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Updated March 2012

Orks main strength is in their vastly superior numbers, as they bury their enemies in wave after wave of
greenskin fury. In Space Hulk, Orks play similar to Genestealers as they enter the board as blips (pages
7-8). The Ork Units chart describes the blips used, & representative models.
Starting Forces: For every 10 points in a game, Orks will draw 1 blip per turn for reinforcements &
starting forces i.e. 20 pts. = 2 blips start & per turn.
Timer: An Ork Waaagh! starts with 2:00 per turn as a baseline. When a Warboss is present
(revealed), Orks use no Timer as his commanding & intimidating presence maximizes Orks' naturally
heightened instincts and reflexes, and focuses their concentration. Without a Warboss, Orks look to the
Nobz for leadership, and every Nob in play (revealed) adds + 1:00 to the Ork timer. Without
leadership, Orks tend to fall into disarray and a large mob may get very little done.

Model / Unit AP CAB Kill-as Point Cost Blip Designation
Ork Slugga Boyz 5 1D6-1 Hybrid 1 pt. Per 3 Ork '3' Ork Blip
Ork Shoota Boyz Free 90' 1D6-2 Boyz
Gretchin 5 1D6-3 Hybrid -1 1 pt. Per 4 '2' Gretchin Blip
Free 90' Gretchins
Ork Painboy 5 1D6-1 Hybrid 2 pts. each '10' android Blip
Free 90'
Ork Nobz 5 1D6-1 Power 1 pt. each Any'5' Blip
Base Armor
Ork Mega-Nobz 4 1D6+2 Terminator 3 pts. each '10' Blip
Ork Warboss 5 1D6+3 Terminator 5 pts. 1 max '25' Blip
Ork Wierdboy & 2 5 1D6-2 Hybrid 3 pts. each Any '3' Ork Blip
When Ork Boyz Blips are revealed, the player can choose between what type of Ork they will
place Slugga Boyz or Shoota Boyz. Player may mix unit types.
Ork Slugga Boy is armed with Slugga pistol & Stikk Bomb (equivalent to bolt pistol & Crack
grenade). Their more brutal hand-to-hand tactic earns them 1D6-1 in close combat. We'ze
moor choppy!
Ork Shoota Boy is armed with Shoota Gun (equivalent to range 18 bolter) & Frag Grenade .
Shoota boyz have better guns, but are more vulnerable up close 1D6-2 CAB.
We'ze moor shooty!
Ork Boyz are able to Cheer da Waaagh! , and can be made Fearless! (see Special Rules)

Gretchins are armed with blunderbuss.. Gretchin Blunderbuss cost 1AP to fire, and have 2
types of ammunition: Slugs & Shrapnel. Slugs are single target shells, with a range of 12,
dealing damage equivalent to a bolter. Shrapnel hit all models in LOS & fire-arc within 3
squares, with the strength of a bolter on the Weapon Reference Table. The player must announce
which type of shot is being fired before rolling. For each model, the blunderbuss may only be
fired offensively once per turn, & may go on Overwatch for a single defensive shot.
May move & fire.
Gretchins are skittish and cowardly requiring a morale check anytime one is told to directly
attack an enemy within 6 squares of the Gretchin. Roll on the Gretchin Morale Chart
immediately before the Gretchin performs a shoot (or move & shoot) action, or makes a close
combat attack. Gretchins make a Morale Check only in offensive actions, not in defensive
close assault, or Overwatch.
Gretchins starting their turn within 2 squares of a Nob, Mega-Nob, or within 5 squares of a
Warboss become Fearless! (See Special Rules). Gretchins revere & fear beatin's from Da big
un's much more than any soft n' puny 'oomie o' wotnotz.
Fleeing Gretchins may take a free (0AP) morale roll for every move within 2 squares of any
Nobz , or within 5 squares of a Warboss. If they pass, remaining AP may be used normally .
1D6 Die Roll Result
1 Gretchen flees in utter cowardice. Moves
immediately away from target enemy with all
remaining AP. Ork Player chooses facing of last
2-3 Gretchen stands paralyzed with fear & doubt.
Must now spend 1AP to roll on the chart again.
4-6 Gretchen musters up enough guts to attack the
enemy. Continue normally.
Ork Painboyz use a concoction of drugs, knives, and cajoling to keep other Orks from dyin'
around him. He endows the Feel no Pain ability to any Ork in any unblocked adjacent square
next to the Painboy . Feel no Pain allows any Ork that is killed to make a save-roll 5+ on 1D6
vs. normal weapons (not valid vs. Conversion Beamer, Maximal Plasma, Melta weapons,
Heavy Flamer, Lascannon, DeathSpitter, psychic attacks, or close combat). Painboyz are
armed with a bolt pistol, and close combat weapon providing 1D6-1 CAB.

Ork Nobz have 1D6-1 CAB base - modified by weapon set.

Nobz are armed with a variety and combination of:
- Big Shootas (equivalent to 2D6 Storm Bolter, jams on double while on Overwatch)
- Big Choppas (giant power axes +1 CAB) Front, Side only.
- Bolt Pistol (+1 CAB)
- Power Klaw (+1 CAB) Front, side, or rear
Nobz lead lesser Orks into battle and keeps the mob organized as much by threat of pain as any
sort of coherent strategy, whipping them into a frenzy, and driving them forward in a killing
rage, becoming Fearless. With the Fearless! ability any Ork Boyz or Gretchins starting the
turn within 2 squares of any Nobz model receives +1CAB - We'ze feelin' moor killy now dat
da Boss iz 'ere!. Maximum +1CAB bonus per model per turn from Fearless! regardless of
number of Nobz present. Fearless! rule also affects Gretchin morale check (see Special Rules).
Ork Nobz add +1:00 each to the Ork Player's timer if no Warboss is present.
Mega-Nobz have 4AP and CAB 1D6+2 and are armed with Power Klaw and Combi-weapon:
1- Big Shoota / Scorcha a devastating combination weapon providing heavy firepower and
ranged assault. (equivalent to a Storm Bolter & 1-shot Flamer)
2- Twin-Linked Big Shoota A looted and Mek modified slug-firing weapon that uses an
advanced targeting system (2D6 Storm Bolter equivalent with a single die re-roll per miss. Jams
on doubles permitting no re-roll, hits count).
Mega-Nobz extremely thick armor grants them a save roll against normal weapons of 5+ on
1D6 for being hard to kill (not valid vs. Conversion Beamer, Maximal Plasma, Melta
weapons, Heavy Flamer, Lascannon, DeathSpitter, psychic attacks, or close combat).
As top ranking Orks, Mega-Nobz have a 2 square Fearless! range affecting Ork Boyz (+1CAB)
& Gretchins (+1 CAB & morale check).
Mega-Nobz add +1:00 each to the Ork Player's timer if no Warboss is present.
Each Mega-Nob is able to attempt once per turn to supercharge their robotic armor with a
mighty PowerSurge for 2AP that could either aid or hinder them, depending on the whim of
Gork & Mork the Orky Gods.
A Mega-Nobz model may be ordered to attempt a PowerSurge in multiple consecutive turns.
When attempting a PowerSurge, roll on the chart below to see the result.

1D6 Die Roll Result
1 Mega-Armor overloads outright. Lose all
remaining AP's no further action this turn.
24 The Mega Armor's energy core fails to
supercharge this turn. No further result.
56 The Mega-Armor bristles with overcharged
capacity. Add +3AP & +1 to all CAB and shooting
results for this turn (including Overwatch).
Ork Warboss has 5 AP and CAB 1D6+3, and is armed with Combi-weapon (Big
Shoota/Scorcha, or Twin-Linked Big Shoota), and Power Klaw.
The mighty Warboss instills his Ork subordinates with both confidence and fear of failure, and
projects the Fearless ability 5 squares (not counting the square Warboss is standing in).
An Ork Warboss is especially tough, hardy, and resilient. Warboss receives a hard-to-kill save
roll of 5 or higher on 1D6 against normal weapons (not valid vs. Conversion Beamer,
Maximal Plasma, Melta weapons, Heavy Flamer, Lascannon, DeathSpitter, psychic
attacks, or close combat).
May use Ammo Runt! ability for 2AP once per turn if possible. (see Special Rules).
When Warboss is present (revealed), no timer is used for the Orks reflecting the sheer amount
of command and authority the Warboss has to make his underlings perform actions in great
haste (under snarling threat of beatings and other un-pleasantries). If the Warboss is voluntarily
revealed, this can happen even in mid-turn for the Ork player, simply stop the timer. If
involuntarily revealed, then the ability does not begin until the start of the next turn for the Ork
player (if the Warboss is still alive after being involuntarily revealed by something).

Wierdboyz have 5AP and carry a small focusing implement (staff, rod, scepter) which provides
1D6-2 CAB.
Poweful but untrained and unpredictable psykers, Wierdboyz may be either an asset or a liability
to an Ork Waaagh!, depending on the fates and the wills of Gork & Mork the Orky gods.
Ork player may reveal his Wierdboy and 2 Ork Boyz Minderz from any '3' Ork Boyz blip.
Wierdboyz may attempt either a Brainbursta attack or Psychic Probe, provided their Minderz
are close-by (within 2 squares).
A 'D12' will be necessary for using Wierdboyz as rules are closely adapted from Advanced
Space Crusade.
Wierdboyz may not use Genestealer Expansion
psychic cards as they are completely untrained
and intuitive psykers, with the barest minimum of
understanding about their own powers.
However, being naturally latently psychic grants
them a single free force defense against attacks
made using the Genestealer psychic rules.
Cheer Da Waaagh! Half of a good battle isn't just bashin' in your enemy's skulls, it's watchin'
yer fellow Orks do the same - and rooting for them! With loud howls, squeals, and grunts Orks
build the up the power of the Waaaagh! the Orky ever-call to battle. Any model with this
ability may use 2AP maximum of its own per turn, to stand & cheer another yet-inactive model
within 12 squares & its LOS, granting it an extra 1AP . Any model that is being cheered may
receive a maximum of 4 extra AP from cheering boyz per turn in addition to its own. Any
model may receive Cheer Da Waaagh! AP, and no unit may be cheered multiple consecutive
Ammo Runt! This ability allows the Warboss to conscript a nearby Gretchen (within LOS 8
squares) to be his personal footstool and war-caddy, lugging up ammo reserves in order to Git
me back in da fight youz grot!. When activated, this ability converts an applicable yet-inactive
Gretchen into the Ammo Runt. The Ammo Runt carries a bolt pistol and flamer reloads. For
4AP, the Ammo Runt can reload any Ork model with a flamer in its adjacent front squares.
Mega-Nobz' & Warboss' flamer may be reloaded an infinite number of times. The Ammo Runt
has 5AP, & 1D6-3 CAB.
Once a Gretchen has become the Ammo Runt, it cannot convert to its previous role.
If the Ammo runt is killed as a result of weapons fire (not close assault), roll 1D6. If the result is
a 6 the Ammo Runt explodes as its flamer ammunition ignites. The section and all models in it
suffer a Flamer hit, which now blocks LOS and movement. Any surviving models may move
through the section per normal rules for flamer hits.
Only 1 Ammo Runt may be active at a time.
Fearless! Any Ork Boyz or Gretchins that start their turn within 2 squares of any Nobz, or
within 5 squares of the Warboss receive a +1 CAB and ignore any morale checks for this turn.
Brain-Bursta / Plasma Template
Print & cut out template, then
affix to medium or heavy card
Print & cut out templates, then affix to medium or heavy card stock.
Print & cut out templates, then affix to medium or heavy card stock.