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Dorothy : Hi, Asma. Are you busy now?

Asma : Well, Im just finishing an assignment. What is it?

Dorothy : I have to make a report on thanksgiving celebration from another region.

Will you help me?

Asma : Well, Im not sure. I have to finish my assignment too.

Dorothy : It wont take long. I promise. Im just going to ask you some information.

Asma : Oh. Ok.

Dorothy : Thank you.

Asma : What do you want to know?

Dorothy : Well I heard that theres a thanksgiving celebration in Malaysia. Please tell
me about it.

Asma : Alright. Well, there is a thanksgiving celebration called Kadazan harvest

festival or locally known as Tadau Kaamatan. It is celebrated every May. It
is celebrated to thank the Rice God. They believe that without rice there is
no life.

Dorothy : What things are done during the festival?

Asma : People usually wear their traditional costumes and they give tapai
(homemade fermented rice wine) to each other. Traditional games, buffalo
races, agricultural shows and cultural programmes are performed.

Dorothy : : Is that all?

Asma : Well, thats all that I know.

Dorothy : OK, thanks a lot.

Asma : Anytime.
*Hymes(1974) proposed the following factors in studying a speech event:

a. The setting and Scene (S) of speech

The setting and scene of this conversation take place in campus and taking time when
Dorothy and Asma have a break.

b. The participants (P)

The participants in this conversation are Dorothy as listener and Asma as Speaker. Dorothy as
a listener because Dorothy try to find out some information from Asma. Asma as a speaker
because Asma is source of information that Dorothy ask for.

c. Ends (E)

Ends of this conversation refer to expected outcomes of an exchange. In this conversation

Dorothy wants to get some information from Asma about Thanksgiving in her region.

d. Act sequence (A)

In this conversation, Dorothy and asma use the utterances friendly. Because Dorothy and
Asma are friend. The relationship what is the conversation said to the actual topic, Dorothy
has assignment about thanksgiving in other region, Asma from Malaysia and Dorothy take
some information from Asma.

e. Key (K)

This conversation is serious conversation between two friend, when Dorothy want to get
some information for assignment, and Dorothy find from Asma. The tone of this
conversation, we can analyse when we read the conversation, Dorothy has rise tone because
Dorothy try to find some information from Asma. Asma has fall tone, becase she just explain
about thanksgiving in her region.

f. Instrumentalities (I)

Instrumentalities of this dialogue is conversation that we can called oral conversation

between two friends.

g. Norms of interaction and interpretation (N)

this conversation is transactional conversation, when a person try to find some information
from the other. The loudness conversation just happen.

h. Genre (G)

The Genre of this Dialogue is conversation between two friends who try to find some
information about thanksgiving