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- Look at the following exercises in your "Stand out Basic Grammar

Challenge" ( black and white pages workbook) do them in your workbook

and send the file for correction.

- Observa los siguientes ejercicios en tu libro "Stand out Basic Grammar

Challenge " (libro de ejercicios pginas blanco/negro) realzalos y enva
el archivo en el espacio correspondiente en plataforma.


Exercise D. Page 30

Write the correct preposition about Exercise A.

2. The green beans are oven the pears.

3. The tomato sauce is on the canned good section.

4. The corn is between the peas and the green beans.

5. The peas are _on_ the tuna fish.

Exercise D. Page 32

Complete the sentences with affirmative be verb (yes).

1. John and Marie are hungry. 7. You are very hungry.

2. I am thirsty. 8. They are very thirsty.

3. We are very hungry. 9. She is hungry.

4. The students are very thirsty. 10. He is thirsty.

5. Tuba is hungry. 11. Mario is hungry.

6. Abraham and I are hungry. 12. The teacher is hungry.

Exercise E. Page 32

Rewrite exercise D with are negative be verb (no).

1. John and Marie are not hungry.

2. I am not thirsty.

3. We are not very hungry.

4. The students are not very thirsty.

5. Tuba are not hungry.

6. Abraham and I are not hungry.

7. You are not very hungry.

8. They are not very hungry.

9. She is not hungry.

10.He is not thirsty.

11. Mario is not hungry.

12. The teacher are not hungry.

Exercise D. Page 34
Complete the sentences about the pictures.

1. We need two eggs and one onion.

2. I need three carrots and two tomatoes.

3. We need one apple and one banana.

4. We need two potatoes and two carrots.

Exercise D. Page 36

Circle the correct word.

1. Edgar and Akisha ____sandwiches. Want Wants

2. I____ bananas and oranges. Want Wants

3. Sally____ broccoli and lettuce. Want Wants

4. We ____ milk and yogurt. Want Wants

5. They ____ tomatoes and lettuce. Want Wants

6. Martn ____ cheese. Want Wants

7. She ____ a tomatoes sandwich. Want Wants

8. You ___ a hamburger and fries. Want Wants

9. The brothers _____ breakfast. Want Wants

10. Ingrid ____ carrots. Want Wants

Exercise E. page 36

Complete the sentences with want or wants.

1. Amadeo wants apples, water, tomatoes, and chips.

2. Marta wants oranges, apples, and bananas.

3. Marta and Amadeo want Chicken.

4. Mario and I want lunch.

5. Jack wants milk.

6. I want broccoli, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Exercise D. page 38

Circle the correct word.

1. Tien and Gregorio (like / likes) pizza and soda.

2. They (eat / eats) lunch at 12:00 P.M.

3. We (need / needs) cake for dessert.

4. He (like / likes) fruit for dessert.

5. Margaret and Rob (need / needs) potatoes.

6. Lidia (eat / eats) cookies for snacks.

7. You (want / Wants) vegetables with your sandwich.

8. The teacher (like / likes) chocolate.

9. The students (need / needs) dessert.

Exercise E. page 38

Complete the sentences.

1. Kenji needs (need) food for lunch.

2. Melissa wants (want) dessert.

3. Jose and I like (like) pizza.

4. We eat (eat) breakfast at 8:00 A.M.

5. You Want (want) eggs.

6. I like (like) bananas.

7. She eats (eats) dessert.

8. The students need (need) dinner.

Exercise D page 40

Write a or an.

1. an apple 7. an Eggs

2. an orange 8. a Bottle

3. a tomato 9. a Banana

4. a jar 10. a Package

5. a bag 11. an Ice cream cone

6. an onion 12. a potato

Exercise E. page 42

Write the plurals.

1. apple apples 7. Egg eggs

2. sandwich sandwiches 8. Bottle bottles

3. tomato tomatoes 9. Box boxes

4. jar jars 10. Package packages

5. bag bags 11. radish radishes

6. onion onions 12. potato potatoes

Exercise D. Page 44

Circle the correct word.

1. She ___three blouses and two pairs of pants have has

2. They__ red coats and red blouses. have has

3. The teacher ___ three pairs of shoes. have has

4. The students ___ white pants. have has

5. I ____ a brown pair of pants and brown socks. have has

6. We ___ blouses on sale for $ 32.00. have has

7. Maria and Lidia ___ shoes in their closets. have has

8. You ____ my coat. have has

Exercise E. Page 44

Complete the sentences.

1. I need (need) pants and a sweater.

2. They want (want) new blouses.

3. We have (have) blue shirts in our closets.

4. She has (have) a pair of red shorts.

5. Lien and Puc need (need) new clothes.

6. John has (have) a pair of black shoes.

7. They have (have) four shirts and three pairs of pants.

8. You have (have) five pairs of shoes in your closet.

Exercise B. Page 47

Adels Inventory List

Quantity Item Color

(How many?) (What color?)
10 shirt blue / green

15 blouse white / yellow

8 sweater red / blue

7 coat black

1 dress green

1 dress red

2 dress black

Answer the questions.

1. How many shirts are there? ___ten__

2. What color are the sweaters? _red / blue_

3. How many blouses are there? _fifteen__

4. What color are the coats? __black__

5. How many coats are there? _ seven___

6. How many sweaters are there? _eight__

Exercise D. Page 48

Answer the questions about Exercise A.

1. How many shirts are there? There are ten shirts.

2. How many blouses are there? There are fifteen blouses.

3. How many red dresses are there? There is one red dress.

4. How many coats are there? There are seven coats.

5. How many green dresses are there? There is one green dress.

6. How many sweaters are there? There are eight sweaters.

Exercise F. Page 48

Write sentences about what is in your closet.

There are eight sweaters in my closet.

There are ten shirts in my closet.

There are seven coats in my closet.

Exercise D. page 50

Complete the sentences.

1. How much are the sweaters? they are $45.00

2. How much is the blouse? It is $22.00

3. How much are the shoes? They are $30.00

4. How much is the dress? It is $ 55.00

5. How much is the shirt? It is $ 15.00

6. How much are the shorts? They are $ 13.00

Exercise B. page 51
Save $12.00

Save $44.00 Save $5.00

$24 $18

Answer the questions.

1. How much are the blouses? $ Theyre eighteen

2. How much are the shoes? $ Theyre twenty four

3. How much are the dresses? $ Theyre thirty three