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The Opportunity Profile Framework

Theme Questions for Deep Dive Collaborators

What will the candidate be work- Recruiter, Business Leadership,

ing on? What is the problem that Hiring Manager, Talent Brand
What is the larger purpose they will be solving? Manager
and impact of this role?
How will their work impact the Recruiter, Business Leadership,
org and teams success? How will Hiring Manager, Talent Brand
their contribution align with the Manager
companys vision and objectives?

What is the growth potential for Recruiter, Hiring Manager

this role?

What is the opportunity for Recruiter, HM, Leadership

broader impact - How will they team, Talent Brand Manager
be making a difference in their
industry or in the way the world

Look at the people in the team Recruiter, HM, Talent Brand

What type of a candidate will currently - why did they join, what Manager
succeed in this role? is their background?

Look at your competition - what Recruiter, HM, Talent Brand

kind of people are they hiring? Manager

What problem is your company Recruiter, HM, Talent Brand

solving - who would be interested Manager
in this problem?

What will make this person suc- Recruiter, HM

cessful and what are the metrics
What are its key success
on which they will be evaluated?
factors and requirements?
What kind of work should the Recruiter, HM
candidate have experience in?
Is there any project or industry

What specic skills and traits Recruiter, HM

should this person possess?

What are the monetary and per- Recruiter, HM

formance-based incentives?

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