qi level or lower. Once you have Points. your TN is TN 9. In addition some Techniques increase people with greater martial skill than yourself. they in effect as your Qi increases. wish. As you meet the Technique. but each time you do this you take to stave off the effects of Qi Spirit Possession. Players must take an active role in obtaining new Martial Experts have mastered specific Kung Fu Techniques. On a Total Success you gain no Imbalance ticular skill you use to execute it. Each Kung Fu Technique has a Qi rating.If you succeed on your roll you gain a number of Kung Fu Techniques are performed by using Skills points equal to your Imbalance Rating. which means you draw on more in- You occasionally may need to make Meditation rolls ternal energy. 2 KUNG FU TECHNIQUES GAINING NEW KUNG FU TECHNIQUES While anyone can kick or punch using a normal skill. So if you have an niques. If your Imbalance Rating is 1. Your Imbalance Points.

Techniques are gained by spending experience points AND through teachers. to reflect the accelerated learning rates seen in shows though it can lead to balance issues. The GM the game setting (manuals. The to teach him the Hidden Fist of Yanshi Technique.e. nique this way characters are allowed a single Skill mine the exact length based on the rarity. ity and difficulty of the Technique. complex. or appropriate time frame). Both requirements must TIME TO LEARN TECHNIQUE METHOD be met for characters to learn new Techniques. day. etc). This Golden Roc with a witty verse and convinces the Sifu should be the skill used to perform the Technique. a couple of days. However. With GM approval characters can learn secret Techniques on their own Here are two optional methods for gaining new Kung but only with years of effort. more natural development during play. Once there he impresses hour. to purchase individual Techniques. roll in the Technique they are being taught each day. meditation. the GM may simply decide that at Samantha would like Ting to have a more potent the end of a given period of training that the new counter that suits his hands-oriented martial style. amount of sense for time and effort to result in gaining fully guarded Techniques known to particular sects or new Techniques). named Ting the Iron Fist. using XP as a requirement for gaining new Techniques is largely for balance and pacing (plus it makes a certain Some Techniques are tagged “(Secret)”. However this can be ungainly at masters. instruction may also be a factor. cases. Ting has a good selection of Techniques to reflect his Iron-fisted nature and is MASTERING A NEW TECHNIQUE nearly a master after years of training and adventure. week. All that matters is that the player character learns While the time increments are clearly not meant to the Technique in the game world. A Sifu who is par- ticularly adept at teaching students. Months or years Individual Effort* insight and other actions takes months. These are care. could help someone master a Technique in less time than a Sifu EXAMPLE: Samantha is playing a character who is difficult to work with. Then the GM picks a time increment from per Qi Level (or a number you find works best). The source of On a Total Success they learn the new technique. new Technique is learned when you get a Total Success on the Skill roll. Teachers and manuals can instruct you in a given Hours or Days Teacher technique over the course of hours to weeks. In some *This requires GM approval and should be rare. Ting journeys crement of time it takes to learn (so one roll every west to learn from him. Sifu) but a flat amount then has the choice of allowing the player to roll on per Qi Rank can be easier to manage than using XP a regular basis in that increment to learn the Tech. after a few hours. For ease of play. will kill outsiders who learn their Secret Techniques. When possible we recommend you require a single Skill roll per in. As an option. Fu Techniques: Kung Fu Techniques cost 3 Experience Points per Qi 2 Rank of the desired Technique. the presence of a teacher or manual is required. or great LEARNING TECHNIQUES individual training effort. When characters try to learn a new Technique the By Qi Rank (Optional): Another method for grant- ing new Kung Fu Techniques is to ignore the XP requirement and instead use Qi Ranks. the end of the chosen timeframe (i. They the options given for that method based on circum.e. once every hour or every day) or having higher levels it will take considerable time to learn the player automatically gain the new Technique at new techniques using this method. Using this GM uses the following table for estimating the time approach you allow players to learn 2 new Techniques it takes. manuals. This allows for a reflect real world learning times. Kung Fu Techniques can be acquired without use of XP. At this point the GM looks at the chart for learning new Kung Fu Techniques and decides the Hidden . who lives at the base of Mount Peng. such as secret Techniques. they are intended smoother. at nique (i. See MASTERING A No Experience Cost (Optional): The purpose of NEW TECHNIQUE below for more details. Technique has been mastered (using the LEARNING 88 Following rumors of a great master called Golden Roc TECHNIQUES Table for timeframe). To learn a tech- like Condor Heroes. still need to learn the Techniques from sources in stances and how difficult the Technique is. The Gamemaster should deter. while Days or Weeks Manual individual effort through training. They are not widely known and some sects times and interfere with in-game events.

a challenge that the Technique responds to. Fist of Yanshi will take Ting hours to learn. After you gain 12 (plus your Qi Level) you are possessed by a Qi 10 Pig Spirit . nique requires. On a Failure the Spirit reach Qi level 2. 2 OBSOLETE TECHNIQUES The longer the Qi Spirit has hold of your body. interruptions are When you are possessed you can only be cured by always a possibility. The time can be reduced by half if the player is building off an existing D10 ROLL QI SPIRIT Technique that he or she already knows. So a character with Qi Level 2 can take up to 14 points. of the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate character sheet. 1 Fox Spirit 2 Ogre Spirit IMBALANCE POINTS AND POSSESSION 3 Water Spirit/Snake Spirit 89 Overusing Kung Fu Techniques can be dangerous. and creates the final mechanical what type of power you are using. because Spirit from the list below. 4 Vulture Spirit Characters that push themselves to the limit risk 5 Compassionate Spirit unbalancing their Qi and can become possessed by 6 Swallow Spirit Qi Spirits. Use your Meditation Skill against TN CREATING NEW TECHNIQUES 7+your Imbalance Rating. but characters with Zero Ranks in Meditation roll of course. what Qi roll on the QI SPIRIT TABLE. This requires no Skill This does not mean you drop everything and just roll. Kung Fu Techniques that purge spirits and cannot recover points until the spirit is purged. So a character can spend one week exploring a Technique. and opportunity for other characters in the party to make use of that time. For example. making the latter of no use. Ting gains the Technique. are in control of your mind or if the possessed spirit is in control. and once she gets a Total Success. On a Total Success Characters can create their own Techniques when they you are in control for 2 days. If you get a Total Success. When you reach player then provides a description to the GM of the the end on the Imbalance Points tracker on page two Technique and how she will go about discovering it. There ought to be some interaction recover only 1 per every two hours. If this process is not reversed in time. months plus one month for each level of Qi the Tech. plus she must devote at least 2 one for each Level of Qi you possess (on a base of 12). you training that day. The GM decides how long this ought to take. Doing so requires the player outline controls you for a day. Imbalance Points can be removed at a rate of 1 per Qi level per hour of meditation. take a break. a player may want to find a Technique to get To reach this state you must acquire enough Imbal- around another Technique called Arms of Silk. you When possessed you must roll each day to see if you get back the XP value of the obsolete Technique. you Level 4 Technique that replicates and improves on transform into a demonic creature and become an NPC. you acquire Imbalance Points. The ance Points to become possessed. gain zero points. Anytime you use your he is already quite experienced and there are no Kung Fu Techniques Cathartically you gain Imbalance pressing distractions (the other option is weeks). Points automatically. This time can be spent here and there. the more As players advance it is possible new Techniques physical and mental changes you undergo (see Qi Spirit gained through XP will make older Techniques ob- entries in CHAPTER TEN: THREATS AND MON- solete. while a character with Qi Level 4 can take up to 16. QI SPIRIT TABLE and resume the following month. When this occurs. your imbalance and flavor description of the Technique. Of course. it does not have to be all at once. Your Imbalance Point tracker extends by would normally cost. If it is a Failure you gain points equal to your Strike Skill roll each hour for the hours they spend Imbalance Rating +2. If your Cathartic use is Suc- cessful you gain points equal to your Imbalance Therefore the GM asks Samantha to make one Arm Rating. It does not matter level the power is. the abilities of one of his Qi Level 2 Techniques. 7 Bull Spirit 8 Wolf Spirit Whenever you use a Kung Fu Technique Catharti- 9 Unique Spirit cally. On a Success you are in control of your mind for a day. The player of Qi opens the door to possession from all types of must then spend twice the amount of XP the Technique Qi Spirits. For example a character may gain a new Qi STERS).

Some are included in this book in CHAPTER THREE but they will be expanded in an upcoming release tentatively titled: Profound Masters of Ogre Gate. so this means he did three 2 SAMMI (GAMEMASTER): Ba. wine from the table and says “You filthy. so the Attack succeeds. and it is established that you have an Imbalance Rating of 2. . the total on his sheet. EXAMPLE: USING KUNG FU meaning the effects of the Dog Bashing Stick Tech- TECHNIQUES AND GAINING nique take effect. With 1 Rank in draw on this energy. make a Light Melee Skill roll. he counts all money. has a Hardiness of 5. Dog Bashing Stick cup of Snake Wine at the Inn of the Divine Scholar inflicts 2d10 Open Damage per Rank of Waijia. I will use it Cathartically. Do you want to do anything? the side of the head and his neck whips to the DREW: Yes. raises his hand to slap the Wounds (6. 9. so that gives their fists on the table demanding he return the me 4d10 Open Damage. Ba has a Parry of 5. the older of the two bothers. tioner’s body.9 and 5 are each successes). however Neigong Techniques Light Melee he only rolls 1d10. I try to attack before he can strike. It also drains 2 points of Hardiness as part of its Cathartic effect. Drew rolls 4d10 getting a 2. In addition he reels and SAMMI (GAMEMASTER): Okay make a looks a bit woozy (this is to reflect the Hardiness Speed roll. you crack the Drew is playing Xi Kang who is about to enjoy a side of his head with the stick. Drain). Imbalance Points. DREW: I attempt Dog Bashing Stick Technique Drew then adds the two new Imbalance Points to on Ba. now let me finish my wine before I kill the successes as Wounds against his opponent. 6. Ba you with this stick. When Martial Heroes unleash their QI RANK AND EXPERIENCE PROGRESSION QI RANK XP REQUIREMENT QI RANK XP REQUIREMENT Martial Heroes *Immortals 1 0 13 624 2 6 14 780 3 18 15 1251 4 36 16 1581 5 72 17 2190 6 120 18 2346 Profound Masters* 19 2502 90 7 312 20 2661 8 360 21 2817 9 390 22 2973 10 420 23 3130 11 453 24 3287 12 500 *Profound Masters and Immortals have access to Profound Techniques and other special abilities. IMBALANCE POINTS SAMMI (GAMEMASTER): Okay. All Kung Fu Techniques so he needs to roll that to use it. you take 2 Xi Kang goes first in the Turn Order. Because you used it Cathartically and They make Speed rolls. side from the force. money he stole from them. Drew rolls and gets in particular channel the energy from the practi- a 7. Because it DREW (KANG): An insult! I never stole your is Open rather than closed damage. when the Firelance Brothers approach and slam DREW: I have 2 Ranks in Waijia. SAMMI (GAMEMASTER): All right. SAMMI (GAMEMASTER): You crack Ba on drunken. QI Qi is a kind of internal energy but is also present in Dog Bashing Stick lists Light Melee under “Skill” the natural world as well. dog”. and 5.

your Qi Rank re. After 6 Ranks it becomes considerably This means that an individual character should generally more difficult and rare to advance (consider these have to beat someone at least one Qi level higher than higher Ranks optional). See Experience Points below for more information. 91 Jade BitterfLy gets ready for a Qi Duel. The specific color INCREASING QI AND ADVANCEMENT and appearance will always be a reflection of the personality of the wielder or the Technique employed Qi goes up when two criteria are met: you must achieve (with purple for example reflecting a venomous and a specific level of Experience AND you must defeat an evil nature. 6 Ranks. See the PROFOUND themselves to advance. Of course the specific challenge the opponent presents is what matters. you simply need to have acquired the amount of be used to permanently increase by one a Defense Skill XP needed for each Qi Level. The opponent must be defeated in single one-on-one combat. Each Qi Level you advance (up through Qi Level 6) you Qi is also important to Cultivation and Internal can raise one Defense of your choice by 1. 2 You do not need to spend any experience points to advance example.Qi. Alchemy (concepts that become more significant as you can no longer raise Defenses in this way. etc. As you characters advance into the Profound Master and advance and earn Experience (XP). acquire Techniques. but it is primarily used as a measure of Kung Fu mastery. of your choice (to a limit of 10 in any given Defense). At Qi Level 7. or in the Characters begin with 1 Rank in Qi and can achieve case of a party. it produces luminous displays. between sessions to raise Skills. while a color like gold is thought of as opponent whose Qi Rank equals the level you are advanc- more noble). Fundamentally. In addition each Rank in Qi you acquire can in Qi. . than themselves. ing to or who poses a significant challenge. flects your level of internal cultivation. you can spend XP Immortal levels). so the Qi level require- Qi does a number of things. while a group of characters gen- MASTERS AND IMMORTALS entry in this erally need to beat someone at least two Qi levels higher chapter for more details. against a foe at least two Qi levels higher. Ranks in Qi often affect the strength of individual Kung Fu Techniques for ment can be waived if the GM feels the battle was difficult and has helped the characters grow as Martial Heroes.

EXPERIENCE POINTS All XP spending and adjustments should be made (XP) with the awareness of the Gamemaster. when a Qi Duel begins resolve BONUS EXPERIENCE it using the following method: There is one key exception to the above rule: Bonus Each participant prepares to roll 1d10 per Rank of Qi. • Party or individual character finds secret or If the victor wins by Normal Success he unleashes forgotten manual through great effort (3 XP) an enormous blast of energy against his opponent doing 1 Extra Wound per Rank of Qi (combine both SPENDING XP combatants Qi Ranks together for total). Each moment that passes without one overpowering • Performing a great deed the other. but so is overcom- makes a Neigong energy Attack and another uses a ing heroes to destroy a village. Every round this occurs adds 2 Extra Knowledge Skill Point Increase 4 XP per point Wounds to the final Total. This will vary a great deal from character to character as occurs in formal Qi Duels. against a foe whose Qi level is one higher than your own. Here are some examples and than your opponent you take another -1d10 to your the suggested amount you should award: roll. but one still has to spend points purchasing Skill Ranks as well. If your Neigong Rank is lower special circumstances. Neigong counter that states it triggers a Qi Duel. that shapes the setting in a significant way. When this occurs they must focus and • Growing your reputation channel their energy against a foe that does the same. If the victor wins by Total Success. Combat Technique 12 XP 92 *Rituals are 2 XP points each just to take the Sub-Skill. The first and get 1 XP for this per session. otherwise it the first two and involves any successful effort to advance your reputation in a meaningful way. Kung Fu Technique 3 XP per Qi Level Ritual 2 XP* Ties: Each tie that occurs means neither side has Expertise 5 XP overpowered the other. • Character performs exceptional deed that saves with the person rolling highest achieving victory. Defeating a Powerful Foe: You gain 1 XP for de- The loser of such a duel is struck by the Qi energy feating a single foe whose Qi level equals your own. (when the gulf between opponents if greater than 1 Qi Rank. Also there can be no more each PC has a different persona and is admired or than one Rank disparity for a duel to be initiated feared for different reasons. most common is a willing engagement between two Martial Heroes who each decide to use a Neigong Growing your Reputation: This is more subtle than 2 Technique that generates a Qi blast at the same time. if you fight alongside a group. see the final paragraph of this section. The Gamemaster can award bonus Experience If your Qi Rank is one less than your opponent you Points to individual players or to the party under take -2d10 to your roll. causes the energy to build between them. growing your reputation. Both now make their rolls and compare results. You can only A Qi duel can occur in one of two ways. XP. You can usually earn up to 1-3 XP . This only happens in normal combat if two characters attack at precisely the same moment. For example. protecting a village against The second way it can occur is when one character ruthless bandits is a notable deed. It can be good or bad. then powers function normally and there Performing a Great Deed: This is any notable deed is no need for a duel). Experience Points are earned by performing great deeds. doing 2 Extra Wounds to the target. If party or brings them great success (2 XP) there is a tie. or. QI DUELS per session. he unleashes an even greater Experience points can be spent in the following way: blast of energy. For each of the following three criteria Sometimes adept practitioners of Neigong will find met during a session you gain 1 XP: themselves locked with one another in a duel of Qi • Defeating a powerful foe energy. generated during the duel. but they both keep contrib- uting to the overall power level of the energy forces Skill Point Increase 10 XP per point generated. advancing causes and defeating foes. Whatever the cause.

It is used to determine rebirth when Karma is a measure of your conduct. Note that spending XP does not found Masters or Immortals they can sense their reduce your XP total for purposes of determining Qi Karma and players track their rating. Filial Piety. Every thing you do carries over to the next life in other powerful entities (all of whom can sense your Karma and may act accordingly to it). For example a deity is much more likely to appear before someone 2 the form of your Karma and Karma reflects this. It can never go lower than -10 and never KARMA higher than 10. its use is optional).ADVANCEMENT Karma is a rating that spans from -10 to 10 (with any negative Karma rating being bad and a positive one Record your XP total as you advance. This will in. (or when they are extremely unfilial or inappropriate However we intend to release more material for if the GM is tracking all the major virtues). The exact measure of PROFOUND MASTERS Karma is determined by the GM and this will often vary from campaign to campaign. When characters become Pro- gression table). But generally Karma AND IMMORTALS should go up or down when characters perform sig. it is tracked secretly by the GM (and QI AND ADVANCEMENT on page 90 for the pro. your Karma Rank decreases. These are optional Qi Levels. lating to Altruism. rank (you should keep a separate tally of XP spent). higher-level characters. When you do you die. being good). This book is primarily designed with Martial Hero nificant acts of cruelty or significant acts of altruism level characters in mind (those with Qi Ranks 1-6). Rite. becoming an immortal. and will occasion- really bad things. It can change anytime you perform significant acts re. with a high Karma Rating. 93 . Propriety. Wisdom and Justice. when ally come into play when you deal with deities or you do really good things your Karma Rank increas- es. Karma starts at 0 and goes up or down by 1 for any significant act that abides by or violates one of the virtues. Initially characters do not know their crease your Qi ranks over time (see INCREASING Karma rating. For the purposes of simplicity the GM may simply focus on Altruism.

5. you do not turn into Profound Masters and Immortals are aware of a Qi Spirit. at the Profound Master level. It is also incredibly rare. 6. You must have 13 levels in Qi. It is elusive and few survive long enough to reach it. Also. When you reach Qi Level 7. but found Spirit.  time and devotion. allowed entry as a junior disciple into an Immortal use the Profound Master and Immortal character or Demon Hero Sect. but it is possible to achieve. not a single sect leader in the Banyan region is presently a Profound Master (Qi level 7 or higher). must be met: Profound Masters and Immortals can sense their lowing you to take up to 4 Ranks in a Skill. The game works just fine if you stick with Qi 1-6. You gain access to Profound Kung Fu Tech- niques. Normal people do not have enough self-awareness to know their Karma status. Because they handle evil Qi PROFOUND MASTERS energy. You either must achieve deep insight that adds something new to the world (something that 2. extent. When you become imbalanced by taking too many imbalance points. You no longer gain points to add to Defenses each level you advance in Qi. Part of this is the difficulty of attaining that IMMORTALS degree of mastery and Qi cultivation. Your maximum Skill Ranks increase to 4. You find a pathway to immortality. However some Profound one can cultivate Qi energy and develop insights that Techniques will specifically allow you to lead to the path of immortality. 4. level of cultivation to Immortals but rely on Evil Kung Fu. you are a Profound Master. It is so uncommon. must have developed your own high level Kung Fu Technique. this alters their physical form and their minds. they begin to you extra dice beyond the cap limit unless understand the process of internal alchemy. but 4. It is not easy. You must have performed some great deed Fu Techniques you now may try to learn Pro. a more important reason is anyone who trains long few succeed. Instead you transform into a Pro- 2 their Karma and this is tracked on their character sheet. in the same way certain Kung Qi Rank. . limits on dice rolls. where specifically stated). sheets provided in the back of the book. Legend of Zu and Chinese Paladin. 94 found Techniques (though you still need to learn them from a source). own rating. they just do not give When characters reach Qi Rank 7. Here are the chief effects of reaching this level: 2. 3. dark rituals or quick methods to attain longevity and power. This is reflected by exceed this cap. This means many of your mortals allows for more fantastic play in the style of Kung Fu Techniques will not scale past Rank Journey to the West. For some reason they are more common in Becoming a Profound Master is simply a matter of the area around Li Fan. While you can still learn normal Kung 3. you might be When you become a Profound Master or Immortal. 5. DEMON HEROES  Note: The rules for Profound Masters and Immortals are all preliminary and will be expanded in a future Demon Heroes are those who have reached a similar release titled Profound Masters of Ogre Gate. But perhaps Characters can also become Immortals. 6 (you can still use them. 1. and something all Martial Heroes do to an Fu Techniques are an exception to the rule. You are still subject to the soft and hard cap opening up the door to Profound Masters and Im. enough to become a Profound Master has usually lost interest in the everyday world at that point and To become an Immortal the following conditions most likely lives in seclusion. Your Max Wounds continue to increase with significantly contributes to the setting) or you each Rank of Qi you acquire. But at the Profound and Immortal Level they become more aware of the process. that impacts the world in a significant way. You cannot have any imbalance points at the moment you become an Immortal.

even below Handling Speed. Fu. driving carts and sailing ships is quite and Normal Kung Fu Techniques. This will be covered in our Profound This is explained in the GM section alongside the Masters of Ogre Gate supplement in greater detail. ENCOUNTERS but for now becoming an Immortal allows characters AND SURVIVAL SKILL ROLLS entry in CHAPTER to do the following: TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER. If you Regeneration: Immortals Regenerate 1 Wound per know how to ride a horse. you will likely be sent on a quest of some kind or required to con- tinue cultivating (unless one is a member of a Demon Sect). to perform a standard maneuver at its Handling . Soft cap removed: Immortal Characters can them into something. Any and power into an object and take residence in it for time you do this by taking risky maneuvers or try as long as they need. every Immortal is capable of bearing a almost always involves evaluating your Karma (which celestial weapon. as well as 4. and Handling Speed. But the most common is mundane Attacks but affected by magic and Kung to enter into a sect that teaches the path to immortality. ENCOUNTERS celestial beings. or Sail Skill rolls. Gain the Immortal Abilities listed below. Performing maneuvers. but such it is reborn is unique to each immortal (a seed. every five minutes to see if you fall off. These are used for your Ride starting at 13. vessel and vehicle has a Performance Rating 3. culminating in learning the correct ritual or technique to give the body longevity and help the mind illuminate. there is no point in rolling Qi level an hour. HORSES AND BOATS 2. They are ageless.Pathways to Immortality: There are actually many Immunity: Immortal Characters are immune to paths to becoming an immortal. They can continue to advance in Qi Ranks and increase their max Wounds. See TRAVEL. an animal. combat purposes). ignore the soft capping limits and roll up to 10d10 for their Attacks and Damage. This is not precisely the case. vehicle or vessel. Hardiness and Wounds/Integrity (for Qi Level). Such entities itself it is reborn in the world elsewhere in another can often bestow knowledge of the ritual on worthy people. If you fall short on Karma. They gain 1 Immortal power each Qi Rank. also requires the use of IMMORTAL ABILITIES Ride/Sail Skill. They are also immune to fire and cold. Agelessness: Immortal characters do not age as they 95 have achieved full longevity. that choose to share them. for your Ride/Sail Skill rolls. make a Ride/Sail roll to maintain good control of the mount. The Performance Rating of a transport is how easy it is to control and functions as the Target Number 6. They also have an entry for how much Damage they can do should you try to crash 5. Regardless of the source. an object). Have access to Profound Kung Fu Techniques Riding horses. At this speed you must 7. powerful. The only time you roll is when you push your mount. a methods are also known to certain sects and immortals child. How or give them an elixir that bestows longevity. CARTS. Your maximum Skill Ranks increase to 6. Gain access to Insights (can attempt once each Evade Scores. 2 ADDITIONAL RULES IMMORTAL CHARACTERS Immortals are characters who have cultivated Qi TRAVEL TIMES AND energy and wisdom. Normally you do not need to make rolls to Ride or Sail provided you have Ranks in the Skills. normally has to be 10). 1. becoming an Immortal anteed. In addition they have their move- ment per day and movement per round. form. a transport is the speed at which your transport becomes difficult to control. vessel or Imbue Object: Immortals can put all of their spirit vehicle beyond its normal performance level. The Handling Speed of allowing you to take up to 6 Ranks in a skill. Encounter Tables. growing into its old shape in 1d10 weeks. Some Rejuvenating Rebirth: If an Immortal’s body is attribute this to judgment by The Enlightened Goddess or destroyed by anything with fewer Qi Ranks than another deity. simple in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate: every animal. Usually Karma is a factor as Celestial Weapon Bearing: While it is not guar- well.

you can exceed your make a Medicine roll against the TN listed for it on the Diseases and Poisons charts. as well as Longevity Substanc- of coordinating an Attack effort can make the roll. anyone on a ship in charge Poisons and diseases. you default to the captain’s Sail or Large that can be used to cure or assist in the treatment of Ranged Skill. wins that segment of the Race. For information on travel and encounters see TRAVEL. characters can pulls ahead. while a Disease that has weeks for Lethality allows a Medicine roll every week. can perform maneuvers or move at the Handling Speed without making another roll for one round. and their crippling effects are ex- entry in CHAPTER TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER. (listed in each entry in the Mounts and Transport in If no successful treatment is given before this time CHAPTER FIVE: EQUIPMENT). For ship combat we also recommend using the Armies and War rules in this chapter. elapses. outcomes. he rolls his Vehicles’ Damage against Antidotes can be made using the poison as a base the target Vehicle’s Hardiness and deducts any and making a Talent: Poison roll against the Brew Wounds from its Integrity. Both Diseases and Poisons are potentially lethal when ENCOUNTERS AND SURVIVAL SKILL ROLLS they take hold. On a Normal Success for any Ride/Sail Poisons in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate function Skill roll. Many Diseases require a specific substance or antidote for the Medicine Skill roll to even be attempt- . es (which require the Alchemy skill). one Medicine roll to recover per the amount of time If the person running away rolls higher then he listed under the Disease’s or Poison’s lethality. When they do. Once a does for characters using their Speed roll to Race Poison or Disease takes hold. result of the poisoner’s original roll. This roll can be made 96 Handling Speed that round without making a Ride/ Sail roll. he suffers the effects of the Disease or Poison. using his Ride against the other vehicles’ Evade Score. When POISON AND DISEASES ships engage the same rules as those used by vehicles The world is full of Diseases and Poisons. you make a Ride/Sail Skill against the Per. On a Total Success. For chases. Meaning creates substantial distance between himself and the a Disease that lists minutes under Lethality. allows pursuer (at least his transport’s movement in feet). simply roll their Speed Lethality column on the Diseases and Poisons Tables. Naval Combat: This is also covered in the equipment entry on ships and in the Ride/Sail Skill Entry. whoever rolls higher wins. except Ranged devices like har. you roll Potency against his Hardiness. Sooner or for Combat apply. When you are victim within the time increment listed under its racing vehicles or horses. However. Poisons can be cured through antidotes combined 2 Vehicle Combat: For combat on vehicles use the following rules. exceeding handling speed. On a Total Success. it kills the when on foot (See SPEED SKILL). HERBAL REMEDIES For more information see the RIDE and SAIL Skills AND LONGEVITY in CHAPTER ONE:CHARACTER CREATION. This is a contest. This section also contains herbal remedies Normally. later characters come into contact with one or the poons use the Large Ranged Skill instead of Sail. On a Success. SUBSTANCES Risky Maneuvers: Risky Maneuvers can include sharp turns. For a Race. POISONS and cutting off. The rider or driver makes Attacks with a Medicine Skill roll. You can make exceed the roll of the transport in flight to catch up. if it is lethal. use these rules to determine None ramming or boarding attempts use the Sail Skill. formance Rating of your transport. POISONS. or To recover from a Disease or Poison. you maintain control. Navigation: Navigation relies on the Survival Skill. When a character comes into contact with a Disease or a Poison. the character dies. pressed as a cumulative -1d10 Skill Penalty (see below). jumping. Navigation use the other Survival sub-skills (by terrain). the pursuer needs to meet or by the sufferer or by another character. DISEASES. ed roll between all participants. you according to the rules below. stopping. one Medicine roll every minute. For other. In addition individual Poisons and Diseases have Races and Pursuit: This functions the same as it specific effects described in their entries. Other than that the only way to cure poison is through Neigong Techniques. If the roll equals or beats the character’s Hardiness For sea Navigation use Survival (Sea) and for land Score. Speed.

P Heart Fire Months Days Temporary 6 No 1d10 M. hours. POISON AND DISEASE TABLE weeks. months. only affects Qi Spiny Toad Venom Weeks Hours Temporary 7 7 1d10 M. P Hellebore Minutes Seconds Temporary 7 6 4d10 C. weeks or months the Disease or Poison takes Talent (Poison) Skill. hours. If per- Always roll a d10 to see how many minutes. Some are exter- nal. lative -1d10 Skill Penalty that advances at a set Rate. M. Some diseases or are quite similar. manent. Also remember that this time in- Herbs and Herbal Medicines section below. TABLE: DISEASES MEDICINE DISEASE LETHALITY SPEED EFFECT SKILL TN CONTAGIOUS POTENCY SKILLS 97 3d10 take Blood Fire Weeks Days Temporary 7 (+1 per Wound) No C. P Heat and Dampness of the Lung Weeks Days Temporary 6 No 1d10 C. it takes either a Permanent or Temporary Effect. P Ice of the Heart Minutes Seconds Permanent 8 No 3d10 All Malignant Wind Disease Days Hours Permanent 6 No 2d10 M . increases its -1d10 Penalty with each Use the Poison and Disease Tables when players passing hour and a Disease that has “days” increas- encounter or try to use them. 1-10 hours. from a number of different factors. A character exposed to a Disease or Effect: This denotes how long the Skill Penalties Poison with “minutes” for Lethality dies in 1-10 from a Disease or Poison remain in effect. P lowest Burning Plague Weeks Weeks Temporary 8 Yes 1d10 C. In these instances the Speed them using the Talent (Poison) Skill. A Disease that has “hours” ENTRY FORMAT for its Speed. indicates when this effect sets in. The Rate at which this penalty progresses is called the Speed. TABLE: POISONS MEDICINE BREW POISON LETHALITY SPEED EFFECT POTENCY SKILLS SKILL TN RATING Standard Hours Hours Temporary 4 5 1d10 All Cyanide Hours Minutes Temporary 8 8 3d10 All Fire Poison Days Days Permanent 6 5 2d10 M. purchased or created with the days. The entries for both es its penalty by -1d10 each day. These can be found. the Skill Penalties disappear after treatment. P Mandrake Days Hours Temporary 6 6 2d10 M Naga Venom Days Minutes Temporary 9 9 3d10 C. they remain forever. If temporary. “Days” for Lethality kills in 1-10 days. The major difference is Poisons poisons do not impose penalties but have an effect have a Brew Rating that allows characters to make specified in their entry. and years. Speeds include: minutes. P Purple Spirit Venom None Hours Temporary 10 10 3d10 None. crement sets when characters can make Medicine rolls to recover (See above and the Medicine Skill Diseases in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate can arise entry in CHAPTER ONE: CHARACTER CREATION). P* Toad Demon Venom Viper Thorn Water Thorn Weeks None None Hours Seconds Seconds Temporary Temporary Temporary 7 None None 7 None None 3d10 4d10 4d10 M. P* Special Special 2 Xi Kang’s Spleen Freezing None Minutes Temporary 8 7 2d10 Special Wine Zhen Bird Venom Hours Seconds Temporary* 7 10 4d10 All *See entry ed. Lethality: This is how fast it takes for a Disease or Poison to kill. days. If the Lethality is listed as “hours”. They have minutes. but others are caused by internal imbalances. Speed: Most Diseases and Poisons impose a cumu- and can be the result of excess or injury. A few examples are given in the to kill the target.

and/or physical (P) Skills. prompt- (unless they are listed as permanent in the chart. When ingested it does not cause any skill penalties. It comes from a chem. rare tree saps and 32 medicines (arranged to the taste and desire of the poisoner). This is only pos- Cyanide: This Poison is extremely lethal. Hellebore: This black flower causes swelling and even- alties associated with the Disease or Poison go away tually leads to cardiac arrest. Hellebore is easy to find you can make and the timeframe are based on the and grows around the Yao Yun Sea. the imbibers Qi by 1 with each hour that passes. within minutes and kills in 1d10 days. It requires a TN 4 Disease’s or Poison’s Lethality time increment. mental gredients include the venom of various hard to find (M). affecting The Medicine TN is the Target Number needed on a the person’s senses and their ability to process in- Medicine Skill roll to stop the effects. The number of rolls Hellebore must be consumed. It can be ingest- . These Skills suffer a cumulative -1d10 Purple Spirit Venom: This is a powerful poison that penalty as the Diseases or Poison takes hold (see is extraordinarily difficult to make. This effectively reduces Note that most poisons have a corresponding antidote. the antidote for a given poison Qi reaches 1. slipping into a coma prior whether the Disease can be spread from person to person. This reflects such things causes nausea and weakens the muscles over the as administering an antidote or providing first aid. Qi cannot be restored until the poison should be assumed to exist even if it is not listed below. Locating mandrake is a TN 5 Talent (Poison) roll or a TN 7 Survival roll. Its primary in- Speed above). It kills in 1d10 days and causes symptoms in hours. POISONS but works by blocking Qi. if its Lethality is “days” or “weeks” and can be used to brew a Poison that is slow but you can make a roll every day or week (respectively). Its effects are not the body from using the air it breathes. a TN 5 Talent (Poison) roll or TN 7 Survival roll. It is quite potent. This is the Target Number inhaled its Lethality and Speed increase by one incre- needed to successfully brew a Poison. It works by preventing to the victim. its Lethality is “minutes” you can make a roll each minute. Even after 2 make regular Medicine rolls to see if they recover (on a Total Success). Poisons can affect combat (C). does not progress). However. Naga Venom: This Poison needs to be injected to be Whether or not a Character is harmed by a disease effective. or Poison resumes or continues. On a this can be removed and used by others. It causes violent shaking once it takes hold. This makes communication very difficult. This indicates confused and lethargic. Brew: Poisons function exactly like Diseases except ed or made into a powder or smoke and inhaled. It is naturally produced by a type of snake is determined by a Potency roll. The venom is created by crushing a rare beetle found only in Suk lands and in certain large scorpions. Potency: When Characters come into contact with Disease or Poison they risk being affected by them. remain stabilized (Success) or slip back into illness (Failure). Those affected become Contagious: Some diseases are contagious. has been purged from the system. Brewing takes ment each. the victim suffers from the effects of the weapon into Naga venom is sufficient for one dose. Dipping a Success. taking effect sible through either an antidote or a high level Kung in minutes and killing in hours. until 98 Unless stated otherwise. Fu Technique (specified in the entry of such Tech- ical usually extracted from bitter almonds. in ing symptoms in seconds and death in just 1d10 minutes. Disease or Poison. permanent if the antidote is taken. which case they remain forever). Finding the raw ingredients for cyanide is one hour unless otherwise noted. insects and reptiles. It further harming a character. So if Talent (Poison) roll or TN 6 Survival roll. Soon madness takes hold. causes terrible delirium. but of d10s rolled against the victim’s Hardiness. though it niques). On a Failure the Disease treatment the scars it leaves are permanent. Skills: These are the Skills impacted by the disease or Poison. the person stabilizes but continues to suffer the as the sufferer grows increasingly withdrawn and penalties associated with the Disease or Poison (it paranoid. On a Success formation. If untreated it kills the victim in 1d10 days. ly leads to unconsciousness and death. This is the number common in the west in a gland near their jaw. if its Lethality is “hours” you can make a Mandrake: This root is found throughout Naqan roll every hour. it simply lowers Qi. to death. This ultimate. Purple Spirit Venom causes no other harm appears elsewhere in nature. When they have a Brew Rating. next few days. Medicine TN: This is how difficult it is to stop the Fire Poison: This poison is so named for the burning effects of a Disease or Poison and prevent it from sensation it produces when ingested or injected. On a Total Success the person is cured or fully recovered and the pen. they must continue to Treatment requires the use of Lotus Oil.

It helps in the treatment of diseases. (a human-eating creature with nine heads and nine tails) can be ground into a fine powder and boiled Xi Kang’s Spleen Freezing Wine: with ginseng and lily bulb. The Brew Rating: TN 7. It tastes like normal wine (only real recipes and not safe for con- on a Detect roll TN 10 would sumption. hours. killing in Medicine TN by 2 for a day. hot drink. effects. cannot be treated. If This poison is made using alcohol drunk while still hot it greatly (preferably rice wine) as a base ALL HERBAL CURES AND enhances strength. Brew Rating: TN 6. eliminate heat from the body and help stifle toxins Viper Thorn: These are the thorns of the Zhe Valley in the blood. See Master Ren’s alongside the Medicine Skill). They are not a cure for anything but can Skills (not permanent). fictional and the ingredients listed sive when it is available. these reduce outbursts but do not stop the other santhemums carry Water Thorns and they are impos. are purely for flavor. gold thread. person suffering from Missing Phoenix Spirit (see Water Thorn: These are the water thorns of the Zhe the FLAWS entry in CHAPTER ONE). Zhen Bird Venom: As soon as a person is exposed roll Master Li’s Cure: This is a well-known concoction. Lotus Oil: Taken from the Red someone notice anything unusual) cate them at home. the character suffers red sage root. Its other more pedestrian Bitter Orange Remedy: This is prepared using a purpose is as a healing agent. Half of all Zhe Valley Chry. 5 Imbalance Points per sip). Do not attempt to repli. Taken daily Valley Chrysanthemum. The antidote requires the use of ground rhinoceros horn and a human tooth (in addition to 27 other ingredients). kills you in weeks for example). If it meets or exceeds their tributed to the great doctor Li. one drink. Eye Opening Concoction in the Longevity Substance list below for an example. in- Hardiness rating they are affected. it can reveal the numinous world ent-Poison Sub-Skill but administered to heal (usually of spirits and gods to human eyes. cinna. experiences wracking pain with rage and gains a Celestial Spirit Pills: These round pills are made from cinnabar. POISONS ARE FICTIONAL +1d10 to Muscle for 1d10 days. It causes symptoms within an hour involving stable. Anyone pricked he or she is not subject to Resolve Tests when their by a Water Thorn heals a single Wound. It produces a liquid. Make an En. gypsum. 99 HERBAL CURES Numinous Mushroom serves a few functions. at- 4d10 against their Hardiness. Brew mon bark and two other ingredi. properly prepared. These are not Rating: TN 9. ents. bestowing a blended with Deathstalker Scorpi. on venom. and brewed over heat for several hours then served as a bitter whelmed with violent tremors and a profound mental fatigue. jujube seeds and ground oyster shells. lowering their The Poison of the Zhen Bird is incredibly lethal. The ingredients are combined penalties every 10 seconds as their body and mind are over. Without this Fire Poison minutes shortly after ingestion. The effect is it can restore up to three Wounds . They induce calm and can muffle the outbursts of a 2 +2d10 bonus to Muscle for 3 hours. kills you in days. Numinous Mushroom combination of bitter orange and magnolia bark as can be ground into a powder and made into a bitter well as 13 other ingredients. It is impossible to tell the differ. Each day a person takes Celestial Spirit Pills sible to distinguish from Viper Thorns. peach seed (to ensure Obviously the poisons and herbal However the rarity of the Longzhi even distribution through the cures described in this section are makes this exceptionally expen- system). Half of all Zhe Valley Chrysanthemums suffering from by one increment (so something that carry Viper Thorns. However it is quite un- tered. Blue Phoenix Pills: These round pills are made from With every seizure that happens. When Herbal Cures are brewed like poisons using the Tal. both mild hallucinations and seizures. Numinous Mushroom: This is brilliant gold colored mushroom is rare and considered a good Omen. Lotus flower this oil can cure Fire and causes full paralysis for 1d10 Poison. suffering cumulative -1d10 cluding ginseng and fish bones. It contains 18 substances. If you take one pill daily it lowers the Chrysanthemum. blackberry lily. ence between Viper and Water Thorns. lasting only twenty minutes after brewing. durance roll every hour to see if a seizure occurs. profound euphoria and suffers a -4 Penalty to Resolve and -2d10 to Speed and Athletics for 10 hours as the Longzhi Bone Powder: The bones of the Longzhi venom of the thorn affects coordination. skullcap. experiences condition would be triggered. Anyone pricked by a Viper Thorn suffers a single Wound. which come in two types: viper speed of any poison or heat related disease you are and water.Spiny Toad Venom: This venom takes a long time sip of which will restore balance to Qi (it eliminates to kill but will do so if the antidote is not adminis. and green a progressive -1d10 penalty to Physical and Mental chiretta.

Purple Spirit Venom Antidote is very hard to create. The more specific the nous fruit-bearing mold that can be consumed as a emotion. By ingesting Lon- According to legend these are guarded by stone-throw. which draws on the power of substances like gold and cinnabar. This means you must either be the person who ing gold and mercury. made the original venom. Human Forming Essence (Transformative Sub- 2 Purple Sapphire Mushroom: This unique mush- room only grows in the Purple Caverns. allowing antidote nullifies the effects of Xi Kang’s Spleen the drinker to see spirits and discern the true nature Freezing Wine. after this point will reduce life expectancy by a year for each use. memories. lotus seed. spirit and to see through enchantments. and long enables one to see when a person is possessed by a pepper. bite or attack anyone who has eaten such a creature. with the Alchemy Skill. fresh ginger. the higher the TN for creating the substance. gevity Substances once can experience their effects. plus Life Prolonging Pill (Longevity Substance): This a specific combination of 32 medicines to match the is rumored to be produced through a process involv- poison. To make it one must Master Ren’s Eye Opening Concoction (Trans- boil Snake Demon scales and combine them with formative Substance): This requires the use of various roots and flower petals. It is made with 24 total ingredients. treats. and allows any non-human creature that ingests room pill each day it continues to stave off the effects. Yellow Phoenix Pills: These are effective at eliminat- ing heat from the body and eliminating many toxins. The TN for making it is TN 10. Ingesting it harms the liver. The imbiber also becomes restless and aggressive for an hour. Most versions of this require human Qi dients it can stave off the effect of any poison for one energy or blood. it to become human for 24 hours. Brew Rating: TN 9. As long as one takes a Purple Sapphire Mush. It can be treated with purpose of prolonging or enhancing life (or even a Medicine roll with the physician working to expel . ual or a traumatic event). Brew Rating TN 8. This is a colorful gelati. Snake Demon Antidote: This cures anyone affect- ed by Demon Snake Venom. Any char- acter whose skin is broken causing a Wound risks succumbing to Blood Fire. ternal source (such as poison or a Wound). When this happens roll LONGEVITY AND TRANSFORMATIVE 6d10 against Hardiness taking the single lowest result. meal. suffers 1 Wound. However drinking this Red Ru-Fish Meat: Eating the flesh of a Red Ru-Fish over time can prolong life. When crushed and formed into a pill using 14 other ingre- stance): This is used by some demons (or Spirited Beasts) to take human form (particularly snake demons). During the 24 hour period they can shift between human and beast Purple Spirit Venom Antidote: Like the poison it form as desired. Numinous Mushroom and a cauldron or pot to prepare 23 other ingredients by flame. DISEASES It is an effective antidote for Hellebore and Mandrake Blood Fire (Optional): This is caused by an excess 100 but most known for its treatment of Blood Fire. obtaining deep spiritual awareness). It requires the same raw venoms and saps. and in turn the less specific the lower the TN. It requires daily preparation and day. When drunk Xi Kang’s Spleen Freezing Wine Antidote: This it opens perceptions to the spiritual realms. Forgetting Substance (Transformative Sub- stance): This is created to extinguish a person’s Purple Jelly Fungus: Jelly Fungus is an edible mold. They are created edge Skills for a day. Insects will not drinks this over the course of ten consecutive days. tious as a bowl of rice and green leafy vegetables. Usually it is aimed at something very There is a subtype that grows in the Purple Caverns specific (a particular emotion attached to an individ- that is particularly healthy. One handful of Jelly Fungus is about as nutri. they will live an additional 1d10 years. Further use This also cures conditions like lice and scabies. Brew Rating: TN 8. es by an hour each time they take it. The TN for making it is TN 7. giving of heat in the blood usually introduced from an ex- a +1d10 bonus for Medicine rolls to treat the disease. SUBSTANCES If the result meets or exceeds the Hardiness then the These are similar to herbal cures but made for the character develops Blood Fire. The effect increas- Brew Rating: TN 7. If someone successfully protects against insects for 24 hours. use. ing creatures called Jufu. It also including peonies. but imposes a -1d10 Penalty to all Mental and Knowl. or find out what combination Anyone drinking it takes 1d10 Imbalance Points and of 32 medicines the original poisoner employed. of creatures that are disguised by illusion.

where dance of heat and dampness in the heart. whichever gets already enraged or depressed by Heart Fire. The problem or rigged. Heart Fire can be cured through 0d10: roll 2d10 take the lowest result). It kills by producing an to any Medicine roll attempting to cure Blood Fire. These are notorious for being fixed experiences deep frustration in love. ARMIES AND WAR Heat and Dampness of the Lung: This is an illness caused by excess heat and humidity in the lung and is usually Occasionally the need manage large-scale combat in acquired after spending excessive time in the rain or a body a simple way may arise. This is an entirely acceptable option. Since Wan- Ice of the Heart: This disease is caused by an excess dering Heroes of Ogre Gate is designed to play fast. Using Golden Phoenix Pills can bestow a +1d10 on the tip of the tongue. This is simply annoying but it pro. but some groups find it too slow. So 500 becomes 50 101 within minutes. otherwise it merely the result meets or exceeds their resolve score. causing outbursts of emotion Damage roll. When two armies collide. their Combat Rating (a number of d10 arrived at by . overflow of heat and wetness in the heart. A cham- an hour. Roll 1d10 against Har- diness to see if airborne infection occurs. There are many options for of water (particularly when it is warm). The sensation is overwhelming and builds until blisters erupt on the skin. A newly bought become extremely emotional. and even- This should only be used in gritty campaigns.   flesh slowly over the course of months. Burning Plague is carried in the air from person to person. then have them roll off. Every loss reduces it by 1d10 (to a maximum of agitation of the body. CRICKET FIGHTS Gambling is popular among Martial Heroes. Every hour that the patient is not d10 Rank. tually the full reversal of blood flow. lethargy and shiver with cold. You can simply scale the numbers ac- the person’s limbs become stiff like ice and they die cordingly dividing Army Size by 10. The beetle then consumes the frozen and 2. out a full conflict. The sign of Malignant Wind Disease is a dark spot ture. except there is no mind within hours.000 becomes 200. The most straight- it experience heavy cough. Every match a This is always followed by 1d10 hours of depression. which is parasitic and burrows mass combat system that can adjudicate most battles into the human body until it reaches the heart. It is carried in the air in a cloud and Combat between armies and naval forces functions a anyone who inhales it risks exposure. even hostile for about standard cricket should have a Rank of 1d10. and kills within 1d10 days. wins. acupuncture (Medicine roll against TN 6). As a general with Heart Fire is it produces extreme behavior. The rash then turns into black and blue welts. of cold in the heart. Malignant Wind Disease: This is an illness caused COMBAT ROLL by evil spirits. It is most commonly the result of with a focus on role-playing. After this point most die in one or two SPECIAL RULES days. a massive increase in heat in their internal organs. they each roll and an inability to focus. One 2 Heart Fire: This is a disease caused by an overabun. Once in a small series of rolls. It affects the bit like combat between characters. If the result is a 10 they even become violent. it kills its opponent. give each cricket a and depression. it waits until the person consumes water. If Total Success. off the effects (and prolong life) for one day (but each gresses and eventually causes the sufferer to experience failed attempt causes one Wound).the heat and the toxin in the blood through acupunc. This cannot be Burning Plague: This first appeared in the time of cured by medicine but must be cured by the correct the Demon Emperor. Those suffering from handling this when it does occur. cricket wins. Those exposed experience a fiery Ritual. It can arise two crickets are put into a small circular “arena” on from the environment itself (simply overexerting a table and instigated to do battle with sticks or straws oneself in a humid and hot climate) or when a person held by handlers. or animal to person. we provide a simple the northern feast beetle. As soon handle large-scale military combat. roll 1d10 the single highest result. rage rule for resolving these contests. If either side gets a against the Resolve of the person suffering from it. When this occurs than thousands. as water is consumed the beetle draws it into the heart Sometimes you will want to use this system for smaller and releases a terrible poison throughout the system scale battles. but many matches are honest. Use the following tools to there. between dozens or hundreds of men. If forward is to use miniatures on battle grid and play it is not treated in a timely manner it can be deadly. pion should have a Rank of 3d10. Heart Fire causes 6). rather that causes the body to literally freeze. increases its Rank by 1d10 (to a max of In addition to these symptoms. they wins without causing lasting harm. common form of gambling is the cricket fight. However a successful Medicine roll can stave rash and itching.

000 men ducting one slot from the opponent’s Army Strength in your army. Consult the Forces larger by three increments +4d10 Army Strength Chart to find an army’s Strength rating. Forces smaller by one increment -2d10 Forces smaller by two increments -3d10 Forces smaller by three increments -4d10 STRENGTH Forces larger by one increment +2d10 Strength is directly tied to an army’s size and functions Forces larger by two increments +3d10 like Wounds. being outmaneuvered and other factors. If the fleeing side SIZE STRENGTH RATING wins. you lose soldiers. If they lose. or even checking Martial Heroes +2d10 for omens of favor from heaven (Divination). In addition to inflicted ca- sualties. training.000 6 and guerilla combat. TABLE: ARMY STRENGTH 2 roll as normal with the following exception: the side that flees must sacrifice all its modifiers to Combat Rating (excluding those of Divine origin). they should be permitted up to Tactical Advantage +1d10 three Skill rolls before Combat to boost morale and Tactical Disadvantage -1d10 102 raise the Combat Rating Score of the Army. 2. leadership. the winning army inflicts casualties. they take an additional casual.500 4 The Combat roll itself does n ot necessarily represent direct 9. consulting the Army Combat Rating Chart) and the side CALCULATING CASUALTIES with the single highest result wins that clash of arms.000 2 ty in addition to any others sustained.000 7 deaths.000 men. Casualties do not represent actual 30. but also covers desertion. 1. . Combat Ratings begin at 2d10 and are TABLE: ARMY COMBAT RATING raised or lowered by the modifiers listed on the Army Combat Rating Chart. sur- 50. It includes deaths. If On a Success. On a Total Success. If you take 2 Casualty slots. you have a rating of 10. deducting 2 slots from the from death to surrender.000 9 100. the winner is reduced to 50.000 8 render. Strength ranges from 1-10. that indicates 100. When an Army’s Strength is depleted it is defeated (though it can always choose to surrender before that time). and resources. These ratings always cap at 6d10 CONDITION MODIFIER (except when the modifiers are Divine in nature). These can Favored by the Heaven +2d10 include giving a stirring speech (Persuade) or trying Disfavored by Heaven -2d10 to reinforce discipline (Command).000 has a Strength of 6.000 5 fighting. Less equipped than enemy -1d10 A force of roughly 2. they successfully outmaneuver their opponents 500 1 and escape. Less training/discipline than enemy -1d10 Greater training/discipline than enemy +1d10 PRE-COMBAT SKILL ROLLS Lower Morale than enemy -1d10 When PCs are in a position to rally troops or devise Greater morale than enemy +1d10 clever plans of action. opponent’s Army Strength. Attrition is avoided if you get a Total Success on your Combat roll. your Army (this works like Wounds). but the other chooses to press. both sides deduct one slot of Strength due to Attrition whether they win or lose. When you lose Army Strength.000 men has a Strength Rating of Better equipped than enemy +1d10 3.000 10 COMBAT RATING The Combat Rating of an army is between 0d10 to 6d10 (just like Skills) and based on size. de. It also includes things like poisoning food supplies 18. This represents everything inflicts double casualties. while an army of 18.000 3 4. If one side chooses to flee. 80.

A Kung Fu Technique delivered by the hand of a master can shatter the bones of a less cultivated person or perhaps cause their heart to rupture. . They are more than mere kicks or sword thrusts. Kung Fu Techniques take exceptional skill to master and draw on internal energy called Qi. CHAPTER 3 KUNG FU TECHNIQUES ung Fu Techniques form the heart of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. luminous energy. Some can even shape their internal Qi into powerful.

you TECHNIQUES can do this all day without harming yourself. TABLE to discover the possible sources in the setting cessfully. Dianxue re- flects knowledge of the system of meridians and Qi IN THIS CHAPTER flow through the human body. Qinggong. new Techniques must be learned from an in game source (teachers. acter has an innate level of talent in each of these Most times you perform Kung Fu Techniques Cathar- categories. . The GM should Each Kung Fu Technique is associated with a key skill. number of points equal to your Imbalance Rating. A Technique performed with small effort is safe. you use Kung Fu Techniques Cathartically you risk vided you have Ranks in the relevant Martial Dis. The Techniques presented here are a 104 starting point. On a failed Rank. niques available to Player Characters and NPCs in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Every char. Neigong and Dianxue) plus the Stance and Special categories. If you succeed then the Technique’s effects occur. On a successful four points to distribute among the Disciplines at Cathartic Kung Fu Technique use. Waijia is your mastery of weapons KUNG FU TECHNIQUES and open-handed fighting techniques. However using (Lightness Kung Fu). with the scribed in the previous chapter. of Techniques. There are an infinite variety of possible by a spirit. Neigong (Internal Kung Fu). When XP. you gain imbalance points. this places Techniques and can gain new ones by spending you in danger and is called a Cathartic use. you gain Imbalance Points perform its Techniques. Qinggong Fu Techniques as often as you like. and so on). expressed in Ranks (from 0-3). But if Every character begins the game with 6 Kung Fu you exert your full power into a Technique. It allows you to do things like harden your body to attacks and generate Qi blasts. It enables you to manipulate these through pressure points. If you get a Total if you have no Ranks in the Discipline. exception of Secret Techniques. The setting is assumed to include thousands rank is Waijia 3. masters and players are encouraged to work to. and comes with greater risk of unbalancing your Qi. STARTING KUNG FU Using Kung Fu Techniques is not without risk. While the list is ex- Your highest rank in the Martial Disciplines sets your tensive it is not the limit of what is possible in the Imbalance Rating (so if your highest Martial Discipline game. sects. THE FOUR DISCIPLINES CATHARTIC KUNG FU All Kung Fu Techniques are grouped according to In Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. If you gain too many Imbalance Points you risk being possessed by a Qi Spirit. If you belong to a sect you can unclear if this is actual possession or simply a man- ifestation of internal imbalance. To consult APPENDIX ONE: KUNG FU TECHNIQUE perform the Technique you must make this Skill roll suc. You have tically. for learning each Technique. you can use Kung four Disciplines: Waijia (External Kung Fu). no Imbalance Points. you gain Imbalance character creation. them at their full potential is called a Cathartic use and Dianxue (Pressure Point Kung Fu). using the ones Imbalance Rating +2. Game. This process is de- freely learn Techniques listed in their entry. you gain a Kung Fu Techniques yet to be discovered. as players and Gamemasters can create new Techniques to enhance their campaign. Qinggong represents you ability to shift the weight of your body. PERFORMING KUNG Techniques are organized according to the four core FU TECHNIQUES disciplines (Waijia. you take no imbalance points. causing This chapter includes a description of Kung Fu Tech- effects like paralysis. Neigong represents your mastery of internal energy. with each point earning a single Points equal to your Imbalance Rating. You cannot use Techniques equal to your Imbalance Rating +2. If you fail you gain a number of points equal to your gether to create new Techniques. If you succeed on your roll. Success Cathartically performing a Kung Fu Technique. manuals. you have an Imbalance Rating of 3). These can be selected from the list below pro. On a Total Success you gain in this book as models. It is 3 After character creation. making it lighter so you can do things like walk on walls or leap over rooftops. but the result is it reshapes your mind and body. Your Rank in a Discipline affects how well you Cathartic Kung Fu use. unbalancing your Qi and can be afflicted or possessed cipline.

Dodges and Parries. TYPES Skill: This is the skill used to apply the Technique. when the Damage is less than it normally would be and there are no other additional effects (for example hitting multiple opponents. Qinggong. 105 Type: Kung Fu Techniques are divided into three different categories: Normal. cases. Counters. Some Counters will a Flying Guillotine should not be able to attempt the specify when you can use them. one can take a Skill Action to perform unless otherwise stated. the Technique could be used meaning you can use them off-turn as a reaction to with another weapon. As a general off-turn and are considered free actions. 3 This describes the entry format of individual Kung Fu Techniques. NORMAL These are each described below. If you want to make a new book if you just attacked normally with that weapon. against opponents Qi: This is the Qi level required to gain the Technique. typically employ any similar weapon from within Counters are blocks and counter attacks that occur the Skill category to use the Technique. has For example. then it COUNTERS should not be allowed. without losing your Move should be allowed to use it without a penalty at all. A character using a Ji (halberd) another person’s Attack. then a -1d10 or -2d10 penalty to the Attack roll should be applied. A character wielding a Jian (gentlemen sword) would They usually allow you to stop an attack or attack use the Technique at a -1d10 penalty. . you may do so. Neigong. treated as Move actions. If the weapon is wholly unsuited. and so forth). and the authors. otherwise they can Technique because the Flying Guillotine is a weapon occur anytime someone attacks you (for example not operated in any manner similar to a spear. Normal Techniques and Stances. throwing. intended for spears. if the weapon is well suited for the Technique. Stances are rule. and Stances. multiple counters against a single Attack. some Counters work anytime you are attacked. If you don’t have ranks in the Disci. then use whichever Damage is higher and add KUNG FU TECHNIQUE ENTRY FORMAT 1 Extra Wound. as many as you need in a round (one per Attack against you). These are defensive Techniques triggered by attacks from other opponents. and include Counter Attacks. allowing users to reprint. invent new ones. Requirement (s): This includes any conditions that CHAPTER THREE IS PUBLIC DOMAIN must be met for you to either obtain the Technique in the first place or continue to use it on a regular basis. the effect of a Technique may be less than you have created. The type sets basic The bulk of Kung Fu Techniques are in this category. There are different kinds of Kung Fu Techniques: You must roll this Skill to use the Kung Fu Technique Counters. They usually do not last beyond the round they are employed unless stated otherwise in the text. things like when the Technique is useable and how They are each a skill action (unless otherwise stated). you cannot master the Technique. There is also a Special cat- then the player should be permitted to use it. CHAPTER THREE: KUNG FU TECHNIQUES. the Technique belongs to (Waijia. or Skill action that round (unless otherwise stated). Counters do not count as actions. and when the Skill refers to a specific weapon. even Techniques are your basic attacks and abilities. A character with someone as they attack you. You can never use to master the Technique. In these of Techniques and publish it. whose Qi level equals or exceeds your own. Counters Your Qi level must meet or exceed this if you wish can only be used Cathartically. or when Discipline: This is the martial discipline category the opponent misses). and publicly share what On occasion. Feel free to alter existing TECHNIQUE EFFECTIVENESS Techniques. long it lasts. and Dianxue). repost and hack the content (EXCLUDING ART) for both private and commercial use. Unless otherwise stated. If the egory for unique Techniques. They are all instant. weapon seems useable but not ideal for the Technique. When it includes a Combat Skill. while others work only when you have been hit. and you can perform pline listed. Normal in question. stunning. Venom Techniques usually require you been placed into the Public Domain by Bedrock Games expose yourself to poisons on a daily or weekly basis. For example while Spear of the Infinite Emperor is Blocks.

Skill: See Text Type: Normal/Special Some Stances are categorized as Formations. By Total Success on your Attack roll against it. You do not need to ADAPTATION OF THE MAIMED spend any additional Move actions to stay in the stance Disciplines: None Cathartically. counts as a Move Action instead of a Skill Action. Eventually other masters figure ways to counter remains in effect until you choose to end it or assume peoples’ unbeatable Techniques. Some Techniques are not stances and they do not fit easily into the Martial Discipline groups. Some stances benefit from multiple practitioners performing them together for greater effect. often ty but not always. you must make a successful Skill roll each round to stay in it. to use a Stance Catharti- the interplay of great masters and Martial Heroes trying cally. taking this you permanently eliminate any penalties you would have suffered from being Blind. Fundamentally Qi Levels indicate complex- usually affects how strong you are when executing ity to master a Technique. Therefore the GM should always be designing new Techniques during a campaign. TECHNIQUES The Technique has no other use. defenses are devised to reduce its effectiveness or eclipse its splendor. Unlike other Kung Fu Techniques. We also encourage people to create new Stances. Similarly. But over time. partly To use a Stance non-Cathartically. When a powerful Technique first emerges. . Combination Techniques require char- acters know the Techniques they are built upon. we recommend using stances once A CHANGING KUNG FU LANDSCAPE you have familiarized yourself with the rest of the Some Techniques in Qi Xien are simply better than system. taking Imbalance Points as normal for using a Cathartic Technique. As a general rule. There is an informal category of Techniques we call 106 Combinations that also fall under Special. Some are worse. This is meant to reflect a different Stance. others. Additionally it is more difficult to stay in the Stance. However. you must also make a successful Skill roll and take Imbalance Points just as you would when using any other Kung Fu Tech- nique Cathartically. and no Skill roll is required. These Qi: 4 involve multiple participants and bestow special benefits. That Stance abilities. STANCES (OPTIONAL) These are optional. these are placed under the Special Techniques Section. A formation can be broken if you score a This is a unique Kung Fu Technique in the game. This same level. Qi Level gives a possible indi- cation of a Technique’s power but it is not the only Stances are a special category of Kung Fu Techniques measure. Gamemasters and Players should feel free to design their own (these are discussed in greater detail in CREATING NEW TECHNIQUES in CHAPTER TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER). once you have assumed the Stance SPECIAL TECHNIQUES Cathartically. Missing a Limb or being Lame. new attacks and 3 tary to Techniques from a particular Discipline). counts as a Move to meet the challenges of players with incredibly good Action (not a Skill Action like you would for a Normal Kung Fu but also as a response to NPCs with great Technique). as its effect is constant. however. which often reflects lethali- or defending against certain kinds of attacks. to outdo one another in the pugilistic world. Powerful Techniques often create big open- ings for counter attacks. because it requires greater intensity of effort to assume the stance in this manner. In order to take this you must SPECIAL AND COMBINATION also have any relevant Flaws and Combat Techniques. and some Techniques exceed others of the that deal with how you position your body. This means some Techniques will providing advantages for some types and disadvan- emerge as the best and most feared. Discipline Ranks (though they may be complemen- few can counter it. At first this creates tages for others. an imbalance but Kung Fu in Qi Xien is constantly Stances are generally unaffected by your Martial evolving. These combine two or more Techniques to create a new and interesting effect.

causing the charger to fall down unless he through your spear. First make an Endurance roll TN 6. Qinggong Skill: Athletics Type: Normal/Special DANCING HAWK SWORD STANCE Qi: 3 Discipline: Neigong Skill: Any Melee You appear in a flash above your opponent and fall Type: Stance (Formation) like an iron spear upon him. Qi: 6 Cathartic: This blocks any charge Attack automat- You assume a firm stance. This requires at least 20 feet of space above the target and cannot be performed if there are things obstruct. . To counter this Attack Parry and Hardiness to 10 against any Neigong characters must make first make a Detect roll against based Attack. This can strike a distance of 100 feet and creates an explosion 60 feet in diameter that does 2d10 plus 2 Extra Wounds to all within the area. This cannot be coun- tered by any known Technique currently in existence. Cathartic: Used Cathartically this increases your ing a clear path for the descent. On a Success you appear This is a combined sword stance that must be used above the target by as much as 60 feet. Qi: 1 Make an Athletics roll TN 6. 107 Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can deliver normal Damage plus 6 Extra Wounds.I AM THE ARROW (SECRET) STANCES (OPTIONAL) Disciplines: Waijia. For every 20 feet you descend take -1d10 a towering effect against opponents. to create their Evade. On a Success you deliver normal Damage plus 3 Extra Wounds. reach against opponents but also can provide a strong barrier against Qi Attacks. the practitioners improve their Emperor and Great Stride you must have both these reach by one category (must be using a sword). 3 Because this is a combination of Spear of the Infinite Using this stance. On a Failure you take falling Damage. It strikes with fiery might and makes an Athletics roll against your Endurance result. with one standing atop the upon the target making the relevant Melee roll against other’s palm and being raised high in the air. Skill: Endurance then Heavy Melee Type: Normal/Special This has no effect unless used Cathartically. You then fall by two practitioners. You must However they must move together and can only do be able to see the target before using this Technique. can unleash a magnificent blast of force at a distance. allowing your Qi to flow ically. Techniques to learn or use I am the Arrow. or you can release a potent blast of energy that explodes on impact. Discipline: None Skill: Endurance Type: Stance Qi: 1 IRON SPEAR OF THE TIMELESS MASTER (SECRET) You make yourself strong as a wall and are unmoved Discipline: Waijia. If you succeed you can then make a Heavy Melee Skill roll against Parry of your target. the user’s Stealth Rating. It extends their to your Attack roll but +1d10 to your Damage roll (Closed Damage). so at half their normal rate. Cathartic: On a Cathartic use you take no penalty for the length of the descent and you do 2 Extra ELEPHANT STANCE Wounds. Qinggong by many attacks.

and Hardiness. However if you are hit while doing 1 Wound per Rank of Qi. as described above). members of the formation attacks normally on ev- eryone’s behalf (using a Technique or Combat Skill). but or move. you must make an Athletics roll to avoid falling. You channel your zontally with a spear or stick. . relaxing your entire body and drawing on your inner strength. From this position they are well defended against Melee Attacks and can You drop to the ground and assume the posture of channel their efforts into attacks together as one. crack or ceiling. This stance must be used Cathartically and gives you a +1d10 to Damage when you gain surprise. making you difficult internal power to your fingers to protect against to strike. The first attack you make from this stance gains a Cathartic: This allows the participants to Attack as +2d10 bonus to the Attack roll and does 1 Extra one if they choose. one of the Wound on a successful hit. You absorb one Wound against anyone whose Qi is lower than your own. wall. When used normally you are very difficult to throw This lowers your initiative result by 3 for any Attack. thrusting the other forward and arching back in a graceful position 108 You use your limbs to suspend yourself along a that allows you to counter attacks easily. who must stack to Qi: 3 form a three-tier pyramid. However you cannot move more than 5 feet while in this stance. strikes effortlessly. thrusting out your hands. giving opponents -1d10 to their Grapple or improves your parry against melee weapon attacks by 2. Your initial attack While in this stance all involved gain a 10 to Parry from this stance is fast and terrifying. 3 Throw attempts against you. RISING SWAN STANCE (SECRET) Discipline: None LURKING SPIDER STANCE Skill: Athletics Discipline: None Type: Stance Skill: Stealth Qi: 4 Type: Stance Qi: 3 You balance deftly on a single foot. It also Cathartic: You automatically counter any Attack. RISING DRAGON STANCE Discipline: None Skill: Endurance LION AT REST STANCE Type: Stance (Formation) Discipline: None Qi: 4 Skill: Athletics Type: Stance This stance requires six people. Cathartic: This imposes a -1d10 penalty to anyone trying to strike you with a melee weapon. balancing your body hori- ground. Cathartic: When used Cathartically this prevents Damage. confers +2 to Stealth. making it harder for oppo- nents to see you. Cathartic: You can Attack one target per Rank of This gives the attacker a +2d10 to his Attack roll and Qi within a range of 10 feet (with the same benefits +4 Extra Wounds to Damage. When doing so. IRON FOOT STANCE RECLINING STICK STANCE Discipline: None Discipline: None Skill: Muscle Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee Type: Stance Type: Stance Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You inhale deeply and plant your feet firmly in the You lean back casually. holding this stance. a reclining lion. You get one free mundane Attack anytime someone strikes you (whether they hit or miss). From this position you can move and evade Attacks.

a Cathartic use. and can use this to Restrain them (see Restrain rules in CHAPTER ONE under GRAPPLE). Escaping from Arms of Silk can be attempted as a free action for characters with higher You sway and meander in an apparent drunken Qi Ranks than the user of the Technique. Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can attempt This lowers your initiative result by 3 for any Attack. Discipline: Waijia Skill: Grapple against Parry Cathartic: When used Cathartically you do 2 Extra Type: Normal Wounds. This allows you to target one foe per STANCE OF THE DRUNKEN CAT Rank of Waijia (or one person per 10 feet). Qi: 3 You unfurl a portion of your sleeve. On a Success you may both any Leg Strike Attack by 3. the sword stance increases your Parry to 10 against charge Attacks. On a success you of Ogre Gate. Part of the challenge of the game is finding can launch strips of fabric at your foes. The entangling silk Requirement: This Technique requires the user to be has an effective Parry of 7+ your Ranks in Waijia on inebriated by alcohol. robe or fabric at your opponents. It lowers your Initiative for use non-Cathartically. entangling them in elaborate NOT ALL KUNG FU IS EQUAL wrappings. Characters Discipline: None restrained by arms of Silk can attempt to escape as Skill: Athletics a Skill Action by making a Grapple roll as usual (the Type: Stance entangling silk has an effective Parry of 5 + your Qi: 1 Ranks in Waijia). feet per Rank of Waijia (provided you have enough cloth to do so). some Kung Fu Techniques are better than others in Wandering Heroes Make a Grapple roll against Parry. to choke your opponent (using the Suffocation rules). by up to 10 the superior Techniques and learning them. Together your strikes achieve greater potency and flow. In keeping with the spirit of the genre. or squeeze them for 1d10 Damage per level of Qi each 109 round you maintain your hold.TWIN STRIKE SWORD STANCE Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Athletics TN 6 Skill: Any Melee Type: Stance (Formation) Type: Stance Qi: 2 Qi: 1 You pair up with an ally who is missing the opposite This is the basic sword stance for delivering attacks. but improves your Parry and Evade by 1. you can add your Waijia rating to your Initiative roll result each round for Unlike other Stances. stupor. . Cathartic: This increases your Parry and Evade by 2. This must be used in coordi- nation with someone who also has the Missing Limb Flaw. this Kung Fu Technique and their missing limb ARMS OF SILK must be the opposite arm of your own. arm from yourself. Attack normally at the same time for the next 2 rounds. enabling you to dodge blows effortlessly. You each do one Extra Wounds on success- ful Attacks and your Parry score increases by a number equal to your Waijia ratings. 3 Requirement: You must have the Missing Limb Flaw and the One-Armed Swordsman Technique to use this (it can be used with characters who are missing WAIJIA legs rather than arms). Cathartic: Used Cathartically. When in sword stance. this one requires a skill roll to any Attack with swords.

causing BITING BLADE each target to take 1d10 Damage. Make a single Speed roll 3 against your target’s Parry to determine if all Attacks hit. when you are determining Damage for this Attack. On a Total Success. . 110 Functions like a normal net except it is infused with your Cathartic: On a Cathartic use do Extra Wounds equal Qi. to 1+Qi Rank. Success. your blow creates a cascade of sharp fragments that rain on your enemies. You can make a number of Attacks against your target equal to your Ranks in Speed. On Success. Targets with higher Ranks in Waijia from your opponent’s Hardiness. roll twice the normal Damage. you may subtract twice your Normal rules for Restrain apply. Qi Ranks than the attacker can attempt to escape as a free action. On a Success. encom- passing an area 10 feet per Rank of Qi and Waijia. Skill: Light Melee against Evade Type: Normal This Technique requires a bladed weapon. BLASTING BLADE Discipline: Waijia Skill: Any Melee against Evade Type: Normal Qi: 1 When you strike solid objects such as glass. BLADE OF THE DANCING FOX Discipline: Waijia Skill: Speed against Parry Type: Normal Qi: 3 You make a series of lightning-quick slashes with your blade against a single target. On a Total of Qi and can expand to exceptional size. Discipline: Waijia Skill: Any Melee against Parry at -1d10 Cathartic: Targets take 1d10 Damage per Rank in Qi. the Attack also inflicts an Extra Wound. On a Success. requiring a Muscle roll (TN 4+Qi Level) to escape. Additionally. This Technique requires a bladed weapon. Make a Melee Qi: 4 roll against the opponent’s parry at a -1d10 penalty. Type: Normal Qi: 1 You make a single. wood or A Heiping Nun Masters Arms of Silk stone. and for the purpose of determining Damage. subtract your Ranks You cast a net at your foes that blazes with the power in Waijia from the opponent’s Hardiness. Cathartic: The net expands unnaturally. each Attack deals 2d10 Damage for every Rank you have in Speed. carefully aimed and timed blow BLAZING NET Discipline: Waijia that bites deeply into the flesh of your opponent. Cathartic: You can make a number of Attacks against your target equal to your Ranks in Speed+Waijia. you make one additional Attack. a burst of sharp particles strike at ev- eryone in a cone (20 feet per Rank of Waijia).

BLIND STRIKE CRACK OF THE HARD WHIP Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Detect Against Stealth. Do normal Damage. around you and unleash a flurry of precise strikes that send objects and debris toward them all. plus 1 escape as a free action. creating clusters of you can opt to retain the grip of your lash for a thorns that rip the flesh of your foes. On a Total Success the To use this ability you must first make a Detect roll foe is stunned for two rounds (instead of the normal against Stealth of everyone in a 20-foot radius per 1 from the Hard Whip). Requirement: You must have the Blind Flaw and the Blind Swordsman Combat Technique to use this ability without a -2d10 penalty to both Skill rolls. On a Total Success. to suffer -1d10 to all Physical and Mental Skills for causing the target to lose 2 Hardiness (Hardiness 111 an hour as they suffer sneezing fits and hay fever. You must have rose bunches to do this. plus 1 Extra Wound per Rank of Waijia. then Melee Against Skill: Heavy Melee Evade (Special) Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 3 Qi: 3 You deliver a debilitating strike with the Hard Whip You use hearing and pinpoint the position of foes (Bian). cracking bone. . Make a Melee roll against the Evade stunned for two rounds instead of one as above. Make a Light To break free from the lash is a Muscle roll against or Medium Melee Attack roll against your target’s the result of your initial Attack roll. but of all affected. Extra Wound per Rank of Waiija to each target. This takes both your movement and Attack action for the round. unleashing a Cathartic: This does 6d10 Open Damage plus 3 Extra cloud of pollen and dust on the foes. Hardiness comes back at a rate of 1 week per Rank of Waijia due to the bone being fractured. This BLOSSOM (SECRET) removes the -1d10 Penalty for any Targeted or Maim Discipline: Waijia strike against foes using this Technique. number of rounds equal to your Waijia. Discipline: Waijia causing it to tighten and crush their organs. Targets with Evade. Cathartic: When used Cathartically the roses do 3d10 Open Damage. The Damage to the body is also crippling. Cathartic: You inhale deeply using your intuition THE CRUSHING LASH OF LADY PLUM and hearing to aim your strikes perfectly. Skill: Light or Medium Melee (must be bladed) against Evade Roll Light Melee against Parry. in addition. Skill: Light Melee Type: Normal Qi: 6 BLOOD LETTING THORNS (SECRET) You lash your fly-whisk around your enemy’s body. You slice the rose bunch into one rose cluster more Qi Ranks than the attacker can attempt to per Rank of Qi and they cause 1d10 Damage. On a Total Success the blossom bursts. Then you may attack everyone you sense indirectly by striking objects or features around you to send items and/or debris at your foes in an oddly Cathartic: This drains 1 point of Hardiness for 1 day per Rank of Waijia. Rank of Qi. On a Success you can Type: Normal extend the lash of your fly-whisk (5 feet per Rank of Qi: 4 Qi) to wrap briefly around a foe’s body causing it to tighten and crush for 6d10 Damage each round (be- You throw a bunch of stemmed roses into the air (or ginning this round) you sustain it. causing them Wounds. On a success this drains one point of Hardiness for 1 round per Rank of Waijia. returns at a rate of 1 per day). the foe is 3 targeted way. On a Total Success any thorny blossom) and slice it.

the Attack If anyone attacks you with a Melee Attack you can use deals 1 Extra Wound plus maximum Damage (6d10). You can direct each projectile at a Cathartically. Cathartic: You expand the canopy. this counter. strike or leg strike. On a Success you pull them in and get On a success the canopy protects against projectiles one free mundane Attack with a melee weapon. arm in an area before you (20 feet per Rank of Waijia). if you are Qi Rank 3. The user must be inebriated by alcohol to use this ly. inflating it with any close range Kung Fu Technique as your free Qi and causing the accumulated projectiles (all the Attack. DEEP BITING BLADE Discipline: Waijia DIP OF THE DRUNKEN SNAKE Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee Against Parry at -1d10 Discipline: Waijia Type: Normal Skill: Athletics Against Attack Roll Qi: 3 Type: Counter Qi: 1 You make a single. and misses. you can make a Grapple roll against their attack Parry. you Cathartic: When used Cathartically your Damage have 2 Ranks in Waijia. the Attack bonus per Rank of Waijia). of stone and dirt to create a glorious protective If anyone attacks you with a Long Reach Weapon canopy against incoming attacks. her Hardiness is ef- fectively 2 against this one attack only. On a Success. three times your Waijia Rank from your opponent’s Hardiness. nearly touch- ing the ground with your head then springing back This Technique requires a bladed weapon. Additional. subtract twice your Ranks in Waijia from the of your own (mundane strike but at a +1d10 Damage opponent’s Hardiness. a piece of fabric or even bits strike. This does not work against also inflicts an additional Extra Wound. CLUTCH OF THE HAWK DEFLECTING CANOPY Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Grapple Skill: Athletics TN 6 Type: Counter Type: Counter Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You grab your opponent’s spear or halberd as they You unfurl your robe. then swiftly bounce back to deliver a potent blow attack. You bend back to evade a Melee Attack. Medium or Heavy Melee roll against the opponent’s Parry at a -1d10 penalty. and you get to add in your Waijia Ranks to projectiles that have hit the canopy) to rebound back the roll. characters with Qi levels higher than you. Cathartic: The Damage becomes open. character with Hardiness of 7. carefully aimed and timed blow that bites deeply into the flesh of your opponent. and you are attacking a roll is Open. On a Total Success. On a success you bend back and avoid the and for the purpose of determining Damage for this strike. when determining Damage for this Attack subtract Technique. single target of your choice. each doing 1d10 Damage. Make a with force to strike your foe. 112 . Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can employ Rank of Qi. There is no Qi requirement for using it at the attackers. For instance. pulling them toward you for a lethal attack. provided your Qi level is equal reducing Damage dice of such attacks by 1d10 per 3 to or greater than your foe.

regular use of an effective Technique. Make a Melee Skill roll (any Sword) with any twice your Waijia Rating and drains 2 points of sword against Parry. on a single powerful Technique. over time. He can try to break free using the Restrain rules. he cannot move 3 while the GM should do the same when PCs make freely as his body is suspended above the ground. For more infor. On a Total Success you recover your footing quickly after the Technique and do not take the below penalty to Speed. You raise your enemies. and you can throw your opponent to the ground at any point. Sometimes. other Martial You jab your foe in the belly with a stick or similar Heroes are neither complacent nor stupid. an even more powerful counter against that spe. You may add your Waijia Ranks to your Parry and Evade against the target. target directly before you and directly behind deliv- ering 1 Extra Wound to both targets. On a Success you do Open Damage equal to your Waijia Rank and drain one point of Hardiness. instead of doing Damage. In such cases. On a Success. This Technique allows you to strike the person di- rectly in front of you and the person directly behind Cathartic: The Attack does Open Damage equal to you. DOG LIFTING STICK (SECRET) Discipline: Waijia Skill: Light Melee against Parry Type: Normal A TRUE MASTER ADAPTS Qi: 2 While some Techniques may be very powerful or used highly effectively by a clever Martial Hero. thrust with one and a violent reverse stab against anyone behind you. small blunt weapon. Delivering this Technique exposes you slightly. you can opt cific Technique will often be developed by his or her to raise your foe above your head. Cathartic: This lasts for 1 round per Rank of Waijia. 113 Cathartic: Does 2 Extra Wounds to both targets. then raise him into the air over a character (PC or NPC alike) can become over-reliant your head. This means players should consider developing count- ers to specific Techniques they see again and again. While the target is still free to Attack. . knocking him prone and inflicting 1d10 Damage per Rank of Waijia. A true Martial Hero must always stay one step target above your head and may keep him there for ahead of his foes. DOG BASHING STICK (SECRET) DOUBLE THRUST Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Light Melee against Parry Skill: Any Melee (sword) against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 3 Qi: 2 You deliver a painful and debilitating blow to your Wielding a sword in each hand you deliver a forward opponent. mation on creating new Kung Fu Techniques see CHAPTER TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER. On a Success you can strike a Hardiness. meaning on the following round (and only for that round) your Turn Order score drops to 1. 1 round per Rank of Waijia. using a stick or similar blunt object.

Fearless Reply of the Spear was developed to counter The Slicing Blade of the Flying Phantoms Technique used 114 by Mystic Sword sect. THE FIRST FIST OF YANSHI (SECRET) Cathartic: The effects are the same except the lesser Discipline: Waijia energy blast portion of the Attack does 4d10 closed Skill: Arm Strike Damage. On a Success. If this counter is used in addition to the normal -1d10 penalty to Skills. Make a melee Skill roll against the Attack roll of your Cathartic: On a Cathartic Strike. Type: Normal Qi: 1 FEARLESS REPLY OF THE SPEAR You smash your fist into your opponent. against the Slicing Blade of the Flying Phantoms you do 4 Extra Wounds. Make a Melee Skill roll against the Parry of everyone 3 within a 20-foot radius per Rank in Waijia. ENDLESS ARC OF THE SPEAR FIERCE STRIKE Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Any Melee with Spear Skill: Any Melee Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 1 You let your weapon land with a swift surge of You grip your spear in one hand and whirl it aggression. On a Total Success of the initial Arm Strike and thrust out your spear in a single arm to impale them. only works against foes with fewer Qi Ranks than tacker you rise on one foot after their final backswing yourself). the Attack strikes everyone who is within reach of your spear for 4d10 Open Damage. Discipline: Waijia Skill: Any Melee with Spear Make an Arm Strike Skill roll against your opponent’s Type: Counter Parry. Damage as described below. Moving with the at. On a Success and releasing a blast of energy that damages you add +1d10 to the Damage roll. Cathartic: Against normal Sword Attacks you do 2 Extra Wounds. Created by the Fearless Rival of Dai Bien. This can be used as a standard counter for any sword Attack. causing the tip to glow. in which case you do normal Damage for your weapon. You effortlessly evade and flow with the Slicing Blade of causing them to take -1d10 to their Skill rolls (this the Flying Phantoms Technique. against the Slicing Blade of the Flying Phantoms. If you succeed make a normal Damage roll. everyone else in the affected area is hit with a lesser energy blast that deals 1d10 Damage. causing (SECRET) enough pain to disrupt concentration on Technique. On a Total Success enemies in a larger area. your opponent opponent. Addi- Cathartic: This can be used with the above effects against one additional target per Rank of Qi. Qi Ranks than yourself. . strik- ing enemies within your reach with great force. If Qi: 3 that is successful you strike with enough force that it hurts the target for 1 round per Rank of Waijia. around your head. If used against Slicing Blades of the Flying Phantoms you do 2 Extra Wounds against the attacker. On a Success you counter the Attack doing also takes a -2 per Rank of Waijia to Parry and Evade. tionally. roll you do 1 Extra Wound as well. you add +2d10 per Ranks of Waijia to the Damage roll and can exceed the soft dice cap. This can be used with any Melee weapon. Again this only works against opponents with fewer you gain +1d10 per Rank of Waijia to your Skill roll.

Against poorly aimed strikes. In addi. causing a you can also pull them into a deadly chokehold. they must make an Endurance increases to -2d10. powerful gust of wind that scatters dust and debris. imposing a -1d10 Penalty to the Skill rolls of Failure. On a Success you deliver 3d10 Open Damage or Throw. On a Total Success this penalty hold. you Make a Light Melee Skill roll against the Evade of make a Grapple Skill roll against their Parry. Each round. Cathartic: The wind imposes a -1d10 penalty to those caught inside it (-2d10 on Total Success) and also causes any nearby debris and objects to strike people Cathartic: Whether the attacker misses or succeeds. in the affected area for 2d10 Open Damage.FLUTTERING KICKS GUIDING THE CRASHING WAVE Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Leg Strike Skill: Throw against Parry Type: Normal Type: Counter Qi: 3 Qi: 1 You leap toward your foe. 3 the foe in this manner). Rank of Waijia. If your create a gust of wind that obscures the air for one opponent’s original Attack roll against you was a round. Cathartic: The kicks do 6d10 Open Damage to your target and drive her back 10 feet per Rank of Waijia (you must press forward in a straight line to drive and slams the person to the ground for 1d10 Damage per Waijia and Qi Rank. you can also pull your opponent into a choke- all caught inside. per Rank of Waijia. you also microbursts can disarm weapons from everyone do 2 Wounds each round automatically in addition inside (roll 1d10 per Qi Rank once against everyone’s to the choking effect. Grapple Parry. you get an opportunity to roll Grapple against Parry tion the wind glows with Qi energy and powerful to initiate the choke. starting on the first). you hurl them to the ground for 1d10 with your kicks and drive your opponent back 5 feet Damage per Rank of Waijia. You snap your wrist and swipe your fan. of kicks to the chest that drives her back. This must be maintained each round with an additional Grapple roll against Parry. On a everyone in the affected area. Make a Leg Strike Skill roll against your opponent’s If someone misses you with an Arm Strike. GRASP OF THE PYTHON Discipline: Waijia GUST OF THE FAN BLADE Skill: Grapple against Parry Discipline: Waijia Type: Counter Skill: Light Melee Against Evade Qi: 1 Type: Normal Qi: 3 You grab an attacker’s arm when they strike at you. When someone attacks you with an Arm Strike. and throw them to the ground. Parry to disarm). However if they miss. unleashing a rapid patter You redirect an attacker. roll to remain conscious (TN 1+1 per Waijia Rank each round: meaning you cumulatively add your The gust of wind is 20 feet-wide and 40 feet-long per Waijia Rank to the Endurance roll TN each round. pulling their strike wide. Cathartic: This redirects even a successful Attack. On a Success you Success you automatically avoid the Attack. 115 .

If you succeed. Grapple and cannot use two-handed Melee weapons. Attackers chooses: You can use this when you are thrown to the ground Arm Injury: -2 Penalty to Parry. On a Total Success. you take falling Damage as usual (but see Cathartic below). range melee Attack with a sudden punch to the throat. you literally strike the ground. killing even the most durable foe. This to do to a Martial Hero. using this skill in this manner always costs 4 Imbalance Points. On a Success. The area that you Strike. -1d10 to Arm Strike. 3 HANDS OF THE HAWK BEAK Discipline: Waijia Cathartic: Make an Arm Strike roll against your opponent’s Attack roll. 116 . transferring the energy of your Leg Injury: -2d10 Penalty to Speed. Cathartic: You fracture or break the limb. -1d10 to Leg fall harmlessly out of yourself. you are This ability does not work on characters with Qi levels invigorated by the impact and gain a +1d10 bonus to higher than you. then Grapple against 5 Extra Wounds and stuns them for one round. impact is usually cracked or otherwise damaged by the force of the impact. roll. GRUDGE-BEARING SWORD STRIKE THE HIDDEN FIST Discipline: Waijia OF YANSHI (SECRET) Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee against Parry Discipline: Waijia Type: Normal Skill: Arm Strike Qi: 6 Type: Counter Qi: 5 You focus all of your anger and wrath into a single swipe of the blade. Hardiness Type: Normal Qi: 1 IMPACT OF THE FALLING STAR You grip your opponent’s limbs and snap them. avoiding all Damage. like Discipline: Waijia branches clutched in the beak of a hawk. Grapple and Athletics. Cathartic: This does 6d10 Open Damage multiplied by two. Skill: Leg Strike or Arm Strike against TN 1 per 10 feet fallen You can attempt this if you succeed on a Grapple Type: Counter Skill roll against the target’s Parry. Still does not thartic Skill roll. causing the following penalties for 1 round after a fall. This potent counter allows you to interrupt any close- On a Success you do 6d10 Open Damage. as part of an Attack or when you fall from heights. Because this is the result of a failed work against those with higher Qi levels than you. Follow the grapple Qi: 1 immediately with another Grapple roll against Har- diness. your next action. On a Success you injure the target’s arm or When you hit the ground (or another similar surface) leg briefly. causing the above penalties for 1 week per Rank of Waijia. per Rank of Waijia. you deliver a stunning blow to your opponent’s throat that does Skill: Grapple against Parry. so performing such an act can be done even if you’ve already failed your non-Ca- publicly could alter your reputation. Can only be used Cathartically. it is the ground that loses. at the end of your fall. Cathartic: You automatically are considered to have This is considered very cruel and even dishonorable succeeded on your Leg Strike or Arm Strike roll. On a Failure.

This lashes out in a 10 by 30 foot cone per Rank of Waijia. a master can apply this Technique to deliver a lethal kick. Discipline: Waijia Skill: Grapple against Evade Type: Normal Qi: 3 LADY WHITE BLADE’S BURSTING CHARGE (SECRET) You lash or snap out with your silks or ropes with Discipline: Waijia the intent to trip and delay opponents. knocking him You shoot down ranged Attacks with your arrow. The attacker charges On a Total Success this effect lasts two rounds. If they with a sword at an opponent. . On a success you ground and back by 5 feet per Rank of Waijia and they strike their projectile and deflect it. In addition the silk or ropes kills the target. Fire against the Attack roll for a chance to strike down someone’s incoming arrow. 3 Cathartic: This knocks your foe back 10 feet per Rank INVISIBLE WHIP OF THE of Waijia and they hit the ground so hard they must SPIDER DEMON spend a Skill and Move action to get up. Make a Small Ranged Skill roll against you strike a foe with such force.INTERCEPTING ARROW KNOCK OF THE METEOR HAMMER Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Small Ranged Skill: Heavy Melee against Parry Type: Counter Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 2 Your meteor hammer slams into a foe. taking normal Damage). Affected targets through his body as bursts in a terrible display. If the Attack feet per Rank of Waijia. one of her more feared Techniques. cut so extreme it can create an opening for the attacker to pass through as it rips the victim asunder. it rips him apart allowing you to pass move so fast they are nearly invisible. Cathartic: On a Success forgo the Damage roll and do 1 Wound per Rank of Qi directly. or to aid a friend Make a Heavy Melee Skill roll against Parry. Qi: 6 On a success you entangle and/or trip the target for one round. must make a Detect TN 6 roll or suffer a -3 to Evade and -3d10 to Athletics (against this attack and its effects). On a success from being hit. Though useless when used by the initiate. It requires a reckless charge imposing a -3 to your Evade and Parry for the round plus you must move 20 feet in straight line toward the target. that they drop to the the Attack roll of your opponent. delivering a thrust and fail their Athletics they cannot move that round. Qi: 1 117 You spin and drive your heel against the enemy with an upward motion. Skill: Light Melee or Medium Melee against Parry Type: Normal Make a Grapple Skill roll against your opponent’s Evade. requiring them to make an Athletics roll This attack was developed by Lady White Blade and is against your original Attack roll result in order to move. On a success. this does 3 Extra Wounds to the target Cathartic: This increases the cone area to 20 by 60 in addition to a regular Damage roll. On a Total Success the hammer bounces against the nearest target of your choice (this occurs even if it is countered) by the first target). KICK OF THE GOLDEN ELEPHANT Discipline: Waijia Skill: Leg Strike Cathartic: This does 8 Extra Wounds to the target Type: Normal in addition to regular Damage roll. to the ground as it potentially bounces toward someone else. must expend a Move to get back up (in addition to Cathartic: You can deflect multiple Attacks by rapidly firing your bow (up to one per Rank of Qi). On a Success you deliver a kick that does 1d10 Damage per Muscle + Qi Rank.

but does not lose Attack result to get away). and 118 of Qi). You direct them. its tethers extend- ing unnaturally long to reach opponents and pull You use your hands. Anyone struck can be pulled to you that round they attack using weapons and abilities they possess. of another person. (though they can make a Muscle roll against your The person attacks on your turn. Roll Light Melee against Parry. their regular turn as a result. . of Waijia. LASH OF THE FLY-WHISK MASTER TEACHES STUDENT Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Light Melee against Parry Skill: Any Combat Skill against foe’s Parry or Evade Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You lash out with your fly-whisk. On a Success you can extend the lash of your fly-whisk to wrap around On a success you force the target to serve as an in- foes or disarm them at a distance (10 feet per Rank termediary for your attacks. Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can throw Cathartic: You can channel your Kung Fu Techniques your opponent causing 1d10 falling Damage per Rank through the target. feet or weapon to guide the body them closer. forcing them to deliver attacks as you intend.3 Princess Sarnai strikes at Princess Samga with Knock of the Meteor Hammer.

Some say a manual with this Technique exists. Type: Normal Qi: 6 On a Success. Skill: Any Melee against Parry Type: Normal Qi: 3 THE PERFECT STRIKE OF THE PHOENIX (SECRET) You unleash a powerful swing of your melee weapon. It also cannot be parried by and the One-Armed Swordsman Technique to use any counter except for the Perfect Block of the this (it can be used with characters who are missing Raksha. causing them to take Damage equal to your Waijia Rank. against the Perfect Strike of the Phoenix. The Perfect Block of the Raksha was lost ages ago when the Raksha clan was extinguished. that no one can block or dodge. Discipline: Waijia heaving it near the space where your arm once was Skill: Any Bladed Melee (No roll required) to generate a more powerful Attack. any Attack. 3 Cathartic: When done in this manner. On a Total Success the amount of You leap at your foe in a whirl of meandering strikes Wounds is doubled. . for the purpose of determining Imbalance Points gained. To attack a foe. On a Total Success. According to legend.MIGHTY PAWS OF THE LION THE PERFECT BLOCK OF THE Discipline: Waijia RAKSHA (SECRET) Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Discipline: Waijia Type: Normal Skill: Any Bladed Melee Qi: 4 Type: Counter Qi: 6 You lash out at foes with your fingers in a series of raking strikes with such fury that it energizes the You dip and parry. negating the first Wound that round from be used against any other Technique. you send your opponents flying back. you may use this to strike multiple foes (1 per Rank of Waijia) and you may add 3 Extra Wounds per Attack. It cannot tects you. If someone uses that Technique Ranks. it knocks targets with less Qi Ranks than you prone and stuns them for a This gives you a chance to deflect or evade the Perfect number of rounds equal to the difference in your Qi Strike of the Phoenix. treat as a normal success. This Technique is so profound and perfect that it Requirement: You must have the Missing Limb Flaw requires no Attack roll. Cathartic: The Attack does 5 Wounds directly (no This is an ancient Technique long since forgotten and Damage roll necessary). meticulously evading strikes while air around you. you may roll your Melee against their Damage roll. with your weapon. the details of this Technique are still contained in the ruins of the Jade Phoenix Temple (but no one knows its whereabouts). deflecting them with your blade to stop the legend- ary Perfect Strike of the Phoenix Technique. simply roll normal Damage legs rather than arms). against you non-Cathartically. your ferocious This Technique is rumored to be the only defense attacks create a visible shimmer in the air that pro. 119 Cathartic: In addition to the above effects. lost after the destruction of the Jade Phoenix sect. ONE-ARMED STRIKE Cathartic: This works even against a Cathartic Discipline: Waijia Perfect Strike of the Phoenix. If you succeed on this attack. instead of rolling Damage you do 2 Wounds directly. You also get one additional free Attack with the Mighty Paws of the Lion Technique. Even though no Attack roll is required. If you succeed you are not struck.

but doing so incurs Damage once against the target but treat a Success 7 Wounds and reduces Hardiness by one permanent- as two Wounds. Roll Technique and attempt to use it. Cathartic: You do 1 Extra Wound per Rank of Waijia. How it affects people is based on the 3 Extra Wounds. ly (every time you use it). On a Total Success you strike hard and 120 true. causing them no longer require a sword. in addition to -1d10 to Physical Skills. 2 Target loses a limb (take Flaw) and suffers 4 Wounds This lasts 1 hour per Rank of Qi. Make an Arm Strike roll against Parry. Total Successes count normally. Qi: 1 This can only be used safely by castrated males and You nock multiple arrows and fire them at your foes. Focusing your mind. On a Total Success. This lasts 1 round per Rank of Qi. Non-castrated males and women can both learn the On a Success you fire 2 arrows at a target. you to harden at a precise moment to slice through foes. Roll Damage once against the target but treat a success as a number of Wounds equal to the RINGING STRIKE OF THE HAND Discipline: Waijia number of arrows you fired. Combat Skills are affected as well. delivering a rigid blow with the side of your hand to the neck. is contained in the Merciless Willow manual. sometimes with debilitating effect. targets’ Ranks in Qi: TARGET’S EFFECT RANK 0-1 Target is decapitated and killed Cathartic: You create a sword that deals 1d10 Damage per Qi level (do not add Muscle) plus 3 Extra Wounds. . Cathartic: You can fire one additional arrow per Rank of Qi. Skill: Arm Strike Type: Normal Qi: 2 With this attack you strike open handed at your enemy. PHANTOM PHOENIX SWORD RIBBONS OF STEEL (SECRET) Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Medium Melee TN 6 Skill: Light Melee against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 5 Qi: 6 You have reached a point in your training where you You unfurl ribbons or strands of cloth. Roll On a Success you create a sword that deals 1d10 Light Melee against Parry scores of all inside the Damage per Qi level (do not add Muscle) plus 2 affected area. You can unleash a flurry of strands that lash out at everyone in a 20-foot radius per Rank of Waijia. 3 Target suffers 4 Wounds 4 Target suffers 2 Wounds RAIN OF ARROWS 5 Target suffers 1 Wound Discipline: Waijia 6+ Target takes 3d10 Damage Skill: Small Ranged against Evade Type: Normal This ability can only be used Cathartically. On a Success your Attack does 1d10 Damage per Rank of Waijia and Muscle. causing your foe to shake and take -1d10 to all Physical Skill rolls for the next hour. create a ghostly gentlemen sword that is one with your body.

White Blade. Cathartic: Works as above except you do 1 addition- SKULL BREAKING STICK (SECRET) al Extra Wound per Rank of Waijia on the initial attack and on the backswing as well. Though known only to Mystic Sword and associated 3 your opponents slam into anyone in their path when with the Flying Phantoms this is actually a forgotten. must be within five feet of your body). Anyone who normal Damage and to push them back in a straight attempts to counter this and fails takes 1 Extra Wound line. On a Success you do normal Damage plus they have to make an Endurance roll SLASHING BLADE (TN 5 +1 per your Rank in Waijia) to avoid being Discipline: Waijia dazed for one round (they can take no actions for Skill: Any Melee against Parry one round). . Cathartic: On a Cathartic use you plow down with On a Success you unleash a rippling slice trough the great force and do 3 Extra Wounds (as well as the 121 air toward your target and strike for normal Damage. whipping your fists You leap at your foes slashing sideways and winding at everyone around you. Cathartic: You hit with enough force that each of as your blade bites them on its backswing. normal effects). Make an Arm Strike or Leg Strike roll against your opponent’s parry. making your strike roll against all opponents around you (each target dangerous to counter. it creates a ripple by alcohol. On a Total Success the opponent is dazed Type: Normal for two rounds if they fail their Endurance roll. This allows you to strike each of them with enough force to do On a Success you do normal Damage. You flip into a somersault and splay your limbs to strike a foe with your outstretched arms or legs. with enough force to break bone Discipline: Waijia and cause death. Qi: 2 This Technique requires the user be inebriated When you slash your sword. As long as you can see the enemy and there is nothing substantial in the way you can attempt to attack them with this Technique. and do 1d10 Damage per Qi ancient Technique that was rediscovered by Lady Rank you possess to those they strike. Skill: Arm Strike or Leg Strike against Parry Type: Normal On a Success you do 6d10 Open Damage against your Qi: 4 foe. Cathartic: Ignores all obstacles and slices through multiple enemies in a straight line (one additional enemy per Rank in Waijia). through the air. Attacks must be aimed at the head. they are pushed back. Discipline: Waijia Skill: Light Melee (-1d10) against Parry Type: Normal Qi: 6 SOMERSAULT STRIKE OF THE You crack your opponent in the skull with a stick or DRUNKEN MONKEY similar implement. slicing your enemy at a distance. Make an Arm Strike Skill back like a snake with your blade. Cathartic: This does 6d10 Open Damage plus 6 Extra Wounds. imposing a -1d10 penalty to your Attack roll.THE SECOND FIST OF YANSHI THE SLICING BLADE OF THE FLYING (SECRET) PHANTOMS (SECRET) Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Arm Strike Skill: Any Melee Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 2 Qi: 3 You spin on the ball of your foot. 5 feet per Rank of Waijia.

Cathartic: Can be used instantly to interrupt any SPEAR SWIPE kick. The penalty still applies. 6+ Target takes no Damage tiple targets in a straight line. Skill: Any Melee against Parry Make one roll and apply to the Parry of everyone Type: Normal in range. SPINNING STEEL (SECRET) You can attack anyone within reach of your weapon Discipline: Waijia around you (up to 3 people per Rank of Waijia). you do 2 Qi: 1 Extra Wounds and send your foe back 5 feet. How it SPEAR OF THE INFINITE EMPEROR affects people is based on the targets’ Ranks in Qi: Discipline: Waijia Skill: Medium Melee or Heavy Melee against Parry TARGET’S Type: Normal EFFECT RANK Qi: 1 0 Decapitated and killed You stab your spear fiercely. twirls into her enemies and everyone Damaged is hurled back 10 feet per Rank cuts off their heads. On a Success you hit those affected with Qi: 4 your spear normally. If you succeed using it Discipline: Waijia as a normal Attack. striking out at everyone in a 10 feet radius per Rank of Waijia. You 3 Target takes 1 Wound take a -1d10 penalty to make your Attack. Roll any Melee against Parry scores of all inside the affected area. slicing their bodies and even causing them to be hurled back with great force. It also allows you to strike an additional target per Rank of Qi (on top of the 3 per Rank of Waijia). 3 Cathartic: Anyone struck takes 3 Wounds (no ad- ditional Damage roll). This can potentially be used to counter kicks. but add 2d10 to your Damage roll. of Qi. SPEARING BLADE SPINNING BACK KICK Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia Skill: Light Melee or Medium Melee against Parry Skill: Leg Strike against Parry (Normal) or Attack Type: Normal roll (Counter) Qi: 5 Type: Normal and Counter Qi: 1 In a frenzy of stabbing motions you skewer multiple opponents and inflict grave injury against them with You whirl your body and unleash a powerful kick. heavy bladed weapon. leaps and charges as well. The attacker can unleash a spinning attack and twirl like a spinning top. you do normal Damage plus 1 Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee against Parry Extra Wound and you send your opponent back 5 Type: Normal feet. . If you succeed using it as a counter. Must be used Cathartically to counter an Attack. Roll Light or Medium Melee once and apply it to 1 target within reach per Qi Rank. 2 Target takes 1 Wound and loses a limb on a Total Success 122 This Technique requires a great deal of force. The attacker pours all of her anger and rage into a Cathartic: In addition to being hit by your spear. Extra Wound. 4 Target takes normal Damage 5 Target takes 1d10 Damage Cathartic: You can use to strike and impale mul. Anyone struck takes On success you do normal kicking Damage plus 1 2 Wounds (no additional Damage roll). up to one target per level of Qi (make a single Attack roll). You swing your spear in a circle at enemies surround- ing you. Anyone hit This ability can only be used Cathartically. your sword. in such a manner takes one Extra Wound. charge or leap Attack. striking deep into 1 Target takes 2 Wounds and is decapitated if killed your foes.

Spinning Steel was devised by the legendary swords-
woman One Armed Fiery Demon. This can only be
used safely by females and was an attempt to recreate
Discipline: Waijia
one of the Techniques from the Merciless Willow
Skill: Light Melee against Parry
manual. Men can learn the Technique and attempt to Type: Normal
use it, but doing so incurs 5 Wounds and reduces Har- Qi: 3
diness by one permanently (every time you use it). This
is due to the difference in Qi flow through the body. You deliver an upward strike that sends your oppo-
nent bouncing into the air with each blow you land.

THE STERN REBUKE OF HEIPING On a Success you send your foe up into the air 5 feet
(SECRET) per Rank of Waijia, doing normal Damage. The
Discipline: Waijia person lands the next round, taking normal falling
Skill: Light Melee against Special
Type: Counter
Qi: 3
Damage, unless you choose to strike again (sending
them back up into the air). 3
Cathartic: When done in this manner, you may use
With lightning speed you turn your sword to deflect an Stick of the Rebounding Dog as a Move action, al-
incoming ranged or thrown attack back at the assailant. lowing you to Attack or perform Skills while you
bounce your target in the air each round.
When someone makes a thrown or ranged Attack
against you, you can try to counter with this by
rolling Light Melee against a TN equal to their Attack
roll result or Evade (whichever is higher). On a STICK OF THE RISING DOG (SECRET)
Success you deflect the object back at the attacker Discipline: Waijia
for 2d10 Damage per Rank of Qi. Skill: Light Melee against Parry
Type: Normal
Cathartic: When used Cathartically the Attack Qi: 4
flashes with energy and delivers 2d10 Open Damage
per Rank of Qi. This can exceed the Soft Damage Cap You crack your opponent with a stick, in a sudden,
of 6d10, but can never exceed 10d10. violent upward swing.
On a Success you do 2d10 plus your Rank in Waijia.
The damage is Open Damage.
Cathartic: Instead of rolling Damage you do Wounds
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Athletics against Special equal to 2 plus your Rank in Waijia.
Type: Normal
Qi: 1

You jump or fall directly onto your enemy, transfer- STORM OF ARROWS
ring most of the force of your impact to your foe. Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Small Ranged against Evade
To land on your target, roll Athletics skill. If your Type: Normal
target is unaware of your presence, the TN is 3. If Qi: 1
the target is aware, roll against her Evade. On a
Success, your target takes falling Damage equal to You nock multiple arrows and send a volley at your
the distance of your fall and you take half the normal foes.
Damage (round down). The target is also knocked
prone. On a Failure, you miss the target completely You fire several arrows into a 10 x 10 foot area per 123
and you take falling Damage as usual. On a Total Rank of Waijia. Make one Attack roll against all
Success, you may make a mundane Attack against targets in this zone. The arrows deal normal Damage.
the target as well.
Cathartic: You fire a volley into 10 x 10 foot area per
Cathartic: If you succeed in your Athletics roll, you Rank of Waijia+Qi level.
do not take any Damage from the fall. Additionally,
on a Total Success you may use a Kung Fu Technique
against your target instead of a mundane Attack.

Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Light Melee against Evade Skill: Light Melee against Parry
Type: Normal Type: Normal
Qi: 2 Qi: 1

You can throw multiple daggers with immense pre- You beat your opponent fiercely with a quick care-
cision at a single target. fully aimed strike of your stick (or other light blunt
weapon), stunning them.
You can throw one dagger per Rank of Qi at a single
target with the dagger’s throw range. Roll one Attack On a Success you stun your foe for a single round. On
roll for all the daggers. If the Attack hits, make a a failure your foe gets one free Attack against you, because
single Damage roll. If the Damage roll meets or this Technique requires total commitment to the strike.

3 exceeds the target’s Hardiness, he takes 1 Wound for
each dagger thrown. Do not add any Damage from
the roll itself.
This does not work against opponents 2 or more Qi
Ranks higher than you.

This can only be used with daggers or dagger-like Cathartic: The stunning effect lasts for 2 rounds.
objects (needles and caltrops cannot be used for this
Cathartic: As above, except you can throw two Discipline: Waijia
daggers per Rank of Qi, and you may divide the Skill: Any Melee against Parry
daggers between multiple targets. Type: Normal
Qi: 4

You twirl into the air and dive toward your foe for a
STORMING NEEDLES deadly series of spinning strikes.
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Light Melee against Evade You can make one extra attack per Rank of Waijia.
Type: Normal
Each Attack rolls Damage separately.
Qi: 1
Cathartic: When used in this manner the Swan
You throw multiple needles with great precision. Taming Strike nullifies the Rising Swan Stance,
ending the stance for a full round. You can also use
On a success you can throw 3 extra needles per Rank this to strike multiple targets within your area of
of Qi at a single target, up to a distance of 10 feet per movement instead of just a single target.
Rank of Waijia.

Cathartic: You can throw the needles at multiple
targets (same range). SWORD WHIPPING STRIKE
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Any melee against Parry
Type: Normal
Qi: 4

You whirl your blade in a whipping motion above
your head, generating a green energy that lashes out
124 at targets in in all directions.

Roll against up to 6 targets per Rank of Waijia within
a 40 foot area. This does 2d10 Open Damage to each
of them.

Cathartic: Cathartically this can be used against 10
targets per Rank of Waijia, and does 3d10 Open
Damage against them.


A priest leaps at his enemies with Swan Taming Strike.

Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Medium Melee against Parry Skill: Light Melee against Attack roll/Evade
Type: Normal Type: Counter
Qi: 1 Qi: 1

You swiftly crack one foe in the head then spin quickly You flick a number of caltrops into the air, where they
to strike another’s skull. suspend and twirl to redirect incoming projectiles.
Make a Medium Melee Skill roll and apply it against
the Parry of all targets. On a Success you deliver This can be used only against mundane Attacks (not
normal Damage to those struck plus they are thrown against Kung Fu Techniques). Roll Light Melee against
off balance taking a -1d10 to all Physical Skills for 1 the Attack roll of the projectile. On a Success the
round per Rank of Waijia. This penalty can also affect weapon is spun by your caltrop and strikes the orig-
Damage rolls because it includes Muscle. inal attacker (provided your Light Melee roll beats 125
their Evade as well). On a Total Success you can re-
You can hit up to two targets per Rank of Qi (up to direct the projectile at any target of your choice.
as many foes as are within reach).
Cathartic: When used Cathartically the caltrops
Cathartic: Does an Extra Wound to each target on remain suspended and in effect for one full round.
a Successful hit. It also works against Kung Fu Techniques when used
in this manner.

Discipline: Waijia Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Light Melee Against Evade Skill: Any Melee against Parry
Type: Normal Type: Normal
Qi: 2 Qi: 4
You dip the tips of your fly-whisk in venom and flick
You throw your Melee weapon at a foe and it attacks
it with explosive force, causing the droplets to move
on its own, flying through the air for some time
so fast they penetrate skin.
before returning to you.
Roll Light Melee against Evade against 1 target. On
a Success you do no Damage but expose the target On a Success you throw your melee weapon up to
to the poison. On a Total Success the person also 20 feet per Rank of Qi at your foe, and it attacks,
takes 1d10 Damage. On a Failure it sprays or splash- then returns to your hands.

3 es on a random person near the target (Roll 1d10: In
front of target 1-2, Behind target 3-4, Left of target
5-7, Right of target 8-10).
Cathartic: The weapon remains airborne, attacking
your foe independently each round for 2 rounds +1
round per Rank of Waijia. While this is in effect you
This is considered a thrown Attack and has a range may take other actions or Attacks.
of 5 feet per Rank of Waijia.

Requirement: This Technique requires you physically
have the poison you wish to use.
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Any Melee against Parry
Cathartic: This can strike multiple targets, up to 1 Type: Normal
per Rank of Qi. Range also doubles to 10 feet per
Rank of Waijia. Qi: 2

WALL OF CALTROPS You launch into a terrible spinning charge attack,
crashing against your foe with tremendous force.
Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Light Melee against Evade
Type: Counter Make a Melee Attack roll against your target’s Parry.
On a Success you strike normally and do 1 Extra
Qi: 3 Wound. On a Total Success you can make one more
attack against the same target.
You unfurl a cluster of caltrops into the air, causing
them to suspend and spin in place, forming a wall Cathartic: In addition to the above effect, on a Ca-
that pins charging or leaping foes. thartic use you do 2 Extra Wounds to the target.

Make a Light Melee Skill roll against the Evade scores
of your opponents as they charge, fly or leap at you.
On a Success, the targets strike a caltrop and are
pinned in place. To extract themselves they must
succeed on a Muscle TN 6 roll (remain pinned until
they succeed). Targets who are higher Qi Rank than
you can attempt this as a free action.

When anyone charges or leaps to attack you, you
can interrupt their Attack with this counter. This
126 forms a continuous wall of caltrops 5 feet long per
Rank of Qi. The wall is vertical and can be any shape
you wish. This Technique must be used Cathartical-
ly to affect Kung Fu Techniques.

Cathartic: When used Cathartically this counter
can work against Kung Fu Techniques, it also remains
in effect for the full length of the round against
anyone who tries to pass through.

Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Speed
Discipline: Qinggong Qi: 6
Skill: Athletics TN 6
Type: Normal This Technique specifically counters The Final Tran-
Qi: 1 quility of the Storm, giving you an opportunity to
avoid it. It can be used in natural storms as well.
You climb and crawl with the grace of a tiger, allow-
ing you to move up sheer surfaces and over narrow If your Speed roll meets or exceeds the Ritual roll of
rooftops, seemingly in defiance of gravity. The Final Tranquility of the Storm, you dodge out of
the way, and the lightning strikes the ground where
Make an Athletics roll against TN 6. On a success
you can climb up vertical surface or amble across
narrow pathways with ease. This allows you to move
you were (this may be harmless or have some effect
such as starting a fire; consult the GM). If you are
dodging a natural lightning strike, the GM should
20 feet per Rank of Qi. On a Total Success you may roll 1d10 and treat that as the original Ritual roll.
also use an additional Kung Fu Technique while
performing Crawling Tiger. After successfully using this Counter, if you find the
design used for The Final Tranquility of the Storm
Cathartic: When used Cathartically you are com- while it is still glowing, you immediately learn the
pletely silent as you move. This imposes a -1d10 identity of whoever sent the bolt at you.
Penalty per Rank of Qinggong on efforts to Detect
you when sound would be relevant. Cathartic: Your body’s Speed aligns perfectly with
that of the lightning, and you allow yourself to be
struck, channeling the lightning through you, to your
DANCE OF THE BIXIE benefit. First, roll 6d10, and heal one Wound for each
die that meets or exceeds your Hardiness (Total Suc-
Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Speed TN 6 cesses heal two). For the next hour, you receive +1
Type: Normal Evade, +1d10 Speed, and +1d10 Athletics. Finally, the
design made by The Final Tranquility of the Storm
Qi: 2 will remain for one day instead of one hour.

This Technique allows you to make your body phys-
ically lighter, making it harder to hit you, but also
making hits against you potentially more lethal.
Discipline: Qinggong
Make a Speed roll TN 6. On a Success, you may Skill: Athletics TN 6
temporarily transfer your Hardiness points to Evade Type: Normal
or Parry. The maximum number you can transfer is Qi: 2
1 per Qi level, but you do not have to do that many.
You may also split them up. For example, a Qi level
3 user has 7 Hardiness, 6 Parry, and 6 Evade. She You can take to the air and glide like a butterfly fish
may transfer up to 3, and chooses to split them to 2 or flying squirrel.
in Parry and 1 in Evade. This results in her Defenses
being 4 Hardiness, 8 Parry, and 7 Evade. On a success you can glide 100 feet horizontally per
Rank of Qinggong for every 25 feet of vertical descent
This change lasts 1 round per Rank in Qinggong. (simply multiply the vertical height of your fall by 4
to arrive at the base number of feet). So falling from
Cathartic: For each point of Hardiness you sacrifice, a 100-foot tree, enables you to glide a distance of 400 127
both Parry and Evade increase by 1. feet per Rank of Qinggong. If you are able to touch
water with your feet you can skip for additional 25
feet per Rank.

Cathartic: In addition to using this Technique to
glide, you can make an attack or use another Kung
Fu ability while in flight.

DRUNKEN DODGE tance up to your Ranks in Qinggong + your Qi level,
Discipline: Qinggong then multiplied by your normal move. So, a user
Skill: Athletics TN set by opponent’s Attack with 2 Ranks in Qinggong and 2 Points in Speed has
Type: Counter a normal move of 50 feet. If they were Qi level 4,
Qi: 3 2+4=6, 6x50 = maximum range of 300 feet. On a
Failure, you fall, because you cannot stand on air.
You bend, dip and weave in an elegant flow of drunk- Looking down at any point while using this Technique
enness, evading attacks with ease. constitutes an immediate Failure, causing you to fall.

This allows you an opportunity, if an Attack beats This Technique was created by Reckless Storm.
your Parry or Evade score, to avoid being struck by
making a successful Athletics Skill roll against your Cathartic: When using this Technique to Meet Foe,
opponent’s Attack roll. On a Total Success you get a you may deliver a mundane Attack or Kung Fu Tech-

3 free mundane Attack against the target.

Requirement: This requires the character be inebri-
nique at the end of your move.

When using this Technique to Walk on Air, the
ated to perform. maximum distance of your walk increases to your
Ranks in Qinggong + your Qi level, then multiplied
Cathartic: When used Cathartically, you can use by 200 feet. Additionally, you may treat the air you
this ability to defend against multiple Attacks (up to are walking on as “solid ground” for the purposes
2 Attacks per Rank of Qi). On a Total Success you of making another immediate use of this Technique.
can make a free Kung Fu Attack against one target.

Discipline: Qinggong STORM
Skill: Speed TN Special Discipline: Qinggong
Type: Normal Skill: Ritual (any) TN 4
Type: Normal
Qi: 4 Qi: 6

You focus your mind and Qi energy into one objective: In order to use this Technique, it must be raining.
get to that spot. You may move at your maximum You position falling raindrops in a specific pattern
speed, but to others it appears as though your legs known only to those with this Technique. To others,
are still making a walking motion. This Technique you look a fool who runs about (admittedly quickly)
can be used in a number of situations. Each use only redirecting raindrops all over the place.
affords one of the below effects, which you choose, Using a Move and Skill action, you roll any Ritual Skill
also setting the TN for your Speed roll: and choose one target who is currently wet from the
storm you are in and has no significant barrier between
Meet Foe: You may use this Technique to saunter obliv- him and the sky (a roof would count, an umbrella would
iously across a battlefield, but you must declare one not). Regardless of your roll, the pattern you created
single opponent that you are marching up to. This begins to glow a brilliant golden color.
opponent may be farther than your normal move range,
up to your normal move multiplied by your Ranks in The Technique’s effect becomes apparent on your next
Qinggong. Make a Speed roll TN 6. On a Success, you turn (you may still take actions, the Ritual just took
reach him as a Move and Skill action, and no one who time to work). If you succeeded, the target you chose
you pass may make any free Attacks or attempt to in- is struck by lightning for 6d10 Open Damage. If you
terrupt your advance in any way, including the target failed, you are struck by lightning for 6d10 Open
128 you walk up to. On a Failure, you still make it to him, Damage. If the Attack deals Damage to anyone, the
but all who you pass may react as normal. glow disappears. If it does not (see DREAMING HEAV-
ENLY SPLENDOR, a Technique which counters this)
Walk on Air: You may use this Technique to walk the glowing design remains for one hour.
across air as though it were solid. You must begin
this Technique on solid ground, stepping off a ledge Cathartic: You may add one additional target per
(ex. cliff face), then making a Speed roll TN 4. On a Rank of Qinggong. Roll independently for each
Success, you walk across air as though it were a target, and all Failures strike you.
perfectly flat, horizontal plane. You may walk a dis-

THE FIRST TRANQUILITY OF THE Cathartic: When used Normally, the duration
STORM becomes 10 minutes, so you do not have to repeat-
Discipline: Qinggong edly roll until it ends. When used as a Counter, if
Skill: Athletics you successfully dodge and have a fan, you may
Type: Normal, Counter redirect the raindrops at a target of your choice (can
Qi: 2 be the original attacker, but does not have to be). Use
In order to use this Technique, it must be raining. the original Attack’s Speed roll to hit, and if it works,
You dart quickly from side to side, never being do the original attacker’s Damage.
touched by raindrops.

As a normal Technique, to avoid the drops, make an
Athletics roll TN 6. This affords you +1 to Evade for FLIGHT OF THE HAWK
the quick movement and +1 to Stealth because people Discipline: Qinggong
will hear the rain, and you will not be trudging
through it. However, as you must move constantly,
you must reuse this Technique each time it is your
Skill: Athletics (TN 4)
Type: Normal
Qi: 3
turn to continue its effect. You can take flight through the air like a bird.

This can also be used as a Counter to the Third Tran- On a success you can fly 50 feet plus 10 feet per level
quility of the Storm. When used in this way, if your of Qinggong per round. Must use this Technique
Athletics roll meets or exceeds the opponent’s initial each round to stay in flight.
Speed roll, you avoid their raindrops as well and take
no Damage. Cathartic: This enables you to maintain flight
without additional Skill rolls for 10 minutes per Rank
of Qinggong.


Discipline: Qinggong Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Leg Strike Skill: Athletics TN 7
Type: Normal Type: Counter
Qi: 2 Qi: 2

You leap great distance toward a foe unleashing a You retreat quickly against a vertical surface evading
high kick and using the target to spring back upon your opponent’s Attack, holding a horizontal stance
another enemy. that defies physics, your body parallel with the ground.
On a Success you can leap up to 10 feet per Rank of You deliver a counter Attack from this position.
Qinggong to kick your opponent, doing Muscle
+1d10 Damage. You can then leap another 10 feet To perform this Technique there must be a wall or
per Rank of Qinggong against another foe (also similar object for you to retreat to (a tree, post or

3 doing Muscle +1d10 Damage). Use your original roll
for both attacks.
other vertical surface will work). It can be used when-
ever someone attacks you. Make an Athletics roll
against TN 7. On a Success you evade your opponent’s
Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can make an Attack and can make an immediate mundane Attack.
additional number of leaping kick attacks equal to your
Rank in Qi (again, use the same roll for all of them). Cathartic: As above except you can deliver a
mundane Attack or Kung Fu Technique.

Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Speed (TN 9 -1 per Rank of Qinggong)
Type: Counter
Qi: 2
You slide back as your opponent charges against you.

On a success this increases your parry by your Ranks
in Qinggong against Charging Attacks. This ability
can be used instantly.

Cathartic: When used Cathartically this Technique
effectively nullifies any charge Attack.

Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Speed
Type: Normal
Qi: 3

You vanish into thin air and reappear some dis-
tance away.

On a success you can teleport as a Move and Skill
action by up to 20 feet per Rank of Qi and Rank
130 of Qinggong.

You can only move to a spot that is in your current
line of sight.

Cathartic: You can teleport as a Move and Skill Bridge the gap with Leap of the Swan.
action by 100 feet per Rank of Qi and Rank of Qin-
ggong. You can only move to a spot that is in your
current line of sight.


The Ferocious Flower uses Horizontal Sidestep to evade an attack.

Discipline: Qinggong Discipline: Qinggong
Skill: Leg Strike Skill: Athletics TN 6
Type: Normal Type: Normal
Qi: 1 Qi: 1
You bound into the air, kicking furiously and carry-
ing yourself further with each kick. You can leap great distance, more than a normal
This allows you to kick multiple enemies, using
each strike to carry you forward through the air. Make an Athletics roll against TN 6. On a success
As long as there are enemies before you, separat- you can jump an additional 20 feet per Rank of Qin-
ed by only five feet per Rank of Qinggong, you ggong (use the jumping rules from the ATHLETICS
may continue to Attack and move until you fail. entry in CHAPTER ONE of the Wandering Heroes
These are normal kicks. of Ogre Gate rulebook). Target Number is set by base
distance (ignoring the additional 20 feet per Rank
For example, if you have two Ranks in Qinggong, as a factor). On a Total Success you jump an extra 40
and succeed on your first Attack against an enemy feet per Rank of Qinggong.
within ten feet, then you may Attack another foe
provided they are also within ten feet. If you land Cathartic: In addition to using the Technique to 131
your Attack on the second foe, then you may con- make a leap or jump, you can also make an Attack
tinue and Attack another target provided it is within or use another Kung Fu ability while in flight.
ten feet. If your Qinggong were Rank 3, then this
minimum distance would be 15 feet.

Cathartic: When used Cathartically you can con-
tinue to Attack as long as there are enemies before
you, separated by only ten feet per Rank of Qinggong.

Qi. You need to roll this anytime someone might see you. Type: Normal Qi: 1 You move in explosive bursts so fast. impossibly quickly from raindrop to raindrop. succeed. On a success you do 1d10 Damage per Rank Qinggong On a success you can are incredibly difficult to spot. You move effortlessly. On a success you can teleport as a Move In order to use this Technique. you can make a mundane Attack or a Kung Fu Attack after moving. . and you may pin the Technique will not work (for example stabbing someone person for up to a number of rounds equal to your in the face). This and you pin the target (as per the restrain rules) for means anyone making a Detect roll against your Stealth 1 round. digging your fingers into their joints. When you reach Qi Rank 4. Cathartic: This can be used instantly and applied to initiative. bending your body to find every smashing down on their body and pinning them by shadow and unseen space to elude the vision of foes. unless he or she has at least twice your Ranks in Qi. POUNCE OF THE LION (SECRET) STEALTH OF THE SPIDER DEMON Discipline: Qinggong Discipline: Qinggong Skill: Athletics against Parry Skill: Athletics TN 6 Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 3 Qi: 3 You leap high into the air and land upon your foe. stepping Qinggong. the increased to 2d10 per Rank. SWIFT POUNCE OF THE CHEETAH Discipline: Qinggong Cathartic: The distance becomes 100 feet per Qi level Skill: Speed and rank of Qinggong. Cathartic: Works as normal except the Damage is If you do anything to call attention to your presence. On a Total Success you add +1d10 to Damage. make an Athletics roll TN 4. This allows you to ascend 20 feet per Qi level and Rank of Qinggong. For any further pinning you must make a to spot you. action by up to 40 feet per Rank of Qi and Rank of You use raindrops as though they were solid. must make two consecutive Detect rolls to 3 normal Grapple roll. you seem to pop in and out of existence. re- sulting in an overall increase in elevation. To step up the drops. You also lighten your body. SWIFT STRIDE Discipline: Qinggong THE SECOND TRANQUILITY OF THE Skill: Speed STORM Type: Normal Discipline: Qinggong Qi: 4 Skill: Athletics TN 4 Type: Normal You vanish into thin air and reappear some dis- Qi: 4 tance away. Cathartic: You can Teleport as a Move action by 200 feet per Rank of Qi and Rank of Qinggong. it must be raining. 132 If successful you can add your Qinggong to your Speed for purposes of determining movement. The Cathartic: When used Cathartically the effect lasts target is not able to make the usually attempt to escape for ten minutes. This takes up your Attack for the round. making your steps soundless. provided that is all you do (you cannot Attack or perform any other skill action during this time). You can also make a mundane Attack after moving.

make a Speed roll against Evade. leading them to falter for You use raindrops as though they were solid. 3 Cathartic: You may add one additional target per Cathartic: You avoid the Attack and may counter Rank of Qinggong. with to 1d10 per Qi Level plus 2 Extra Wounds. a number of rounds equal to your Qinggong Rank. self behind them. To hit the rain properly. 133 On a success you can cause tree branches to bend and attack your foes. it must be raining someone makes a Melee Attack against you. You bound from tree to tree causing them to sway and attack your foes with each step. and run on even the When an opponent makes a melee weapon Attack smallest tree branch. On a Success. placing your- your fan and sending them flying at an opponent. climb. giving you 10 Stealth for 30 seconds you can also walk quickly toward the enemy to deliver per Rank of Qinggong. TREE BOUNDING STRIKE Cathartic: If the opponent misses you.THE THIRD TRANQUILITY OF THE THE TURN OF THE ZHEN BIRD STORM Discipline: Qinggong Discipline: Qinggong Skill: Speed TN 7 Skill: Speed against Evade Type: Counter Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 5 This Technique can be used as a Counter whenever In order to use this Technique. Type: Normal you can still deliver a mundane Attack as part of this Qi: 1 counter. solid raindrops to inflict one target with 1d10 Damage per Qi level. with the tree. against you. Move your full rate. swiping at 1 enemy per Rank of Qinggong. These do 1d10 Damage. flicking just a moment so you finish the pivot. a normal mundane Attack (you cannot deliver a Kung Fu Technique). you pounce onto the melee weapon. you bound and walk upon When an opponent strikes at you with a melee trees and branches with ease. surprise inflicting 1 Extra Wound. Cathartic: This allows you to blend in completely If the opponent’s Attack roll against you was a Failure. . Damage to each target increases with a mundane Attack or Kung Fu Technique. On a Success you avoid their Attack and may respond This allows you to direct enough sharp. pivot to avoid their attack. roll Speed against the attacker’s Parry. If the original Attack would have missed. You also move at half your normal rate through the trees. Cathartic: You use up to 2 trees per Rank of Qi to bend and attack your foe and each one does 1d10 Damage per Rank of Qinggong. using a mundane Attack that does 1 Extra Wound (due to surprise). TREE BOUNDING STRIDE WEAPON STRIDE Discipline: Qinggong Discipline: Qinggong Skill: Athletics TN 6 Skill: Speed against Parry Type: Normal Type: Counter Qi: 1 Qi: 1 Using this Technique. weapon. You and you must have a fan (it can be bamboo or metal). you can also On a success you can move freely through trees for stride toward your foe and deliver a deadly Attack. Even if you would have been hit by the Attack. you leap upon it to avoid the attack. you can Discipline: Qinggong deliver a Kung Fu Technique rather than a mundane Skill: Athletics against Parry Attack. This allows you to walk.

Cathartic: Make a Medicine roll against TN 8. Type: Normal wise. some Kung Fu Techniques may struck by making an Athletics Skill roll against your cause additional specific effects for using this power. energy or whose Qi energy is imbalanced and draw Roll Athletics against the attackers Attack roll. On In order to dodge you need space. If you get a Total Success you reduce the Damage roll This must be used Cathartically. by -2d10. succeed. then you reduce their Damage roll by -1d10. to avoid being cretion of the GM. At the dis- Attack beats your Parry or Evade score. if an body but suffer the effects of it yourself.3 With Weapon Stride. . On a Total Success you draw in the energy where there is no safe place for you to whirl into. opponent’s Attack roll. if you the Qi into your own body. On a Failure you draw the energy into your Cathartic: This allows you an opportunity. and you know the nature of the Technique that de- livered it. Qi: 4 This gives you an opportunity to reduce the Damage You place your hands upon a person injured by Qi of the Attack by spinning and rotating your body. you turn a person’s weapon into an attack path. If you succeed. so this counter is a Success you draw the energy into your body and 134 not effective against attacks covering a large area dissipate it. WHIRLING DODGE Discipline: Qinggong Skill: Athletics TN set by opponent’s Attack NEIGONG Type: Counter Qi: 1 ABSORBING PALM Discipline: Neigong You leap in the air at the last moment and twirl to Skill: Medicine avoid Attacks that surely would have landed other. the Attack misses and you take no Damage.

enabling your body to heal at 135 a faster than normal rate. BREATH OF THE LOTUS PETAL Discipline: Neigong Skill: Meditation Type: Normal Qi: 1 You enter a deep meditative state.BLADE PINCH Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike against Attack roll Type: Counter Qi: 3 You use Qi energy to strengthen your grip and catch an incoming blade between two fingers. On a Total Success you fling the weapon into the air and disarm your foe (this happens auto- matically. to your Neigong Ranking in Damage. 3 This only works against mundane Sword Attacks or any bladed weapon. This does no Damage but can move them red gust of energy that hurls foes into the air. . On a Success you heal at a rate of 1 plus your Rank in Neigong each hour. 10 feet back per Rank of Neigong. This works against all people within twenty feet of the direction you are facing. no additional roll required). Type: Normal unleashing a powerful wind on your foes. On a Success you throw the target Cathartic: In addition you can Damage your foes. This does no hurling them to the ground violently. If you succeed. You create a gust of energy with a range of 10 feet per Rank of Qi. then you effectively block the Attack with your fingers. not against Kung Fu Techniques. Cathartic: You heal at a rate of 1 plus your Rank in Neigong every ten minutes. Cathartic: You can use this Technique against Kung Fu Techniques that use any type of sword or bladed weapon. Additionally on a successful counter you can choose to shatter the weapon (provided it is not BREATH OF FURY magic in nature). occasional- ly flicking it into the air to disarm your opponent. Qi: 1 On a Success you knock back your foes 10 feet per You summon your internal strength and unleash a Rank of Qi. Cathartic: This does 1d10 falling Damage per Qi Level in addition to the normal effects. a considerable distance. Make an Arm Strike against the Attack roll. doing d10 equal Damage but leaves the target prone. controlling your heart rate and breath. Discipline: Neigong Skill: Endurance against Evade Type: Normal BLAST OF THE DRAGON Qi: 1 Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike against Evade You exhale a breath filled with your internal energy. You must meditate the entire time.

It reduces leaving an echo of Qi energy that chokes the person. The ring can be removed using a Technique like Absorb- ing Palm that draws in a person’s Qi. 136 Total success changes duration from 10 minutes to 1 hour. extend the lash of your fly-whisk to wrap briefly around 3 You must meditate for one complete hour. even allies. User spreads an unseen cloud out from their body (10 feet per Qi Rank) through force of will. the foe’s neck (within 5 feet per Rank of Qi) filling it with energy as you do so. during which time you manage to halt the progress of the poison. Cathartic: Any unarmed Attack you make does 1 Extra Wound for 2 rounds per rank of Neigong. Whoever does so. Qi: 2 On a Success. but it lasts for 12 hours per Rank of Neigong. This Technique only affects targets 2 Qi Ranks or more lower than you. . On a Success you can rate reduces two increments (minutes become days). Cathartic: Affected targets immediately pass out. of golden energy that fumes from your body and This takes one move action to perform. engulfs your foes. Those affected suffer -1d10 to all Skills and Defenses due to drunkenness (except Resolve and Hardiness which increase by 1) for 10 minutes per Rank of Neigong. slowing down your breath and blood flow to stave off the effects of poison. bringing a laven. Type: Normal der-colored light to your hands that enhance your strikes. Make a Command Skill roll against the Wits of all targets in affected area. whip or similar If you Succeed you slow down the lethality rate of weapon. Skill: Endurance Type: Normal Qi: 1 CLOUD OF INEBRIATION Discipline: Neigong This is the first of the Cherry Blossom Palm Techniques. This affects everyone in the area. CALM OF SUNAN THE CHOKING LASH OF LADY PLUM Discipline: Neigong BLOSSOM (SECRET) Skill: Meditation against Poison TN Discipline: Neigong Type: Normal Skill: Light Melee against Parry Qi: 1 Type: Normal Qi: 4 You meditate. This can affect one target and leaves a pulsating purple ring in its wake that chokes the victim (use SUFFOCATION rules from CHAPTER Cathartic: This does the same thing as the normal version TWO: RULES). wrapping it around the target’s throat and the poison for 1 hour per Rank of Neigong. Skill: Command against Wits You draw on your internal power. any Attack you make unarmed does You focus your mind and release a powerful cloud +1d10 Damage for two rounds per Rank of Neigong. Cathartic drains one point of your Qi for each use for 12 hours. The ring remains for 2 rounds. You lash out with your fly-whisk. takes 2 Extra Wounds per Rank of your Neigong. On a Total Success the Roll Light Melee against Parry. Requirement: The user must be drunk to use this Technique. CHERRY BLOSSOM PALM (SECRET) Cathartic: You can strike 1 target per Rank of Qi. Discipline: Neigong The ring remains for 4 rounds. causing them to feel your state of inebriation. lethality by one increment (so a poison that kills in minutes takes hours to kill).

3 Cathartic: You fall on all fours and croak. The range of this maneuver is 5 feet times your Qi level. When used Catharti- cally. You inhale deeply and release your Qi into a person ing forward at your opponent and ramming into afflicted with poison. you gain 2 Extra Imbalance Points. On a Success you deliver 1d10 Damage per per level of Qi. 137 Qixia uses Curing Palm to push venom from a Flying Phantom’s wound. On a failure. Make an Athletics Skill roll against the Parry of your On a Success the poison’s effect is delayed for 1 hour target. gathering Cathartic: On a success the poison is effectively Qi throughout your body before again shooting nullified and removed from the body. This still also only works on natural poisons. Rank of Neigong. forward at your opponent.CROAK OF THE TOAD CURING PALM Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Athletics Skill: Endurance against Medicine Skill TN Type: 1 Skill Action Type: Normal Qi: 2 Qi: 2 You croak. not those ren- dered through Neigong Techniques. pushing the venom from them with your head. This only works on natural poisons. before shoot. de. . Extra Wound per Rank of Qi. gathering Qi in your arms. moving 10 feet times Qi the poison accelerates by one increment. You move your opponent back 5 feet once you hit them. their body. Using this level and pushing them back that full distance. Cathartically temporarily depletes one Qi level for a livering 2d10 Damage per Rank of Neigong and 1 day.

You can opt to throw Rank of Qi and Damage becomes Open. 10 feet per Rank of Qi. he may add his Ranks hands at your foes. (doing Damage plus your Neigong Rank and making 3 them prone). doing 3 automatic Wounds to every- one struck. This causes normal falling Damage. bearing plants in the area. The effect lasts for 2 rounds you create an emerald-shaped enclosure of Qi energy per Rank of Neigong. against Evade). Though the attacker need not Cathartic: In addition to the above effects. you opponent horizontally for twice the normal distance. EAGLE DESCENDS LOUDLY FEROCIOUS FLOWER’S STORMING Discipline: Neigong PETALS (SECRET) Skill: Throw against Parry Discipline: Neigong Type: Normal Skill: Empathy TN 6 Qi: 1 Type: Normal Qi: 6 You summon your inner power and hurl your foe either a great distance or straight into the air. On a failure your arms still that traps your foe and exerts incredible pressure on turn to stone but become too heavy and immobile him. and form a link with all flower and leaf Make a Throw Skill roll against your opponents Parry. you cause a 10-foot swath of petals per Rank of Qi to sweep before you for up to 150 feet. This reaches up to 20 feet and in Neigong to both the Damage inflicted each round strikes everyone in its ten-foot wide path (Meditation and the TN of the Endurance roll. encasing and crushing him. It has a 138 Hardiness Rating of 8 and Integrity 8. You erase the barriers in your mind separating you from nature. . you can continue meditating to maintain the effect. if he does point and unleash a flow of jagged rocks from your choose to continue meditating. On a Success. The petals are light distance of up to 10 feet plus 5 feet per Rank of Qi but become hard and sharp as steel. On a Success do 5 Extra Wounds. fected targets. THE FIFTH FIST OF YANSHI (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong THE ENCOMPASSING EMERALD OF Skill: Meditation TN 7 (and special) SUN MAI (SECRET) Type: Normal Discipline: Neigong Qi: 5 Skill: Meditation against Evade Type: Normal You enter a deep meditative stance. This lasts for 3 rounds. become solid stone. the person inside must roll Endurance against TN 6 or take 3d10 Damage. On a Total Success you throw them a distance of 10 feet plus 10 feet per Rank of Qi. causing them to unleash On a Success you throw your foe but at a horizontal a powerful hail of deadly petals. blue energy cours- Qi: 5 ing down your arms as they turn into solid stone. Breaking through the enclosure is difficult. and causing any Arm Strike you make to Make a Meditation roll against Evade. On a Success your fists and arms emerald. On a Total Success you throw the person Cathartic: The area increases to a 50-foot swath per in the air 20 feet per Rank of Qi. You sit in a meditative posture and a scintillating Spend two rounds to make a Meditation Skill roll green energy forms around a foe in the shape of an against TN 7. doing 2d10 Damage per Rank of Neigong to all af- Cathartic: You throw your foe straight up in the air. giving you a +2 bonus to Parry. Cathartic: When done Cathartically the Encom- passing Emerald lasts 6 rounds and also does 2 Extra Wounds each round on a failed Endurance roll. Each round it is in effect to function.

the target takes normal Qi: 3 Damage from the staff and also becomes drunk. FLOOD OF WINE Cathartic: This Technique does 1d10 Open Damage Discipline: Neigong per Rank of Qi. In addition. willing do to that Cathartic: The user does not lose their inebriated person’s bidding for 1 hour per Rank of Neigong. On a total success the target takes 1 Wound plus all other effects. in multiple directions. The beam can travel On a Success the listener is filled with a gentle calm that 30 feet per Rank of Neigong. the object strikes precisely where you intend. striking those you desire. On a Success you strike your opponent with the On a Success you strike your targets and deliver 1d10 object doing 1d10 Damage per Rank of Qi. 139 . Skill: Medium Melee against Evade Type: Normal Qi: 3 THE FIRST SONG OF SHAN LUSHAN You thrust your staff towards a distant enemy and (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong shoot a flowing beam of light in a color reminiscent Skill: Talent (Singing or any woodwind instru. ness and Resolve which increase by 1) due to drunk- about the true desires of a person’s heart. suffering -1d10 to Skills and Defenses (except Hardi- You sing or play a beautiful yet haunting piece of music. If you spend 1 round to focus and prepare you can Cathartic: In addition to the above effects. state and recovers Qi Ranks at a rate of 1 per hour. enness for 1 hour. causing anyone affected to be dazed for 1 round per Rank Requirement: The user must be drunk to use this of Neigong (does not work on anyone 2 or more Qi Ranks Technique. Damage increases to 3d10 Fire Damage. Cathartic: This produces a hypnotic effect on the target. anyone who has 2 Qi Ranks lower the user. is enthralled. 3 flick two objects for two separate Attacks. and produces feelings of gratitude toward the singer. higher than yourself). immobile targets. It affects a 100-foot area per Rank of Qi. of wine you have recently imbibed. sooths them.FINGER FLICK FLAMING DRAGON (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Light Melee Skill: Athletics against Evade Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 3 You can flick small objects like stones or darts with You lean your body back in a nearly impossible arc tremendous speed and accuracy using your inner as flaming energy releases from your chest and lashes energy. Against Fire Damage. This is nothing more than normal gratitude. ment) against Resolve Type: Normal Upon a successful strike. The user is drained of one Qi Rank which comes back at a rate of 1 per day and loses his inebriated state.

On a Success you do your fists become hard like stone and glow a cool blue normal Damage and fill the target with a powerful color. Make a Meditation Skill roll against TN 7. glimpse of your internal strength through your eyes. which returns at a rate of 1 per month. Anyone it hits is the target is unable to land any Total Successes against drained of 1 point of Hardiness per Rank of Neigong. On a Total Success the duration The lost Hardiness is recovered in a single round. with joy. On a Total Success a rate of 1 per hour. The target feels a sense of joy even toward enemies. 140 . You channel Qi energy into a strike. for 1 hour per Rank of Neigong. Works on one target. 3 deliver with your hands (including other Kung Fu Techniques) cause opponents to lose 1 point of Har- diness on a successful Damage roll. On a Success Roll Arm Strike against Parry. This creates a moon-shaped swath of energy that cuts through the air. THE FOURTH FIST OF YANSHI THE HAPPY STRIKE OF LAUGHING (SECRET) FOX (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Meditation TN 7 Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 4 You stand and breathe in. any strike you sense of happiness for 1 Round per Rank of Neigong. which returns at This effect is so strong that the person cannot attack anything living while it is in effect. and create a potent blast of energy harming your You gaze fiercely at your opponent. While your fists are this hard. draining their confidence. This lasts for 2 rounds per Rank the duration doubles. Provided your Attack and Damage rolls are success- ful. 2 per Rank of Qi. you cause your opponent to lose 2 points of Hardiness. Cathartic: Works on multiple targets. On a Success fecting 1 target per Rank of Qi). you or your allies. filling your foe causing them to glow and become hard like stone. 5 feet long per Rank of Qi (af- Make a Command Roll against Resolve. This lasts for 1 round per Rank of Neigong. is doubled. of Neigong (3 rounds per Rank on a Total Success). Cathartic: When used Cathartically the effect lasts Cathartic: Your fists become bone-crushingly hard. giving them a foe’s internal organs. HARMONIZING STRIKE Discipline: Neigong Skill: Talent (Any Stringed Instrument) against GAZE OF THE LION Evade Discipline: Neigong Type: Normal Skill: Command against Resolve Qi: 1 Type: Normal Qi: 1 You pluck a stringed instrument such as a Guzheng. drawing Qi into your fists. Cathartic: This creates a more lasting effect and lost Hardiness must be recovered at the normal rate.

They can literally feel no Love. For each additional Success. and can blast the heart or other internal organs. drawing on your internal strength allowing you to do 12 Extra Wounds if you Meditate to make your body like an iron post. Qi. You do normal Damage +1d10 per Rank Spend one round to make a Meditation Skill roll of Neigong with the Arm Strike and drain 1 point of against TN 9 (-1 per Rank of Neigong). Roll your Muscle against the Attack roll.     you add one additional Extra Wound to your next Arm Strike. You can choose to meditate for longer periods to build On a Success you grow luminous claws that are as up massive energies. chill the blood. you disrupt your own Qi and take the number of Extra Wounds the Attack would have inflicted. You may only eliminate one emotion. on a success this drains one point of Hardiness per Rank If you wish. you up dangerous levels of internal powers to deliver a clutch their wrist and dig in with icy claws that lethal blow that sends a shockwave through the body. non-Kung Fu Techniques.HEART SMASHING PALM ILLUMINATING ICE CLAW (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Meditation Skill: Meditation against Attack roll or TN 6 Type: Normal Type: Normal. you automatically succeed on Type: Counter your Meditation roll on each subsequent round that you choose to build up energy. you summon enough internal strength to deliver 1 Hardiness. Cathartic: When used Cathartically you deflect attacks from mundane sources and from Kung Fu Techniques equal to your Qi level or less. You may also choose to attempt within the hour. It also allows you to Qi: 1 build up internal strength for a total number of rounds equal to twice your Qi level (to a max of 12). Hatred. If you do not kill the target of this attack using this Technique). On a ing pain. On a Success you can deflect attacks from mundane. You can continue to do this up to a inate. you can choose to repeat this process of Neigong. This special Technique requires payment to the ghosts 3 Extra Wound on your next Arm Strike Attack (pro- vided it is made within one minute after you stop in blood. number of total rounds equal to your Qi level or until Anger. You inhale deeply. Cathartic: This has two important alterations to the IRON BODY Discipline: Neigong basic Technique. but it also temporarily eliminates the each subsequent round. Pleasure. Counter Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You enter a brief state of resting mediation and build When someone attacks you openhanded. First. rolling Meditation against target’s emotions. once you have successfully Skill: Muscle against Attack roll used this Technique. for 12 rounds. On a Success.  Failure. You select which emotion to elim- the TN as usual. Happiness or Sorrow for 1 hour per Rank of you fail a Meditation roll. you take 2 Wounds and suffer wrack- this Technique in the next round (see below). sharp as ice. Cathartic: In addition to the normal effect. 141 .

On a Success glow brightly. clasping your Discipline: Neigong hands together and building your internal energy to Skill: Meditation against TN 7 protect against energy Attacks. your Qi Rank. Neigong. Strike Attacks (including other Kung Fu Techniques). IRON SPIRIT IRON SPIRIT REVERSAL Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Muscle Skill: Muscle against opponent’s Parry Type: Normal Type: Counter Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You plant your feet in the ground and assume a low You assume a low and powerful stance. This in- 142 creases to 3 Extra Wounds at Qi Rank 4 and increas- es again to 5 Extra Wounds at Qi Rank 6. This does not work against Discipline: Neigong Neigong Techniques. thrusting horse-riding stance. Cathartic: This automatically triggers a Qi Duel This special Technique requires payment to the ghosts against any opponent making a melee energy Attack in blood. Make You enter a standing meditation and your fingertips a Meditation Skill roll against TN 7. The effect lasts for 1 round +1 per Rank of Neigong. Cathartic: The claws do 2 Extra Wounds.  your Hardiness and Parry rise by 1 per Rank of Neigong (against Neigong Attacks) for this round. For the purposes of the Duel add +1d10 to Hardiness (returns 1 point per hour). causing them to be affected by their own attack. On a Success you grow sharp luminous claws that On a Total Success the effect lasts two rounds. This works on both mundane Attacks and Kung Fu Techniques equal to or less than your Qi level. On a Success Cathartic: This absorbs 1 Wound from up to 1 Attack the weapon strikes your opponent instead of you. In addition to normal Damage these do 1 Extra Wound on all Damage rolls from Arm This only works against melee based Neigong Tech. If your opponent has at least 2 Qi Ranks less you do. Roll 3 You cannot take any Moves while using this ability. you push their weapon back upon them. This only works and misses. not Kung Fu Techniques. do Damage the five ghosts drain a point of your ments). reverse attacks made against your body. Skill: Meditation against TN 7 Type: Counter Qi: 2 JADE RENDING CLAW (SECRET) You assume a calm fighting stance. niques. Cathartic: Works just like the normal version except you can reverse Kung Fu Techniques and mundane Attacks. building your internal energy out your arms as you build your internal energy to to protect you against attacks. you absorb 1 Wound from up to 1 Attack When someone attacks you with a melee weapon per Rank of Neigong for one round.     . Every round it is in effect that you do not against you (provided you both meet the require. resemble jade. against mundane Attacks. per Rank of Neigong for one round per Rank of This only works against Mundane Attacks. On a Success. Type: Normal Qi: 1 When someone Attacks you with a Neigong Tech- nique this increases your Parry and Hardiness. this completely blocks the attack. Muscle against your opponent’s Parry applying a -1d10 Penalty to the Muscle roll for each Rank that your opponent’s Qi exceeds your own. This only works against opponents who have IRON SPIRIT RESISTANCE less Qi Ranks than you. but you can attack.

On a success you grow sharp blue claws. they Make an Arm Strike roll against the Parry of 1 target draw the victim’s life force into you. On a Success any targets you as it harms the foe. Your fingertips turn a shimmering blue and grow luminous points.JADE MAIDEN STRIKE (SECRET) LIFE STEALING BLUE CLAW (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Meditation against TN 6 Type: Normal Type: Normal. but each round the frozen targets take 3d10 Open Damage. must avert their eyes. unleashing a flurry of arching red streams that look MAJESTY OF THE LION (SECRET) like claws made of energy. strike who are Qi level 2 or lower turn to stone for 1 Round per Rank of your Qi. Your hair flows and light and Damage increases to 3d10. This lasts for 1 round per Rank of Neigong. On a Success anyone 2 or more Qi Ranks lower than you. you Cathartic: On a Cathartic use of this Technique the transformation is often fatal and the Technique works on anyone Qi level 5 or lower. Skill: Persuade against Wits Type: Normal On a Success you strike your targets and deliver 1d10 Qi: 6 Damage. Qi: 1 You twist your body into the stance of a dragon. The effect still lasts for gain back 1 Wound. pours from your body in a glorious display. The claws themselves do 4d10 Damage. You can use the claws for 3 Attacks. They are simply in awe of your 143 majesty. Counter Qi: 6 Qi: 1 With a mere touch. The red streams strike at Discipline: Neigong multiple opponents in the area. You can use the claws for one Attack. If you do not the Five Ghosts will come and attack someone you care about or need. causing your enemies to avert their eyes or cower in fear. .  LASHING DRAGON Discipline: Neigong Cathartic: You gain back 1 Wound for every Wound Skill: Athletics against Evade you cause. even if they attack. crumbling to dust The amount of Wounds you heal need to be tracked if they are reduced to 0 health. you must kill one person. every month. every two Wounds you do. Cathartic: The effect is the same except it works on anyone 1 Qi level less than you. then Type: Normal they dissipate. You summon your inner power and engulf yourself Cathartic: You can strike 2 targets per Rank of Qi. healing yourself per Rank of Neigong. For every three Wounds you heal. This imposes a -3d10 penalty to any Attacks made against you by affected targets. This can hit up to 1 target per level of Qi. in the majesty of the lion. 3 1 round per Rank of Qi. On a Suc- cessful Attack roll. When these strike an enemy. your foes’ body turns to cold stone. But this comes at a heavy price. It also prohibits them from at- tacking you entirely. then they dissipate. This lasts for one minute per Rank of Neigong.

20 Death by massive injury (decapitation. loses one turn. On a Success. 5 Foot destroyed/severed. MERCILESS BLACK CLAW (SECRET) MERCILESS THIRST OF THE ROOT Discipline: Neigong (SECRET) Skill: Meditation against TN 8 Discipline: Neigong Type: Normal Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Qi: 1 Type: Normal Qi: 3 You adopt a meditative stance and inhale. 18 Leg destroyed/severed. Take Lame Flaw. Dark claws grow from your fingertips and like roots and begin drawing out his vital energies. You channel your Qi to shrug off the effects of area attacks. you roll on the critical injury table below males and is found in the Merciless Willow Manual. and insidious Technique that point of Hardiness after each use. and the Attack is considered to automatically hit on the next round as well. raising your arms up and down in quick but powerful You drive your fingers deep into the victim’s flesh motions. using your internal energy to Success. you reduce their Damage roll by -1d10 (ignore the 11 Normal Damage from Damage roll. Cathartic: This allows you an opportunity to negate 16 Arm badly injured. your fingers become lodged in the victim. Each Cathartic use causes you to take double the Imbalance Points you would Cathartic: On a Success. then 10 Normal Damage plus target stunned. if you succeed. punctured organ. instead of doing normal Damage. Take Missing Limb Flaw. In addition after the power leaves Wounds. These do 1d10 Damage Neigong Ranks + Muscle. 7 Normal Damage plus 2 Extra Wounds. etc). Ad- max Wounds are halved for the next two hours. if the Attack successfully inflicts Damage. 15 Normal Damage plus 2 Extra Wounds. if the target has fewer Qi Ranks than the attacker the drain of vital energies is so severe that the victim must roll Endurance against TN 8 or be rendered unable to use any Kung Fu Techniques for an hour. 19 Eyes damaged or gauged out. Take Lame Flaw. your Attack does Damage equal to your On a Success you grow claws. the Attack also deals 2 Extra normally gain. Take Blind Flaw. against the attacker’s Attack roll. 144 14 Bad temporary Injury. On a Total 3 Cathartic: Functions like normal. all effects of the attack against you entirely by making an Endurance Skill roll against your opponent’s 17 Hand destroyed/severed. Attack roll. Lame for 1 month. reducing its effect against you. few have truly mastered. Lame for 1 month. If you get a Total Success 13 Normal Damage plus 1 Extra Wound. Roll Endurance 9 Normal Damage plus 1 Extra Wound. If your Attacks land Total This Technique can only be used safely by castrated Successes. This enables you to do 1d10 Open Damage per Rank of Qi. Qi. Take missing Limb Flaw. Take Blind Flaw. Qi: 1 4 Arm destroyed/severed. your eyes burn with a white light. Type: Counter 3 Eyes damaged or gouged out. or if necessary. you reduce the Damage roll by -2d10 instead. You also heal one Wound per Rank of Qi and lasts 5 rounds. Non-castrated males can learn and attempt it. rend your enemies. loses one turn. the Attack misses. On a Failure. etc). your Qi is imbalanced and your current and inflict (up to a maximum of target’s Ranks in Qi). and you heal the amount of Wounds you you. . the Damage die to ignore). ditionally. but the claws are even more ferocious. TABLE: CRITICAL INJURY (MERCILESS BLACK CLAW) ROLL MOUNTAIN IN THE FLOOD RESULT Discipline: Neigong 2d10 Skill: Endurance against Attack roll 2 Death by precise injury (head blow. Treat as Missing Limb Flaw for 1 month. randomly determine 12 Normal Damage plus target stunned. Treat as Missing Limb Flaw for 1 month. but they take 4 Wounds and they permanently lose 1 This is a very potent. This gives you an opportunity to reduce the Damage done to you by an area attack by channeling your 8 Bad temporary Injury. last die rolled. impalement. 6 Leg badly injured.

Use the Arm Strike Skill of the person with the lowest Rank. but instead requires the THE PHOENIX DRAGON STRIKE use Nine Divine Snakes Technique. The effect lasts until cured. (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike Against Evade PALM OF THE DRAGON Type: Normal Discipline: Neigong Qi: 6 Skill: Arm Strike TN 6 Type: Normal You and a partner touch hands left to right. On a Success you do no Damage but cause the target to begin shaking violently. The smoke remains in the area for 1 round per Rank This requires two practitioners to employ. One must of Neigong. so not lethal. This does 1d10 Fire Damage per Rank 3 Requirement: Acquisition of this Technique requires of Qi and it lasts 1 round per Rank of Neigong. target it strikes. It can strike 20 targets per Rank of Qi per round. you to take small doses of Naga venom each morning for four months. that moves and bends at your command. of energy. Cathartic: The target suffers the normal Skill pen- alties and dies in 1d10 days unless it is cured. Make an Arm Strike Skill roll against the Evade of If successful you unleash billowing smoke from your everyone in a 10-foot by 300-hundred foot line per hands that envelops 10 feet per Rank of Qi around Rank of Neigong. With You raise your hands in the air and leap high. The Medicine TN to cure is 1+Qi+Neigong Ranks and requires an antidote. away enemies before you and moves at targets freely for some time. Cathartic: Your Palm of the Dragon is more precise and only affects those around you. taking a -1d10 Skill penalty On a Success you create a large pillar shaped column per Rank of Neigong to physical and Combat Skills.NAGA PALM (SECRET) PATH OF THE DRAGON (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Athletics against Evade Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 6 Your body flows with the venom of the Naga. . The dose is small. When used Cathartically it cannot be cured by mundane use of the Medicine skill. un- a simple touch of the palm you can pass it into a leashing a powerful column of energy that sweeps person’s body. be a man and the other must be a woman. Cathartic: This does 6d10 Open Damage plus 6 Extra Wounds to everyone it strikes. On a Success it does 3d10 Open you and imposes a -1d10 per Rank of Neigong illu. unleashing a powerful flood of Qi that replicates the You thrust out your hands to release gusts of smoke primordial energy of the Phoenix and Dragon. but Cathartic: This does 1d10 Fire Damage per Rank of imposes a -1d10 Skill penalty to Combat and Physical Qi plus 1 Extra Wound per Rank of Neigong to each Skills for two hours after exposure. mination penalty to all within it (yourself included). that blind your foes. Damage plus 3 Extra Wounds to everyone in it strikes. 145 When used Cathartically this ability automatically destroys any spirits or demons. not yourself. striking anything in its path. and imme- Qi: 1 diately extend your remaining hands toward the enemy. Each round it can plow through up to 10 targets per Rank of Qi as it zips through the field of battle.

This Technique is con- tained in the Merciless Willow Manual. On a Total Success they to purge them of Mental Afflictions. 3 by mental or physical distraction or even weakness for one day. then that knocks all affected targets on the ground and channel Qi through your hands into another person stuns them for one round. This ability only affects targets with no Ranks in Qi. person. On a Total Success you purge Technique. you purge up to two Mental Afflictions. PERFECT HARMONY OF THE WILLOW PURGE SPIRIT (SECRET) Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Meditation against TN 6 Skill: Meditation TN 6 Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 3 You draw upon the energies of the sun. all temporarily drained Ranks of Qi Type: Normal and Defense (such as Hardiness) are restored. To use this Technique. nothing happens. you take 3 additional Imbalance Points for using this Technique cathartically. R AGE OF ONE THOUSAND GRIEVING Cathartic: Meditation time is reduced to one round WIDOWS (one Skill action on a Total Success). After Requirement: Such perfect harmony can only be purging. On a Total Success. used Cathartically and takes hours to perform. using its strength You sit down and meditate for several hours. After purging. On a Success you create a 300-foot radius blast per Rank of Neigong You sit down and meditate for several hours. the target must rest for 12 hours. This must be are stunned for three rounds. On a Failure you take 3 additional Imbalance Points for using this Technique Cathartically. the time required to the spirit and remove all Imbalance Points from the meditate is halved. Roll Meditation against TN This must be used Cathartically. you can ignore any penalties caused to perform. You to attain perfect tranquility and overcome hardship. Qi: 6 You throw your hands down and raise your head to release a powerful scream. On a Success. In addition to the Skill: Command against TN 6 effects above. causing your whole body PURGE AFFLICTION to emanate a blast of energy that flushes over the Discipline: Neigong land and kills weaker foes. you recover Imbalance Points at double the normal rate while meditating using this Cathartic: On a Success you successfully purge a spirit from the target. the target must rest for 12 hours. you must meditate for an hour in at least partial sunshine. Cathartic: On a Success you successfully purge a Mental Affliction from the target. but you do not Discipline: Neigong recover any Imbalance Points. On a Failure This only affects targets with no Ranks in Qi. Skill: Meditation TN 6 Type: Normal Qi: 6 Make a Command Skill roll against TN 6. then channel Qi through your hands into another person to purge them of spirit possession. 146 . achieved by a castrated male. On a Total Success Cathartic: All affected targets in the area are killed. This takes take hours 6. Additionally. On a Failure.

hands and forehead. but the claws deal an additional automatic Wound per Rank of Qi. arms. It also increases to an area of 10 feet per Rank of Qi. This takes ten minutes to perform. each use causes you to take point you restore. releasing a circular blast of energy. These give you a +1 to your parry per Rank of Neigong. striking everyone around you within 10 feet per Rank of Neigong. causing It does not work when poison is the source of a the normal effects but also doing 2 Wounds to ev- person’s Qi loss. Lasts one round per Rank of Qi. and your arms flail You jump into the air and strike the ground with your wildly as you draw on your Qi to shape your body. you temporarily lose 1 point of a Wound due to internal injury. On a Total Success it restores one addi- tional point of Qi. It does 1d10 Damage per Qi level. The per Rank of Neigong to a target who has been drained effect lasts 1 round per Rank of Qi. Cathartic: The power of the roar is greater. 147 . after combat ends (or after ten rounds). The On a Success this temporarily restores 1 point of Qi roar affects an area of five feet per Rank of Qi. In addition they leave a burning mark on your foes that cause one automatic Wound. 3 ten rounds). your own Qi for an hour. You draw on your inner strength and flow your Qi On a Success you unnerve those who hear your roar. This effect causes you to take Cathartic: This restores 2 levels of Qi per Rank of 2 Wounds due to internal injury. Cathartic: This functions like normal. Neigong. or depleted. and do 1d10+Muscle in Damage. after combat ends (or after Cathartic: The ring emanates from you in a circular pattern. shaking them for a -1 penalty to Parry per Rank of Neigong if they choose to engage you in melee. ROAR OF THE LION Discipline: Neigong Skill: Command against Resolve RESTORING PALM Type: Normal Discipline: Neigong Qi: 1 Skill: Endurance Type: Normal You unleash a powerful roar. eryone who hears it. you release a brief burst of ring-shaped energy that strikes everyone around you within five On a Success you grow claws and scales on your feet of your body. into a person whose power has been depleted. The effect is permanent. causing your arms to sprout scales as scarlet claws grow on your fingertips. For every The roar is exhausting. striking terror into the Qi: 1 hearts of your enemies. but depletes your own Qi by the same amount for one day per level of Qi restored. On a Success.RED CLAW STRIKE (SECRET) RINGING STRIKE OF THE DIVINE RAM Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Meditation against TN 7 Skill: Arm Strike Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 1 You enter a meditative position. The effect lasts one hour.

foes must make two consecutive Discipline: Neigong Detect rolls rather than one. inflict- ing 3 Extra Wounds. Success you call forth three additional blades. The TN to Detect your deception is 7 + your Ranks Cathartic: This automatically triggers a Qi Duel in Neigong. It has a range of 10 Because the blades are invisible they impose a -1 to feet per Rank of Neigong. Skill: Meditation against Parry Type: Normal Qi: 3 STONE SHATTERING FINGER Discipline: Neigong You adopt a meditative posture and bring to life an Skill: Arm Strike against Evade invisible sword that strikes against your enemies. On a Success you hurl a large piece of stone at your foe. Cathartic: You can shatter an enormous stone or rock. inflicting 8 Extra Wounds. The char- 148 acter must be in possession of a stone for this to work. protect you against ranged energy attacks. Cathartic: Same as above except on a Total Success hurling many chunks at your opponent. This Make a Meditation Skill roll against TN 7. SHIFT OF THE CHAMELEON (SECRET) SWIFT REBUTTAL Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Deception TN 6 Skill: Meditation against TN 7 Type: Normal Type: Counter Qi: 3 Qi: 2 You are use your internal energy to alter your ap. On a is an imperfect disguise however and anyone famil. Success it lasts 40 minutes per Rank of Qi. which does 2d10 Damage. You lean back and let your internal energy flow to pearance. When someone attacks you with ranged Neigong Make a Deception roll against TN 6. On a Success Technique this increases your Evade and Hardiness. skin tone. In addition for anyone to Detect SUN MAI SWORD (SECRET) your deception. Works as normal you call forth 8 more blades. On a Total Success the effect lasts two rounds. Only works against ranged based Neigong Techniques. except you can deliver one stone per Qi Level. . Otherwise they get no such roll. Parry per Rank of Neigong. If your opponent has at least 2 Qi Ranks less Cathartic: You assume the person’s appearance you do. the stone does 5d10 Damage. you assume the appearance of another person. changing hair length and color. If used to hurl at foes. The only time anyone may detect the Deception is if you give them some reason to believe you are not who you say you are. On a Total of Neigong (against Neigong Attacks) for this round. Success your Hardiness and Evade rise by 1 per Rank 3 iar with the person you are pretending to be may make a Detect roll to discern the charade. When Type: Normal performed precisely this Technique can be devastating. this completely blocks the Attack. Qi: 1 Roll Meditation against Parry. your opponent with an invisible blade that does 2d10 generating enough Qi to drive it toward your foe or plus 1d10 Damage per Rank of Neigong. To assume a person’s appearance you against any opponent making a ranged energy Attack must have seen them at least once before. The effect lasts twenty minutes per Rank of Qi. down to the last detail. against you (provided you both meet the require- ments). On a Success you strike You touch a large stone or boulder with your finger. and features to resemble another person. On a Total smash it into pieces.

this doubles the time it place. can opt to restrain targets rather than kill them. and inflicts 1d10 per round Qi: 1 of buildup to everything within 60 feet. it also cuts movement in half for ev. Either way the death is instant. The first is strike the ground you can opt to restrain targets for one round instead. Your hair grows. Cathartic: The trapping wind lasts longer. you can shatter up to 10 feet per Qi level of material. to a maximum Skill: Endurance against Evade of three. add your Neigong to your Damage roll and do Open Damage. you Attack normal. Skill: Survival TN 7 Type: Normal The second is you can use the Technique against Qi: 1 creatures or people made from the material in ques- tion. TRAPPING WIND The built up energy reduces any Wounds suffered each Discipline: Neigong round by one per round of buildup. Discipline: Neigong eryone in the area. make an Arm Strike Skill roll against the desired object’s Hardiness (if the Make a Grapple roll against everyone in a 30-foot object is difficult to hit due to size or movement you area per Rank of Neigong. 1 addi- tional round per Rank of Neigong. You absorb and unleash the energy of the sun. RANK MATERIAL VULNERABLE TO STRIKE Requirement: Unless the GM states otherwise you 1 Wood/Hard Glass must have the White Hair Flaw to use this. however it Cathartic: On a Cathartic use of the power you can only does 2d10 Damage. You susceptible to your strike. This forces anyone in a 50-foot area to make an Athletics roll (using your Arm Strike result as a TN) WILLOW (SECRET) or fall prone. plus one round per Rank of Neigong. On a Total Success it only harms those you want it to harm. ly. It can be found in On a Success you create a short-lived wind that traps the Merciless Willow Manual. flies and must make an initial Attack roll). Make a Survival roll against TN 7. Cathartic: The energy inflicts Open Damage. gathering the energy of the sun. 2 Stone/Iron/Bronze 3 Diamond Cathartic: On a Cathartic use this can be used against anyone with Qi Rank 1 or more. Evade score your Grapple roll meets or exceeds. On a Success they are killed in one of two gruesome ways: the hair rips their bodies in two or they are 3 choked. This Technique may only be used safely by a castrat- ed Male when the sun is shining. This may be continued up to one round per Rank of Qi. takes for them to do so. motionless. and on a Success you stand still. but takes 7 Wounds and permanently loses 1 point of Hardiness when it is completed. and cause it to shake for one round per Rank of Qi. and your strands fly out in all directions gripping and dissecting your foes. They can escape by making male who tries to use this Technique can still do so a Muscle roll (TN 5+ Qi level). . In lieu of doing Damage do one of two things. the absorbed energy Type: Normal may be released instantly. Against creatures that regenerate or The glory of the sun is absorbed as you remain in restore after destruction. This does Your Rank in Neigong determines what material is not work against anyone Qi Rank 1 or greater.THE THIRD FIST OF YANSHI (SECRET) WHIPPING STRANDS Discipline: Neigong Discipline: Neigong Skill: Arm Strike Skill: Grapple against Evade Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 3 Qi: 4 This powerful strike draws Qi into the fist so it can Your hair flows wildly as it bristles with Qi energy destroy solid matter like stone or iron. Any non-castrated your foe for one round. You release a terrible wind from your palms that 149 circles and traps your enemies. On a Total Success. To use Third Fist of Yanshi. If you succeed you grabs anyone with zero Qi Ranks in this area whose shatter up to a foot per Qi level of material. At the start of any round. If used against such beings.

Eating even a small amount of meat will inhibit your ability to use this Technique for 24 hours. they automatically take one Wound. ening the victim and ripping his skin if he struggles. Skill: Light Melee (Iron Thread) against Evade mum and imbue its healing or harming properties Type: Normal into your blade. On a Failure. but attempting to break the Restrain inflicts two Wounds. Qi: 1 Requirement: To use this Technique you must main. The To break free from the Restrain. On a Success. but escape is attainable you channel the healing energies into your blade by properly channeling ones own internal energies. the target’s Resolve by 1 per Rank of Qi and Dianxue. The energy lasts two rounds plus one per Rank of Neigong. You strike your opponent in a precise spot between tain a vegetarian diet and consume no meat or blood. On a Total Success. ability to use this Technique for 24 hours. . and anyone struck by it is healed by 4 Wounds. double the total number of Wounds The points are recovered at a rate of one per day. You unfurl an iron thread at your foes. This imposes a -1d10 to Reason 150 roll against TN 6. On a Success you channel the Skill rolls for one hour per Rank of Dianxue. additional round for every Rank of Neigong. It lashes out and wraps around vulnerable meridian points. reversing and disrupting the flow of Qi to Eating even a small amount of meat will inhibit your the bladder. if the victim attempts to break the suggested that the GM secretly roll your Endurance Restrain. Make an Endurance the Attack misses. weak- Requirement: To use this Technique you must main. Additionally. caused by this Attack. but see below). an extra die of Cathartic: To use this Technique you must possess Damage is added to the Damage roll. Cathartic: As above. ZHE VALLEY BLADE DIANXUE Discipline: Neigong Skill: Endurance TN 6 Type: Normal THE BITING GRASP OF THE INVISIBLE Qi: 4 MASTER Discipline: Dianxue You draw energy from the Zhe Valley Chrysanthe. characters must use Blade maintains this effect for two rounds plus one their Meditation Skill rather than their Grapple Skill. you lower for this ability). a Zhe Valley Chrysanthemum. In Discipline: Neigong addition you can choose to inflict one Wound of Skill: Endurance TN 6 Damage (or only excruciating pain) once per turn Type: Normal without using an action. on your behalf so you do not know the result. energy into your hands and can strike foes with it at a distance of 30 feet (use Arm Strike against Evade Cathartic: In addition to the above effects. causing body Cathartic: To cast you must make an Endurance temperature to rise. On a Failure. causing it to radiate gold and purple. roll TN 6. On a success the person’s fluids shift. Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal This is a Cathartic only Technique. 3 tain a vegetarian diet and consume no meat or blood. number of Wounds. On a Failure you This can also be used to reverse the effects of a sustain 4d10 Open Damage and take double the usual Bladder Strike. Qi: 3 This can only be used Cathartically. the eyes. Qi: 4 You recklessly channel Qi into your fists to produce BLADDER STRIKE bursts of purple and golden energy that can strike Discipline: Dianxue your foes at distance. Such Attacks deal 4d10 Open Damage. possible by mundane means. The target also loses ZHE VALLEY FIST -1d10 Muscle for 1 hour per Rank of Dianxue. It is Additionally. the target takes normal Damage and is considered Restrained (per the Grapple Skill rules. On a Success you channel the harming energies of the flower into your blade and anyone Breaking free from this Technique physically is im- struck by it takes 4 automatic Wounds.

in behavior (possibly even attacking the caster). On a Success the target takes 1d10 Damage per Rank of Qi. If one consumes Type: Counter a human heart. but the target instead becomes angry. Both the glow and the skill do 6 Wounds to the target (-1 per Rank of Dianxue). FINGER OF SUPREME ANNIHILATION (SECRET) Cathartic: When used Cathartically the area of the Discipline: Dianxue glow doubles. causing a change stopped by the Finger of Supreme Compassion. tackle all of them objectively. You grab the wrist of anyone attacking with a Cathartic: On a Success the target takes 2d10 Damage sword. energy to disrupt as you desire. rather than panicking. Additionally. . This can exceed the normal 6d10 capping limits (up to a maximum of 10d10). problems by re-balancing their Qi energy. Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal On a Cathartic Failure the duration still doubles and Qi: 6 the glow becomes dark red. causing the balance of to all Combat Skills. However. You attempt to help them with their flicted with Purple Spirit Venom to cure them. 151 Roll against your opponent’s Attack roll. a Total Success you ward off the effects of Purple they are calmed. turning the glow a dark red and suffering -1d10 to both Mental and Combat Skills for the duration. tapping a little known meridian that causes per Rank of Qi. (SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue There is a way to stave off the effect of this ability Skill: Arm Strike but it is not for the faint of heart. This unleashes a the target sees the user of this Technique as having flood of deadly energy in the body that can only be made all of their problems worse. which continues every round until them to lose control and stab themselves with their someone stops it with Finger of Supreme Compas- own Attack. Failed attempts 3 -1d10 to all Combat Skills. On a Success you turn any Mundane or Non-Cathartic Kung Fu Technique back against the user. Additionally. You make an Arm Strike TN 7. This provides a +1d10 bonus to all Mental Skills. but a Cathartic: Used Cathartically this cures Purple Spirit Venom entirely on a Successful roll. and there is no penalty to Combat Skills. On of 10 feet for each of the target’s Qi levels. This can be hot or cold energy and continues each round until someone stops it with Finger of CLUTCH OF THE TIMELESS MASTER Supreme Compassion. they Spirit Venom for one day per Rank of Dianxue. On a Success. for the duration. on a Failure the target falls into even greater despair. On When used Cathartically it also restores up to 2 Qi a Total Success. causing You tap the governing vessel along your foe’s back the target to take -1d10 to all Mental Skills and +1d10 with the tip of your finger. levels per Rank of Dianxue (only works on Qi Ranks lost due to Purple Spirit Venom). and while they still have worries. You also do 1 Extra Wound per Rank of Dianxue. Cathartic: This works on any Cathartic Kung Fu Technique. the duration doubles. The Skill bonuses are reversed. sion. effects last for 1 hour per your Ranks in Dianxue. the target’s On a Success you ward off the effects of the Purple veins glow a light blue color that illuminates an area Spirit Venom for six hours per Rank of Dianxue. that can temporarily hold off the Qi: 3 effects for three days.CALMING PROFUNDITY EIGHT DIVINE SNAKES (SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike TN 7 Skill: Medicine Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 2 Qi: 4 This Technique must be used on a target who is willing You touch the eight meridian points of a person af- or immobile.

Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal On a Success the target takes 2d10 Damage per Rank Qi: 1 of Dianxue as their body is overcome with hot or cold energy. reversing and disrupting the flow of Qi. Make a Medicine Skill roll TN 8. This can be hot or cold energy On a Success this creates stomach discomfort and and continues each round at a reduction of 1d10 until the inability to digest for one hour per Rank of it reaches 0d10 (see next paragraph). Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Cathartic: As above except the changes are permanent. FINGER OF SUPREME DISRUPTION The character’s Imbalance rating changes according- (SECRET) ly for the duration of the Technique. he takes 3d10 the second. cipline and lower another). On a Success you end any effects from Finger of For this to be performed you must have a target who 3 Supreme Annihilation that were caused by a non-Ca- thartic performance. The points are recovered at a rate are no Damage dice left. You tap the governing of energy in key meridians and lower it in others. followed by 2d10 on the third. For example if the opponent of one per day. Cathartic: On a Success the target takes 2d10 Damage per Rank of Dianxue. FINGER OF SUPREME COMPASSION FOUR-POINT TOUCH (SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Medicine TN 8 Skill: Medicine TN 6 Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 1 Qi: 6 You touch a series of crucial accupoints. You strike the gallbladder meridian point with great force. On a Success you may change the target’s Discipline Ranks by one increment per Rank Cathartic: This ends any Cathartic effects of Finger of Dianxue (for each increment you can raise 1 Dis- of Supreme Annihilation. Qi: 1 You tap the governing vessel along your foe’s back with the tip of your finger. is either willing or immobilized. continuing each Cathartic: You lower the target’s Wits by 1 per Rank round at -1d10 from the previous round until there of Qi and Dianxue. 152 . This Technique Discipline: Dianxue takes ten minutes to perform. Dianxue. vessel gently but precisely. This functions like Fire Damage. inherent abilities. The effect lasts for one hour. takes 4d10 the first round. causing the balance of GALLBLADDER STRIKE energy to disrupt as you desire. On a Total Success you change it by two increments per Rank of Dianxue. restoring the balance of with the aim of altering the balance of a person’s energy to the body. Discipline: Dianxue come with a flood of hot or cold energy. The victim is over. This can also be used to reverse the effects of a Gall- bladder Strike. channeling This is the only known way to stop the deadly Finger small amounts of Qi in order to increase the flow of Supreme Annihilation.

(SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike and Medicine Skill Type: Counter KIDNEY STRIKE Qi: 3 Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry When someone strikes at you with a melee weapon Type: Normal or unarmed. causing paralysis. 153 Cathartic: This can be used against Kung Fu Tech- niques as well. You quickly tap three vital meridian points on the target’s chest. This is a lost Technique known only to the Phoenix This can also be used to reverse the effects of a clan. is a well-known attack and only the most inattentive Martial Heroes fall for it. is still found in one of their old manuals. On a Success you avoid the attack and grab one and virility that lasts one hour per Rank of Dianxue. This can also be used Cathartically to undo the effects of an Inverted INFINITE COUNTER OF THE PHOENIX Three-Point Strike. This can also be used to reverse the effects of a Heart Strike. Cathartic: You lower your target’s Hardiness by 1 per Rank of Dianxue. are recovered at a rate of 1 per day. throw. On a Success the person feels sluggish. They have vanished and according to rumor it Kidney Strike. These round per Rank of Dianxue. On a works if you attack when the target is surprised. However for any Martial Heroes 3 Endurance roll against TN 7 every hour to avoid (characters with at least one level of Qi) this only death). of their limbs. On a Success the person is immobile for 1 durance Skill Rank by 1 per Rank of Dianxue. grapple or arm strike. Qi: 1 astating series of taps that render them helpless. flow to the kidneys. Rank of Dianxue. In addition the person is immobile for 2 rounds per Rank of Dianxue. Melee or Leg Strike (at -1d10) Type: Normal against Parry Qi: 3 Type: Normal Qi: 3 You strike your opponent on the tongue disrupting flow of Qi to the heart causing blood flow to stagnate. Cathartic: When used Cathartically. On a Total Success the paralysis lasts one additional round. You may now attempt a Medicine Skill Cathartic: You lower your target’s Speed and En- roll TN 6. Roll Arm Strike against your attacker’s Attack On a Success you cause the target to suffer a loss of energy roll. immobilizing the person for one hour per Rank of Dianxue.HEART STRIKE (SECRET) INVERTED THREE-POINT STRIKE Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Arm Strike. Hardiness returns at the normal Rate. If this amount reaches zero. disrupting Qi When anyone strikes at you with a melee weapon. the person sinks into a coma (they must make an Against characters without Qi levels. leg strike. the effect is very powerful. you grab their limb and deliver a dev. you may use this counter (does not work against Kung Fu Tech- niques). this ability works normally. You strike your opponent in the ear. taking a -1d10 to all Mental Skill rolls for one hour per Rank On a Success you paralyze the target for 1 round per of Dianxue. This Total Success the effect is permanent. .

On a Success the person feels irritable. . Qi to through the liver. letics and Detect for one hour. disrupting the flow of Qi to the liver. The person also becomes irrational. This can also be used to reverse the effects of the Technique. This imposes a -1d10 active.3 Inverted Three Point Strike immobilizes foes. Cathartic: The target suffers the above effects plus Cathartic: The target suffers the above effects plus is overcome with stiffness and pain of the joints. FOUR for one day per Rank of Dianxue. is overcome with stiffness and pain of the joints. halting the flow of opponent’s head. taking a -1d10 penalty per Rank of Dianxue to Ath. This imposes a -1d10 penalty to any skill requiring penalty to Detect for one hour per Rank of Dianxue. acquiring a random mental af- This can also be used to reverse the effects of the fliction from the Mental Affliction Table in CHAPTER Technique. movement or exertion for one hour per Rank of Dianxue. taking a -1d10 penalty per Rank of Dianxue to Ath- 154 letics and Detect for one hour. even depressed On a Success the person feels very hot when physically and finds their eyes lose focus. LIVER STRIKE LIVER STAGNATION STRIKE Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 2 You quickly strike a meridian point on the top of You quickly strike a meridian point on the top of your your opponent’s head and eyes.

an additional point is drained and an Extra Wound suffered. They have vanished and according to rumor it is still found in one of their old manuals. For this to work you must use of a Kung Fu Technique or a suitably powerful have a Qi rating equal to or greater than the original supernatural being. disrupting Your hands move in a dazzling blur as you press a the flow to the lungs. On a Success. NINE DIVINE SNAKES Discipline: Dianxue Cathartic: This Attack is made a -1d10 penalty. for one hour per Rank of Dianxue. complicated series of accupoints on the victim. Then pressing palm flat against the flesh. Requirements: This Technique requires three Ranks in the Medicine Skill. and can only be returned through the day per Rank of Dianxue. Strike. and Skill: Medicine you cannot do anything else in the round that you Type: Normal make this strike. The Palm for 6 hours per Rank of Dianxue. If the original poisoner’s Qi rating is greater than your own. you permanent- On a Success the person feels tired and desires sleep ly alter the flow of Qi through their meridian points. This imposes -1d10 doing almost irreversible harm to their vital energies. In addition.LUNG STRIKE PHOENIX PALM (SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Arm Strike at a -1d10 penalty Against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 4 Qi: 6 You quickly tap your opponent’s nose. you can still stave off the effects of the Naga Palm for 2 hours per Rank of Dianxue. On a Total Ranks drained by this Attack do not recover at the Success you ward off the effects of Naga Palm for 1 normal rate. Cathartic: The person takes -1d10 per Rank of Dianxue to Muscle and Endurance for one hour per Rank of Dianxue. This also leaves a dull red outline of your hand. the victim perma- Qi: 1 nently loses 2 points per Rank of Dianxue from Hardiness and all Physical Skills. flicted with Naga Palm Technique to cure them. provided your Qi level is the same or greater than the original poisoner. On a Total Success. Failed attempts do 6 Wounds to the target (-1 per Rank of Dianxue). penalty per Rank of Dianxue to Endurance. This Technique can also be used to reverse the effects Cathartic: Used Cathartically this cures Naga Palm of Phoenix Palm. This is a lost Technique known only to the Phoenix clan. 3 This can also be used to reverse the effects of a Lung It can only be performed Cathartically. If you expend 6 Wounds you can extend this to one day per Rank of Dianxue. the You touch the nine meridian points of a person af. poisoner who delivered the Naga Palm. This Attack may not On a Success you ward off the effects of the Naga be performed multiple times on the same target. Technique on a Successful roll. victim takes normal Damage plus 4 Extra Wounds. 155 .

This Attack may not be performed multiple times on the same target. this allows you raise a person Success. but suffers no Damage Make an Arm Strike against Parry. On a Success. On a Success. day per Rank of Dianxue. The same target. On a Total Success the duration doubles. the target loses Cathartic: The same except this effect lasts for one a Rank in all Physical Skills (two on a Total Success). Additionally. block. producing strange behavior. This from incapacitated and remove a single Wound pro- Attack may not be performed multiple times on the vided you can touch their chest with your palm. PHOENIX SPIRIT DISRUPTION (SECRET) PHOENIX STAR REVERSAL Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 3 Qi: 4 This ancient Technique is known to only a few Zun You press a series of accupoints on the victim. target cannot be healed further using this technique without doing so Cathartically. Qi: 1 ing the flow of Qi through the little known Phoenix Star meridian points damaging their vital energies. the arm attack deals normal Damage as usual. You rapidly tap ing the flow of Qi through their Phoenix Star merid- meridians on your foe’s fingertip and armpit causing ian and significantly damaging their vital energies. Enables you to heal a target you 156 touch by 1 Wound per Rank of Qi you possess. This drain also recovers at the usual rate (one per day). You use your knowledge of the meridian points to boost a person’s vitality. an additional point is drained. The victim must take the Missing Phoenix Spirit flaw Requirements: This Technique requires two Ranks (using the disrupted entry) while under the effects in the Medicine Skill. On a Total per Rank of Dianxue). On a Total Success. the victim has one point of Hardiness drained for one minute per Rank of Dianxue. PHOENIX STAR STRIKE Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal PLUM BLOSSOM PALM (SECRET) Discipline: Dianxue Qi: 1 Skill: Medicine Skill TN 8 -1 per Rank of Dianxue Type: Normal You press a series of accupoints on the victim. Dianxue during the Phoenix Moon). but If you Succeed on your Medicine Skill roll (TN 8 -1 suffers no Damage from the Attack. Cathartic: The Hardiness Drain is for one hour per Rank of Dianxue instead (one day per Rank of This skill takes ten minutes to perform. Cathartic: You flow your own Qi through the target’s meridian point. These points return at the normal 3 then a Phoenix Spirit of your choosing is disrupted for ten minutes per Rank of Dianxue. the victim has one point of Hardiness drained per Rank of Dianxue. the arm attack deals normal Damage plus 1 Extra Wound (During the Phoenix Moon this does 2 Extra Wounds). Cathartic: In addition to Hardiness. rate (one per day). of the Technique. Additionally. . 2 points are drained instead of one. revers- Tribesmen in the Banyan region. one of their five Phoenix Spirits to overwhelm the others. If you succeed from the Attack.

each time it is applicable she may make an Endurance roll TN 7 + your Ranks in Dianxue to use Cathartic: When used Cathartically this lasts ten the Counter as a reaction of muscle memory. and she is intellectually unable must Attack the nearest ally (and if that is not pos- sible. the Technique THREE-POINT STRIKE is also sealed within her heart. a Counter. A person so affected takes the Three Qi: 1 Blocked Points Flaw. When they reach -3d10 in Skill: Arm Strike all Physical Skills. if the Technique you choose is Rank of Dianxue. you choose one Kung Fu Tech- nique that she knows. then her heart. . them. sealing one of your Kung Fu Techniques (chosen ran. To prevent this. preventing her from using causing the person to succumb to uncontrollable rage.SEALING THE PHOENIX STRIKE OF THE RAGING TIGER Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike -1d10 twice against Parry Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 5 Qi: 3 This fearsome Technique allows the user to seal another You touch a little known meridian along the back Kung Fu user’s Techniques. or one day on On a Success the person’s meridian points are partial- a Total Success. ly blocked. The Technique is sealed for one hour. the duration is still permanent. nearest enemy). Drinking human blood own Techniques. make Arm Strike against Parry at the target’s The target gains a +1d10 to all Damage rolls. This lasts two rounds. You quickly tap three vital meridian points on the target. On a Success the person cannot speak for one minute per Rank of Dianxue. the target is briefly overcome with a raging madness and anger that confuses his sense of friend and foe. However. and so it turns on you. On a Total Success the effect lasts one extra round per 3 to use that. Skill: Arm Strike. You jab quickly and carefully at the target’s temple. minutes per Rank of Qi (on a Total Success it lasts an additional ten minutes per Rank of Dianxue). per the specific targeting rules). On a Success. This lasts until the points are permanent. you may make a subsequent jab to her heart as part of the same action. First. their blood freezes in six hours Type: Normal and they die. but temple (this is made at -1d10. Note: If you fail. losing one of your 5+1 per your Rank in Dianxue. Cathartic: You fully block the three meridian points. causing the person to progressively freeze. If you hit. rendering the target mute. domly by the GM). blocking the intellectual and physical Make an Arm Strike roll against Parry. blocking the channels and freezing the blood of the victim. This process can be reversed by one day by drinking a full human body of blood. requiring a Medicine Skill roll against TN for using this. so she may not use it Discipline: Dianxue at all and is not afforded the above Endurance roll. making them extremely cold taking -1d10 Cathartic: When used Cathartically the duration is penalty to all their Skills. the Qi energy you have Qi: 3 summoned has no outlet. The You seal two pressure points on the neck using your only other way to undo this effect is another use of forefinger and thumb. taking a SEALING THE WINDS OF GUSHAN -1d10 penalty to their Skills that increases by an Discipline: Dianxue additional -1d10 per day. Catharsis: The effect now lasts a number of hours up to your Qi Rank. The TN to undo such a strike is 157 TN 7+1 per Rank of the original attacker’s Dianxue. Melee or Leg Strike (at -1d10) Type: Normal If your Arm Strike misses. once again with an Arm Strike at -1d10 penalty. (a full body worth) can stave the effects off for one day. Make an Arm Strike Skill roll against the target’s Parry. but so are the Imbalance Points you take unblocked. On a Success ability to use one Technique she knows of your choice. Three-Point Strike.

taking an increasing -1d10 penalty to Combat and Physical Skills. They will be addressed in Requirement: Requires 1 Rank in Medicine to use. Make an Arm Strike roll against Parry. using the normal Draining Skills rules from CHAPTER TWO: RULES of the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate rulebook. You lower their Hardiness by 1 per Qi level you possess for a number of rounds equal to your Dianxue Ranking. TREMBLING STRIKE WHITE FLOWER PALM Discipline: Dianxue Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Skill: Medicine TN 9 -1 Rank/Dianxue. treat every character as having an Imbalance Rating of 2. Arm Strike Type: Normal against Parry Qi: 2 Type: Normal Qi: 1 You touch a little known meridian along the back causing the person to convulse. Evade and Parry per level of Qi. or more but usually require entrance into an Immor- tal or Demon sect to learn. a future supplement but for now we include the following examples so Gamemasters can develop Cathartic: On a Success the target loses 1 point of them as needed until Profound Masters of Ogre Gate Stealth. The person shakes more with Requirement: Must have 1 Rank in Medicine to use. On a Success the target takes -1d10 to all Combat and Physical Make a Medicine Skill roll (TN 9 -1 per Rank of Skills due to trembling for one round. On a Failure you gain 4 and on a Total Success you 158 gain zero Imbalance Points. This can also be used to reverse the effects of a Triple For the purposes of acquiring Imbalance Points with Yang Strike. On a Success the target is dizzy and takes -1d10 to They are accessible to characters with 7 Ranks of Qi athletics for 1 hour per Rank of Dianxue. On a Success you can then briefly lower Success the effect lasts one extra round per Rank the Hardiness of anyone you strike with your bare 3 of Dianxue. you tap a person in chest to reverse blood flow. each passing round. These recover is released. Profound Techniques. formed Cathartically. So on a Successful use of a Profound Technique you gain 2 Imbalance Points. reaction within the body that lasts until the person is able to control it. Cathartic: When used Cathartically this sets off a palm using the Arm Strike Skill. Profound Techniques are always per- at a rate of 1 per hour. This only ends Cathartic: The effect of your strike last longer with if they make a successful Meditation roll against your Hardiness points recovering at a rate of 1 per day initial Arm Strike roll. disrupting their equilibrium. On a Total Dianxue). . TRIPLE YANG STRIKE Discipline: Dianxue Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Qi: 2 PROFOUND You use your knowledge of meridian points to rapidly tap points from the forearm to inner elbow of your TECHNIQUES foe. These are exceptionally powerful Kung Fu Techniques possessed only by Profound Masters and Immortals. Using your knowledge of meridian points and Qi flow.

every point of negative Karma they have. it traps them for 1 decade. Roll place for five minutes and succeed. On a success roll 2d10 against Hardiness for against the Evade of everyone inside the 200-foot area. damage. This takes Open Damage against them plus do 6 Extra Wounds. This takes five minutes to perform. bringing you to the brink of immortality. Make an Arm Strike against the Parry of any Demon. 2 for every Total Success). it does not This technique can also be used to heal yourself of destroy them automatically. After you have mas. your body and expands outward to burn your foes. Heart Sect. tered this technique you can begin learning the Ce- lestial Mind Qi Ritual. You then make from their body like blood. They swarm around your target and strike with lethal sharpness. On a success If you succeed the creature is completely destroyed. flowing You strike at your foe and your sword passes through Qi energy from your body to create a force field the target like a phantom causing their Qi to spill around anyone with demonic essence. forgo normal damage If you succeed. mental affliction or wound. everyone struck takes 8d10 Open Damage. . a seal to trap them with your life energy. If this is successful. This Hardiness is restored to your This technique is known to members of Celestial when the seal is broken. Make a Meditation Roll against TN 10. drain their Qi (1 point for every success. and inflict 15 automatic wounds. The strength of the seal is set by your life energy and by their negative Karma rating. rather you roll 6d10 any poison. they are trapped 6d10 Open Damage against Hardiness multiplied by 2 and instead of doing wounds. It does not work if the Demon has Qi rank and they This takes one day to perform. This releases a powerful circular array of energy that expands outward from your body striking at everyone Make a Meditation roll against the Evade of a single in a 200-foot radius. If you keep them in foe and cause their Qi to spray from their body. illuminating your mind and With a mere touch you can destroy most demons. 159 you understand more about your internal cultivation. For every 3 point of Hardiness you imbue into the seal and for Qi drained in this manner returns at a rate of 1 per round. first step toward a celestial life. thrust your hands down and gen- erate a spinning pattern of golden Qi energy that encircles You call a swirl of fifteen swords into existence. This is the causing them to disappear in a flash of dust and heat. BURNING ARRAY Skill: Large Ranged against Evade CLOUDING SWORDS Type: Normal Skill: Meditation against Evade Qi: 8 Type: Normal Qi: 7 You take a wide stance. one minute to perform when used in this way.BLOODLESS SWORD STRIKE OF CELESTIAL SEAL HEN-SHI (SECRET) Skill: Endurance against Resolve Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 24 Qi: 7 You concentrate with your body and mind. This works against standard demons and against Qi Spirits. However against Ogre Demons. exceed your own. Make a Medium or Heavy Melee Roll with a bladed Roll Endurance against the Resolve against any weapon against Parry. On a Success you strike your targets with negative Karma. CELESTIAL MIND TECHNIQUE DEMON STRIKE Skill: Meditation TN 6 Skill: Arm Strike against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 12 Qi: 12 You sit in Meditation. Make a Large Ranged Attack roll target. by the force field for a period of time determined by the seal.

You can remain in a that explodes for another 4d10 Fire Damage. Using this allows you to enter a person’s dream and Make an Arm Strike against any melee attack. KING VIPER’S FIERY GREETING FISTS OF FLAME Skill: Arm Strike Skill: Arm Strike against Parry or Evade Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 8 Qi: 7 You place your hands together. This does 60 feet away. On a Total Success you send the target flying you have while in the dream state (such as combat) back with a blast of flame (still doing 10d10 damage) has lasting and real impact. You can impart as many TN for every 1000 pounds). for any length of your choosing (from a mere few seconds to eternity). Use an 160 Opposed roll where needed to resolve such cases. Not only can you speak and success you deliver 10d10 Fire Damage and block the communicate with them. burning wall of flame. MIND RISE GREAT TRANFERENCE Skill: Meditation against TN 6 (+1 for every thou- Skill: Endurance TN 7 sand pounds) Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 8 Qi: 12 You transform knowledge into energy and flow it You concentrate on a person or object and lift it into into a person’s heart. the being that is being moved will suffer a -1d10 modifier to their roll or higher due to the terrible force exerted by this technique. On a Success fire damage to anyone struck starting on the fol- you deliver 10d10 Fire Damage plus 3 Extra Wounds. the air with your mind. On a interact with them. any physical interaction attack. You can attack a single target up close with a flaming Make an Arm Strike Roll against Evade of up to strike or send a blaze of fire at a single target up to thirty targets within an 800-foot area. palms touching with You strike your foes with flaming fists. occasionally open fingers. your enemies. DREAMS OF THE INFINITE SKY REALM HANDS OF THE FIRESHIELD Skill: Meditation TN 7 Skill: Arm Strike against attack Roll Type: Normal Type: Counter Qi: 9 Qi: 7 You enter into a deep meditative trance and project You throw up your hands and block strikes with a your will into a person’s dream. . Make an Arm Strike against Parry or 8d10 damage plus 2 Extra wounds and does 3d10 Evade (whichever is most appropriate). a being that is being moved by this until the duration you set expires. You cannot use your powers In some cases. as a spew of red-hot debris flows toward shooting streaks of fire at distant targets. If you succeed you cause Kung Fu Techniques as you know to another person the person or object to float 10 feet per rank of Qi. You distill your knowledge of Kung Fu into energy Make a Meditation Roll against TN 6 (add +1 to the and transfer it to another. technique may have some means of resisting (such as the Perfect Flight ability or by grabbing onto a very large and very strong object nearby). lowing round. In most cases. 3 person’s dream for one minute per Rank of Qi.

Make ing the earth with a palm print the size of a mountain. THE SEVEN SWORD FORMATION OF TSkill: HUNDERING PALM OF THE HEAVENS Meditation against Evade CELESTIAL HEART (SECRET) Type: Normal Skill: Medium Melee or Heavy Melee (any sword) Qi: 7 Type: Normal Qi: 7 You stand or sit in quiet meditation. When this is the case they get one that passes they emerge with a pronounced negative Endurance roll a day to break from the ice (the TN change to their personality. the frozen state lasts for one day per affected are nearly catatonic the first few days. The sound is so loud body in ice and paralyzes them. a Medium or Heavy Melee roll against TN 7. On a Success you can move 10 miles causing them to freeze with an icy coating. per rank of Qi every ten minutes. from Qi Rank 1-24. On a success anyone inside the area of effect takes 161 6d10 Open Damage. against TN 7. using cloud vapor like a steed. The total Qi ranks of the participants also produce the size of the dome (10 feet per rank of Qi). when they reach zero 3 You unleash a violent scream that fills the surround.000 feet per Qi level. others may cower in fear. Those affected begin to freeze starting with where they were struck. Everyone who succeeds on the roll can add their Qi Rank to the Integrity of the dome. but only 1d10 rounds your Qi rating within the area is knocked prone to against Targets with more Qi Ranks than you. The GM should determine the nature of the madness on a case-by-case basis and give them Note: Due to their resistance to cold and fire Attacks. Characters whose Qi Rank specific to the individual. legs or body. On a success you can launch strips of fabric at your foes. Make a Command roll against everyone in a 100-foot For duration. driving them permanently mad. and can use this to strike one foe per Rank of Waijia (or one person per Skill: Command against Hardiness Type: Normal Qi: 10 10 feet). this lasts 10 minutes if the target has radius per Rank of Qi. leaving them broken and imprint- light that produce a protective dome of energy. they are frozen completely.RIDE THE CLOUD SLEEVES OF FROST Skill: Fly TN 4 Skill: Grapple against Parry Type: Normal Type: Normal Qi: 12 Qi: 9 You can fly through the sky at tremendous speed You unfurl your sleeve or a similar strip of cloth. On a success you contribute energy to a protective dome This affects an area equal to 1. that deflects incoming attacks. On a Total Success it knocks people to the ground and leaves them the duration doubles. Once your Rank of Qi. This requires two or more participants (but no more than seven) who all know the technique. this does not work on Immortals. the appropriate Mental Affliction. This is significant and is your Resolve Rating). the ground. . On a Success everyone below fewer Qi Ranks than you. The sound is so loud it disrupts the balance However if your target has half as many Qi Ranks in their minds. Make a Fly Skill roll wrapping around your foe’s arms. Each round they take an increasing -1d10 to their Speed. roll every round to break free. The Dome’s hardiness is equal to the 3 plus the number of participants. This coats their entire ing air with storm-like winds. calmly generating You and your allies raise your swords and slice the a massive avalanche of force that crashes from the sky as you flip back through the air creating arcs of sky upon your foes. not there. Some may fly into rages at is greater than your own can make an Endurance the slightest provocation. regardless of your own Qi Rank. This works against anyone delirious with madness. by up to 10 feet per Rank of Waijia (provided ROAR OF THE DRAGON you have enough cloth to do so). Those as you or less. All other characters Some may be delusional or talk to people who are may make a roll every minute.

cutting their flesh and leaving behind a heavy Qi energy that pins them to the ground. 162 This does not work against foes with more Qi ranks than you. When this is the case they get one Endurance roll a day to break from the ice (the TN is your Resolve Rating). They also pose more of a risk to those seeking to master them. On a success master an Evil Technique you must roll on the Demon those affected ender a frozen state (see next paragraph Flaw Table to reflect the transformative process that for duration). . Make a Medium or Heavy Melee attack roll against the Parry of anyone within striking distance of your blade. Their bodies are coated in ice and they mastering such techniques requires. While they function much Roll Large Ranged against the Evade of all foes in an like normal Profound Techniques. but they are ef- fectively paralyzed and not aware. WAVE OF FROST EVIL Skill: Large Ranged against Evade Type: Normal Qi: 8 TECHNIQUES These are dangerous and cruel techniques used With the wave of your hand you cause a heavy and mainly by Demon Heroes. Note: Due to their resistance to cold and fire Attacks. WEIGHT OF THE OX TAIL Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee Type: Normal Qi: 7 You slash your Ox Tail Dao or similar weapon in a blinding arc of light against several foes. Evil Techniques are ones cold wind to wash over your foes leaving them in a that draw on dark Qi energy and tend to produce frozen state. Demon Flaws fewer Qi Ranks than you. On a Total Success the duration doubles. 3 experience no harm from the cold. Evil Techniques will be expanded upon in Profound opponents of equal or greater Qi Rank than yourself. Note this does not work against the Demon Flaws are permanent. Masters of Ogre Gate. Here we simply provide the flaws and a few Evil Technique as examples so the For duration. this does not work on Immortals. It lasts for 3 rounds. state lasts for one day per your Rank of Qi. each time you 80-foot by 30-foot column before you. On a success you do 8d10 Open Damage and leave a powerful and heavy Qi energy in the wound itself that pushes the target to the ground. sinister results. However if your Target are described in the Flaws section of CHAPTER has half as many Qi Ranks as you or less. Once mastered. This is equivalent to 900 pounds (so to move and attack those affected must lift that with a Muscle Roll). this lasts 10 minutes if the target has GM can create more for the campaign. the frozen ONE: CHARACTER CREATION.

On a Total Success your melee attacks deliver normal damage plus 15 Extra Wounds and the effect lasts for Qi: 10 3 4 rounds. If you got a Total Success on Standing you move your arms before your chest your initial attack roll and the target dies. This does normal damage Qi: 7 plus 18 Extra wounds. nique ends. On a success you do 5d10 Open Damage plus 1 Extra Wound as the person’s Dragon Spirit is drawn violently from . Anyone using this technique gains 1 negative point Make a Mediation Roll against the Resolve of everyone of Karma. RUINOUS ARRAY OF THE ARMILLARY SPHERE Skill: Meditation against Resolve Make a Medium or Heavy Melee Skill roll against Type: Normal the Parry of the target. you drain HAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOST them of Qi levels equal to the amount of wounds they Skill: Arm Strike would have suffered (and this all gets absorbed into Type: Normal the sphere). and all targets must Qi: 18 be within a 500-foot area. On a success you control their actions for 2 rounds. doing normal damage plus 8 Extra wounds. plus MARAUDING DRAGON an additional target per rank of Qi that you posses. circular gestures with technique or the intervention of a god. and sucks out the Qi energy of those in its presence. lines of your foes and allow you to control their actions. in a 200-foot area. bestowing 4 Extra wounds to your next Type: Normal Melee Attack. your Melee Skill: Talent (Shadow Puppetry) Type: Normal Attacks deliver normal damage plus 8 Extra Wounds. On a Total Success you THE FESTERING CLEAVE OF control their actions for 4 rounds. Any immor. If the target dies. THE HIDDEN HANDS OF THE SHADOW Perform this standing meditation as a Move Action. This technique can only affect indi- Type: Normal viduals with 2 ranks of Qi or less. serves you for 1d10 days. and the wound cannot be healed by anything short of a Qi rank 19 healing You make several pronounced. Make a Talent (Shadow Puppetry) Skill roll against the Evade of your targets. bringing forth a swirling sphere of Qi energy tal incapacitated by this attack dies normally (and that resembles an armillary sphere. for the next 3 rounds. It rises into the air cannot use its Rejuvenating Rebirth ability). On a failure you lose control. except instead of doing wounds. causing them to rise as a Hungry Ghost that temporarily obeys your commands. then he and channel a dangerous mixture of phoenix and or she rises up as a Hungry Ghost immediately and dragon energy through your meridian points. Ten targets. This invig- Skill: Meditation against TN 6 orates you. PUPPETEER On a Success. Roll 6d10 Open Damage against affected targets. leaving a sickly red glow that prevents healing and can kill even an immortal. your hands. attacking You send out thin lines of Qi that find the meridian the nearest target possible each round until the tech.CULTIVATION OF THE DEMON MOON their body and absorbed into your own. Make an Arm Strike roll against Parry. harnessing them in your center for an explosion of power. You bring down a heavy bladed weapon to carve open the chest of your enemy. The effect lasts for 5 rounds on a failure. Their Qi ranks return at a rate of 1 every Qi: 8 ten minutes. 163 You clasp your foe’s head and suck out their Dragon Spirit. On a Success the sphere unleashes a bursting array of glowing tendrils that strike those affected. Skill: Medium or Heavy Melee (Any Bladed) may be affected. then he or she rises Qi: 7 up as a Hungry Ghost immediately and serves you loyally for 1d10 hours.

To use it. These are not always identical as each Im- mortal is unique. The effect is a +2d10 bonus to all your skills for the next 10 minutes for every Qi rank you drained. plant. with 6d10 Muscle and Beast Strength (x20). multiple senses but must be focused on a particular This ability does not work across celestial realms idea (such as a forest). can involve creature over great distance (anywhere in the world). total Darkness and roll 6d10 for Detect. Martial powers. Make a Meditation Roll against the Wits of up to 1 Target per rank of Qi. bones. If you succeed then you can play with their senses. against the target’s wits. The illusion can be large. INCREDIBLE IMMORTAL STRENGTH You are stronger than any mortal. Simply ONE-THOUSAND PETALS Skill: Meditation against Wits describe to the GM what effect you want and the GM Type: Normal develops the curse based on that. CURSE You can curse any mortal. etc). This doesn’t reveal anything specific. but it can be more extreme. The illusion lasts for as long however. matures mentally and physically. awakening images ENCHANTING WHISPER With a gentle word you can convince anyone (except that seem real to them. This usually takes the form THOUGTS BLOOM INTO of a Fated Flaw based on the curse you’d like them to experience. other Immortals). Those with good Karma Your hearing is so perfect that you are unaffected by create spirited entities that are kind and generous. but one PERFECT HEARING that reflects your nature. taste. Each Level they can gain a new Immortal Disciplines cannot exceed the cap of 3 ranks. simply make an Empathy roll as you Meditate. Power. With this power you can move living thing (animal. Flight can be increased You impart sentience to any living thing or once with XP over time. and are are wicked and selfish. creating false images in their EMPATHIC LINK minds that feel real. In addition those with bad Karma create spirited entities that you can hear at extraordinary distance. You can form a mental link with anyone or any sound etc. taking on the char- acteristics of an intelligent species of your choice 164 over time. PERFECT FLIGHT This is the ability to fly with precision and great CREATE SPIRITED ENTITIES speed. The entity views you as it capable of eavesdropping on any conversation any- would a parent or sibling. Slowly it 20 feet per level of Qi. This may be taken no more than two times. where in a 50-mile radius. KUNG FU MASTERY IMMORTAL POWERS You can increase a single Martial Discipline Rank by Immortals all begin with one of the following 1. but of a sword or wave of a hand (or fan). You can then absorb the sphere into your own body CONTROL WIND and utilize the Qi to feel your impending fate with You can summon winds and storms with the swing great clarity. This is a demon. The Immortal gains the Flight Skill at Ranks equal to his or her Speed. This can extend to touch. This means you can lift ABILITIES heavy objects with ease (multiplying base lift by 20). Qi: 7 3 You enter calmly into meditation and project your thoughts into the minds of others. . a spirited beast. Roll Persuade against Resolve. even enemies. If you succeed you can communicate for ten minutes. makes anything that unfolds in the next hour more familiar. that you are their friend.

can challenge and hurt them. You can interact expand upon this in the Profound Masters of Ogre with people in their dreams or with the real world. . You can also move much more freely in water (at your ALL PATHS ARE ONE full speed). To use this power the Immortal must med- itate for 10 hours and succeed on a Meditation Skill AWAKENING OF THE RESTING DEITY roll of TN 9. The process can only be reversed by Gain the ability to strike out against the gods. The second table includes insights that are far more profound and impressive. However doing so intertwines your fate with the GM gets to choose which one and it requires theirs (and not always to your benefit). Many of the obstacles we face are illu- sionary and eventually all paths lead to the same end because one never really goes anywhere. You always find an opening Insights in total. These tables are just to start.SHAPE CHANGE ADAPTATION OF THE PURE ONE You can change your appearance at will to anything This is a greatly sought after Insight. For example. To you. You making another Meditation roll. When you sleep you can go out into the Gamemasters can create their own and we will world and act as if you were awake. Profound Master taking it outside of time and into the realm of or Immortal). and can only make one attempt or path to go through. dreams. They do not age. On a Total Success roll on You know that the reality of dreams and waking life Insight Table Two. With it your you want. ALL PASSIONS BLAZE ering of age and time. as you can anyone else. Gaining Insight requires going into There is no place you cannot go. provided it is the same size as you. It is difficult INSIGHTS to put into words and often confuses people when Immortals can attempt to gain Insights every time you talk about it. a Fated Flaw that always connects to you in some way. Gate rulebook. The specifics of this are up the GMs discretion but potentially this would allow you to wound any deity. the division between the two is meaningless. but never die and nothing ever changes. the ability to always tell DETECT WEAKNESS when someone is lying or to sense a person’s You understand how the internal landscape of a person weakness. and this applies to realms too. The people continue to live You can read the intentions and desires of mortals their lives. 165 As an option. If you succeed. They may gain up to 4 or barrier can stop you. regeneration increases to 1 Wound every ten minutes. ten days of reflective seclusion and making a single Meditation Skill roll (add +1d10 for every Rank of Neigong you possess). Doing so requires a meditation roll. WATER BREATHING You can breath in water as you would in the air. but the end result is no door. when characters fail their Meditation DEATH AND LIFE ARE THE SAME roll they may get some glimpse or vision. Insights on the first table are largely is reflected externally through behavior and health. each Qi Rank. Insights are realizations that create permanent effects. This in effect creates a pocket dimension where all the inhabitants and structures are held. TIMELESS DREAM ALL ARE ONE With this power an immortal gains the ability to You can freely enter the body of any mortal you protect an area the size of a town or small city by choose (but not the body of a spirit. seal they advance in Qi Rank. you can roll BUTTERFLY AWAKES on Insight Table One. If they You can restore any mortal to life with the touch of a follow this vision. while the original location succumbs to the weath. about mundane matters that pertain to human- You know the Defense Ratings of anyone you look at. You have a small realization about the nature of reality itself. they still may get an insight (but hand. yet they do not notice anything is (not specific thoughts) by looking at them. ity. are the same. 3 amiss. The person gains something substantial like going on a quest).

This means you can see in total 8 Profound Awareness darkness but also that you can see in all directions. any THERE IS NO PHOENIX. You can erase yourself from to roll. It is somewhat tricky and you never know 8 Dew Upon the Lily how far you will go. There is no need with the morning dew. 4 Natural Understanding 5 There is No Phoenix. you simply know. ROLL 1d10 INSIGHT RIVER SURGES FORWARD 1 Butterfly Awakes 166 This works like River Reverses Flow except you can 2 All Paths are One 3 Time Stands Still travel forward in time. inflicting 1 Wound every round. THERE IS NO DRAGON You understand that the human spirit’s division into Dragon and Phoenix is an illusion. 9 River Reverses Flow 10 River Surges Forward . roll against Resolve. There is No Dragon RIVER REVERSES FLOW 6 Death and Life are the Same Time is a matter of perspective. You can travel back 7 Illumination of the Golden Light in time. You cannot add new TIME STANDS STILL Ranks. during this time. DEW UPON THE LILY SENSE LIES Memories are fragile and can wash away like dirt You know when a person is lying. This takes an hour. However. However this is greatly damaging to the body. By making a successful Command a person’s individual fate at will. the memory of any mortal at will. INSIGHT TABLE ONE ROLL 1d10 INSIGHT PROFOUND AWARENESS 1 Detect Weakness You can concentrate on any place in the world and 2 Sense Lies see what is happening there. and millennia: 4d10. You can also sense when a person suffers from refine your Skills. 10 Signs of Fate decades: 2d10. This allows you to stop time itself. to move existing Skill Ranks around and to move your defenses around. 3 Damage they take. You can also detect all living things. SIGNS OF FATE DISSOLUTION OF I Fate is written into nature itself and humans are particularly obvious when it comes to their future This is similar to all are one. You can anticipate the near future (by up to specific understanding of the interconnectedness of a day) by looking for the signs. 4 Adaptation of the Pure One 5 All are One SEE WITHOUT SIGHT 6 Dissolution of I You can sense all around you. This allows you to recalibrate your Martial Disciplines as desired. a disrupted Phoenix Spirit. This requires use of the 3 See Without Sight Meditation Skill. Similar methods can be used for shorter periods INSIGHT TABLE TWO like hours or days. you can control any living being or immortal’s actions for one round (ten minutes on a Total Success). centuries: 3d10. NATURAL UNDERSTANDING You can communicate with animals and vegetation. martial disciplines and defenses. merely swap with other abilities in the same You understand the true meaning of time and can category. etc). You select the timeframe and 9 All Passions Blaze roll a number of corresponding d10 (years: 1d10. control it with a breath. without using your 7 Awakening of the Resting Deity eyes or other senses. but you gain a more actions. The result is how many years you travel back in time. you take as well. With this ability ILLUMINATION OF THE GOLDEN LIGHT you can heal anyone who has a disrupted Phoenix You can direct your attention inward and use this to Spirit.

There are various forms of Magic. or 1s) you gain a mental affliction from the MENTAL AFFLICTION chart (pg 164). . All rituals take time to perform to achieve magical effect and can be done by anyone who knows them. Magic is more dangerous and taps into po- tentially unstable sources of power. Performing Rites is generally safe (though failing to perform them in the right circumstances can have consequences) but Magic poses a danger to the user. They can be learned in hours from manuals or a teacher. Rituals take one hour to perform. Anytime you fail a Ritual roll for Magic by rolling all 3 or less on all your dice (any combination of 3s. in addition to the original Ritual roll. 2s. Unless stated otherwise in the individual Ritual entry. some evil. CHAPTER 4 RITUALS ituals are divided into two basic types: Rites and Magic. some good. Some Rituals require the use of other Skills like Meditation or Talent. but all Magic potentially exposes users to dangerous mental effects as the powers they draw on warp their mind. All Rites and Magic use the Ritual Skill. Rites are common rituals performed for regular reli- gious observance or tradition such as venerating an- cestors.

The precise method will vary confer some minor effect (such as a bonus or penalty). These are long strips of paper with benefi- This is used to activate the power of talismans and cial or harmful characters rendered on them that certain magic objects. It is always performed by the head MENTAL AFFLICTIONS TABLE of the household and failing to do so on a regular basis can result in the whole family acquiring the D10 ROLL MENTAL AFFLICTION Fated Flaw. while a 6 would indicate a some- what specific trigger (like the sound of a particular instrument). Choose the number of dice based on the intensity of the trigger. On a 1. they don a cap at the end of the ceremony while girls put their hair up with a pin. and similar effects. If the result meets or exceeds the char. On a Total Success the Rite brings good 3 Nightmares luck to the entire family. In the case of boys. provide a small bonus to attack rolls when dealing with particular types of creatures. like a particular line of poetic verse. he succumbs to the Mental This usually involves lighting incense at a shrine to Affliction for 1d10 hours. ACQUIRING MENTAL AFFLICTIONS FROM RITUALS If you fail a Ritual Skill roll to perform Magic by rolling 3 or less on all your dice (any combination of 3s. on a 10 it is incredibly specific. and 1s) you acquire a Mental Affliction. RITES 168 CREATE PAPER TALISMAN (TN 6) This is a basic ritual for creating a paper talisman or ACTIVATION (TN 6) fu scroll. depending on what it is used for. the spirit of the family ancestors and takes about twenty minutes. 5 Sadism 6 7 Splintered Personality Hyper Vigilance CAPPING/HAIRPINNING CEREMONY (TN 6) 8 Hallucinations These are coming of age ceremonies for men and women. ANCESTOR VENERATION (TN 5) acter’s Resolve rating. On a Success the Rite is performed 2 Delusional correctly. it is very broad. . If the Rite is performed incorrectly (if 1 Explosive Rage the Skill roll fails) it should be performed again from the beginning. Anytime the character is in the presence of the trigger. like a color. Once acquired each Mental Affliction has a trigger unique to the individ- ual character based on the circumstances surround- ing how the affliction was gained. 9 Panic They usually involve giving a speech and assigning a 10 Extreme Cowardice courtesy name (this simply replaces their existing person- al name). Roll on the Mental Afflictions table to see what result you get. This is a spectrum so a 4 would indicate a somewhat broad trigger (like the sight of blood). They can be used to ward away harmful spirits. As a general guide- line the GM should roll a d10 to determine how specific or broad the affliction is. This could be 4 something as simple as a color or as complex as a common verse or line of music. 2s. roll between 0-6d10 against his Resolve. All Mental Afflictions can only be removed by certain Kung Fu Techniques. giving everyone a +1d10 on 4 Masochism any Skill made in the next day. Otherwise they are permanent and last forever.

with a Meditation TN 10 roll (allowed once a day). icated to the Demon Emperor.  SPIRIT KEEPING (TN 5) BLAZING HANDS OF HEN-SHI (TN 6) This is a very important ritual that must be performed This odd ritual is a Yen-Li corruption of a little known on dead bodies between death and burial.The talismans are normally pinned to an object. 169 A pair of Yen-Li Priests. as the creature can get out erful paper talismans require use of specific rituals. You prick your hands The Spirit Keeping Ritual must be performed at least and quickly dab the blood in your palms forming once each day until the body is properly buried. chain. More pow. tioner (just a Move action). 4 MAGIC BINDING DEMON RITUAL (TN 6) BLOOD OFFERING FOR THE DEMON EMPEROR (TN 7) This ritual first requires the user to entangle or grab You offer up the remains of an enemy you have killed. Unlike most Rituals. With each strike you must quickly recite the sutra for this to work. this only takes 1d10 rounds to perform. In exchange the The user chants and draws in the spirit of the demon. Once this is achieved. It involves the first and last character of Hen-Shi’s name. . Failure to do Hen-Shi sutra. the demon with rope. You present the body before a shrine ded- holds forth a potential container such as a gourd. trapping it in the container. or a net (the exact ma. taking only this can result in a portion of the spirit to remain in the seconds to perform in the hands of a skilled practi- body and animate as a Hopping Ghost or other creature. This is really person. the person than you. The paper talisman is then placed on the body. the next two rounds takes 2 Extra wounds as contact with your blood burns their skin. The enemy must be your equal or more powerful terial can vary). a temporary measure. Then writing prayers on a paper talisman and asking the spirit any Demon or Spirit you strike with your hands for to depart. Demon Emperor bestows one of his gifts upon you. Mark Ching Yeun and Lau Ching Sin. It functions quickly. capture a Fox Demon. or creature and last about a day.

2 a particular area. Gifts can be tailored to the specific recipient. +2 Wounds. The title and a gift. Then the user must also include symbolic writing below the request to enter into a trance and become one with the spirit of empower the talisman. The several chants dedicated to the Red General. The office is usually a title similar be successfully performed. For Combat Skills. an create a Talisman from any kind of metal. etc). There are ways around seals. First the user must repeat to those found in the imperial government. However the caster of any Spirit should be addressed to the correct deity or spirit. A task is to strike down trespassers and prevent passage. However the wearer also suffers wind that washes over an entire army doing 1 Wound the following penalty: -1d10 to all Mental Skills. asking her demands a task in exchange for the gift. asking for an office in the Demon Emperor’s hierarchy and for a gift that will help him or her This ritual is complex and involves three Skill rolls to serve in that office. The limb is then sliced off the Red General. While this is often effective and can achieve good results when successfully performed it is more of an exchange. Before making the sacrifice the caster must Open Damage during that month. If successful. who asks for good harvest and receives it You swing a sword and throw out your hands. a foot. On a result of 5-10 he petition to the thunder goddess Jiangnu. the practitioner can then begin to the caster. Keeping Ritual on a cursed body takes one Wound 170 for each casting and the TN rises to 10. If successful the Talisman is the meat and ensure the survival of the caster. The lightning only does 3d10 Emperor. 6d10 Open BLOOD PLEDGE FOR THE DEMON Damage) and is physically unable to pass through EMPEROR (TN 7) the area. bad weather. nothing is given without a price. This ritual involves visualizing the Bureaucracy of they will come back as a ghost or undead. wine and other pleasures for a full month. Anyone trying to get through is immediately attacked by Lightning (3d10 against Evade. Blue Thunder. The on the significance of the sacrifice. passage or seal off a room. It usually a very difficult mission that can take up to can be etched into stone. etc). If the empowered by the Red General and will function so casting is successful the Demon Emperor bestows a long as the person wearing it is motived by love. The effect is to create a barrier large takes a piece of you. might expect a poor harvest at some later a wave of blasts and explosions that force demons time for example. Petitions Ritual on the body. written onto paper or any two months. to everyone it reaches (but only be able to do this during an actual battle and requiring ten full days of rest after). enough to block a doorway. If you fail. cooked and eaten by 6). Every seal created in this manner is weakest in the greater significance) as a sign of loyalty to the Demon month of the Dragon. If the paper is CELESTIAL SPIRIT RITUAL (TN 9) placed onto (or inside of) the body of a dead person. then the Demon Emperor other medium. On a result of 1-4 the Demon Emperor asks CREATE SEAL OF JIANGNU (TN 8) you to pledge a part of yourself in exchange for the This is a powerful ritual that creates a seal that wards gift (a hand. to de-purify his or her body. causing one year. The price is based entirely on the nature of the request. the most This is similar to Blood Offering for the Demon common being petitions to other deities. +2 to Hardiness. This requires a Meditation roll (TN during the hour of the Demon. Another 4 Emperor. good and remove the paper or perform a Spirit Keeping harvest. and spirits from their hiding places. Due to the extreme nature of this act. and +1d10 to all Physical example one might gain the ability to expel a vast Skills. but it requires that the caster cut off one of his own limbs (or sacrifice something of equal or way is to strike the seal with the sword. CURSE OF THE SPIRIT (TN 8) This requires writing the character “remain” on a slip of paper while reciting prayers. It is often a very wearer gains the following benefits: +1d10 to all powerful ability with limited use or a great cost. This functions as a skill action and is made against the resolve of . A DRAW OUT THE DEMONS (TN 6) person. good fortune.  indulge in meat. making a assistant and physician are often called upon to cook Trade (Metal) TN 6 roll. an eye. Then he or she writes a formal request onto the flesh of the offered CREATE TALISMAN OF THE RED GENERAL (TN 8) limb. 2 points of hardiness. this re- request is written in formal Feishu script and must quires a Ritual Skill roll TN 8. The only Heaven and the Enlightened Goddess and submitting thing that can prevent this from working is to find a written request for some kind of action (rain. Roll 1d10. The exact nature of the gift depends talisman lasts for a week before losing its power. The seal is in the form of a written points of resolve or wits.

. You must write the name of the person RITUALS later in this chapter for more information. If the roll beats their resolve they are forced out three days while chanting prayers to the earth. in a building. for more information. he then places the heart beside the stone and before this becomes permanent). then burn it into the cauldron. The affected person a bell and a knife. the Heavens). If you succeed on your Ritual roll the Immortal experiences a deeply frustrating headache that imposes -1d10 to all its Mental Skills until it MIND ILLUMINATION (TN 7) responds to the request. and follow whatever lifelong command WINDS (TN 8) you give them upon their awakening. the spirit is drawn This ritual is known only to Cai Yuanyu. you must drain a person of 1 cup of blood for every Qi level you wish to Harvest. and the phoenix spirit you want to extract on a long piece of paper or wood. The ritual master carves out the should take the Missing Phoenix Spirit Flaw while person’s heart while invoking the name of the Bold under the effect of the ritual (they have ten days King. See QI cauldron. You can use it to use in Qi Rituals. To perform it requires at least five other ritual masters GREEN GUARDIAN (TN 9) who know Mind Illumination. Note that the death of the This ritual removes any enchantments that cause 171 caster also has the effect of ending the headache. around the person and must chant sutras to Henshi who retains some intelligence but no memories and or Hedra for at least ten hours. enchantment is broken. If successful the follows a lifelong general command. Their damage from the explosions. The heart itself contin- FORCEFUL PETITION TO THE ues to survive out of the body if the ritual is completed properly and the target becomes a Yao (see YAO in IMMORTALS (TN 10) CHAPTER TEN: THREATS AND MONSTERS). transformed. To perform it one your choice. The Phoenix Spirit rings the bell (with the intention of transferring some can be restored by performing the Extract Phoenix of the person’s spirit into the stone). beseech Hen-Shi to drive out the malignant wind Resolve increases to 10 and Hardiness increases by from the body of the afflicted. This way you can cast Qi Rituals to extract one of the five phoenix spirits that form without draining your own Qi. After this he whis- Spirit Ritual in reverse. To perform it. Then you must taking six hours and requiring that they be still the put the blood into a Jade receptacle. You then form a ring This ritual turns someone into a devoted guardian. See GREEN GUARDIAN in CHAPTER NINE the illness entirely. pers the name of the emperor to the stone and places it where the person’s heart was. Chrysanthemums. Wounds increase by four and their Stealth is 10 when- It requires use of a cauldron and the caster must ever they are surrounded by plants and greenery. There it remains until you or someone needs a small red-colored stone (no bigger than a fist). which will hold entire time. and bury the person alive for etc). so long as you gain the blood. As you do. With this you write a request to any Immortal of Variations of this ritual.any demons suspected of being in the area (whether you must feed the person a pound of Zhe Valley they are hiding in water. 4 EXTRACT PHOENIX SPIRIT (TN 8) HARVEST QI BY BLOOD (TN 7) This is an ancient ritual known only to a handful of This ritual allows you to harvest the Qi energy of others practitioners throughout the world. body is wreathed in plant-life and they slowly take on the characteristics of the local environment. people to misperceive reality or be captivated. They lose their memories. On into plain view. This also requires the use of a tripod the Qi energy until you wish to draw upon it. If successful it cures 3. the Senior into the cauldron then transferred into an object of Grand Councilor of the emperor. You then must repeat the name and phoenix spirit HEART TAKING RITUAL (TN 10) for the next six hours. else performs the ritual again. Their Max This ritual is meant to cure Malignant Wind Disease. retain whatever abilities they EXPULSION OF THE MALIGNANT had in life. It is particularly well suited to the charms of demons. matter. The method for this doesn’t Extracting a spirit from someone is time consuming. To perform the ritual part of a person’s soul. in foliage. where the heart is replaced your choosing upon a piece of paper and place it on with that of a Spirited Beast or other Demon are the body of a Zhen Bird (which must then ascend to rumored to exist (but having much different effects). On a Total Success they take 3d10 the third day the person emerges.

The Talismans only last six seek ways of making the transformation permanent. Typ- enemies inflicting 6d10 Open Damage against any ically the Ghost expects that his favor will be re- such creatures. If both steps are successful. Only those who venerate Gushan may use practitioners. They must perform 172 The name of this ritual is perhaps an overstatement. (TN 9) This ritual is associated with the Five Ghost sect. This could. hours each and must be placed on all entrances (doors. The larger the area the more Talismans re. gates) to the area you intend to protect. stave off the effects steps. higher risk than most rituals. turned two-fold. This is dark magic. In additional to the normal PAPER TALISMAN OF CURSE consequences of casting such a spell. The effect is the user transforms This Ritual can be performed to channel the spirit of into a Gui for1d10 hour. intended to coax the spirit or deity from the possessed person’s body. SWORD RITUAL OF BAO (TN 6) porarily trade places. RITUAL OF THE BOUNDLESS DREAM STOP TRANSFORMATION (TN 9) RITUAL (TN 6) This Ritual takes six hours to perform and requires This ritual stops any supernatural transformation use of a tripod cauldron. the spirits of the target are drawn into a focus object where they are kept safe. the caster makes a food offering to a particular kind of Gui spirit. The Dragon Spirit papers are always burned first and if the ritual master fails THE STORMS OF GUSHAN (TALENT: MUSICAL INSTRUMENT TN 6) to draw in the Phoenix Spirits. a Yen-Li cult. succeed the transformation does not occur and the These are then burned over the tripod cauldron and person is cured. the affected targets are splintered existing in both the focus object while This is a potentially powerful ritual that summons a their bodies remain behind as Phoenix Ghosts. First you must write the before it is complete. windows. First the performer must make several offerings of magic device that causes people to rise from the to deities of her choosing.  potent storm. use one of the Gui entries. it is effects of a curse. then on with a cloth and recite mantras to Hen-Shi. then sing an ancient verse dead or drains their Qi. and promises to tem. Once a Gui has returned to physical form. The petition should demons or spirits. If stats for the and clashing steel as the ball passes through the ghost are needed. the person is no longer possessed. To perform it is actu- ally quite simple. A single person performing it creates a small local wind with enough RITUAL OF THE BOUNDLESS force to knock down a weak wall or tree. There is the sound of war drums be made to the appropriate ghost. It is performed by making a written THE SPELL OF THE GOLDEN request to one of the five ghosts to complete a task FIREBALL (TN 7) on one’s behalf. the user invites WARDING (TN 6) some amount of danger by making the transforma- These paper talismans can temporarily stave off the tion. It requires a number of area). The first step is a simple ritual roll. for example. THE SONG OF GU (TN 8) quired in total (roughly 1 Talisman for every 20 foot This is an exorcism ritual. At that moment a luminous orb of golden petition request could be anything from murdering light ascends into the air and toward any nearby an enemy to spreading rumors. of the caster’s body. It . If you a blue piece of paper to signify their Phoenix Spirit. 4 PETITION TO THE FIVE GHOSTS followed by a Talent (Singing) roll TN 6. while the Gui gains control Bao and wage battle against demons and spirits. The petition is then burned in a The caster assumes several mudra postures and de- tripod cauldron or similar device. Every ad- PERFECTION (TN 8) ditional person adds strength to it. and comes with a this ritual. However it grows in power for every person who performs the melody. the melody at the same time but not necessarily in but its existence is rumored among certain Yen-Li unison. It takes 12 hours to perform name of each individual you wish to target on a red and requires that you ritually cleanse the person slip of paper to signify their Dragon Spirit. This spirits. whereupon it clares the might of Sunan against all demons and ascends to the air in a golden flash of light. powerful magical item or similar reluctant to give it up and they have been known to effect on a large area.

The caster asks to be turned into rich by use of this magic but it comes with some a particular type of demon and if the ritual is suc- risk and requires a terrible act to be performed. To perform it. if you (and only you) ever speak This ritual takes 10 hours to perform and can bring the words Demon King. chanting prayers then burn the paper. he turns into the desired crea- First the caster must create the Gui or spirit. then enter a trance and opportunity in the next month to increase his or achieve union with the mind of Bao. one must first kill a her personal wealth. but you requires a series of sword steps. her Medium Melee Skill. This requires an victim transforms into a Demon (any random type) additional Athletics roll (TN 6). channeling her Qi to fend Also if the body is ever discovered or disturbed it off demons and spirits. the target dies instantly. If demons or gods. This is found deep inside the ruins of Yao Gong Palace. the caster into a Demon temporarily. whose heart has been removed will remain alive and ing anyone from seeing her. If the Sunan and Bao). rises as a Gui and seeks to destroy the caster or take during which time the caster gains a +2d10 to his or his or her wealth. Once this is achieved. The Gui does so unseen as a human and create a small hut from the skin.requires use of an altar dedicated to Bao (or both body placed somewhere no one will find it. you must take the body of the person you intend to resurrect and place the heart of a living victim inside their chest. the ritual requires the creation of special scrolls to be placed on the body. the victim dies and the perform. In order to perform this piece of paper that represents the intended target. Even to a god. can only be done by killing another human being. A person can grow quite to the Demon King. ZHE VALLEY HEART (TN 8) During that time. the caster must write a character on a ticularly the forest dwellers). successful. If the casting is not successful. then one must apply a tattoo to a one-mile area. Once this is achieved. and also inflicts 2 Extra Wounds against Demons and Spirits on any success- ful Attack. If the ritual fails. ritual. becomes a Gui hostile to the caster (the type of Gui proximately ten minutes. Then guiding force. On a success. doing this. this until the death of the caster is achieved (and the seems nothing more than a graceful sword form. She can then choose be capable of defending themselves. This also requires her wealth. TIMELESS STEPS OF BAO (TN7) As long as the Ritual is being performed the victim This ritual takes the user outside time itself. ZUN DEMON MASTER RITUAL (TN 8) WEALTH ATTAINMENT (TN 7) This ritual takes two days to perform but transforms This Ritual recruits the work of a Gui or other su. This requires a Talent of 2 Ranks of Qi for one hour. The effect lasts for one hour. The user must make an appropriate ritual is successful the caster will encounter a golden offering and cleanse a sword. If both succeed then you render the characters for Demon King on the person. If demon desires nothing more than the caster’s death). then the . prevent. It takes only about 1 minute to the Ritual Skill is a success. Then the caster any point within the next hour to reappear. creating new opportunities for the 173 within this hut. While 4 This is an ancient ritual known among the Zun (par. cessfully performed. Each performance of Zhe Valley Heart demands some where you wish within the next hour and within one vitality from the caster. (Tattooing) Skill roll (TN 6). you blink out of time and reappear any. grace and power of Bao. the victim a successful Meditation roll (TN 6). This ture for a day. prayers and offerings must be made beneficiary of the ritual. the target is drained the intended target’s skin. To perform the pernatural entity to help the caster increase his or Zun Demon Master Ritual. the snaking in a southerly direction. then the victim becomes should be determined by the the performer of the Ritual is able to fight with the GM based on the manner in which the person died). To onlookers. beneficiary is restored to life. The target must also be within to the Demon King. depleting his or her Qi for a mile. one must prepare the ink. This takes ap. the dead back to life. WESTERN HEAVENS (TN TARGET’S EVADE) TATTOO OF THE DEMON KING (TN 7) The caster assumes three long mudra postures and recites an ancient sutra in a forgotten tongue. you seem to have vanished from full month. This is must walk in circle around both the victim and the particularly useful for evading powerful foes such as beneficiary while chanting ancient Li Fai words. The Tattoo itself lasts for 1d10 months before fading. existence.

while someone assists Qi while they sleep. Action). In many ways they towards the teachings of Hen-Shi and make a vow. Use of this ability otherwise stated Qi Rituals drain 5 Qi Levels that drains 2 Qi Ranks. then you become an Immortal. this is if you use other peoples’ Qi to power a Qi Ritual. DEMON (TN 8) As with a normal Demon Binding Ritual. you use your own Qi to power a TREE TEMPLE (TN 8) Qi Ritual. SKIN TRANSFERENCE OF PLUM Most of the time. except it works in a matter of seconds (as a Skill Using Qi Rituals drains you of your Qi Levels tem. but can only attempt an escape once per week at a -1D10 meditation roll. Once you have mastered Celestial Mind Technique. You can then store it in an object by banging a bronze drum. Immediately your skin peels lack the internal cultivation themselves) will harvest off and the skin of one other person also peels off the Qi energy of others to use for Qi Rituals. Breaking the vow causes the creature to take -1 to are like normal Rituals. The flesh this you must use the Harvest Qi Ritual. This drains you of 12 Qi Levels. but unless otherwise stated Hardiness a week until it returns to the object it was can be performed in seconds as a Skill Action. Unless into the power of Objects of Power. Here we include the basic explanation of SUPREME ACTIVATION (TN 6) Qi Rituals along with a couple of examples. If successful the caster or immediately use it for another Ritual if you desire. you must first grab or entangle the demon. making you look exactly like the person and vice versa. However if one of the individuals involved in the Then the standard Mental Affliction rules apply. Each time this occurs it causes 1 wound. However some and target. then you can perform the Ritual by sitting for several days in se- 174 clusion and manipulating your Qi energy through meridian points in your body to achieve longevity. . the exchange is permanent. This is safe and only has the effect of tem. Qi Rituals do not typically for five hours. then painfully reverses when it is cause mental afflictions to the user. You utter a series of words long forgotten practitioners (particularly evil people or those who and a great wind arises. Use this to activate magical effects or tap porarily (as this is the source of their power). This functions like the normal Activation Ritual. The exception to done. Using this ability drains 12 Qi Ranks. can shape nearby forest and earth temporarily as desired for about ten minutes. The demon may (OPTIONAL) leave the binding at any time they turn their heart 4 Qi Rituals are powerful magic that use Qi energy to create a rapid and potent effect. hovers in the air and swaps bodies. ZUN FOREST SHAPING RITUAL (TN 7) HARVEST QI (TN 7) This ritual requires that the Demon Master recite This Ritual allows you to draw in another person’s prayers to local forest spirits. A demon is bound QI RITUALS in a container. This terrifying ritual is painful for both the caster porarily draining your Qi energy. This is a subtle effect that is primarily good for eluding trackers or setting PROFOUND BINDING OF THE up an ambush. To do (provided they are within seeing distance). if you have mastered Celestial Mind Technique and are Qi level 13. If this is done. come back at a rate of 1 per day (1 per hour if you make a successful Meditation roll during recovery). are mainly intended for Profound Level Campaigns and will be expanded upon in Profound Masters of Ogre Gate. This effect lasts Unlike normal Rituals. CELESTIAL MIND (TN 8) Performing this ritual is only possible if you first master the Celestial Mind Technique. They contained in. ritual dies.

the items described in this chapter are meant as a guide for you. clothing. . As always. wages. and weapons of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Use this section of the book to buy equipment. relevant trade items and transportation for your character. but players and GMs should not feel constricted by what is offered.CHAPTER 5 EQUIPMENT AND GOODS his chapter describes the currency. Feel free to create and discover new weapons and specialty items. goods.

plus 2 Strings of Cash (2000 spade coins). Librarians. as Strings. Facil. One spade can Laborer: 3 Strings typically buy a handful of grain. Monthly salaries and stipends are generally expressed These are worth 10. For example. though mostly by the wealthy or by those working for them. The base unit is the spade.000 spades. which are 1000 spade copper coins looped together with a cord. food and items. Merchant: 2 to 100 strings (varies considerably depending on business) Matchmaker: 4 Strings Military Officer: 4-7 Strings Sailor: 3-5 Strings Scholar-Officials (usually by Rank or office): 12 to 600 Strings plus grain. of material) Farmhand: 1-2 Strings Spade: This is a medium copper coin. 5 Most salaries are monthly. Paper money exists as well. Note that salaries often also include relevant clothing.000 Mu de- pending on Rank) Soldier: 260 spades (paid in food) STARTING WEALTH All characters start with a set of clothes. Weight 1 ounce.000 spades. . weapon and other item can be anything in this chapter. One Silver Tael equals 1. clothing and land allowances (200 Mu to 2. Barter is still very common in the countryside. being Academy Staff (Lecturers. WEALTH AND TAELS CURRENCY Silver Tael: A boat shaped ingot with the seal of the emperor. These come in three types: Academy Student: 5 Strings Clerk: 3-5 Strings depending on position Imperial: Large copper coin with the face of the emperor on it and a phoenix/dragon motif on the Craftsman: 4-7 Strings (depending on quality obverse. Weighs 1 ounce. STRINGS OF CASH an Academy Headmaster might receive a gift of robes A string of cash is 1000 spades strung together. unless stated otherwise. 176 CURRENCY Within the Empire and the surrounding regions coins minted by the Imperial Treasury are the stan- dard form of exchange. SAMPLE WAGES AND SALARIES Gold Tael: Similar to a silver tael but made of gold. one weapon and another item. One spade is worth 100 Liang and 10 spades are worth 1 Imperial. square in shape Household Servant: 3-4 Strings resembling a spade. Academy Headmaster: 100 Strings COINS The coins of Qi Xien are minted by the Empire. The clothing. annually as well as additional money for expenses. etc): 20-40 Strings which allows them to be looped together with a string. One Imperial is worth 10 spades. round or square with a square hole in the center ity Managers. However Taels made from a large metal weight with an imperial seal are also used.

PRECIOUS STONES 1 Silver Tael = 0.3 inches Mighty or Blunt. so you subtract that from your Heavy Melee Skill roll when you attack with one. See CHAPTER TWO: RULES. For example. Duo: 6. WEAPON ENTRY FORMAT This is the weapon entry format guide.3 lbs. Otherwise. 1d10 bonus or penalty depending on whether they have Reach Advantage or Disadvantage. That round they are subject to a clarification. Sapphire: 900 Lethal: This indicates whether the weapon does Lethal Damage or Non-Lethal.1 Gold Tael This is the value of a various Accuracy: This is how easy the gemstones per ounce in spades. For instance. and so forth. Medium. he incurs a -1d10 penalty Group: The Skill group used to wield the weapon. many Xien. and Long Range. At Long Range.000 Attacks with that weapon. Usually this is tied to Muscle.000 Attack roll. Ranged Weapon at Short Range the attacker rolls normally. Before categorized as No Reach. using a 100. If a character fails to meet the Muscle requirement. ranges of 15 can reach three squares from your character.000 -1d10. a Bian has an accuracy of Emerald: 9. Damage: This is how much Damage the weapon inflicts and indicates how many d10 to roll against Hardiness. to his Attack. Each has advantages against certain types of armor (see Armor Entries for details). char- White Jade: 35. When firing a Weapon: This is the weapon name. Reach is availability can vary from place to place. Their weapons are labeled with a type of Reach. 10 Imperials = 1 String of Cash would be your Damage Dice pool (so a character with 2 Muscle 1 String of Cash = 1 Silver Tael would roll 3d10 for Damage).000 Muscle Requirement: This is the minimum number of Ranks in Muscle a character needs to use the Pearl: 600 weapon effectively in combat. Some weapons have three numbers to represent 177 Short. They are divided according to Skill group. he suffers -1d10 to his Ruby: 3. Reach comes into play when characters close you may want to review the entry format below for in on one another. weapon is to wield accurately. this WEAPONS is just their reach in feet. he suffers a -2d10 penalty to his Attack. anything with a range of 10 can reach two Mu: 573 square meters squares/hexes away from the square/hex your char- acter occupies. Sometimes weapons add a penalty or bonus to your Diamond: 11. and Long reading the weapons descriptions or weapons chart. Reach. One Thousand Jian Sword you would add 1d10 Liangs are 1 Imperial and 100 1000 Spades = 10 Imperials to your Muscle Skill and that Liang are worth 1 spade. Closing and Reach. Normal Reach. At Medium Range. If using a grid map.6 Liters Range/Reach: This is how many feet from your Jin or Catty: 1. character your weapon can reach.Liang: This is a small copper COIN AND TAEL indicates whether you add or coin and usually has an image CONVERSATION GUIDE subtract from your Muscle to roll of Sunan on one side and Bao Damage. 5 Green Jade: 12. A plus or minus .000 Liangs = 1000 Spades on the obverse.000 acters wounded by this weapon while Incapacitated do not begin to die. This is an overview of the weapons available in Qi In addition to a Numerical Reach Value. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES Type: There are three types of weapons: Sharp. If Non-Lethal. Chi: 12.

make for your target’s Athletics roll to avoid them. one must make a success. it can be used to release a projectile or poi- soned dart. with the Fly-whisk an additional expertise must be allowing the user to parry more easily. If this is successful. Parry score. make a Damage roll against the target’s and to conceal needles (when thrown using a fan. three do 2d10. a surprise attack with them. On a Success. your opponent drops needles increase their range to 15 feet). it can be used as a weapon. two caltrops do 1d10. but is actually made from iron or similar heavy metal. It can also be used to break the case of poisoned dart). Once it lands an enclosure of silk or Techniques like Storming Needles) can throw mul. When attacking objects it does Open Damage. It feels heavier than it is and is a bit difficult to wield. but do so at and they provide a +1 bonus to Stealth if you attempt a -3d10 penalty. cloth falls to the victim’s neck. and so on. Generally it is described as being like a Caltrops can also be thrown directly at targets for circular dome or crown. penalty but this takes one full round. four do 3d10. If this who crosses over an area containing caltrops makes is successful. feet in an attack. Fly-whisks are more about swiftness than Butterfly Swords have a +1 bonus to Parry. the player must expend an expertise simply highly effective at close range. They can also be used to disarm opponents. To use this as hands and assist parrying. the user can pull the chord to behead target. your opponent drops his weapon. . lined with blades. a Success. Using a Flying Does Muscle+0d10 Damage. Anyone a Damage roll against the target’s Parry score. Butterfly Swords However in the hands of a person with the correct are equipped with long cross-guards that protect the training. where the blades then tiple caltrops at foes. they are a weapon. It is at- 0d10 Damage but doing so they take an accuracy tached to a long chain or cord and thrown onto penalty of -1d10. Though short. To disarm. it delivers a debilitating strike that stuns jectiles) or doing 1d10 Damage plus poison effect (in the target for one round. Fly-whisk (Chen Fu): This consists of a handle and a long lash of horsehair and is used primarily to dust. Butterfly Swords are to utilize its abilities. This is simply a hand fan with sharpened ful Attack with the weapon in the usual fashion. Fans also his weapon. objects. an Athletics roll against the result of your Light Melee roll. can be pulled to decapitate by the person holding their Damage increases by 1d10 for every caltrop. No one knows for sure if it has been invented for initiative. So the cord. If you make an Aimed ignited. Therefore spent. including weapons. If directed at a single target. Caltrops: These can be dispersed in a 10-foot by 10-foot To disarm one must make a successful Attack with area. For the full expertise bonus sometimes sharpened only halfway down the blade. Can be thrown up to 15 Guillotine imposes a -3d10 penalty to the Attack roll. After a Successful Attack it traps the person’s head with the silken enclosure (removing the Guillotine Divine Fire: This powder is explosive and used in requires a TN 6 Muscle roll). When used as a spear it does Muscle Bian (Hard Whip): This item looks like a bamboo +2d10 and has long reach. They provide a +1 to Parry weapons not intended for this function. onto someone’s head at close range). but none have produced any evidence of their success). power. When used in this fashion it has a range of 20 feet and uses Small Ranged Skill. Use Light Melee to place them. weapon. Removing the caltrop eliminates the (many have claimed to have engineered such a device. so they use the Speed Skill for Damage (Speed +0d10). To use a Flying Guillotine make a Medium Melee roll 178 (it can be thrown up to twenty feet but also slammed Dagger: Any short bladed weapon that is not a sword. Disarming: A few weapons allow characters to Fan (bamboo or metal): A fan is an ideal concealed disarm others. However if the powder is 5 sword with ridged sections. The following round weapons like the firelance or thunderbolt ball. Characters with enough skill (see peoples’ heads. On blades that can be used to slash or stab at opponents. this sets the TN the weapon in the usual fashion. doing 3d10 Strike with the Bian and roll a Total Success on your Fire Damage to anyone it strikes (in the case of pro- Attack roll. On failure the target steps on a caltrops and suffers Flying Guillotine: This weapon is only rumored to a 10-foot penalty to movement and -1d10 to Speed rolls exist. Butterfly Swords: Used in pairs. Characters can attempt to disarm with assist Parrying and Stealth. Fire Lance: This is a spear-like weapon fitted with WEAPON DESCRIPTIONS a shaft of bamboo filled with explosive powder (Divine Fire).

metal Light Melee Speed +1d10 None Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 275 Fire Lance Heavy Melee Muscle +2d10* Special Yes 1 Sharp and special 10/Long Reach and 700 or Small Ranged special Fly-whisk (Chen Fu) Light Melee Speed +0d10 -1d10 No 0 None No Reach* 20 Flying Guillotine Medium Melee Special -3d10 Yes 0 Sharp Up to 20 feet Special Guan Dao Heavy Melee Muscle +2d10 -1d10 Yes 2 Sharp 10/Long Reach 350 Gun (Staff ). Wood Medium Melee Muscle +0d10 +2d10 No 0 Blunt 10/Long Reach 10 Hook Sword Medium Melee Muscle +0d10 +1d10 Yes 0 Sharp Normal Reach 375 Iron Claw Arm Strike Muscle +0d10 None Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 10 Iron Hat Light Melee Reason +1d10 or -1d10 Yes 0 Sharp No Reach/10 feet 200 Muscle +0d10 Iron Thread Light Melee +0d10 Muscle +1d10 Yes 0 Sharp Up to 30 feet 100 Ji (Halberd) Heavy Melee 3d10 plus Muscle -1d10 Yes 2 Mighty Long Reach 275 Jian Medium Melee Muscle + 1d10 +2d10 Yes 0 Sharp Normal Reach 500 Kushen Sabre Medium Melee Muscle +1d10 None Yes 0 Sharp Normal Reach 350 Leg Strike Leg Strike Muscle -1d10 No 0 Blunt Normal Reach Mace. Giant Heavy Melee Muscle +4d10** -1d10 Yes 3 Blunt Normal Reach 175 Meteor Hammer Heavy Melee Muscle +4d10** -2d10 Yes 3 Blunt 20/Long Reach 300 Needle Light Melee 0d10 None No 0 None 5 feet 5 Net Light Melee No Damage -2d10 No 0 None 10 feet 10 Ox Tail Dao Medium Melee Muscle +2d10 -1d10 Yes 1 Sharp Normal Reach 400 Parasol Light Melee Muscle +1d10 None Yes/No 0 Sharp and/or Normal Reach 75+ Blunt Qiang (Spear) Heavy Melee Muscle +2d10 or None Yes 1 Sharp 10/Long Reach 230 Muscle (one handed) Rope Dart Light Melee Speed +2d10 -3d10 or -1d10 Yes 3 Sharp 20/Long Reach 200 Sleeve Blade Light Melee 1d10 None Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 450 Spade of Sun Mai Heavy Melee Muscle +3d10 -1d10 Yes 1 Mighty or Sharp Long Reach 580 Stick Light Melee Speed +0d10 +1d10 No 0 Blunt Normal Reach 1 Three Section Staff Medium Melee Muscle +0d10 -1d10 Yes 0 Blunt 15/Long Reach 175 Thunderbolt Ball Heavy Melee 5d10 -1d10 Yes 2 Mighty 15 feet plus 5 per Rank 400 (Thrown) of Muscle Triple Bow Small Bed Large Ranged 6d10 None Yes 2 Mighty 200/400/800 2000 (Ballista) Whirlwind Catapult Large Ranged 5d10 open -1d10 Yes 2 Mighty 100/300/600 3000 (30 foot area) *altered by some Kung Fu Techniques **This can exceed Damage cap by one increment (up to 7d10). Medium Melee Muscle +0d10 None Yes 0 Blunt and/or 15/Long Reach 60 Dragon Long Pole Sharp Gun (Staff ). . Short Small Ranged 2d10 None Yes 0 Sharp 50/100/150 30 Bow. Composite Small Ranged 3d10 +1d10 Yes 1 Sharp 100/200/300 100/500 Butterfly Swords Light Melee Muscle +1d10 +1d10 Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 425 Caltrops Light Melee None None No 0 Sharp 15 feet 10 Catapults Large Ranged 6d10 open -2d10 Yes 2 Mighty 100/300/600 4000 Chain Whip Medium Melee Speed +1d10 -1d10 Yes 0 Blunt or Sharp 10 feet/Long Reach 370 Crossbow Small Ranged 2d10 +2d10 Yes 0 Sharp 50/100/150 140/450 Dagger Light Melee Muscle +0d10 None Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 75 Fan. TABLE: WEAPONS WEAPON GROUP DAMAGE ACCURACY LETHAL MUSCLE TYPE RANGE/REACH PRICE/SPADES Arm Strike Arm Strike Muscle -1d10 None No 0 Blunt No Reach None Axe Medium Melee Muscle +1d10 None Yes 0 Sharp Normal Reach 430 Battering Ram Heavy Melee 1d10 per wielder None Yes 1 Mighty None 40 Bian (Hard Whip) Heavy Melee Muscle +2d10 -1d10 Yes 2 Blunt No Reach 450 Bow. Metal Medium Melee Muscle +1d10 +1d10 Yes 1 Blunt 10/Long Reach 50 Gun (Staff ). bamboo Light Melee Speed +0d10 +1d10 Yes 0 Sharp No Reach 125 Fan.


it can be used as a Sharp weapon as well as a Blunt weapon. When you score a Total Success on an Attack roll. You can attack by lashing it balls. Gun. They also have cres- cent shaped guards to assist attacks and parries. it has a Hardiness of 10 and Damage instead (includes the bonus for Total Success). except instead of ending in a point they end in hooks used for trapping weapons and tripping opponents. They have long blades like a Jian. blade for precise slashing and stabbing. These come Iron Thread: This thin metal thread is strong for its in two basic varieties. Iron Hat: This looks like a wide brimmed hat with Jian: A one-handed sword. Dragon Long Pole: This is a long wooden staff. It can also be thrown. In addition to requiring 3 Ranks in Muscle. attempts to counter attacks Damage to Muscle +0d10. If you score a Total Success made with it are done at -1d10. one with bigger balls. they do Muscle +2d10 or breaking the thread. It bestows a +1 bonus to Parry when used. The Iron credibly powerful but too heavy for most people to 181 Hat can be used more effectively by an intelligent wield. It can be used to make Restrain attempts at a Iron Claw: These long metal claws secure to the distance (under the Grapple Skill rules). For purposes of cutting on an Attack with them. It is in- Attack roll. improving thread is difficult to see. you inflict Damage on yourself. It does Reason + 1d10 or Muscle +0d10 you must have Muscle-Lift expertise to use this. Damage: Muscle +0d10. Jians provide ality it is an iron circle with a sharpened rim. Hook Sword: These are meant to be wielded one in each hand. Damage and grants a +2 bonus to Parry when wielded. Integrity of 2. opponents must make an Athlet- ics roll TN 10 or be swept to the ground (into prone position). Gun. often used by boatmen and fishermen. Its chief advantage is its reach. Because the hand and can enhance an unarmed strike. On a Total Success it does a single Extra Wound Meteor Hammer: This weapon is a chain or rope instead of adding an extra die to your Damage roll. Wooden: This is a wooden 5 staff. Giant: This is a large round metal orb (similar very difficult to wield safely. If it has a point. In actu. It is very powerful but difficult to control. if you roll all 1s on your to a meteor hammer) attached to a handle. This is a +2d10 Accuracy to Attacks. Damage: Muscle +1d10 a great concealed weapon and particularly lethal if it strikes true. one with dense but small iron width and razor sharp. Metal: This is a metal staff. with a long double-sided a hole in the middle to place on your head.Gun. attached to a heavy iron ball (sometimes two balls). wielder. It does not provide a bonus to parry but hits harder than its wooden counterpart. The Iron Hat is Mace. Hook Swords provide a +1 to Parry and can be used to disarm (see CHAPTER TWO: RULES). In both cases they are . around your foe and pulling it taught to slice their skin. It sometimes has a long metal point affixed to the end for spearing.

When such as armor. four do 3d10. the normal capping limits by up to 7d10 on their Damage roll. The Dao does an Extra Wounds instead of adding Damage dice when you get ARMOR DESCRIPTIONS a Total Success on Attack roll. heavy armor. opened. This allows it be used as a blunt only effective defense against Kung Fu attacks is or sharp. It can be used to On a Total Success with a Meteor Hammer the user deliver distance attacks but also close range and used can opt to restrain a foe with the chain or knock to parry. This weapon also gives Characters wielding the Meteor Hammer can exceed you a +1 to Parry. . you must have the Muscle-Lift Expertise. which case the penalty drops to -1d10). On a Total Success you may restrain your them back five feet (in addition to normal Damage). do 2d10. On a Successful Attack. Sleeve Blades: These are special blades fitted to metal 8000 spades 182 bracers that can be used to slice or to stab while punching. three you wish within its range and strikes everyone within a 10-foot radius so long as your initial roll exceeds their Evade. Wearer takes -3d10 Speed. they do no ARMOR AND SHIELDS Damage. Sharp weapons -2d10 Damage rolls. As long as you roll above TN with enough skill (see Techniques like Storming 6 on your Heavy Melee Skill roll it lands anywhere 5 Needles) can throw multiple needles at foes. usually for fending off and the Bonus does not count against attacks from the sunlight. While they do not do a lot of Damage. parts connected by a rope or chain. Lacquered Iron Plates: Blunt and Sharp weapons take -2d10 Damage rolls. Wearer takes -2d10 to Speed. imposing a -2d10 penalty to any Skill roll made under such circumstances. through the metal rod. On a Total 2500 spades Success you can opt restrain a foe with the rope or impale them sharply for 1 Extra Wound. Characters 5 per Rank of Muscle. While these are equipped it is Paper Scale Armor: Arrows suffer -2d10 to Damage incredibly difficult to hold other weapons and/or roll. 3000 spades tools. No Speed Penalty. If di- rected at a single target. This penalty also applies to using Dianxue Techniques that involve the hands. In addition to requiring 3 Ranks Three-Section Staff: This staff is divided into three in Muscle. It also can provide a +1d10 to Athletics rolls Cord and Plaque Armor (Ancient): Blunt and made to reduce falling damage. The Dao is a one-handed weapon. and to do lethal or non-lethal damage martial skill and Qi mastery. So two needles do 1d10. Armors afford Success. Accuracy: -2d10. It imposes a -3d10 accuracy penalty Iron Lamellar: Sharp and Blunt weapons take unless you have 2 Ranks or more in Athletics (in -1d10 Damage rolls. It can be used as a weapon and often Kung Fu Techniques or other Qi driven abilities. They do 1d10 Damage and this can be Leather Lamellar: Blunt weapons take -1d10 added to any Arm Strike related Kung Fu Technique Damage rolls. it provides a +2d10 to Evade against projec- tiles. Thunderbolt Ball: This is a ball made of bamboo with two metal rods connected to each side. their Damage increases by 1d10 for every needle. wide single-edged blade for slashing and chopping. 500 spades Damage roll. Armor in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate only protects against Mundane Attacks unless otherwise stated Parasol: This is an umbrella. Net: Nets are excellent for stopping an opponent in his tracks. extremely heavy. Wearer takes -1d10 to speed. protection from Attacks by imposing a -1d10 to -2d10 against attackers Damage rolls using specific classes Ox Tail Dao: These powerful sabres are curved with a of weapons (specified by the armor). etc. Cord is very restrictive. The ball Needles: Needles can be thrown at foes using Light is filled with Divine Fire and this can be ignited Melee Skill. On a Total armor or specific weapons in Qi Xien. It can be thrown 15 feet plus they are perfect mediums for poisons. The has a sharpened tip. Rope Dart: This weapon is a chain or rope attached 5000 spades to a sharp dart tip. Damage: Muscle +2d10. but take away two Moves and impose a Here is an overview of the most common types of -1d10 on all Physical/Combat Skills. foe (as per the Restrain rules). not material objects (depending on which part is used to strike). nets take away three Moves. In addition they provide a total bonus of +2 bonus to Parry. It does 5d10 Fire Damage. It is effective and lethal but diffi- cult to control.

in some cases. TABLE: MOUNTS AND TRANSPORTS Handling Miles/ Speed Score Integrity/ Cost / Vehicle Performance MPH/Speed Evade Hardiness Damage Day (feet/Hex) Health Spades (ft.950 Ox 5 30 MPH/1d10 (40) 40 3d10 (60/12) 5 5 3 2d10 1000 Palanquin 4 9 MPH 10 2d10 3 3 1 None 2000 to 150. Combat Shield: Parry +2. Wearer takes -1d10 to Speed. but also provides the amount of feet or hexes you can travel in a combat round.000 1d10 Horse 4 40 MPH/3d10(50) 40 5d10(80/16) 6 4 2 0d10 6000 Imperial Steed 3 50 MPH/4d10(60) 50 6d10(90/18) 6 5 3 1d10 12. 5 Evade: This is how easy your transport is to hit in combat. Speed: This is the Speed Score of your transport 325 spades. of transport can travel in a normal day. Imperial War 8 6 MPH/2d10 (70) 100 4d10 (110/22) 5 9 6 6d10 295.000 . expressed in MPH and feet per round. When someone attacks your transport. Large War 7 8 MPH/3d10(100) 100 5d10(160/32) 6 8 5 5d10 177.Scale Armor: Blunt weapons take -2d10 Damage Handling Speed: This is the speed at which your rolls. sinking or becoming inoperable. It serves as the TN for Attack rolls made against it. They use the following roll to harm its Integrity. Shields bestow a bonus to Parry and. they These are the beasts of burden.500 Camel 5 30 MPH/1d10(40) 35 3d10(60/12) 5 3 1 0d10 1000 Cart 6 30 MPH/1d10(40) 30 3d160/12 5 3 1 0d10 200 Elephant 7 25 MPH/0d10(30) 25 2d10 (50/10) 4 7 4 5d10 or 15. entry format: Integrity: This functions like Wounds for a charac- Performance Rating: This represents how easy a ter.000 Junk. This is Fu Techniques. Any handling speed of your transport or when you try a Damage beyond a transport’s Integrity goes to its risky maneuver. 4000 spades. When you exceed the handling speed.200 183 Junk. port causes one Wound to a person aboard. Miles per Day: This is how many miles your mode Wicker Shield: Parry +1. War 6 9 MPH/4d10(120) 100 6d10(180/36) 7 7 4 4d10 147. Any 10 results on a Damage roll against trans- this as your Target Number.500 Chariot 7 40 MPH/3d10 40 5d10 (80/16) 5 5 1 0d10 2. you make a Ride/Sail roll against riders.000 Kushen Steed 3 60 MPH/5d10 (70) 60 6d10 (90/18) 7 6 3 1d10 15. Evade. which serves both as the number of d10 you roll Siege Shield: Evade +3 (from Cover). -2d10 Speed Penalty. 100 spades.000 Junk.) Barge 6 3 MPH/1d10(40) 40 6d10(90/18) 5 5 3 1d10 88. When you exceed the before dying. vehicles and sea must meet or exceed its Hardiness on their Damage vessels available in Qi Xien. Integrity is the amount of Damage it can take vehicle or mount is to control. Muscle requirement 1. Merchant 5 6 MPH/2d10(80) 135 4d10(120/24) 6 6 3 2d10 106. MOUNTS AND TRANSPORT Hardiness: This functions like a character’s Hardi- ness.000 Junk. 600 spades. When you travel below the handling speed there is normally no need to make any Skill roll to control your mount SHIELD DESCRIPTIONS or vehicle. Muscle Requirement 2. when racing or chasing. transport becomes difficult to control. Like armor shields offer no protection against Kung you must make a roll to maintain control.

It has a tall neck that connects to an eight-sided body. diness for an hour. They are also usually sold in large blocks called is commanding the attack effort makes the roll. he rate. Guzheng. for ship combat where weaponry TEA is involved. inflicts 1d10 Damage. The rider or captain tasting and valued for its ability to improve health. Traditional Cup: Bronze. Traditional Cup: Jade. other Skills like Large Ranged may be Teas come in a wide variety. Traditional Cup: Wooden Horn. Damage: This is how much Damage your transport Pear Blossom Wine: This sweet wine is made in the can do when attacking or ramming. Traditional Cup: White porcelain. can try to board an opponent by using grappling called cakes or nuggets. the current and most but with a large square body. Snake Wine (She jiu): This beverage is usually made TRANSPORT AND COMBAT from fermented rice infused with a snake’s body that Regardless of the type of vehicle. Ships bricks. as when sea going vessels have Sorghum Wine (Kaoliang): This is a strong alcohol 5 weapons mounted on their decks. Those makes Attacks using his Ride/Sail Skill against the drinking it gain lost Hardiness or Qi at twice the normal target vehicle/vessel’s Evade Score. Ship combat functions like combat with other vehi- cles but there is the possibility of boarding another craft. While Horse Headed Fiddle: A popular instrument among this can vary from region to region and from one the Kushen and Kailin. It is enormously fermented sticky rice and has a heavy white appear. The guzheng is appreciated for its acter gains a +1 to Hardiness and Resolve. the Large Ranged Skill is used instead of the Sail Skill for making Attacks (always use the Skill of the character coor- brewed from Sorghum. up to 21 strings. . elegance and water-like sound. regarded as elegant. In addition. 184 It is custom to pair wine with the ideal cup. usually made from rice. popular in both Hai’an and Zhan Dao. It is pear-shaped with four Jade Wine (Chou jiu): This wine is made from strings and varied number of frets. NAVAL COMBAT Traditional Cup: Blue Porcelain. often with very elaborate used. Wounds are de. Pipa (Lute): This is a stringed instrument held in one’s lap and plucked. However each serving of Snake Wine diness similar to Normal Combat. Steeped Tea has not yet developed in Qi Xien (however boiled tea is still practiced). attacks are made steeps in the same container as the wine. First. ducted from the opponent’s Integrity Score accord- ingly. ance. spring when pear flowers bloom. In such cases normally the Captain or whoever names. You can also use the pot of tea and this is achieved by grinding it into ARMIES AND WAR rules in CHAPTER TWO: powder then whisking the tea in hot water. wine. Guzheng: This is a zither that can be of considerable When a character drinks enough alcohol to become size. These are listed below. DRINK AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS GOODS Erhu: This is a two-stringed bowed fiddle. It is two stringed like an Erhu historical period to another. the drunken character also suffers a -1d10/-1 to -3d10/- 3 penalty to all other Skills and defenses depending Guqin: This is a zither with 7 strings and. is involved. However. The neck and body are made of hard woods. There are a wide variety of wines and alcohols avail- able in Qi Xien. often based on color or other ingredients. Anyone at full Hardiness gains one point of Har- rolls his transport’s Damage against the target’s Har. like the on the severity of the inebriation. In some cases. the char. The process RULES to handle naval combat. or formed into ornate shapes and stamped. It is plucked horizontally on a surface and has inebriated the following effects occur. accepted traditional cup for each wine is listed at the end of its entry. On a Success. It is strong using the Ride/Sail Skill rules. often WINES covered with snakeskin. FOOD. A cake or nugget can make a harpoons and boarding planks. It is also divided into a number of subtypes. Yellow Wine (Huang jiu): This is a grain-based dinating the use of the weapon). It varies in color from clear to red to yellow.


000 to 4. It re- the recipient. Physician 100 per day of care Ritual Master (Novice: 1d10 Skill) 5 per rite. and is also worn by members of all social classes. They vary in quality and color but the general TN for their creation is 6. Each substance is described below. It is a jacket that is open in Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 1) 200 /day the front. quires saltpeter. For Longevity substances see Paints and Inks: These are various substances used CHAPTER TWO: RULES. Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 3) 800 /day Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 4) 2. It is given as a token of love.000+ tercourse. It Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 2) 400 /day is worn by both men and women. along smoke powder is 7.200 there for full year unless she has sexual in- Meal. 1000 spades per ritual women that is worn primarily by the Yan. Ritual Master (Priest: 3d10 Skill) 80 per rite. They Fortune Teller 10 per reading 5 are widespread among farmers but most strongly associated with the people of Hai’an. it is now worn by women of any Singer 5 per song social status during important occasions. The TN to make 186 produce. Cheap (Restaurant) 5 If placed on a woman’s skin it will remain Meal. The ingredients for it are sulfur. Mid-Quality (Restaurant) 50 . While it was once limited School Entrance Fee 1. Very Luxurious Meal (Restaurant) 1. Meal. in writing and art. blocking These are substances like dyes and inks which all visibility (treat as Lights-out Illumination require the use of the Trade (Alchemy) Skill to Penalty). Guide Inn Room (Cheap) 20 /day per Rank in Survival (+20 for relevant expertise) 10 Inn Room (Mid-Quality) 100 Gecko Cinnabar: This is a red dye made Inn Room (Very Luxurious) 1000 from the bodies of geckos fed on cinnabar. . Zhan Dao and parts Armed Escort 20 /day per armed guard of the Banyan. 4000 per ritual Kushen and Kailin. One pound of divine fire can produce a 10-foot radius explosion Seven Star Shawl: These are the traditional black that does 3d10 Open Damage to everything in its shawls of the Zun people made from lambskin.000 to Queens. EVERYDAY ITEMS AND TABLE: SERVICES MATERIALS SERVICE COST (SPADES) Beizi: This is one of the most popular articles To Accuse Someone Before a Judge 800 of clothing in Hai’an. six ounces of ALCHEMICAL SUBSTANCES smoke powder can fill a 20-foot radius. sulfur and charcoal. When ignited. They are made in the village of Xi and highly valued for their realistic relief work Smoke Powder: This substance is similar to divine depicting natural scenes and beggars. with its material requirements and the Alchemy Skill TN to produce it. area. Sects Musician 3 per song with chastity regulations frequently require their students to wear a cinnabar mark. The TN to make divine fire Xi Pottery: These yellow-glazed ceramic objects are is 9. powder but produces an obscuring smoke instead of a blast. Lover’s Bao: This is a perfumed satchel. in which case it will vanish. the radius of the blast increases by 10 feet. charcoal and sea turtle dung. with sleeve of varying length. For every additional pound. 200 spades per ritual Gugu Hat: This is a tall ornamental hat for Ritual Master (Disciple: 2d10 Skill) 20 per rite. usually made of cloth or silk with embroidery and contain. Divine Fire: This combustible is used in firelances ing herbs. primarily cups or bowls.000 /day Conical Hat (duoli): Made from bamboo Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 5) Best offer these round hats come to a point and are Armed Escort (Martial Hero Qi Rank 6) Best offer held in place by a strip of cloth or silk. and worn by or fireworks but can also be used on its own. lasting 1d10 rounds.

Ornate 150 EVERYDAY GOODS Belt. Palace 8.000+ 200 5 CLOTHING Powder.000 . Glass 300 Trousers. Cotton 170 Make-up 160 .000 Ink Stick Powder. Cotton 22 Hair Band. Cotton 100 Lantern. Paper or Silk 100 Trousers.000 liters) Hat (Guan) 100 .000 Cloud Collar (Xiapei) 300 Cauldron 400 Coat. Closed. Cotton 250 Hair Pin. Silk 340 Mirror 200 . ornamental (Lei Jin) 20 Tea (See FOOD AND DRINK) Mian (Lacquer Board with Jade Beads) 14. Cotton 222 Lantern. Divine ALCHEMICAL SUBSTANCES 15 per stick 800 per duo Phoenix Crown (Feng Guan) Winged Official Hat.400 Wrap Skirt and Blouse (Ruqun).000 (depends Gown.000 Wrap Robe. Imperial (Longpao) 20.000 Jacket.3.000 Salt 60 per pound Hat.2. Open (Beizi). Silk 300 Cricket (Champion) 5. Open (Beizi).000 Scarf. Closed.000 Dragon Robe. Cotton 80 Lantern. Silk 200 Lantern. Silk 200 Parasol 75 . Cloth (Mo’e) 10-3. Silk 160 Lantern. Silk 45 Ink Stick 15 Seven Star Shawl 500 Ink Stone 25 Shoes (pair) 45 Lantern.000 embroidered Clothing 187 Pet Cat 500 SHADOW PUPPET Pet Cormorant (Fishing Bird) 900 Average 80 Pet Dog 650 Mid-Quality 400 Pet Fancy Tail Carp 200 Very Fine Quality 3. Zhan Dao (Fotou) 2. Cotton 100 Cricket 4 Coat.000-8.000 per ounce Conical Hat (Duoli) 8 Rice 50 for 1 Duo (6. Comb 5-4. Simple 40 Blanket 50-2.1. Porcelain 10 Gown.6 Hai’an (Gaoshan Guan) 1. Silk 470 on material and quality) Jacket. Double (Chai) 50-7.000 Sash 45 Hair Pin. Cotton 100 Mortar and Pestle 60 Wrap Skirt and Blouse (Ruqun). Floral (huasheng) 100-10.000 Sandals (Pair) 25 Hair Pin. Gugu 400 Silk 2. Paper or Silk 100 Tunic. Hood (Buyao Hood) 500-20.000 per ounce Headcloth.3. Dangling (Buyao) 300-15. Silk 500 Hair Pin.000 per bolt Headcloth (Zi Man) 5 Silver 1.75.000 Hair Pin. Silk 445 Lover’s Bao (Perfumed Satchel) 50 . Simple (Ji and Zan) 20-5. Sky 150 Wrap Coat.000 Python Robe.000 Wrap Coat.200 Very Luxurious and Well-ornamented/ Add +2. Smoke 500 per duo Belt. Shadow Picture 1. Cotton 235 Hair Pin. TABLE: GOODS TABLE: GOODS GOOD COST (SPADES) GOOD COST (SPADES) TRADE GOODS HATS AND HEADRESS Gecko Cinnabar 800 per ounce Cap (Jin) 10 Gold 10.000 Tunic.000 Scarf.2.000 Torch 10 Xi Pottery 400 Xuan Paper 10 .100 Boots (pair) 80 Calligraphy Brush 12-4.000 Wrap Robe.000 Cup. Official (Mangpao) 3.

000 Naga Venom 3. Meat (Steamed) 9 Zhen Bird Venom 10.000 Tea. Vegetables 4 per dish Lotus Oil 1. Pork 15 per catty Purple Sapphire Mushroom 7.000 per dose Horse-headed Fiddle 80 Purple Spirit Venom 6.000 per stem 5 Buns (Steamed) FOOD AND DRINK 6 Water Thorn Xi Kang’s Spleen Freezing Wine 2. High-Minded Phoenix (cup) 1. Dragon (cup) 140 Red-Ro Fish Meat 2.000 per dose Pipa 112 Spiny Toad Venom 2. Sorghum 20 per cup 188 Wine. Duck 20 per catty Numinous Mushroom 12.000 per Meat. Snake 80 per cup Wine.000 Tea. Standard (brick) 1800 Tea. Beef 30 per catty Master Li’s Cure 100 per cup Meat. Dragon (brick) 25.000 per catty Tea. Menglao’s Black Tea (brick) 9. Jade Flower (brick) 126.200 for three pills Meal. TABLE: GOODS TABLE: GOODS GOOD COST (SPADES) GOOD COST (SPADES) MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS POISON (See Entries in CHAPTER TWO: RULES) Erhu 30 Cyanide 300 per dose Flute 12 Fire Poison 800 per dose Guqin 50 Hellebore 600 per flower Guzheng 100 Mandrake 1.000 per cup Meal.200 Purple Spirit Venom Antidote 400 per pill Tea. Standard (cup) 10 Tea. Noodles 12 per bowl Blue Phoenix Pills 200 per pill Meal. Menglao’s Black Tea (cup) 50 Tea.000 per cup Meal. Dongpo Pork 25 Bitter Orange Remedy 2.000 Snake Demon Antidote 900 per pill Tea. Noodles with meat 20 per bowl Celestial Spirit Pill 1.500 per cup Buns. Pear Blossom 50 per cup Wine.000 per dose Dumplings 7 HERBAL CURES (See Entries in CHAPTER TWO: RULES) Meal. Jade Flower (nugget) 4.200 Tea. Chicken 13 per catty mushroom Tea. Yellow 10 per cup . High-Minded Phoenix (brick) 180. Standard (nugget) 60 Wine.000 per cup Tea. Jade 150 per cup Wine. Menglao’s Black Tea (nugget) 300 Tea.000 per stem 1.800 per dose Yanqin 90 Viper Thorn 2. High-Minded Phoenix (nugget) 6. Jade Flower (cup) 700 Tea. Grass Carp 10 per catty mushroom Meat. Roast Duck 150 Longzhi Bone Powder 30.000 per Meat.500 per root Guzheng (Fine) 2.000 Xi Kang’s Spleen Freezing Wine Antidote 3.000 per ounce Meat.000 Yellow Phoenix Pills 150 for three pills Tea.

referring to actual places associated with the above types of people and to the vague underworld they inhabit. CHAPTER 6 THE MARTIAL WORLD JIANGHU AND WULIN n wuxia there is the concept of the Jianghu (literally “Rivers and Lakes”): the world beyond the reach of the emperor inhabited by Martial Heroes. . medicine merchants. In Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. Jianghu is strongly associated with the southern frontier called the Banyan Region. thieves. beggars. prostitutes. musicians and other perform- ers. It has both literal and metaphorical meaning. con artists.

while unorthodox sects follow the letter. DEHUA SECT Leadership: The Five Masters Allies: Heiping Temple sect 190 MARTIAL SECTS Enemies: Nature Loving Monk sect. it could just CLANS. but gen. not all belong to Wulin. They are still gotten Techniques. Characters that Many sects have existed during Qi Xien’s long history. Some sects are ates. Characters that belong to a sect have the advantage of allies and resources for training. Tree-Dwelling This section provides entries for each of the major Nun sect sects. some are religious orders and others are martial arts schools. The wars between sects and their own. 14 Priests. CULTS AND be a lingering impression based on past actions of a SCHOOLS sect or even on false rumors. 6 Bang: Martial Arts Society Sometimes sects get branded as unorthodox for past deeds or mere hearsay. but perhaps not always the spirit. The Raksha clan and the reputation but are freer to operate outside the bounds Jade Phoenix sect are two well-known examples. Pai: Martial Arts School Still all is not what it seems in the martial world. a polit. Also it does not neces- sarily denote good or evil (though sect members will In wuxia films and shows martial sect names certainly see this division in moral terms). was an ally erally speaking the unorthodox sects are more poorly of Sunan and Bao. Belonging to Wulin organizations in Qi Xien. ORTHODOX SECTS ical aim. bodyguards. or even by religion. Members are expected to be loyal to their sect and to obey senior members. Sects are HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION divided into orthodox and unorthodox sects. Note that each entry includes Techniques associated Within Jianghu is the more specific division of Wulin. There Dehua sect traces its roots to the origin of Dehua is no concrete separation between the two. likely to belong to a sect or follow a Sifu.200 (5 Masters. but they must LOST SECTS adhere to stricter codes of chivalry. Some are driven by a particular philosophy. soldiers. bandits and monks or priests who niques by training with people outside the sect. often con- in the unorthodox sects one is more likely to find fusingly and inconsistently. regarded in the martial world. Sometimes these remain in the part of the martial world and have to worry about form of legend and rumor. Those are the Techniques freely avail- which includes anyone who knows martial arts. itself and claims their founder. masters have left a trail of ruined temples and for- ciated with any particular organization. Martial sects are organized groups of Kung Fu Numbers: 1. Du Qian. There are three those willing to resort to cruelty. Members of the Wulin are also more should feel free to make new ones as needed. Sometimes sects get lauded as orthodox despite secretly using cruel methods or having aspirations that would harm the innocent. but that tend to restrict those belonging to particular sects. there are many more. ranking members). Sects each have their own hierarchy. perhaps having a Sifu. 381 others) associations or communities. This does not necessarily reflect the reality. The major difference in practice is orthodox sects tend to follow the spirit Jiao: Religion or cult and letter of the Xia code. do not belong to sects have learned martial arts on but not all survive. know Kung Fu. Du Qian was a scholar-official . able to any characters who are members (Secret Wulin literally means the “martial grove” and is Techniques require special permission from higher made up of Martial Heroes. rules and beliefs. but not being asso. with the sect. violence and trick- basic types of martial sect: ery to advance their agenda. 800 Initi- Experts and come in many forms. However are translated a number of ways. Many other sects are assumed means you know Kung Fu and are part of the culture to exist throughout the setting and the Gamemaster surrounding it. While all characters in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate are assumed to belong to the This listing of sects is not the final word on martial Jianghu. due to a perception that they are less chivalrous than the others. They can still learn other Tech- martial sects.

they are cunning schemers who look down subjects and this should be reflected by taking adequate on others for superficial reasons. The unorth- odox sects generally consider them haughty. Kick of the Swan. GOLDEN DRAGON SECT Leadership: The Six Masters 191 Allies: Mount Hai’an sect Enemies: Purple Cavern sect. and rigid codes of etiquette. 1. Grasp of the Python. They are well regarded by most of the orthodox sects. Horizontal Side- step. The ideal student has 1 Members of Dehua wear wrap coats and flat- Rank in each but they will allow anyone who demon. purifying oneself and using balanced Kung Fu to destroy all things evil (generally any spirit.000 (6 Masters. Knowledge skills. Whirling Dodge. ed to Dehua. Blade Pinch. Above all they look down upon beggars and vagrants. which it perceives in the odox sect. Calm of Sunan. Blasting Blade.200 Junior Disciples. The original purpose . loyalty to the sect. thority. “The Five Masters” manage 14 senior disciples they reject. BELIEFS They also look down upon those without formal understanding of etiquette. Southern River sect Numbers: 2. respect for wisdom. unorth. propriety. Any The sect is led by five masters who have equal au. Hands of the Hawk Beak. topped hat. By ness against evil. at their Members of Dehua are expected to study many different worst. Double Thrust. The sect for tradition. They are known for their conservatism who they believe break social custom by choice. Deep Biting Blade. Dehua hoped form of demons. Drift of the Butterfly Fish. Rejecting the emperor’s Dehua sect punishes any member who fails to display evil ways. demon or monstrous entity). (often called priests) who then manage the hundreds of junior disciples (called initiates). respect for order. At their best. absolutely rejects the use of poison or any Neigong or Dianxue Technique that is venom related. It to restore order to Qi Xien. 734 others) HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION This sect claims direct descent from Sunan and Bao and is based near Ogre Gate. Dehua sect despises evil. 60 Senior Disciples. of this order must be able to perform in at least three different martial disciplines. the Tree-Dwelling Nuns and Nature Loving Monks. not and for their embrace of the ancient class system from ignorance. TECHNIQUES Bladder Strike. Sword Stance. In particular they disdain 6 This is a sect of austere scholars and priests dedicat.during the reign of Yao-Feng. REPUTATION Dehua sect enjoys a good reputation. the Dehua sect are unparalleled in wisdom and honor. and righteous- thrown into disarray by the presence of demons. he started believed that the natural order had been personal integrity. Curing Palm. strates skill in three of the four disciplines to enter. Those who fall short will be punished by the Five Masters and be given lengthy sessions until Dehua believes in balance and therefore any member they master at least three areas of learning. Dehua only uses swords or open-handed Techniques. he fled to the Banyan region but brought the following virtues: filial piety. spirits and unorthodox sects. Three-Point Strike. Dehua is more well known for its philosophy and learning than its Kung Fu. Technique that could be characterized as dark or evil. respect the courtly customs with him to the south.

However there is hypocrisy in the sect at the upper levels. Flaming Dragon. Palm of the Dragon. of the organization was to protect the people from Lady Sapphire. They trace their lineage back to Sunan and consider this a mark of pride. . Path of the Dragon*. All Rites are acceptable. BRONZE MASTER entries in CHAPTER NINE: NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS. *While the sect has this Technique written in a manual. At the time of their found. layered shirts and layered tunics. TECHNIQUES 192 Blast of the Dragon. At the time. Since then the Purple Cavern Sect and the in the centuries since its founding it has become Golden Dragons have feuded with each other. was kicked out thirty years ago for having a physical relationship with Master Emerald. Spear Swipe. Lung Strike. BELIEFS He was allowed to remain in his position. sometimes master personally oversees 2-15 senior disciples who with vests. Rising Dragon Stance. Three-Point Strike. Presently the most influential member of the council One of the old masters of the Golden Dragon sect. in the sense of maintaining clear the movement to have her removed. Gallbladder Strike. Each boots. members of the sect keep their hair up. embracing both concepts changed her name to Lady Plum Blossom and started from Dehua and Yen-Li. Golden Dragon members are also forbidden from using ‘sorcery’. Lady Sapphire. REPUTATION The sect is highly regarded throughout the martial world. Some consider the Golden Dragon sect too ferocious in its pursuit of evil demons and spirits. All 6 in turn instruct up to 5-40 junior disciples each. and silver). Their primary focus is the protection of the world from Ogre Gate. However vanced). as well as Qi Zhao. Their Kung Fu is strong and their members are dedicated to fight- ing against evil. Members of the Golden Dragon Sect may not have a physical relationship with another sect member. Inverted Three-Point Strike. Blasting Blade. Bronze Master spearheaded extends to Kung Fu. it is occasionally enforced depending on how strict or lenient the current masters are. is the Bronze Master. jade. The masters dress in long robes. Balance the Purple Cavern sect. formed an inner circle of greats in the Golden ing the threat was Ogre Gate. judgment and mastery of one’s Qi. In practice this forms six different factions of the sect. emerald. The disciples of Golden Dragon sect wear trousers. pearl. Fluttering Kicks. MASTER EMERALD and THE Ogre Gate. sapphire. Drift of the Butterfly Fish. Spinning Back Kick. Bronze Master and Master Emerald oppression and tyranny. Sword Stance. but any Rituals the sect deems evil are prohibited. Spear of the Infinite Emperor. Calm of Sunan. but she They believe in balance. Leap of the Swan. Though an archaic and often overlooked rule. The Golden Dragon sect is led by a council of six masters (each denoted by a different color: bronze. For more focused on its original cause and now sees its the full history of these events see LADY PLUM mission as protecting the world from the return of BLOSSOM. The penalty for this can be death. Lashing Dragon. no current master of the sect is skilled enough to perform or teach it. but for years after the Dragons (with Lady Sapphire being the most ad- sect fought against injustice of all kinds. and this is deserved.

From their ranks the Chief Abbess is drawn. the village they are a religious organization. In the ensuing battle Lu Feiyan mortally wounded Kang Yin but was killed by Li Sou Chao (who also massacred the other members of Heiping Temple sect present at the time). and (named in her honor). Zhaoze sect. adhering to Dehua. killing anyone it suspects cliffs (which is the present day Heiping Temple) and of engaging in this practice. adopted daughter of Lu Feiyan. The role of Chief Abbess is important as she is expected to in- Leadership: Queen Lu Zhi struct the other members in Dehua and its beliefs. 580 Nuns. Nuns besses. was beset by many demons when Heiping. Members cannot marry or have physical relationships. After fending off the demons she erected a home in the nearby by many local Zun people). The present leader of Heiping Temple sect is Queen Lu Zhi.HEIPING TEMPLE SET is Qi Pei. When news reached Heiping. Zun Members of the sect bear the gecko cinnabar mark River gang on their forehead or arm. There her nuns masqueraded as helpless maidens in need of aid to stage an ambush. All members generation of leadership. According to legend. Li Sou Chao forsook the heroic life and consumed herself with revenge. The Heiping Temple sect is particularly hostile toward veneration of the Demon King (a spirit worshipped 6 the villagers and vowed to protect them. HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Heiping was founded centuries ago by a hero named BELIEFS Heiping who was the protector of Heiping Village Heiping Temple sect controls a nearby village. However the oldest member of the order. In truth the couple were great heroes but Lu Feiyan either failed or refused to see their virtue. who is aided by a figure called the Chief 193 Abbess. They wear wrap skirt and Numbers: 650 (1 Queen. Heiping possessed the Wind they embrace the tenets of Dehua and place partic- Sabre of Sunan. Lu Zhi. was made the new leader of the sect. manuals at the temple. who serves directly below the Queen. and Lu Zhi’s chief adviser. Junior members are referred to as nuns. In addition to the normal virtues of the Xia code. Since then the temple has been dedicated to the spirit of Heiping and her successors. took pity on They regard spirits and demons as abominations. 48 others) usually have yellow robes while higher rank members of the sect have purple robes. They are based near Heiping and their current leader is Queen Lu Zhi. murdering indiscriminately and be- coming known as the Witch of Zhaoze Zhou and still possesses the Wind Sabre of Sunan. The head of the sect is always called Queen. She decreed the couple thieves and hunted them down to the valley. They consider anyone began taking students in order to keep the village possessed by spirits to be weak-willed and un-virtu- safe for generations. while the lower senior members are called abbesses. the Chief Abbess of Heiping. Lu Feiyan’s adopted daughter. According to accounts found in ous. This is a sect made up entirely of women. Rumors came to her that a wicked couple named Li Sou Chao and Kang Yin had found the Wind Sabre of Sunan. About fifteen years ago the leader at the time was Lu Feiyan. . 20 Ab- blouse (Ruqun) with cloth head coverings. Allies: Dehua sect Enemies: Witch of Zhaoze Zhou. This however was lost by the second ular emphasis on oaths and honesty. 1 Chief Abbess. a Dehuan nun and descendent of Sunan and Bao.

Kick of the Swan. her shores of the remote Lake Hai’an on the mountain daughter. Iron Clawed Lion eloped with Lady Xiang humil. Ringing Strike of the Hand. Junghui has focused her filial piety. Jinghui. Presently the order is obsessed with reclaiming the Wind Sabre of Sunan and killing the Witch of Zhaoze Zhou. This is driven 194 City. 40 Senior leadership of Hai’an has been female but anyone can Disciples. There are only Enemy Sects: Majestic Lion Cult. Rising Swan Stance. Mount Hai’an sect is led by a single Sifu. Drift of the Butterfly Fish. Jinghui. broke all ties with Mount Hai’an and vowed revenge. When Dou Li died of poisoning. of the sect itself must take a vow of chastity and loyalty. was Though an orthodox sect in good standing. Mount engaged to the head of Majestic Lion Cult. The sect split into two branches: Mount (usually denoting their rank). Slashing Blade. propriety. REPUTATION Heiping is admired for its sword-style and open-hand Kung Fu and considered one of the more severe and stoic sects. Grasp of the Python. BELIEFS Thirty years ago. Leap of the Swan. Double Thrust. political and partly a matter of Technique. Just days before a very public ceremony in Zun evil (mainly the unorthodox sects). with senior members wearing red open daughter of a Hai’an general martyred during the coats (Beizi) trimmed in black and black lettering fall of Hai’an. the other orthodox sects. and it carries tremendous influence in the politics of the martial world. Horizontal Sidestep. They use mainly open-hand- efforts on destroying Majestic Lion and regards her ed Techniques. Above all they are known for being true 6 to their word. Ringing Strike of the Divine Ram. martial world. Graceful Retreat. Dehua sect Senior Disciple and Elder Disciple. They also always don Hai’an and Mystic Sword. Mount Hai’an sect’s Sifu. and honesty. Iron Clawed Hai’an is dedicated to the destruction of sects it deems Lion. Blasting Blade. primarily by the leader’s enmity with the Majestic iating Jinghui before all the important leaders of the Lion Cult. All REPUTATION other disciplines of the sect are ranked into one of Mount Hai’an sect is both respected and feared by four categories: Student Disciple. Since then. pressure points and Neigong. Swan Taming Strike. Junior Disciple. A vow or oath from a member of the Heiping sect is as good as gold. The headquarters of Hai’ain sect are located on the ter. . 700 Junior Disciples. the with skirts. Dou Li. TECHNIQUES Arms of Silk. dispute with Mystic Sword sect as a mere distraction. Mystic Sword sect ever three Elder Disciples at a time. Clutch of the Hawk. The division was partly conical duoli hats. Stern Rebuke of Heiping. Dou Lei (later known as Lady White Blade) of the same name. Stone Shattering Finger. The Mystic Sword branch was founded by Ju-Long’s own daugh. All members of Heiping Temple must bear a gecko cinnabar mark on their body (typically the arm or forehead) to prove their chastity. Blade Pinch. Weapon Stride. 89 others) rise to the level of Sifu. Traditionally the Numbers: 833 (1 Sifu. HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Members of Mount Hai’an sect wear wrap top robes Mount Hai’an sect was founded by Ju-Long. They believe strongly in courage. 3 Elder Disciples. Sword Whipping Strike. MOUNT HAI’AN SECT Leadership: Jinghui Allied Sects: Golden Dragon sect.

Stick of the Rising Dog. Finger Flick. Xia code. Senior monks have been in the sect for five years or more and meet with the firm approval of the current Abbot. Iron Spirit Resistance. of the Nature Loving Monk sect was persecuted.TECHNIQUES While they call themselves Abbots and Monks. Gust Monks are not a religious order. The Nature Loving Elephant Stance. They are friendly with the Temple of the Nine Suns because they share many common principles. The Nature Loving Monk sect is led by a master who uses the title Abbot (currently Huan Dai or Green 195 Beggar). Nature Loving of the Fan Blade.800 (1 Abbot. What is known is the leadership ing Dog. Stick of the Rebound- telling of the story. Rising Dragon Stance. Deflecting Canopy. The Senior Monks form a body that advises the Abbot and can command junior Monks. Spinning BELIEFS Back Kick. All other members are referred to as Monks. Golden Elephant. and Junior Monks. these Breath of Fury. Huan Dai. However these are divided into senior and junior monks. Ringing Strike of the Divine Ram. Horizontal staging a rebellion against the emperor himself. Dog Bashing homeless and poor against the ruling classes. While the orga- nization claims all beggars belong to their sect. Iron Monks never bind their hair in a top-knot and eschew Body. Reclining Stick in and the emperor Dee opposed changes with each Stance. and their actual numbers are too small to support this boast (however they are popular among beggars and among the poor). It Sidestep. Clutch of the Hawk. is considered an exemplar in the martial world. Restoring Palm. 6 Enemy Sects: Dehua sect REPUTATION Numbers: 1. They are friendly with Zhaoze sect because Abbot Huan Dai is good personal friends with Shan Lushan (the leader of Zhaoze). Tree-Dwelling Nun sect. Nine Divine Snakes. even Stick. Skull Breaking Stick. Dog Lifting Stick. Still they have more of a presence outside the Banyan than most sects and remain active in Hai’an helping defend it against the Empire. Though viewed as an orthodox sect. HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION The Nature Loving Monk sect was founded hundreds TECHNIQUES of years ago by a beggar named Dee who united the Breath of Fury. Graceful Retreat. and forced to flee to the Dai Bien Forest. Inverted Three-Point Strike. Iron Spirit. Kick of the expensive clothing. Lashing Dragon. 1. Eagle Descends Loudly. because they believe in defending the weak and helpless. They also reject wealth and uniformly NATURE-LOVING MONK SECT live a life of begging and living on the edges of society. . Stone Shattering Finger. Three-Point Strike. Whirling Dodge. Strike of the The Nature Loving Monks subscribe to the normal Diving Falcon. 12 Senior Monks. Breath of the Lotus Petal. Path is unclear exactly which time period this occurred of the Dragon. Leadership: Abbot Huan Dai (Green Beggar) Allied Sects: Zhaoze sect. 187 others) their current leader. its contempt for institutions. the Nature Loving Monks are close to a number of un- orthodox sects. Temple of the Nine Suns. Clutch of titles are used mainly by the organization to show the Hawk.600 The Nature Loving Monks are widely admired. Palm of the Dragon. except they emphasize treating others (especially the weak or downtrodden) well and with benevolence. the leaders live well outside the Empire. Southern River sect They tend to hold both Merchants and Scholars in low regard. Fluttering Kicks. Swift Rebuttal.

Whirling Blade. Drift Importantly Perfect Heaven Lineage believes in eval. Half their membership is female. Point Strike. Filial Piety. They are also knowl. hierarchy and to behave accordingly. edgeable about religion and other esoteric beliefs. which is why they like 196 to balance their order perfectly with half the members SOUTHERN RIVER SECT being women and half the members being men. White Flower Palm. sending their men and Strike. They value Righteousness. Biting Blade. Double Thrust. The current leaders are Master Zheng Liang and Lady Pei Ruomei. and Bravery. Enemy Sects: The Golden Dragon sect* Numbers: Unknown . Loyalty. Leadership: Grand Marshal Mi Allied Sects: Nature Loving Monk sect. Phoenix Star Reversal. They venerate the some of the orthodox sects consider them less than memory of Perfect Heaven Lineage’s founder Cai discriminating in who they conduct themselves with. Fluttering Kicks. who are highly regard- ed in the martial world for their courage. Shimei of Yu and venerate all the gods and immortals They are known for their sword Techniques and under Xian Nu Shen’s authority. though and is religiously motivated. Blasting Blade. For them the chief Dianxue Techniques. Deep Biting Blade. Compassion. Phoenix The Perfect Heaven Lineage sect is well-versed in many Star Strike. Members of the sect keep their hair in a topknot (some with a double pin) and wear blue wrap robes. case basis. Inverted Three- the other orthodox sects do. Horizontal Sidestep. Four-Point Touch. Bladder work diligently against him. They Whirling Dodge. In addition their mastery of virtue is for man to understand his place within this Rituals and Medicine is unmatched. PERFECT HEAVEN LINEAGE SECT Leadership: Master Zheng Liang (White-eyed Dragon) and Lady Pei Ruomei (Divine Phoenix) Allies: None Enemies: None Numbers: 250 (2 Ritual Masters. BELIEFS REPUTATION The Perfect Heaven Lineage sect derives from Yen-Li Their reputation in the martial world is good. Perfect Heaven Lineage is made up of Priests and Nuns and led by two Ritual Masters (one man and one woman). not to rush to conclusions like many of Heart Strike. Spearing Blade. Blade of the Dancing Fox. women into the heart of Zhan Dao toward that goal. The headquarters of Perfect Heaven Lineage are in 6 Hai’an where they continue to wage a campaign against the Empire. of the Butterfly Fish. Sword Rituals to help them fight evil. Finger of Supreme uating sects and other Martial Heroes on a case-by. Cavern sect gether in a circle. Kidney Strike. Slashing Blade. Fierce Strike. the other half male. Three-Point Strike. Whipping Strike. have a particular interest in the importance of the phoenix and dragon principles. 248 Priests and Nuns) HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION This is an old sect that was very active in the Empire during the reign of the previous Emperor. Nine Divine Snakes. TECHNIQUES Above all they despise the Glorious Emperor and Adaptation of the Maimed. Blind Strike. Purple Their symbol is a phoenix and dragon swirling to. Lung Strike. Liver Strike.

Grudge Bearing Sword Strike. Spear of the Infinite Emperor. junior monks. which is filled order under special circumstances. Triple Yang Strike. about 85 Allied Sects: None years ago. Monks dress in simple wrap ant member of the sect). Liver Strike. Weapon Stride. between the perfect and imperfect realm are illuso- ry. who has the title Grand Marshal. Inverted Three-Point Strike. Storm of Arrows. mainly because they are so popular with the people. Though based in southern Dai Bien. they made one exception in their distant past. a scholar was forced to flee when the conspiracy was discovered from the Era of the Demon Emperor who founded but started the Southern River sect with the purpose Qi Zhao. Below the Abbot are the senior monks and then the 6 major branches of the organization (Moon Branch. Leap of the Swan. He Sun Mai sect traces its origins to Sun Mai. A student of Sun Mai. Cap. Slashing Blade. ac- tains know only 1 other Captain. Swift Pounce of the Cheetah. While this has not resulted in much bloodshed over the years. Guang hated the corruption of HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION the new emperor and tried to overthrow him. and shave their heads. Three-Point Strike. cells of 10-20 soldiers. Shisan. they are active in the Empire. Earth Branch and Water Branch). Their founder was a former military offi. believing in waging war against the emper- or’s tyranny. military structure beginning with the leader. There is MAIDEN in CHAPTER NINE for details) in their also a position called Chief Herbalist. . Pounce of the Lion. Below (and these are each assigned to different halls in the the Generals are the Captains who govern secret Temple. TECHNIQUES 197 Drift of the Butterfly Fish. They believe the Golden Dragons use their illustrious history as an excuse to do nothing. Kick of the Swan. BELIEFS The Southern River sect is highly secretive. they see the Golden Dragons as corrupt and unwilling to uphold justice where it matters. Enemy Sects: None cial named Guang who served under the Righteous Numbers: 400 Emperor and continued when the Glorious Emperor ascended to power. each headed by a senior monk). Their code is simple: protect the weak and punish the wicked. Below the Grand Marshal are four Generals who control the four The sect is led by an Abbot (presently Yuancheng). though their Captain and some of their cell members. founded Sun Mai The Southern River sect retains some of its early Temple in the Banyan following his master’s death. the members of cepting the Iron Sky Maiden (see IRON SKY their cell and their commanding General. Storming Needles. They have an ongoing conflict with the Golden Dragon sect. REPUTATION The Southern River sect is just barely regarded as Orthodox. Horizontal Sidestep. coats with trousers while the abbot wears full-length wrap robes. by an herbalist who carries messages from the Grand Marshal to the General and acts as an adviser (in Sun Mai Temple members always dress in yellow many ways the Chief Herbalist is the most import.HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION SUN MAI SECT The Southern River sect was established in the be. Heart Strike. Members of the cells do not know anyone else within the organization except Sun Mai Temple only accepts male initiates. a religion teaching that the boundaries of killing the Glorious Emperor. Monks are organized into four ranks Sun Branch. Leadership: Abbot Yuancheng ginning of the Glorious Emperor Period.

not because they view her as some distant deity who needs placating but because they believe she is an idea that is present in Fish. practices for achieving true understanding are med- itation and Kung Fu. though they also trade for goods. Numbers: 700 (1 Abbess. Whenever they Inverted Three-Point Strike. While they will use violence Staff Strike. nations from lay people. 550 Initiates. Eagle Descends Loudly. Absorbing Palm. Below the Abbess are the nuns. its word and for being even-handed in its treatment rience Wan Mei. The Tree-Dwelling Nun sect is led by an Abbess (pres- ently Xiong-Hua. Temple to possess wealth. The monks go out in groups 107 Junior Disciples. Their child was the first Abbess of the Tree-Dwelling Nun sect. mercy. Swift Rebuttal. the Tree Spirit restored her balance and she remained its devoted spouse. Hands of the Hawk Beak. TREE-DWELLING NUN SECT Leadership: Abbess Xiong-Hua (the Ferocious The Sun Mai monks must remain celibate and can Flower) never marry. Restoring Palm. Dehua sect weapons or tools. must commit acts of violence (which they understand Kick of the Golden Elephant. Drift of the Butterfly 6 They also venerate Hen-Shi. with rare exceptions. In exchange for The chief virtues of Sun Mai are compassion. Monks. BELIEFS to beg for alms from the population. residing in hide tents and tree hammocks. the interconnectedness of all things and therefore truly understand why compassion and mercy are at TECHNIQUES the heart of their religion. They sometimes claim their order was established when a Martial Hero named Ko married a tree after she was driven mad by an imbalance of Qi. to defeat foes that pose a threat. Tai Lan’s not lose sight of mercy. Curing Palm. not supposed to kill and should only do so when all other options have been exhausted. Nuns: 3 Senior Disciples. of others. Leap is occasionally necessary). of the Swan. than kill. are considered equal to initiates. and they are not particularly concerned about the details. Encompassing Emerald of Sun Mai. They would rather work to rehabilitate an evil foe. Sun Mai monks are en. The Tree-Dwelling Nuns live in Zun Forest and are nomadic. Their pattern of movement is dictated by the spotted deer herds which . can cultivate compassion and mercy. Finger Flick. Sun Mai Sword. Clutch of the Hawk. Of all the martial sects they are probably one who has achieved this understanding can sense the most trusted. who are divided into initi- ates. The temple supports itself by do. every person and by looking to her as a model one Guiding Crashing Wave. 39 Monks) HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION The history of the Tree-Dwelling Nuns is murky. Sun Mai sect members are not allowed Allied Sects: Nature Loving Monk sect. Iron Spirit. Grasp of the Python. Their chief Sun Mai beliefs about Hen-Shi and Wan Mei. According to the teachings of Shisan. Purge Spirit. Finger of Supreme Com- passion. Iron Body. Accord- ing to the legend. Kick of the Swan. They live primarily through hunting and gathering. Nuns of 198 the sect are allowed to marry as long as their hus- bands join the order as monks. teach truthfulness and true understanding. Weapon Stride. called the Ferocious Flower). They believe these principles REPUTATION help them see through the false divisions of the Sun Mai Temple is a reputable sect known for keeping perfect and imperfect realm. Fluttering Kicks. Junior Disciples and Senior Disciples. Breath of the Lotus Petal. Spinning couraged to invoke the name of Hen-Shi so they do Back Kick. Sun Mai monks are Whirling Dodge. Triple Yang Strike. this generosity they can offer moral guidance. allowing them to expe. They may only keep their robes of the Nine Suns and borrow possessions of the temple such as Enemy Sects: Purple Cavern sect.

who each 199 issue his commands to different divisions of the cult. Jinghui sought revenge and killed Xiang one year after the wedding. and married her instead. she is in charge of roughly forty Nuns who maintain shrines and . re- ferred to as Cubs. the Nature Loving Monk sect. Numbers: 979 (1 King. Horizontal Sidestep. 1 Left Vanguard. 900 Cubs. MAJESTIC LION CULT Leadership: Iron-Clawed Lion bravery. In particular they venerate tree spirits. Since then the two sects have been in conflict as Iron-Clawed Lion seeks retribu- tion for the death of his wife. 40 Nuns) REPUTATION The Tree-Dwelling Nun sect is admired for its altru. who each command between twenty and thirty soldiers. 1 Right Van- guard. The King has two subordi- nates: Left Vanguard and Right Vanguard. Leap of the Swan. and Jinghui seeks retribution for his betrayal. Ferocious Flower’s Storming Petals. They are led by a Priestess who answers directly to the King. living in the present moment. The values of the Tree-Dwelling Nun sect include: respect for nature. The cult leader is called a King because they trace their descent from a line of royal priests who ruled over an ancient empire. UNORTHODOX SECTS AND CRIMINAL While they do not literally live in trees. and have a symbiotic relationship with the woods they inhabit. but they claim to come from a royal order dedicated to the Majestic Lion. but there is also a female wing of the cult. Trapping nuns of this organization are actual nuns.inhabit Zun forest. All these members are male. the Storming Daggers. called the Order of the Lioness. Finger Flick. Tree-Dwelling Nuns wear green TECHNIQUES wrap robes and keep their hair high in veiled topknots Blazing Net. Breath of the Lotus Petal. Jinghui. Whirling Dodge. they fre- quently travel by leaping through the branches of trees and have mastered Kung Fu Techniques that ORGANIZATIONS 6 utilize this brachiating form of locomotion. Their belief system incorpo- rates some of the philosophical tenets of Qi Zhao as well. The Allied Sects: Purple Cavern sect Tree-Dwelling Nuns are well known for bearing Enemy Sects: Hai’an sect grudges for generations. Below the vanguards are the Generals. were lovers and engaged to be married. Intercepting Arrow. Storming Needles. They belong Wind. Purge Spirit. and they worship a figure called the Majestic Lion. Tree Bounding Strike. Flight of the Hawk. 1 Priestess. HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION ism and wisdom. BELIEFS Lashing Dragon. Unlike their allies. The Majestic Lion cult developed a grudge with Hai’an sect 30 years ago when the current King (Iron-Clawed Lion) and the leader of Mount Hai’an sect. harmony of the forest. Graceful Retreat. Iron-Clawed Lion met the charming Lady Xiang. The higher one’s rank. the cloth and more elaborate the veil. and honoring grudges. the longer Butterfly Fish. Very little is known about their history. to an offshoot of Yen-Li that reveres nature and the Weapon Hunts for Food. Before the wedding. Drift of the with cloth strands. altruism. 35 Generals. as they keep what texts they hold on the subject secret. Great Stride. Tree Bounding Stride. The Majestic Lion cult originated far in the western Kushen Basin.

Majestic Lion cult members wear trousers. Iron Spirit. but will kill for some- to-day spiritual affairs of the cult and maintains the thing as small as a broken promise. Swift Pounce are fulfilled by loyal family members or friends. established the Mystic Sword sect as a Western Branch of Hai’an. 60 Flying Phantoms) offenses above what others might. Finger Flick. Spinning Back Kick. and senior members all have hats to signify their rank. There REPUTATION are few groups as feared as the Order of the Lioness. orable and true to their word. with fifteen Senior Disciples below her and many junior disciples beneath them. They are led by Lady White Blade. The Order of the Lioness manages the day. broke ties with Hai’an. the daughter of a great Hai’an general martyred during the fall of Northern Hai’an (Dou Lun). Iron Spirit Reversal. of the Cheetah. but they place great emphasis on filial piety. Dou Li’s daughter. In addition they group’s morality among its membership. and the organization is known for escalating con- flicts needlessly. Hands of the Hawk Beak. which was founded by Ju-Long. Members of the Majestic Lion cult must adhere to the code of the Xia at all times and are forbidden MYSTIC SWORD SECT from marrying outside the cult (this rule is recent). Breath of Fury. sacrament. Gaze of the Lion. Grasp of the Python. in the Banyan region. Lion at Rest Stance. Members all wear the same style robes (with the ex- 200 ception of very high ranking disciples who have more choice in the matter). TECHNIQUES Absorbing Palm. 584 revenge. Fierce Strike. Kick of the Golden souls after death and have elevated the grudge to a Elephant. Roar will be reborn as a lesser creature unless their grudges of the Lion. She died of poisoning. who eliminate the organization’s enemies in gruesome displays. which is dedicated to the spirit of General Dou Lun. De- BELIEFS flecting Canopy. So they are hon- HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION The Mystic Sword sect was once a branch of Hai’an sect. Temple of the Nine Suns they strongly emphasize honoring grudges with Numbers: 660 (1 Master. Initially these are pure blue. and it was rumored members of Hai’an were responsible. tunics and head-wraps. All members of the sects wear their hair long. When a person dies they believe he or she Mighty Paws of the Lion. Pounce of the Lion. Majestic Lion cult has one of the worst reputations They know many Techniques outside the Cult’s rep. They also elevate minor transgressions and Junior Disciples. 15 Senior Disciples. Iron Spirit Resistance. Lady White Blade (Dou Lei). Stone Shattering Finger. They regard the lion as a caretaker of ing Kicks. Curing Palm. are also highly trained assassins. Ju-Long’s daughter (Dou Li). Mystic Sword sect is based in Mystic Sword Temple. Only Lady White Blade is allowed to wear pure white robes. Leadership: Lady White Blade jestic Lion cult is known for its ferocity and cruelty Allied Sects: Heiping sect in battle. Ma. temples. They adhere to the code of the Xia except Enemy Sects: Hai’an. Flutter- 6 The sect worships a figure called Majestic Lion and believes in an afterlife that is divided between paradise and rebirth. Majesty of the Lion. People fear their religion ertoire and actively steal them from other sects. Motto: Killing can be merciful They are the sworn enemies of the Hai’an sect. . and as they advance they change into robes that are increasingly white and until their robes are finally white with blue trim.

They have a very simple structure. the Enemy Sects: Golden Dragon sect. Spearing Blade. time she was one of the six Golden Dragon masters and known as Lady Sapphire but fell in love with Master Emerald. Grudge Bearing Sword Strike.Mystic Sword has a special wing devoted to elimi. The Purple Cavern sect dwells in a cavern and tunnel They seek the destruction of Hai’an sect. Horizontal Side Step. They emphasize loyalty and honoring twin aim of living up to the true ideals of Sunan oaths above all else. with the that code. removal of the Empire from Hu Qin (formerly North. Weapon Hunts for Food. TECHNIQUES Blade Pinch. They also venerate the 4 Junior Sifu who answer directly to her. Maiming is a common punishment in forced out of the Golden Dragon sect for having the sect. Blasting Blade. She changed her name to Lady Plum Code and its highly punitive reaction to breaches of Blossom and started Purple Cavern sect. Tree-Dwelling Flying Phantoms are scarred to varying degrees by Nun sect sword blades (many severely). the Mystic Sword sect is not a religious organization. followed by complex at the base of Mount Rong (Rong Shan). Beneath their masks. HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Lady White Blade is particularly harsh with all dis. They hold Hen-Shi in high regard. Weapon Stride. Bao and General Dou Lun and reside at a temple. PURPLE CAVERN SECT nating enemies and responding to grudges. REPUTATION Respected but considered overly zealous and inflex- ible. Grace- ful Retreat. The sect is led by ern Hai’an). The Purple Cavern sect was established by Lady ciples who fail to live up to her expectations and the Plum Blossom thirty years ago when she was sect’s code. . Lady White Blade Numbers: 540 (1 Sifu. 4 Junior Sifu. It can be described as an unorth. Whirling Dodge. Slashing Blade. Though they venerate Hen-Shi. Some are puzzled by their has 10 Senior Disciples who in turn each command lethal tactics and their devotion to Hen-Shi. Sword Whipping Strike. 495 Junior Disciples) their face with her jian. Slicing Blade 201 of the Flying Phantoms. Phantom Phoenix Sword. means she holds one in high regard. Dragon masters. She has also revere Sunan and Bao. 40 Senior punishes the Flying Phantoms for failure by slicing Disciples. Lady White Blade’s Bursting Charge. but they explain it by labeling certain killings and deaths a form of mercy. Lady White Blade is sometimes called the White Thunder for her fierce temper. Each Sifu spirit of General Dou Lun. Their definition of mercy killing is exceptionally broad however. Lady White Blade thinks she is the rightful descen- dent of Hai’an sect and by extension Hai’an itself. Sunan. The Golden Dragon sect ejected 6 BELIEFS her from their order but allowed Master Emerald This order is known for its rigid adherence to the Xia to remain. These Leadership: Lady Plum Blossom are the Flying Phantoms. Swan Taming Strike. Majestic Lion Cult in black and white robes. At the disappoint Lady White Blade. Flight of the Hawk. Her reputation and the sect’s are one and the same. and a single Sifu (presently Lady Plum Blossom). who wear masks and dress Allied Sects: Southern River sect. and almost a mark of honor because to a physical relationship with a fellow Sifu. and Bao and exposing the hypocrisy of the Golden odox sect that regards itself as supremely orthodox.

but also their firm belief in righteousness. and will often go to extreme lengths to rectify wrongs committed against villagers and farmers in their area (which has made them 202 enormously popular with the local population). the Infinite Emperor. They consider themselves one of the more honorable sects even though they believe poison use is entire- ly acceptable to advance their ideals and goals. but they detest the hypocrisy they believe infests the martial world. in high regard. They have also largely rejected Dehua in favor of Yen-Li principles. none of her disciples are ordained. bravery and rec- iprocity. She also pays close attention to character. Three-Point Strike. conflict with the Golden Dragons). . Plum Blossom Palm. Lady Plum Blossom has favored ed and feared by their enemies. Their organization is spread REPUTATION throughout the Banyan region. I am the Arrow. favoring those who demonstrate consistent principles. Though he is not a member of the sect. In- 6 the Plum Blossom Seal. Rising Dragon Stance. BELIEFS The Purple Cavern sect is still devoted to the memory and ideals of Sunan and Bao. the hero Iron Dragon guards their head. Venom of the Fly-whisk. Purple Cavern sect is noted for their use of poison and their secretive ways. but considered un- Xiu. but concentrated in While the local population holds Purple Cavern sect the area near the Purple Caverns. They take justice into their own hands. They are respect- Of the Senior Disciples. Spear of over all Senior Disciples. Lash of the Fly-whisk. The Plum Blossom Seal gives authority verted Three-Point Strike. Nine Divine Snakes. Drift of the Butterfly Fish. Heart Strike. Choking Lash of Occasionally Lady Plum Blossom bestows one of two Lady Plum Blossom. Naga Palm. particularly among the downtrodden. her personal body guard. Junior Disciples. The Phoenix Seal gives anyone who holds it authority over all Junior Disciples they encounter. Though Lady Plum Blossom regards herself as a Yen-Li nun. For more information see PURPLE CAVERN SECT HEADQUARTERS in CHAPTER EIGHT: PEOPLE AND PLACES and LADY PLUM BLOSSOM in CHAPTER NINE: NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS. seals to trustworthy disciples: The Phoenix Seal and Flaming Dragon. altruism. Sword Stance. Blade Pinch. the orthodox sects consider them wicked (largely due to their poison use and their The highest rank Junior Sifu is a woman named Sun. TECHNIQUES quarters and is personally loyal to Lady Plum Blossom. When accepting new students. Members of the sect wear black or purple robes and senior members wear hats or headdresses to denote rank. Blast of the Dragon. Breath of the Lotus Petal. Blood Letting Thorns. who she treats like a daughter and who serves as trustworthy and aggressive. Palm of the Dragon. They place particular emphasis on reci- procity and helping the weak obtain revenge for grudges. Lady Plum Blossom looks for people who are well rounded (meaning they can perform Techniques in each of the four martial disciplines).

object called the Golden Disc. Hands of the Hawk Beak. The group developed a following of 6 brigands and Red Claw’s generosity toward his fol- lowers made him a popular leader. recording it in detail and Firelance Brothers are unpredictable and often take meticulously archiving an extensive collection of things into their own hands. who became important parts of his organization. They once Strange Phoenix are fair and true to their word. Lash of the by a single leader. serving is an exception to this however. Guiding the Crashing Wave. 499 Disciples) REPUTATION HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Red Claw gang has a reputation for cruelty to those Established during the Era of the Five Kingdoms. Red Claw Strike. Red Claw is the leader. and others). Drift of the the sect to forget all that came before. Butterfly Fish. BELIEFS TEMPLE OF THE NINE SUNS The Red Claw Gang has few beliefs worth noting. Iron Spirit. The structure of the gang is quite simple. Red Claw spent years working as a killer and thief for various people (corrupt offi- cials. Many choose to go bare-chested and dress in ways that emphasize their physique. Numbers: 500 (1 Chief. local gang leaders. The Firelance Brothers serve below Strange Phoenix and often lead up to 20 men each. Spear Swipe. Strange Phoenix is his right hand and in charge of matters requiring diplomacy or intelli- gence (she often serves as the legitimate face of the organization). They are presently ruled Spirit Resistance. Red Claw) Allied Sects: Mystic Sword sect Enemy Sects: Golden Dragon sect Numbers: 44 HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Very little is known about the gang’s origin. he burned their library and instructed Blasting Blade. The structure of the Temple of the Nine Suns 203 zontal Sidestep. Eventually he met the Firelance Brothers and a woman called Strange Phoenix. while Red Claw and closely with many rulers and emperors. Mr. Nature ing their wealth at the expense of others. books on the subject in their temple. Iron changes with each age. There this sect has a long and glorious history. Laughing Fox re- cently developed a sudden interest in the Wind Sabre of Sunan and the Phoenix Crown of Bao.R ED CLAW GANG Leadership: Red Claw Demon (Mr. Mystic Sword sect* they do believe in loyalty to the gang. the knew this history well. Leadership: Laughing Fox They are a criminal organization devoted to increas. Heiping sect to believe they are true to their word. The leader of Fly-whisk. Clutch of the Hawk. Tai Lan’s the Temple of the Nine Suns always possesses an Staff Strike. Allied Sects: Tree-Dwelling Nun sect. Iron Foot Stance. However Loving Monk sect. Hori. It is believed that Red Claw was once a student of Yanshi but proved impossible to control and so ultimately rejected by the master. His desire to possess the former has brought him into conflict with Mystic Sword sect and Heiping . Red. However when their last leader realized the 7th age was upon them TECHNIQUES (see below). Members of the gang are free to dress however they want. Laughing Fox. who resist but fairness to those who capitulate. First Fist of Yanshi. Iron Spirit Reversal. and they like Enemy Sects: Mystic Sword sect*.

Kidney Strike. Eagle Descends Loudly. There is disagreement over which age is the current one. While they will occasionally invoke it. Triple Yang Strike. by most of the other unorthodox sects. each age cloth caps. Curing Cherry Blossom Palm. the sun god. Members of the sect may dress however they wish. They are technically enemies. There is no real hierarchy. appear to have the least respect to the Xia code. even though Laughing Fox is personal friends of the arts was also strong. Iron Body. code only matters when Shan Lushan says it matters. with Lady White Blade. Nothing else matters to them. So their members tend toward the unruly. ZHAOZE SECT Leadership: Shan Lushan Allied Sects: Zhe Valley Sect Enemy Sects: Unclear 6 Numbers: 33 (1 Sifu. Trapping Wind. Inverted Three-Point Strike. Clutch of the Hawk. *The sect’s relationship with Mystic Sword sect is complicated. TECHNIQUES Absorbing Palm. Iron . but the leaders are personal friends. Lushan is acknowledged as Sifu and all his disciples must obey his orders. Shan dress in clothes comfortable for travel and fighting. Today Zhaoze is based on Zhaoze Island. Calm of Sunan. Hands of the Hawk Beak. First Song of Palm. Age of 7th Sun is one of indulgence and individuality. wrap robes and (in the case of men) grow demands a different approach to life and war. But Shan Lushan was discriminating. he simply killed. Fluttering Kicks. The long beards. than any group. Gallbladder Strike. He devised a fierce system based on internal strength and attracted many who wanted to follow him. Shan Lushan. Breath of Fury. Restoring Palm. at worst they destroy law The Zhaoze believe in the supremacy of the arts and and order. Known for his exquisite verse and superb Kung Fu. but left for the Banyan Region twenty five years ago to devote himself to the arts and to Kung Fu. Har- Guiding the Crashing Wave. Three-Point Strike. Curing Palm. He is known for his cruelty BELIEFS but can surprise people with sudden compassion The Temple of the Nine Suns believes in nine ages. most disciples emulate Shan Lushan and dress in According to their system of thought. Those who failed to please. Zhaoze sect is feared. Venom of Zhaoze and Little Venom. They. the They venerate Xang. more fighting without weapons. or insight. symbolized by suns. Happy Strike of Laughing Fox. and considered evil even worthy but clever and resourceful. 204 REPUTATION REPUTATION Most sects consider Temple of the Nine Suns untrust. and only taught those whose knowledge and mastery sect. monizing Strike. Great Stride. but the majority holds we are in the Age of the 7th Sun. 30 Junior Disciples) HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION This is a recent sect that grew around a single master: Shan Lushan the Poet. Breath of the Lotus TECHNIQUES Petal. Shan Lushan was a former aristocrat in Li Fan. but Zhaoze sect are allowed to dress how they want. and is a however most choose to leave their hair down and very small group. At best BELIEFS they eschew convention. No one trusts them. Inverted Three-Point Strike. sometimes called days. Their Kung Fu focuses on Neigong and Kung Fu.

Storming Needles. Mighty Paws of the Lion. Spinning Back Kick. Iron Spirit Reversal. Kick of the Golden Ele- phant. Viper Thorn. Three. who is the protector of Zhe Valley. Trapping Wind. 205 Zhe Ling leads the sect as Chief. but had to destroy Canyon sect. but their leader continues to dabble in its politics. 427 others) HISTORY AND ORGANIZATION Zhe Valley sect was established thirty years ago by Zhe Ling. Zhe Ling used sorcery to enchant the former head of Canyon sect and turned him into the Green Guardian. Before that time there were four sects in the valley (Canyon Sect. but treats his friends very well and loves animals. They defeated Zhe River sect and secured their loyalty. Pounce The Zhe Valley sect values loyalty. A fourth. 400 Junior Disciples. Naga Palm. all Zhe Valley Techniques require a vegetarian based diet. Point Strike. . ZHE VALLEY SECT Leadership: Zhe Ling (The Gentle Demon) Allied Sects: Zhaoze sect Enemy Sects: Tree-Dwelling Nun sect Numbers: 916 (1 Chief. BELIEFS Zhe Ling. He is followed by his 13 Master Scholars who in turn command the senior and junior disciples. His fondness for the arts has created a lasting friendship between Zhe Valley sect and Zhaoze sect. knowledge. Zhe Valley sect claims to have retreated from the martial world. Some dress in the manner of the Zun. Spirit. Zhe Ling recently seduced and married a member of the Tree-Dwelling Nun sect. rity. filial piety. regarding the other sects as pawns in a grand chess match. and Zhe River sect). causing a feud. manages affairs of conflict. called the Master of War. Three of the Master Schol- ars have the special duty of managing the villages in the area. Zhe Ling united Viper and Water Thorn and waged war on the other two sects. 13 Senior Disciples. Because of this. Most members of the sect wear black and green silk wrap robes and long coats or beizi. the Gentle Demon controls Zhe Valley sect. etiquette and a strict adherence to a Swift Pounce of the Cheetah. vegetarian diet. Zhe Ling is called 6 the Gentle Demon because he is capable of endless cruelty to his foes. the Gentle Demon. integ- of the Lion. Water Thorn. He is a master poet and a great painter. 13 Master Scholars. According to legend.

They are widely feared killers. not widely known to the Moon they are known to perform mass sacrifices. Iron Foot Stance. Intercepting Arrow. the client must present clear evi- formats reflect their more mysterious nature. Rain of Arrows. Double Thrust. 8 Priests/Priestess and 1 High Priestess. 29 Senior Cult. practitioners who practice martial arts that require inebriation. They stayed inside the remains of Yao Gong. They are descendants of Bao’s disciples To join the Demon Moon cult one must cut off a who have sworn to live reclusively deep inside Yao Gong finger or toe (they are obsessed with the number 9 Palace’s underground tombs. Mostly they are wanderers the Hawk Beak. Bao and Sunan originally joined their sects See JADE PRIESTESS entry in CHAPTER NINE: into the Dragon-Phoenix Sect. martial world. 1 Sifu. only leaving on occasion to get supplies or when a dire situation required outside information to resolve. unified.  Their organization is murky at best. who occasionally meet together in taverns. Zhe Valley Blade. Iron Spirit Reversal. The sect has laid a members of the cult to strike you once each with a number of traps to prevent intruders. There they serve as guard- for some reason and consider 10 a moral imperfec. Zhe Valley Fist. REPUTATION FISTS OF QI ZHAO Zhe Valley is not looked upon well by the other sects. Spearing Blade. FIVE FINGERED ASSASSINS This highly secret organization does the dirty work of the martial world. 6 STRANGE CULTS known for carefully planning their attacks. prom- ising to keep from the world. of the sect were Dragons and the females Phoenix. . being led by a AND SECRET SECTS leader called Toad-Faced Evil (who is rumored to be a former member of Demon Moon cult). Weapon Stride. The male members NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS for more details. The Fists of Qi Zhao are a group of reclusive Qi Zhao Zhe Ling is viewed as a sorcerer by the other masters. Iron Spirit. Flight of the Hawk. Their entry must be a just kill. ered bad luck and not permitted to join. ists. Breath of Fury.  This highly unorthodox sect reveres Yao-Feng and embraces all demons. they have been paid everything from a handful of spades to small fortunes. Evil is capable of great cruelty but only allows his inal groups. It holds some unusual views. Anyone already missing a hand is consid- Numbers: 99 (60 Junior Cultists. Drift the three teachings of Master Jiu: drink. Hands of contemplate Wan Mei. fight and of the Butterfly Fish. They recruit secretly and keep their nine strikes. They believe that the perfect realm can TECHNIQUES be attained only in a drunken state and they follow Blasting Blade. This ceremony allows the nine strongest numbers small to avoid detection. 15 Nuns) moral good) and that the act of killing can slowly turn you into a god or immortal. PURE PHOENIX SECT believing that death is a kind of liberation for the Leadership: Abbess Jing-Mei uninitiated (so killing non-believers is considered a Membership: 17 (1 Abbess. read by the Gamemaster. They are just examples as there are many disciples to take contracts that meet three criteria: it such organizations throughout the world. hard whip or similar weapon. These dence of a wrong-doing by the target. The only way to leave the cult is to take the Demon Emperor. 1 Lord) All members are adept at poison use. Their symbol (and weapon of choice) is the hard whip. As result of these rules. Toad-Faced These are smaller martial arts organizations or crim. and the price sects contain hidden information and should only be should be one quarter of the client’s present wealth. It is led by Lord Moon who commands the Pure Phoenix Sect and Golden Dragon sect were once 206 Cult through his second in command: Jade Priestess. During the Demon Pure Phoenix is a hidden sect.  DEMON MOON CULT Leadership: Anzhi (Lord Moon) The initiation process for joining the Five Fingered Allied Sects: Unclear Assassins is severing one’s own hand before the other Enemy Sects: Unclear members. bound to protect the world from the return of The tion). If you survive you may leave. ians.

so 6. The sect is lead by an ZUN RIVER GANG This is a ruthless group of brigands who extract abbess. leading the king to believe they are his devoted servants. Some nuns protection money from the local population and raid are designated as Sifu of the sect. Use your life to protect Yao Gong and House of Paper Shadows. The chief stays at the Ornamental Pearl in Sifu Caiyun is the most influential. al history better than others). Do not hesitate to kill evil in this respect. their true purpose is to serve the Empire. They must play a very delicate game 4. the leaders of the SOCIETY OF LEATHER SHADOWS Dragons abandoned Yao Gong to go into the world Leadership: Director Long Shisan (this is a secret only members of this sect know). which means they must oc- 5. They meet every On the surface they became known as the Golden ten days at the Shadow House south of Lu Hai in Dragon Sect. Venerate Hen-Shi. The rules of Pure Phoenix Sect are simple: LEATHER SHADOW PUPPET and SOCIETY OF LEATHER SHADOWS AGENT entries in CHAPTER TEN: THREATS AND MONSTERS 6 for more details). 207 . Disciples of Pure Phoenix Sect wear blue robes. The reason for this rule is to help as a surface for them to materialize upon (See maintain the secrecy of the sect. 7. This is all merely a charade of course. The hierarchy is monastic. Goddess. Do not lie inside the Empire. who in turns commands nuns. The Members: 400 (100) agents reasons for their departure are unclear but the records Areas: Hai’an. Jiangnu. Do not engage in sexual misconduct casionally land serious blows against the Glorious Emperor. Its paper walls are used de- would be given the choice of joining them or being fensively with its Leather Shadow Puppets serving put to death). The Enlightened they can secretly achieve the Empire’s objectives. and greatly admire her (they also know her person- ternal energy and lightness kung fu. The Shadow House is an earthen round the name Pure Phoenix Sect and vowed to kill any house and sort of headquarters/shadow play school men who entered the halls of Yao Gong (women for the organization. They are led by Frowning of Pure Phoenix Sect is Abbess Jing-Mei. Eagle.After the first hundred years. in. Hu Qin and Li Fan in Yao Gong indicate a dispute between the two groups preceded the decision. prevent the return of the Demon Emperor In truth it is a double-faced secret agency. Do not eat meat they were established to assist the King of Hai’an in rooting out his enemies and assisting allies 3. The remaining female disciples took Hai’an. While the formal name for the organization is The Society of Leather Shadows most know them by their colloquial name: The 1. While 2. Next to her. Only leave Yao Gong with permission from Abbess. The Dragons were On its surface this is an organization for shadow most likely lured by the promise of wealth and luxury. The Zun River gang is loyal to Li Sou Chao (the Witch of Zhaoze Zhou) The martial arts of the sect focus on swordplay. The present leader traffic along the Zun River. play performers and enthusiasts. Sunan and Bao Their leader is Director Long Shisan. Bouzhou where he has a room.


or Imperfect Realm. In its broadest sense. CHAPTER 7 THE WORLD OF QI XIEN HISTORY. CUSTOMS AND​ COSMOLOGY i Xien is where Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate takes place. To the people of Zhan Dao and Hai’an. strange and unusual. At least this is the more conservative consensus one finds among adherents of Dehua. but has a broader connotation of “the world” as well. not governed according to the principles of the perfect realm. The word describes both the world and the Daolin regions contained near the Zhan Dao Empire. Anything beyond Zhan Dao and the Banyan is regarded as uncivilized or at the very least. Qi Xien refers to the land stretching from the Yu River to Zun River. the predominant system of thought in the Empire and in Hai’an. RELIGION. it simply means the realm of man. .

but references to the Compassionate Daughter. but no written records were left Dynasties: Hao Dynasty during this time to inform future generations. Jin Se Dynasty. covering the Banyan region.000 years and moved as far as the Yu River. Ban Dynasty and Qi Zhao-ao Dynasty Eras are important because they are associated with the incarnations of the sun god Xang. however sometimes eras are declared in hindsight. began his reign by expanding north. though it has changed in details the end of this period that mankind was created. PEOPLES AND PLACES. When she was finished. . These are not necessarily the same as Dynasties. (the Jing. This is when Dehua first emerged and when Qi Xien as a concept truly emerged. Dynasties: Lin Dynasty. It begins with a Length: 1100 years quick overview of the world’s history. The Huang Empire covered the land from information on the cultures. as well as a small Suk state chapter. who took the form of internal progress. the world was created by the will a time of great stability. Its northern borders Qi Xien. This was 210 According to myth. a great. This chapter includes information on life in Qi Xien E RA OF THE HUANG DYNASTY and its cosmological assumptions. In some passionate Daughter would be known as Year 50 of cases the records have been lost. Its southern borders were threatened by the Suk. year one (1) anew and continuing until it ends. the Hai and the Daolin). This creates a cycle of years. For example Length: 800 years the Dao Dynasty is split into two eras. growing centralization and of the Goddess Xian Nu Shen. she shed her skin and from this came the five dragons and phoe- nixes of creation. It was toward Hao put into place. over the years. who eventually formed kingdoms and then were united by Emperor The next chapter. It also witnessed another THE ERA OF CREATION expansion. Typically Eras are the original sources still exist. after which Qi Xien was originally inhabited by warring people customs and daily life are detailed. PRE-HISTORICAL ERAS ERA OF THE GREAT EMPEROR These eras are known through oral legend and frag. Length: 600 years ments of evidence. feathered serpent carving rivers with her winding body. dent kingdom). provides Huang. The basic structure of government that This is when the world was formed. Chezou and Tung. along the Southern Fei River. which were all along the Chezou River. At which point a new era begins and the count goes HISTORICAL ERAS back to one. These eras all benefit from written accounts. as Emperor Hao conquered Mu Turen Length: 10. driving the Yu into Yan territory. followed by descriptions of religions and deities. Little is known for certain about Emperor Huang or his successors. largely remains to this day. A single ERA OF THE THUNDERING MARCH Dynasty can encompass several eras. This era also saw the rise of the Yu dar see THE CALENDAR AND TIME later in this and the Yan in the north. Xian Nu Shen so adored their beauty she wept and humankind sprouted from where her tears touched the earth. with each era beginning with the most believe the basic elements of Qi Xien culture were established. Emperors are The first written accounts of Qi Xien record the acts expected to announce new ages when the time has of Emperor Lin. who started a new dynastic line and come for Xang to change form. but it is during this period that THE CALENDAR 7 Dates are organized according to eras. with a more detailed gazetteer specifically were threatened by the kingdoms of Mu Turen. conquering Chezou and Tung (Mu Turen remained an indepen- For information on months and the lunisolar calen. So fifty years into the Era of the Com. declared by the Emperor or ruler of the time. states and locations in the Fei River to the Yao Yun Sea.

7 211 .


led an army of ogres against the Hen-Shi Golden Dragons. it also Sunan became a mighty Golden Dragon Guardian. Out of this turmoil a new faith braced the traditions of Dehua as well as the innova- was embraced by the population. ERA OF THE DEMON EMPEROR Yao-Feng was defeated. actually the Compassionate Daughter who descend- ed to the throne but most consider that a myth. It was the Cult of tions of Yen-Li and the merciful teachings of Hen-Shi. Emperor Chanku was a man by the name of Sunan was the first to utilize killed by an assassin and his heirs slaughtered.ERA OF THE COMPASSIONATE at this time. Palace. Sunan and Bao waged war Empress Hen-Shi was succeeded by her sons and the against Yao-Feng. joining their two sects together. Length: 300 years Dynasties: Hen-Shi Dynasty In the sixtieth year of the Era of the Demon Emperor. powerful demons to Ogre Gate (Yao Gong). The first of the Yen-Li shamans appeared . Qin. The entity. The last of the Hao emperors. who were based near Yao Gong Dynasty and began a cruel reign. but had not flowed dition they began continued and many of their former so freely through the world. Another great hero to emerge at this time was. She was so widely adored that the first ruler of the new dynasty assumed her name. These rival orders involved themselves in the ongoing war. Hai’an. The first sect was the Feng. the Ogre Zhehu escaped but was captured and imprisoned by the remaining disciples of Sunan. having lived without knowledge of it for thousands Though Sunan and Bao were gone. his enemies disciples and students. the south. To this day some believe it was lovers and married. However something sacrificing themselves as couples to establish lesser occurred toward the end of the Hen-Shi Era that guardian lions throughout the Jian Shu region in would forever change Qi Xien. Later. Bao and Sunan each had their own sect. plants and man. Dynasty: Guo Dynasty Nine hundred and ninety four years ago. each 213 With the arrival of Qi. In their final days they drove back only ruling empress until the Era of the Dutiful State the Demon Emperor to the ethereal palace. Qi for fighting. Another early sect was Dehua. some realized Qi could be harnessed for different purposes. eventu- (there had always been and continued to be dowager ally sacrificing themselves to create a powerful seal. to Chezou. which venerated the compassionate daugh- ter of Xian Nu Shen. but this was the first time an Empress the Golden Guardians. Bao became a magnificent Golden Phoenix Guardian and This was also a period of peace and stability. but without Sunan and Bao Length: 100 years to guide them the provinces descended into conflict. When tor and see the different styles that developed over he attempted to purge his government of perceived the years as representing the paths of his various corruption with a string of executions. something ERA OF THE FIVE KINGDOMS appeared in the Banyan Mountain range: a spectral Length: 120 years palace that radiated glowing energy. Bao. attempting to control the spirits and the DAUGHTER magic through rituals. breaking into five events the people of the world knew nothing of Qi. an Kingdoms: Li Fan. Hai’an. When also disrupted the natural cycle. It existed prior to this. causing those who died to oc. disciples started new sects. Soon after. After a brief feud the two became 7 Empress Hen-Shi. Hai’an was forced to concede and give tribute casionally return as spirits. saw improvements in irrigation and the growth of Many of their most devoted disciples did the same. Prior to these The Empire collapsed once again. the martial tra- of years. Hen-Shi. This trying to impose its philosophy on the region by potent substance breathed new life into the land. supporting sympathetic states. Hu Qin. For the next forty years. canals to improve commerce. It Chezou and the Golden Dragons with Hai’an. called Yao. building an elaborate system of Tech- Chanku was inflexible and devised a rigid system of niques called Wu-Sunan. Hu Qin. piercing the barriers Chezou formed an agreement with Li Fan and Hu between the realms. the landscape changed. Chezou and Yu entity emerged and with him the wave of powerful energy that would later be called Qi. Sunan was practical and em- united against him. Chezou. Though it brought chaos. Yao-Feng’s right vanguard. to bind Yao-Feng and his most officially ruled in her own right). who attracted her own following. Wandering Heroes laws based on Dehua. empresses. His aim was to embody the and their sects would look to Sunan as their origina- will of the perfect realm and of Xian Nu Shen. Dehua allied with lending its powers to animals. kingdoms: Li Fan. and Yu.



He then pressed all the way 7 sects. Targa alliance. but the last ruler of the dynasty. perhaps the Length: 140 years strongest mind to sit on the imperial throne. This was due less to military prowess the south the Suk and Harpa warred. When he ascended to rulership. For the to the North West and continued until they took first time in ages. Chai Yun came to dominate the Empire was ruled by a single person. . ERA OF THE TWO KINGDOMS ERA OF THE NORTHERN HORSERIDERS Length: 223 years Length: 64 years Dynasties: Qi Dynasty (Chezou). the Zun emerged in the Banyan dominant state. The empress INVADERS (KUSHEN WANG GUO) was stern yet flexible and intelligent. rather they demanded tribute and received it established a large empire that stretched from Zanfu from the southern kingdoms. who fled into the hills of Mount Fone. and in the Kushen at the Battle of Mount Dao. Over the next several decades. shattered the stability she had created was lost as the Zun united under the famed Heaven. This was an era of relative stability with Li Fan as the Another group. Zha in the South. It was begun by Empress villages and farmland. to Xuanlu. This prompted Kushen chief- increasingly valued by the wealthy and powerful. broke from the Empire. The leader of the Targa. and the Yan took Qi Fao in the North. Dynasty (Li Fan) rivaled only by Yu in the north. tain. absorbing them and driving some of them This was a major re-unification of Qi Xien. Chezou continued to reclaim its western territory This era came to an end when the King of Chezou but the general of Li Fan declared himself king and defeated Yu at the Battle of Qi Fao. They trampled the Yan. believing an ethical state would last. This may Tung-on. Ulei Dynasty (Yu) Dynasties: Second Qi Dynasty (Chezou) and Wei Chezou established itself as the dominant state. ERA OF THE FIVE DRAGON EMPERORS Length: 150 years Twenty years into this period a new threat stormed Dynasties: Lung Dynasty down from the north. but with many other smaller king- Region. establishing a protectorate ERA OF EASTWARD BOUND there after the Battle of Huang Pass. more territory Emperor Cai. a notable descendant of Sunan and Bao. the Lung were ERA OF THE DUTIFUL STATE just a continuation of the Qi. In the south. Length: 200 years Dynasties: Sunan Dynasty In the west the Targa expanded. married the Kushen chieftain’s daughter but killed her when Martial sects continued to flourish as their skills were she produced no children. when he attempted to fully incorporate the indepen- ly King and took Xuanlu. and Bien in the west. capital of Hai’an in the dent kingdoms through brute force. the area that is now the Zhan Dao Daolu and Nansun. She Dynasties: Second Qi Dynasty managed a complex arrangement of minor kingdoms The peace of the five emperors was shattered when that held some independence. This effectively cut the Chezou Empire in have been the case. the Chai Yun. driving out the Kushen. the Kailin emerged in the In the south the state of Zha absorbed Zun and Bien southern Kushen Basin at this time. half. Morgu. with many succumbing to the temptations of easy money. with the Suk and planning than a breakdown of the Kushen and ultimately absorbing the Harpa. continued to flourish as loosely linked network of villages and towns. In truth. who established a dynasty lasting 200 years. Another nomadic group. producing five Dragon Emperors in total. driving across Mount ethical principles of Dehua among her administra- 216 Fone and taking the western cities of Daolu Fan and tors. Sunan. Egai’a to rally his people against the Targa and This sometimes had a corrupting influence on the attack their winter capital. She drove Chai Yun from the north. the king of Chezou who defeated Yu and state. the Zun broke into three states: Zun in the north. The first was area that is now the Empire. but they were little more than scattered doms with independence. His dynasty lasted for 150 years. Qi Mofeng assumed the title Long Huangdi or Dragon Emperor. In Western invaders. The Yan continued This era began with an important victory for Chezou to expand across the Yan Plains. to their summer capital and murdered Morgu. south. She emphasized the the Targa and Kushen united. They did not set up a Qi Mofeng. where they drove back the Basin the Targa and Kushen nomads emerged.

7 217 .

and Zhan decisively took control of the southern capital and made Northern Hai’an a protectorate of A month into Emperor Zhan’s reign. to rule. his brother Guai the Empire. so it was most of its territory (or at least established the loy- allowed. not particu- 7 ERA OF THE RIGHTEOUS EMPEROR Length: 30 years larly skilled in military matters and did not have as many Martial Experts on his side. the Calamity Star in Empress Bian and suggesting she had poisoned the west splintered into Three-Points of light. General Dou Lun told a handful of eyewitnesses that he would return to claim the When Emperor Zhan was formally made emperor throne and to look for a child marked by the birds he expressed his desire to rule jointly with Empress of paradise flower. The Empire descended into Civil War. and became Emperor Zhao. Zhan eventually called those who Dynasty and reigned peacefully for 30 years. Dehua. that Empress Bian and Zhan were lovers. fair derwent the ritual. Some refused but many joined. with Emperor Zhan’s Council of State alties of the rulers of its previous holdings) Southern 218 meeting first with him and confirming all decisions Hai’an (now simply known as Hai’an) continued to in a secondary meeting with the empress. Before Dou Lun’s death. This changed however with two key developments. In violation be independent and established the Qiang Dynasty. fifth son of the Emperor through alliance with Yangu and Chai Yun and a major in- consort Min. The period ended when the King General Dou Lun controlling Yu Zhing in the south. It began Zhan. a Dynasties: Dao Dynasty life-long practitioner of various forms of magic. When Emperor Zhao died. wealth and spouses. There were rumors horses. war. the Righteous Emperor. court officials issued memorials placing blame on Also at the time of his death. and eliminated a threat on his border. where General Dou Lun was killed incest by Dehuan teachings. This was not without precedent. his wife. of a long tradition of neutrality toward official me- morials. While technically This period was ended when Zhan led an army at the not blood relatives. the Yao. This increased the size of (due to his similarity to his father. who would confirm his decisions after ed and executed but the entirety of Qi Xien fell to he made them. his daughter died under mysterious circumstances. whose ruthless policies alienated many of the when Emperor Cai attempted to dominate the nom. A number of Ju-Long escaped south and started the Hai’an sect. He was quickly defeat. martial sects and heroes who had served his father. Empress Bian The second major development was two-fold: an selected Zhan. each petty general or king vying to establish his with the Zhan ruling from Daolu in the North and or her own dynasty. cording to legend. as the Emperor’s second son Guai (Bian’s tribal leaders into his government. brought in new military leadership and and his widespread popularity). Zhan. Empress Bian. . which only exploded the controversy further. of Dao defeated the other kingdoms with the help of General Jiang Laozi. joined him in this way. Zhan was not as popular as his father. Though the Empire had reclaimed Bian. This caused a stir throughout crease in agricultural tax. discovered a ritual to make men his mental slaves Known for adhering strictly to the principles of provided they were willing to undergo the process. this would still be regarded as battle of Yu Zhing. Ac- Emperor Zhao. ERA OF 100 PIECES ERA OF SADNESS AND TRIUMPH Length: 73 years Length: 5 years This is another lengthy period of war and conflict The marks the first five years of the reign of Emperor between many rising and falling kingdoms. Initially the Southern Rebellion had the advantage. inally independent kingdoms under his control and Technically during this period he ruled jointly with caused a wave of a rebellion. plying them with own child) was regarded as a more appropriate choice land. Emperor Zhan had the official who accused the empress of poisoning his brother executed. He established the Dao loyal warriors. his experience his army. First. He kidnapped family members of key Martial Heroes earned the respect of the people and the respect of threatening to kill their loved ones unless they un- the world’s heroes through his effective policies. Emperor Zhao. He brought many of their the Empire. judgment and his efforts to improve the government losing their will in the process and becoming his and weed out corruption.

In addition to the conservatives and the re- . Both however have reservations about the he intends to usurp heaven itself by helping the Demon presence of Qi in the world of man and what it sig- Emperor overthrow the Enlightened Goddess. Within months Empress Bian began to sicken and she died soon after. Those refus. Dehua claims that by as- were called the Yao. It is permissible to make Ten years ago. however the 219 has attempted to explain these as signs of heaven’s religion is divided between conservatives and re- favor but many have their doubts. To reduce this threat he has essentially resorted Order. COSMOLOGY After the battle of Yu Zhing. humanity can achieve perfection in life and in Emperor Zhan has ruled for 97 years. However five years ago he in the value of divining the will of the Enlightened erected a hall to the memory of the Demon Emperor. results in further rebirth in the world of man. piring to the principles of the Perfect Realm (Wan Mei). The result has been an increase in bandits Dehua regards the presence of spirits and demons (particularly in the south) among the disaffected as a symptom of the deterioration of the world of farmers. the Cult of Hen-Shi and Qi Zhao. while the reformers regard them more that Cai Yuanyu has usurped the throne. It also believes in the Mandate of Heaven required another large increase in taxes from the rural (see below). Since then there have from disaster and toward excellence. the natural order was disrupted by his sister occasion from all of them. For most people it is perfectly accept- able to draw freely as needed and as suited to the 7 to Zhan. Rather they believe spread public approval. Failure to emulate the perfection of Wan Mei Zhan still wages his war against Hai’an in the south. and suppressed Hen-Shi devotion. and to bribing their tribal leaders. Those who joined him goddess (Xian Nu Shen).ERA OF THE GLORIOUS EMPEROR See TRUTHS OF THE SETTING in CHAPTER Length: 97 years. This is the present era. with there being natural Emperor Zhan’s Senior Grand Councilor Cai Yuanyu lower classes and natural upper classes. Propriety. social order and hierarchy. building many Yen-Li shrines their purpose. man. Integrity. others say positively. He then claimed that he and the note that there is tremendous cross fertilization supreme goddess were in the midst of a feud with between these religious movements and that many people do not identify as belonging solely to one Hen-Shi for inciting rebellion with a number of lesser deities. and he intended to restore it by reigning in the Martial Heroes and bandits who carelessly tamper with the DEHUA divine energy (Qi). Cai Yuanyu and Emperor tical about Martial Heroes and the manipulation of Zhan are unconcerned with these portents. but he now faces growing threats from the west in the also produces calamity in daily life. including a rise in fires caused by lightning strikes and a red haze that Traditionally. Yen-Li. himself the son of Xian Nu Shen (and therefore Hen. Though Emperor death. of creation and the dwelling place of the enlightened treated to the Banyan region. formers. It was widely believed that Emperor Zhan had a hand RELIGION AND in her death. directly intervene in our world. According over another. Tradition. perfect realm called Wan Mei. bold. This was met with wide. declared by Emperor Zhan following the battle of Yu Zhing. However they maintain that only certain rites and rituals are acceptable. Emperor Zhan declared The primary religions in Qi Xien are Dehua. which is the source ing to do so were hunted down and killed. Many re. A religious and philosophical system devised during One of the most important policies implemented by the Era of the Great Emperor that believes the world Zhan was forcing all Martial Heroes to take a vow of of man (Qi Xien) is imperfect but that there is a more loyalty to serve the emperor personally. but not acceptable to ask for them to and temples in the palace. Loyalty. Dehua places strong emphasize on appears with greater and greater frequency in the sky. nifies. Some say Qi by humans. population. He confiscated the property of all Hen-Shi temples. and still going TWELVE: THE GAMEMASTER for more details Dynasties: Dao Dynasty and Qiang Dynasty on the Emperor. The ethical prin- form of the Kushen and Kailin who are increasingly ciples of Dehua include: Filial Piety. The reformers often reject such a rigid notion of hierarchy. It is important to Shi’s brother). Emperor Zhan reorganized the state an offering to a god or ancestor asking them to fulfill religion and its rites. Righteousness. Generally the conservatives are skep- To the consternation of many. This has worked but Wisdom. been many bad signs and portents. Goddess and the lesser deities to guide man away renaming him the Bold King.

220 his purpose is to reign in those who recklessly use Qi (something he attributes to the meddling of Hen. Priests. the Book of For. It straddles both. The first two as good and protects against books contain the bulk of those it regards as ethics. They envision her Court of the Perfect lower realms and those who abstain from evil are Realm as a model for Imperial government. They do not believe in thousands of realms the pinnacle. with reborn in the higher realms. though they created thousands of worlds in sequence. servative and more progressive factions. as and reform arguments well as monarchs them- when those are con. but a few are less restrained. each more do believe in the multitude of deities and regard the perfect and good than the previous attempt. complicated network of officials grouped into de. This move alarms some of the unlike martial sects in this respect). benevolent seeking mainly to channel the powers of good spirits and deities or thwart the evil. using bureaucracy of state. drawing freely on spirits and deities . This is based on a collec. They believe the will of Xian Nu Shen that the world of man and other deities. so titles vary consid- The present Emperor. Exorcists and Ritual Masters are the to be the son of Xian Nu Shen. notable with the tion of books that Heiping sect for 7 begin with his own and include those of his later students and example. formers. incorporating many into the officially sanc. Their priesthood is the itself. Yen-Li is tices. the Generally Dehua does not have priests official religion of the Empire or monks. selves. is Dehuan but also claims erably. but Monks and Nuns exist as well. Some lineages are more conservative proponents of Dehua. Yen-Li has no central hierarchy. (Qi Xien) and the perfect realm (Wan Mei) are but two among thousands It is important to note that Dehua does believe in of realities forming a celestial hierarchy—that those the supreme goddess Xian Nu Shen as well as many who die without living a good life are born into the other deities. some instanc- Dehua was founded es of religious hierar- by Kong Zhi and chy emerging. then court officials YEN-LI who added their own Yen-Li began as a tradition commentaries: the Rites of folk customs and beliefs of Wan Mei (Kong Zhi). In addition mology of Dehua. They believe the Enlightened Goddess of existence like practitioners of Yen-Li. order imposed by the Enlightened Goddess. and cos. He also claims that most common. Qi Xien is a midpoint and Wan Mei partments. harmful. are. usually originating tioned Dehua of the Empire as a necessary weapon with a particular teacher or set of texts (they are not against such threats. culmi- Demon Emperor as a rogue god who fractured the nating in the perfection of Wan Mei. which is broadly divided into the con- Shi). divided into numerous lineages. particularly in the south. In their view. They lots that are believed to also worship Sunan help align humanity with and Bao. is the imperial Dehua. while they worship powerful the latter book provides beings such as the im- methods for divination mortals and the gods through the casting of shared by Dehua. the that emerged around the pres- Sayings of Kong Zhi (written ence of Qi. Zhan. Unlike Dehua. etiquette. He has therefore drawn on certain Yen-Li prac. spirits and deities it regards tunes (Li Zhongyan). Yen-Li venerates by his students). They believe that these Xian Nu Shen ruling like an Emperor over a vast and realms are porous and contact between them routine. However there venient. the schol- conservative arguments ar-officials who serve the when it suits the state kings and emperors.

from realms below Qi Xien in the celestial hierarchy. and when they do they carry their swords against He promoted a blend of intuition and rationality. It promotes a studied understand- abbesses. value these two ideals above all and are extremely But they have a tendency to see such things as ex- reluctant to kill. exorcizes spirits and demons. When the Emperor acts in a way that gains are many who venerate her while venerating other the Enlightened Goddesses displeasure. believing that the Perfect Realm is actually a state of The Five Ghosts sect (Wu Gui Jiao): This sect was being achieved by living in harmony with the true started by Shen Jixuan during the Era of the Five principles of reality. with monks and nuns making up the bulk of the religious leaders. 7 ing of magic for the purpose of protecting the weak Qi Zhao is based on the writings of a great Dehuan and cultivating virtue. the Cult of Hen-Shi and Yen-li. accelerat. bravery. even more than other religions. Devotees of Hen-Shi advocate 221 letting go of grudges. Those who devote themselves to Hen-Shi for example (Hen-Shi is quite popular in Sun Mai). teousness in Li Fan (in the Banyan Mountains). The Five Ghost sect will also draw all the different realms of existence are based on upon the powers of the Ghosts for a fee. It is the pursuit of these true Dragon Emperors. Hen-Shi has been known to elevate people and creatures from lower realms to THE MANDATE OF HEAVEN higher realms if they are genuinely good. which contends that ing their cultivation. Qi Zhao is often organized into monastic orders led by abbots or Perfect Heaven Lineage: This line of Yen-Li was established in the Era of the Two Kingdoms by master Cai Shimei of Yu. barrier between the Perfect and Imperfect realms. Below are some lineages and cults they embrace some of the principles of Dehua. this is a small but respected lineage that ture of Sun Mai. or aspects of it. but this can vary) must abide by the will of heaven in order While some are exclusively devoted to Hen-Shi. showing no mercy to those violating the will of with the ultimate aim of dissolving the mental heaven. Many Qi Zhao practitioners. is usually very high. Since they all CULT OF HEN-SHI ultimately originate from the same source. including the sick and woun