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VI. Selection Process for Masters Programs with IX.

Deadline and Form of Application Documents

Restrictions on Admission All application documents have to be submitted in
TU Berlin has to carry out selection processes for all appropriate form and in due time.
Master's programs which are subject to restricted Documents marked with (!) have to be submitted as
admission. These selection processes vary in accordance officially certified copies and if necessary with an official Application Checklist
with the respective study courses. German or English translation. Please note that
Find more information on selection processes and translations have to be submitted as officially certified to the Masters Programs
required documents and proofs - that will have to be
submitted with your application - on our homepage.
copies either.
at TU Berlin
(Quick Access: 153144) Information on application deadlines:
Quick Access: 159054
VII. Further Specific Certificates Information on authentication and translation:
o Proof of internship (!) Quick Access: 128287
(see admission requirements/ Zugangsvoraussetzung
for your desired Masters degree course)
(Quick Access: 98064)
o See information about the Masters degree course Mailing Address:
Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineering)
Technische Universitt Berlin
(Quick Access: 98064)
Study Affairs
o See checklist for the Masters degree course
Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik (Energy
Graduate Admissions IA 1
Engineering and Process Engineering) Strae des 17. Juni 135
(Quick Access: 98064) D - 10623 Berlin
VIII. Other Proofs and Certificates Tel.: +49 (0)30 314 29999
We recommend submitting the following documents:
Fax: +49 (0)30 314 28442
o A simple copy of your passport (biographical page Please find the latest information at:
with personal data) or a simple copy of your ID card.
o A simple copy of your university entrance or contact TUs Telephone Service online:
qualification (e.g. High School Diploma, Abitur,
Baccalaurat etc.)
o A complete CV (resume) including a survey of your State: 11/8/2016
school education and study periods.
o A simple printout or upload (online at uni-assist
portal) of the study course regulations of your
previous Masters degree course in Germany, if any.

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Which documents have to be submitted for a I. Application Form III. Certificate of Enrollment / Exmatriculation
masters application at TU Berlin? o Please submit a current certificate of enrollment or
Applicants (external) who have not acquired/ will
not acquire their primary university degree/ certificate of exmatriculation (!) of your previous
This leaflet is meant to help you with your application for a German university displaying the amount of semesters
masters program at TU Berlin. In the following, we are going undergraduate degree at the TU Berlin:
Please print a hard copy of your uni-assist online you studied in your last degree course (subject-related
to provide you with an overview of all required documents semesters; Fachsemester) and the total amount of
which have to be submitted with your application. application form and submit it to uni-assist by post.
(Quick Access: 93893) semesters you studied at German universities
(university semesters; Hochschulsemester).
Please send all required documents as hard copies in proper or
form and in due time either to uni-assist or to TU's Graduate IV. Language Skills
Applicants (internal) who have acquired/will
Admissions Department (IA1). Please note that incomplete
acquire their primary university degree/
applications will be rejected due to formal reasons. o Proof of German language skills (!) (only for
undergraduate degree at the TU Berlin:
international applicants without German citizenship)
Please submit a printed and signed application form
You can find more detailed information about the required (Quick Access: 93882)
for direct applicants to TU Berlin.
documents and deadlines on our homepage. Please use the
(Quick Access: 93894) o Proof of English language skills (!)
respective Quick Access Codes and just enter them into the
(Quick Access: 93882)
field Direktzugang / Quick Access on our homepage as shown II. Primary University/ Undergraduate Degree
below. o Proof of further subject-specific language skills (!)
Please submit a certified copy of your university (Only if required; please check the admission
degree certificate (!) (e.g. Bachelor, Diplom, Magister, requirements for your desired Masters degree course).
Staatsexamen or equivalent) including a summary of (Quick Access: 93882 & 7519)
your study subjects, grades and credit points (!)
(Quick Access: 98063) V. Application for a Higher Semester
or If you intend to apply for a higher semester
Enter Quick Access Code
If you have not completed your bachelor's yet, you (Quereinstieg; Quick Access: 124174) or if you have
here to apply for a higher semester (Hochschulwechsel/
can alternatively apply with an ECTS-certificate which
must meet the requirements of TU Berlin (!) Wiedereinschreibung; Quick Access: 124174),
Please submit also a summary of your study you are obliged to submit the following documents:
subjects, grades and credit points (!) o Proof of further study terms, course work and
ATTENTION: ECTS-certificates will only be accepted if examinations which you passed at universities
you apply for the 1st semester. in Germany or abroad after your primary university
Please note: Find more information about the requirements of degree/ undergraduate degree (!)
These documents must be submitted at any rate the TU Berlin concerning ECTS certificates on our (Quick Access: 101641)
o These documents must only be submitted if the homepage. o Original proof of placement into the appropriate
respective circumstances apply to you (i.e. if (Quick Access: 124265) subject-related semester issued by the examination
required for your Master's degree course)
board responsible for you (placement form can be
(!) Please see point IX. downloaded online; please mind the deadlines).
(Quick Access: 101641)

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